The Richmond Boomerang-UFO Sighting – An Alien Craft Or A Secret Military Vehicle?

Marcus Lowth
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October 28, 2023
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A sighting in the summer of 2010 in a small New Jersey town is perhaps not the most exciting encounter on record. What is interesting, though, is that it is another boomerang-shaped object in the same region that witnessed several waves of sightings of very similar objects in the 1980s and early 1990s.

Indeed, during that time, there were many reports of boomerang-shaped objects, suggesting to some that either some kind of existed there, or the region was somehow important in allowing these mysterious visitors access to our world.

Of course, boomerang-shaped objects have been seen since the start of the Modern UFO Era, with arguably the first recognized sighting being the Kenneth Arnold UFO sighting. And what’s more, there have been many others of this unique aerial vehicle over the decades.

While we will explore some of those other sightings shortly and contemplate just what these single-wing-like aerial vehicles might be, we will return our attention to that summer’s evening in the Garden State.

A “Sharp-Angled Boomerang” Moving Across The Night Sky

According to a MUFON report, on the evening of August 11th, 2010, at around 9 pm in Richmond, New Jersey, an anonymous local resident was standing outside their home with two friends. [1] The three friends were talking and were about to go their separate ways when they noticed something unusual in the sky overhead. She gasped out loud, causing the other two witnesses to turn and look where she was focused.

Due to the fact that they lived relatively near Philadelphia International Airport (around 20 miles away), the witness, at first, expected to see nothing more than a commercial airplane, perhaps coming into land. However, instead, they saw a black object, with no lights, moving relatively quickly in an east-north-east direction. As the moon lit up the object, they could see that it was a distinct “sharp-angled boomerang” shape, although when it was out of the moonlight it was hard to see any details as the black of its exterior blended in the black of the night sky.

The witness would state in their report that the object was “much larger” than the commercial airliners they regularly saw coming in to land at Philadelphia International Airport, although they couldn’t hear any sounds of engine noise or other means of propulsion. As they scanned the sky, they also noticed that there were no signs of any other aircraft whatsoever, something that was a little unusual.

No Satisfactory Explanation

The trio continued to watch the object, noting that it remained on the exact same course, at the exact same speed, and without deviating, even slightly. Whatever the object was, it was seemingly under absolute perfect control.

It was quickly out of their view, disappearing into the distance, having only been in view for several seconds at most, which was perhaps a testament to just how fast the object was moving.

The three witnesses turned to each other, absolutely dumbfounded by what they had seen. And although they couldn’t – or didn’t wish to – hazard a guess at what the object might have been, they did realize that they had seen something completely out of the ordinary.

At this point, the three witnesses went their separate ways. The main witness would immediately put a post on social media looking to see if anyone else had seen the strange object. However, there was no response to it (although the witness stated that this was undertaken more so that he wouldn’t forget the date and time of the incident).

Over the coming days and weeks, the witness wracked their brains as to what the curious craft might have been. However, they simply could not come up with a satisfactory explanation.

On several occasions, he considered whether the object was some kind of secret military stealth plane – one that seemingly operated without lights. However, he eventually dismissed this notion – firstly because the airspace in the region was extremely busy so operating without lights was extremely hazardous, and secondly, because such a vehicle would surely have been able to operate at a much higher altitude.

However, we might also recall that the witness stated that during the sighting, despite being so close to the busy Philadelphia International Airport, there were no other planes or vehicles anywhere to be seen in the sky.

Sightings Of Boomerang Craft Going Back Years

Sightings of boomerang-shaped objects should perhaps interest us more than we think, not least as one of the sightings that ushered in the Modern UFO Era, that of Kenneth Arnold, features not one, but several of these objects, albeit on the other side of the country in the state of Washington.

During the 1980s and early 1990s, however, several regions of New Jersey experienced several waves of sightings – with many boomerang-shaped objects reported, perhaps particularly in the Pine Bush region. Might we ask if this twenty-first-century sighting was of an object connected to the sightings three decades previously? And if so, it is an extraterrestrial vehicle or a top-secret military craft that has seemingly been kept out of the public arena for over 70 years? It is perhaps also worth noting almost identical objects witnessed over the Poughkeepsie region of New York during the same time period.

Although the 1980s and nineties perhaps saw a greater number of boomerang-shaped UFO encounters than other decades, the fact is, sightings of these very specific crafts in the New Jersey (and New York) region dates back to at least the late-1960s. In August 1969, for example, a resident witnessed two solid boomerang shapes moving across the sky from their sixth-floor apartment. They remained visible for several seconds before disappearing into the distance.

Only half a decade later, in July 1975, a boyfriend and girlfriend witnessed several boomerang shapes hovering in the sky above them. They claimed that one of them was slightly larger than the other, and appeared to be leading them. Yet another, very similar sighting occurred in the Rochester area of New Jersey in January 1980. And that particular case also suggests that rather than being just a sighting, the witness was possibly abducted by the craft’s occupants.

A Military Vehicle? A Product Of The Greys? Or A Different Race Of Alien?

Of course, whether the sighting from the summer of 2010 is connected to these mysterious objects that were seen so often in the 1980s and nineties remains open to debate. That the exact same craft has been witnessed over the decades would perhaps suggest, however, that there is indeed a connection, and the occupants behind these objects are from the same race or civilization. And if this is the case, we might ask, just who are they, where do they come from, and what do they want? Are they the Grey aliens that appear to be behind the many alien abduction cases over the years? Or are they an entirely different breed of alien with an entirely different agenda?

Of course, there is always the possibility that these objects are not extraterrestrial in nature at all, but some top-secret military vehicle. However, while we certainly can’t dismiss this possibility, it does appear unlikely.

As the witness stated, it is difficult to believe that the aircraft was some kind of top-secret military stealth vehicle. Not least as the area it was operating in was an extremely busy airspace. When we look at all the vast open spaces that are little-populated around the United States, it doesn’t really make sense that they would opt for a highly populated urban area. Unless, of course, their intention was to be seen and noticed.

As speculative as it might be, could it be possible that the military wished to gauge public reaction to these vehicles? Or perhaps the public’s belief that what they were seeing was extraterrestrial in nature allows them to operate in plain sight, with sightings of these mysterious simply dismissed as mistaken sightings or even hoaxes. And perhaps, if there is a military connection, these crafts are the product of reverse-engineered technology, which only serves to bring up even more questions.

The sighting in 2010 like the many sightings of boomerang-shaped objects, like most other sightings of strange aerial objects and anomalies, raises more questions than answers and does indeed make the already murky waters even murkier. And perhaps this is by design by the authorities – to confuse and muddy the picture so much that it becomes almost impossible to reach the truth, impossible to separate the real sightings of alien craft from military operations.

The video below looks at some of the most intriguing UFO sightings on record.


1 Three witnesses observe large, silent, boomerang-shaped object moving quickly, UFO Evidence

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