Alien-Human Hybrids – Pure Nonsense? Or Something To Pay More Attention To?

Marcus Lowth
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September 17, 2016
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December 13, 2021
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A story appeared online in the summer of 2015 regarding a dead body found decomposing in a car in Los Angeles. A search of the dead man’s house by police revealed over a thousand guns, and various other weapons. Almost a quarter of a million dollars and a huge stockpile of ammunition were also in his possession. Furthermore he owned a total of fifteen vehicles, one of which was bullet-proof and very much high-tech. These details aren’t even the strange part.

The man, named as Jeffery Alan Lash led an apparent secret life. According to his fiancée he was an alien-human hybrid working for the government. Catherine Nebron released a statement through her attorney stating that she believed him to be an employee of “unnamed” government bodies. It was Lash himself who had given instructions to leave his body in the car when he died. He had stated a government agent would “collect him” and that Nebron was to leave town as soon as possible following his death.

A depiction of an alien human hybrid

Alien human hybrids?

An employee of Nebron’s, Dawn VadBunker, also found herself tied up in the affair. She had recently left her husband of barely a year to join Lash and Nebron in their seemingly bizarre fantasy. She would rent garages for Lash’s many vehicles. She claimed this was in case other agents needed the use of them at short notice. Both women made their way to Oregon when Lash died in California. Nebron returned two weeks later and only when she found his body where she had left it did she notify police. Incidentally, VadBunker later surfaced in Oregon, but the last report states that she refuses to return home or speak with her family.

Some quickly pointed out that Lash was nothing more than a conman who had “convinced multiple women” [1] that he was a secret alien-hybrid agent. His body also displayed signs of being in the late stages of cancer, although his cause of death is officially unknown.

There are some interesting questions surrounding Lash [2] though. While there is no criminal record to speak of, no-one can establish how he came by his quite extensive wealth. It also seemed suspicious to some that although his body remained unreported for several weeks, the police at no stage suspected foul play.

Could there be more to Lash’s story than most of us would give him time or credit for? It certainly isn’t the first time that people have made wild, yet specific claims of secret hybridization programs involving the United States military.

Past Military Links To Hybridization Programs

The story of Eddie Page is perhaps equally baffling as Lash’s, although Page claims he has proof of his part alien DNA. Page recalled the details of his strange past with the help of hypnotic regression. According to Page his whole existence is part of a top secret experiment carried out by the US government and an alien race. His father is an extra-terrestrial from the Pleiades star system. Page even goes as far as to claim he has medical records showing his blood group as undetermined. Furthermore, he states his military documentation officially states he is “not of human origin!”

The experiments took place in the early 1950s, with the US government receiving advanced alien technology in return for citizens. Page claimed that a total of thirty-two alien-human hybrids came into being as a result of the experiment. He has done extensive research and believes that only eight, including himself, are still alive.

Page spoke of his experiences, including being “rescued” from the battlefield of Vietnam by an alien craft to the UFO Chronicles which you can see below.

Cynthia Crawford made remarkably similar claims when she stated she was the result of a secret government experiment. [3] According to Cynthia, who lives in Arizona, her father had “experimented with alien devices” recovered from crashed alien ships, while based in Korea in the early 1950s.

Crawford goes on to say that her human mother became artificially impregnated with part of her biological father’s genes, and part alien genes. “For that reason, my DNA is only 34 percent human,” she told The Sun newspaper in 2011. According to Crawford, she has had many UFO and alien experiences throughout her life. She believes these connect back to the “program” that she is a part of.

A Grave Warning?

Not all these kind of claims come from the tabloids though.

David Jacobs for example carried extensive research into the alien abduction phenomenon, releasing several books on the subject. All of his books have been published by “respected” publishers and the fact Jacobs having taught American history at Temple University for over three decades, gives him a little bit of credibility in such a fringe field.

Jacobs came to the conclusion, that aliens had been abducting humans for hundreds, if not thousands of years. Perhaps more worryingly, he believes the reason for this is that they are preparing to take over the world. According to Jacobs’ reckoning, alien-human hybrids are walking among us right now, and they aren’t friendly.

His research suggests that female abductees suffer artificial impregnation and then their foetuses later removed.

The story of Lynda Jones from Manchester in England is just one example of an account that has all the hallmarks highlighted by Jacobs. On a late summer’s evening in 1979, Lynda and her two young children were picking flowers while walking along the River Mersey. One of her children suddenly exclaimed to his mother that “the moon is coming towards us!”

Jones claims she barely made out a disc-shaped object heading towards them. Initially captivated by it, Jones soon came to her senses, scooped up her children’s hands, and ran. Only when they were safe at home did she realize that she couldn’t account for around ninety minutes of time.

Hypnotic regression allowed Lynda to recall a “floating sensation” before she found herself in a room with three figures with large, black, almond-shaped eyes. In the weeks that followed Lynda sought medical advice due to severe changes in her menstrual cycle. Following an examination, it came to light that she had recently been pregnant but had suffered an ectopic pregnancy. Lynda insisted that there must be a mistake. There wasn’t – at least according to the medical evidence.

