The Bizarre And Forgotten Broad Haven School UFO Incident Of 1977

Marcus Lowth
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February 21, 2017
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An incident that first saw the light of day on the BBC’s Newsround – a children’s news and current affairs show – the Broad Haven UFO sightings soon progressed on to the national news. Even international news stations took an interest in the incident for a time.

When the story finally did reach the masses, it was just the tip of the iceberg of a rash of sightings and incidents that would engulf Wales and other parts of the United Kingdom in the late 1970s. Bright, shiny crafts landing in fields, both in the middle of the night and broad daylight! Not to mention various reports of silver-attired humanoid figures, “faceless” no less!

Broad Haven pupils display their drawings of the UFO.

Broad Haven pupils display their drawings of the UFO.

Now, almost four decades later the incident is still one of the most mysterious on record. As are the flurry of sightings and theories that followed. Claims of underwater alien bases and alien-human hybrids have become talking points. As has the fact that these sightings continue today. And many of these have taken place within a 20-mile radius of each other. Within this radius, several military bases reside.

As files become available years after the event, it appears the military has more interest than they made out publicly.

The “School” Incident

The Broad Haven School UFO Incident of 1977 is one of many that would bring the eyes of UFO researchers, and indeed the eyes of the Ministry of Defence, [1] bearing down on the area.

In total, on 4th February 1977, 14 children would report seeing a UFO land in broad daylight in a field across from their school. Six of them even claimed to have seen a humanoid figure in a “silverish suit” emerge from the craft. Also noted were “odd long ears!”

They described a silver, cigar-shaped object that landed shortly after lunchtime, just before the children began their afternoon classes. Some witnesses reported an orange-green light that sat on a dome on top of the craft.

Two hours later, at 3:30 pm, the object was still there. It eventually rose from the ground and hovered overhead. It was of a similar size to a double-decker bus according to reports. After hovering for several minutes, it disappeared behind the trees and out of sight.

A teacher at the school (who wished to remain anonymous) reported she also had seen something strange that day. A “shiny oval-shaped object with a slight dome” in the field where the children said they saw it. She also heard a distinct humming sound as the object rose above the trees.

Further reports would also come in from parents who claimed their children had witnessed something strange. According to David L. Richards, for example, at just before 5 pm on the day of the sighting, UFO investigator, Randall Jones Pugh would take a report from a lady claiming her son and several of his friends had witnessed a UFO on the ground near the school.

The boy in question, David Davis, was interviewed by Pugh around an hour later, and even took the investigator to the location where he had seen the strange object. By the time they arrived at the location, though, the rainy weather had washed away whatever imprints that might have been made.

Pugh, however, believed the boy’s account, noting how frightened he had been in the hours following the incident. Furthermore, several of his schoolmates corroborated his version of events. One of them, David George, even claimed that he had seen an occupant of the craft dressed in a “silver suit” seemingly looking down at the field as if studying it. This is perhaps an interesting detail in that there were many sightings of apparent extraterrestrials in silver suits the previous year in England and Wales. Might the visitors to Broadhaven school in February 1977 be the same as those witnessed by many in 1976?

By the following day, initial inspections of the area showed rain had washed away any markings from the ground. Interestingly, however, there was substantial damage down to a telegraph pole. It was bent at an angle and stood where the children claimed they saw the object hovering.

Given the amount of news coverage the incident received – including national newspaper and television news programs – the headteacher of the school, Ralph Llewellyn, issued a public statement on the incident. He would state that he had spoken to each of the children individually and ultimately did not “disbelieve they saw something they had never seen before”, adding that it was not his belief that children of such a young age are “capable of a sustained, sophisticated hoax”. Following this statement, Llewellyn refused any further interviews with the media. His single statement, though, spoke volumes. What the children had witnessed was real.

The video below looks at the incident at Broad Haven School in a little more detail.

