Best UFO Sightings Videos & Encounters Of 2022

Marcus Lowth
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February 3, 2022
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May 4, 2022
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Interest in UFOs, even in the wider population, is arguably even higher as we start 2022 than it was when we headed into 2021. Whether this interest will result, directly or indirectly, in further releases of information or not remains to be seen.

The following 12 months, though, looks set to see more and more sightings of strange objects in our skies being reported around the world. And we will document the best of them right here, so make sure you bookmark this page.



UFO sightings have continued in abundance as April has unfolded. And as in previous months in 2022, they come from around the world and feature various different objects, and even a floating 10-foot-tall humanoid entity.

Indeed, as interest in UFO sightings and alien encounters continues around the globe, so do the reports. As always, however, we start with sightings prior to April that have only been reported in the last four weeks.

Mysterious Object Over Seaside Beach, Florida, 3rd March

At around 8:30 pm on 3rd March at Seaside Beach in Florida, a beachgoer was taking pictures of the setting sun when they noticed a strange light moving from right to left in the early evening sky. They immediately turned their camera in the direction of the light, and snapped off five shots. They quickly glanced at the camera after doing so. By the time they had turned their attention back to the skies overhead, however, the light had completely disappeared.

From how the object moved combined with the lack of any noise, they were certain it was not a helicopter or an airplane. And when they zoomed in on their shots, it didn’t appear to be any aircraft known to them.

You can view one of those pictures below and see what you think.

Dark Disc-Shaped Object Over Tokyo, Japan, 1st April

Although there are very details known about it, and intriguing piece of footage was captured on the afternoon of 1st April in Tokyo, Japan.

The disc appears to be moving at quite an accelerated pace. However, when footage is slowed down, not only can the object clearly be seen to be disc-shaped, but it appears to be pulsating somewhat, and emitting a bizarre, glowing light around itself.

Just what it might be remains a mystery, but you can see that footage below.

Bizarre Circular Light In Loft, Massachusetts, 1st April

Perhaps one of the strangest reports came from Plymouth in Massachusetts on 1st April when a local woman, who had fallen asleep watching television, noticed a bizarre light coming from her loft. Realizing her husband was asleep (and so eliminating him from being in the loft and being responsible for the glow) she turned off all of the lights but was now a little shocked that the bizarre circle of light remained.

Beginning to realize that she was looking at something truly strange, she reached for her phone and took five pictures of the bizarrely illuminated circle. In total, the light remained in the loft for around half an hour, at one point moving several feet to the right. As she stared at it, although she wasn’t certain, she felt almost certain she could see the faint outline of a face within it.

You can see one of the pictures captured by the witness below. Is this some kind of bizarre hoax? If not, just where was this light coming and what might it mean?

Triangular Craft Spotted Over Luton, United Kingdom, 2nd April

During the afternoon of 2nd April in Luton in the United Kingdom, a witness happened to be looking up when they spotted two triangular craft in the sky. Each was traveling along the exact same flight path, with one following the other.

The objects themselves appear to be bright white, although it is not certain whether they are perhaps of a shiny, metallic exterior that is simply reflecting the sunlight.

For their part, the witness simply stated they weren’t sure what it was, but it was “not a balloon or a plane”.

You can see the footage in question below.

Orb-Like UFO Over Hong Kong, China, 7th April

On the evening of 7th April in Hong Kong, China, a bizarre orb-like object appeared over the city. It remained there for several moments, with one resident managing to capture just under a minute of footage of it.

After several seconds, the object descended before moving through the sky just above the top of the buildings, eventually disappearing out of sight.

There is no sign of any propulsion system or wings, yet the object clearly moves with purpose and precision – in other words, it would appear to be under intelligent control.

You can see that video below and make up your own mind as to what the glowing object might be.

Crashing UFO Over Lazy Mountain, Alaska, 7th April

On the other side of the Pacific in Alaska, a resident of Palmer, Mattias Ahlvin, witnessed a bizarre object that appeared to be crashing to earth when he went to start his car in the morning. He told a local news station that as he looked up, he saw a strange “smoke column” that was streaking across the sky.

He immediately reached for this phone, and began snapping pictures of the strange object. He thought, at least to begin with, that he was viewing a plane about to crash, which caused to make an immediate report of what he was seeing.

According to an investigation by the National Weather Service, it was likely that what he had seen was “condensation trail from an airplane that was illuminated by the rising sun”. As we might imagine, there are many who do not agree with this assessment, with alternative explanations ranging from an crippled alien spacecraft, a meteor, to a secret military rocket launch or vehicle.

For now, the sightings remains a mystery, but you can see more about it in the video below.

Bizarre Silver Object Over Bowie, Arizona, 10th April

At around 1 pm on 10th April in Bowie, Arizona, a local resident spotted a strange silver, curved object moving high above them in the afternoon sky. The witness was driving with friends in the nearby mountain ranges, and at first thought the object was nothing but a balloon. However, they quickly realized it was moving much too fast to be a balloon, and furthermore, they also noted that stopped and remained motionless on several occasions.

Amazingly, the object remained visible for several hours, with the witness estimating it was at a distance of around 50 miles from them. They would further describe the strange vehicle as being a “silver vertical shaped box” similar to a “slightly rounded refrigerator”.

They managed to capture a picture of the object, which you can see below.

Strange Object Appears To Shoot Out Of Volcano In Popocatepetl, Mexico, 11th April

We have highlighted several strange sightings of object appearing to come and go from the volcano in Popocatepetl in Mexico over the last few years. And on the evening of 11th April, yet another potentially anomalous object was captured on the volcano-cam – this time, seeming to shoot out of the mouth of the volcano and deep into the night sky at alarming speed.

While one or two sightings might be easily explained away as tricks of the light or misidentified, out of focus objects, the fact that repeated sightings of strange crafts – often near the mouth of the volcano – should perhaps warrant a much closer study of just what might be taking place there. Is it really possible, for example, that a UFO base could reside in some kind of secret inside deep inside this ancient volcano?

You can see the volcano-cam footage below and make up your own mind.

10-Foot-Tall Humanoid Pictured Floating Above Tokyo, Japan, 13th April

Without a doubt one of the strangest sightings comes from Tokyo, Japan, where footage was captured of a strange humanoid figure – that would appear to be approximately 10 feet tall – floating high up near the Tokyo Tower.

What’s more, this gargantuan figure appears to have no jetpack or otherwise specialized equipment for flying, nor are there any visible wings.

It isn’t clear if anyone else witnessed the figure, nor is it clear if the whole event was some kind stunt or hoax. According to some who view the footage, it is genuine video of an extraterrestrial being using unknown powers to defy gravity.

You can check out that video below.

Unknown Object Passes Over Mountains In Muizenberg, South Africa, 15th April

One of the most interesting pieces of footage came courtesy of skyline webcam live stream of the mountains in Muizenberg in South Africa, which captured a strange-looking object passing over the rugged terrain at just after 6 :40 am.

It is uncertain if the object was a meteor or a mechanical, nuts-and-bolts craft. However, the footage has sparked quite a debate online and on social media. It appears as though the object changes direction slightly, as well as tilting, which would largely discount that it was a naturally falling object.

The location itself has many UFO sightings to its name, though, and this could be one more report of an apparent extraterrestrial vehicle.

You can view that footage below.

