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March 7, 2023
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March 10, 2023
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We know that UFO sightings were more than steady throughout 2022, and 2023 looks set to see much more of the same. Make sure you check this page regularly, as each month we will examine some of the best UFO sightings and reports of the previous four weeks.

As always, we will report on sightings that have just happened, as well as encounters that might have happened in the months or even years previously, but have only recently come to light. We will update this page each month so make sure you keep checking back throughout the year.


After the shooting down of unknown objects at the start of the month (which you can read about here) UFO sightings continued to be reported around the world throughout February. Whether this simply due to people being more alert in light of the shoot downs is open to debate. And, like most months, there have been a wide variety of strange objects reported.

There was also a sighting from the previous four weeks from a small town in Yorkshire, one that we managed to speak to the witnesses directly. And while you can read about that incident in full here, we will go over the basics here before we move on.

On the day in question, just before 11 pm on February 23rd, Andrea Neal was driving toward the small village of Hatfield when she noticed two strange, dark, grey objects moving across the sky. Even stranger, the two crafts would come to sudden stops before restarting again and did so several times. Andrea continued to follow them until trees at the roadside cut off her view. Just what the objects might have been remains unknown. The description, however, is remarkably similar to the famous Tic-Tac UFO commented on by the Pentagon.

Strange Lights Over Luke Air Force Base, Arizona, 1st Feb.

On the evening of February 1st in Glendale, Arizona, a local man witnessed several strange lights that appeared to be moving over nearby Luke Air Force Base. They would recall in their report that, to begin with, they noticed three lights which then “slowly fade” before five further lights appeared.

The witness watched while also managing to capture footage of the incident as the five lights then faded away as the first three had done.

As we know, Arizona is a hot spot for UFO sightings, with some of the most interesting and credible sightings having taken place in the state.

You can see that video below and see what you think.

Dark Object Witnessed Over Islamabad, Pakistan, Early Feb.

Although the exact date it is uncertain, in early February a particularly intriguing sighting was reported from Islamabad in Pakistan. [1] According to the report, the sighting unfolded in the middle of the day and was witnessed by several people.

The object itself was described as a “bulging triangle” and was visible for around two hours. The main witness, Arslan Warraich, watched the object for the entire two hours, even managing to capture around 12 minutes of video footage from various different angles, as well as taking several pictures.

He would state that “to the naked eye it seemed like a black, round rock”. However, when he zoomed in on the strange object, he could see that it was “roughly the shape of a triangle with a clear bulge on (the) top towards the back”. He would further state that the craft was “solid black” with “no sharp edges” and “wasn’t reflecting too much light”. He could also see no lights on the object itself.

He would share the footage online, with many people who viewed offering a variety of possibilities as to what the strange object might have been, with one viewer claiming they had seen an almost identical object recently over New York in the United States.

Although Warraich himself stopped short of stating the object was extraterrestrial in nature, he did state that “with the number of stars and planets in the known universe, it is statistically impossible that we are the only intelligent beings in this universe”.

On whether the object could have been some kind of military drone, Warraich offered that it “makes no sense for our military to be flying secret drones over a posh area of Islamabad where most of the army and government officers live”.

You can see a picture of that object below.

Two Strange Objects Over Filmed Over Scottsdale, Arizona, 5th Feb.

An extremely intriguing UFO encounter unfolded on the evening of February 5th in Scottsdale, Arizona, not least as the witness managed to capture 12 minutes’ worth of footage.

According to their report, the witness claimed that they had witnessed several objects in the days previously, and so on this evening, they decided to venture outside in an attempt to purposely capture the strange objects on video. They pressed record as they studied the skies, and almost immediately, they noticed a strange object moving north to south overhead.

They would describe the object as “brilliant and flickering” as well as “orb-like” that would produce a “flash of color” at random intervals.

Even stranger, when they viewed the video later that evening, they noticed a second craft that, at first, appeared orb-like but would “mutate into some kind of metallic craft” as it was moving through the sky.

You can watch that video below.

Diamond-Shaped Object Filmed Over Phoenix, Arizona, 8th Feb.

