The Death Bed Confessions Of Boyd Bushman – Aliens Are Real!

Marcus Lowth
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March 2, 2017
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September 23, 2021
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Almost daily you will see stories of an ex-high-level military employee making one confession or another on social media. Many of them require a good pinch of salt while reading, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t receive acknowledgment. If only so you are able to discount them.

Sometimes though, a confession of sorts comes to light however, that seems to endorse what other people have said before. While that doesn’t make these claims any more credible, it certainly makes them worth studying a little more closely.

Boyd Bushman holding a photo of an alien life form.

Boyd Bushman holding a photo of an alien life form.

This is the case with the death bed confessions of Boyd Bushman. They fit in precisely with other whistle-blowers who speak of secret alien technology and space fleets. Just one who has expressed such views is former Canadian Defense Minister, Paul Hellyer, who we have written about before. What’s more, many have connected Bushman’s former employers with secret black budget projects for the United States government.

Before we move on Bushman’s claims, here is the RT interview with Paul Hellyer again. This is just one of many times he has spoken publicly and in-all-seriousness about such things.

UFOs and Aliens Are Real!

Shortly before his death in August 2014, scientist, Boyd Bushman who held senior positions with Lockheed-Martin, made some shocking statements. Bushman’s four-decade career was very real and very decorated. In short, he is a very credible witness, who also had various technological patents to his name.

Not only did Bushman state that UFOs are very real and of extra-terrestrial origin, but the stories of recovered vehicles and alien bodies were also accurate. He even produced several photographs of one such recovered alien.

Alien technology was then back-engineered in order that it be suitable for humans, while a meticulous study of the aliens continued. According to Bushman, two completely different species of alien are in the possession of these secret government agencies. Furthermore, the former scientist states that there are aliens who already work alongside humans on these secret projects. According to Bushman, they communicate with their human counterparts through telepathy.

These projects took place in Area 51, the highly secretive Air Force base in Nevada. The video below offers a light-hearted look at this much talked about facility.

Anti-Gravity Technology Faster Than The Speed of Light!

Bushman went on to claim that citizens of America were working “24 hours a day” in order to unlock the secrets of the alien technology in their possession. [1] The technology itself is “very advanced!” So much so that there is the ability to travel much faster than the speed of light – something mainstream science insists we can’t do, at least not yet.

The main thrust of this research revolves around anti-gravity technology. The secret projects are a global effort, with the leading minds from various different countries, including Russia and China.

These assertions echo those made by Ben Rich, another high-ranking Lockheed-Martin member. Before his death in 1995, he stated that the technology to “take ET home” already existed. He would even go as far as to say “anything you can imagine, we already have the technology to do!” However, this technology stays hidden within top secret black budget programs.

The video below looks at some of the claims of the aforementioned Ben Rich. These claims continue to look increasingly credible as more information leaks out.

Secret Monitoring and Airbrushing

Ufologist, Dr. Steven Greer, claims that he has received top secret (leaked) papers from an anonymous source in the US military that show a deep involvement in the monitoring of intelligently guided objects “entering the Earth’s atmosphere!” The North America Air Defense Command carries out this duty. They codename these objects “Fastwalkers”, and there are approximately five-hundred confirmed sightings occur each year.

Don Phillips speaks of secret test flights doubling as secret missions in the video below. According to Phillips, many of these pilots were on missions “monitoring some kind of traffic to and from planet Earth!”

There are also claims that official NASA and International Space Station photographs are “airbrushed” to remove evidence of these crafts. Donna Hare, who worked on top secret projects for Philco Ford, a NASA contractor, claimed to have seen photographs that clearly showed a UFO. When she questioned this, her colleague informed her that such images are “airbrushed” before they are made public.

She further asserted that many astronauts witnessed these crafts for themselves on space missions. They had been subject to deadly threats should they speak of their experiences publicly.

What Have They Really Got To Gain?

When hacker Gary McKinnon managed to hack into top secret US government files, he said he gained access to information that appeared to prove what many had told anyone who would listen for years.

Much of what he claims to have seen backup Hare’s claims of airbrushing programs and removing images of UFOs. He also revealed information on secret space programs similar to claims that Paul Hellyer and Ben Rich have volunteered. It is also worth remembering that McKinnon very nearly found himself extradited to the United States. For months he faced an exceptionally long jail term.

It is hard to see then, what he, Bushman, and many others who have made similar choices to search for and go public with secret information, have to gain from such moves, other than to inform the world of such secret activity. None of the aforementioned whistle-blowers have received any obvious monetary reward in return for leaked information.

While some people are undoubtedly looking for attention, and money, from outrageous claims, they tend to come unstuck relatively quickly. The only other possibility is that the claims are a last “patriotic act” of purposeful and pre-planned disinformation. While not impossible a notion, it is one that is unlikely. If only given the need for most human beings to “make things right” as they progress into more contemplative years.

You can watch the confession of Boyd Bushman in full below and make your own minds up.


1 Area 51 scientist claims existence of aliens in bizarre deathbed video – and says they’re ‘long-fingered and friendly’, Rob Waugh, Metro, October 27th, 2014

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