Missing Time, Biblical UFOs, And Stolen Pregnancies! The Lynda Jones Abduction!

Marcus Lowth
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February 25, 2019
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November 15, 2021
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The bizarre, and on occasion, harrowing account of Lynda Jones is little-known outside of UFO circles. And even then, it is a case that is often overlooked. Taking place near Manchester, England in the summer of 1979, 36-year-old Lynda was walking along a river bank with her two children when an otherworldly encounter unfolded around them.

Lynda Jones with a superimposed alien behind her

Lynda Jones

It is a case that is as outright chilling and disturbing as it is fascinating. It also matches the theories and findings of many researchers into the alien abduction phenomenon. Indeed, as we will examine later, while Lynda would ultimately recall her encounter and the grim details it entailed, how many other people may have had similar encounters? Only their minds have successfully locked the respective incidents away?

The Lynda Jones case is one that can be found in several UFO books, perhaps most notably Without Consent by respected UFO researcher and author Philip Mantle. Just what did happen to Lynda Jones that evening in 1979? And was it the only encounter, or just one of many?

“Mum! The Moon’s Coming Towards Us!”

Lynda Jones and her husband, Trevor, had spent the morning and early-afternoon chatting with an old friend in the back garden at their home in the Didsbuy part of Manchester. Their two children, 5-year-old Christopher and 15-year-old, Lisa, were also enjoying the sun and lazy days of the summer holidays.

After Trevor left for his shift at a local factory, Lynda, the children, and her friend set out for the fields near the River Mersey. The journey would provide a shortcut for her friend and allow Lynda and the children to examine the wildflowers (which was one of her hobbies). At around 7:30 pm near Simon’s Bridge, the two adults parted ways.

As Trevor would not be home from work until 10:30 pm, she took out her pocket Oxford Dictionary of Wild Flowers from her handbag and leisurely strolled along the riverbank, picking out different flowers as she did. By 9 pm, with the evening still light but beginning to darken slightly Lynda could sense a magical serenity in her surroundings.

Then, that serenity was broken by Lisa’s voice. “Mum! The moon’s coming towards us”.

Lynda turned her attention, first to her daughter and then to the strange object coming towards them out of the early-evening sky. It was heading in their direction seemingly from the golf course which lay on the other side of a large crop of trees. She would recall [1] several years later:

It was like the shape of a rugby ball only a lot bigger, and was bright orange in color (and) had a spinning effect…It seemed to be traveling towards us at an angle!

She watched the bizarre scene unfold for a moment longer before exclaiming to her children to “get down”, flinging herself to the ground with each of them beside her.

An artist's impression of the incident

An artist’s impression of the incident

A “Biblical” Looking Object On The Banks Of The River Mersey

She was expecting an explosion. Perhaps, she reasoned, the object was from the airport nearby? However, when no sounds of the sort came forth, she looked up again. The craft had seemingly just passed over them before it disappeared out of sight behind an embankment. She looked around her surroundings for a moment.

She suddenly noticed how the atmosphere had changed from a few moments before when they first noticed the low-flying object. Now, there was not a sound other than the thick silence. Even the traffic from the normally busy, albeit distant road appeared muted.

Grabbing her children by the hands she steadily walked towards the embankment where the object had disappeared. As she reached the top, she saw a “weird” object which looked “almost biblical” hovering over the ground about 25 yards in front of them.

She would later state:

The object was about 60 feet across and hovering about two or three feet above the ground. (It) was disappearing and reappearing …It had a light on top of it…a bright light that somehow separated from the object itself!

As Lynda stared at this enigmatic light, she felt a sudden urge to walk towards it. And as she did so, the light appeared to become brighter. She continued forward steadily. As she neared the strange object, a glowing orange orb emerged from it and moved in her direction. Lynda continued forward regardless.

Then, she heard Lisa’s voice from behind her, “Mum! Come back! Come back!”

The plea brought her back to her senses.

Distorted Surroundings And Ninety Minutes Of Missing Time

Snapping back to reality and now terrified by her actions, she turned and ran from the object, grabbing her children’s hands as she did. Then, as they ran along the bank back the way the had come, Lisa suddenly exclaimed, “It’s there again!”

As she turned around, she could see the object was moving alongside them. She picked up her younger son and screamed at Lisa to “keep running”. They made their way across an area of grassland. As they did, though, their surroundings began to appear distorted. The grass, for example, suddenly appeared almost six-feet tall. And what’s more, it was “folding down” on itself, as if something was “pressing down” on it.

Despite her fear and the fact the behavior of the grass was “the strangest thing I have ever seen”, Lynda continued running into it. Then, she could see their housing estate. Still carrying Christopher and with Lisa only slightly behind her, the pair ran as fast as they could to their home, slamming the door shut behind them.

Once inside, Lynda noticed Trevor was already home. He looked at her and asked, “What’s wrong with your eyes?” When Lynda glanced into the mirror, she was shocked to see how red and swollen her eyes were, almost “scaly”.