Was Lynda’s mystery foetus – seemingly removed without her knowledge – part of the so-called alien-human hybrid agenda?

The Extensive Work And Research Of David Jacobs

We will stay with David Jacobs and his research and ideas for a little longer. And some of the suggestions and theories of Jacobs are fascinating in the extreme.

In short, it is Jacobs’ conclusion that these extraterrestrials plan to become the dominant race on the planet – essentially, to take over control of the Earth – by creating alien-human hybrids. And the more we explore the theory, the more bizarre but equally captivating it is.

As Jacobs himself writes in Walking Among Us: The Alien Plan To Control Humanity he is rather on “shaky ground” with such assertions. [4] They have, however, been arrived at through years of extensive research with many who claim to have been repeatedly abducted by extraterrestrial entities.

David Jacobs

David Jacobs

Jacobs would write in Walking Among Us how when he interviews those who claim to have been abducted, he “waits for a pattern to emerge”, elaborating how he waits until he hears “multiple descriptions of the same phenomena” and that these are “the most important aspect of abduction investigation”.

Indeed, if Jacobs is correct in his research, then our understanding and perception of the UFO and alien question may change drastically. As will the urgency in our collective need to reach that understanding.

Something That Would Sit Nicely In The Realms Of Science-Fiction

There is little doubt that the general suggestions and apparent accounts of Jacobs would sit more than nicely in any blockbuster movie or high-profile television series.

Essentially and at its most basic, not only that many people around the world are being abducted by aliens for experimental purposes, but they are also essentially being used to “train” the hybrid human-aliens to “live” here on Earth in anticipation of this “change”. And they do so, for the most part against their own will.

This last detail might be one of the most intriguing notions – that these extraterrestrial entities, including those that are half alien-half human, have the power to make humans carry out actions against their own will, often without them realizing it. Might this control explain why many people do not recall abductions and, at least some of them, go to whatever location they might take place in, essentially, of their own accord? And might this mental control one day be used against us, perhaps en masse?

There are, though, many blank areas in just what is going on “behind the scenes” of these abductions and the apparent end goal that there is to them. This is, in part, due to abductees only seeing what they “need” to see, and partly because they have likely undergone some kind of memory blocking procedure of their experiences – something that comes up in other alien abduction research.

A depiction of an alien-human hybrid

Are alien0human hybrids all around us?

Jacobs again reveals some intriguing details of these alien environment, though, in Walking Among Us. He recalls the account of “Allison”, who had separated herself from her alien-hybrid escort and found herself in a strange room “containing a semicircle of about 40 tilted back coffin-like boxes”. Even more chilling, these boxes “contained grays immersed in a liquid”. As Allison studied the scene in front of her, the boxes suddenly moved and tilted forward slightly. As they did so, the “liquid drained from them and the fronts opened”. Following this, the gray aliens stepped from the containers.

When her escort discovered her and took her out of the room he replied to her when she asked what had been taking place in the room that the aliens were “eating and sleeping”. As Jacobs notes, while he wasn’t sure what to make of the sleeping aspect, “getting nutrition through dermal absorption is consistent with other accounts” in his files.

A Need To Learn The Intricacies Of Human Existence

The main notion that comes through when reading the suggestions and accounts of Jacobs is the sheer confusion on the part of these apparent alien beings at the complexity and intricacy of the human existence, perhaps especially so in the modern world.

Everything from living in a house or an apartment, who you might live in that residence with to where you buy foods, why, and where you would keep them in your home. And that is just a snippet of what these potential new dominant species on our planet seemingly wish to learn.

The main thrust that comes through all of this is their need to understand the “rules” of humanity. This is something that perhaps reveals much of this alien society and existence. That the individual aliens are perhaps anything but, and instead exist with a much more collective, hive mentality.

In fact, Jacobs writes in Walking Among Us that “aliens come from a collective society in which individuality and personal lives are virtually nonexistent”. Furthermore, he names two specific aliens “insectalins” and “grays”, who have “limited and narrow emotional ranges”. Perhaps because of this, there is also a lack of “sarcasm, irony, or humor” within these alien societies.

A depiction of an alien-human hybrid

Are aliens looking to take over the planet?

Furthermore, although he isn’t certain, Jacobs states it is possible that “no art form exists” in alien society, nor might any form of entertainment. The only such hint of these things are the children’s toys that are used to train hybrid-alien children.

In short, while these extraterrestrials are more advanced in many ways – from their technological knowhow to their ability to communicate telepathically – their existence is a simple and uncomplicated one. Perhaps especially so when compared to the multi-layered human existence.

Training Hybrids To “Be Human!”

When we examine some of the situations these abductees would recall of their “training” sessions with extraterrestrials, we begin to see, albeit partial, a bigger picture form in front of us.

