Is The Kecksburg UFO Crash And The Nazi Bell Connected?

Marcus Lowth
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March 30, 2017
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January 29, 2024
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It is pretty well established that the Nazis had a fascination with the occult and extra-terrestrial technology. The fact that they were so far ahead has made many researchers ponder if they might have had such access. There are certainly many top secret Nazi programs greatly ahead of their time.

There is even a possible connection between one of the most secretive Nazi projects, and a mysterious UFO crash in an otherwise sleepy town in the United States some two decades later? The Kecksburg UFO crash is officially “nothing” according to investigations, despite a wealth of witnesses. It was largely lost to time, until the release of a book on a secret Nazi project in 2000.

Nazi Bell UFO

Nazi Bell UFO

Based on leaked Nazi documents from the Second World War, a link with Die Glocke and Kecksburg came to light. Die Glocke – or The Nazi Bell – appeared to be one of the Third Reich’s most ambitious projects.

Before we look at the Nazi Bell, however, we’ll first look at the events on a winter’s evening in Pennsylvania.

Kecksburg, Pennsylvania, 9th December 1965

Out of the December night sky overlooking the small town of Kecksburg, Pennsylvania, [1] came a screeching ball of light. The object appeared to move erratically as it fell to Earth and not in the fashion of a meteorite. As it met the ground, the contact would sound throughout the entire town.

Within minutes of the apparent crash, residents and the Kecksburg volunteer fire service were at the site. A strange acorn shaped object, about the size of a small car, sat in a small clearing in the woodland. Around its base were symbols that resembled Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics.

By the time residents had gathered themselves, a huge military presence suddenly descended on the scene. They wasted little time in taking control, ushering people away, and assuring them that “they had seen nothing!” Essentially, forget about the encounter.

A short while after sealing off the area came an official announcement that a search had revealed nothing to report.

The local newspaper, who had announced that an object crashed in the woods, retracted their story the following day. Some people continued to speak out about what they had seen, however, including that the military had removed an “acorn-shaped object” on the back of an army truck.

The Tragic Tale of John Murphy

One of the town’s residents who would take a particularly strong stance against the official narrative, was John Murphy, a news reporter and radio host for WHJB Radio. He was on the scene the night of the crash and managed to speak with several witnesses. He had also managed to snap several photographs of the downed object in the woods before they became off limits.

Despite the military immediately confiscated his rolls of film, Murphy managed to keep one concealed. His manager, Michael Mazza, would later state to seeing Murphy’s pictures. Although they were dark and grainy, there was a definite “cone-shaped” object embedded in the ground.

Murphy prepared a radio show after considerable investigation titled “Object in the Woods” which he planned to air. However, before the show went out, two “government officials” arrived to speak with him. His colleague, Linda Foschia, would later recall them wearing dark suits, and insisted on speaking with Murphy alone. When they left, they took with them most of his research notes, photographs and audio recordings. His show did air, but it was now a much edited and condensed version.

Perhaps most telling is how Murphy would meet his end several years later in February 1969. While on holiday with his family in California, he appeared to be the target of a hit-and-run collision. The person behind the wheel of the car that killed him remains a mystery.

The video below looks at the Kecksburg Incident in a little more depth.

The Black Forest UFO Crash, Germany, 1936

Just over twenty years earlier, and on the other side of the Atlantic in war-torn Europe, the Third Reich were busy developing technologies of many kinds – most of which were significantly far ahead of the Allies. It is no understatement to say that much of the modern world in which we live, has its roots in the work carried out by Nazi scientists – work that would continue under Operation Paperclip following the war.

Some researchers firmly believe that the Black Forest UFO crash in Frieberg, Germany in 1936 [2] is in part responsible. It is their belief that from this incident the surge ahead in Nazi technology would come. Following the apparent crash, SS troops recovered the remains and arranged for transportation to Third Reich headquarters in Wewelsberg Castle.