On the afternoon of February 8th, again in Arizona, this time just outside of Phoenix, a local resident who was riding their mountain bike suddenly noticed a strange, diamond-shaped object in the sky overhead. They would recall that at the time they witnessed the object, they could hear (and see) planes in the sky, but “could not identify this object”.

There is little other information about this sighting, and what it might have been remains a complete mystery. They managed to get several seconds of video footage of the strange craft, however, which you can see below.

Green Glow Over Essex, United Kingdom, 8th Feb.

At around 5:30 pm on February 8th near the village of Hockley in Essex in the south of England, 22-year-old Danielle Jaye was making her way to the shops when she decided to take a picture of the captivating sunset. [2] After taking the picture, she visited the shops and returned home. However, when she viewed the pictures later that evening, she was quite shocked to see several green lights that appear to belong to some kind of strange object.

She would state that whatever it was, it was “too big to be a drone”, and was certainly “something unusual and interesting”. Of course, just what the object might remains open to debate.

You can see that picture below.

Bizarre Glowing Object Over Wilcox, Pennsylvania, 10th Feb.

On the evening of February 10th in Wilcox, Pennsylvania, at around 6:30 pm, a mechanic had just finished working on a vehicle and was walking back to their shop when they saw a “strange light” in the sky. They immediately reached for their phone, thinking the light might be a drone, and went to film it. However, by the time they had opened the camera app and pointed the device skyward, the object had disappeared.

He would state that he waited where he was, studying the sky intently for around 10 minutes, hoping that the strange light would return. To his shock, it did, and this time he hit record on the phone straight away, capturing significant footage of it.

He would offer in his report that he had “never seen anything like this before” and that shortly after the object disappeared for good “fighter jets with full afterburners” appeared. Was this some kind of intercept mission?

You can see that video below.

Strange Object Photographed Over Lemington, United Kingdom, 13th Feb.

On the morning of 13th February, at around 7:40 am, Nikita Sim stepped outside of her front door in Lemington in the northeast of England and was amazed to see a strange object in the early morning sky. [3] Realizing she was seeing something out of the ordinary, she quickly took a picture of the object and rushed back inside the house to show it to her partner. By the time she had returned outside, however, the object had disappeared.

She would later state to a local media platform that the object was “a circle with a ring around it” which had “dark smoke coming from the bottom”. She further offered that what drew her attention to it more than anything was that it was “traveling upward rather than sideways”. Both Nikita and her partner believe that what was captured in the photograph was “unexplainable”, although they would stop short of claiming they had definitely captured a vehicle of extraterrestrial origin.

As we might imagine there are differing opinions as to what the object might be. According to Air Traffic Control at Newcastle Airport, the object is likely “an airliner traveling at high altitude”.

You can see that picture below and make up your own mind.

Red Spherical Object Spotted Over El Paso, Texas, 25th Feb

Although there is not a lot of information on it, a sighting from the evening of February 25th in El Paso in Texas is very worth our time here. The witness, who managed to film part of the 15-minute sighting, stated that the glowing, red, spherical object came into view from over the mountain. What’s more, it appeared to be “pulsating” as it moved.

After remaining in view for around a quarter of an hour, the object moved off into the distance. Whether it was an extraterrestrial vehicle or not is open to debate.

You can see video footage of that sighting below and make up your own mind.


The opening weeks of 2023 have been packed with reports of strange aerial objects. And what’s more, these have come from all around the world. From strange moving lights to disc or saucer-shaped objects, as well as reports from plane passengers, reports of UFOs have started as they appear to go on throughout the year.

Claims Of UFO Shot Down Over Rostov, Russia, 3rd Jan

According to reports, on the evening of 3rd January in the Rostov region of Russia, the Russian military opened fire and brought down an unknown object with anti-aircraft weapons. [4] According to the reports, the object was a “small-size object in the shape of a ball” and was spotted moving over the village of Sultan Saia, moving against the direction of the wind.

Not long after the object first appeared, Russian air defenses were ordered to open fire. Authorities would urge local populations to remain calm while the military continued their recovery operation. Although it was not stated that there was any belief the object was of alien origin, no explanation has been offered for just what the object might have been.

