The Paranormal Encounters That Were Actually Alien Abduction

Marcus Lowth
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January 31, 2018
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December 5, 2021
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For several years Tracey Jones believed her house was haunted due to the amount of paranormal activity she and her family would experience. When the events continued upon them moving home, she thought perhaps it was her. However, as the spooky incidents increased in severity, she began to reassess what was behind the strange events.

A Spooky Face staring from a blue misty setting

Are alien encounters the same as paranormal ones?

Tracey’s experiences show up in many other UFO and alien abduction cases. We recently looked at the Kelly Cahill Incident, for example, who would speak of “dark beings” that were remarkably similar to descriptions of “shadow people”, a phenomenon more at home in exclusively paranormal and supernatural circles.

Other researchers have also drawn comparisons between alien beings – most predominantly the grey alien – and demons or entities from other dimensions. Indeed, the deeper we go into the UFO and alien conspiracy, the more twists and turns we find to give us another plethora of possible paths to go down.

Before we look at Tracey’s account in more detail check out the video below. It looks at the aforementioned Shadow People and where it sits in the UFO community.

The Unsettling Encounters of Tracey Jones

The bizarre happenings experienced by Tracey Jones had reached such an intensity by the summer of 1997 that she contacted Dodd. [1] After years of chilling incidents, also experienced by her husband, Darren, and their four children, they were reaching breaking point. Most likely, as we will see with other similar cases, they had been happening for decades since Tracey was a child.

What intrigued Dodd even more about Tracey Jones, was that she was psychically gifted. Whether this was a result of her experiences or not is unknown. Upon first speaking to Dodd, however, she would describe the layout of his office and home (even though she had never been there). She also had a “sense” of certain people or situations. She would state, however, that this “power” is not something that she can control.

Perhaps part of the reason Tracey assumed a supernatural explanation for their baffling experiences was the location of some of the initial incidents. In early 1993, Tracey and Darren and their first child were living in a three-hundred-year-old cottage which they rented from her parents.

On one particular evening at shortly after 9 pm, each could hear a strange and urgent humming sound outside. They peered out of the window, but they could see nothing unusual. That was until an intensely bright light hit the cottage. It was so bright they could see nothing at all of their surroundings. The incident appeared to last for only seconds, but by the time the lights had vanished and the humming ceased, fifteen minutes had gone by.

The couple remained inside their property until the following morning when Darren would go out to investigate.

More Chilling Events

Under the safety of daylight, Darren would venture outside. A solid wrought-iron fence around the garden of the property had been twisted and wrenched apart. He also discovered three large doors to outbuildings had had their heavy-duty padlocks ripped off and the doors swung open. They would find the doors open repeatedly during the course of the time they called the cottage home.

Perhaps one of the most mystifying incidents would be when Tracey, after having been in and out of hospital due to a chest infection, would make a startling discovery. She was receiving daily visits due to an infected wound following her treatment. This went on for almost a month. Such was the severity of the wound, it was bandaged each day and secured in place by thick, medical tape.

One morning, she awoke pain-free. When she reached to her chest, the bandage was no longer there, nor the wound infected. It appeared as though it had simply healed overnight. Incidentally, the bandage was nowhere to be found.

Similar instances occurred with underwear Tracey had been wearing when going to bed. She would often awake the following morning with her pajamas still on, but all her underwear removed. Like the bandage, they had seemingly vanished.

Darren had his own bone-chilling encounter around the same time as Tracey had her chest infection. In the early hours one morning, still half asleep, he could see a figure by the window looking into their first aid box. He believed it to be Tracey, who must have gotten out of bed for more painkillers. Only when he lay back down and felt his wife beside him did he realize it wasn’t her. Sitting bolt upright and looking in the direction of the first aid box, the figure was now gone.

The dark shadow of a woman's head

Many alien abductees initially report paranormal activity

Continued and Increasing Activity

The strange events would follow Tracey and Darren to their next home, and would steadily appear to increase in intensity. Doors would open and shut with a bang. Electrical devices and appliances would suddenly break for no reason. The toilet would even flush and taps would turn on under their own power. Tracey, on several occasions, would hear footsteps approaching and even of someone walking right past her.

One particular room in their house had a constant aroma of lavender. The room would also remain permanently cold, even with the heating turned up to full. A television in the room would also turn itself on regularly.

When the family moved again to a house near the Yorkshire Moors, the activity again came with them. Both Tracey and Darren would regularly see strange lights over the moors. They would swoop down, and back up and out of sight in an instant.

One morning, after Darren went to take a shower, Tracey went into the bathroom only seconds later for water. Her husband was not there. She called his name, and searched frantically around the house, but to no avail. When she raced back upstairs, he was “back”, walking out of the bathroom. Coincidentally or not, Darren would begin to experience increasing instances of “missing time”.

The couple’s two-year-old son was also experiencing severe “night terrors”, and on one occasion, a strange “four-fingered handprint” was clearly visible on his torso.

With such strange activity increasing, it was a relief when Darren was offered a contract to work in Dubai.

Dubai and “The Man In The Light!”

In July 1997, Tracey and Darren, and their four young children would move out to Dubai. There had been several weeks delay before Tracey and their children joined him. Interestingly, during this time, Darren experienced nothing out of the ordinary. However, upon his family’s arrival, the bizarre experiences began again almost instantly.

Their son, Marcus, would begin telling his parents that “a man lives in the light in his room!” Furthermore, he would go into the light, with his sister to “talk and play!” He also seemed to have knowledge of the roof of the house they were renting. He claimed that the “man” had told him that a water tank was on the roof (there was). This not only worried Tracey and Darren, but there was no way he could have known this.