From here, the back-engineering of the craft and its propulsion systems took place. To some, it is no coincidence that shortly after this incident, advancements such as the V-1 and V-2 rockets happened. Or perhaps the Haunebu [3] vehicle is another example – a craft that used anti-gravity propulsion technology. The advanced craft could reach speeds of 17,000 kilometers per hour and possessed “armor” completely resistant to heat.

One technological piece of equipment would stay secret to the world until nearly half a century after the war’s end.

Die Glock/The Nazi Bell

In 2000, author and researcher Igor Witkowski would release the book, The Truth About The Wonder Weapon in which he revealed to the world “Die Glocke”, more commonly known (now) as The Nazi Bell. [4]

According to Witkowski, his information was thanks to the leaked documents of Nazi SS officer, Jakob Sporrenberg. An anonymous source in Polish intelligence had granted access to the files. The one condition being that Witkowski could read and translate them, but not make copies of them.

The Nazi Bell experiments would take place in Poland, near the Czech border at a facility called Der Riese. Witkowski’s research indicates that The Bell itself was housed underground. However, during live experiments, it would “float” upwards following the opening of a hatch. It remained in place with chains connected to a concrete structure that is still there today. Witkowski refers to this as “The Henge”, although mainstream researchers believe this to be the remains of a cooling tower.

The Bell itself measured around fifteen feet high and around nine feet across at its base. Around the base were ancient hieroglyphic symbols (remember the reports of strange symbols on the Kecksburg object?).

Hard, “heavy” metal made up the exterior of The Bell. However, it is perhaps the inner workings and contents of the interior that are of more interest.

Mystery Liquids, Deadly Experiments and Time Travel

Like many theories on Nazi technology, at its core, was anti-gravity propulsion. According to the documents, Witkowski would translate, two cylinders would counter-rotate. As this happened, a substance similar to mercury and violet in color – called Xerum-525 – fills the cylinders. Xerum-525 was said to be extremely volatile and was stored in a meter high thermos flask, itself encased in lead.

When The Bell was active, anything within two-hundred meters of it would suffer great injury, if not death. According to the mystery records, five of the seven original scientists selected for the project died during the experiments. Effects of these “injuries” included the formation of crystals in animal tissues and gelling and separation of the blood.

A “mirror-like” material lined the interior of The Bell. When active, this “mirror” would show “visions of the past or future!” Perhaps even more fascinating is that the craft even has the ability to bend time and space! Essentially – it is a Nazi time machine!

The video below looks at some of the claims of the Nazi Bell and where it may be now. The video below that is a short interview with Igor Witkowski.

Has Alien Technology Shaped The “Modern” World?

Is it possible that the strange “acorn-shaped” craft that crash-landed in woodland in Kecksburg was, in fact, The Nazi Bell? Is there any possibility – regardless of how bizarre it may sound – that the Bell, and the leader of the project, Hans Kammler, transported themselves two decades in time?

Or might it be more probable, that The Bell and its technology entered America as part of Operation Paperclip? Might the Kecksburg incident have been a sighting of the continuation of the project? Kammler had agreed to defect to the United States towards the end of the war. Might this also explain why the military arrived so quickly following the incident?

Maybe a thought worth pondering more though is the technology we enjoy today. Much of this was a continuation of the work of Nazi scientists under the Paperclip project. How much might have had its roots in back-engineered alien technology? How much of our “modern world”, owes itself to another world, unknown to us, but perhaps around us everywhere?

When UFO researcher Allen Greenfield interviewed Dr. Wenher Von Braun in 1970 (a “Paperclip” transplant) about how the Germans had become so technologically more advanced than the rest of the world, his reply was blunt and simple.

“We had help, from them!” Von Braun informed Greenfield and motioned with his head to UFO documents the researcher was reading. When he asked Von Braun if he meant “extra-terrestrials” he simply replied, “Yes!”

