The 2013 Aguadilla UFO Incident

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August 17, 2019
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We have explored UFO encounters in and around Puerto Rico on several occasions previously, and with very good reason. The Latino country would appear to be one of the prime locations to encounter UFO and even alien activity. In the words of UFO researcher and investigator, Bob Pratt, in Puerto Rico, “UFO cases are occurring everywhere all the time!”

In April 2013, however, a UFO encounter was caught on security footage over Rafael Hernandez Airport which would cause a stir of sorts within the UFO community. So much so, that several UFO researchers would investigate the incident privately, eventually producing a mammoth 161-page account and analysis of the night’s events.

A blended image of a UFO into a depiction of the strange craft

Does the image on the left show a real UF?

The footage in question would come from one of the thermal imaging cameras on one of the jets belonging to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). What’s more, there appears to be no question whatsoever regarding its authenticity. In it, an unknown object is clearly shown moving at great speed across both land and sea. What’s more, it even shows the apparent craft disappearing into the ocean itself.

This last part of the footage is particularly interesting when we consider the many claims of alien bases in and around Puerto Rico. These include bases that either reside or are accessed under the water. While such claims are often dismissed as pure nonsense, such footage, as well as the plethora of accounts of similar sightings and activity, should perhaps make us consider whether such claims, regardless of their outlandish nature, have more basis in truth than we might at first consider.

If that is the case, are these bases permanent fixtures somewhere deep within our planet until a meeting between us and them? Or might they be a temporary measure before a final end game is released upon humanity?

A Discreet Leaking Of Footage And Information

It would appear that the video first came to light when “an acquaintance” of the pilot whose plane captured the footage forwarded it to Florida based, Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) investigator, Daina Chaviano. She would immediately notify the director of the Florida branch of MUFON, Morgan Beall.

Immediately following their viewing and discussion of the footage, the two MUFON investigators would pull together several independent UFO researchers [1] – all with solid scientific backgrounds – to analyze the footage, as well as to assist in the investigation of the incident.

The sender of the footage would control the information of the investigation, and all of those involved on the DHS side would insist on absolute anonymity. Furthermore, until the eventual release of their findings, the investigation would go ahead under the most discreet conditions. Their sources appeared very much concerned with repercussions from their employers.

Chaviano and Beall would insist that their sources were credible, trustworthy, and were “vetted and identified”. Their own investigations into the incident would also tally up with the initial information their secret source provided for them. We should also note, as the investigation does, that records from the airport also show that a FedEx flight was due to leave at 9:10 pm. It was, however, delayed for 16 minutes due to an unknown object overhead.

Before we move on you can check out the footage in question below. It is intriguing footage, to say the least, and is well worth watching several times.

A “Pinkish To Reddish Light” Moving Fast Across The Water!

At around 9:20 pm on the evening of 25th April 2013, a United States’ Customs and Border Protection (CBP – a department of the DHS) DHC-8 Turboprop aircraft would leave the runway of Rafael Hernandez Airport in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico on a standard flight.

However, several minutes later, the crew noticed a strange object seemingly heading towards them. And what’s more, the control tower had either not noticed it, or couldn’t see it, as they had not issued any notification of another aircraft in their immediate air space. The tower confirmed they had indeed got the object on the radar. However, they were not at all certain of its identity. Or what it had come from.

A DCH-8 Customs Plane

A DCH-8 Customs Plane

The object was a “pinkish to reddish light (moving) over the ocean” according to later reports from the crew. By the time it reached the coast and made its way over the terrain of Puerto Rico the object’s lights went out. The DHC-8 plane, however, would begin tracking and filming the object with its onboard thermal cameras.

Once more, records obtained via the Freedom of Information Act show that the plane concerned did indeed circle the airport twice for ten minutes before leaving the area on its planned route at 9:26 pm (the time the FedEx plane was allowed to take off due to the object’s disappearance).

While all of these corroborating details are indeed circumstantial, they do still corroborate the details of the sighting. And we should note, on several very different and specific points.