Aftermath And “The Broad Haven Triangle”

In the weeks and months following the incident, reports of other sightings surfaced. Soon, investigators and media alike would refer to the area as the Broad Haven Triangle. [2]

At Ripperston Farm, the Coombs family had several UFO encounters. As well as regular sightings of strange bright crafts, they noticed their electricity bills increasing for no apparent reason. Their TV set would regularly “burn out” as would batteries in their family car. On one occasion, they even stated that an entire herd of cows were “transported” from one field to another.

In April 1977, however, two months after the school sighting, the worst of all the incidents happened. While watching a movie at home in the late hours, a tall figure in a “spacesuit” appeared at their window. His face seemed to be “blank” – as if it wasn’t there. One police officer who attended the Coombs’ home later stated they were “the most frightened family he had ever been to see!”

In fact, in some ways, many of the experiences of the Coombs family mirrors that of the activity at Skinwalker Ranch. For example, on several occasions, Mrs. Coombs was driving her children in the car when strange, glowing orbs – about the size of a football – would follow them right until they reached their home.

Perhaps even stranger were the bizarre goings-on with the family’s cattle. One evening, Mr. Coombs discovered that his herd of cattle – over 150 cows – had somehow been transferred from their usual field to one around a mile away. Try as he might, he could not figure who had done so or how they had achieved it.

What’s more, this move had to have been carried out and completed in a matter of minutes. Coombs had gone to check on the heard at around 10 pm and to provide their feed. He remained there until just after midnight when he decided to make the short one-minute drive to the main house in order to make a cup of tea.

However, almost immediately after arriving his telephone rang. Upon answering he was confronted with the concerned voice of his neighbor asking why Coombs’ herd of cattle were in his field. He make the journey to his neighbor’s field and was amazed to find his herd in the field just as his neighbor had stated.

Depiction of a UFO over a person

Depiction of a UFO over a person

Another similar incident occurred several weeks later on the 15th April. On the morning in question, at just before 6 am, Coombs and his son, Clinton, made sure 16 heifers from their herd were locked safely in their pen before proceeding to feed the rest of the cattle. As Clinton continued the feeding, Mr. Coombs would prepare the milking units ready for milking. When he returned to the pens where the heifers had been secured in only minutes earlier, he found them completely empty.

Once more, they would later be discovered in a field around half a mile away with no explanation as to how they had gotten there. Incidentally, at around the same time, Mrs. Coombs noticed a silvery disc-shaped object hovering in the sky a short distance from the family farm approximately three feet from the ground. It would remain there for several minutes before suddenly shooting off into the distance. Interestingly or not, it went in the direction of the sea.

They would examine the area where the object had been spotted a short time later and would find that a circular burn mark was evident on the ground. Even more interesting, none of the cattle would go to that particular area of the field following the incident.

At around the same time, the owner of the Haven Fort Hotel, Rosa Granville, reported a further bizarre occurrence. Awoken from her sleep at around 2:30 am by bright lights from outside, she peered out of the window. She could hardly believe her eyes. A strange object, like “an upside-down saucer” had landed in a field opposite the hotel. Furthermore, she could see a pair of “faceless humanoid” figures next to the craft. All the while, Granville was aware of an intense heat that came from the object and infiltrated the windows.

The following day, Rosa returned to the field where she had seen the strange and unnerving craft in an attempt to find evidence of its presence. Much to her surprise, she discovered that the grass had been significantly compressed, with some of it even showing signs of being scorched. Rosa also noted how close the Royal Observer Corps was to the location and began to ponder if there had been some kind of military involvement, or at least knowledge, regarding the incident.

Incidentally, Granville had experienced another UFO sighting only days earlier with her husband while in the car park of a hotel with several other guests when they witnessed several bright, yellow lights moving across the sky above.

Granville’s husband, Haydn, would describe the lights as like “watching a train in the sky”. They would eventually disappear into the distance and out of sight. Rosa would also see these strange lights again several days after the second sighting. This time they remained visible for around 45 minutes and they moved back and forth across the sky.

