Project Serpo – The Real Consequence Of The 1947 Roswell Crash?

Marcus Lowth
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May 28, 2017
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October 14, 2021
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We have written on several occasions about black budgets and secret space missions, and with good reason. One particular of these alleged missions, however, stands out among the many. Project Serpo, according to the claims, would see a dozen human beings take part in an intergalactic “exchange program!” One where they would find themselves in another galaxy in the name of research and relations.

What’s more, this project dates to the beginnings of the modern age of UFO incidents, and the infamous Roswell crash. Perhaps, when the beginnings of Project Serpo are taken into account, it explains the bizarre and shoddy way the military would deal with the press releases at the time. There is a strong argument that the “admission-retraction” fiasco was a means of creating a distraction – a double-bluff of sorts.

A picture of outer space

A picture of outer space

The information on Project Serpo comes courtesy of an anonymous retired high-level employee of the United States government. He would send the information to a UFO discussion group, itself headed by former US government employee, Victor Martinez.

The “Real” Roswell Details

If the US government allowed a certain version of events to enter the mainstream (events they were publicly in opposition to), then that might imply that the reason was to create a buffer between the real details of the Roswell incident and what the public believed to be the “real” truth. [1]

According to the claims, two alien craft came crashing to Earth that evening over the desert outside of Roswell. The second craft, however, would lay undiscovered until sometime in 1949.

The military would retrieve much more than just an alien craft though. The wreckage of the first Roswell crash contained not only the crew members but a surviving alien pilot. According to the anonymous source, the surviving extra-terrestrial was “hiding behind a rock!” After declining food from the military, it accepted and drank water, before transferring it to Los Alamos. Including the surviving being, a total of six extra-terrestrials would make the journey. The dead aliens would go into recently developed deep freeze storage.

Whether the alien’s decision to accept water is of any importance is unknown, but it does suggest, assuming the source’s story is true, that the extra-terrestrials, at least in this instance and if only in part, share some biological and genetic make-up with ourselves, and life on Earth.

The creature would live for five years under the “supervision” of the United States military before its death in 1952.

According to the whistle-blower, however, the surviving alien would reveal a legion of information concerning their ships and their technology. So much so, that the reverse-engineering of it was possible. Even following the alien’s death, this reverse-engineering continued.

The official news story from the Roswell Daily Record

The official news story from the Roswell Daily Record

The Communications Device

Perhaps one of the most interesting of these “reverse-engineered” technological devices was a communications device. A device that would allow communication to the alien’s (the “Ebens”) home planet.

This communication would result in an organized landing of a team of Eben beings. This would take place at a secret base in New Mexico in April 1964.

We have written before of the apparent secret talks between President Eisenhower and various aliens races in the 1950s. Whether (then) President Johnson was present at the meeting in 1964 is unclear. Reports simply state that “representatives of the United States government” conducted talks with the Ebens.

According to the source, a technological device of the Ebens allowed these talks to proceed in English. The Ebens wished to retrieve their fallen pilots. The US military had kept these beings in biological storage following their studies of them.

The Ebens would indeed take their dead crew home. More than that though, the two sides agreed to a bizarre “exchange-program”. A program that would see twelve American military members leave with the Ebens on their return journey. A single Eben being would remain with the Americans throughout the program.

The Mission, Project Serpo

The top-secret mission left Earth in 1965 on their way to the planet Serpo in the Zeta Reticuli star system (incidentally Serpo is the crew’s name for the planet – the Eben’s refer to it as Eben). Twelve military members would make up the crew for the mission. Two members each from the navy and army ranks, along with eight members of the US Air Force.

According to the source who would years later leak information of the mission, each of the twelve crew would have their identity erased from all records – both civilian and military. They literally ceased to exist overnight.

Even after selection, the twelve crew would undergo six months of intensive, invasive and secretive training. This would also include learning how to use the communication device so they would be in constant contact with Earth. The mission was to last ten years, upon which they would return to Earth.

However, communication would prove to be difficult, with many technical difficulties arising. Five years into the mission, “Earth” lost communication completely. Fearing the entire unit dead or trapped somewhere in space, the mission was close to abandonment. Then, out of nowhere, communication would open and the crew – at least the surviving members – returned to Earth in 1978.

The video below is an interview with Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy, researchers who discuss at length the Project Serpo.

The Return and Findings

Of the twelve people that made the journey to Serpo, only eight would return. [2] Two of the original members had died during the thirteen years they had been away. Another two members had opted to stay on Serpo.

The eventual top secret report runs to over three-thousand pages in length and contains remarkable detail. As far as most researchers are aware, no leaking of the actual report itself has taken place. All eight of the returning crew members would enter strict quarantine for a year. While there, they informed their superiors of their experiences and findings.

The journey to the Eben’s home – some thirty-nine light years away – had taken only nine months. Two moons flanked the planet, whose days were the equivalent of forty-three hours long. The heat of the planet would prove to take the most adapting to and was bordering on extreme for human beings. The human crew finally settled in the planet’s uppermost northern region, where the climate was better suited.

The Ebens had bases on a nearby planet known as OTTO, but it was otherwise barren and lifeless. Another celestial body in their system, Silus, provides mining for minerals key to their survival. While it contained basic lifeforms, they were not intelligent.

The Day-to-Day Life of The Ebens

According to the anonymous source, the crew would speak of “time” being the key difference between humans and the Ebens. They “didn’t judge or account for time” in the same way humans would. Their daily lives would revolve around the “movement of the central sun!”

All of the Eben’s food came from large bio-dome-like structures which they would grow and harvest themselves. They were the only intelligent life on the planet, and while other “animal life-forms” did exist, the Eben’s did not at all associate them with food.

The Ebens themselves would most often live in small communities, relatively spread out from each other. While “order” very much existed within these communities, crime was not an issue. Nor was money. Distribution centers existed in place of shops, with goods and produce issued upon request.

Not all aspects were different, however. The “family unit” as we know it exists among the Ebens, as does the desire for entertainment, music and team games.

All eight of the crew who returned from Serpo would suffer a lifetime of illness in the following years. This is thought to be due to exposure to radiation during the space flights. Radiation was something that the Ebens apparently were immune from. According to the anonymous source, the last surviving member of the mission died in 2002.

The video below is a short interview with UFO researcher, Len Kasten, who speaks extensively about the project.

So, What Should We Make Of It?

So, what to make of such bizarre and off-the-wall claims as Project Serpo? We have written before of interaction between aliens and top-level persons of the world’s governments, not to mention secret CIA time-travel experiments and even alien-human hybrids.

These claims arrive with various levels of evidence. And many of them come from people who have held very high-level positions in governments or militaries. We have written for example of Paul Hellyer and his controversial but very clear claims several times before. Dr. Steven Grier is another who voices similar opinions regarding alien life in human affairs. We recently spoke of the bizarre occurrences and investigations at Skinwalker Ranch, another example of secret government research into unexplainable, and at times other-worldly events.

With these examples in mind, maybe the idea that such a secret mission did happen is not as bizarre as it at first seems.

With no surviving members or any documentation to back up the claims, however, most dismiss the claims of Project Serpo. Are they correct to do so? While it might be best to keep the account on the backburner for now, it shouldn’t be cast away completely. Of all the claims of secret space programs, perhaps one of them might one day prove to be Project Serpo.

Check out the video below. It is one of the many featuring insight from Len Kasten, speaking in 2016. Make of his theories and words what you will.


1 The Exchange Program with Aliens from Zeta Reticuli (Part I), UFOholic
2 The Exchange Program with Aliens from Zeta Reticuli (Part II), UFOholic

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