For example, every aspect of human society is examined and then taught by these abductees to the alien-human hybrids – sometimes in a one-on-one situation, and sometimes with several hybrids at a time. And these training sessions take place in multiple locations.

Some, it would appear, take place on board the alien spacecraft, often in rooms that have been made to look like a restaurant, shop, or even a bar. These sessions usually involve several hybrids at a time, who are put in “situations” that the abductee would then teach them how to react in – for example, when to join in a conversation and when to stay quiet and listen, or when to introduce yourself to someone and why.

A depiction of an alien-human hybrid

Are alien-human hybrids real?

Others take place on Earth at an actual real location. For example, one account told of an abductee having to take an alien-human hybrid (who look exactly like any other human, remember) to a supermarket so they could train and practice shopping. The abductee guided the hybrid around the store showing them different foods and produce.

The intriguing details that surfaced during this session perhaps tell us the sheer scope of the job of teaching an alien to “be human” and, more importantly from the hybrids’ perspective, not standing out from the crowd. Everything from what amount of food and drink should they buy, to the hybrid asking if they had to open every packet of food to check it when the abductee opened a tray of eggs to check that none were cracked.

Even paying for the goods demonstrates just how much this apparent alien race have to learn if they wish to go about their business under the guise of being a “normal” human being, when the abductee attempts to teach the hybrid when would be appropriate to count out exact change and when it would be best to use the nearest rounded-up dollar bill and wait for change instead. Such a thing is second nature to anyone on Earth, but for these extraterrestrials, like many other things we take for granted, they “don’t know the rules” of such engagement.

In fact, knowing the “rules” is something that these alien-human hybrids appear to have a hard time truly understanding. And what’s more, if these revelations are true and such a take-over of our planet is being planned and possibly even underway, might present us with an opportunity to fight back should we need to.

A Clashing of Mindsets

We have mentioned that these training sessions are undertaken by hybrids using some form of discreet mental control. Essentially, they have no choice in carrying out these lessons, even though they are aware (at least while in their company) that the end result will be a taking over of the planet by this alien-human hybrid race.

However, the lack of understanding of the multi-layered complexity of the human existence, as well as the fact that each of us are very much an individual with their own unique view of the world and indeed our reality, might offer humans an opportunity to defend themselves against this apparent looming take-over. Essentially, the need for this extraterrestrial race to have strict rules to follow and live by could be taken advantage of and worked against this hybrid race.

Might it be possible, for example, to simply plant false knowledge and information in the mindsets of these alien hybrids, and in turn, their extraterrestrial rulers? Perhaps a coming together of those involved would be required? And most definitely a need for a predetermined plan and strategy. However, even such suggestions reek of that movie-fantasy-like quality and are most likely to be dismissed unreservedly as nonsense.

In fact, the main obstacle will perhaps prove to be that general collective human mindset that tends to reject such notions as laughable and beyond bizarre. And while it is hard to argue against that – at least convincingly – it might prove to be a mindset that proves to be our collective undoing.

Too Bizarre To Contemplate?

What should we make to the seemingly outlandish claims of David Jacobs? As bizarre as they might be, they certainly make a certain amount of sense. For example, if alien abductions are genuinely taking place where experiments are undertaken, the idea of an end goal of these extraterrestrials preparing themselves to take over the planet would fit nicely into why this is happening. And while such an assertion does indeed come straight out of a science-fiction script, it is one that, if we do accept the alien abduction phenomenon to be real, we should perhaps consider.

We should also remind ourselves that many other people and researchers have arrived at similar theories and conclusions. And while we should treat each of these with a certain amount of salt, the idea that there is an alien presence, possibly involving alien-human hybrids, is one that is more widespread than many of us might think.

If these theories are indeed true, is there anything we can do to alter our apparent fate? How long will such a changing of the guard in terms of rulers of the planet take? Might, for example, such a change take place over such a long period of time (for human life) that it basically goes by unnoticed until it is too late? Might this change already be underway, however discreetly, with those who might attempt to highlight them being laughed at and shouted down by those with a more “grounded” view of the world.

Such theories and suggestions will undoubtedly continue to be explored as long as such unexplainable encounters as alien abductions continue to take place and be researched. We have to remember that these claims come from multiple people who for the most part have no known contact with each other. What’s more, the details of their revelations match, at times, almost perfectly and, in turn, form patterns for us to recognize and read. As uncomfortable a notion as an alien take-over of planet Earth might be to most, it is something that we should keep on the mental backburner.

The video below features David Jacobs speaking of his research and conclusions.

The Corroborative Findings Of Budd Hopkins?

We have examined the work of the late UFO researcher and writer, Budd Hopkins, in several previous articles. Indeed, Hopkins has investigated and brought to the wider world some of the most intriguing and, at times, unsettling UFO cases on record.