So agitated from the incident, Granville proceeded to write to her MP, Nicholas Edwards, demanding an explanation. In turn, Edwards made contact with the Ministry of Defense.

Serious “Secret” Investigation

While the incident was very much played down at the time, the Ministry of Defence did, in fact, conduct very serious investigations into it. As files became available to the public as the years went on, it appears that the MoD very much kept any information for such a relatively high profile case under wraps.

A member of the military had indeed come out to visit (question?) the aforementioned Granville following her letter to Edwards. According to Granville, she later claimed the military advised it was best “not to say anything about the incident!” The reason offered so as “not to alarm the general public!”

Behind the scenes, however, the MoD was conducting extensive but very discreet investigations. These investigations were for military eyes only. Even politicians were not privy to their findings. What this perhaps suggests more than anything else is that the crafts witnessed were not solely military experiments.

Some people have come forward making random “confessions” that they were behind the sightings claiming them to be a hoax. For their part though, the schoolchildren who witnessed the Broad Haven School sighting, have all stuck to their original story.

We will examine some of these shortly. First, though, check out the videos below. The first is a general “Q&A” session. The second video looks at the incident “on location” at the schoolyard where the sighting occurred.

Further Sightings At Broad Haven Primary Less Than Two Weeks Later

Just when interest in the sighting appeared to die down, another incident occurred during the day of 17th February. That day, several sightings were reported of an almost identical object being spotted above the school. The first was reported by one of the teachers during the morning at around 10:30 am.

Although the teacher wished to remain anonymous, she would agree to sign a statement regarding information she later provided to the authors of the Dyfed Enigma. She would state that the object she saw was “oval-shaped with a slight dome” and appeared to have an exterior of “shining metal” which appeared to contain “ridges”. Just before the object disappeared behind the nearby trees, she also noticed a “humming noise” which she presumed came from the craft. Interestingly or not, much like the later weather on the day of the first sighting, it was “pouring with rain”.

Later on in the day, two dinner ladies claimed to have seen a landed object on the school grounds. What’s more, one of the dinner ladies claimed to have seen a figure enter the vehicle only moments before it rose into the air and disappeared with great speed.

Around a month later on the evening of the 13th March, 13-year-old Steve Taylor would experience another sighting of a strange disc-shaped craft when he reported a strange “glowing orange” object overhead. He would begin out and through the gateway in order to get a closer look. However, no sooner had he done so when he saw a large domed object in a nearby field.

Of more concern to the young boy was a “tall being” dressed in a shiny one-piece suit who was approaching. Now beyond terrified, Taylor hit out at the figure, preparing his fist to make contact with it. However, much to his surprise, the figure vanished leaving it nothing to collide with. He turned and ran back to the house, immediately telling his family of the strange events as soon as he barged through the door.

40th Anniversary Shows Interest In The Incident Remains Active

In 2017 the 40th anniversary of the incident was officially marked with an event involving several of the witnesses speaking, as well as some of those who had investigated the encounter.

What is perhaps interesting is that many of the comments in defense of the authenticity of the sighting were very similar to other incidents such as the 1994 Ariel School encounter. For example, one of the organizers of the anniversary [3] markings, Emlyn Williams, would state to the BBC that “one child can lie, but can a whole class?”

He would continue that in all the time that had passed since the incident that “at least one might have come forward to say they made it up”. However, every single witness has remained steadfast to their version of events. And what’s more, many have done so at the cost of being ridiculed and bullied. One of the witnesses, [4] David Davies, would even describe his time in secondary school as “a misery”. He would continue that although the incident itself was over in a matter of seconds, it “is burned on my memory like a photograph”.

The school children describing what they saw

The school children describing what they saw

Also of interest was the corroboration of claims of secret investigation on the part of the UK government. According to the research of Neil Spring, who would speak at the anniversary event of the sightings, the authorities were “so concerned” about the unusual activity and reports of strange objects that they had the military police carry out a “discreet investigation”.

