Are Recent UFO Sightings In Egypt Linked To Ancient Accounts?

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Whenever UFO sightings occur over places of historical significance, it is, to some, tentative proof of extraterrestrial involvement with humanity across the ages. For example, the well-known UFO sighting at Temple Mount is regarded by some as proof of an alien connection to humanity that stretches back to antiquity. Essentially, for some, these “location” sightings are a step closer to proving such things as the ancient astronaut theory, or the “bloodlines of the ruling elite” and their apparent source, as legitimate and requiring equally legitimate study.

Picture claiming to show a UFO over the Pyramids

Does this picture show a UFO over the Pyramids of Giza

That is very much the case with UFO sightings over Egypt, particularly ones in the vicinity of the ancient ruins of the country. Along with the empires of the ancient Mesopotamian region and the Indus Valley Civilization, Ancient Egypt’s reach and influence through history is still discreetly felt today. And furthermore, it’s secrets, as they were in the “mystery schools” run by temple “priests” who dealt in as much mysticism as they did science, are still passed down today to a select few, widely known as “the elite” or “the Illuminati”.

Perhaps, if UFOs are still visiting these ancient sites today, it will not only demonstrate how apparently separate occurrences are much more connected than most would suspect, but just how important such ancient civilizations and the secrets they hold continue to be.

Sightings Of The 2000s

Several recent sightings of UFOs over or near the sites of Ancient Egypt are on record. In 2004, for example, while visiting the Karnak Temple in Luxor, “Mr. L”, a German tourist, managed to capture three distinct objects hovering over the ancient temple. He would capture the pictures accidentally as he was taking pictures of the ancient stonework. Only when he arrived home and went through his photographs more closely did he spot the anomalies.

On 23rd March 2006, Mexican UFO researcher, Ana Luisa Cid, would report on a UFO allegedly captured by a webcam hovering near the Pyramids of Giza in the middle of the afternoon at a little after 2 pm. The footage clearly shows a solid craft that is “highly reflective” in the bright sunshine. It appears to have a circular shape in the photograph that surfaced online, although the footage itself appears to show an oblong shape.

In January 2008 a “ball-like” object was witnessed over the New Cairo Area, again in the middle of the day at around 2:40 pm. The witness to the event was a student who was driving home from college. Suddenly, the reflection of the object caught his attention as it glimmered brightly in the sun. At first, the young student believed the object to be a helicopter or small plane. However, the more he looked at it, the clearer he could make out what looked like a “ball of fire”. Without warning, the orb “shot straight up vertically and disappeared into the clouds!”

More recently in 2010 came several similar sightings over the Sinai Desert just outside Cairo. They were described as a “glowing white ball” that suddenly took off directly upwards “leaving a glowing white tail behind it!”

The 2006 footage is below.

Russian KGB File – Project Isis

Perhaps one of the most bizarre alien conspiracies connected to Ancient Egypt is the apparent KGB files that tell of “Project Isis” from 1961. According to the conspiracy, KGB agents would recover a 13,000-year-old alien mummy. What’s more, this apparently momentous find took place in a tomb “somewhere in the desert” of the Giza Plateau, in a place called the “Tomb of the Visitor”.

It is not clear if the top-secret mission had the permission of the Egyptian authorities or whether it was a clandestine operation. Nor is it entirely clear how knowledge of the alien’s location reached the KGB.

One rumor states that two nomads stumbled onto the tomb while looking for a place to rest. They would become intensely ill shortly after. So much so that they ventured into the city and were taken to a Cairo hospital. There, they were interviewed by Egyptian officials. They would tell them of their find, and the location of the tomb. It is claimed that the Soviet Union, through their intelligence agents, quickly arranged a deal for “access” to the find with the Egyptian authorities. An “expedition” named Project Isis went into action.

This project would consist of Soviet military and scientists, and several Soviet Egyptologists. The Egyptians would send their own small unit to work under the Soviets, with the project coming under the ultimate control of the KGB.

The reports state that “the visitor” gave advanced knowledge and science to the ancient Egyptians. Some believe it was knowledge of the Roswell crash of 1947 that drove the Soviet Union’s own desire to acquire alien technology of their own.