A Pause For Questions And (Re)Thought

What is perhaps interesting about the incident is the nature of the flight itself. Rather than the object seemingly heading towards the coast from the ocean and then continuing on inland, it would appear that it simply performed a circular route around the airport and headed back out to sea.

What might the purpose of this have been? And perhaps more importantly, what might it tell us of the identity of the apparent occupants of this mind-bending and futuristic craft? For what purpose, for example, would such an incident serve? Why would they enter air space over an airport only to head straight back out to sea? Why would apparently advanced entities conduct themselves in such a manner?

Or might the unknown craft not be of extraterrestrial origin, at least not entirely, and be part of a top-secret United States black budget program? Perhaps one that utilizes and works in sympathy with the extraterrestrial presence that many residents over the years have claimed is in coastal areas and mountain ranges of the county.

Given all we know about Puerto Rico’s UFO and alien past, with numerous encounters, sightings, and even alien abductions on record, it is extremely interesting, and perhaps relevant, that such a video would also come out of the country. And if the footage proves to be authentic – which it certainly appears to be – then we should perhaps also reexamine some of the country’s previous UFO incidents.

Frame-By-Frame Analysis Of The Footage

The footage itself was subject to intense, frame-by-frame analysis and study. Not least to try and work out and understand the dimensions, size, and shape of the craft in question. According to this analysis, the object was “between three to five feet” wide and had an average speed of around 80 miles per hour.

However, this speed varied, slowing up to around 40 miles per hour and increasing to around 120 miles per hour. Its speed in the water was equally impressive, with an average speed of just over 80 miles per hour, with a high of 95.

A graph showing the course of the strange craft

A graph showing the course of the strange craft

The object definitely approached the Puerto Rican coastline from the ocean, most likely from the northwest of Rafael Hernandez Airport. Once on land and over the airport facility, it made its way over the main airstrip before circling around and heading back out to the north roughly in the direction it arrived. Unfortunately, the DCH-8 would lose sight of the object as it made its second circling of the airport.

As we might imagine, despite the apparent authenticity and unusual nature of the footage, there was a wave of possible explanations as to what the mystery object might be.

Alternative Explanations – None Of Which Hold Water

For example, one person would suggest the UFO was, in fact, a balloon caught in the wind. However, researchers examining the case would reject this almost outright. Perhaps most primarily because the object was traveling at an average speed of 80 miles per hour. The winds that day, though, were no more than 13 miles per hour at ground level, and only five miles faster at 3000 feet where the object was traveling. And besides, the object changed directions heading back the way it had come. At least one of these would have been going against the direction of the wind.

Another researcher would put forward that the object was nothing more than a large bird. And, at least initially, the suggestion appears relatively sound. Due to the footage being filmed on a thermal imaging camera, the darkness of the object suggest it was much warmer than the air around it. This is, according to the suggestion, exactly as a bird would appear on such a camera. However, when researchers factored in that the 80 miles per hour average speed was approximately double that of many of the birds local to the area, it made the possibility unlikely, if not impossible.

Perhaps a more likely explanation, certainly in light of the balloon and bird theories, was that the object was indeed a machine of some kind, but most likely some kind of advanced drone device. And, at least initially, it would seem as though the investigative team had found a likely candidate. Before we look at that, however, check out the video below. It features the radar data of the incident.

The US Navy’s Top-Secret “Flimmer” Drone

The research of the group, on this occasion, did reveal a possible match. A United States Navy drone named the Flimmer could match the speeds of the craft. And what’s more, it could move through air and water.

However, the top speeds of the Flimmer are just under 70 miles per hour through air and only 50 miles per hour through water. Short of the US Navy withholding information on higher more advanced speeds (which is certainly a possibility) this would appear to knock out the Flimmer as a viable possibility. Even the way it would enter the water with “minimal impact” would suggest something much more advanced.

Does this military footage show a real UFO?

Does this military footage show a real UFO?

Of course, while it is unlikely to be a drone, it does remain a possibility. Furthermore, the investigating team also asked why the military, if it was a drone test, would perform a flight over such a heavily populated area? Unless, of course, a heavily populated area and busy airport with controlled air space were somehow required for these speculative tests?