He would make his claim in his book The Watchers, where he would further state that it was his impression that “some of the locals knew far more about the mysterious occurrences of 1977 than they are willing to reveal”.

Further Explanations And Apparent Confessions Of Hoaxes!

There were several further explanations offered for the sightings as the years went by, as well as an apparent confession of a hoax. These ranged from a local who had constructed a “silver spaceman suit” and wandered around the area, to a member of the US military claiming that the silver person was a US military person wearing a “fireproof uniform”, and furthermore, the UFOs were actually jets. Some would even claim what the children had witnessed was not a landed UFO but a parked agricultural vehicle.

In response to the assertions that the children had mistaken an agricultural vehicle for a cigar-shaped UFO, David Davies would state that many of the children who attended the school at the time of the sighting were from “farming backgrounds” meaning they would “!have been able to identify” such equipment. What’s more, many were also familiar with “almost every RAF aircraft in the skies” due to the regularity with which they saw them.

Newspaper article reporting on the incident

Newspaper article reporting on the incident

Perhaps a further blow to this apparent farming vehicle explanation is the weather conditions at the time of the sighting. The ground was decisively “boggy” that day. So much so that “it was impossible for any vehicle” to have been where the UFO was witnessed.

Neil Spring, who we mentioned earlier, would also state it was more than possible that the hoaxers of the silver humanoid were telling the truth, but that the sightings of the UFOs themselves were most likely very real. We should remember that not only were there multiple reports of UFO activity in the days immediately leading up to and after the Broad Haven School incident, but there was for several months.

No “Single, Neat Solution To The Mystery!”

Perhaps one of the lasting legacies of the 1977 incident, at least in terms of the eventually released documents, are the words of Lord Black of Brentwood (a Tory peer), who would call for a full inquiry into the sightings of UFOs that “remain unexplained and unidentified”. That someone in such a lofty position would make such public calls certainly adds weight to the claims and suspicions of a certain amount of covering up of UFO events.

During the 40 year anniversary of the event, when the incident was very much back in the limelight [5] for a time, veteran UFO researcher, Nick Pope, would claim that there were likely “multiple factors at work” at the time. So much so, that “there isn’t a single, neat solution to the mystery”. As we have seen, this statement is accurate in the extreme. In the same interview, he would echo the (now) realization that behind-the-scenes, the UK authorities were significantly interested in what was taking place.

A depiction of a UFO over Yorkshire

A depiction of a UFO over Yorkshire

And while Pope stops short of confirming UFO activity being responsible for the bizarre events during the first half of 1977, he did say that he “keeps on open mind” and doesn’t “entirely rule out other more exotic explanations”.

The fact is that UFO sightings and reports are as rife over the United Kingdom as they are anywhere else in the world. In short, something of very real interest was almost certainly taken place in the Broad Haven region of Wales during much of 1977.

Strange UFO Sightings Stretching Out Weeks

There were also other UFO sightings around the same time as the Broad Haven incident. On the very same day, for example, several hours earlier at just before 2:30 am in Basford in Staffordshire, according to Case 407 in the Northern UFO Network News, an automobile club patrolman would report a bizarre glowing, orange object ahead and above his car.

What’s more, at the same time he noticed the object, a cacophony of hissing static took over his radio communication system. Even more intriguing, according to the report, there was significant disturbance to the radio communication system at the headquarters of Stafford Police at the same time.

A depiction of a UFO over Yorkshire

A depiction of a UFO over Yorkshire

Several days later, during lunch break at around 12:30 pm on 7th February at a school in Newcastle-under-Lyme, several students would witness a “gray flattened cigar-shaped object” moving overhead. The report is from the Northern Network files and appeared in the July 1977 issue of Awareness.

