The Best UFO Sightings, Videos & Encounters of 2024

Marcus Lowth
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February 24, 2024
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April 21, 2024
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Much like the start of 2023, 2024 is a year that many in the UFO community believe will bring further seismic revelations about UFOs and what the governments of the world might know about them. Whether that proves to be the case, of course, remains to be seen. One thing is certain, though – that UFO sightings will continue to be reported as 2024 unfolds.

We will update this page each month with the most interesting sightings and reports, so be sure to bookmark us and check back regularly.



As assertions, claims, and declarations continue to surface in and around the Pentagon UFO hearings, strange lights and objects continue to be reported around the planet. And, as is normally the case, there have been a wide variety of objects reported. And what’s more, as we will examine now, many of these reports also had photographic or video evidence.

Two Objects Over Patchogue, New York, 3rd Mar.

Although there is a difference of opinion among those who have seen the photograph, a woman from Patchogue, New York, claimed to have spotted two strange objects hovering over their neighborhood at around 4:30 pm on March 3rd. [1] According to the report the witness submitted, she was on a trampoline in her yard with her daughter, each lying down and looking up at the sky, when they both noticed the two strange objects.

To begin with, they thought they were looking at birds (which some people believe they were), but the more they looked at them, the more they looked like something a little more out of the ordinary. They watched the objects for around 60 seconds before they began to disappear, although the pair were not sure if they ascended higher or if the clouds covered over them. They remained where they were for a further 15 minutes in the hope that the objects might return but they didn’t.

Below is a picture of that object (taken from a screenshot of the video the witness captured).

Bright Multicolored Object Spotted Over Santa Maria, California, 3rd March

Just after 9 pm on March 3rd, three people witnessed a bizarre object over Santa Maria in California while driving along Highway 101. [2] According to their report to the National UFO Reporting Center, they were driving northbound along the highway when they noticed the object overhead and to the left of their vehicle.

To begin with, the witnesses thought the glow was the consequence of a fire somewhere nearby. However, the more they watched the aerial anomaly, the more they saw it as a “round flying object” seemingly directly above the nearby mountain. Even stranger, the object appeared to be “shooting a laser beam towards the ground as it was elevating”. As it ascended, the object’s brightness lessened until it disappeared out of sight.

We should note that, at least according to the National UFO Reporting Center, this sighting was likely of the Space X Starlink satellites (although that wouldn’t explain the apparent laser beam part of the sighting). Regardless, you can see a picture of that object below.

Slow-Moving Object Over Oklahoma, 4th Mar.

During the early evening of March 4th in Oklahoma, at around 7:30 pm, a family noticed a strange object overhead that seemed to have “rings coming off it”. [3] Not only that, they managed to capture several minutes of footage which they turned over to KFOR.

The main witness, Steve Aragona, was outside with his children and his neighbors when they first noticed the strange object. Aragona later recalled that following his neighbor drawing his attention to the object, “this white thing appeared in the sky”. All of those present witnessed the object, and while there were plenty of suggestions as to what the object might have been, it remains a mystery.

The video below is a news report from KFOR on the sighting.

Possible Strange Object Over Mount Vernon, Washington, 5th Mar.

According to a report made to the National UFO Reporting Center, at around 6:20 pm on March 5th, a local resident of Mount Vernon in the state of Washington witnessed a strange bright light in the sky while they were driving home after collecting a pizza. [4]

In their report, they stated that they first noticed the object around four blocks from their apartment. Once they arrived home, they could see what appeared to be a vapor trail where the strange aerial anomaly had been. They managed to take several pictures and then went inside. By the time they had arrived at their apartment window, the object and the vapor trail were no longer there.

The witness went back through their photographs and identified what they believed was a black triangular object within a glowing trail. We should note that some people who have viewed the photograph suggest that the object could have been nothing more than an airplane and accompanying contrail.

You can see a picture of that object below and see what you think.

Phoenix Light-Like UFO Filmed Over Lowville, New York, 7th Mar.

On the evening of March 7th in Lowville, New York, a bizarre formation of objects, that appeared very similar to the object spotted during the Phoenix Lights incident, were spotted and filmed by a local resident.

