The Men In Black – Who Or What Are They?

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April 4, 2020
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When we think of the Men In Black most people are likely to imagine the movie franchise of the same name. And while the general premise of those films are in sympathy with the general notion that this mysterious group deploys agents to visit those who might have witnessed UFOs, the real-life accounts often paint a much more disturbing picture.

There are several theories as to who this mysterious group might be. Some suggest they are a top-secret governmental department specifically tasked with suppressing evidence and reports of UFO sightings and even of an extraterrestrial presence on Earth.

A picture of a lonely road with an image showing alleged Men In Black blended over the top

Are the Men In Black a real organization?

Others suggest the chilling men are, in fact, extraterrestrials themselves, either in their genuine form or in some kind of assumed form. Yet other researchers have declared the real possibility that the Men In Black are connected to an underground civilization, perhaps one indigenous to the Earth but who were forced underground long ago?

Indeed, many ancient writings do speak of such events taking place. And some researchers today suggest there is an invisible conflict taking place between the two opposing forces (although it is not a notion shared by all or even most in the UFO community.

The Men In Black would appear to be a much more nuanced organization with a much more layered agenda than even those who have studied them might imagine. And we should note that many of those who have researched these menacing figures extensively return some quite disturbing claims.

Before we move on and examine some of the real-life accounts and theories of this most mysterious organization, though, check out the trailer for the first Men In Black movie below.

Just Who Are The Men In Black?

We have touched on accounts of the Men In Black previously in other articles. And while most of us imagine this strange and disturbing group show up simply after a person witnesses a UFO, the fact is (according to the many accounts on record) is their appearances are much more complicated. As are their apparent reasons for making contact, and indeed their true origins.

For example, when we examined the bizarre and intriguing account of the Ingrid Cold interactions with Woodrow Derenberger in the winter of 1966. The incident is similar to that of Robert Richardson a year later (who we will examine shortly) and would see the mysterious man appear in a car on an otherwise quiet road, while at the same time a strange craft landed nearby.

In our book From Deep Within The Archives Of UFO Insight, we examine several intriguing Men In Black encounters, including that of Dr. Hopkins, who after conducting research into UFO accounts in the mid-1970s, would receive a sudden visit from a strange gentleman dressed in a black suit, hat, and large coat. What’s more, when he removed his hat, his head was completely hairless and pale-skinned.

In short, the mysterious visitor would “recommend” Dr. Hopkins refrain from his research, but of interest here, as we will explore in more detail shortly, is that the gentleman would comment to Dr. Hopkins that he had to leave as his “energy was running low”. This is an interesting point and one we will return to shortly. It certainly suggests that the Men In Black have an otherworldly origin. And that despite their appearance, they are not at all human.

Further Evidence Of An Underground Civilization

Given the accounts on record, then, particularly the paler than normal skin, dark glasses, and robot-like mannerisms, many researchers have suggested that these strange entities are not connected to a top-secret government department but are, in fact, some kind of underground civilization.

Veteran researcher, Nick Redfern, would state in 2011 that his research very much suggested that the Men In Black were “an underground alien army working its way into our lives”.

Indeed, Redfern is not on his own making such claims. We have documented several researchers, including David Jacobs, who would claim that the reason and agenda of alien abductions was very much the same – to take over humanity through hybridization, essentially to take control from within.

A picture showing a strange man in black suit, tie, and dark glasses

If they are real, who might the Men In Black be?

And while such suggestions sound absurd, the fact that many otherwise serious-minded researchers suggest them should alert us to the fact that they may deserve a little more attention than we are collectively willing to give them.

Might this be the reason for the dark glasses, the pale skin, and the dressing in large, heavy trench coats (even in stifling heat)? That they are not suited to the atmosphere above the ground. Could this be the reason they appear to run out of energy after only a short amount of time?

Or might the robotic mannerisms suggest that they are exactly that? Some kind of robotic explorer sent to the surface to do the bidding of those who remain underground. If this was the case, we would have to ask are these underground entities extraterrestrials who use the alleged “inner Earth” as their base, or are what we perceive as aliens actually an indigenous race of the planet who at some point in history fled underground?

Accounts Seemingly Go Back Longer Than We Might Think!

