The 2023 “Downed UFO” Wave Over North America – Just What Is Going On?

Marcus Lowth
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February 13, 2023
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On February 4th 2023 a decision was made to bring down a Chinese weather balloon that had, according to the Chinese authorities, had strayed off course. The incident, as we might imagine, made international news, with the usual rhetoric and flexing of muscles on the global stage taking place in the days that followed.

The incident might have died down somewhat if it hadn’t been for the sudden appearance of several other strange objects over a several-day period, each of which was also shot down by United States fighter jets, but which were seemingly decidedly different from the weather balloon a little over a week previously. All of a sudden, typical headlines such as “US Shoots Down Unknown Object” were being displayed regularly across mainstream news channels across the world.

Indeed, while explanations as to what these (at present) mysterious objects are will undoubtedly be forthcoming. However, what is perhaps important for UFO researchers and investigators to note as the events have unfolded, and indeed continue to do so, is the language used by official military and government spokespeople. As while it might prove to be that these objects are some kind of advanced spying device, albeit, a terrestrial one, should objects that do prove to be extraterrestrial in nature ever appear in our skies in the future, we will have a reference point for how governments around the world might react.

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What Happened, When, And Why?

Before we move on to speculation from both ends of the spectrum, it is perhaps best to establish a timeline to these events. [1] If we go back to January 28th, the balloon that garnered attention around the world, not least from the Pentagon, entered United States’ airspace over Alaska.

The object was then reported by passengers from an airplane on February 1st before further reports were made from residents in Montana. One of those who witnessed the object was Chase Doak, who first spotted the aerial anomaly from the window of his home in Billings while getting ready to leave for work. [2]

What made Doak pay close attention to the object, was that only moments earlier, he had listened to a piece on the news about “airspace restrictions” over the area, as well as the mobilization of F-22 fighter jets. To begin with, he believed it was a UFO, but later news statements confirmed that it was a Chinese weather balloon.

What perhaps made the military take more urgent note of the object as it made its way over Montana, is that the state is home to Malmstrom Air Force Base, which houses nuclear missiles. However, it was soon spotted over Missouri and was eventually brought down just off the coast of Surfside Beach in South Carolina. It was recovered almost immediately, and its origin was confirmed.

The days that followed, however, would bring even more intriguing events.

Unidentified Object Brought Down Off The Coast Of Alaska, February 10th

While back-and-forth statements were issued between the United States and China, beginning February 10th, three more objects appeared over the North American continent. These ones, however, were unidentified – and that was the official stance.

On February 10th an unidentified object was spotted just off the coast of Deadhorse in Alaska. [3] Flying at an altitude of around 40,000 feet, it was determined that the object could be a danger to commercial and military aircraft, as well as, with the Chinese weather balloon incident still fresh in mind, a potential surveillance device.

A short time later, the military scrambled fighter jets with orders to shoot down the anomaly, which they duly did. This time, however, authorities claimed that the object was much smaller than the weather balloon the previous week – around the size of a small car – and was most likely not a weather balloon at all.

The short video below features a news report on the incident.

“Small Cylindrical Object” Tracked And Targeted Over The Yukon, February 11th

The following day, on February 11th, a “small, cylindrical object” was tracked in Canadian airspace and was eventually fired upon by an F-22 fighter jet over the Yukon territory. [4] In an official statement on his Twitter account, Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau stated that he had “ordered the takedown of an unidentified object” after speaking with President Biden.

Once more, the object was described as being smaller than the weather balloon, with no solid explanation available for what it might have been. Following the shooting down of the object, a recovery operation was put into action, an operation that both Trudeau and Biden agreed was particularly important “to determine more details on its purpose or origin”.

The video below features a short news report on the object over Canada.

The Lake Huron Object, February 12th

Only 24 hours later, yet another, almost identical object was brought down as it moved across the sky at approximately 20,000 feet over Lake Huron in Michigan. [5]

Once more, the danger to other aircraft was the reason given for taking such action, as well as the apparent flight path of the objects were close to several “sensitive Department of Defense sites”. And once more, a recovery operation was put into immediate effect.

You can see a news report on this third downed object below.

“We’re Calling Them Objects For A Reason!”

In a question-and-answer session with the media regarding the events over North America and the multiple unknown objects that had been shot down, General Glen VanHerck, a senior commander of US Northern Command and the North American Aerospace Defense Command, in answer to whether the objects could have been the result of aliens, he state quite bluntly that he “hasn’t ruled anything out”. [6] He would continue that his department would “continue to assess every threat or potential threat unknown” in order to defend America’s air space.