What is interesting to us here, though, are some of the conclusions he reached that appear to corroborate those of Jacobs. That the reason behind alien abductions is some kind of alien breeding program.

Hopkins explores this view several times in his book Intruders: The Incredible Visitations At Copley Woods (which examines in-depth an apparent alien abduction encounter that we have also examined previously). [5]

When writing about the experiences of three women (one of whom we will examine in a little more detail shortly), none of whom were aware of the other’s experience nor even knew each other, who after recalling UFO abduction encounters, Hopkins hints at a remarkable, if grim, conclusion. He writes:

…all three women have either had “dreams” or normal recollections of having been shown, at later times, tiny offspring whose appearance suggests they are something other than completely human…that they in fact hybrids, partly human and partly what we must call, for want of a better term, alien!

Hopkins continues that while it is “unthinkable and unbelievable” to consider such a notion, it appeared clear that “the evidence points in that direction”. He would summarize that it very much appeared that “an ongoing and systematic breeding experiment must be considered one of the central purposes of UFO abduction”.

Perhaps one of the most incredible claims came from Debbie Jordan-Kauble – who was given the fake name of “Kathie” in the book. She would state to Hopkins during the course of his investigation that, although she had two young sons, she also knew she had a daughter that “they showed her to me”. It is there we will turn our attention to next.

Debbie (Kathie) And Her Stolen Child

Writing in the book Intruders, Hopkins tells of a conversation and subsequent hypnotic regression revelations with Debbie. Through naturally recalled memories of a lifetime of strange encounters, she revealed to Hopkins of her knowledge of a daughter she had – a girl that lived with her abductors had was essentially, part alien. It was this revelation that arguably began to bring all of the pieces of her strange encounters together for Hopkins.

Debbie would recall and elaborate on these claims in much more detail. She recalled, at first, she was in a room that was “all white” and there were several “little gray guys” in the room with her, seemingly surrounding her. Then, “a little girl came into the room…escorted by two” more gray aliens.

She would estimate that the girl was around four years old and that “she didn’t look like them, but she didn’t look like us either”. Although she recalled she was “real pretty”, she would claim her skin was particularly pale and that “her head was a little larger than normal”, particularly so in the forehead.

The next thing she knew, the two escorting grays were walking the girl toward her. She would reveal that while the little girl almost smiled at her, she was also a little nervous too.

Perhaps also of interest is that she recalled a feeling in the room that “everyone was happy with me”. This is perhaps intriguing, as it suggests some kind of need on the aliens’ part for Debbie to participate, in some way, in the best interests of the child. Of course, as we have examined above in the research of David Jacobs, this is something that many who he has spoken with have also claimed.

What is also interesting is that when Debbie was asked if she could only remember these events with the aid of hypnosis, she replied that “no, it was almost like they let me remember”, elaborating that “it’s almost like someone felt sorry for me”. When Debbie did undergo hypnotic regression, though, the details were even more intriguing.

“She Has To Stay Here, With Us!”

Under hypnotic regression, Debbie once more recalls being in the “happy room”. A “man” is with her, and after she had seen the young girl who she knew was her daughter, he told her that “you can’t take her with her – that the child wouldn’t be able to live”. She continues that, according to this “man”, she “wouldn’t be able to feed her” and that “she has to stay here, with us” but that she was very much “a part” of Debbie.

It is unclear if this man is human, alien, or perhaps a hybrid himself. It is also unclear if he is the father and just how this young girl was conceived. What is interesting, though, is perhaps that alien-human hybrids might not be able to live a fully human existence due to their part alien genes (unless, of course, this only applies during childhood).

Debbie would, however, recall further, more intricate details of the appearance of the young girl. For example, she said she had white hair that was “sparse and unevenly distributed”. What’s more, it “hung down in something of a tangle, as if they didn’t know what to do with it”. This once again suggests that whoever these extraterrestrials are, they seemingly need knowledge on simple (to us) aspects of human existence.

Another detail recalled was that the child had ears that were “lower on her head than they should be”, while once more recalling how her head, particularly the forehead was a “little big”. She would also remember that she was wearing something white like “white, silky stuff” that was “kind of shiny”. This futuristic garment was seemingly pulled over her head and draped around her shoulders right the way to the floor.

Debbie would also hint that there was an apparent telepathic connection between herself and the young girl. This detail of telepathic communication is another detail that often surfaces in UFO and alien encounters.

Then, after the young girl and the gray aliens left the room Debbie was placed on a raised “platform”. Suddenly she could see “different colors” and the whole room began to “shimmer”. The next thing she realized she was awake, lying on the grass in the garden outside her parents’ home (where she was living at the time of the incident following her divorce).

Many More “Hyrbid” Cases Than We Might Think

There are a wealth of other apparent alien abduction encounters that contain hints that an apparent alien-human hybrid has been “grown”, at least temporarily, in the wombs of unsuspecting women around the world.