Marcus’ sister, Georgina, also began to experience strange visitors. She told Tracey of a bright light in her room, from which a “strange man” came out of. She would draw a picture of the man for Tracey, who would add several of her own to the collection. When she showed the pictures to Marcus, he immediately singled out the one his sister had drawn and stated this was the “man in the light!”

As well as this increase in activity around the couple’s children, the malfunctioning of electrical equipment also began again. Crockery would move across the kitchen table and even smash on the floor. Tracey and Georgina were sitting at the kitchen table one morning when Tracey suddenly realized she couldn’t account for the previous thirty minutes.

A depiction of a paranormal alien

A depiction of a paranormal alien

Revelations of Hypnosis

Throughout this period, Tracey remained in touch with Dodd via e-mail. She would also keep a diary of such events. By December 1997, Tracey and the children would return to England, and rent a house while waiting for Darren’s contract to come to an end.

The bizarre activities, however, would continue for Tracey and the children, in particular, Marcus. An interesting point noted by the family was how each of them would often hear someone’s voice clearly speaking to them, even though that person was not in the house. Was this an attempt by an entity to “trick” that person into communicating with them?

Following the increase in activity, Tracey would agree to undergo hypnotic regression. She went back to the night her chest wound vanished.

She would tell of waking up in her bed in the middle of the night. At the foot of her bed was two dark figures. Each wore a long, hooded robe, which interestingly or not, is a detail that often surfaces in such reports. She would also state that each of the figures had “piercing bright blue eyes and white beards!”

Suddenly, she found herself on a table. She couldn’t move, but there was nothing visible holding her down. She noticed a large needle descending towards her exposed chest. Red lights appeared to be coming from the needle. As the open wound on her chest and the needle connected an intense burning sensation began.

She could see the strange, hooded figures in the room, but her head was locked in an upward position. It was at this point, that Tracey was brought out of the session.

The incidents still continue today. However, they are far from the only ones that have such supernatural elements entwined in them.

Bob Rylance’s “Paranormal Alien” Accounts

The experience of Bob Rylance is remarkably similar to that of Tracey Jones. In fact, it would appear that his experiences had likely gone on for decades also. During that time, Rylance enjoyed a solid career in the military.

However, he was plagued by bizarre experiences such as a “strange buzzing” that would often awaken him late at night. Footsteps would often sound out from the hallways outside his room. Whenever he did attempt to locate where these sounds were coming from, he would always find nobody there.

Even as a small child, he would often awake with a feeling of terror surging through him and unable to move. Often, he could sense that a face was close by, looking at him. Perhaps what made these experiences even more unnerving, was the fact that his mother would state that “she too suffered the same thing!”

The experiences would continue when he married. Family members would often see “strange figures” in their bedrooms, while doors would open and close of their own accord. Even electrical devices would switch on by themselves, or would even malfunction altogether. One bizarre experience would see Bob come downstairs to find his electric razor, unpacked and plugged into a socket in the kitchen. He had only used it the previous evening – in his bedroom, where he had packed it away straight after.

On occasion, he would even find physical evidence of something strange taken place. Perhaps the strangest of these were the five “brown water blisters” that he discovered on each of his thighs. He had no knowledge of why they were there.

A depiction of a hooded figure

There is very likely a blur between alien and paranormal encounters

Abductions Have Been Happening For Decades

Rylance would eventually be put in contact with the aforementioned Tony Dodd, who would guide him through hypnotic regression sessions. These sessions would prove vital in filling out the many blanks in a lifetime of strange incidents.

The background to many of the accounts was the same. Abductions would often take place in his room at the hands of strange creatures. These creatures were not of this world, and the descriptions were essentially of the “grey” aliens. They would subject him to various experiments, often performed in a sterile medical-type room.

He would even tell of being cured of “a diseased part” of his stomach. This information was given to him telepathically (a claim often made by abductees), while the creature put a triangular device on the torso.

It is reasonable to suggest that some of the physical markings (such as the brown blisters on his thigh) were the result of these examinations and procedures. Since having the regression sessions, many more memories have returned without them.

Many Other Unknowing Abductees?

Although they were seemingly aware of the nature of their abductions, twin sisters “Audrey and Debbie” [2] have similar details of a paranormal nature to many other repeat abductees. According to details of their encounters, which have happened since the twins were only five-years-old, bright, blue lights would fill their bedroom while the door would open by itself.

Furthermore, “bald men in dark robes” would enter their room, accompanied by a menacing, blue mist. They would then go onboard an awaiting spaceship. These encounters still continue today, and what’s more, Debbie and Audrey believe there are many others who will have similar pasts of abduction.

Whether the reasons for their abduction and the legion of others on record are of benefit to humanity or not, is very much open to debate.

We have looked before at the claims of David Jacobs, whose research suggests to him that an alien-human hybridization program is underway, and has been for some time. What’s more, this program is not at all for the benefit of the human race.

As we mentioned in the opening lines of this piece, there are seemingly unending possibilities as to the true nature of the UFO and alien question. Perhaps that is intentional. Or perhaps, it is simply a testament to how complex and mind-bending the issue really is.

Check out the video below, which looks at some of the possible connections between alien activity and the supernatural, and what they might actually be.


1 Alien Investigator: The Case Files Of Britain’s Leading UFO Detective, Tony Dodd, ISBN 9780747 275343
2 Abducted by Aliens: Believers Tell Their Stories, ABC News, August 14th, 2009

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