Multiple Shiny Objects Over Citra, Florida, 16th April

Although there are no photographs or video footage of it, a sighting from the evening of 16th April in Citra, Florida is very much worth including here. On the evening in question, at around 6:20 pm when the witness noticed a large brightly lit object overhead. They immediately reached for their binoculars and to their amazement, they could see several other, smaller lights around the larger one. These lights were not visible to the naked eye.

The witness claimed that the objects were all stationary and did not appear to be moving. They watched the display for several minutes before noticing several red, flashing lights that appeared to be going to and from the larger object that had first caught her attention.

In total, she viewed the display for around 20 minutes before cloud covered the objects. Might this have been a mothership-type craft with smaller “scout-ships” coming and going?

Orange Orb Witnessed Over Hays County, Texas, 17th April

According to a local news report, a resident of Hays County in Texas, Sal Sanchez, spotted and filmed a glowing orange orb in the night sky on the evening of 17th April. What’s more, Sanchez claims to have seen the same object several times since January of this year, with neighbors and family members being present during some of those sightings.

Sanchez has ruled out that the object might be a drone, simply because of how low it flies combined with the lack of any noise. Furthermore, when he had compared his footage and sightings to others around the world, he has found many similar reports.

One Texas UFO investigator, Jane Kyle, said that although they, at first, thought the footage showed nothing more than a Chinese Lantern, they soon dismissed this idea due to the steadiness of the glow and how it appeared to move with intelligence and intent.

Spherical Shaped Object Witnessed Over Las Vegas, 18th April

During the afternoon of 18th April in Las Vegas, a resident was alerted to something strange overhead by a sudden sound like that of an approaching jet. They instinctively reached for their phone and set it to record. However, when they focused in the area the sound was coming from, they were confronted with a sphere or disc-shaped object moving over the city.

It is not clear if the object is indeed an extraterrestrial craft or top-secret military vehicle (after all, Nellis Air Force Base is only a short distance away). It is, though, certainly something very strange, and unlike any conventional aircraft that most of us would be familiar with.

You can check out that video footage below.

Anomalous Object Spotted During Live Spacewalk Broadcast, 18th April

On the same day as the sighting in Las Vegas, during a live broadcast of a spacewalk on the International Space Station, a mysterious, unknown craft was spotted in the background just above the planet.

Although some who have viewed it have questioned whether the object was a SpaceX capsule, as veteran UFO researcher, Scott Waring points out, this would be in transit during a planned spacewalk for obvious safety reasons. Further, it doesn’t appear to be the moon, which would appear much larger than the object in this footage.

Might it be that extraterrestrial entities are keeping a close eye on human activity in space? It is certainly an interesting video – one of many, we should perhaps remind ourselves, of strange objects in the vicinity of the International Space Station.

You can see that footage below.

Spherical Object Captured In Picture, Mendocino, California, 21st April

An intriguing photograph was captured at just before 10 am on 21st April in Mendocino, California, when a truck driver was photographing Lake Mendocino for his wife (as she had grown up there). When he viewed the picture later, however, he could clearly see a metallic, spherical object that appeared to be a short distance above the surface of the water.

There is no other information on the sighting at this stage, but it is another report that features strange, unknown objects near large bodies of water.

You can view that picture below and make up your own mind.

Strange Line Of Lights Over Attica, Indian, 21st April

At around 10 pm on the 21st April in Attica, Indiana, a trail camera watching over farmland picked up in some intriguing footage. According to the witness report, the camera captured a strange row of lights moving across the sky.

Not only were they captured on camera, but the witness’s husband also saw the bizarre lights physically, claiming that they appeared in a long straight line as they moved.

Whether the lights were extraterrestrial in origin or not remains open to debate. However, many people believe that the witness saw nothing more than star-link satellites.

You can see a still-frame of that footage below and see what you think.

“Caterpillar-Like” Object Spotted Over Delaware, 21st April

Interestingly, on the same night in Milton, Delaware, only 10 minutes earlier at 9:50 pm, a similar glowing object was witnessed that the witness described as looking like an aerial caterpillar with twinkling lights.

The witness would further offer that the object was not moving very fast, and it appeared to be climbing into the sky in the same way an airplane would before disappearing into the clouds.

Once more, it is perhaps likely that these were also star-link satellites. However, you can view a picture of the sighting below and make up your own mind.

Orange Oval-Shaped Object Over Bangkok, Thailand, 24th April

During the early evening of 24th April in Bangkok, Thailand, a couple witnessed an orange, glowing oval-shaped object moving overhead – an object they would estimate was the size of a commercial jet airliner.

What’s more, it appeared to the witnesses, as if the mysterious object was purposely heading toward one of the only bank of clouds in the sky – almost as if it was attempting to conceal itself.

Before it could, however, the witness’s boyfriend reached for his phone and managed to capture footage of the object, a still of which you can see below.

You can see that picture below.

Multi-colored Triangles Over Florida, 25th April

Although there are no pictures of it, a sighting in Fort Pierce, Florida on the 25th April is certainly worthy of inclusion here. According to the report, at around 1 am on the night in question, the witness claimed to have seen two triangular crafts, each with blinking red, yellow, and blue lights.

Although there is little further detail to this incident, the witness did also reveal that he had seen similar objects and triangular light formations for the previous four weeks leading to the sighting he reported.

Due to his interest in stargazing, the witness also has a reasonable knowledge of the skies, and is certain that what he witnessed was something truly out of the ordinary.

Bright Lights In A Rectangle Formation Over Montana, 29th April

Another sighting report that unfortunately has no video footage or pictures unfolded in Lincoln, Montana at a little after 10 pm on 29th April. The witness would state in their report that they first noticed the object moving slowly across the night sky. It appeared to be a decisively rectangular shape with lights around the outside edges.

It remained in sight for around 30 seconds before it faded out of sight, presumably as it entered the clouds. The witness noticed that whatever the object was, it remained silent throughout the encounter. Furthermore, they noticed no kinds of navigation lights as they would expect to see on an airplane or helicopter.

The sighting remains, at least for now, a mystery.

Tic-Tac-Shaped UFO Ascending Over Sydney, Australia, 29th April

A particularly interesting sighting occurred during the early evening of 29th April in Sydney, Australia when an object shaped like a tic-tac was spotted ascending with great speed into the sky. A vapor trail of some kind is being emitted from the object as it climbs higher into the sky.

Aside from this apparent propulsion, no such things as wings, navigation lights, or any markings to identify its origin are present suggesting that whatever it is, it is certainly not a conventional aircraft.

You can see video footage of that sighting below.

Boomerang-Shaped Object Reported Over British Columbia, Canada, 30th April

At 9:45 pm on 30th April in British Columbia, Canada, six people were sitting around a campfire in their backyard looking up at the starry skies above. However, as they were picking out star constellations, they noticed a “whitish, transparent-looking boomerang-shaped object” moving overhead. The witness further described the object’s appearance as “vapory”.

It appeared as though the object was traveling at a low altitude, perhaps a short distance above the treetops. They contemplated if the mysterious craft might be a plane or another conventional aircraft, however, due to the lack of navigational lights they quickly ruled this out. They more they studied the object, the more they could tell that the glow coming from the object was the result of many individual lights along the vehicle’s exterior.

The object appeared to be completely silent, although the all of those present could hear the sound of an airplane’s engine, but they believed this was coming from elsewhere in the sky.

You can see a sketch made by the witness below.