We have written before, for example, of the intriguing case of Lynda Jones, who was ultimately told, following what was eventually revealed to have been an alien abduction incident, that she had suffered an ectopic pregnancy – even though she had no knowledge of being pregnant.

Although she was adamant that she had not been pregnant at the time of the abduction, further examination would indeed reveal “scarring” on her Fallopian Tubes. She would state that while she didn’t have an explanation for the apparent pregnancy or loss of the baby, she knew that “something” strange most certainly had taken place. Perhaps also of interest, as a result of these revelations, she began to realize that other “odd things” had happened during her life – essentially that she had likely been abducted by these apparent aliens before.

This last detail, as we know, surfaces a lot with victims of alien abduction. And could indeed suggest some kind of “systematic” breeding program using the same individuals over the course of their lives.

There is also the case of Brett Olden and Diane Swanson, who would claim they were both abducted from their Las Vegas home in 1987 while Diane was pregnant. Following several experiments, the couple would claim that their alien abductors took their unborn child directly from Diane’s womb. What’s more, when Diane was examined by a medical specialist, they would state that there was the appearance that the unborn child had been “surgically removed”.

Olden and Swanson’s story took an even stranger twist three years later when Olden would claim to have been abducted once more. On this occasion, he would claim to have met the stolen child, who was onboard the spacecraft with a person he also claimed was an alien-human hybrid.

“They Don’t Understand, But They’ll Learn!”

If we turn our attention back to the research of Bud Hopkins for a moment, it is interesting how his writings and conclusions sit nicely with other researcher’s views on a possible breeding or hybridization program.

For example, he notes that the child that Debbie witnessed, while around four or five years old, was significantly smaller than an average child of that age. This, he writes, is “more in keeping…with the reported height of UFO occupants that with the size of typical humans”.

Hopkins, much like Jacobs, also speaks of “patterns” appearing in the many alien abduction cases he has examined “whether we like it or not”. And these patterns are “tight and clear”.

Another detail that Hopkins highlighted that resonates with the research of Jacobs, in particular, is that one of the reasons for allowing Debbie to meet her child was so they could “observe something about human touch and human emotion”. He would even go on to describe her apparent role as an “instructor”. Debbie herself would state to Hopkins that “…it has something to do with touch, the human part…they don’t understand, but they’ll learn”.

Debbie would further state that while with her hybrid child, another hybrid was “watching me, inside and out”. What’s more, this hybrid being was “absorbing everything like a sponge” – everything about her, “her emotions, gestures, her thoughts and reactions”.

Hopkins would observe that these handlers of hybrid children were “observing how she handled the infant to nurse it”. He would continue that these alien visitors, “despite their obvious technological superiority – are desperate for both human genetic material and the ability to feel human emotions”.  Hopkins also speculates that the very survival of this alien race may depend entirely on the success of such programs.

Hopkins further asks the question why this kind of hybridization program is happening in the first place. For example, he asks whether they are “systematically reducing the differences between them and us so that they can acclimatize their species to our planet and our atmosphere”? Or do they wish to “acquire some of our genetic characteristics” for themselves?

Something To Contemplate

It is perhaps interesting to note that while Jacobs’s ultimate conclusion is one of an extraterrestrial end goal that is far from beneficial for humanity as a whole, Hopkins – at least during his thoughts in Intruders – remains open to the possibility of a non-violent merging of their civilization and ours.

Hopkins, for example, ponders whether there might be a peaceful merging of our civilization and theirs. Or whether it will be conducted in a “more sinister, covert manner”. He even considers whether it might be the case they simply wish to “enrich their own stock and then depart as mysteriously as they arrived”.

This last point is perhaps an interesting one to consider. For example, let’s imagine the aliens are ourselves and we are a species of animal at some remote place in the world that contained something within their genetic make-up that we (hypothetically) needed for our survival. Might we venture out there and take what we need, taking care (in this day and age of accountability and social media to hold people to that) not to cause any unnecessary suffering or deaths, and then leave such a species relatively unharmed and ignorant of what had taken place?

Perhaps this is what is taking place here with alien abductions and UFO visitation. However, there is perhaps one other explanation. And it is not one that sits nicely with the potential and speculative future of the human race. Regardless, it is there where we will turn our attention next. For it is something, as uncomfortable as it might be, that a failure to contemplate such a notion might prove to be our ultimate undoing.

A Truly Sobering Moment In UFO And Alien Research?

Olden’s claims of his second abduction and of meeting what he believed to have been his and Diane’s child, are perhaps particularly intriguing for several reasons. Most often, the mother of the “stolen” children are usually abducted repeatedly, as bizarre as it sounds, in order to instruct and teach these extraterrestrials what they need to know in regard to the human part of the child. And secondly, these alien-human hybrids are often – if we subscribe to the theories if only for a moment – exactly that, alien-human hybrids, part human and part alien.

