Are Pyramids In Antarctica The Last Remnants Of Atlantis?

Marcus Lowth
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December 11, 2016
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September 27, 2021
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Very recently at the start of December 2016, well respected astronaut, Buzz Aldrin, was reported to have tweeted a picture of an alleged pyramid located at the South Pole, with the text “We are all in danger! It is evil itself!” The tweet was soon removed, but not before people had had the chance to take screen shots of it, which many did.

For various reasons, it appears that the “tweet” in question was nothing but a hoax. There were various anomalies regarding the layout of it, and questions over the time stamp, which appeared to not be present. Aldrin himself incidentally, had to be airlifted from the Antarctic region only days prior to the tweet, and taken to New Zealand for “emergency treatment!”

A Pyramid in Antarctica covered with snow

A Pyramid in Antarctica?

The pyramid in question is said to be located in the immediate vicinity of the United Kingdom’s “Princess Elizabeth Station” and can be easily found on google maps (71° 56′ 55.29″ S 23° 20′ 42.94″ E.).

It isn’t the first time that such reports have surfaced of respected people issuing sudden, dire warnings to humanity. French astronaut, Claudie Haignere, was heard screaming “Earth must be warned!” while being restrained at a French hospital following an apparent suicide attempt in 2008. She eventually attributed the episode to nothing more than burnout.

There have however, been numerous theories and sightings of pyramids in this region of the world that Aldrin was claimed to have tweeted about. We recently looked at the Nazis intense interest in Antarctica, and it would seem that even today, they are not the only ones to have an eye on the area, be it for innocent or sinister means.

China’s recent approval from the Argentinian government to build a state-of-the-art space exploration base [1] in its southern Neuquen province, was controversial to some, given the debate to its “true purpose” by opponents. It is also, relatively speaking and coincidentally or not, a stone’s throw away from Antarctica.

The short video below is the reports of Aldrin’s apparent tweet.

John Kerry’s “Strange” Visit And Increased “Activity” On Antarctica?

When John Kerry travelled to Antarctica in November 2016 – only a month prior to the Aldrin tweet – it raised quite a few eyebrows. He was the highest ranking government official to visit the region, [2] and was there to see for himself the effects of climate change. Some however, felt that it was long way for such a high ranking official to go, despite Kerry’s tweet that he simply wished to “see firsthand some of the drastic effects” [3] happening in the environment. The trip was part of a “tour” of certain areas that proof of climate change could be seen.

Some people however, believe Kerry’s visit has other, more secretive matters at hand. In fact, there have been assertions by some, that there has been a general increase in activity from other world powers in Antarctica over the last twelve to eighteen months or so, in particularly, from Russia.

In February 2016, head of the Russian Orthodox Church, Patriach Kirill, made a trip to the area, which appeared to be an unusual thing for him to do, and certainly caught the attention of conspiracy theorists around the globe. There have even been rumours that President Obama made a “secret” visit during a trip to South America.

The two videos below look at these apparent theories and assertions that something “secret” is taking place in this part of the world. Although each one should be treated with a pinch of salt, they are very interesting theories nonetheless.

The Ross Sea Protected Area

In October 2016, an international agreement was reached by twenty-four countries, and the countries of the EU, that 1.5million sq km of the Ross Sea would be protected. [4] This meant that not only was no commercial fishing allowed in this area, only vessels and people with exclusive permission were even allowed to enter the waters. A noble endeavour no doubt, given that the agreement was reached in order to protect wildlife and the environment from ruin, but to some, it simply put a huge portion of the waters around Antarctica, off limits to the general public for thirty-five years.

Ten days prior to the announcement of this agreement on 18th October, Wikileaks had released over twenty photographs [5] of this area, with at least one of them appearing to show a strange flying object. The “leaked” pictures were part of the “John Podesta” e-mail releases. Whether the pictures (and indeed the leaked e-mails themselves) are authentic or not is very much open to debate, but some theorists quickly spotted that certain “numbers” in the set of photographs are missing – as if they have been removed by somebody “higher” than Podesta, before they came into his possession.

The Ross Sea and the waters surrounding this area of Antarctica are said by some researchers to be home to various underground bases, and even the site of conflicts between humans and an unknown alien race. Is it purely coincidence that these same waters are now only to be ventured into by just a select few? Incidentally, Kerry toured the Ross Sea during his aforementioned trip.

The previous year, there were also reports of “strange vehicles” that had been sighted in the same area as a reported increase in UFO activity. Next to these mystery vehicles, Google Earth captured what appeared to be a “saucer shaped craft” that had crashed into the icy service. What made the presence of the vehicles even more mysterious is that there didn’t appear to be any track markings of their progress to their present position, which incidentally seemed to be pointed at the crashed craft.

Had they been engaged in battle? Or were they themselves strange aircraft that had settled there following the crash landing of the downed object in a rescue mission. What is even more bizarre is that after these images first appeared in 2011, they simply disappeared and were not seen again, nor were any markings of their movements.

The short video below looks at the basics of the Ross Sea agreement.