Whether the lights are individual objects or part of a single, larger craft is open to debate. It is, though, one of the most interesting sightings and pieces of video footage of recent times. You can see footage of that sighting below and make up your own mind.

Bright “Translucent” Object Witnessed Over The Oro Valley, Arizona, 9th Mar.

At 6:30 pm on March 9th in Oro Valley in Arizona, a husband and wife noticed a “bright white object appear in the sky” from the yard. [5] The witness stated in her report that it was her husband, who was in their hot tub at the time, who spotted the strange object first before calling her to come outside. When she did, realizing it was something a little out of the ordinary, she immediately retrieved her phone and binoculars.

Although it was early evening, it was still light outside, yet the object was perfectly visible in the sky. Every now and then, clouds covered the object, but it remained visible for a considerable amount of time. As the sky darkened as the night drew near, the object began to fade and become lost within the many stars that were visible in the night sky.

The couple is both familiar with satellites that they often see in the skies above their home and were confident that this object was something a little more out of the ordinary than that.

You can see a picture of that object below.

“Massive Dark V-Shaped Craft” Over Palm Springs, California, 9th Mar.

One of the most interesting sightings from March 2024 unfolded several hours later in Palm Springs, California.[6] At around 8:25 pm on the night in question, the witness was walking their dog when they paused to “look up at the stars”. As they did so, they suddenly noticed “an enormous V-shaped craft traveling across the sky”. This object was close to the Orion constellation and appeared to “occupy about two-thirds of the height” of the constellation. This alone told the witness that whatever the object was, it was “much larger than any human-made craft”, with the witness even going as far as to say that the object appeared to be “miles in scale, not meters”.

The witness also stated in their report that it appeared as though the object was using some “star camouflage” with lights that seemed to be spaced “randomly” in an attempt to “mimic” the stars of the night sky. Despite this, the witness was clearly able to see the “shape of the dark structure” and was certain that the glows were “not separate lights moving in unison but rather part of a larger, visible, solid structure”.

After watching it for several moments, the witness reached for their phone in an attempt to film the object. While they managed to capture several seconds of footage, they struggled to align their phone in order to capture it clearly for a prolonged amount of time. The object remained in sight for just short of 60 seconds before it disappeared over the San Jacinto mountain range.

Furthermore, the witness described the object’s speed as “remarkable” due to the vast distance it covered in a short amount of time. Further still, the witness attested that the object had to have been considerable in size due to how large it appeared despite clearly being several miles up. Even more fascinating, despite its size and how fast it was moving, it remained completely silent.

Ultimately, the witness offered that the “experience was surreal yet unmistakably real” and was “unlike anything else” they had ever witnessed.

You can see a still frame of that video below.

Strange Glowing Object Near Green River, Wyoming, 10th Mar.

In the early hours of March 10th, at around 3:40 am near the Green River in Wyoming, Richard Beckwith managed to capture just over 40 minutes of footage of a glowing orange object. He would eventually upload just over 30 seconds of that footage to YouTube, stating that “the movement of the object is not the result of a camera shake” and that the object was “oscillating back and forth”.

Even more remarkable, at around the 30-second mark of the video clip (and just after 30 minutes into the sighting), the object ejected a smaller object that Beckwith described as being like a “small, white light”, perhaps suggesting that the object was either some kind of “mothership” that spat out a scout vehicle, or that the white light was some kind of drone.

Beckwith also put forward that at least five other people witnessed the object, and they did so from five different locations.

You can see that video footage below.

“Jellyfish-Shaped” Object Over Pretoria, South Africa, 11th Mar.

According to a report made to the National UFO Reporting Center, at just before 7 pm on March 11th, a resident of Pretoria in South Africa witnessed a strange object of “very unusual shape and color” moving across the early evening sky. [7]

They stated that the object “emitted no sound or light” moved “at a reasonably fast pace” across the early evening sky. Furthermore, from their perspective on the ground, the object appeared to have a “blue or purple hue to it”.

You can see that object in the video below.

Glowing, Spinning Object Filmed Over Mexico, 17th Mar.

Although there is very little detail – and as such, we should perhaps treat the sighting with a small pinch of salt – footage of a glowing, spinning object said to be filmed somewhere over Mexico is certainly worth examining here.