In our case study article examining the Airship Sightings of the late-19th and early 20th century, we looked at what very well could be some of the earliest accounts of the Men In Black incidents on record.

According to the research files of Ray Boeche, several accounts exist of strangely dressed men appearing out of nowhere during the airship wave of 1897. However, one of the most interesting accounts occurred several years later and across the Atlantic Ocean in Wales in the United Kingdom. And what’s more, the account appeared in a local newspaper, the Barmouth Advertiser.

According to the report, amidst the many strange sightings of lights and airships taking place in the region, a local woman, who wished to remain anonymous, claimed that a mysterious gentleman had suddenly appeared in her room on three consecutive nights. What’s more, this strange visitor had passed on a message to the woman concerned. However, the report states that she was “too frightened” to speak of it.

What is interesting here is that many accounts of the Men In Black often speak of them simply appearing in the room as if out of nowhere. Perhaps one of the best accounts is that of Albert Bender, who after several years as a UFO investigator in the mid-1950s, would suddenly shut down his investigative business, claiming he had “solved the mystery of UFOs”.

It would later come to light through researcher, Gray Barker, that Bender had received a visit from what we would now describe the Men In Black. And what’s more, these menacing individuals suddenly appeared in his room.

Connections To The “Gods” Of Antiquity?

Only years later would Bender speak of the incident. In short, he would claim that the Men In Black were, in fact, alien entities whose appearance was “so monstrous” that they assumed the form they had.

Furthermore, and perhaps lending a little credibility to the notion of an underground alien presence, he would state that this group of extraterrestrials (allegedly from the planet, Kazik) had established a base in Antarctica. What’s more, they had arrived in order to “extract a valuable element from the sea”.

There are several intriguing things to look at here. Many accounts and claims of reptilian alien entities, including those from ancient times, speak of their appearance in much the same way. We should remind ourselves that many ancient writings, for example, speak of it being forbidden to depict certain gods and deities in the natural form.

Furthermore, many UFO sightings, as we mention regularly occur over or near large bodies of water, including the planet’s seas and oceans. Might this be the reason why?

And what should we make of the claims of there being a base in Antarctica? Conspiracies of secret facilities and underground bases have swirled around Antarctica for decades. And it remains of interest to many conspiracy researchers today. Even the Nazis, if the rumors are to be believed, looked at establishing a base there. Of course, if the rumors – as outlandish as they undoubtedly are – of the Nazis attempting to make a pact with an extraterrestrial race in the region are accurate, then the claims of Albert Bender suddenly become even more intriguing.

The Encounter Of Paul Miller

Perhaps one of the most intriguing encounters of an experience with the Men In Black is that of Paul Miller in North Dakota in November 1961. [1] On the night in question, Miller and three friends were returning home following a hunting trip. As they drove along the road on their way back to Minot, they noticed a strange object appear overhead and land in a field at the roadside.

As they slowed their vehicle and watched the object – at first thinking it was a plane crashing to the ground – they were all astounded to witness the object vanish into thin air. They drove off contemplating the bizarre scene they had just witnessed when the object suddenly appeared once more.

A picture of a man smoking a cigarette with a steam train in the background

Did Paul Miller receive a visit from the Men In Black?

This time, however, two humanoids would step from the object. With their vehicle now brought completely to a stop, Miller stepped out and aimed his gun at the strange figures, firing once and appearing to wound one of them. At that point, however, with fear rising in them, the four men fled from the scene.

It was only when they were approaching Minot that they began to realize they had “lost” around three hours of time. Although they attempted to make sense of the events among themselves, they agreed not to report the incident, and not to speak to anyone outside of their group about it.

The following day, however, things took an even stranger turn.

They Knew “Everything About Me!”

Miller worked in an office for the Air Force. The following day, despite a persistent uneasy feeling about the events of the previous evening, he arrived at work as normal. Not long after, however, three strange men, dressed in black suits and ties arrived asking to speak with him.

They would claim to be from the government. However, when Miller asked for identification, they simply ignored his request. It was when they stated to him that they “hoped he was telling the truth” about the UFO sighting, though, that a chill went down his spine. Not least as couldn’t understand how they even knew he had seen anything strange. As an answer to his question, they simply claimed they “had a report”.

