Project Sigma And Conspiracies Of The Greys

Marcus Lowth
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October 24, 2018
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May 27, 2022
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The UFO and alien arenas are awash with conspiracies of secret programs, the vast majority of which are not for the overall benefit of humanity. Some of them, however, as outlandish as they sound, should any solid proof ever surface, would turn from amusing to bone-chilling in a heartbeat. Perhaps one of the loudest voices in such claims, and certainly one of the first to voice them was the late, and controversial Bill Cooper. In his 1988 book ‘Behold a Pale Horse’ Cooper would claim to have been privy to leaked documents showing not only contact with alien races but of a “shadow” element of the United States’ government actively entering into a deal with them. A deal that would allow “the Greys” certain “access” to human subjects for means of testing and experimentation.

a handshake between a man and an alien with an alien in the background

Is there a secret deal between aliens and humans?

Are such outlandish secret programs as “Project Sigma” wrapped in more reality than we might think? Might such a program explain the surge of alien abduction claims since the alleged 1954 meeting between the Greys and (then) President Eisenhower? And just what might the overall, purpose and ultimate goal of this apparently malevolent cosmic race and the interest they have in humans and our planet be? Although Cooper’s claims should be taken with a pinch of salt, he is not the only one to say such things. Not least, for example, are many of the abductees themselves. And of course, according to some, Cooper’s claims were so close to the truth, that his violent end, during which he would shoot and kill a police officer, was rather convenient for those who would prefer he remains silent.

Alleged Meetings With “The Greys” And “The Blues”

The general crux of the conspiracy resides around the many alleged crashed UFO cases in the United States during the 1940s and early-50s. According to conspiracy theorists, in 1952 members of the NSA and CIA would form a loose “consortium” of minds and influence which would operate under the name Project Sigma [1] (some researchers refer to this as the Greada Treaty or the Edwards Agreement, after the location of Edwards Air Force Base). The purpose for such a discreet organization was to utilize the recovered technology to establish contact with extraterrestrials and “productive communication”.

After targeting a “suspicious group of asteroids” a secret transmission signal was sent in their direction using the reverse-engineered alien technology. And what’s more, a reply was (relatively) imminent. As we examined briefly in our look at the alleged Eisenhower meeting of 1954 – a result of this transmission – two different races of alien are claimed to have made offers to humanity through Eisenhower and his representatives. While an eventual deal was reached with the Greys – the occupants of the suspicious group of asteroids – another meeting took place with a race referred to as “The Nordics” or, according to the apparently leaked documents, “The Blues”.

The Blues, it is claimed, informed Eisenhower that the Greys had a formidable force of large ships on the outskirts of the solar system. And what’s more, they were intentionally locked into an equatorial orbit of the Earth. While not offering the type of technology that Eisenhower was seeking, they did offer ways to achieve clean and “free” energy and spiritual learnings to advance humanity. They also warned Eisenhower not to enter into a deal or any other kind of communication with the Greys. According to them, they served only themselves. If the conspiracies are correct, it was advice Eisenhower ignored.

Hybridization To Combat “Extreme Degradation” Of Grey DNA

We have written, in passing, on several occasions of Dr. David Jacobs and his claims that the alien abductions the Greys are responsible for are part of an alien-human hybridization program. And what’s more, it was Jacobs’ feeling that this hybridization program is not at all for the benefit of humanity. It is an interesting, if grim notion. And one that Jacobs arrived at through very serious and extensive study of alien abductees. And given his high-ranking position in the university world of professors, teachers, and prize-winning scientists, his claims were not ones of a person looking for attention or some “quick money”. In short, his theories should receive a little more serious consideration than they perhaps do.

According to the claims of the alleged 1954 deal with the Greys, they were happy to share technology with these human representatives, but they required “unrestricted access” to human DNA so that they could develop a “human-grey hybrid” in order to combat their own DNA’s “extreme degradation”. Some researchers, and abductees, claim that the Greys can no longer reproduce without access to human beings, in particular, female humans who act as “incubators”. We will come back to this shortly.