This perhaps leads to another question. If we accept that such hybridizations programs are indeed a reality of the UFO and alien question, then we should ask if such hybrids are a combination of their human mother and father with alien DNA added at some point during these apparent abductions, or whether they are a straight mix between the human mother and what would essentially be, the alien father. Or might we consider that there might be female extraterrestrials that have alien-human hybrids with purely human fathers, or using the samples that are seemingly taken during abduction incidents?

As with all aspects of the UFO and alien encounters, the more questions that are asked, the more questions that surface – most of which have no answers.

Perhaps what should be most sobering of all, as wild as the above theories, suggestions, and claims of alien-human hybrids are, is that these cases also contain numerous other corroborating details of alien abduction encounters. These range from the memories that are recalled as a meeting near a car or a house but that is revealed to be a spacecraft of some sort, the typical “round room” such examinations take place in, and the fact that such rooms are well-lit but with no apparent source for the lighting (such as a bulb or lighting strip). Surely such trivial details recalled multiple times by so many people, over decades of time, is an indicator of credibility and genuine recollections.

In short, then, if these, by comparison, more mundane details of UFO alien abduction cases corroborate each other and lend such encounters credibility, then surely, we would have to give the claims of a systematic breeding program to produce alien-human hybrids the same courtesy. And if there is any truth to such claims, what does that mean for us as a collective?

The short video below features Hopkins speaking about alien abduction cases a little further.

The Encounter Of “Mother X” – Suggestions Of Generational Abduction

A report from the early 2000s is very much worth our examination. Not only does it suggest that several members of the same family have experienced alien abduction, but some of the details of the procedures carried out on them can be found in many of the accounts above, perhaps suggesting that they too are part of the apparent alien-human hybridization program.

The account was submitted to an online reporting service [6] by an anonymous woman who identifies herself only as a “36-year-old mother of 2”. Before submitting her report, she would state how she had many episodes of a “feeling of dread” coming over her out of nowhere – something which had happened since she was a child. She would also state how her mind appeared to be “trying to remember something” although she could never quite recall what, as if something within her was preventing the recollection.

It was as she was older that she began to suspect if she had undergone any alien abduction encounters.

She would claim that things really began in motion in 2001 when one particular evening she suddenly awoke at around 3 am in an absolute state of fear. She claimed that she could sense “two beings” in the room with her, standing at the foot of the bed. She would attempt to wake her husband lying next to her. However, try as she might to move, she was completely paralyzed. Even more harrowing, she couldn’t call out or speak. Try as she might “no sound would come out”.

She then got a sense that these strange creatures – whatever they were – were discussing their plans – plans that somehow involved her. At this point, she also noticed a smell that she described as “evil” (although it is speculation on our part, it is likely that the aroma was sulfur – something often described by abductees and close contact experiencers).

She claimed she attempting to speak to them with their mind, telling them they had “no right to be here”. Strangely, seconds later, the strange hold over her body disappeared and she fell immediately back to sleep.

The following morning, she informed her family of the bizarre incident in the middle of the night. They were strangely accepting of the bizarre encounter, something which might be explained a little later.

Further Bizarre And Unnerving Events Occur

Several months passed with nothing untoward taking place. Then, one particular night the anonymous mother awoke once more, immediately feeling that sense of dread and terror she had experienced several months earlier. Once more she could sense something in the room with her. However, as she was on her side, and once more completely paralyzed, she couldn’t see who the figure was. She once more attempted to will the creature away by speaking to it with her mind. After several minutes, the paralysis disappeared, and she fell almost instantly back to sleep.

It was around this time that she also began to notice other strange occurrences. For example, one particular evening not long after the second encounter, she awoke suddenly to a “very loud buzzing noise”. Within seconds of her waking, however, the strange noise suddenly stopped. She asked her husband – who had seemingly also awoken – if he had heard the strange noise, however, he claimed that he hadn’t.

On another occasion, she awoke to find the bed shaking violently. Once more, it stopped with seconds of her waking up. This is perhaps an interesting detail in such phenomena is usually associated with poltergeist activity. However, as UFO researchers are aware, many such phenomena usually associated with the paranormal often show up in UFO cases.

Strange Physical Discoveries

There were also more physical discoveries that the unnamed witness would encounter during this same time. For example, she would discover a “small dark freckle” on her arm that appeared to be infected. So much so that she would eventually “pick it” off her arm. However, several days later, she happened to notice three strange “punctures” – one of which was exactly where the freckle had been. She attempted to put the marking to the back of her mind.

Then, one morning, immediately after waking, a sudden memory forced its way to the forefront of her mind. She could recall being in a strange place while a needle was “injected” into her uterus. She would describe the feeling as not painful but simply “weird”.

She would further recall that during this time of discovering the strange markings and the sudden recall of memory, that her menstrual cycle was disrupted – to the point where she had two periods in one month. This had never happened before nor since.

Things would once more settle down for “Mother X”. However, around a year later, she would begin to make some remarkable discoveries.