If there was any doubt in Miller’s mind that these agents were indeed serious, they would proceed to inform him of such details that he realized they knew “everything about me, where I worked, everything!”

Even more intimidating were several questions they asked concerning the incident the previous evening where it was perfectly obvious to Miller that they “knew the answers” and would consequently know if he was lying.

It would be “several years” before Miller would report the incident to UFO investigators.

The UFO Crash And MIB Visit Of Robert Richardson

Several years later in July 1967 in Toledo, Ohio, Robert Richardson would report an apparent collision with a UFO while driving to the Aerial Phenomena Research Organization (APRO).

In a similar detail to the above case, the witness claimed he was coming around a bend in the road when the object appeared out of nowhere in front of him. Because of this he was unable to break in time and collided with the object. However, upon impact – which he claimed was minimal – the object suddenly vanished.

He would report the incident to police who would accompany Richardson to the location to examine it for themselves. However, upon arriving, all they could see were his tire marks on the road. Unable to get the incident out of his mind, though, he would return by himself to the scene a short time later. This time, he would discover a “small lump of metal”. Thinking it might have come from the suddenly appearing and disappearing craft, he scooped it up and returned home.

A picture showing two "Men In Black" at a doorstep

Do the Men In Black intimidate UFO witnesses?

Three days later, however, at around 11 pm, Richardson was greeted with a knocking on his front door. Upon answering, two men, each apparently in their early-20s were stood there. They did not identify themselves, but they entered his home and proceeded to question him for around 10 minutes, demonstrating as they did that they knew information about him that was not publicly available.

Richardson would recall that they were not particularly unfriendly, and even left a number when they left – which they did so in a black Cadillac, a vehicle that shows up in many similar reports. Incidentally, the phone number was “not yet issued” when he called it later that night.

A Much More Threatening Visit!

Just as Richardson was beginning to put the strange events to the back of his mind, he would receive another visit from two men a week later. These were different from the two from the previous week. Each was dressed in dark suits and had a particular “dark-complexion”. He also noticed the two men had arrived in a brand-new Dodge.

They entered his house and proceed to speak with him about the UFO incident 10 days previously. Their tone was one of trying to persuade him that he hadn’t actually hit anything strange that evening. He would dismiss their assertions. However, when they asked him about the piece of metal he had recovered, he froze inside, not least as he had not told anyone of the item, apart from two members of APRO, that is.

Then, things turned even more ominous. He would inform the men that the metal had “gone for analysis”. To this they would reply:

If you want your wife to stay as pretty as she is, then you’d better get the metal back!

Had these mysterious visitors obtained such information by interrogating the APRO investigators? Or might they access to such things as phone-taps? Or might their access to information be of a more paranormal aspect (something we will come back to shortly)?

He also noticed that, while one of the men spoke perfect English, the other had a heavy accent that he couldn’t quite place. He would recall, though, there was something “vaguely foreign” about them.

Photographs Of Men In Black – The Jack And Mary Robinson Case

According to the previously mentioned interview with Nick Redfern with New Dawn magazine in 2011, there are several cases of photographs being captured of these mysterious Men In Black. One of which took place in 1968 in New Jersey, [2] which Redfern credits to researcher Tim Green Beckley and Jim Moseley.

The incident involves a UFO researcher, Jack Robinson, who along with his wife, Mary, would begin experiencing strange occurrences at their home. For example, when they would return to their apartment after being out, they would often find discreet evidence of someone entering the building, and more specifically, searching through Robinson’s UFO files.

Then things began to become more chilling, as Mary began to notice a strange, “zombie-like” man dressed in a dark suit watching their apartment. She would notice him on several consecutive days, always in the same doorway of the building opposite theirs, and always looking directly up at their apartment window.

A picture showing an alleged member of the Men In Black in a New York apartment black doorway

Does this picture show an alleged member of the Men In Black?

They would report this to the aforementioned UFO investigators, who would decide to drive by discreetly the following morning to see if they could witness anything themselves. Much to their surprise they did indeed see the mysterious gentlemen, with Tim Beckley Green even managing to capture a photograph (which you can see above).

The picture is widely regarded as one of the best, and only pictures of a member of this strange organization.