It is also perhaps interesting to note the number of recent drone sightings and incidents that have shut down airports, specifically at Gatwick Airport in the United Kingdom. Might these be a continuation of such highly advanced and secretive drone tests? And once more, we have to ask, for what purpose would such tests over airports and protected air space serve?

Bizarre But Intriguing Connections To Cell Division

Perhaps one area that is worth looking at a little further is the apparent splitting of the object into two. This would take place in less than a second of real-time, but the sequence of events – examined through each individual frame – would show something almost bordering on “mitosis observed during cell division with the splitting of the nucleus”. Following this, the cell expands (the object did indeed appear to do this), and then the two cells separate.

One of the authors of the report, Robert Powell, would state that to his mind, the sequence in the footage appeared to be “cell division”. Powell would also state that should he be able to see the operational documents relating to the video footage, the individual frames, when studied, would likely result in more revealing information.

Does this military footage show a real UFO?

Does this military footage show a real UFO?

Aside from the bizarre notion that a machine can change shape (which we will look at in a moment) or even divide itself into two different and fully functioning objects, the idea of cell division – essentially that the craft is acting as a living entity – is an interesting detail. Not least as many researchers have put forward the idea that at least some of the UFOs are not nuts-and-bolts crafts at all, but literal living, sentient entities.

While this would certainly present us with more questions than answers, and most definitely muddy the waters of the UFO and alien question even further, it is a point that we do perhaps need to keep on the mental backburner. This despite the understandable desire to dismiss such ideas as nonsense.

The Greenewald Letter, September 2014

In September 2014, UFO researcher, John Greenewald, would receive a letter from someone claiming to have connections to the incident over Aguadilla the previous year. Furthermore, they would also send a high-resolution copy of the video footage. They would, however, also request anonymity.

Incidentally, this video was, according to Greenewald, removed by YouTube several months after its upload with no explanation offered as to why. Greenewald himself, however, keeps copies of the file, which you can view at the bottom of this section.

After noting Greenewald’s success in obtaining government and NSA documents through Freedom of Information Requests, the sender of the letter stated that the video they sent was “undeniable proof of UFOs on Earth from a government source”. They would further state:

I can vouch that the following video is 100% real. I am remaining anonymous to avoid government reprisals. If you ever wanted to truly see how aliens are monitoring or studying us, and witness their technology, this is it! [2]

The letter would then go on to describe, in detail, the equipment used to film the object. They would claim the recording was done on a L3 MX15 EOIR camera. They would further explain that the video uses “back hot” – which means “the blacker something is, the hotter or fuller of energy it is”.

According to the sender, the video was taken from the screen of a laptop “using an iPhone-type device”. What’s more, the decision by several federal agents to leak the video came after the realization that the footage would essentially be suppressed. The sender also advises Greenewald to ignore the Spanish speaker and the audio in general, which was placed over the top to “distort the leaker’s voice so they are not discovered”.

You can see the video in question below.

“Alien Technology Is Under The Ocean Near Puerto Rico!”

The writer of the letter would then give details of the night of 25th April 2013. Interestingly, he would mention that the crew of the DCH-8 had initially though the brightly lit object was smugglers, especially when their light shut out as they approached the coast. Indeed, it was this that initially caused them to follow the craft.

Furthermore, the craft, according to the writer of the letter, at first appeared like a “forward flying horseshoe”. However, by the time it was nearing the ocean again, it “changes its configuration to a more spherical shape”.

John Greenewald

John Greenewald

This is an interesting detail and one that arises in other UFO sightings. Perhaps also of interest is that similar claims of shape-changing machines can be found in sightings of Black Helicopters, themselves synonymous with UFO sightings and conspiracies.

Following this, the object descends over the ocean’s surface before going under, “unaffected by the hydrodynamic forces”. Even more interesting, the writer of the letter brings our attention to the 01:24 mark of the video. Here, “another UFO pops out of the ocean and joins the original UFO in formation”.