The Greys would promise no harm would come to any citizens who were tested, and furthermore, no memory of the abductions or procedures would be available to them. In theory, especially given the apparent perceived threat that such a deal would be offered to the “other” super-power of the planet at the time, the Soviet Union, the agreement appeared the right thing to do. And at the very least workable. Particularly if such advanced technology could benefit the rest of the country, and, in turn, the world.

There were, however, several conditions to this “deal”.

A depiction of alien faces over the top of an atlas

Do aliens control world events?

The Greys? Or Should It Be “The Etherians”

As well as access to the world’s population, the Greys would require several more things of their Earthly hosts. For example, the United States must never reveal the presence of the Greys on the planet. Nor must they reveal such a deal was in place. Despite the promise not to harm any of the population, their operations were not to be questioned by humanity. And there would be no interference. According to the leaked documents, the Greys would only take a “limited” number of abductees. And furthermore, lists of those for testing would go to the US “shadow” government for approval.

Perhaps more interestingly, were the apparent requirements of the Greys. The US military, using advanced technology that they would provide, would construct “several underground bases”. These bases would house a combination of human and “grey personnel”. And would be top-secret to the point of absolute denial of their existence. These bases were only in certain parts of the United States at first. It would appear, however, that construction became rampant. Some claims state there are nearly thirty such bases around the US alone.

While most dismiss such a meeting even happened, Gerald Light would claim to have been in attendance. He would even write of his observations during his two-day stay at the base. He would claim that the reports of such an event were “devastatingly true”. Light would further state to have seen “five separate and distinct types of aircraft”. These were being studied by the military “with the assistance and permission of the Etherians…It has finally happened. It is now a matter of history”.

Further rumors and leaked whistleblower testimonies that would surface over the years. The Greys, or the Etherians, state the rumors, would soon stray from their end of the bargain.

What About The Greys Throughout History?

So, what should we make of such theories? As speculative as they obviously are, and as off-the-wall as they will be to many, it isn’t that much of a stretch of the imagination to think such a meeting, in theory, could have taken place. And given the hundreds, if not thousands of testimonies from alleged abductees, such a “project” sits very nicely within the framework of the alien abduction phenomenon. That isn’t to say that we should buy into it completely, if at all. It is, however, certainly not something to dismiss without further investigation.

And, for the sake of argument, if the arrival of the Greys was the result of a secret space transmission to a cluster of their ships, what does that say for the absolute plethora of cave paintings, ancient artworks, and depictions and statues from antiquity that all show resemblances beyond just coincidence to the modern descriptions of the grey alien? Maybe we can accept that both are true. Particularly if we subscribe to the notion of this alien race in the past “disguising” themselves, whether through shape-shifting or through genetic manipulation, so that they could rule over humanity as “gods”. We have even examined before, for example, the notion that the Egyptian Pharaoh, Akhenaten, was an alien-human hybrid.

If this bloodline still survives today, then are the Greys a different race to the aliens of the past? Or might they be the same, but much like humans, have a different agenda and even belief system? Or perhaps, the “alien bloodline” of the past didn’t remain here on Earth. Perhaps this “opportunity” would allow them to manipulate humanity once again? Perhaps restoring them to their perceived position over us.

A comparison between an alien entity and an old cave painting

Do cave paintings really show alien creatures?

The Chilling Case Of Kim Carlsberg

Whatever the reasons and the background of alien abductions, at least to the people experiencing them, they are very real. And the sheer number of claims of such similar encounters with very similar looking entities should receive more consideration. Interestingly, many of these also include a human element. Something untoward, whatever it may be, is almost certainly taking place right under our collective noses. And we might be wise to pay more attention to such apparent “crazy” talk.

Just one case of interest, particularly how it relates to the need to reproduce or fix a deteriorating genome, is that of Kim Carlsberg. [2] And what makes Carlsberg’s claims all the more intriguing, as well as credible, is she was at the height of her career as a professional photographer whose work was used in film and TV, as well as photographing a long list of music and film stars, and even presidents of the United States, when she made her claims of alien abduction, and of a “program” that would sound remarkably familiar to that of the alleged “Project Sigma”.

