Albert Bender And Sought After “Elements” In Earth’s Oceans

Marcus Lowth
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September 13, 2017
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September 24, 2020
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We have written on several occasions of sightings of UFOs both emerging and entering various seas and oceans around the planet, and the many claims of some kind of high-tech, alien base, or even a portal to another part of the universe.

However, two cases from the 1950s both speak of extra-terrestrials seeking valuable (to them) elements that reside in the masses of water over the globe – in particular, the strange case of Albert Bender. Not only that, but descriptions of these alien beings have similarities with one of the most controversial claims in UFO circles. Those of Reptilian aliens and their connections to, or even within, world governments. Furthermore are claims of an unknown “inner-world” that exists in the barren icelands of Antarctica.

Albert Bender and USO collage.

Albert Bender and USO collage.

The Rise And Sudden “Fall” Of Albert Bender

As the UFO phenomenon took hold of the United States in the 1950s, one of the first respected investigators into such matters was Albert Bender, who formed the International Flying Saucer Bureau in Bridgeport (IFSB), Connecticut.

Bender, a serving pilot during the Second World War, had always maintained an interest in all things paranormal. Since being a young man he would write letters to people all over the world, building up relationships with them. He would even have them send items of interest from their locations so that he might build up a collection of mystical and intriguing objects. To say he was a little eccentric would be a kind understatement.

In the mid-1950s Bender made the claim that he had “solved the mystery of UFOs!” However far from revealing this to the rest of the world, he put forward that he was unable to comment any further. In a further twist, he then promptly shut down his research, his publication, and the IFSB.

The story, however, was far from over.

Encounters With The Men In Black

In 1956 further information would surface regarding Bender’s claims in the form of the book, “They Knew Too Much About Flying Saucers” by Gray Barker. In it, he stated that Bender, suddenly overcome with a feeling of dizziness, witnessed out of nowhere, three men, all dressed in dark suits, were in the apartment with him.

He couldn’t see their faces, but where their eyes should have been were two, glowing, red orbs. The “eyes” appeared to flash at him which simultaneously caused an intense pain in his head.

These strange beings – soon referred to as the Men In Black – confirmed to Bender the correctness of his mystery solving. They also informed him of information that, according to Barker, terrified him beyond belief. What this information might have been is unknown, but in 1962, Bender finally relented on his silence.

He would author his own book – “Flying Saucers and the Three Men” – which contained claims so bizarre and outlandish that it only served to alienate him further.

In his book, he claimed that the three men who actually alien beings, whose real appearance “was so monstrous” that they assumed the form of which he (and many others over the years) would see them. He further claimed of journeys to their base in Antarctica, where he would learn more about them, including their home planet, Kazik. They had arrived on Earth in order to extract a valuable element from the sea.

Check out the video below. It features a lecture from Gray Barker in 1956.

Many Criticisms Of Bender’s “Wild Claims!”

We should perhaps examine further some of the criticism leveled at Bender. And there was plenty – from inside and outside of the UFO community. And much of that criticism was a result of what Bender had included in the previously mentioned book.

Aside from the wild claims of being abducted by shapeshifting aliens and being taken to the South Pole, Bender also revealed a lot of information about his home life. For example, he would speak extensively about his self-confessed obsession with all manner of things from the occult and science-fiction and horror films.

In fact, he had even converted his part of the house he shared with his stepfather to a shrine to such things which he affectionally labeled the “chamber of horrors”. There were fake bats and shrunken heads on the walls, as well as huge paintings of monsters on the walls.

A sketch of the Men In Black visitors by Albert Bender

A sketch of the Men In Black visitors by Albert Bender

Given these unintentional admissions combined with the outlandish of the alien abduction claims, many began to wonder if Bender had perhaps manufactured the entire incident. Perhaps he even believed it himself. Or, perhaps everything he said was completely true and accurate.

Another aspect that seemingly increased such suspicions were several predictions offered by Bender that proved to be well wide of the mark. In a similar manner to his prediction of 1953, he would suggest over two decades later in 1976 that 1977 would see disclosure of UFO evidence of documents. As we know, this disclosure did not occur.

A Fantasist Or A Credible And Genuine Abductee?

What should we make of the claims of Albert Bender? Was he nothing more than a fantasist who manufactured a version of events right out of his own mind? Or might it be – however outlandish – that he was being completely truthful all along? And that his account of extraterrestrial shape-shifting Men In Black taking him to the other side of the world is completely authentic and accurate.

The fact is, there are many other such accounts and claims on record. And most are treated with a similarly dismissive attitude. And while it is easy to see why this is, we should perhaps be mindful of the implications should such claims turn out to be true.

For example, is there a shadowy organization operating in hidden in plain sight that we collectively know as the Men In Black? And if so, what is their agenda and end goal? Do they work for the government or do they work alongside the apparent alien entities also visiting the Earth? Or might they even be an entirely separate civilization altogether, working very much for their own purposes and needs?

Albert Bender sat reading a book

Albert K Bender

We should also examine, briefly, the claims made to Bender that the alien entities who visited him used “optical illusions” to project their human appearance. This is intriguing as it surfaces in many writings and talks of UFO and alien researchers over the decades. That these shapeshifting aliens don’t actually change their appearance physically, they simply force us to see them in a certain way. Might these later claims corroborate those of Bender’s.