While it is perhaps not something to leap on with too much authority, the fact that the official line is that everything is on the table and nothing, including the possibility that these objects could, however unlikely, be of extraterrestrial origin, is an important one. As is the admission that authorities were unable to “categorize how they stay afloat” and the straightforward comment that authorities were “calling them objects for a reason”.

According to sources with the New York Times, although private reassurances have been made that these objects are unlikely to be of extraterrestrial origin, there is a growing realization behind closed doors that the longer goes by without an explanation being offered, the more speculation will continue to grow. [7]

The video below features General VanHerck speaking.

A Fast-Paced Ever-Changing Picture

In an official White House media statement on February 13th, although authorities are still not entirely certain, it was offered that it was likely that the Chinese government were involved in some kind of highly advanced surveillance or reconnaissance program, which these objects were likely a part of.

Of course, this could have been happening for some time, as the skies over North America have been watched particularly closely over the past week since the weather balloon was first reported and brought down.

What’s more, governments from other countries around the world, including the United Kingdom, are now starting to monitor their air space that much more closely. [8] Defense Secretary for the United Kingdom, Ben Wallace, stated that “the UK and her allies will review what these airspace intrusions mean for our security”, adding that these incidents were “another sign of how the global picture is changing for the worse”.

Of course, if China or another nation does indeed prove to be behind this wave of objects in North American airspace, then the consequences and fallout could be tragic enough. What, though, if there was some kind of extraterrestrial connection?

For example, while it is not certain as to the authenticity of the claims, it appears that an almost exact object has appeared over eastern China – an object that at the time of writing, the Chinese authorities are preparing to also shoot down. [9]

Whether this latest appearance on the other side of the Pacific Ocean is merely propaganda or whether this suddenly appearing object over China is genuine remains a little open to debate. Of course, if it is the latter, then we might have to consider that we – the West and the East – just might be in the same boat together.

What If?

While the following is clearly speculation on our part, we might ask, what would it mean if these objects were indeed alien aircraft, albeit seemingly without occupants, and perhaps more importantly, what might happen next?

Could it really be possible, for example, that these objects were of extraterrestrial origin? And if so, what is the purpose of their journeys across the continent of North America? Might we expect further sightings of these strange objects? And might subsequent sightings be of more complex craft, complete with occupants and representatives from another world?

While we are speculating, we might question if there was any prior knowledge of these objects arriving and the planned, calm, transparent response is one that has been planned while other events take place behind the scenes, or whether it is genuine (which is, it has to be said, likely).

It is also worth drawing attention to an apparently leaked, and it has to be said suspicious, photograph that has found its way onto the Internet, claiming to show the crippled craft shot down over Alaska. You can see that picture below.

While it is almost certain this picture is fake (it appears to be from a film), many people have questioned while footage and images of the weather balloon being shot down were made so readily available while the subsequent objects have not. There is certainly more revelations to come, we can be sure of that.

Details That Resonate Almost Perfectly

Once more, while it is almost certain that these objects will prove to be of a terrestrial nature, we might once more wish to go over the overall descriptions of the three shot down after the weather balloon.

Each was described as being oblong or cylindrical. Each was described as being approximately the size of a car. And each was described as having no visible means of propulsion. All of these details are regularly found in UFO sightings from around the world and across the decades. And while that doesn’t offer proof that these objects are extraterrestrial vehicles, it is certainly intriguing that all three have surfaced in recent events.

If these objects are terrestrial surveillance devices, might they have even been designed based on such details given in UFO sightings? Might we even speculate that they could even be the result of reverse-engineered alien technology? While that might sound a little far-fetched to some, we just might find that the truth turns out to be far stranger than fiction, or speculation.

The video below is just one of the news reports on the unidentified objects over North America in February 2023.


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  • Roy says:

    Yes, if man made we would mist likely have been shown them being shot down, but being extra terrestrial, we will never learn the truth

  • Michael Amato says:

    The wreckage of the three objects are said to be unrecoverable. I’m not buying this. Also the recordings of these things being shot down are not being shown to the public. There are a lot of unanswered questions about these UFOs.

  • T says:

    These objects are UFO’S, unidentified flying objects. They are not extraterrestrial. They will be found to be man-made.

    • Joe says:

      If they are man made, why isn’t the military using them?

      What about the UFOs seen in the 1800s? There is no way these UFO are man made.

  • Robert Cocuzzi says:

    Yes share as much as possible, everybody needs to know what’s going on

  • Michael Amato says:

    The fact that these three objects are not balloons, tells me they are drones from another country. If these objects were extraterrestrial, our F 22s could not have shot them down.

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