Like the two months before it, March has seen multiple reports of strange objects in the skies, as well as a particularly intriguing encounter with an alien-like creature. Indeed, the month of March has arguably been the busiest so far in 2022.

As always, though, we start with some of the most intriguing UFO and alien-related accounts that have taken place before last month but have only just entered the wider public arena.

Claims Of Alien Abduction And Impregnation, Argentina, November 2021

We start with a story that recently came out of Argentina in South America about a local resident who not only claimed she was abducted by aliens in November 2021, but that she was impregnated by them also.

On 16th November, Irma Rick went missing from the home she shared with her husband. She was discovered the following day over 40 miles away. Even stranger, she claimed that she had been “transported by a white light”. Several months later in March 2022, she would claim on a national television program that she was “pregnant by an alien”. She added that although she wasn’t showing any signs of pregnancy, she felt “discomfort” and was about to undergo ultrasounds. She would further state that this pregnancy occurred “when they took me away”.

It would also come to light that Irma had a previous otherworldly encounter almost 20 years earlier in the summer of 2002. According to UFO investigator, Carlos Ferguson, the town in which she lived was undergoing a particularly busy period of UFO activity at the time. During one of these incidents, Irma claimed to have witnessed a “strange figure”. When police later investigated the area where the figure and object were seen, they discovered a strange circular burn that appeared to have been created by some kind of intense microwave.

How true the claims might be and whether they are designed for financial reward remains open to debate. It is a case, though, that we should keep our collective eye as there very well could be future revelations.

Strange Object Captured Moving Across The Sky, Mexico, 4th January

Only reported at the end of March was a sighting that was captured on film from Chacahua Beach in Mexico on 4th January at just before 7 am. The witness was recording video footage of a bird flying overhead, but when they watched the footage later that day, they noticed a strange object “zip” past that they had not seen at the time.

Although there is the possibility that it could be nothing more than an insect flying past, the still frame doesn’t suggest this is the case. It is certainly an intriguing capture.

You can check out that still-frame picture below.

UFO Appears During Skywatching Event, 27th February

Although the sighting itself took place on 27th February, it was only several days later where a UFO sighting at a skywatching event in California was reported on. The event took place in Hollydale Regional Park in Los Angeles and resulted in bizarre metallic orbs being witnessed by multiple people who were at the event.

The witnesses claimed that the object appeared several times during the course of the afternoon and evening, and was “very active”. What the object – or objects – might have been remains unknown. It is intriguing, though, that they should appear over a place where multiple skywatchers were gathered.

Some paranormal researchers have questioned whether these mass gatherings – often with the sole purpose being to spot something such as a UFO – may in some way contribute to the subsequent appearance. Some suggest the energies form some kind of subconscious telepathic calling to these objects (or the intelligences behind them), while others even theorize that UFOs (and other paranormal entities) made the be manifestations of the power of subconscious collective thought. Might this case in Los Angeles have been the result of the one of those proposals?

The video below reports on the sighting.

Unknown Entity Witnessed In North Carolina, Date Unknown

Although the exact date is not known, an intriguing piece of footage appeared on social media recently that appears to show a bizarre unknown entity. According to a post on Twitter, Ryan Bledsoe was walking through woodland when he inadvertently captured footage of a creature that appears humanoid but most definitely not human.

What made the footage all the more intriguing was Bledsoe’s declaration that he and his family had seen several shadowy alien creatures around the property over the previous months.

The video footage has been viewed and retweeted many times, and genuinely appears to be footage of something truly strange.

You can see a still shot from that video below.

UFO Over Ukraine During Shelling, 1st March

While there isn’t too much known about it, a piece of footage captured in Ukraine during the shelling of a town appears to show a disc-shaped object hovering overhead. What’s more, it appears that the object is not a drone, but much larger and further away.

The footage appears to have been captured from an apartment window, and as the person filming is asking out loud what the object might be, the sound of explosions can be heard all around – which should perhaps be a sobering clarification of the grim circumstances in which this was filmed.

The object appears to be simply hovering and observing and doesn’t appear to be a plane (which wouldn’t hover) nor a helicopter, which, as Waring points out, would be “instantly targeted by rocket launchers” from the ground.

What it might be, remains the subject of debate. However, it is worth remembering that many reports of UFOs surface over scenes of conflict and have done for hundreds of years. What’s more, it isn’t the only piece of footage showing a potentially strange object over the war-torn country, as we will examine shortly.

You can see that video footage below.

Glowing Orb-Like UFO Over Hamburg, Germany, 1st March

Several hours earlier over Hamburg in Germany, just short of two minutes worth of footage was captured of an orb-like object. It is tempting to dismiss the sighting as that of a planet or a bright star until the object appears to flash. It isn’t clear if this is a flash of light emitted by the craft, or whether it is the evening sun reflected from its exterior.

There has been much debate online as to what the object might have been. However, we should note that many sightings are on record, along with many photographs and video footage of almost identical objects. It could very well be the fact that this is some kind of behemoth-like mothership that is much further away than we might initially suspect.

You can check out that footage in the video below.

Multiple Reports Of Strange Objects Over Ireland, 1st March

There were several reports from different locations around Ireland – including Sligo, Donegal, and Leitrim – of strange and “creepy” objects moving overhead on the evening of 1st March. Although exact details of the object differed, a general description was of something that “V-shaped, silent, and very bright”.

One witness to the bizarre events was one-time X-Factor contestant, Tabby Callaghan, who took to Twitter and stated he had “just seen a huge UFO” go over his house. He would continue that it was “shaped like a B-52 stealth” and that it was “huge and silent”.

When Callaghan spoke to Ocean FM a short time later, he would elaborate somewhat, stating that he was smoking a cigarette outside at the time when he first noticed the object. After initially thinking it was nothing more than a “flock of geese” he quickly came to the conclusion that what he was looking at was altogether more unusual.

He would continue that the object was best described as being like “an upside-down W – except it looked like it was made of light”. He also recalled that it was “much lower than even a domestic flight”. The object continued directly over the top of his and his girlfriend’s house (who also witnessed the incident) and did so very slowly and silently – something that he would describe as “creepy”.

Although the one-time X-Factor star stopped short of saying it was an extraterrestrial craft, he state that “if it was military it was very, very high end”. He wasn’t the only witness, however.

A person listening to his radio interview would contact the station claiming they too saw a “massive UFO” go over their house, as did his wife. Similarly, he too would describe it was looking like a “stealth bomber” but added it was “kind of translucent”.

Another witness in Leitrim claimed to have seen a “big light shining in the skies” at around 9 pm, while a resident in Donegal claimed to have witnessed a similar object around an hour previously.

Whether the objects were extraterrestrial vehicles or some kind of top-secret military aircraft is open to debate. That something strange was over Ireland that evening, however, surely isn’t.

Golden Colored Object Over North Carolina, 2nd March

At around 5 am on 2nd March in Graham, North Carolina, a motorist noticed and pursued a golden, circular object that they would liken to a “mass of energy”. As well as witnessing the object physically, the witness was able to capture various videos of it, sometimes pulling over to the side of the road to do so. These range from several seconds to several minutes. He would state in his report that he had the feeling that whatever the object was, it was aware of him.

The witness further recalled that the object appeared to change sizes several times, as well as changing color, going from a steady white glow, to flashing multiple colors and then returning to white once more.