Strange Object Witnessed From A Plane Over Phoenix, Arizona, 6th Jan

According to a sighting reported to veteran UFO researcher, Scott Waring, a plane passenger witnessed a bizarre object while flying over Phoenix in Arizona.

The witness stated they were flying at an approximate altitude of around 41,000 feet when he happened to look out the window and “saw something flying in tandem with us”. They continued to watch the object, noticing that on occasion, it appeared to increase in brightness temporarily.

Just what the object might have been remains a mystery. According to Waring, the footage likely shows multiple objects that were likely following the aircraft. What’s more, further according to Waring, the objects appear to rotate so that a different one is closest to the aircraft, all while maintaining their speed with the aircraft.

You can see that video below and see what you think.

Saucer-Shaped Object Photographed Over Penza, Russia, 10th Jan

According to a report to come out of Russia, a distinctly saucer or disc-shaped object was witnessed moving over Penza in Russia during the daylight hours of 10th January. Furthermore, the object “circled over the village” for a considerable amount of time.

The object was seemingly witnessed by multiple residents of the village, with one of them managing to capture a photograph of it. While there is little other information about the sighting, the picture does indeed appear to show a typically saucer-shaped object, similar to many other reports of disc-like craft over the decades.

You can see that picture below.

Bizarre Object Witnessed Coming Out Of The Clouds Over Hoofddorp, Netherlands, 17th Jan

A truly bizarre object was spotted by a motorist during the day on 17th January in Hoofddorp in the Netherlands, an object that appeared to have some kind of attachment hanging downward.

According to the witness, he was driving when he noticed something out of the window. Not only had a bizarre-looking cloud appeared, but a “dark wisp” then emerged and remained visible for around 30 seconds.

There is little other information about the sighting, and while there could be a perfectly reasonable explanation, it is still worth including here.

You can see that video footage below.

Globe-Like Object Seen By Multiple People Over Glasgow, Scotland, 18th Jan

On the evening of 18th January in Glasgow, Scotland, several local residents reported seeing a “strange ball-shaped structure” in the dark skies overhead. [5] And according to one of the witnesses, who managed to film the object, there was no doubt in his mind that the object was a “spaceship”.

He would state to Glasgow Live that this was not the first such otherworldly object to have been spotted over Glasgow, elaborating that he had “personally witnessed in Scotland orbs changing into something like a jet, big white light in the middle, green on one side and red on the other. They are all over the world. I and many others have witnessed these balls of light shapeshifting.”

Ultimately, he believed the purpose behind the sighting was for these apparent alien creatures to show humanity that their technology is far superior to ours.

There were even reports that the Russian military had been tracking the object, and that they were looking to shoot it down. How credible these reports are, however, remains open to debate.

The footage quickly got uploaded to various social media platforms, including TikTok, and so resulting in many suggestions as to just what the object might be.

You can see a picture of that object below.

Strange Object Seen “Dancing” Over Plymouth, England, 18th Jan

On the same evening, south of the border in Plymouth, England, a local resident and businessman, Kevin Kelway, managed to capture a bizarre object “dancing” in the night sky on his webcam. [6] The footage was captured at precisely 6:43 am, and the witness, who has lived in the same property for almost 30 years, offered that he has never seen anything like it previously, adding they were “definitely unexplained” and “very mysterious”.

As we might expect, once the footage was released onto social media, there were several responses and suggestions as to what the lights might have been, with some offering that they could be nothing more than a bug flying close to the lens. Others suggested they could belong to a drone or even the result of a missile test.

Perhaps one of the most intriguing suggestions came from Elisabeth Phillips, who offered that there was a “road running up one of the hills in the distance, it’s not even in the sky… You can even see the darker land mass around the second one.”

You can see a picture of that object below and see what you think.

Plate-Shaped Object Witnessed In The South-West Of England, 19th January

A particularly intriguing encounter unfolded at around 11 pm on 19th January, somewhere in the south-west of England. [7] According to the witness, they were walking their dog in a field that was around five minutes from their home when they noticed a “bright white circular light” that appeared almost plate-shaped. As it moved, it remained completely motionless, meaning the witness could rule out that it was a helicopter.