The Orange Glow In A Neighbor’s Field

Although the witness is uncertain of the date, at some time in late 2002 and early 2003, having since moved home, she and her daughter, Amiee, had decided to stay up late to watch an expected meteor shower. They did so from in front of a “huge bay window” at the house that offered “an excellent view for a long way”. All the lights were out in the house so as to offer them a clear view of the skies outside.

They had begun their watch at around midnight and did indeed spot several meteors. However, shortly after the witness fell asleep. She would wake out around 2 am and joined her daughter back at the large bay window. When she did, she saw, along with her daughter, a strange “orange glows” in the trees of a neighbor’s field.

They watched the light seemingly grow slightly before fading smaller. The witness would describe it as though someone had “poured gas on a campfire and it got big, but that it got small real quick”. Then, the light simply went out.

She immediately reached for her father’s binoculars that she had borrowed for the evening and turned their attention to the area where the glow was coming from. Through them, she witnessed “three white lights go up, above the tree line”. Then, a spotlight of sorts appeared as if out of nowhere, near to where the orange glow had recently been and pointed down toward her neighbor’s home.

Strangely, both she and her daughter remained calm throughout the incident – something that she would later look back and wonder why exactly they had not been more frightened).

A short time after this, the witness would once more awaken suddenly in bed – just in time to see a “white light flash out my room, out my window, and up into the sky”. As she remained in bed, her attention was captured by a bright star sitting in the sky. She couldn’t help the feeling that this star had been the light that had been in her room only moments earlier.

More Strange Occurrences At The “Old House!”

Despite the high strangeness of the events detailed above, the witness did her best to push them to the back of her mind. However, one evening she was sat discussing “Shadow People” with her daughter – something she had recently been reading about. Amiee’s response was not at all what she was expecting.

Her daughter would proceed to tell her that at their old house she had once seen “two black figures, without features” simply stood in the corner of her room. She immediately pulled the covers over her head. After several minutes, she finally plucked up the courage to peak out from the blankets. Much to her relief – and surprise – the two figures had simply disappeared. They would eventually realize that this was at a similar time to the first two encounters in 2001.

Then, things turned even stranger during a discussion with her father. She had mentioned several of the strange events that had taken place during the last few years, as well as how that had led her to carry out a certain amount of research online. However, when she got round to telling him of the three strange puncture marks, he suddenly made a declaration of his own.

He would state he had discovered the exact same puncture markings, only on the back of his leg. Even more intriguing – or alarming from the family’s point of view – this discovery was made in the old house, at around the same time that Amiee witnessed the “black figures” and Mother X had her strange paralysis encounters in 2001.

Even stranger, he would state that he had informed her of the markings at the time, something that she had no memory of whatsoever. He would state that she almost intentionally “brushed him off” claiming it must be a spider bite.

From these conversations, even more revelations would come to light.

Strange Observers And Strange Dreams

The witness would recall further details of the strange happenings that took place in 2001. Perhaps most intriguing was a sudden recall of memory of a “blue truck with a guy like watching my road”. She recalled how he simply “sat and watched my road for about a week”. What’s more, she would have a distinct feeling that the mystery man was actually watching her.

Even stranger, she recalled that the neighbors had gone out to speak to the man, asking why he was parked outside their properties. He would claim he was watching another house further down the road due to “illegal activity”. He wouldn’t, however, perhaps understandably if he was a legitimate investigator, reveal to them which house he was watching.

In the years since the events of the early 2000s and her making her report, she would claim she is often wakened in the middle of the night by an intense feeling of nausea.

Perhaps even more intriguing, is an apparent dream she had just before making her report public. In the dream, she claimed she and her entire family was “drawn to a window” where they were almost entranced by a “yellow ball of light”. She would recall, in her dream, that she was thinking to herself, “I can’t look, I don’t want to see it”. What’s more, this light had a “horrible noise”, elaborating that it reminded her of “sick horror music”. When she awoke from this particular dream, she felt “drugged and horrified”.

The witness would claim at the end of her report that she “does not believe in aliens”. However, she firmly believed that these creatures were likely “fallen angels, devils, (or) demons”.

Many Intriguing Points Of Interest To Examine

We might consider that the dream described above was not a dream at all but some kind of group alien abduction that her mind was attempting to have her remember. Many abductees often experience very intense dreams that they later discover to have been repressed memories of actual events.

There is also the suggestion that these abductions have been taking place since the witness was young, and that something that occurred in the 2000s finally began her on the journey of discovering the small pieces of the encounters that she could recall.

The strange markings are indeed a point of interest, being one of the most telltale signs of alien abduction. Not least as they appeared on both the main witness and her father. This is something that is often found in the study of alien abductees, especially those that have undergone multiple such encounters.

While it appears obvious that the main witness (Mother X) has certainly undergone repeated alien abduction encounters, there is perhaps ample reason to suspect that these abduction incidents have taken place with other family members also.