Then, she relayed what had just happened to her husband. Each of them would then draw pictures of the object while it was still fresh in their memory. It was only now that Lynda realized she couldn’t account for around ninety minutes of time.

The incident, which began at just after 9 pm was no longer than ten minutes in length, including the time it took to run home. However, after being back inside ten minutes she realized it was now 10:50 pm.

A view of the field where the incident took place with an alien head over the top

A view of the field where the incident took place

“Disturbing” Hypnosis Sessions And Suddenly Recalled Memories

A little over a year passed before Lynda began to delve back into the bizarre episode. However, in the winder of 1980, desperate to discover just what happened in those ninety minutes, she would undergo hypnotic regression.

Several such sessions took place, each of which was recorded on video totaling ten hours. However, Lynda would state she found the sessions “too disturbing”. So much so, that she couldn’t view the majority of the tapes. She would recall:

I was very upset watching myself under hypnosis. At times I was becoming extremely upset (in the video) by what I thought was happening to me. It was just too much!

She does, though, know, as best as she can hope, just what happened that summer’s evening by the River Mersey. Partly through the hypnosis sessions, partly through suddenly recalled memories, and by the memories of her children, the ninety minutes of lost time is almost complete.

She would recall how when she and the children began to run away from the object, “several people” were running towards it, and them. These “men” had on “long dark coats and trilby hats”. Each was also carrying a satchel-type bag. A bizarre mist had also appeared out of nowhere which she couldn’t recall before.

The men ran past her and headed towards the object, eventually disappearing into the mist.

Then, another “column of mist” approached, inside of which were several more “men”. Each had on a “one-piece jumpsuit” and all “looked identical”. The next thing Lynda knew, she was floating upwards.

Far-Lasting Affects And Startling Revelations!

Her next memory is of waking in a strange room. Around her are several “strange beings” entering the room around her. As these strange figures entered, dressed in suits with “long necks” and “oriental features”, she could the strange feeling that she knew one of them from a previous meeting.

The next thing she knew, she was on a table. Something was placed on her legs which made them go “really cold”. She tried to look around and see what was happening. She sensed it was some kind of an examination. However, whenever she tried to raise her head one of the beings would shine a light directly in her eyes forcing her to look away.

Neither regression or her own memory would allow Lynda to recall the specifics of the examination. However, one thing she had noticed, even before undergoing hypnotic regression, was that her menstrual cycle was randomly out of sync following the incident.

She had put this to the back of her mind. However, when strange marks would appear on her body from out of nowhere, which would then also vanish just as quickly, sometimes within hours, she began to think of there was a connection to the strange evening along the River Mersey. So much so, that she would eventually visit her GP.

When he began speaking of her recent pregnancy and miscarriage following her examination, she was shocked, to say the least. She hadn’t been pregnant since giving birth to her son. Determined in his assessment, Lynda would receive a referral to a specialist. They would confirm that scarring on her Fallopian Tubes was the result of an ectopic pregnancy.

The banks of the River Mersey

The banks of the River Mersey

“It’s Made Me Realize About Other Odd Things In My Life!”

Lynda was again shocked with disbelief at the findings. She was determined that she hadn’t suffered a miscarriage, much less an ectopic pregnancy, which is extremely painful and can be fatal if not treated.

She would later claim, though:

I have never had an ectopic pregnancy I would have known! I don’t know what happened to me, but something did! It’s made me realize about other odd things in my life!

One incident with her husband occurred in 1972. The couple went out this particular evening for a drive down the country lanes. Around 9 pm, they decided to call at their local pub on the way home. Upon coming up to the traffic lights, however, the car suddenly began spinning. Behind them, Trevor noticed some bright lights.

Then, after spinning for several seconds, the car was still once again, at the traffic lights with the light showing green. A little unnerved, Trevor put the vehicle in motion. However, upon reaching the pub, they would find it in complete darkness. When they checked their watch, they discovered it was 2:30 am. They still have no memory of those five and a half hours.

The memory of the “men in wearing trilby hats” was also significant. Lynda would remember spotting similar men at various points in her life. On one occasion, one of these strange men was in her back garden prompting her to call the police. When they arrived, they would go out into the yard to investigate.

When they hadn’t returned after several minutes, she ventured outside to them looking shocked and pale. They had seen someone, they replied when she asked if anyone was there. He had, however, “disappeared – literally disappeared!”

Bizarre And Strange Happenings For Years To Follow!

Truly bizarre incidents would occur in the years that followed the incident too. For example, several years after the encounter she received a letter asking her to attend hospital for a test and examination. When she chased up results of this the hospital had no records of her appointment or the doctor she had seen. She still receives these strange written requests for equally strange tests. She also has regular problems with her telephone connections and regular faults on the line.

Even stranger, while working as a beautician in the late-1980s, she had the rather bizarre problem of the lettering simply vanishing from her name badge.