They watched the object as it moved around in the sky overhead for several minutes, noting that at no point did they feel frightened or threatened by its presence. Then, after this time, they simply went on their way and made their way home.

Unfortunately, the witness wasn’t able to capture a picture or any video footage of the encounter. What it might have been remains unknown.

Strange Object Over Holyhead Mountain, Wales, 23rd Jan

At around 7 pm on 23rd January, local resident Justin Beilensohn filmed strange lights over Holyhead Mountain from, his bedroom window in Anglesey. [8] As he handed his son watched the lights, they suddenly went out, as if something had simply switched them off.

Perplexed, the witness uploaded his footage to social media, where many people viewed and shared it. However, no solid explanations have yet been offered.

He would later explain to North Wales Live that his bedroom overlooks the docks, and he first noticed the lights from his bedroom window as he was getting out of the shower. He would describe the lights as extremely bright, almost “diamond light”. It was at that point that he called to his son, asking him if he could see this bizarre glow.

As they watched, two further lights appeared alongside the first. He estimated that it was around two to three miles from their location, and was approximately 50 feet wide. He also offered that he couldn’t be certain if the lights were connected to one single aircraft or if they were each separate from each other.

He would continue that “”the two side lights seemed to fizzle out and I thought it was turning anti-clockwise, then the end lights appeared again as if I was looking at it from a different angle. Then the light vanished, then reappeared after about five seconds and it did this three to four times.”

What’s more, the witness claimed to be relatively familiar with the usual kinds of aircraft he would see in the area – ranging from civilian aircraft to helicopters and even RAF planes – and he was certain that these were “nothing like I have ever seen”, adding he was completely “baffled by it” but “open-minded to what it could be”.

You can see a still frame of the footage taken below.

Silver Saucer-Shaped Object Over Palmdale, California, 24th Jan

An intriguing piece of video footage was captured during the afternoon of 24th January in Palmdale, California, when a mother and her daughter witnessed a silver, saucer-shaped object overhead.

According to the mother, she and her daughter “saw it appear out of nowhere”, adding that it then appeared to “have gone transparent” right before their eyes. She continued that they could hear no sounds that would indicate some kind of engine, nor any other signs of propulsion.

They watched the object for around 10 minutes before it seemed to disappear, as if into thin air. The witness recalled that there were “zero buildings or trees” that it could have disappeared behind, it just “literally disappeared”.

You can see that video footage below.

Bizarre Object Spotted Over Leighton Buzzard, 27th Jan

According to a report on The Mirror’s media platform [9] a resident of Leighton Buzzard in Bedfordshire, 30-year-old Shane Draper, witnessed a bizarre object at just before 8 am on 27th January as he made his way to work.

The shocked witness pulled his car to the side of the road in order to get a better view of the aerial anomaly, at first thinking it was an airplane about to crash as it “looked like it was on fire”. Then, however, Draper looked on as the object made a “very sharp turn”, one that was unlike any plane he had witnessed.

Draper was quick-thinking enough to capture an image of the mysterious object and immediately put them on social media, asking if anyone might have any idea what the object could be. While some who viewed the footage agreed it was very strange and not something made on Earth, with some even adding that several other sightings had been made that morning, others claimed that what Draper had witnessed was nothing more than a terrestrial aircraft, albeit an advanced one.

Many who believed the object was a plane pointed to the water vapor that was visible behind the object, which showed that the craft operated on a “normal combustion engine”.

You can see that picture below and make up your own mind.

Pulsating Lights Witnessed Over Yakima, Washington, 31st Jan

On the evening of 31st January in Yakima in the state of Washington, a local resident managed to capture footage of several pulsating lights.

The witness would state that the lights were in a “strange pattern” that “changed color from red to white” and were in “close proximity to one another”. The objects remained visible for around a minute, the vast majority of which they managed to capture on video.

Some researchers have suggested the lights might have been some form of extraterrestrial communication, although, officially at least, the sighting remains unexplained.

You can see that video footage below.


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