The object is filmed seemingly hovering over a mountainous region and appears to be spinning. It ascends slightly and then descends again during the footage before eventually disappearing behind the mountain.

You can see that video footage below.

UFO Captured “Shooting Across The Moon”, 18th Mar.

Perhaps one of the most intriguing sightings of March 2024 occurred on the evening of March 18th when an astronomer, Dr. Sebastian Voltmer was recording our celestial neighbor with his telescope. [8]Dr. Voltmer was shocked when he noticed the object, and although he was reserved in his judgment about what the object might have been, he was certain that it was something strange.

He explained that he noticed a “fast, bright something” going across the frame and at first thought the object might have been the International Space Station. However, the space station was at a different location around the Earth when he captured the footage. It was also unlikely that the object was a satellite due to the speed with which it moved. Furthermore, the object had no tail, seemingly ruling out that it was a meteor.

Although it isn’t clear, the object itself appears oblong or cigar-shaped, and would appear to be something solid and “nuts-and-bolts”.

You can see that video footage below.

Bizarre Object Spotted “Dancing” Over Scottsdale, Arizona, 28th Mar.

On the evening of March 28th in Scottsdale, Arizona, a local resident was taking an evening walk with their dog when they noticed a “strange blue light that looked like a string hanging in the sky”. They stopped and watched the object for several moments, realizing that it moved, unlike any aircraft they had seen previously, elaborating that it was “ascending and descending gracefully, yet with intent that defied a simple explanation.”

The witness continued to watch the object for close to half an hour, capturing several minutes of footage as he did so, as it appeared to almost “dance” in the night sky.

The witness further offered that the sighting was in close proximity to a busy airport. As such, they were more than familiar with the usual sight of planes taking off and coming into land – and they were confident that the object was not a conventional aerial vehicle.

You can see that video below.


Although UFOs were reported around the world during the month of February, some of the most intriguing came from the United States, with many of them resulting in equally intriguing photographs.

“Flying Saucer” Photographed Over Argentina, 1st Feb.

On the afternoon of February 1st in San Pedro de Colalao in Argentina, an elderly couple, Rene and Rina Juarez witnessed a “flying saucer” while photographing birds while on vacation from their San Miguel de Tucuman home. [9] According to Rina, she at first believed the object was a “blackbird” heading toward them before her husband countered that “it’s not a bird, it’s a flying saucer”.

Realizing the enormity of what they were witnessing, the couple managed to capture several pictures of the mystery object. Rina would further recall that the object was “at the same height as the power cables” for several moments before began “going higher and higher”. Rene would offer that it was a moment “you had to see to believe”.

Interestingly or not, this particular region has been home to some of the most interesting UFO encounters on record. And the entire South American continent is a hotbed of sorts for UFO and allegedly extraterrestrial activity.

You can see one of the pictures taken by the couple below.


Multiple Red Orbs Over Colorado Springs, 1st Feb.

On the same day, at just before 7 pm in Colorado Springs, Colorado, two local residents witnessed multiple red orbs relatively “low to the horizon”. [10] According to the report they made to the National UFO Reporting Center, these objects “appeared to be rising” as well as heading to the north of their location. What’s more, they appeared to be “gaining speed as well as elevation”.

As the witnesses watched, the orbs “went out at different times” although they were still able to see “an outline or aura” of them on the black of the night sky before they eventually “disappeared completely”.

The witnesses estimated that the orbs were only around 20 to 30 feet above them when they first noticed them and that they remained silent throughout the encounter, which lasted around 60 seconds.

You can see a still shot of that video footage below.

UFO Crash-Landing In Mississippi? 6th Feb.

Without a doubt, one of the most detailed sightings of recent weeks unfolded in Brandon in Mississippi at a little after 1:30 pm on February 6th. [11] According to the report, an anonymous witness stated they were in their backyard with their two dogs when they suddenly noticed a “silver liquid-like object with a long bright light trail” that was “swimming downward through the sky like it was liquid in a fluid but erratic manner”. They continued that the object was clearly “highly metallic” and that the sun reflected brilliantly off it.

They stated further that the main section of the object was “like a silver molten liquid drop” that was “swimming through the air” with the “tail thinning out into a metallic light vapor”. It was only the “erratic movement” of the object that differentiated it from a meteor.