We might note that the witness’s daughter and father each appear to have undergone some kind of alien abduction encounter, while (the strange “dream” aside), her husband presents no (known) reasons to suspect he has. Might this be simply that these potential aliens are interested (in this case) in the bloodline of the family members only? this would consequently exclude her husband.

If we accept that the above encounters are cases of repeat alien abduction, across several family members, no less, then we might have to consider that they also have a connection to the apparent alien-human hybridization program.

And with that in mind, what should we make of the mystery man in the blue truck? Was his presence merely a coincidence? Or might that suggest some kind of government involvement, or at least, awareness? Or might the man even have been a hybrid himself?

Star Children

Other people speak in much more positive tones. Very recently, a bizarre story surfaced online concerning to young women from the United States. Both claimed they had multiple “star” children with aliens, who resided with their fathers in a state of “suspension” and “perpetual childhood” on spaceships in outer space.

Bridget Nielson stated that she is in regular contact with all ten of her hybrid children. Aluna Verse on the other hand states that she has three otherworldly offspring. Each produced drawings of their children, and stated that they are part of a group of many people who have cosmic children.

It is the hope of Nielson and Verse and others like them that they can one day find a spot of land where they can live together in their own community. This, they believe, will make it possible for their hybrid children to physically visit them as they will feel safe to do so.

It is their belief that these children are almost beacons of hope for humanity. Some people call these children, Star Children.

Not all claims of “star” children rely only on sketch drawings, however. Nikki Patillo for example believes her own daughter, Maddy, is such a child. According to her book Children Of The Stars, she states that she believes Maddy carries alien DNA. On top of this Maddy has displayed capabilities far, far beyond her age and has even stated to her mother that “her home is in the sky!”

In the book Abducted: The True Story of Alien Abduction by Ann Andrews and Jean Ritchie, co-author, Ann made some remarkable claims. What’s more, is that those claims were about her own son.

Much criticized at the time and since, the pair stated that Jason Andrews not only had remote viewing capabilities but also carries alien DNA, which in turn attracted extra-terrestrials to him.

The first instance of anything out of the ordinary occurred on a sunny July afternoon in 1987 in Kent, England. Jason was celebrating his fourth birthday with his parents, Ann and Paul. Out of nowhere, a sudden thunderstorm overtook the sky, sending lightning through the clouds that had arrived with great alacrity. Perhaps more alarming for Ann and Paul, however, was that at the very moment the storm began, Jason began to mutter to himself. It sounded as though he was chanting, but he was saying what his family thought were random number sequences.

They took note of the numbers he was saying. When examined later by investigators, the numbers proved to be complex mathematical equations. Certainly more complex than a four year old boy would have understanding of.

As suddenly as the storm had arrived, so did a sudden shaking of the house windows begin – as if something large was hovering overhead. It was then that Jason turned calmly to his parents and stated matter-of-factly, “They are waiting for me! I have to go!”

Paul struggled with his son, eventually succeeding in preventing him from leaving the family home. As he did so, the shaking of the house ceased and Jason appeared to snap out of his previous trance-like state.

It was eight years later when Jason suddenly began to tell his parents of “strange beings” who visited his bedroom at night. They had been doing so since that day of his fourth birthday. He claimed that he was always taken to a round room by small beings, themselves under the control of a taller figure. All the while, he remained paralysed.

The video below goes a little deeper into Jason Andrews’ story.

Wild Ravings? Or Worth Investigating?

So, what to make of it all? Even the most enthusiastic alien and UFO researcher may struggle to fully embrace this theory.

Ancient astronaut theorists though will tell you that human-alien hybridization has been going on since antiquity. What’s more is that many will point to ancient and religious writings to back-up their claims.

The Immaculate Conception is seen as such an incident that appears not an act of divinity, but rather an artificial implant of an embryo that contained extra-terrestrial DNA. Mary’s mind coerced to believe it was a dream she had experienced as opposed to an abduction and impregnation.

Others will point to verses 1-4 of the Book of Genesis, which reads, “When human beings began to increase in number on the Earth and daughters were born to them, the sons of God saw that the daughters of humans were beautiful, and they married any of them they chose.”

If we accept for one moment that the sons of God were actually extra-terrestrials, then this verse would appear to state that inter-breeding between their race and humans did indeed take place.

The Book of Enoch also has various mentions of what some believe to be an alien race as opposed to divinity or angelic. Perhaps one of the best examples is Lamech, father of Noah, who when seeing his son “shine” accused his wife of “being intimate with the sons of god!” Lamech, under instruction to do so, raised the child “as if he were his own!”

A lot of these theories are easy to dismiss, and many people do exactly that without question. However, the amount of people saying the same thing, over the course of many, many years, should at least have every aspect of this subject and theory investigated thoroughly.

The aforementioned David Jacobs perhaps said it best when asked about the relevancy of his work. He stated it would either be “an interesting but nonessential footnote” or that it will ultimately prove to be “the most important thing that’s ever happened to humankind!”


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