According to the witnesses, the object moved slowly and was “surrounded by a vapor or mist”. As it moved it would change color from orange to green before disappearing into the distance. In all, the object was in view for around 10 minutes.

Back in Broad Haven in the afternoon of 17th February, according to an account in the book Ghosts and Legends of Wales by J A Brooks, a teacher, along with two staff members of the school canteen, witnessed a “silvery yellow cigar-shaped object” as it “glided” relatively close to the ground over a nearby field. They would also report a strange “humming” sound seemingly coming from the strange craft.

The object would appear to land very briefly followed by a “human-like figure” stepping from the craft for a moment before disappearing back inside.

The Rhos y Bol Primary School Incident

It is also worth our time examining an equally bizarre incident that happened at around the same time as the Broadhaven Primary School incident but is often overlooked. In February 1977 at the Rhos y Bol Primary School in Anglesey, teacher, Bronwen Williams, was supervising the children playing netball in the schoolyard. However, she would soon bring the game to a hat when she saw a bizarre object moving across the sky overhead.

She quickly brought the object to the children’s attention, making sure each of them was paying close attention. When the object had disappeared in sight, she quickly brought the children into the classroom and provided them with paper and pencils and told them to draw what they had just seen. Remarkably, each of them drew almost exactly the same thing. Each of the drawings showed a cigar-shaped object with a “black dome” on the top. A report of the sighting was made.

Incidentally, the quick thinking of Bronwen Williams should be credited. The children’s drawings, and the fact that she had diverted their attention to the aerial anomaly in the first place, is perhaps the difference between the incident being seen as credible and it being easily dismissed.

Perhaps further credibility was added by another sighting a little later that evening in the same region. Hilda Owen, the wife of a local policeman, happened to be looking out of her kitchen window when she saw a strange “glistening” coming in and out of the clouds. She quickly realized that it was a solid object that was moving through the skies.

Realizing she had no pen and paper to hand, nor a camera, she drew what she was seeing in lipstick on the kitchen window. When her husband returned from his shift a little later that evening, he replicated the drawing using pen and paper. When compared to the drawings made by the school children at the Rhos y Bol school earlier that day, they were almost an exact match.

Owen would offer further details of the sighting, stating that it appeared out of a “tongue of flame” making her at first believe she was witnessing an airplane on fire. Once the flame had formed itself into a bizarre circle, she could clear see the metallic craft, complete with portholes along the side. We might note, given that the Broadhaven sighting was much more close-up, the “cigar” shape with a domed top is not a million miles away from the drawings offered by the Broadhaven pupils.

Owens’ husband also vouched for the strange object as it was still in the sky – albeit a little further away – when he returned home that evening. He witnessed it also and would state it was “about twice the size of the sun as we see it”.

The Encounter Of Jane Bowles And Ann Strickland

A very similar incident took place around three weeks later at around 9 pm on the evening of 7th March in Winchester, Hampshire. According to the HUMCAT files of David F Webb and Ted Bloecher, friends, Jane Bowles and Ann Strickland were driving on a quiet road in the English countryside when a sudden glow “like a white sun” lit up everywhere in sight.

When they managed to focus, they managed to make out an “oval object” that appeared to emit a “humming sound”. What’s more, similar to the sighting witnessed by the teacher and the canteen workers, a human-like figure stepped out of the craft. Bowles later described this figure as bearded with long hair.

A depiction of a UFO over the countryside

A depiction of a UFO over the countryside

The figure walked toward the women, reaching out as he did so to touch Bowles’s hands. She later described the hands to feel exactly as a human’s hands would. He spoke to each of them in a language they didn’t recognize before he handed something to Bowles and returned to the craft. The object then rose into the air and disappeared.

Bowles refused to identify what the mystery object was to investigators. However, following the incident, her hands swelled to such a degree that she had to remove her wedding ring. Perhaps it is also worth noting the detail of “long hair” on the humanoid figure, something which came up repeatedly in the famous UFO landing incident at the Ariel school in Zimbabwe in 1994.