Unfortunately, although the object was recorded on video and submitted to UFO researcher, William Puckett, it has not been made public (as per the witness’s request). Incidentally, it is Puckett’s opinion that the object is most likely the planet Venus, which would have been relatively low in the sky at the time and date of the sighting.

Tic-Tac UFO Over Kyiv, 5th March

On the evening of 5th March in the Ukrainian captiol Kyiv, a bizarre tic-tac UFO was witnessed in the night skies overhead. It appears to head toward the city before ascending, leveling out, and then ascending once again until it comes to a stop.

It might be easy to dismiss such claims if it had not been for the comments of CBN News’ Ukraine Director Kostyantine Lytvynenko, who stated on air that a UFO had “attacked invading Russian forces”, elaborating that the “powerful attack” managed to “set ablaze a Russian tank”.

Of course, those words could simply be describing a mystery military vehicle as opposed to an alien craft. They are, though, intriguing, nonetheless.

You can see the video below and see what you think.

UFO With Green Light Beam Over Mauna Kea Volcano, Hawaii, 7th March

Veteran UFO researcher, Scott Waring was sent some intriguing footage that appears to show a glowing UFO flying over Mauna Kea Volcano in Hawaii on the evening as the above sighting. What’s more, the object appears to project or leave behind it, a trail of glowing green light.

As Waring points out, the object appears to be moving much too slowly to be a meteor. It also appears to be under intelligent control instead of simply hurtling through the atmosphere.

Once more, it is worth pointing out that many UFO sightings are reported over or near volcanos, leading many researchers to suggest that somewhere deep inside these ancient active mountains, an alien bases of some kind likely exists.

You can see that video below.

Strange Glowing Object Over Dallas, Texas, 7th March

On the same evening in Dallas, Texas, a fast-moving glowing object was captured on video moving through the night sky. The witness claimed they were standing outside with their sister when they first noticed the strange object. Realizing it was something out of the ordinary, the witness reached for their phone and began filming.

It eventually disappeared into the cloud, and although they waited for several moments for it to reemerge, it failed to do so. The witness also added that the object was “bigger, brighter, (and) faster, and had more lights” than can be appreciated in the video.

You can see that video footage below and see what you think.

Spherical Object Spotted Hovering Over A Nuclear Power Plant In Monroe, Michigan, 8th March

The following morning, at around 6 am on 8th March in Monroe, Michigan, a strange spherical object was witnessed and captured on film hovering over the Fermi Nuclear Power Plant. According to the witness, it remained there for at least an hour before they had to turn off in a different direction and so putting the object out of their sight.

Although they do not show up on the video, the witness claimed that there were three lights visible on the object – one in the center and one each on both sides.

It would appear – according to astronomical charts – that no planets, stars, or the moon would have been visible at this time, so it is extremely unlikely that this could explain the anomalous object. It is interesting that the object was seen hovering over a nuclear facility – as we know, there appears to be an intense interest in such facilities by the occupants of these mysterious craft, and has been for some time.

You can see that video footage below.

Disc-Shaped Craft Filmed Over Gold Coast, 12th March

Without a doubt one of the most intriguing pieces of footage came from the Gold Coast in Australia. The witness, and person who captured the footage, claimed they were walking with their family when they first noticed a “tic-tac object” in the sky overhead. The witnesses described the object as clearly large, and under intelligent control as it moved through the air on what was a particularly windy day.

The witness managed to capture around 20 seconds of footage over two videos. He claimed that the footage he captured was the end of the sighting due to him only mistakenly thinking he had pressed record on his camera phone.

Regardless, the footage is more than captivated, and clearly does show a tic-tac or disc-shaped object. You can check out the two videos below for the footage of this intriguing sighing.

Disc-Shaped Object Follows Plane Over Tokyo, 13th March

On the afternoon of 13th March in Tokyo a motorist happened to look skyward and noticed a bizarre, glowing disc-shape object following a passenger plane. The witness managed to capture several minutes of the sighting on video.

The footage clearly shows the object catch up to the plane, slow down, and then allow itself to fall back. What the object was doing is open to debate. However, it would appear to have been some kind of analysis of the vehicle if one had to hazard a guess.

You can check out that video below.

Bright, Glowing Object Captured On Video Flying Over Las Vegas

Although it is a piece of footage that has divided opinion among those who have viewed it, a piece of footage captured in Las Vegas on the evening of 15th March is certainly worthy of our time here.

The footage in question, which is only several seconds long, appears to show a cigar or rectangular shaped craft glowing brightly as it moves at a considerable pace across the sky. The footage then appears to show the same object appearing back in the frame and moving in the opposite direction.

There is, however, no information about the footage to indicate where it came from, who captured and what they saw at the time of the incident. This has led many to believe that the video should be taken with a considerable pinch of salt.

You can see that video footage below and make of it what you will.

Strange Object Hovering Over Three Rivers, Michigan, 20th March

At around 5 pm on 20th March a resident of Three Rivers, Michigan saw an object in the sky that they believed to be a “small airplane”. However, the more they focused on it, the more they realized it had no wings, and appeared to be moving much faster than they would expect a plane to.

They managed to capture a picture of the object before it disappeared from sight. The witness claimed that when the object turned in the air, they could see a “ring around the middle”. It also appeared to have a reddish tint to its exterior.

You can view the picture the witness captured below.

V-Shaped Object Over Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, 21st March

A particularly intriguing sighting unfolded at around 7:30 pm on the 21st March over Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam. On the night in question, a father and son were walking outside of their apartment when the young boy alerted his father to something strange in the sky.

When the witness looked up, he could see a bizarre object in a V-shape moving through the skies. He recalled how the object was hard to keep in sight as it almost blended into the night sky. The pair also determined that it made no sound whatsoever and moved in complete silence. It appeared as though the edges of the craft were sharp and precise. They also recalled how the exterior – dark though it was – had a bizarre “shimmering” effect that appeared to the witness as though there was a haze around it. What’s more, this shimmering appeared to trail behind the object also making the sky appear like water that the object was cutting through.

The young boy also recalled that he noticed small orange lights that looked to be in the object underside which clearly formed the V outline. Even more intriguing, the young boy – who the witness admitted had better eyesight than he – claimed he could see a cube-like object that appeared to be following the main craft.

The pair continued to watch the strange aerial display, noting that the object (or objects) was heading toward the Saigon River. It moved at a “modest speed” and in a perfectly straight line. It eventually faded out of sight. It had been in sight for approximately no more than 30 seconds in total.

Although they were not sure how high the object was, the witness had reason to believe that it was not at all close to the ground, suggesting that it was a particularly large craft.

It is worth noting that the witness holds a private pilots license and is also an amateur sky-watcher, so he is relatively experienced with terrestrial aircraft. He is certain that the object he and his son witnessed that evening was unlike anything they had previously seen.

Although they didn’t manage to capture a picture of the object, they did produce a sketch shortly after, which you can see below.

Triangular Formation Of Lights, Prescott, Arizona, 22nd March

In Prescott, Arizona, at just after 8 pm on 22nd March, two separate formations of lights were noticed by a husband and wife. According to the report – made by the husband’s father – the pair were driving toward Prescott when they noticed to two sets of lights. One appeared to be in a perfectly straight line, while the other was a distinct triangle.

The more the pair watched them, the more they realized they were moving completely in synch with each other. At this point, the witness quickly reached for their phone and captured several moments of footage, which you can see below.

