Alien-Human Hybrids – Pure Nonsense? Or Something To Pay More Attention To?

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A story appeared online in the summer of 2015 regarding a dead body found decomposing in a car in Los Angeles. A search of the dead man’s house by police revealed over a thousand guns, and various other weapons. Almost a quarter of a million dollars and a huge stockpile of ammunition were also in his possession. Furthermore he owned a total of fifteen vehicles, one of which was bullet-proof and very much high-tech. These details aren’t even the strange part.

The man, named as Jeffery Alan Lash led an apparent secret life. According to his fiancée he was an alien-human hybrid working for the government. Catherine Nebron released a statement through her attorney stating that she believed him to be an employee of “unnamed” government bodies. It was Lash himself who had given instructions to leave his body in the car when he died. He had stated a government agent would “collect him” and that Nebron was to leave town as soon as possible following his death.

A depiction of an alien human hybrid

Alien human hybrids?

An employee of Nebron’s, Dawn VadBunker, also found herself tied up in the affair. She had recently left her husband of barely a year to join Lash and Nebron in their seemingly bizarre fantasy. She would rent garages for Lash’s many vehicles. She claimed this was in case other agents needed the use of them at short notice. Both women made their way to Oregon when Lash died in California. Nebron returned two weeks later and only when she found his body where she had left it did she notify police. Incidentally, VadBunker later surfaced in Oregon, but the last report states that she refuses to return home or speak with her family.

Some quickly pointed out that Lash was nothing more than a conman who had “convinced multiple women” that he was a secret alien-hybrid agent. His body also displayed signs of being in the late stages of cancer, although his cause of death is officially unknown.

There are some interesting questions surrounding Lash though. While there is no criminal record to speak of, no-one can establish how he came by his quite extensive wealth. It also seemed suspicious to some that although his body remained unreported for several weeks, the police at no stage suspected foul play.

Could there be more to Lash’s story than most of us would give him time or credit for? It certainly isn’t the first time that people have made wild, yet specific claims of secret hybridization programs involving the United States military.

Past Military Links To Hybridization Programs

The story of Eddie Page is perhaps equally baffling as Lash’s, although Page claims he has proof of his part alien DNA. Page recalled the details of his strange past with the help of hypnotic regression. According to Page his whole existence is part of a top secret experiment carried out by the US government and an alien race. His father is an extra-terrestrial from the Pleiades star system. Page even goes as far as to claim he has medical records showing his blood group as undetermined. Furthermore, he states his military documentation officially states he is “not of human origin!”

The experiments took place in the early 1950s, with the US government receiving advanced alien technology in return for citizens. Page claimed that a total of thirty-two alien-human hybrids came into being as a result of the experiment. He has done extensive research and believes that only eight, including himself, are still alive.

Page spoke of his experiences, including being “rescued” from the battlefield of Vietnam by an alien craft to the UFO Chronicles which you can see below.

Cynthia Crawford made remarkably similar claims when she stated she was the result of a secret government experiment. According to Cynthia, who lives in Arizona, her father had “experimented with alien devices” recovered from crashed alien ships, while based in Korea in the early 1950s.

Crawford goes on to say that her human mother became artificially impregnated with part of her biological father’s genes, and part alien genes. “For that reason, my DNA is only 34 percent human,” she told The Sun newspaper in 2011. According to Crawford, she has had many UFO and alien experiences throughout her life. She believes these connect back to the “program” that she is a part of.

A Grave Warning?

Not all these kind of claims come from the tabloids though.

David Jacobs for example carried extensive research into the alien abduction phenomenon, releasing several books on the subject. All of his books have been published by “respected” publishers and the fact Jacobs having taught American history at Temple University for over three decades, gives him a little bit of credibility in such a fringe field.

Jacobs came to the conclusion, that aliens had been abducting humans for hundreds, if not thousands of years. Perhaps more worryingly, he believes the reason for this is that they are preparing to take over the world. According to Jacobs’ reckoning, alien-human hybrids are walking among us right now, and they aren’t friendly.

His research suggests that female abductees suffer artificial impregnation and then their foetuses later removed.

The story of Lynda Jones from Manchester in England is just one example of an account that has all the hallmarks highlighted by Jacobs. On a late summer’s evening in 1979, Lynda and her two young children were picking flowers while walking along the River Mersey. One of her children suddenly exclaimed to his mother that “the moon is coming towards us!”

Jones claims she barely made out a disc shaped object heading towards them. Initially captivated by it, Jones soon came to her senses, scooped up her children’s hands, and ran. Only when they were safe at home did she realise that she couldn’t account for around ninety minutes of time.