You can check out the short video below claiming to show footage of the discovery.

“Winged Alien God” Under A “Protective Barrier”

According to Russian scientist, Viktor Ivanovich, “There is no doubt that a small group of Russian scientists with military experts” explored the tomb in question in 1961. Furthermore, according to the Russian scientist, “only the highest rankings of the KGB” would ever see the contents of the files. Ivanovich maintains that the alien discovery was genuine.

Furthermore, some of the writings on the tomb revealed further information. Including a prophecy speaking of the “return of the winged alien god”. There were also writings telling of how the tomb was under a “protective barrier” which was ever-present. Interestingly, many of those involved with the mission would complain of a “repulsive force coming out of the walls”. Although they studied this phenomenon, they could find no reasonable explanation.

While it is a claim that many will dismiss, there does appear to be some truth in the account. The mission, for example, does appear to be 100% genuine. Whether the discovery of an alien mummy is accurate or not is open to debate.

The video below looks at the footage again but also offers some in-depth discussion on the subject.

Alien Interaction In Ancient Egypt

We have written before of how the empire of Ancient Egypt simply appeared out of nowhere. And it did so at the height of its power. To some, this is explained by the arrival of an unknown and advanced civilization. One who gathered the nomadic tribes of the region with their superior intelligence (and possibly technology) and ruled over them as the Pharaoh God-Kings of the First Time. Some believe this civilization were the survivors from Atlantis, who brought with them their knowledge and technology and started again.

Perhaps interestingly, if we assume that Atlantis perished towards the end of the last Ice Age about 12,000 years ago, this would match the conclusions of the erosion marks on the Sphinx. As well as dating the origins of the empire much farther back than around 3000 BC. The fact that records begin around this time might demonstrate the passing over of the “divine right to rule”. From the “gods” to those of the “royal bloodlines”. According to legend, for example, in Zep Tepi (the first time), the gods ruled and walked among humanity. This was a golden age.

Others, however, believe there is a more direct “alien connection” to the Ancient Egyptian empire. Perhaps this extraterrestrial involvement goes back to Zep Tepi. Or maybe this advanced culture was subject to hijacking during its reign. Many who subscribe to the alien-connection theory point to Akhenaten, a pharaoh some refer to as “The Alien King”. As we have mentioned before, many believe this particular pharaoh to be a hybrid of human and alien DNA. Many depictions of him feature an oversized head and long fingers, as well as an overall “misshape” to his torso.

The Influence And Reach Of Ancient Egypt

If there is any truth to the extraterrestrial nature of Akhenaten, then what does it mean today. It would stand to reason that descendants of that bloodline may still live on Earth now. Even if they are unaware of such a “divine” lineage. Many believe this bloodline, and ones closely associated with them through history, is now the royal families of Europe. And the international multi-millionaire and hugely influential corporate family empires of the west.

Perhaps one of the most prominent signs of this connection is the pyramid and all-seeing eye on the dollar bill. Or perhaps it is worth noting the obelisks that litter the modern world – particularly in Washington D.C., the City of London, and Vatican City. All “countries” in their own right. And all the focus of many conspiracies. Or maybe it is worth remembering the many Masonic rites and rituals connected to the moon landings, and how many of them had their roots in ancient Egyptian ritual and mysticism.

It is also interesting from a UFO perspective. Many close-up UFO encounters speak of seeing “Egyptian hieroglyphics” on the outside or inside of an apparent alien craft. These include the famous Rendlesham UFO encounter – possibly the most credible UFO sighting of the UK. In fact, claims of such hieroglyphics exist in relation to perhaps the most famous UFO event of them all, the Roswell Crash of 1947.

One alien abduction case examined by Tony Dodd was that of “Sharon” from Yorkshire. Through regression, she revealed a lifetime of alien abductions, during which, she and many others were “educated” in large rooms. One of the things Sharon would state during these regression sessions was that “They’re telling me about the Pyramids. They put the pyramids here!”

The video below looks at the gods of ancient Egypt.


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