Secret Military Alien Base Under Denver International Airport?

Marcus Lowth
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December 8, 2016
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August 31, 2020
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Perhaps one of the most closely scrutinized alleged military bases around the world is the one said to sit underneath the new Denver International Airport (DIA). The new complex has been the subject of numerous conspiracy theories before a plane had even departed from one its runways – and it is easy to see why.

The project was initially estimated to cost $1.7 billion. By the time it was complete – after substantial delays no less – the cost had risen to just short of the $5 billion mark. When it was eventually revealed to the public on 28th February 1995, the layout took up much more land than had been originally suggested, and the runways themselves appeared to represent a Nazi swastika when viewed from above.

Construction of Denver International Airport.

Construction of Denver International Airport.

Even the mascot of DIA, Mustang the fibreglass horse, that stands proudly outside, glowing red eyes to boot, has been responsible for at least one death. Its creator, Luis Jimenez, was killed by his own artwork when Mustang’s head fell during its completion and fatally severed an artery in Jimenez’s leg.

Throughout the airport, demonic sculptures and artwork haunt the walls, including a bizarre painting that appears to show the aftermath of a horrific, global conflict. When the letters “AUAG” were seen in the artwork, conspiracy theories went into overdrive that the painting represented an upcoming biological attack, possibly one that would be released from DIA. At the time, a new deadly strain of hepatitis named Australia Antigen had just been discovered – the symbol for which was “AUAG” – which only added fuel to these theories.

The dedication stone that sits outside the state of the art construction states it was built by the “New World Airport Commission”, but there is no such body to be found anywhere on record. Might it be a secret organisation? The abundance of Freemason symbols also found throughout the airport does nothing to quell these types of assertions.

The short video below is light hearted look at some of the main conspiracy theories surrounding the new Denver airport.

Official “Leaked” Blueprints Of Underground Tunnels And Bunkers

Perhaps what fanned the conspiracy flames of DIA more than anything else was the discovery of the blueprints of a “first attempt” at building the new airport.

These blueprints revealed a total of five known buildings that were completed and then seemingly abandoned due to incorrect positioning. It was subsequently decided instead of tearing the buildings down and making use of the materials elsewhere, it would be preferable to bury them, complete and intact instead. Some believe that these buildings however were not simply buried and abandoned, but instead make up part of the underground complex that is buried and operational underneath DIA.

Various theories have been put forward regarding just what these underground facilities might be, from FEMA detention units, to “hideaway” bases for the global elite. When numerous construction workers began to make claims that there were five-story buildings below the main airport as well as a secret network of tunnels, the conspiracy theories began to look a little less far-fetched – at least to some.

Maybe the fact that Denver is the apparent chosen location of such a secret installation for the elite is a clue in itself. The city is a mile above sea level – hence it is called the Mile High City. Might it be that this very fact makes the area favourable should there be any kind of natural or manmade disaster – particularly one that might involve intense flooding and rising sea levels?

Journalist, Alex Christopher, even claimed to have evidence to show that powerful “elites” were purchasing land and properties under false names within the Denver region in the mid-90s – including members of the British Royal family.

However, it was other claims made by Christopher that really began to make some take a little more notice. Before we look at those, however, check out this short documentary that looks at the Denver International Airport conspiracies in a little more detail.

Blood-Thirsty Aliens And Child Slave Labour Claims

With one-time whistle-blower, Phil Schneider as her research partner, Christopher made claims of not only an alien presence in facilities under the Earth, and in particular DIA, but claims of them using human slave labour.

During the radio interview with Dave Allen on KSEO Radio in 1996, Christopher claimed that she and Schneider had managed to infiltrate the underground network below DIA, befriending and obtaining information from many workers eager to divulge its secrets.

Not only was the slave labour human, but a lot of the “workers” were children, claimed Christopher, and pointed to the astronomically high amount of missing children in the United States that are literally never seen again, to highlight her point further. When these children are worked to a point just short of death, Christopher stated they were “slaughtered on the spot and consumed” by aliens who were behind the underground construction!

“They specifically like young children that haven’t been contaminated like adults,” claimed the researcher to Allen. She further stated that there was a “war going on under our feet and above our heads” and that the general public were completely unaware of it – a war that involved humans, grey aliens and reptilians.

Christopher’s assertions of reptilians, as well as the claims she makes of the United States still being ruled by the British Royal family whose influence is as far reaching today as it has ever been, is very much in line with a lot of the reptilian theories expressed by David Icke. Are they simply jumping on each other’s bandwagons in an effort to prove each other and themselves credible? Or might they have arrived at similar conclusions because there is more truth in their theories than most can, or perhaps want to imagine.

The Very Controversial Phil Schneider

One of the most controversial people in the UFO disclosure and conspiracy field is the late Phil Schneider. He appears to have been well placed to make the claims he eventually did however. His father, Oscar Schneider, was a Captain in the United States Navy and was a part of such nuclear projects as Operation Crossroads and the testing of nuclear weapons at Bikini Island. Schneider also insisted that his father was involved in the Philadelphia Experiment.

As for Schneider himself, he stated that he had worked as a specific government structural engineer, with his main work involving the building of secret underground military bases and structures. He also stated that in 1979, while working in this capacity, he unwittingly became involved in a high-tech gun-fight with grey aliens in the infamous Dulce Base – which incidentally, sits relatively close to Denver International Airport on the New Mexico-Colorado border.

While working on construction deep under the ground at Dulce, he claimed his team accidentally uncovered a large base that was occupied by grey aliens. The greys, believing they were under a surprise attack from their human hosts, went on the offensive, resulting in the deaths of over sixty military personal and several construction workers.

Needless to say, there is no media report of the incident at the time, and there is only Schneider’s version of events (assuming something did occur) to go on. However he did reveal to anyone who attended his lectures, and indeed the press when he first made the claims to the public years later, scars on his chest that he claimed were the result of being struck by high-tech advanced weapon fired by a grey alien.

Below is the documentary “The Underground – The True Story Of A Hidden Reality” that tells you a little more about Phil Schneider and looks in more detail at some of his claims.

Suspicious Death?

Schneider’s claims are bordering on the crazy on the surface, but a lot of what he says has been uttered and stated by many others. Just one of which are his claims of a “Black Budget”, that many high ranking government officials have also stated is a very real budget – as are extra-terrestrials and their interaction with (select) human beings.

The black budget that was said to have been set up by President Eisenhower in the fifties when the White House administration “did a deal” with grey aliens – said to be called the 1954 Greada Treaty. According to Schneider, the grey aliens began to aggressively alter the original deal over time.

In return for advanced technology, the grey aliens would be allowed to “remove” members of the United States population for experimentation – and in particular, the testing of grey alien “implanting” devices and techniques. However, all abductions had to be logged and reported to the government, and all abductees had to be returned with no memory of what had happened. The greys began to stop doing this, and were also taking thousands more people from the population than was agreed. It was, in part, this straying from the Greada Treaty that has led to hostilities between the Greys and the United States government – at least according to Schneider.

Might there be any truth to any of Schneider’s claims? Perhaps a look at how he met his end may be more telling than anything else. He was discovered dead in January 1996 with a piece of flex pipe wrapped around his throat three times – the official cause of death was ruled to have been the result of a stroke!

The video below is one of Schneider’s speeches recorded shortly before his death.

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