The witness continued to watch the falling object, however, it only remained in view for six to seven seconds before it disappeared behind the nearby trees. Although they weren’t sure if the object was freefalling or purposely landing, they did hear a “large boom” several moments after it disappeared behind the trees.

In his report, the witness also stated that the entire area was “peculiarly silent”, and that even the two dogs, “who normally bark at everything” remained quiet. Also, whether of consequence or not, the witness recalled that around 15 minutes before the appearance of the object, they noticed a “nontransponding military aircraft” fly overhead, and also noted that a similar nontransponding helicopter had flown over the region in the early hours that morning. Could this be some kind of proof of prior knowledge on the part of the military of UFO arrivals? Or might it suggest that the craft itself was some kind of advanced military vehicle?

You can see an artist’s impression submitted with the report below.

“Spinning Metal Balls” Spotted Over Blackpool, UK, 12th Feb.

At around 4 pm on February 12th in Blackpool, England, 24-year-old Jack Atkinson spotted two metallic orbs hovering overhead while standing in his parents’ business, The Log Place (a log yard). [12]

He watched the objects for around 90 seconds, also managing to capture the objects on film. Then, without warning, they simply disappeared. What was particularly strange about this was that there was no cloud to vanish into, just a clear blue sky. It was as if they simply vanished into thin air.

Jack would state to the local newspaper that he “really didn’t know what it was but they looked like two metallic objects that were spinning”, adding, “It was pretty crazy”.

There have been many sightings of metallic orb-like objects around the world – and what’s more, sightings of these round, metallic objects go back decades. Many people who viewed the footage were also quick to point out that the objects appeared similar to the recently released footage filmed by a United States military drone in the Middle East in July 2022. You can see a news report on that footage below.

Of course, whether there is a connection or not is not certain. This sighting, however, and the footage captured by the witness is certainly interesting.

You can see video footage of the recent sighting in Blackpool below.

Yellow Crescent Shaped Object Over Arizona, 12th Feb.

Although there isn’t an incredible amount of detail, a sighting that occurred later that same day on the other side of the Atlantic over Buckner in Arizona is also worth exploring here. [13] According to the report, at 10: 15 pm on the night in question, a local resident was letting their pet outside when they noticed a “brightness” slight ahead of them, appearing to come from a nearby field, ever so slightly above the trees.

When the witness focused on the area where the glow was coming from, they could make out a “glowing yellow crescent” with “red and orange lights that rotated” around it. At first, the object simply hovered there silently. Then, after several minutes, it set off into the distance, very slowly, eventually disappearing from sight. In total, the witness estimated that the object was visible for around three minutes.

You can see a sketch provided by the witness in their report below.

Bizarre Events Unfold Over New Hampshire, 14th Feb.

At 10:15 pm on February 14th in Boscawen, New Hampshire, a couple were in bed when their almost pitch-black bedroom was lit up by a “crazy bright white light” that appeared to be “crescent moon-shaped” outside. [14] When the witness looked out of the window, they could see the object was only a short distance away just above some nearby trees. Due to the brightness of the object, the witness was certain it had not been there a short time earlier, as they would have noticed when they came to bed. Therefore, it must have appeared from somewhere very quickly.

The couple made the decision to go to the other room where the window offered them a slightly better view of the anomalous object. From here, the witness shined a flashlight from the window in the direction of the object. Although the beam only stretched as far as the trees themselves, the object appeared to react, steadily growing larger as it came forward, even starting to cast its glow over the witness’s backyard. It did, however, eventually come to a stop, remaining over the top of the trees.

Then, things got even stranger. As the witness continued to watch, the object “changed shape” while moving up and down over the trees. This movement was “subtle”, to begin with, but then changed to becoming much more drastic. Then, out of nowhere, “two other, much smaller lights popped up” – the first one to the left of the main object, and the second, much higher up, to the right.

In total, the pair watched the display for just short of half an hour before all three of the lights “got dimmer and smaller, and (then) disappeared”. The witness further stated that the “whole thing had a very eerie creepy feeling” about it.

You can see a picture of that object below.