The sender would continue:

This is not a maybe. This is 100% alien technology on Earth, in our skies, and under our oceans!

Of course, the authenticity of the letter and the sender can’t be verified beyond doubt. Was this all part of a disinformation campaign against UFO researchers? Or was someone – a small team of people – working to bring information to the wider public through UFO researchers?

The Aguada Alien Encounter

In May 2019, UFO researcher and writer, Billy Booth, would receive information on an apparent alien abduction that took place in the early hours of 10th November 2005. At around 3 am, Maria and her daughter were awoken by a strange sound. [3] So loud was this intense humming, that it caused pain in their ears.

Looking to find the source of the noise the pair looked out of the window. To their amazement, a disc-shaped craft was visible in the skies. And what’s more, it was heading toward their home out of the large forest that backed onto their yard. Around the edge of the craft was a row of dark, green windows.

Interestingly, and certainly in sympathy with many UFO sightings in Puerto Rico, behind the Forest was the Atlantic Ocean. It would appear that the craft was heading inland from the ocean. Might it be possible that it was heading inland from an underwater base?

The craft would pass overhead and disappear out of their sight. They would often hear the (eventually) similar humming sound quite often over the coming weeks. However, around six months later it would return in force. And this time, the encounter was much more eventful.

Bizarre Alien Creatures At The Garden Fence

On the evening of 28th April 2006, while Maria was watching late-night Spanish soap operas on television as her daughter and husband slept, the now-familiar sound announced itself outside once again. At the same time, the family’s dog, Dora, began barking repeatedly and anxiously.

Maria would get up to flick on the switch of the lights to the backyard. To her amazement, Dora was lying on her back with all four of the legs pointing directly up to the sky. To Maria, if it hadn’t have been for the sound, it appeared the dog was dead. It was then that Maria saw the two bizarre creatures standing near the fence around the yard of the family home. She would later state her belief that the two creatures were “alien beings”.

A depiction of a UFO emerging from clouds over a city

A depiction of a UFO emerging from clouds over a city

The two creatures were looking straight at her. She would describe them as around three feet tall with large, oval heads. Their eyes were equally as (proportionally) large, dark, and slanted. The mouths were barely a slit and their skin was a pale gray color. The fence itself covered the entities’ legs, but she had the feeling that the creatures wore no clothes. She could also see that their arms were seemingly too thin, almost frail, for their bodies.

All the while, the two creatures continued to stare straight at her. As they did, she had the bizarre feeling that they were speaking to her. Not verbally, however, but straight into her head. And what’s more, when she thought to herself that she should “wake up my husband, Nelson” the creatures heard her also.

With that notion in her mind, she stepped back from the window and went toward the bedroom where her husband was asleep.

Under A Strange And Sudden Mental Control

However, as she made her way to where her husband lay asleep a strange mental control took over her mind. She would find herself going instead to her daughter’s room. Once there, she would wake her and tell her to follow her to the window. The two creatures were still stood there. And what’s more, they would continue to stare.

When her daughter returned to her room, Maria would follow her and speak to her for several minutes. She would then return back to the window where the two creatures remained at the fence staring back at her.

A depiction of a UFO over a city

A depiction of a UFO over a city

As she looked out at them, the creatures once again began speaking to her telepathically. They would tell her to open the back door of the house. However, this time, she refused to do so, fighting back against the mental instructions and control. That, however, would cause the instructions to be issued again. Only this time, with much more bluntness.

The instructions “you’re going to open the door” came into her mind loud and clear. She would suddenly feel extremely drowsy and detached slightly from her environment. She got up and made her way to the back door. The next thing she knew, she was laying in her bed. The bright and welcome sunshine of morning pushing in from outside.

She sat bolt upright and made her way to her daughter’s bedroom.

The Quiet Before The (UFO) Storm

In a mild state of shock, she asked her daughter if she recalled the events of the previous night. Much to her relief, her daughter did indeed recall the night’s events. After telling her husband, Nelson, of the incident, he would recall hearing the dog barking but of nothing else.