Cigar-Shaped Object Over Newcastle-under-Lyme

Yet another sighting of a cigar-shaped object over the UK occurred two days later, this time in the early hours of 9th March in Nelson, North Lancashire, a report of which appeared in the Vol. 23 No. 2 edition of Flying Saucer Review.

At a little after 3 am, two unnamed motorists would stop their car in order to view something strange overhead. They later described the object as metallic and a distinct cigar shape. At each end of the object were lights that changed color. Perhaps of more interest when we recall the sighting over the school in Newcastle-under-Lyme, the object was “surrounded by gray mist”.

The closer the object came to them, the more they could each make out a strange sound, similar to that of “the tide coming in and out”. Eventually, the engine and headlights of their car died and wouldn’t restart until the bizarre craft had passed over them and was into the distance.

Only four days later in Pen-Y-Cwm in Pembrokeshire near Broad Haven in Wales, 17-year-old Stephen Taylor would witness a glowing, orange object overhead while walking to his girlfriend’s house. The report is another that comes to us from the files of Webb and Bloecher and is another that shares many similar details to the wealth of such reports during the opening month of 1977. It is there we will turn out attention next.

The Landing Incident In Pen-Y-Cwm

It was a little after 9 pm when Taylor noticed the bright luminous object, which he described as pear-shaped. So disturbed by what he had seen, he would stop at a friend’s house to tell them of it. However, they had no interest and dismissed his claims. As he continued on to his original destination, he would suddenly realize that he could no longer see the farm lights up ahead. When he stared a little more, he realized they were blocked from his view by a “large dome-shaped object” with a “dim glow of light” on the underside.

He estimated it was around 40 feet high and almost the same across. As he stared at the strange object further, he heard the sound of footsteps nearby. Scanning the area around him, he noticed a human-like figure that had the appearance “of an old man”. It was around six feet tall, with high cheekbones and particularly big eyes which he recalled as fish-like.

A depiction of a UFO over the countryside

A depiction of a UFO over the countryside

Perhaps even stranger, and intriguing, was the device shaped like a box over the mouth that had a tube leading over the shoulder, presumably to an unseen device on the back. The last thing he noticed was the one-piece “semi-transparent” suit that covered its body. He then, in a fit of panic, swung a punch toward the figure before turning and running for home.

When he finally reached the sanctuary of his house, his usually friendly pet dog was not at all happy in his presence. When Taylor approached it, it would bark and growl in response. It was, strangely enough, back to normal the next day.

Before we turn our attention to other matters, there is yet another bizarre encounter from the Webb-Bloecher files that require our attention.

The Milford Haven Incident

At around 5 am on 7th April in Milford Haven, Pembrokeshire in Wales, one-time local politician, Cyril John was already up and awake as he prepared for an early morning journey into London. However, as he prepared himself to leave the house, he noticed a strange, bright light through his bedroom window.

He stepped closer to the glass and peered outside. Around 200 feet away he could see a silver egg-shaped object hovering several feet in the air over a field. On its top side was a bright orange light. Even stranger, near to the object was a humanoid figure – at least eight feet tall – that floated in the air as it moved. The figure was closer to the witness’s house, around 100 feet away.

A depiction of a UFO over the countryside

A depiction of a UFO over the countryside

It appeared to have on a “boiler-suit” that was a strange silver-gray color. Even more unnerving, however, was that he could not make out any features or details of its face. Whether it was covered or simply didn’t exist is uncertain.

John remained watching the hovering object and the floating figure for around 25 minutes. Then, both of them began moving away from the property over the fields and disappeared into the distance and out of sight.

We might remind ourselves that these sighting we have examined here are but a small amount of the many reports made during the 1977 UFO wave across the United Kingdom, specifically in and around Wales.

An Abduction Of An Entire Family From A Road Near Llandernog?