Kim would claim to be a repeat abductee following an incident in 1988. One evening she would witness a strange craft over the Pacific Ocean off the coast of California. She later awoke to find several strange “grey alien” entities in her room. She would describe her artificial insemination with a mixture of her and a male’s DNA, plus DNA of the aliens. Following a matter of weeks, often before any signs of pregnancy, she would face abduction again. This time, the fetus removed and then placed in an artificial chamber to grow to “birth” size.

Kim Carlsberg

Kim Carlsberg (circa 2017)

An Integration Of Alien-Human Hybrids Into Our World?

It is Carlsberg’s belief that the goal of the Greys is to create grey-human hybrids. Although she is of the belief that the purpose of such a project is more noble than many think. She would state recently that she believes they will “integrate the hybrids into our world to help save it”. She would continue that it is her belief they “have been here forever. And this is just one more upgrade similar to when Neanderthals and Humans existed at the same time”.

As outrageous as this sounds, it is a claim that has been repeated, more or less intact, by many women worldwide. And while some of those claims echo a more positive outlook of the end-goal, many of them are anything but. Some researchers suggest that some of the “positive” abduction cases are the result of a successful mind-shield. One that should the abductee remember the events, their perception is one of positivity as opposed to terror.

Some estimates state that 70% of alien abductees are female. Is this the reason why? How many other women might this apply to? Perhaps who have no memory, knowledge, or even suspicions of anything close to alien abduction. Or even “know” themselves to be pregnant, only by the time of a medical confirmation to find out they aren’t. Even stranger, how many women receive confirmation of pregnancy. Only then, upon seeking medical help for sudden bleeding receive the news that they “were never” pregnant. That there must have been a mistake. While this is mere speculation, we should remember how few people even report such strange encounters as UFOs and aliens. In reality, the figure might be much higher than we think.

Check out the video below. It firstly features Kim Carlsberg speaking of encounters a little further.


1 Project SIGMA, or How They Began Selling Your Genome to the Greys, UFOHolic
2 Kim Carlsberg, UFO Bio

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  • Noway says:

    Yes they are here on earth watching on us and they are doing abduction dnk sample from human and they cure humans. I have the pain in my legs for 1 year after abduction no more pain I walk nice I have circles on my body circle in circles don’t know what that mean.peace

  • Craig says:

    Every dam documentary has an insane loud music soundtrack. It’s not worth listening to because of the loud annoying music. They all do this. Completely distracts from the videos.

  • Chris Curran says:

    These Abductees can’t ALL be telling lies…

  • James Mc Ardle says:

    Load of rubbish the zeta are not malnevolent. the race that met before the zeta were working with the zeta, the planet is going through a rebirth and there will be many physical changes to the planet contact had to be made to help guide us through it. the hybrid was to help both the zeta and human race, them taking part had a soul agreement to partake in it, we do a lot of talking and we don’t realize we have a soul,same soul as the creator same souls as the zeta and human who met Eisenhower. after disclosure the truth will come out and it will be nothing like you have been led to believe.

  • Rambo says:

    project sigma is real. Often i have seen these aliens in the back of my yard at night. they can communicate in certain ways that human can understand! I recently have seen in the future and its bad. i have said too much. these creatures exist somewhere in the universe and come here so certain reasons, such of significance. we must not allow aliens to take over our world or occupy it in any way, because if they do they will find our simple weaknesses and feed on them. this shall lead to complete annihilation. they came once they shall come again to destroy mankind to save them selves. but there is a god that protects each and every planet with such power to destroy the whole universe.

  • William R Thompson Jr says:

    I think the real question is, what could we do about it, if it’s true? It seems Eisenhower recognized that they were too technologically advanced for us to fight them. Could Carlsberg have resisted them, if she wanted to? My sister says she was abducted, impregnated, had the fetus removed, and sometime later, abducted to be shown the hybrid child. No one else in the family knew what was, supposedly, happening, until she told us, many years after it was supposed to have happened. I doubt we could have done anything, if we did know. All we can do is live our lives as best we can, and hope for the best.

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