Whatever the reality of Bender’s claims, he remains a discussed and debated person within the UFO community over half a century after he made his first claims of alien interaction. Incidentally, Bender died in 2016 at the age of 94.

The Claims Of Cynthia Appleton

There are some interesting claims made by Bender, not least those of shape-shifting aliens who were monstrous – which we will look at a little later. However, it is perhaps the claims of extracting “elements from the sea” that are perhaps most interesting.

Only a year following Bender’s encounter, in November 1957 on the other side of the Atlantic in Birmingham, England, Cynthia Appleton would claim an encounter as bizarre (and chilling) as Bender’s.

As she was sitting with her children in her living room, strange figures “materialized” out of nowhere in front of the fireplace. She would describe these beings as “very tall with long, blond hair” and adorning a “bright, silver space suit!” One of them would communicate to Cynthia via telepathy. According to Cynthia, the being would state they were from a world “just like yours that is governed by the Sun!” This last detail, in particular, would lead many researchers to ponder if this might be a suggestion of the being’s home lying within our solar system.

Among other things, they informed Cynthia that they were here to extract a valuable element from Earth’s oceans – almost the same claim as Albert Bender would make.

Cynthia would claim at least two further visits, during one of which, they informed her she was pregnant and would give birth to a baby boy. She was, and she did! Further to this, on the third meeting in September 1958, according to Cynthia, the being would burn its finger, and after placing it in a bowl of cool water had left behind a small piece of skin. This would go for analysis, and although there was no overall conclusion, the results showing it to be more akin to “animal skin” than human.

Further Intriguing Details From Alien Visitors

One of the most intriguing details offered to Appleton during the subsequent visits were details on the nature of time. According to the notes of Dr. Dale, Appleton was informed that “time did not exist” and it was, in fact, a “philosophical invention by mankind”.

We have examined the different ideas of time and what might be. It is perhaps intriguing that such details are offered to a contactee by apparent visitors from out of space.

Appleton was also made privy to information about the importance of understanding vibration and frequency. And of how such an understanding would lead humans to be able to cure diseases such as cancer. Perhaps an indication of her authenticity is the fact that she did not offer any specific details of the exact terms used as she simply “couldn’t remember” them.

Cynthia Appleton

Cynthia Appleton

Once more, though, it is interesting that such notions of frequency and vibration being of importance in understanding our existence and the universe around is something that has been suggested by many great thinkers. Perhaps most notably, Nikola Tesla, who claimed that an understanding of such things would be the key to unlocking the secrets of the universe.

Those who speak of shapeshifting aliens and the illusion that is put on ourselves so that we see them in a particular form – such as Albert Bender above – also speak of the manipulation of the vibrations and frequency of energies in order to achieve this.

Might these seemingly unimportant details actually corroborate not only the encounters of Appleton and Bender but many other reports around the world?

Why Do “Aliens From Venus” Surface In Many 1950s Alien Reports

We might also take a moment to examine the claims that the aliens themselves hailed from Venus. There were several such claims of visitation by Venusians during the 1950s and 60s. Why might this be? Could it be that there really was a presence on Earth from alien visitors from Venus? While our collective understanding is that Venus is inhabitable, we also know that life high up in the clouds might be possible.

We might also consider that just because these strange visitors claim Venus to be their home, they might not reside there today. For example, might it be that those who could fled the planet many, many years ago when it became uninhabitable? Might this be the reason that many of these encounters with humans involve details about the treatment of the planet and environment? Might these alien visitors, and possible cosmic refugees, know the fate of a planet – which was very similar to Earth millions of years ago – when it is not cared for as nature intended?

A depiction of a typical 1950s UFO encounter

A depiction of a typical 1950s UFO encounter

Or might it be a case of people reading a report of someone claiming to have been visited by a person from Venus and then, whether intentionally or not, making similar claims following their own encounter. We know that this kind of copy-cat reaction can certainly occur. However, we might keep in mind that such a sweeping dismissal might blind us to something that is required learning.

Links To The Reptilians And Underwater Bases?

Going back to Bender’s claims of the Men In Black really being “monstrous aliens in disguise”, not to mention their secret base in Antarctica, is it possible that what Bender had revealed was a link to those in alien and UFO research circles call the Reptilians? Was this the “mystery” of the flying saucers that he had discovered – if only in part?

The claims of glowing eyes have been reported in many modern sightings of reptilian humanoids right up to modern times. And many descriptions of the Men In Black speak of them as being extremely pale and with a “rigid” personality. Looking again at modern reports of reptilians, many (although not all) speak of them being a strange “off-white” color. Author, David Icke, perhaps most famous for his work on the Reptilians and their alleged agenda, also speak of such a race of “Nordic” extra-terrestrials who would interbreed with reptilians in ancient times. Icke also firmly believes that many of the flying saucer UFO sightings are in fact the Reptilians.

Even the claims of the base in Antarctica is of interest given the many claims of such an “inner world” existing. Again there are claims to reptilian aliens inhabiting this frozen world, and more chilling, many governments worldwide knowing of this.

Many ancient writings speak of such an alien race coming from an “aquatic world” in the Sirius star system. Again, many link this to the Reptilian race. The claims of needing “elements from the sea” are of interest. Might this, in part, explain the plethora of UFO sightings at sea? Might this also give a reason for the supposed alien bases that also reside under our oceans?

Check out the video below. It looks at some of the many sightings of UFOs over the planet’s waters.

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