One The Strangest MIB Accounts Of Recent Times – The Experience Of Danny Gordon

One of the strangest and indeed chilling Men In Black encounters is surely that of radio Journalist, Danny Gordon. [3] At the time of the incident in early October 1987, Gordon was working for the country music station, WYVE. He was aware of a UFO report, from the Sheriff’s department in Wytheville in Virginia. What’s more, the witnesses included several police officers, three of who were former military men as well as being Sheriff’s deputies.

According to the report, they had witnessed a “strange object” overhead the previous evening. Intrigued with the account, although from a skeptical point of view, not least as Wytheville was Gordon’s hometown, he would decide to investigate and subsequently presented a “light-hearted” piece on the incident that evening.

A close-up of Danny Gordon

Danny Gordon

He was, however, shocked by the response of his listeners. Instead of joining in with him and poking a bit of fun at the report, they would report their own sightings, many of which were very similar to the report from the Sheriff’s office.

So impressed with the wave of information, and now beginning to view the reports a little more seriously, Gordon would set up a special program just for such reports. Even he did not expect the response, which he would later describe as a “lightning rod moment”. Furthermore, according to Gordon, almost instantly “every day the phone would ring off the hook”.

This, however, was just the beginning of life-changing incidents that were about to unfold for Gordon.

A Flood Of Reports Come In Daily

The calls would continue to come in. And the more people reported their sightings to Gordon, the more others seemingly felt enough courage to do so.

Such descriptions as the objects being “egg-shaped”, or containing “red, green, and white flashing lights” were regular.

Although Gordon believed his listeners were most definitely seeing “something” he was still of the mindset that a “rational” explanation could be found. The reports, however, continued to arrive at the station.

At one point, the military would issue an explanation that what the residents of the area were seeing were refueling missions of the United States military taking place overhead. This was treated with suspicion at best by some of the town’s residents, and outright rejected by others.

A newspaper clipping reporting on the claims of Danny Gordon

A newspaper clipping reporting on the claims of Danny Gordon

Gordon, however, would attempt to shed some light on the explanation, even contacting the Air Force General at the Pentagon. He was informed that such refueling missions would only take place at 13,000 feet or over and would “under no circumstances” take place at an altitude lower than that. Given that the majority of sightings appeared to be at an altitude of 5,000 feet, it would appear the suspicions of the military explanation were well-founded.

It was at this point when Gordon began to ramp up his investigations, asking his friend, Roger Hall to assist in the investigation. Deciding they had to see one of these strange crafts for themselves, they would travel to one of the apparent hotspots of the area.

A “Very Large” Domed Craft The “Size Of Two Football Fields!”

At first, it appeared their efforts to witness one of the strange glowing objects would be in vain. After several hours they would get back in their vehicle and set out back to the main town. However, only a short time later as they negotiated the road, they saw a “very unusual object coming across the horizon”.

Gordon brought the car to a halt immediately. He would later describe the craft as “very large” with a “dome-shaped top”. Furthermore, there was a “strobe putting out multi-colored lights from the right side”.

Hall would offer that the object was approximately 1,000 feet above them and probably just short of that distance away from the pair. He would further state that the object was approximately the size of “two football fields” and had “three huge picture windows” at the back of the craft which were “lit from the inside out”.

Even strange, Gordon would recall witnessing” a red ball approach the larger craft, each “docking” with it. The pair were in such shock that they neglected to take any photographs of the strange craft. They would, however, return the following evening. Not only did the bizarre objects appear once more, but this time they managed to capture several pictures of the display.

Interestingly or not, despite the relatively close altitude, the pictures would only show a part of the object and blurred at that.

Events, though, were about to turn even stranger. And rather ominous.

Warnings And Break-Ins

Realizing the incident he had started out to report as a tongue-in-cheek piece was, in fact, a serious story. And one that was unexplained at that.

He would arrange a press conference in order to report his findings to a much wider audience. However, the night before the press conference was to take place, he would receive a disturbing phone call “from someone who refused to identify themselves”. What they did state, however, was:

…the CIA and the Federal government were very much interested in the Wythe County UFOs!

What’s more, he was warned very clearly that “he needed to leave (it) alone” and that he shouldn’t “be messing in defense matters!”