Although it happened several months after the Broadhaven incident, and apparent case of alien abduction in November 1977 is also of interest to us here. In the book UFO Wales, David L. Richard relays the account of an anonymous family who claim they were abducted during a car journey near the village of Llandernog in the north of the country.

They claimed that a triangular-shaped object – which appeared to have a strange purple glow to I – appeared overhead and “swallowed up” their vehicle. The next thing they realized, they were back on the road as normal, and the triangular craft had vanished. However, several hours had passed and the family had no memory of what had taken place during that time.

They would report the incident to a local Royal Air Force base who would ultimately instruct them to remain quiet about what they had seen and essentially forget about it. They family knew, though, that some extraordinary had taken place that November evening, and when they discovered that other residents had witnessed bizarre objects overhead on the same night of their suspected abduction, this conviction became even stronger.

One particular witness who claimed they had witnessed a strange aerial vehicle on the night in question went on to state that a bizarre beam of light had emerged from it and struck him.

Puffin Island and Underwater Alien Bases

Many reports of strange and potential UFO activity exist around Puffin Island. A lot of those reports also speak of strangely lit objects leaving and entering the waters. Many UFO researchers even claim that a UFO base sits under the water [6] off the coast of the island.

The sheer amount of UFO sightings in this part of the world would seem to lend credence to this. The video below, for example, claims to have captured a mysterious UFO over the skies of Wales in 2015.

Phil Hoyle has conducted extensive investigations and interviews with witnesses and even abductees. He has no doubt that the alien abductions and sightings in this area connect to the sightings at Puffin Island.

Other researchers even speculate that the “visitors” may not be aliens at all. Instead, they theorize that they are the descendants from the lost ancient civilization of Cantre’r Gwoelod. Might the “mythical” land once have sat in the area? Might there be remnants of that civilization alive today?

Whether there are underwater bases off the coast of Wales, or whether the lights are simply a natural phenomenon is still unanswered. What is certain is the people of this part of the world are certainly seeing “something!” Of that, there is no doubt.

The video below shows a very authentic looking UFO sighting in Wales from January 2012. Make of it and the aforementioned theories what you will.

Celtic People (Including Welsh) Are “Targeted” For Abduction

Hilary Porter claims she has been abducted by aliens several times over a period of many years. [7] What’s more, she also claims that people of Welsh descent are particularly targeted by extra-terrestrials. [8] Further to that, they are doing this in order to establish a genetically engineered alien-human hybrid.

Porter believes that the Celtic bloodline is easier for them to achieve this with. One interesting side-note here, there are also many reports of high UFO activity in Scotland. This is another part of the world where the Celtic bloodlines are strong. She also believes to have isolated a precise spot where many of these abductions take place. On a particular stretch of road that runs from Swansea to Cardiff.

Perhaps even more worrying, Porter states that governments are fully aware this is happening, but are powerless to stop it. She also asserts that this “program” is not at all for the benefit of the human race. Porter claims that those who recall “spiritual” experiences with aliens are simply experiencing false memories. These memories – implanted by the aliens themselves – ultimately hide their true end game.

Whether people in Wales need to be alert for alien abductions more than most is open to debate. However, the cattle mutilations [9] that have taken place in the area certainly draw the attention of many UFO investigators. As you might imagine, many of them believe this is almost certainly a further connection to strange activity.

Porter speaks of her experience regularly at UFO conventions and to dedicated UFO media. The video below is an interview she gave in 2014 to Richard Hall.


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    My band Spurious Transients recently recorded and released a concept album called “Something Strange Came Out Of The Skies” which is based around the “Welsh Triangle” phenomena that came to a head in 1977. The story is told through a sequence of songs and musical pieces with spoken word content, based upon actual eyewitness accounts. It functions as an audio documentary and as a an album of music at the same. It is available as a vinyl LP record and download from

    Please contact me if you’d be interested in a review copy.

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