Object Like a “Flying Police Car” Over Connecticut, 14th Feb.

Only five minutes later, at 10:45 pm in Somers, Connecticut, a similar aerial vehicle was reported. [15] According to the report, the witness noticed an “odd flashing object” that they described as looking like a “flying police car”.

To begin with, they believed the object was nothing more than a plane. However, after watching it for several moments, they noticed how “odd” the lights appeared – certainly not like a commercial or military plane. What’s more, they also noticed a “weird flashing” of multiple colors.

By this point, the witness reached for their phone and recorded several seconds of footage before the object disappeared into the distance. Around 15 minutes later, a military jet flew over the same area, although it is uncertain if the appearance of this jet was connected to the unknown object.

You can see a still frame of that footage below.

Anomalous Object Filmed By Drone Over Ukraine, 24th Feb.

Although the exact date the footage was filmed is not known (the post concerning the footage first appeared on Instagram on February 24th), footage said to be captured by the 406th battalion of the Ukrainian Air Force of an unidentified object is certainly intriguing. [16]

Although there is little detail, the strange, disc-shaped object was noticed in real-time as the unit was searching along the frontlines with the drone in the middle of heavy fighting near the front line. As we might imagine, to begin with, the unit was uncertain if the anomalous object had something to do with the Russian military, but its appearance and movement would suggest not – a conclusion the unit themselves eventually came to.

As we know, and as we have explored before, UFOs have been spotted on multiple occasions during wartime. Is this another example of that apparent interest here?

You can see a still from footage below.

Bizarre Glowing Orb-Like Objects Over Hortonville, New York, 29th Feb.

Without a doubt one of the strangest encounters from February 2024 occurred in Hortonville, New York on the evening of February 29th. [17] According to a report in the Sullivan County Democrat, though, the bizarre events began the previous evening, during a dream that Julio Valentin – the main witness – had of three strange men, each wearing headsets with microphones attached to them, arriving at his home. The next day, at 6:20 pm, Valentin was making his way home when he noticed the strange, orange orb-like object hovering overhead.

Realizing he was seeing something truly strange, he immediately reached for his mobile phone in order to take a picture. In fact, so intent on getting the picture, that he took his hands from the steering wheel momentarily and ended up swerving off the road. He later recalled that when he “looked back to the road I was heading for a  mailbox and had to grab the wheel”. By the time he turned his attention back to the sky, the two objects were no longer there.

He further recalled that the two objects were “very close”, adding that the picture he took “does not to it justice”, elaborating further that the last of the evening sun was reflecting brilliantly off the objects. Of course, just what the objects might have been remains unknown.

You can see a picture of that sighting below.


The opening weeks of 2024 certainly have been active, with multiple reports of strange encounters coming from all around the planet. Undoubtedly, some of the most intriguing have come from the United States, with several reports of 10-foot humanoid figures coming in the opening days of the year, which is where we will begin our round-up.

Reports Of 10-Foot-Tall Aliens At A Miami Marketplace, 1st Jan.

Although we covered it in-depth at the time, one of the first mysterious encounters of 2024 – which unfolded in Miami at the Bayside Marketplace when reports of alleged 10-foot-tall alien entities surfaced online – it is still worth including here.

According to the reports, which first appeared on January 5th, dozens of police cars were filmed by several locals, as well as news stations, racing toward the marketplace on the late afternoon of New Year’s Day. Indeed, the response was such that many people began to contemplate that a major incident had taken place. Shortly after the footage appeared, claims began to surface that the response was because of reports of a 10-foot alien humanoid being seen at the mall. Indeed, one eagle-eyed viewer even claimed to have spotted the said alien (which many people claimed was merely a trick of the light).

Whatever the truth of the matter, one online viewer commented that they weren’t sure if “the rumors of aliens at the Miami Mall are real” but he did know that he had “never seen this many police in one place”.

Ultimately, the Miami Police Department stated that the response was down to two groups of teenagers fighting at the mall, several of whom were throwing fireworks. As we might imagine, many people felt such a response to teenagers fighting was overblown, and, most likely, not accurate. The incident, at least for some, remains open to debate.

The video below is just one of the many news items on the incident.