Bizarre Object Separates Into Two Objects Over Dubai, 22nd March

On the evening of 22nd March over Dubai, a resident managed to capture footage of a fireball-like object that split into two separate objects. The witness uploaded the video to social media asking if anyone else had witnessed the objects.

There are some who believe the object is likely a meteor or even space debris which was breaking up as it entered the atmosphere. However, others have pointed out that the object appears to be traveling at a purposeful angle as opposed to falling.

You can see that video footage below and see what you think.

Drone Captures Footage Of Strange Object Over Malaysia, 26th March

At around 7 pm on 26th March in Sungai Petani Kedah, Malaysia, a local resident was filming with his drone, flying at an altitude of around 100 feet when he unintentionally captured a strange object moving with great speed through the early evening sky.

It was only when they reviewed their footage later that evening that they noticed the aerial anomaly. Although they were not certain just what the object was, they surmised that it was moving much too fast to be a bird or even another drone. Similarly, they believed it was unlikely to be a plane simply due to the lack of sound.

You can view that video below.

Bizarre “Searchlight” Over Popocateptl Volcano, Mexico, 29th March

Yet another sighting was recorded over the volcano at Popecateptl in Mexico in the early hours of 29th March at just before 5 am. The footage – captured on live cam – shows what appears to be a huge searchlight appearing from above, not unlike searchlights that many UFO witnesses have reported shining down from various objects.

It is clear from the footage that the light that it is of significant size, suggesting that the object itself was anywhere between 1000 to 1500 feet, which would clearly be larger than any known aircraft.

You can view that footage below and make up your own mind.

Strange Object Filmed On Ring Camera In Bakersfield, California, 31st March

A particularly intriguing sighting was captured on ring camera in Bakersfield, California on the evening of 31st March, even being reported on local news.

The footage shows what appears to be a long, glowing object descending out of the night sky. It also appears that the object lands behind the houses in a nearby field. What the object might have been remains unknown but it is certainly intriguing footage.

You can see that video below.


February 2022 has proven to have been just as busy as the first four weeks of the year in terms of UFO sightings. And once more, an entire array of various aerial anomalies have been witnessed around the planet – from bizarre glowing orbs to strange discs, and triangular objects. Regardless of what is going on in the world, sightings of strange objects above continue.

As always, we will start our monthly round-up with several sightings that occurred the previous month but have only just been reported – the first of which occurred on New Year’s Day and is where we will turn our attention first.

Orange Orbs Over Belize, 1st Jan

Perhaps one of the first UFO sightings of 2022 occurred over Belize City in Belize on the 1st of January. At around 7:25 pm on the night in question, a couple who were on vacation spotted two strange lights in the early evening sky.

UFO researcher, William Puckett believes that one of the objects (the orange one) could very well be a Chinese lantern while there is a possibility that the other one maybe Venus or Jupiter. That said, the sighting remains unexplained for now.

You can check out that footage below.

Disc Photographed Over Katy, Texas, 12th Jan

At just after 2:30 pm in Katy, Texas on 12th January a resident managed to capture what appears to be a disc-shaped object on video. The discovery was made while examining the footage when a still frame was extracted.

What is also interesting is that several years earlier a very similar picture was captured in Texas by a police officer that appears to show the same disc-shaped craft.

You can see that picture below.

Security Camera Records Strange Object Phoenix, Arizona, 17th Jan

A sighting that occurred in mid-January but that has only recently been reported unintentionally was captured on a security camera. At just after 10:20 pm on 17th January in Phoenix, Arizona, a local resident’s security camera managed to capture a strange, glowing object.

It is certainly intriguing, although some who have viewed suspect it could be nothing more than a conventional aircraft. It appears that the footage has been brightened due to the lightness of the night sky (although stars can be seen). This might have had a glowing effect on the object.

You can see that footage below and make up your own mind.

Mysterious Black Square Placed On Mars Rover Footage

There are many claims of strange objects and artifacts being spotted on the surface of Mars, with some perhaps being more credible than others, but a recent piece of footage that appears to show a clumsy black square being placed over a very specific object (or entity, according to some researchers) is certainly a little mysterious.

While it is perhaps tempting to think that this was merely a technical fault on NASA’s part, it certainly does look a little strange, perhaps even suspicious, how a very specific area seems to have been put “off-limits” to the viewing audience.

You can see that footage for yourself and see what you think.

Bizarre Glowing Object Witnessed Over Odessa, Ukraine, early-February

Although the exact date is not known, a sighting of two glowing objects hovering over the city of Odessa in Ukraine at some point in early February is extremely interesting, perhaps not least due to the events that are potentially about to unfold.

Several researchers who have viewed the footage have determined the objects appeared to have been the size of a small van and they appear to be solid and possibly metallic.

It is perhaps worth drawing attention once more to the potential conflict of the region, and whether these objects were there in a monitoring capacity. After all, we know that sightings of strange, otherworldly objects appear to increase in areas of conflict.

You can view that footage below and make up your own minds.

Flashing Object Over Brazil, 2nd February

Multiple people on a beach in Brazil witnessed a glowing disc-like object in the early evening sky on 2nd February. As the onlookers watched the object, it flashed several times, similar to how you might expect someone to signal their presence.

Of course, whether this was the case here is open to debate. The footage is extremely interesting though. And you can tell from the sounds in the background that those who watched these events were shocked and perplexed by what they were seeing.

You can view that footage below.

Multiple Strange Objects Over Taitung County, Taiwan, 5th Feb

According to a Chinese news report, at a little after 8 pm on 5th February over Taitung County in Taiwan, multiple residents of the region witnessed several strange objects moving overhead. While it appears that some residents saw only a single object, others claimed to have seen as many as six.

The objects first appeared over Zhiben and appeared to be headed in the direction of Da Nan. One witness claimed that “two luminous bodies turned into six luminous bodies at once”. Furthermore, the strange glowing objects had the ability to travel in all directions as well as flick themselves on and off. Even stranger, despite this fantastic aerial display, no sound whatsoever came from the objects, which instead moved in complete silence.

They were visible for just short of five minutes before it appeared to vanish, as if into thin air. You can view the footage in question below.

Fireball-Like Object Captured On Camera In Alta, Norway, 10th February

A particularly intriguing incident came from Alta in Norway on 10th February when Magnus Johnsen managed to capture footage of a bizarre green glowing object moving across the mid-afternoon sky.

Johnsen would tell the local media that he was parked outside the local high school when he noticed a “green line come across the sky”. He immediately reached for his phone and began filming it. He would further describe it was “flying low” and at “insane speed”. What’s more, judging from comments and posts on social media, Johnsen wasn’t the only person to have witnessed the strange event.

Another witness, Hans Idar Haldorsen, also managed to capture what appears to be the same object on the dashcam of his car in Peska.

As we might imagine, there has been much debate as to what the object may or may not have been since it appeared online. Some people have put forward that it was most likely a meteor, while others maintain that it was something a little more unusual.

You can check out the two videos below. The first features Johnsen’s sighting, while the second is that of Hans Idar Haldorsen.

Star-Like Objects Over Texas, 11th Feb

At around 4 pm on 11th February in Dallas, Texas, a resident was sitting in their backyard when they noticed a strange object in the afternoon sky. They claimed to see five “star-like images” that were “dancing” or “darting” around the sky.

To begin with, the witness believed they were watching a plane but the more he watched the strange display the more he realized he was witnessing several separate objects and not one that was simply far away. He would describe the moment as “surreal” and claimed that he had “never witnessed anything like it before”.