Undeterred, Gordon went ahead with the press conference. However, the following evening after returning home from his radio show, he would find someone had broken into his home. He would investigate the property, and while there were obvious signs of a disturbance, he couldn’t find anything missing.

It was at this point that Gordon would admit he “started to wonder what I’d stepped into”. Even his wife was fearful and urged him to at least tone down his investigation. The reports, however, continued to arrive daily at the radio station.

Then, six weeks later in the late summer of 1987, Gordon along with his wife and daughter would witness another of the strange objects.

Further Sightings Over Wythe County

The sighting occurred as they were heading to their car following a trip to a shopping center when they noticed a group of children pointing upward excitedly. When they themselves looked up they could see “four different aircraft flying in formation”. Furthermore, these strange aerial vehicles were completely silent. He would manage to capture a picture of the aircraft (shown below).

He would further recall that almost immediately after he managed to capture the photographs, the objects vanished from view. Although the pictures were once more blurred and grainy, they were of far better quality than his previous attempts.

A picture showing an alleged orange glowing UFO at night

Does this image show a genuine UFO?

In all, he would estimate that around 200 people witnessed this particular incident, and a short time after this sighting (around 12 weeks after his report of the sighting in July) he had over 1,500 accounts on his files.

Armed with this evidence, he once again approached the Pentagon for comment. According to Gordon, the response he received was:

We do not deny UFOs exist. The government confirms they exist, but we deny they pose a threat to the populace of Wythe County!

As shocking as such a comment might seem – and it very well could be a blunt admission – it is likely that admission will be hidden in the ambiguity of the comment. After all, UFOs could be (from the Pentagon’s point of view) something as simple as a balloon or atmospheric phenomena and not necessarily intelligently guided futuristic aircraft. If they were, however, then the statement from the Pentagon implies they are either experimental military aircraft, or vehicles of extraterrestrial origin that they have information on that the public doesn’t, or possibly a secret agreement to traverse the skies.

That would be the last word form the Pentagon. Gordon, however, would receive another chilling warning.

“They Will Hit You” If It Furthers Their Cause!

As the reports of strange lights over the region continued to come in, Gordon would receive another disturbing phone call one evening out of the blue. This time, the voice on the other end would claim they were a “retired military intelligence officer”. What perhaps got Gordon’s attention was the fact that the officer asked him to record the conversation “in case anything happened to him”. He then proceeded to inform him of, if true, a harrowing account.

The alleged one-time military officer would claim that he had researched UFO sightings for years. However, he would also claim that he had suffered a certain amount of interrogation. Of much more concern was the insinuation that his son was “given” leukemia, of which he had died.

A picture showing an alleged orange UFO in a starry night sky

Is this another orange, glowing UFO

He would then state that “they will try to hit you if they think it is advisable for their purposes”. He would state that this would most likely be done through “skin contact chemicals”, perhaps on his door handle or the steering wheel of his car. The insinuation here, of course, is that he, or anyone else, would unlikely be aware of the chemical contact. Not until they became ill and would not at all suspect such a scenario.

While this might sound preposterous to some, we know that intelligence agencies, at the very least, experimented with such weaponry and assassination methods. Indeed, such notions are not at all as far-fetched as some might like to think.

It was at this point that Gordon truly began to consider the path he was taking and how deep he was becoming involved in an unknown world. Incidentally, the conversation was played, in part, on the television show Unsolved Mysteries several years later.

Several weeks later, Gordon would receive more than just a phone call.

The Interview That Wasn’t!

One evening while at home Gordon would receive a visit from two men who claimed they were journalists. They would claim they wished to report on his investigation and Gordon invited the pair inside.

While one of the men would conduct the “interview” the other would casually walk around the house, taking photographs every now and then. They would stay for around 45 minutes at which point they wrapped the interview up and gave Gordon their contact details. They claimed they would send him a copy of the newspaper when the article appeared.

Several days went by before Gordon contacted the newspaper to ask if the story had appeared. To his growing uneasiness, he was informed the publication had no journalists under the names he had given, and furthermore, they were not looking to run a story on his experiences.