The Black Pyramid Of Alaska

It isn’t the first time that there have been claims of strange activity and ancient pyramids buried under thousands, if not millions of years of snow and ice in such remote places.

In 1992, Channel 13 Anchorage reported on a huge pyramid structure that had been discovered buried under the ground near Mount McKinley in Alaska. The discovery was made purely by accident, when scientists noticed the huge structure as they set up seismic recording equipment due to an upcoming nuclear test by the Chinese government.

The news report was largely unnoticed by the vast majority, and was not reported anywhere other than the immediate local area that Channel 13 normally broadcast to. However, a retired United States military officer had seen the news report, and two decades later, he sought the help of cattle mutilation and UFO expert, Linda Moulton Howe, in investigating the claims.

According to Moulton Howe’s research and subsequent investigations, the pyramid dates back to antiquity and is tens of thousands of years old, and, like claims of other pyramids around the world, was built to harness and generate power.

Since the claimed existence of the Black Pyramid (google earth coordinates: 63°17’51.40″N 152°31’24.49″W) there have been many people – under anonymity albeit – who have also come forward with information.

A man who claimed he was the “adopted son of a retired Western Electric engineer” stated that his (adoptive) father had told him stories of a dark or black pyramid that he had worked on in Alaska. His father had helped to install an “electrical system” inside the ancient structure in the early sixties. Another person, by the name of Bruce Pearson, claimed that his father had been told by pilots that he worked with at the site, that the pyramid in Alaska was “not made by man!”

The video below features the aforementioned Linda Moulton Howe discussing the Black Pyramid and the events that led to its apparent discovery.

Ancient City Revealed By Now Missing TV Crew?

According to an article by Jonathan Gray in the World Education Research Ltd. newsletter, Archaeology News Flash, a recovered video filmed by a Californian TV crew, contains footage and proof of a huge archaeological dig occurring on the southernmost continent. The Atlantis TV Crew, who are still missing and have been since 2002, presumably in Antarctica, filmed the footage. The article states that the US government has already taken steps to stop the video being aired on any platform.

According to legal representatives of Atlantis TV, two US navy officers had discovered the tape and had made a report to the scientific research base, McMurdo Station. They claimed the tape showed “spectacular ruins” as well as archaeological activity being carried out by the US military. However, scientists and witnesses at the research facility stated, before the tape was taken from the two men and examined, a helicopter carrying a full unit of Navy SEALs landed outside the base, and took the navy officers and the video into their custody.

Perhaps predictably, perhaps not, the US Navy, and officials of the US Naval Support Task Force who operate in Antarctica, both deny any knowledge of the incident, or of having the video or the missing TV crew in their possession.

As with other such claims, this story should perhaps be treated with a pinch of salt, but it is worth making note of given the apparent increase in activity in the region.

Could Antarctica Really Be The Lost Continent Of Atlantis?

It is claimed by some – including the controversial but respected, Edgar Cayce – that the Great Sphinx was built by those that had escaped northwards from Atlantis following its tragic downfall and destruction. He also claimed that under the Sphinx’ paw, sits the mythical “Hall of Records” – a place where knowledge from the beginning of time resides, including the instructions of how pyramids were built.

If these survivors of Atlantis had been responsible for influencing – even building – the pyramids in Ancient Egypt, might some Atlanteans have escaped to other parts of the globe also? If so, might this explain why pyramids are found all over the planet?

If there is any degree of truth to that – and it is worth bearing in mind, Cayce was correct about a great many things – then it would make sense that pyramids existed on Atlantis itself. With that in mind, and given the apparent pyramids that can be seen today on the continent, might what we know as Antarctica today, once have been Atlantis?

One piece of evidence that seems to support this, is the “Terra Australis Map”, that seemed to show Antarctica without ice covering its land, hundreds of years before it was first “discovered” by humans.

The map was discovered by author and crustal displacement theorist, Charles Hapgood, in 1960, hidden away in congress archives. It was drawn up in 1531 and contains an area of land called Terra Australis that has a similar shape to the ice mass of Antarctica. It also contains mountain markings that match mountains in Antarctica today when they are viewed with NASA radar imaging. Even if Antarctica had been discovered in the 1500s, it would have been covered completely in ice, which suggests that the original to this map was drawn up thousands of years ago and then copied in the 1500s, or that it is an original, and that questions need to be asked about the technology used to make it.

Hapgood himself had theorised that Antarctica had once been much further north and in a warmer climate before a shift in the Earth’s crust moved its location to its current position, plunging it into icy conditions at the same time. Might this be the disaster that was said to have destroyed Atlantis?

If this icy world was once the lost continent, then world leaders – both political and religious – will have an intense interest in it, and the secrets and technology it might still hold. Whether those secrets and technologies will be made known to the public at large however, is another matter.

Check out the podcast documentary below featuring Linda Moulton Howe – in it they discuss at length what the apparent truths are about this part of the world.


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2 John Kerry lands in Antarctica becoming the highest US official to visit the continent,, November 11th, 2016
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