He would venture outside in order to take a look for himself at the back yard and the fence where the two creatures had stood. He would, however, discover that the back door was open as opposed to being locked, which it usually would have been. Making a mental note of it, Nelson continued on into the yard.

He noticed that the dog was unusually quiet and subdued. Incidentally, it would take several days for the family pet to return to normal. Other than that, however, there was no sign of any intrusion. It would appear that the incident was finished. After a day or so, Maria began to settle a little.

A depiction of a UFO over the water

A depiction of a UFO over the water

However, several nights later, another strange occurrence would take place. And what is interesting, this incident appeared almost paranormal in nature. Such incidents, incidentally, are often a sign of alien abduction. We will look at this a little further in a moment.

At around 1 am on 1st May, while Maria was talking on the telephone, she would notice a bizarre glow moving through the woods at the back of their yard. The light was seemingly heading straight for their house. She would call to her husband, and the couple quickly closed all the windows and doors.

Around an hour or so later, the familiar humming sound was clearly audible outside the property. Then, a loud bang shook the property. As if something had come down on their roof.

Signs Of Alien Abduction?

The husband and wife, along with their daughter, remained together inside their home, wondering whether they should contact local authorities. However, fearing being mocked, or even being seen as mentally unstable, they decided against such action.

She would discover a strange “dotted, circular mark” on the back of her left hand. Something that she couldn’t recall having been there before the late-April incident. The mark would eventually fade. However, Maria would always wonder if the April incident had resulted in her abduction.

She didn’t, however, wish to undergo hypnotic regression. And furthermore, most of the people they did disclose the incident to would seemingly express quiet disbelief in return. Indeed, after moving to Puerto Rico from New York in order to enjoy Nelson’s recent retirement, the family were (at the time of the report) seeking to move back to the mainland such was the unease the incidents had cemented in their minds.

What’s more, this account is just one of the many UFO encounters to come out of Puerto Rico. And, much like the Aguadilla case just short of a decade later in 2013, it featured a strange object entering the skies over the mainland coming from the surrounding waters.

A Rich History Of Puerto Rican UFO Activity

The fact is Puerto Rico is a hotspot for UFO sightings and has been since the 1950s. However, it was in the 1980s that accounts began to stray into the mainstream media.

We have examined previously, for example, the case of Carlos Mercado, who would claim to have been taken to an alien base in the Puerto Rican mountains in 1988. What is perhaps interesting about the Mercado account is that the abduction began with a strange humming sound. Much like the 2006 incident with Maria. He was, according to his report, taken on board a saucer-shaped craft and into a secret base inside the mountain.

Close-up of an apparent UFO

Close-up of an apparent UFO

According to the information he was given, directly into his head as opposed to verbal conversation, this base was home to the beings for “a long, long time”. They would also state to Mercado that they had a desire to “inter-relate” with humanity at large. Furthermore, Mercado was informed was that “human authorities don’t want this to happen”.

A decade previously, in the summer of 1979, a similar alien abduction would take place with a mother and daughter as they drove along the highway near Bayamon. This incident, however, while not fear-inducing, was certainly more invasive. According to the report, the abductors would state they were a race who “watches over the continuity of the evolution of the worlds and the races that inhabit them”. Even more intriguing, and perhaps unnerving, was the claim that this race had “others” who appeared human and had positions of power in world governments.

Of course, such notions of aliens “taking over from the inside” are not new. And have perhaps been about as long as there has been an interest in such things. We might ask, then, why our collective subconscious mind retains such a notion?

This is Happening And This Is Real!

Perhaps some of the most intriguing UFO encounters in Puerto Rico took place between the summer of 1987 and the summer of 1991 in Laguna Cartagena. During this time, UFO sightings were seemingly occurring on a regular basis. The mainstream media, however, began to take the incidents a little more seriously than they usually might.

What’s more, many of the encounters would tell of face-to-face meetings and interaction with large-headed, alien creatures. Essentially, gray aliens, much like those described in the accounts we have examined here.