Unfortunately, there are no photographs or video footage of that sighting.

Several Lights Witnessed Over Phoenix, Arizona, 14th Feb

A report of strange lights in the skies over Phoenix, Arizona on the evening of 14th February brought back memories of the Phoenix Lights episode of March 1997 to many. The lights were captured on video by one resident, who claimed to have also viewed them through binoculars and noted how they were changing colors constantly.

He would report that he watched the objects for some time, noting how some of them moved out of formation temporarily before returning to where they had been hovering. After watching them for several minutes, the witness would drive closer to them in order to attempt to get a closer look. However, by the time they pulled their vehicle to the side of the road, there was only light remaining which eventually faded from sight.

It is certainly an intriguing piece of footage. And the similarities to the Phoenix Lights incident are equally intriguing.

You can watch those lights in the video below.

Ascending Object Over India, 14th February

Perhaps one of the most intriguing sightings captured recently occurred in India where a young boy managed to capture several seconds of a strange object that appeared to be climbing into the night sky leaving a trail of sorts behind it.

Unfortunately, there is little further information about the sighting but the video footage is certainly very intriguing.

You can check out the video below and see what you think.

Strange Objects Filmed Over Electric City, Bangalore, India, 14th February

On the same day as the sighting above, also in India in Electric City, multiple people witnessed two separate UFOs moving across the sky. The first objects, which glowed considerably, was followed by a smaller, spherical object, which also glowed.

There has been speculation from some that the footage recorded shows the end result of a rocket launch. However, there is nothing in official records to suggest any such launches took place on the night in question. And coupled with the sighting above, it would appear the person who filmed the sightings did indeed capture something truly out of the ordinary.

You check out the two videos below which feature footage of the sighting.

Orb-Like Object Witnessed Over Oahu, Hawaii, 15th Feb

Webcam footage from Oahu in Hawaii captured on 15th February appeared to show an orb-like object emerging from the clouds. The object was noticed by veteran UFO researcher Scott C. Waring who further discovered that several people in the area had also noticed the object at the time.

After coming into view the object went straight up into the sky eventually disappearing from sight. Witnesses in the area also reported seeing several F-22 jets head across the sky, as if in pursuit of the anomalous object.

You can view that footage below.

Strange Orb Witnessed Over Kilauea Fish Market, Hawaii, 15th Feb

On the very same day, an almost identical orb-like object was noticed over Kilauea Fish Market also in Hawaii. The white object remained stationary in the afternoon sky and was visible for at least 30 minutes.

An explosion of posts on social media showed many residents of the area had seen the object. One particularly intriguing post – especially when we keep the previous sighting in mind – came from Karen Tilley, who claimed that “someone who works in aviation here on the island received communications that there were F-22s intercepting a UFO”. Even more amazing, Tilley would continue that her aviation contact has told her that “the UFO is many miles offshore from Princeville over the ocean”.

Another social media user offered that it was “not a star because as the sun went down it became less visible” eventually disappearing completely. It is almost certain that the orb witnessed over Kilauea Fish Market was the same that was witnessed over Oahu a short time earlier. Even more amazing, another almost identical object was witnessed in the early hours of the following day, which is where we will turn our attention next.

Orb-Like Object Spotted Over Lanikai Beach, Oahu, Hawaii, 16th Feb

At 2:56 am in the early hours of 16th February near Lanikai Beach in Oahu, Hawaii, a strange, glowing spherical object was picked on the live webcam which monitors two small volcanoes off the coast of the island.

The object appears to be falling, at first, like a meteor before it levels out somewhat and appears like an intelligently controlled vehicle. What’s more, it appeared to be moving in the sky as if it was circling, which it did three times in total. On the final flyover, it lowered its altitude somewhat, with the water showing the object’s reflection. It hovered in place for several seconds before disappearing into the distance.

Whatever the object was, remains unknown. However, given the time of night the recording was made, it is highly unlikely to be a plane or helicopter.

You can view footage of that object below.

Metallic Disc-Like Object Filmed Over Mount Etna, Italy, 21st Feb

Scott C Waring draws our attention to another intriguing piece of footage that was captured on the Mount Etna webcam on 21st February. According to Waring “the UFO was caught shooting out of the volcano so fast that it was only caught on the video in a few frames”. Indeed, this would have been so fast that would have likely been undetectable to the human eye.

Waring continues that he first noticed the object, which appeared like a thick, metallic disc, and thought it might have been nothing more than a bird. Then, however, as he continued to study the footage, he noticed two birds flying past in the frame, and they “looked nothing like the UFO”.

It is also noticeable that the disc appeared particularly blurry. According to Waring, this is because of the propulsion system and is merely an unintended consequence as proposed to a purposeful one. What’s more, Waring offers his thoughts on how these bases – which he offers are located several miles beneath the base of the volcano – are accessed. He claims that as the craft lowers into the volcano, a shield is activated around it which protects it from the obviously hellish elements inside. As the ship lowers further, a tunnel temporarily opens allowing the craft access to the base deep below the volcano.

Whether Waring is correct and whatever the object is, it is yet another example of a strange, seemingly intelligently controlled craft appearing near or over a volcano. Is there a genuine connection between the two, and do many such volcanos around the world really harbor advanced alien bases?

You can check that footage on the video below.

Solid Object Witnessed And Filmed Over Islamabad, Pakistan, 22nd February

According to a one-time resident of Birmingham in the United Kingdom, Arslan Warraich, he witnessed a bizarre, black round object over Islamabad in Pakistan. And what’s more, he managed to capture over 12 minutes of footage of it, as well as taking multiple pictures as it remained in view for over two hours.

He would recall that “the naked eye it seemed like a black round rock”. However, when Warraich zoomed in on the object, he “could see it was roughly the shape of a triangle” that had a “clear bulge on the top towards the back”. He would continue that the object was “solid black and had no sharp edges”. He added that it “wasn’t reflecting too much light” and that “no lights were emanating from it”.

He would dismiss that the object was a bird or even a drone. And he claimed that it “made no sense” for the military to be operating secretly in this particular area of the city.

Many who viewed the footage, as well as still frames from it, were extremely impressed with the clarity. Of more importance, many people claimed to have seen similar objects from various different parts of the world.

You can see one of those pictures below.

Jellyfish-Like UFO Over Georgia, 22nd Feb

Another intriguing sighting unfolded in the state of Georgia when a local resident, Anthony Wright, managed to capture footage of a bus-sized object hovering overhead. The witness claimed that the object had “long tentacles” that stretched out from it. What these tentacles might have been is not known, but there have been many other sightings over the years of similar jellyfish-like objects.

There is little other information on the sighting, but the video footage is certainly intriguing.

You can watch that footage below.

Strange Orb Filmed Off The Coast Of Italy, 24th Feb

On the evening of 24th February just off the coast of Sicily in Italy, a witness was on the coast when he noticed a “huge flashing sphere” seemingly hovering over the water. The witness recalled how the object would look solid for several moments and then begin flashing as if it were “trying to communicate”.

From the footage, the object looks as though it is a considerable distance away from the coast, suggesting it must be a large object for it to be so visible from land.

Once more, this is another sighting of a strange object over water, adding further fuel to the fire that UFOs are arriving here from under the water as opposed to from outer space.

You can check out the video in question below.