Is The Kecksburg UFO Crash And Die Glocke Connected? (Video)

Join Marcus Lowth in our feature video from the “In-Depth” series that discusses, “Is The Kecksburg UFO Crash And Die Glocke Connected?”.


1 NASA Will Re-Open Kecksburg UFO Files, Brandon Kein, WIRED
2 The Occult Connection: Unidentified Flying Objects, Ken Hudnall, ISBN 9781563 154614 (page 54)
3 Haunebu
4 The Truth About The Wunderwaffe, Igo Witkowski, ISBN 9781618 613387

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  • WilliamtheResolute says:

    Welcome to the Alien deception 2.0…the entities that helped the Nazi’s were most likely demonic, still sharing forbidden knowledge with our dimension. You can believe what you want but I think what we face is going to be Biblical.

    • tom miller says:

      Define ‘sharing’ when the military basically stole it from the ETs, shooting at them, entrapping them.

  • Pat says:

    I find it interesting that WWii ended 1945 and Kecksburg happened 1965. It is said that it was a time machine that Die Glock had been experimented and proven to work. Die Glock was never found, or was it. If your in a hurry to get out of dodge and you jump into a time machine what date would you choose? twenty years is a good round number. It’s all speculation and we may never know, however Einstein claimed it is possible. Interesting!

  • Terry Knerem says:

    I wish people would get the facts straight about Kecksburg. It was a Russian capsule, PERIOD. Check the facts about that day and what was going on. The Russian capsule that was off course and the American Gov. misled the Russians to thinking it came down somewhere else when it really crashed in Kecksburg. The eyewitnesses that saw alien writing were mistaken, it was Russian. The reason they got there so fast was because they were tracking it and the secrecy was so the Russians did not know we retrieved it. It was one in the win column for the CIA. There is more on how they pulled it off but to long to explain it here. Research it yourself, it is a FACT, PERIOD. T.K.

  • Kartikeya says:

    There are rumors that Hitler send a team to the south pole to test some of the most powerful weapons and also this team of scientist were doing experiments on humans.

    • F16JetJock says:

      Both tested and operated in combat when the Germans used them in 1947 against Admiral Richard Byrd’s naval fleet (Operation Highjump) that was sent to destroy the German navel base in Antartica. Indeed, humiliated Admiral Byrd and his fleet did escape but missing several vessels. During Byrd’s pit stop in Santiago, Chili, according to a journalist, Byrd witnessed several electro-gravitic weaponized saucers that could travel to the North Pole in a few minutes.
      One can assume that the USA eventually persuaded the Germans to surrender and the USA of course, acquired all of their technology which USA Black Ops has been perfecting since General Patton captured all of the German electro-gravitic weapons and their engineers in 1945.
      Hence, NASA’s use of antiquated pyro-propulsion technology craft to explore outer space is a facade designed to fool our enemies (and We the People)
      As Benjamin Rich of Lockheed Skunk Works stated years ago “ anything that one can imagine, we have already developed and perfected.” Indeed, based on Moore’s Law of technology doubling every three years since 1945, you can bet that ALL observed UFO’s are of USA Black Ops design and manufacture.
      Now you know where the Pentagon spends over $1 trillion annually in unaccountable funding.
      As an added note, when on 13 July 1969 Neil Armstrong stated when he stepped off the lunar lander, “damned, they beat us here”, he meant that USA Black Ops had already established operations on the moon (and soon thereafter on Mars!).
      Regardless, we can all thank Serbian Nikola Tesla for the anti-gravity torsion-field propulsion and directed-ray energy weapon technology that he created. He sold the patents to the Germans in 1914 (the USA military first refused to purchase) and whom perfected weapons using the technology by 1943, and the USA acquired the latter all by 1947. Subsequently, you can imagine that all UFO’s that we observe today are all the result of Tesla’s God-given intellect.

  • Sakib says:

    It is interesting how technology increased since the end of WW2. Who knows what is being kept secret?

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