Further military frame showing a UFO

Further military frame showing a UFO

One particular encounter in the summer of 1990 would see one resident approach three of these apparently alien creatures. However, when he got to a certain distance, a “brilliant light” would emerge from the creatures’ eyes, temporarily blinding him. By the time his sight had returned, the creatures were gone.

Most interesting of all, however, was the phone call the witness would receive the following day. It would come from a man with a distinct American accent. He was warned in no uncertain terms that he should not speak of the “little men” he witnessed. Nor should he speak of where they disappeared to. Lastly, the mysterious but deadly serious voice would state:

What is happening here is real. And these beings must have a base or something underground in the area!

Perhaps a more recent sighting in Puerto Rico took place on 11th April 2019 in Caguas. That evening a multi-colored triangular craft was spotted and filmed, moving across the sky. Perhaps interestingly, especially when we consider that many UFO sightings claim to take place in absolute silence, was the fact that the witness claims to have first been alerted to something out of the ordinary taking place due to a strange humming sound in the air.

A Further Demonstration Of UFO Abundance And Authenticity

It would appear, then, that UFO activity is still very intense. And very regular in the skies over and around Puerto Rico. Indeed, the main incident of this article took place less than a decade ago. These incidents are not from long ago. From another era, with different values. And an outlook on life much different from ours today two decades into the twenty-first century. These are events that are still very much in living memory, in some case in the immediate past.

Perhaps, if only to demonstrate the authenticity of such UFO claims to come out of Puerto Rico we should quickly mention the photograph of such a craft captured by police office, Jose Cordero. Although the incident took place in the summer of 1980, it is one of the best pictures of such a craft on record. You view the picture in question below.

Does this picture show a real UFO?

Does this picture show a real UFO?

Only three years prior to the Cordero incident, on the evening of 13th September 1977, coincidentally or not at a similar time to the 2013 Aguadilla incident at a little after 9 pm, two glowing spherical objects, described like “balls of fire” were witnessed slowly and purposely moving over the town of Mayaguez before heading out toward the Atlantic Ocean. They would then move in and out of the water, seemingly with little effort or disruption to the surface, eventually disappearing into the distance.

Ultimately, like the UFO incident over Aguadilla, there is no explanation available for the vast majority of these strange sightings. That something unusual is regularly careering through the skies of the Latino country – much like much of the Latino continent – would seemingly be beyond doubt, however.

Indeed UFO activity in this region of the world might prove to be of particular importance.

Puerto Rico – One Of The Keys To The UFO And Alien Question?

The UFO sighting over Aguadilla in April 2013 is most certainly one of the most intriguing. As well as one of the most relevant encounters of the twenty-first century so far. That the footage is genuine appears almost certain. And while there remains discrepancy as to what the object might be, it is equally as certain that it isn’t a conventional aircraft.

As we and others have asked before, just what is the connection between Puerto Rico and UFO and alien activity? Why are there so many sightings there? And why, of all the countries and even UFO hotspots in the world, do the claims and rumors of an alien base on or near the Latino country, or indeed in the waters around it, persist so strongly? And what’s more, they have done so decades.

Puerto Rico is without a doubt one of the most important locations in terms of UFO activity on the planet. The reasons for this might really be the fact that the country contains a persistent alien presence. One that might go back hundreds if not thousands of years.

Given that the accounts we have examined here tend to lean toward a beneficial relationship between humanity and this apparent alien race, what does that say of the encounters that are much more malevolent?

Might these entities, much like humans, feature individuals of different mindsets? Essentially, good and bad? Or might, as some very high-ranking military insiders and whistleblowers have stated, there really be not just one, or even two extraterrestrial races visiting our planet, but several? And might each of the reasons for these visitations but drastically different from the others? Indeed, it is a lot of cosmic food for thought.

The video below looks at the incident in a little more detail.


1 2013 Aguadilla Puerto Rico UAP Report
2 Anonymous Letter Confirms Aguadilla, Puerto Rico, Coast Guard UFO Video, John Greenewald, The Black Vault, April 4th, 2015
3 Alien Encounter in Puerto Rico, Billy Booth

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