Triangular UFO Captured On Film Over Albany, New York, 24th Feb

On the same evening, on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean in Albany, New York, at around 7:30 pm a local resident managed to capture several minutes of footage of a seemingly triangular-shaped object moving through the sky.

He would state in his report that he began watching a “weirdly flashing light in the sky” before he then noticed a triangular object. He watched the object for several minutes, managing to capture footage of it.

You can check out that video below.

Roundup Video for February

View our roundup video of UFO Sightings and footage for February below.


January saw many UFO reports come from all around the planet suggesting that sightings of these strange objects look set to continue. And, as always, these reports ranged from solid objects to strange lights and even snake-like objects climbing high into the sky. And while we should treat such sightings and reports with a certain pinch of salt, many of these sightings are truly intriguing.

We will start with a sighting that resulted in a particularly interesting photograph.

Two Triangular Objects Photographed Over Huntsville, Texas, 2nd January

Without a doubt one of the most intriguing incidents of the new year occurred in Huntsville, Texas at around 6 pm on 2nd January. On the evening in question a local man took a photograph of the cloudy sky. He claimed that he “noticed something” but that he paid little attention to it. That was until he examined the photographs a little later on.

Two triangular formations of light – likely the underside of a triangular craft if we accept the picture to be genuine for a moment – can clearly be seen. Given that most people who claim to have seen such object close up state they are huge, these objects would appear to be quite some distance away (which might explain why the witness paid little attention to them when he took the picture).

You can see that picture below. Do they show genuine unknown objects or might there be another explanation?

Orange-Red Light Over Farmingdale, New York, 3rd January

An orange-red orb-like object was filmed over Farmingdale in New York on the evening of 3rd January which is worth examining here. The witness claimed that they first noticed the light while driving from the Farmingdale train station. Their passenger also witnessed the strange light.

They continued to watch it for several minutes. Then, after dropping his passenger off the witness pulled to the side of the road in order to capture several moments of video footage of it.

You can view that footage below.

UFO Filmed By Flight Crew Over Georgia, 3rd January

Without a doubt, one of the most intriguing sightings of a UFO in the opening weeks of 2022 occurred over the state of Georgia on the evening of 3rd January. What’s more, the witness who filmed the footage was part of a flight crew that was at an altitude of 39,000 feet.

The witness stated in their report that they had originally taken their phone out so they could capture a picture of the Milky Way. However, shortly after he had done so another aircraft passed over the top of them, around 1,000 feet higher. He switched the video camera on and began filming this other aircraft. As he did, though, he noticed a “V-shaped object” appear, as if out of nowhere. The witness recalled that it appeared this anomalous object was between their plane and the other aircraft.

Although they were happy to make the video publicly available, both the witness and the captain of the plane stated they wished to remain anonymous. In fact, they even opted to not make an official report of the sighting.

You can view this fascinating video below.

Flashing Lights Over Moses Lake, Washington, 4th January

Although there are no picture or video footage of it, an intriguing incident unfolded around 8:30 pm on 4th January over Moses Lake in the state of Washington.

The witness stated that it was a cloudy/foggy evening and that they were looking at the moon when they noticed “sparkles of light” with “periodic red and purple flashes”. This strange aerial display lasted for around 15 minutes before it suddenly ceased. Although the witness did attempt to capture the lights with his camera phone, due to the fogginess of the evening they simply didn’t show up on any of the pictures.

The witness considered that they might have witnessed a meteor shower. However, it appears what they saw was quite possible something a little more out of the ordinary.

Incidentally, around an hour earlier off the coast of Alaska near Mt. Redoubt, a strange, glowing object was witnessed, and filmed. It is uncertain what the object is and there is little information about it, but you can view that video footage below.

Bizarre Object Filmed In Daylight Sky Over Bakersfield, California, 4th January

A truly strange aerial anomaly was witnessed during the afternoon of 4th January in Bakersfield, California. According to the witness, they and their father were locking up their shop and getting ready to leave for the day when they noticed “something odd” overhead. To begin, they believed they must be watching some plastic bags that had gotten caught in the wind. However, the more they watched it the more they realized it was something a little more out of the ordinary.

At this point they alerted their father to the strange display above them. They both stood and watched it for several minutes, noting that it appeared to have risen from 1000 feet to around 15000 feet before they lost sight of it.

They managed to capture almost two minutes of footage of the bizarre object, which does appear to show something truly strange. Whatever it may or may not be, it is certainly intriguing. You can view that footage below.

Disc-Shaped Object Over South Carolina, 6th January

Veteran UFO researcher, Scott C. Waring, reported on a truly bizarre but intriguing sighting from Orangeburg, South Carolina on the evening of 6th January. According to Waring’s report, the witness was a former USAF veteran with good knowledge of aircraft and aviation meaning that he “knew right away this was no manmade craft”.

The witness stated in their report that he was smoking a cigarette in his front yard when he noticed the strange object. It came from behind the tress and was “pulsing multicolored lights”. Several seconds later, two orb-like objects came out of the object and began to blink red.

The witness watched as the objects moved slowly and calmly overhead, eventually disappearing over the backwoods that overlooked the back of his property. What is perhaps interesting – given the connections between UFOs and water – is that these backwoods led to swampland.

Incidentally, Waring would state it was his belief that the footage was “100 percent real” that that he could find “no indication of it being a fake”. You can make up your own mind and view the footage in the video below.

Strange Lights Appear In Sky Over University Place, Washington, 8th January

A report from the files of MUFON offers a report – and footage – of several bizarre lights moving over University Place in Washington on the evening of 8th January.

According to the witness there were “random bouncing lights with three stagnant lights that appeared and reappeared”. The witness even got out of her car at one point in order to ensure that her video footage would not show any reflections from the windscreen. Another woman was also present on the street and also witnessed the bizarre display.

The witness further claimed that she had lived in the area most of her life and had never seen anything like what she witnessed that evening.

You can view that video footage below.

Five Orb-Like Object Filmed Over Port Orchard, Washington, 12th January

Just north of Seattle on the evening of 12th January in Port Orchard in the state of Washington, a local resident witnessed five orb-like objects in the night sky. They would state in their report that they were very “familiar with local flight patterns” and so he realized immediately that they looked remarkably different to what he was used to seeing overhead. He would state that the lights were “brighter than your average plane” and that they were not “in the normal path of most other planes” he would usually see there.

The lights also didn’t appear to have a predetermined route as you would expect arriving planes to have. Instead, they simply remained in the same spot in the sky before they “drifted off to the west, one by one”.

You can see the video captured by the witness below.

Bizarre Shaped Object Witnessed Over Bluffton, 13th January

On the morning of 13th January in Bluffton, South Carolina, at around 9:30 am, a strange L-shaped object was witnessed by a person who just happened to be stood in their backyard. The object was moving through the sky but appeared to be completely silent. What’s more, the way the sun was reflecting off it made the witness believe it was made from some kind of metal.

They guessed it was around half a mile away but were otherwise unable to judge the actual size or dimensions of the object. They did, though, manage to capture a picture of the bizarrely shaped craft, which you can see below.

White Glowing Object Witnessed Over Polson, Montana, 17th January

After having awoken at around 4 am in the early hours of 17th January in Polson, Montana, a local man happened to look out of the window of his trailer home when he noticed a glowing, white light in the sky. Of more concern, the light appeared to be coming towards his location. Then, it stopped suddenly and simply vanished.