Humanoid Alien Entity Photographed In Utah, 7th Jan

A particularly intriguing UFO sighting comes from the files of Scott Waring, who highlighted an intriguing sighting of an apparent alien entity in Utah. And while we should perhaps treat the incident with caution, it is certainly well worth our time examining it here. Two people would not only see a strange humanoid entity but would manage to capture several pictures of it.

The witness would offer in their report that she and her husband were hiking in the Baker Hot Springs area and they saw the strange figure seemingly looking down on them from a hillside. The witness offered that she wanted to venture up the hill to take a closer look but her husband urged her not to. Instead, the witness managed to capture several images of the figure. You can see one of those pictures below.

The witness did state that they weren’t sure “if someone just set it up” but that the whole encounter was “creepy”. While it is tempting to think this could be a genuine strange creature, it is perhaps likely that a third party left the “figure” there to be spotted.

The video below examines this sighting a little further, so you can make up your own mind.

10-Foot Figure Spotted In Brazil, 8th Jan.

Only days after the reports from the Miami marketplace (that we examined earlier) in Brazil, another report of similarly sized humanoid figures was reported – and what’s more, the witnesses managed to capture several seconds of footage of the bizarre entities.

The couple were walking on the island of Ilha do Mel when they noticed two figures on the hill overlooking their location, figures that they would estimate were around 10 feet tall. Furthermore, they could see that the figures’ arms were much longer and out of proportion to the rest of their bodies. They watched for several moments, noting how quickly the figures moved, especially for their height.

Of course, whether these figures were genuine or had been placed there and possibly operated as part of a hoax remains open to debate. Needless to say, those who watched the footage when it appeared online had a variety of opinions – essentially, if the footage was genuine, the figures were definitely “not human”. And if the footage is genuine, is there some kind of connection to the alleged sightings in Miami only days earlier?

The video below looks at the Brazil video footage a little further.

Potential Four-Mile-Wide Spacecraft Hiding On Asteroid Eros, 8th Jan.

Another interesting report highlighted by the aforementioned, Scott Waring, surfaced the following day when he claimed to have spotted an apparent craft that was just short of four miles wide hiding on Asteroid Eros.

According to Waring, the craft is either on or near the asteroid in question and had similar dimensions to others he has spotted in previous years. Of course, whether this is a genuine alien craft or simply a trick of the light is perhaps open to debate. It is certainly an interesting spot, however.

You can see video footage of this potential alien vehicle below.

Strange Fireball-Like Object Over Glasgow, 13th Jan.

Although there is no available footage or photographs, a sighting of several strange fireball-like objects over Glasgow is still very much worthy of our time here. [18] At around 4:50 pm on January 13th, the unnamed witness was standing outside a cinema speaking on their phone when they noticed three teenage boys pointing their phones to the sky and filming.

The witness watched the three boys for several minutes before they stopped filming and began to walk off. The witness immediately stepped forward to where the boys had been standing, and looked upward to where they had been filming, immediately noticing the strange objects. He called out to the boys, asking them what they thought the object was. Upon hearing him, they turned around and headed back to the witness.

The four of them watched the “circular mini suns” for several minutes. The witness likened them to “a war film flares (that were) all falling but were not exactly on the same path”. They further recalled that the brightness of the objects would brighten and fade, and did so several times. Although they appeared flare-like, their movements around the sky were much different and controlled, as if they were intelligently guided.

Perhaps the most interesting detail offered by the witness was how the objects seemed to be “appearing through the sky from somewhere else, and then the sky would swallow them up again”. This is an interesting detail that perhaps suggests portals or wormholes, allowing these objects access from another realm or location in the universe. Ultimately, as the witness surmised, “manmade or not, something was in the sky that was extremely strange”.

The picture below is an artist’s impression of what they would have seen.

UFO Splits Into Three Over Beijing, 15th Jan

A particularly intriguing UFO sighting was reported over Beijing in China at around 6 pm on the evening of January 15th when a bizarre object appeared to split into three over the city. [19] According to the report, multiple residents across the city witnessed the bizarre object, with all reported that it was flying from west to east.

