The Snaefellsjokull Incident And “The Little Grey People” Of Iceland

Marcus Lowth
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June 20, 2017
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September 3, 2020
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Iceland is perhaps one of the most mysterious and enchanting places on the planet. Maybe no surprise then that the country has more legends, folklore and UFO connections than you can shake a padded winter coat at.

It also provides Western powers, and more specifically the United States, with key locations for military bases. Particularly throughout the Cold War. On many occasions, American fighter jets would scramble from these bases pursuing unknown aircraft, thought to be Soviet planes. These chases would go as far down as the east coast of the United Kingdom. Most of these scrambles would result in UFO sightings and encounters, some of which would remain hidden for decades.

Iceland coastline with UFO in the sky (drawing).

Iceland coastline with UFO in the sky (drawing).

Perhaps the presence of the American military attracted UFO attention? Or maybe the UFO presence would attract the US military? What is certain is that the UFO sightings keep coming. One incident in the early 1990s, however, would put Iceland firmly in the sights of UFO researchers around the world.

Whether it is merely down to its natural enchantment, or more to do with the activity under investigation by many researchers, Iceland is a “special place” to many ufologists.

Before we look at the 1990s incident though, check out the video below. It looks at the 2010 volcanic activity in Iceland, and reports of UFO activity in the area at the time.

Icelandic Legends and Folklore

Like anywhere in the world, Iceland has its fair share of legends and folklore that have been passed on through the ages. Some of these, as we will look at shortly, seem to fit in with reports of what many would describe as “gray” aliens.

There are legends of an ice-worm monster known as the Lagarfljotsormur. Sightings on record of this creature date back to the 1300s. No doubt there are many unlogged sightings before that.

Perhaps of slightly more intrigue to those in the UFO field are the tales of the Hidden People or Huldufolk. These beings are very much “humanoid” although smaller – some describe them as Icelandic elves.

They inhabit the mountains and the underworld that resides inside them. Legend also states that they are invisible to all but a few people who have an ability to see them. Otherwise, they must “give permission”. So seriously is the presence of the Hidden People, that many construction projects go out of their way to avoid damaging the rocks of the mountains.

The glacier in Snaefellsjokull is one particular area that is awash with strange sightings and activity. Local residents claim to be able to literally “feel the power” of the mountainous terrain. There are many UFO sightings around these mountains, and modern legends of the population tell of “aliens visiting” the area. There are even stories of people leaving them food and other gifts. Perhaps most intriguing of all, are the descriptions of them being the “little grey people” who live under the glacier itself.

However, it is not only legends – modern or otherwise – that makes this area particularly interesting. Before we look at some of the “nuts-and-bolts” sightings of Iceland, check out the videos below. It looks at Icelandic Folklore.

Sightings Off The Scottish And Icelandic Coasts

In the winter of 1992 and into 1993, UFO activity in the North Atlantic, in particular off the coast of northern Scotland and Iceland, would increase dramatically. Even mainstream media outlets would begin to show an interest.

According to a leaked report that did not make the media rounds, however, one of these incidents was much more than a mere sighting. On 20th December a UFO appeared off the coast of the Orkney Islands. A fighter jet launched to intercept it immediately. As ground control watched events unfold on the radar screen, all witnessed the jet and the UFO “merge into one” before the object vanished.

A search-and-retrieve mission went into action straight away. The team would find the plane, completely undamaged, in terrain in the Orkney Islands where it simply could not have landed. It appeared to have been “placed” where it lay. Furthermore, and of more concern, the pilot was missing. It remains unknown if he was ever found, alive or dead.

On the same day, came various reports of unidentified objects, complete with an array of flashing lights, entering the waters off the coast of Iceland. Such activity would continue over the following days. At one point, the National Icelandic Coast Guard went to investigate matters for themselves.

“Exclusive” Reports From Fishermen’s Boats

UFO researcher, Tony Dodd, who we have written about previously, had many sources within the fishing communities of Iceland. As strange as that might sound at face value, these people were in these dangerous waters more than most. They would see any strange activity that might be taking place. They would prove invaluable for Dodd, as they are in all likeliness today for various researchers who are in contact with them.

Reports would arrive from these fishermen of “exclusion zones” put into place, miles wide, by the US Navy. They would also make regular reports of “underground vehicles” that were “definitely not submarines” as official papers would suggest. On several occasions, they would even tell of gigantic crafts “entering the waters” off the coast of Iceland, moving at an alarming rate. They would even report of how electrical equipment on the ship would malfunction in the object’s presence.

It is, in part, from these reports of information, that theories of underwater alien bases stem from. And the amount of sightings in this region of the world only verifies these theories, if only in part, even more. This stretch of water, extremely difficult to negotiate for us, would (theoretically) prove invaluable for extra-terrestrial visitors. Aside from being relatively unobserved – at least officially – these waters harbor valuable minerals on the seabed.

Whether or not there is any truth to these theories, in the days following the initial sightings off the coasts of Scotland and Iceland, there was a considerably large multi-national navy presence in the Icelandic waters.

Fishing boat off the coast of Iceland.

Fishing boat off the coast of Iceland.

Christmas Military “Exercises”

By 23rd December, an apparent NATO naval exercise was underway off the coast of Iceland. Some naval crews even had leave canceled on Christmas Eve to take part – something that would be unlikely to have happened for a mere exercise. According to the source of the events, many personnel realized they were there for “something serious!”  A trickle of reports appeared in the British press of their warships tracking Russian “super-submarines!”

The following days would be spent tracking various objects along the Icelandic coast as they entered the cold waters. According to the whistle-blower, an American warship along with her crew completely vanished. As the pilot who vanished only days earlier, it is unclear if the warship re-appeared. Rumors swirled that the CIA even utilized remote viewers in an attempt to locate it.

By the time 1992 had given way to 1993, and January had established its reign, the weather in the region worsened. Many vessels would take cover in Langeness Fjord for several weeks during this period. During this time, reports on local radio stations spoke of UFO sightings in the region. Some residents would even report seeing “small people” on the ice.

Although the military presence would decrease over the next few months, by April activities in the region again made the newspapers. Russian vessels would join the remaining NATO ships. Although there was no disclosure of their activities, media reports claimed more “joint-naval exercises” were taking place.

An intercepted message, however, would suggest otherwise. Coming from one of the Russian warships to a NATO vessel, it read, “We are engaging an unknown underwater craft!”

Make of those comments what you will.

Increasingly “Bizarre” Claims

While the wave of activity that ushered out 1992 and welcomed 1993 died down somewhat by the summer, the activity would continue over the following years. These sightings often occurred in waves much like that of in the early months of 1993.

In February 1996 for example, reports from a fishing vessel off Iceland’s west coast, would speak of “black triangular craft” hovering in the sky over them. Their electronic equipment failed, and would not return to working order until the craft disappeared – into the sea.

Less than a week later, another fishing vessel would report not one, but three triangular craft over their boat. Each craft had a strange “red ball” trailing it, but operating completely independently. Every single crew member would witness the event, and all claimed that each of the craft vanished under the icy waters.

Several months later, another fishing crew – operating near a small group of American warships – made an intriguing report. Without warning, a “blinding flash of light” suddenly lit up the entire area, and much to their disbelief, one of the military vessels had disappeared. According to the captain of the fishing boat, an American boat soon arrived at their location. They were told to leave the area immediately.

Iceland and the waters around it, still have numerous UFO sightings each year. And the rumors and theories of alien bases in the mysterious stretch of water between the Icelandic coast and the north and east coasts of the United Kingdom persist.

Check out the video below. It looks at an incident in 2013 and a UFO landing in a small Icelandic town.

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