UFO researcher, William Puckett examined video footage that the witness managed to capture. He would state that although there is a possibility that the object could, in fact, be a reflection, he stated this was “doubtful”. He also dismissed the possibility that it was nothing more than the moon, which was in a different part of the sky at the time of the sighting.

It is certainly intriguing footage, which you can see below.

Strange Object Over Bullhead City, Arizona, 18th January

On the morning of 18th January in Bullhead City, Arizona, when an employee at Davis Camp County Park witnessed a bizarre object in the sky while he was doing his morning rounds. He would describe the object as a “brilliant stationary light” that appeared out of the clouds.

He would estimate in his report to MUFON that the object was approximately 40 to 50 miles away. What’s more, it appeared to be “strobing or spinning” throughout the sighting. The witness managed to capture several moments of footage on his mobile phone. The footage is indeed intriguing, which you can view for yourself below.

Orange Light Moving Over Darlington, England, 19th January

A little over 24 hours later on the other side of the Atlantic in Darlington, England, a local resident managed to capture footage of a strange red orb that pulsated as it moved in the sky. The witness couldn’t any engines or other sounds from the object and the red light remained constant throughout.

Little else is known of the incident and while there could indeed be rational explanations for the object, the footage – which you can see below – is certainly interesting.

Bizarre Object Filmed Over Corpus Christi, Texas, 20th January

On the afternoon of 20th January in Corpus Christi, Texas, a local resident noticed a strange cloud overhead and began to watch it. The more they did so, however, the more they realized it was “growing and got really bright”. It then promptly disappeared. The witness recalled that there was no other clouds in the sky at the time.

The witness further recalled that the sun was in a different part of the sky to where the object was and that the moon wasn’t visible. They had managed to record several seconds of footage of the anomalous object but then stopped the recording so they could contact a friend who lived around 20 miles away to see if they could also see it. They could. The witness’s girlfriend witnessed the strange anomaly also.

The witness checked local flight information and could found nothing to state there were any planes in the area at the time of the incident. And even if there were this would not explain why it simply disappeared. The witness also mentioned in his report that there was a naval air base nearby, but whether there is a connection is unknown.

You can see that video footage below.

UFO Being “Escorted” Over Connecticut, 21st January

Some extraordinary footage surfaced from Durham, Connecticut that appeared to show a bizarre object being “escorted” by two Blackhawk military helicopters. There is little other information on this footage, and we should, of course, treat it with a little pinch of salt.

How genuine the video might be is perhaps open to debate. We have to ask ourselves, for example, if there was a clandestine mission to escort an object over America, it perhaps wouldn’t be transported at such low altitude across a heavily populated part of the country (unless, of course, after the object appeared and the escort was an intercept mission).

You can view this intriguing footage below.

Object Spotted Over Jakarta, Indonesia, 23rd January

At around 2:30 am on 23rd January in Jakarta, Indonesia a local resident managed to capture a photograph of a blue, spherical object after spotting the anomaly while simply looking at the moon. They noticed the shining object and realized it wasn’t a star but rather something solid that was reflecting the light of the moon.

Although they were uncertain of exactly what the object was, they did consider that it might have been “some kind of spaceship”. The photograph does appear to show something in the sky. However, whether it is a genuine solid craft or not remains open to debate.

You can see that photograph below and make up your own mind.

UFO Sighting Over Edwards Air Force Base, California, 24th January

An extremely interesting MUFON report documents a sighting of a bizarre object that appeared to move over Edwards Air Force Base in California. The incident occurred at just before 6 pm on 24th January when a local woman noticed the strange anomaly while driving home near the base.

She managed to record the object, which appeared to have three distinct lights, even managing to drive directly underneath it at one point. It wasn’t clear to the witness if the object was hovering or moving very slowly. She also recalled that the bright lights were “kind of like Iron Man’s thrusters” that appeared to cause “optical effects from heat generation”.

The witness’s husband (who works in the aerospace industry) check the flight radar and determined that there were no known aircraft in the skies where the sighting occurred.

You can view that footage below.

Glowing Object Over Greenfield, Massachusetts, 25th January

UFO researcher William Puckett received an intriguing report from a resident of Greenfield, Massachusetts regarding a bizarre, glowing object that shot “out to space”.

According to the report, between 6:30 pm and 6:45 pm on 25th January, the witness stepped outside from their house and, as they always did, looked upward to catch a glimpse of the planes that often flew overhead. As they did, they noticed a strange light which they, at first, believed was the International Space Station, which they also often saw passing overhead. However, they more they watched the glowing object, the more they realized it was something a little stranger than the International Space Station.

The object was getting bigger as if it was coming nearer. Then, without warning, it changed direction and then “shot into space with a streak of light”. They watched it for several moments until it disappeared from view completely.

You can see a diagram prepared by the witness of what they saw that evening.

Strange Lights Appear and Disappear Over Rhode Island, 26th January

According to a report received by William Puckett, a local resident of Warwick, Rhode Island witnessed a bizarre light appearing in the sky on the evening of 26th January at around 7:45 pm, before it then disappeared only to reappear once again.

The witness was with their friend at their home when a bright light from outside suddenly lit up the entire second floor. Realizing something bizarre was taking place the witness’s friend then got up and looked out into the evening sky through the sliding doors. He could clearly see a “very bright round light” in the sky that appeared to be moving toward the east. As they watched, a second light appeared near the first one. However, instead of moving, it simply remained stationary for between 30 and 60 seconds.

Then, the lights simply “went out” within seconds of each other. A moment later, the witnesses saw what appeared to be a plane move across the sky close to where the lights had been only seconds earlier. The witness contemplated that the lights had gone out as “the UFOs didn’t want to be seen”. This is an interesting point as there are several cases on record with similar details that have caused the respective witnesses to think the same thing.

Within 30 seconds of the plane moving out of the sight, the lights appeared once more. One at first, then two, and then a third one. All three of them performed movements in the sky before disappearing in different directions. In total, from first noticing the lights to them disappearing for good, around 15 minutes had passed.

The witness would conclude that there had been “no mistake what was seen. Now what they were, I don’t know”, adding that “they weren’t planes”.

Unfortunately, there is no video footage or pictures of the sighting.

Three Glowing Objects Over Ithaca, New York, 26th January

An intriguing piece of video footage surfaced in Ithaca, New York on 26th January only hours later when a local witness and some friends were sledding at just after 11 pm on the night in question at Ithaca College. As they did so, they noticed a strange orb appear in the sky overhead. The light was moving, but the witness was almost certain that what they were seeing was not a plane.

Then, two more lights appeared, each orange like the first one, and all but confirmed that whatever they lights were, they were something very strange. As they appeared, the first light disappeared from sight. The two remaining lights remained visible for around two minutes before they too suddenly disappeared.

You can see that video the witness managed to capture below.

Strange Object Hovers For Two Hours Over Islamabad, Pakistan, 26th January

Our last report comes from a resident of Islamabad in Pakistan who captured footage of a strange object hovering overhead while flying their drone on 26th January. According to their report they were landing the drone at the time when they first noticed the strange object.

It simply hovered in one place and remained visible for around two hours. By the time it had gotten dark the witness could no longer see it. Whether it was still there or had left the location is not known.

There is little else known about the sighting, but you can see some of that video footage below.

Roundup Video

Our roundup video for the month of January 2022 is shown below.

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