As the days went by Gordon began to realize just how much information the two mysterious men had collected from him. Aside from the interviews with him they had also spoken with his wife and daughter. What’s more, they roamed almost undeterred around the home and had viewed all of his photographs.

It was then he discovered the negatives of the objects over the shopping center were missing.

While he would not receive any more threatening visits, the toll of the incidents began to weigh heavily on Gordon. His wife would move out with their daughter, terrified of the events unfolding around her. What’s more, Gordon would have a heart attack several weeks later, thought to be caused by stress.

He would eventually leave Wythe County. What’s more, he would claim that if he could go back in time, he would “not report the UFO story again”. It had, he claimed, caused “too many problems” in his life.

A Disruptive Force In The Spreading Of UFO Information?

With that last thought in mind, if there is a real organization that we would recognize as the Men In Black, perhaps the fact that Gordon’s life suddenly had “too many problems” was the whole point, at least from the group’s point of view. After all, Gordon did eventually relent on his research, albeit after it had almost cost him his life.

Although we have touched on the incident before, as it is one of the best pieces of footage concerning the apparent Men In Black – not to mention one of the most well-known – it would be a little remiss not to at least remind ourselves of the encounter at a hotel in Niagara Falls in Ontario, Canada from May 2009.

The encounter occurred following a UFO witnessed by the hotel manager and an employee in late-2008. They would eventually make a report of the sighting and had placed the incident to the backs of their minds. That was until the two strange, dark-suited individuals walked into the hotel asking to speak to the manager and the employee who had witnessed the strange craft with him.

What the content of the conversation might have been (at least the intricate details) remain unknown. However, it is claimed that they would ask several questions about the sightings while claiming to be from a government agency.

Witnesses would describe them as almost looking identical, with extremely pale skin and pale blue eyes that never blinked.

What is perhaps also interesting are claims that appeared afterward that the incident was simply “a prank”, which it very well could be. However, there appears to be no actual source of this admission, and witnesses simply claim they “had heard” it was such.

You can view that video footage below.

Intriguing Paranormal Connections

Perhaps we should remind ourselves of the apparent paranormal connections to the Men In Black. Rather than being form a top-secret government agency, perhaps the Men In Black are not even human at all.

As we mentioned above there is ample reason to believe that these strange entities have not only an extraterrestrial quality to them, but also a paranormal one.

The previously mentioned Albert Bender, for example, who claimed their form was so “monstrous” they used the Men In Black appearance as a disguise of sorts, also claimed that these entities had glowing red eyes. Such descriptions are often used to describe demons in ancient writings, and once again we might remind ourselves that many alleged sightings of reptilians also often contain descriptions of glowing red eyes.

Still frame from security camera showing alleged Men In Black

Did this security camera capture images of the real Men In Black?

The monotonous tone and stiff mannerisms are also like another paranormal phenomenon, that of the Black-Eyed Children. Indeed, many who claim to have been in the presence of these equally mysterious entities claim they have the feeling the exterior is merely a bizarre suit and not a child at all.

It is an interesting notion. As is the fact, as other researchers have pointed out, that the attire of these strange figures appears to be locked into the 1950s, even with incidents that have occurred in more recent times.

Might we assume that when the United States government began investigating UFO and alien encounters in the 1950s, that these strange alien visitors used their appearance as a basis for their own disguise or vessel?

Are MIB Appearances, While Real, Only In The Minds Of The Witnesses?

Another interesting point to examine is that, while not exclusively, but most often those who witness these strange figures are usually alone.

This perhaps forces us to ask if the encounters with these strange entities, while being very real, are more of a “tapping into” the minds or subconscious of those who “see” them. We have examined previously the “psychic internet theory” and how people’s minds, both individuals (in this case) and groups, can tap into, or have their minds tapped into an energy source unknown to modern science.

Might these entities use a similar knowledge or technology to appear to their chosen witnesses in such a way? Perhaps this explains why they appear to run out of energy or become weaker the longer the encounter continues. Might it be possible that the appearance of the Men In Black is some kind of astral projection? This would perhaps explain some of the encounters where they would suddenly appear in the room without warning.

A aerial shot of the Earth

Is there a more paranormal explanation to the Men In Black?