Hypnotic regression allowed Lynda to recall a “floating sensation” before she found herself in a room with three figures with large, black, almond shaped eyes. In the weeks that followed Lynda sought medical advice due to severe changes in her menstrual cycle. Following an examination, it came to light that she had recently been pregnant but had suffered and ectopic pregnancy. Lynda insisted that there must be a mistake. There wasn’t – at least according to the medical evidence.

Was Lynda’s mystery foetus – seemingly removed without her knowledge – part of the so-called alien-human hybrid agenda?

Star Children

Other people speak in much more positive tones. Very recently, a bizarre story surfaced online concerning to young women from the United States. Both claimed they had multiple “star” children with aliens, who resided with their fathers in a state of “suspension” and “perpetual childhood” on space-ships in outer space.

Bridget Nielson stated that she is in regular contact with all ten of her hybrid children. Aluna Verse on the other hand states that she has three otherworldly offspring. Each produced drawings of their children, and stated that they are part of a group of many people who have cosmic children.

It is the hope of Nielson and Verse and others like them that they can one day find a spot of land where they can live together in their own community. This, they believe, will make it possible for their hybrid children to physically visit them as they will feel safe to do so.

It is their belief that these children are almost beacons of hope for humanity. Some people call these children, Star Children.

Not all claims of “star” children rely only on sketch drawings however. Nikki Patillo for example believes her own daughter, Maddy, is such a child. According to her book Children Of The Stars, she states that she believes Maddy carries alien DNA. On top of this Maddy has displayed capabilities far, far beyond her age and has even stated to her mother that “her home is in the sky!”

In the book Abducted: The True Story of Alien Abduction by Ann Andrews and Jean Ritchie, co-author, Ann made some remarkable claims. What’s more is that those claims were about her own son.

Much criticised at the time and since, the pair stated that Jason Andrews not only had remote viewing capabilities, but also carries alien DNA, which in turn attracted extra-terrestrials to him.

The first instance of anything out of the ordinary occurred on a sunny July afternoon in 1987 in Kent, England. Jason was celebrating his fourth birthday with his parents, Ann and Paul. Out of nowhere a sudden thunderstorm overtook the sky, sending lightning through the clouds that had arrived with great alacrity. Perhaps more alarming for Ann and Paul however, was that at the very moment the storm began, Jason began to mutter to himself. It sounded as though he was chanting, but he was saying what his family thought were random number sequences.

They took note of the numbers he was saying. When examined later by investigators, the numbers proved to be complex mathematical equations. Certainly more complex than a four year old boy would have understanding of.

As suddenly as the storm had arrived, so did a sudden shaking of the house windows begin – as if something large was hovering overhead. It was then that Jason turned calmly to his parents and stated matter-of-factly, “They are waiting for me! I have to go!”

Paul struggled with his son, eventually succeeding in preventing him from leaving the family home. As he did so, the shaking of the house ceased and Jason appeared to snap out of his previous trance-like state.

It was eight years later when Jason suddenly began to tell his parents of “strange beings” who visited his bedroom at night. They had been doing so since that day of his fourth birthday. He claimed that he was always taken to a round room by small beings, themselves under the control of a taller figure. All the while, he remained paralysed.

The video below goes a little deeper into Jason Andrews’ story.

Wild Ravings? Or Worth Investigating?

So, what to make of it all? Even the most enthusiastic alien and UFO researcher may struggle to fully embrace this theory.

Ancient astronaut theorists though, will tell you that human-alien hybridization has been going on since antiquity. What’s more is that many will point to ancient and religious writings to back-up their claims.

The Immaculate Conception is seen as such an incident that appears not an act of divinity, but rather an artificial implant of an embryo that contained extra-terrestrial DNA. Mary’s mind coerced to believe it was a dream she had experienced as opposed to an abduction and impregnation.

Others will point to verses 1-4 of the Book of Genesis, which reads, “When human beings began to increase in number on the Earth and daughters were born to them, the sons of God saw that the daughters of humans were beautiful, and they married any of them they chose.”

If we accept for one moment that the sons of God were actually extra-terrestrials, then this verse would appear to state that inter-breeding between their race and humans did indeed take place.

The Book of Enoch also has various mentions of what some believe to be an alien race as opposed to divinity or angelic. Perhaps one of the best examples is Lamech, father of Noah, who when seeing his son “shine” accused his wife of “being intimate with the sons of god!” Lamech, under instruction to do so, raised the child “as if he were his own!”

A lot of these theories are easy to dismiss, and many people do exactly that without question. However, the amount of people saying the same thing, over the course of many, many years, should at least have every aspect of this subject and theory investigated thoroughly.

The aforementioned David Jacobs perhaps said it best when asked about the relevancy of his work. He stated it would either be “an interesting but nonessential footnote” or that it will ultimately prove to be “the most important thing that’s ever happened to humankind!”


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