Another incident occurred with her husband in 1988 while driving back from Nottingham after visiting friends there. As they were making their way along the quiet country roads, on several occasions the car’s headlights would fade almost to off before going back to full power. This caused Trevor to pull over to the side of the road, his visibility limited. His hope was to wait for a passing car and then follow it.

Suddenly Trevor told Lynda to “look up” and there in front and above was a “large bright circular” craft. It ascended slowly at first and shot upwards to nothing more than a dot with a second.

A car drove past several moments later causing them to put the sighting out of their minds as they followed the vehicle as it cut through the darkness in front of them. After several miles, though, the car just vanished. With the headlights seemingly working fine, Trevor continued, looking for a turning where the car might have gone. However, there was nothing but straight road. The couple also experienced three hours of missing time.

A close-up of Lynda Jones

Lynda Jones second-from-left

A Lifetime Of Strange And Willingly Forgotten Incidents

Lynda would also reveal that she experienced a strange episode of going missing when she was a young girl. Although she didn’t think anything of it at the time, other than her parents’ panicked reaction when they found her, in light of the recent revelations she would rethink the episode through again.

She was playing in a field near their home when she was suddenly aware of her parents shouting her. They would tell her she had been missing for several hours. What’s more, despite her protestations that she had not left the field, both her parents and neighbors who joined in the search had been through the field several times. On each occasion, it was completely empty.

The strange men in the trilby hats would crop up more and more in her recalled memories. Though she could never recall an outright direct encounter with them, they were always discreetly and fleetingly in the background of various bizarre incidents. Incidents that she had seemingly willingly forgotten about despite their strange nature.

Perhaps what is also worth mentioning, particularly in light of the above Men In Black-like connection is the correspondence from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). They wished her to submit a detailed report so that they could send it to the Ministry of Defense (MoD). They also offered that they also tracked an anomalous object on radar. However, when UFO investigators followed up these reports, the MoD would deny any knowledge of the incident.

Might They Already Be Here, Walking Among Us?

What should we make of the claims of Lynda Jones? She would appear to be a solid witness. And Mantle is certainly a serious and credible researcher. What’s more, the pattern of repeat alien abductions, over many years, dating back to childhood, no less, is replicated in multiple alien abduction cases from around the world.

What is particularly intriguing, if disturbing, is the association with pregnancies that Lynda was not only not aware of, but left her with, at least the signs of an ectopic pregnancy. We have drawn attention to such researchers as Dr. David Jacobs previously, who has stated his research suggests alien abductions are part of a hybridization program.

This theory would certainly fit the repeat abductions and apparent use of Jones’ womb as a human incubator on at least one occasion.

What’s more, there are several examples of this happening to other women and families. Perhaps one example would be Brett Olden and Diane Swanson from across the Atlantic in Las Vegas. In 1987, while expecting their first child, they would experience a bizarre bedroom abduction and find themselves in a strange room, presumably, they would state, on a spacecraft.

Each would undergo experiments, and each would describe their abductors as “gray aliens”. Even more horrifying, they would remove the unborn baby from Diane’s womb. In shock, she would seek medical advice and opinion the next day. The doctors were equally as shocked. They would state for a television documentary looking at the case it was “as if the fetus was surgically removed”.

Might it be, as outlandish as it undoubtedly is, that the real aim behind the plethora of alien abduction cases is to colonize the human race from within? Might they, indeed, already be here among us?

Check out the video below.


1 Without Consent: Close Encounters of the Fourth Kind in the UK, Philip Mantle and Carl Nagaitis, ISBN 9781520 508023

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  • Robert Loader says:

    Hi Gray.
    Do you know if Lynda still lives in Didsbury? I’m working on an account of her case, it’d be great to talk to her.

  • Gray says:

    Well done Marcus. It’s been many years since I last met Lynda. I will have to get in touch.
    From someone who’s been there and knows

    • Marcus Lowth says:

      Thanks for this! If there is anything she would like to add to this then please tell her to feel free to get in touch!

      • Jason Fallows says:

        I live near the river mersey in stockport where did this happen I would love to go and have a look around

    • Robert Loader says:

      Hi Gray.
      Do you know if Lynda still lives in Didsbury? I’m working on an account of her case, it’d be great to talk to her.

  • Jedidiah Ddoboozilye says:

    We are not the only intelligent beings habiting planet earth, the Bible indicates that there was a time when alien beings produced children with daughters of men, that is in Genesis chapter 6 . Science may want to brush this aside but those who wrote it wrote what they knew was factual .Those beings did not disappear they continue to exist.

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      Those that cohabit with humans and produced children that the Bible wrote about were angels not aliens, there’s a difference between aliens and angels

      • sam says:

        Ofc because you would know what an angel looks like and what a demon looks like and what an alien looks like.

        And since aliens says they are aliens they must be aliens,No reason for them to lie

        Do your homework son,Demons deceive and can take any form,satan and his allies are at work.study the bible and you ll be amazed

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