Perhaps one of the best-documented exceptions to this is the Men In Black encounter of Stella Lansing, who had not only managed to capture several UFOs on film, but also appeared to capture several unknown images, some of which resembled people.

One evening in April 1971, along with Dr. Berthold Eric Schwarz who was investigating the case, and a woman who wished to remain anonymous while driving to a spot where she had previously witnessed several UFOs, a strange, menacing car appeared out of nowhere and captured the pair in the full beam of the headlights. The car headlights would then begin to flash, almost as if attempting to communicate.

The car would then drive off at a screeching pace. The witnesses, however, were uncertain if they could make out any occupants.

Psychic Entities Or Urban Legend And Modern Myth?

The idea that the Men In Black may be entities from another realm of existence is certainly not a new one. Researcher, David Tansley, for example, would suggest that they were “psychic entities” and “dark forces”, whose whole aim was to prevent “true knowledge” from spreading. This in itself is perhaps very ambiguous, although, from an ancient astronaut perspective, it is perhaps reminiscent of the original goals of The Watchers, before the mutiny that led to them “marrying the daughters of man”.

There is, however, a distinct lack of solid evidence or recall of the actual encounters of these individuals. And there is also a distinct lack of follow-up to the threats – at least the fact that we know of the accounts would suggest so (although we should note many of the apparent suicides during the MK Ultra days appear to share links to the Men In Black, tentative as they might be).

Researcher, John Keel, suggest that these individuals make use of “some sort of brainwashing technique” that leaves the witness in a “state of nausea, mental confusion, and amnesia”. These symptoms sound remarkably similar to many reports of alien abduction. Might encounters with the Men In Black be another perception of such incidents? After all, many who claim to have undergone alien abduction encounters often recall a vague memory of high-ranking (suited) military presence. Might this military presence actually be what we know as the Men In Black?

This lack of evidence and solid sources, however, means there is very little in actual proof of the Men In Black’s existence. Are they nothing more than myth or urban legend, for example, in the same way we look at many legends and myths of the past, asking if they are actually real accounts?

Still Very Little Information Available

The fact is it is this ambiguity that both halts the credibility of the mysterious group, while at the same maintaining the interest and curiosity of researchers around the world.

While they are perhaps not as widely reported today as they appear to have been in the 1950s and 1960s, Men In Black encounters still do take place. We have examined before, for example, the relatively recent experience of filmmaker and UFO researcher, Dan Ackroyd, who claims to have had several encounters with the strange group.

Furthermore, there are apparent connections between the many sightings of “black helicopters” and Men In Black. This is a particularly interesting detail to continue to research given the equally bizarre claims of these apparently nuts-and-bolts aircraft changing shape in midair.

The fact is that there is very little that we actually know about these mysterious individuals, despite the relative abundance of encounters on record.

Whether there is ever a release of official government information on the Men In Black remains to be seen. Perhaps it is telling enough that despite the wealth of such declassified information that has been placed into the public arena (although an equal amount surely awaits release) that no such information on the mysterious group has been forthcoming.

Does this mean, then, that whoever this organization is they have no connection to the United States’ or any other government? Or might it suggest that the group are indeed so secretive that such information remains in the documents still locked away in government archives? That researchers and investigators will continue to examine and dissect such accounts and archives to get to the truth of the matter, however, is not in doubt.

Check out the video below. It looks at the most intriguing Men In Black encounters on record.


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  • Gary W. Harper says:

    They do not necessarily dress in black, nor wear fedoras. But their suits are dark, which does not say much, as most suits are dark.

    They do not necessarily work for any government agency. They do replicate that modus operandi, however.

    They can morph time and physical objects. Things can appear and disappear, albeit generally right when you are not paying close attention to it.

    They appeared to Abraham and to Herod, as is recorded in the Torah and the Gospels.

    They are not sinister, per se; unless you yourself are the bar sinister, and you interpret the experience in that particular way. They are actually more ambivalent, as far as right and wrong are concerned. We have freewill, after all. They just want us to make the right decisions, even though we generally will not.

    They seek out only those, who seek them. Their interaction with a seeker, is via the Eratapokriseis, with they assuming the role of the teacher.

    They have no control over you, which you do not freewill give to them.

    Their earliest known name, is They. The El — Elohim.

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