Not only that, but people took to social media with photographs and accounts of what they had seen, with almost a million threads about the sighting within 24 hours. One such user stated that “the weather was very clear, with no clouds” when they noticed a “glowing object looing, but the light was not flashing”. They would continue that the object “had three light sources and was shaped like an isosceles triangle”. Even stranger, as they continued to watch the craft, it “dissipated like a mist and disappeared without a trace”.

Others described the object as looking like a “misty ball of light” that moved with great speed, and some even offered that it divided into three separate objects before disappearing. You can see one of the many pictures that appeared on social media following the sighting below.

Bizarre Object Seen “Falling” Before Making Sharp Turn Over North Carolina, 19th Jan

Four nights later, on the evening of January 19th in North Carolina, a Twitter user named, Chuck Callesto, posted footage of a “burning object” that appeared to be falling out of the sky, very much like a meteorite, in Charlotte, North Carolina. However, suddenly the object made a sharp turn, going from downward vertical to horizontal – certainly not something we might expect a naturally falling object to do.

In the video footage posted to social media, the object appeared to be falling to the ground with flames trailing from it as if it were on fire. However, after changing direction, it then disappears into the distance, very much as if it were under intelligent control. Some researchers have suggested that the flames were a genuine sign of distress and that the UFO was attempting to make it back to an underground, or even underwater base.

You can see two pictures from the original Twitter (now X) post below (or post, incidentally, that has since been deleted).

Orbs In A V-Formation Filmed Over Maryland, 21st Jan.

Only two nights later, at just after 11 pm on January 21st in Frederick, Maryland, two local residents witnessed 12 orbs flying a V-formation over the city. [20] While there is little detail of the actual sighting, the video footage they captured, and the formation of orb-like objects are certainly not satellites, nor are they drones or Chinese lanterns.

Whether these objects are 12 separate orbs that remained tightly in formation or whether they are lights that are part of one, solid object is not entirely clear. In total, they remained in sight for around 30 seconds before disappearing from view into the southwest.

You can see a still frame of that footage below.

Bright, White Oval-Shaped Objects Over St. Petersburg, Russia, 21st Jan.

On the same day, at around 1 pm in St. Petersburg in Russia, a very intriguing sighting unfolded when several white oval-shaped objects were spotted, and photographed, over the city. [21] According to the report, the witness claimed they walking on the University Embankment in St. Petersburg when they first noticed a “bright white oval” in the sky. The object only remained in sight for a couple of seconds before disappearing.

Perplexed by what they had just seen, they continued along the embankment. Several minutes later, the object – or one exactly the same – appeared once more, this time in a different part of the sky over a different building. Once more, it remained in view for around two seconds before disappearing once more.

The witness remained where they were with their focus on the sky, eventually noting the oval objects appearing once more. This time, when he focused on them, he could make out several orb-like objects below them.

You can see two of those pictures below, although it is not entirely clear if these are actual photographs or if they have been made up to demonstrate what was seen.

White Oval-Shaped Object Witnessed At Over 30,000 Feet Above North Carolina, 27th Jan.

At around 8:40 am on January 27th, while in a passenger plane flying approximately 35,000 feet above Southport, North Carolina, a witness spotted a white, oval or cylinder-shaped object in the distance, seemingly above the clouds. [22]

The witness claimed the object was moving at a “high rate of speed just above (the) cloud layer” and appeared to be heading towards the north in the direction of Southport. Although the object was only visible for around 10 seconds before it disappeared behind the plane, the witness managed to capture a photograph. They further recalled that during the sighting, the object “did not deviate from its course”.

You can the picture below which shows the object as it appeared to the passenger, and then the picture below that shows the object increased in size.

Triangular Object Photographed Over Virginia, 30th Jan.

Although there are few details about it, a sighting of a triangular-shaped object in the early hours of January 30th, in Spotsylvania Courthouse in Virginia is certainly intriguing. [23] On the night in question, at around 2:30 am, the witness was sitting on their back deck at home when they noticed the bizarre craft overhead.

What’s more, the witness also offered in their report that had “observed many crafts flashing many different colors flying around in the night sky” from this position in their backyard. They further offered that these strange vehicles would often remain completely still and silent overhead, before “flying off (in) many different directions” before “stopping instantly”, adding that would also often “chase one another as if they were playing”.

You can see a picture of that object below, as well as a close-up of it below that.



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