The Las Vegas Incident – A Legitimate UFO Case Or A Discreet Distraction?

Marcus Lowth
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June 22, 2023
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In our Best UFO sightings of 2023 article, we examined briefly a UFO sighting in Las Vegas – an incident that seemingly featured the sighting of two apparent alien entities around the same time. In the weeks that have followed, the account has been heavily featured on mainstream news platforms and has elicited the opinions of many in the UFO community.

A family not only witnessed and reported a bizarre aerial object seemingly landing in downtown Las Vegas, but then claimed to see two apparent alien entities watching them in the moments that followed. The incident was investigated by police, and multiple other witnesses would eventually come forward with claims that they too had witnessed the strange craft.

A still from the police bodycam footage

A still from the police bodycam footage

Furthermore, police bodycam footage – which was made available online courtesy of media platforms and social media users – appeared to capture the object heading away from the scene a short time later. And while some people put forward that this glowing, green object was nothing but a comet or meteor, that something truly strange and fascinating occurred that evening is without a doubt.

That the sighting occurred during the same week as the whistleblower information declared by David Grusch was made public has not been lost on everyone. And, at least to some, is a little suspicious.

That said, it is an incident that is worth examining a little further. If it proves to be a genuine incident, then it truly is one of the most remarkable encounters of recent times. Conversely, if there is any truth to the notion that the sighting is an intentionally fabricated one, possibly overseen by the authorities, then it would seemingly be tentative proof that the information revealed by Grusch is perhaps right on the money.

Something Out Of The Sky Over Las Vegas

At a little after midnight on May 1st, a local Las Vegas family made a report to police of a bizarre object they had witnessed descending out of the night sky. [1] The main witness, along with his brother and their father were working on their car when they noticed the bizarre aerial activity.

A picture showing a glowing, green object

Os the green glowing object an alien vehicle?

They claimed to have seen a glowing object coming out of the night sky that appeared to land somewhere nearby, although it did so with a considerable impact.

They placed a call to the police at 12:25 am.

He would state to the police dispatcher that they:

…just see in the corner of our eye something fall down from the sky, and it was with lights, and when it hit down there was like a big impact, and then we felt an energy… [2]

He would later state in an online video that this energy was “like a shockwave”, adding that it was “all blurry”, but now his vision, “only the backyard”. He would then go on to state that he could hear “thousands of footsteps” around him, and then, “a couple of seconds later, the footsteps were gone”.

It was at this point that the already surreal encounter turned extraordinary.

“They Are 100 Percent Not Human!”

The witness then proceeded to inform the dispatcher of just what they were seeing in front of them, claiming:

There’s like an 8-foot person beside it and another inside, and it has big eyes and it’s looking at us!

The witness continued that “this is not a joke” and that they were “terrified”.

The dispatcher then responded by looking to clarify the details. At first stating, “so, there’s two people” before correcting themselves and reaffirming that there were “two subjects” in the witness’s backyard.

In response, the witness offered:

Correct, and they’re very large. They’re like eight foot, nine foot, 10 foot, I don’t know – they look like aliens to us…they have big eyes. Like, I can’t explain it, and (a) big mouth. They’re shiny eyes and they’re not human. They’re 100 percent not human!

Ultimately, the dispatcher arranged for a police unit to attend the property and investigate, which they duly did.

When police arrived at the location to investigate, their bodycam footage clearly captured what appeared to be a glowing object overhead heading off into the distance.

You can see that footage below.

No Signs Whatsoever Of A Hoax!

In the weeks that followed, the incident captured the attention of both UFO investigators and the wider general public alike, with the footage and the audio from the call to the police being played on multiple media platforms and television networks.

Many people – ranging from general enthusiasts to well-known UFO commentators – voiced opinions of the sighting and the subsequent claim of the encounter with alleged extraterrestrials.

One researcher, the widely respected, George Knapp, offered that he had spoken with the family in the weeks following the encounter. He offered that he “didn’t detect a hint of a hoax”.

He continued that the local police took the matter seriously, not only searching the neighborhood thoroughly but returning the following day for a follow-up investigation. They also found the witnesses to be “sober and credible”.

Furthermore, over 20 people came forward with reports of seeing the strange object that evening, with one person even claiming to have captured a photograph of a circular impression in their backyard – a possible landing destination of the seemingly otherworldly craft.

You can see that picture below.

It is also worth mentioning that several researchers and enthusiasts alike voiced concerns that the claims, or at the very least the intense coverage of them, were being used to distract attention away from the revelations of David Grusch.

While there could be some validity in the suggestion, given that almost all people have found the witnesses to be credible and trustworthy, it would have been remarkably good luck that this happened giving authorities the opportunity to use it to their own ends.

Or perhaps the entire sighting – including that of the alleged humanoid figures – was orchestrated by some dark agency in order that it could be exploited to create a distraction?

It has to be said that the most likely scenario would be that the incident was indeed a genuine encounter, including the claims of the witness that they saw non-human figures near their home in the moments following their sighting.

The short video below features the witness speaking of the encounter.

The Findings Of Stephen Brunton

One UFO researcher, Stephen Brunton, very well could have spotted these apparent alien entities. He would offer on social media that he had spotted the figures in a picture another online viewer posted from the police footage.

They too believed they had spotted an apparent grey alien, and highlighted their discovery with a red circle. Brunton, however, believes this was simply a case of pareidolia (seeing faces that aren’t there). To the left of this – as you can see in the picture below – Brunton spotted another anomaly.

Does this image show the 10-foot extraterrestrials that the witness claimed he and his family could see in the aftermath of the apparent landing?

The picture is indeed remarkable. And while they could just be nothing more than a trick of the light, it has to be said that this would appear to be unlikely. After all, what are the chances that a trick of the light would result in an apparent creature that looked almost identical to that described by the witness?

You can see a close-up of that picture below.

Potentially One Of The Most Important Encounters Of The Modern UFO Era

Ultimately, the encounter of the evening of May 1st 2023, for the time being at least, remains a mystery. And while interest might have died down a little several weeks on from the report, the fact is the incident could potentially hold a lofty position in UFO history.

If we accept that the report is a genuine one – and all indications are that it is indeed such an authentic case – combined with the pictures examined above, the Las Vegas incident could very well prove to be one of the most important in UFO encounters of the Modern UFO Era. Not only one of an apparent craft from elsewhere but the legitimate presence of non-human entities in the middle of a busy city.

Furthermore, there have been several sightings of bizarre objects over the Las Vegas region in 2023 alone. And while UFO sightings do indeed occur all over the world each and every day, the western states of the United States are known to be one of the busiest areas of the North American continent. It should perhaps not surprise us, then, that such an encounter as the one that unfolded in the opening moments of May 1st, 2023 should have occurred in this part of the world.

This is a sighting that could very well have more revelations to come and one that could see subsequent encounters in the Las Vegas region that just might be connected.

The short videos below are just some of the several news reports on this intriguing incident, as well as a longer video of the bodycam footage.


1 Las Vegas police release footage after allegedly UFO crash in a backyard, Marca
2 ‘Crashed Las Vegas UFO’ witness ‘terrified’ by 8-foot creatures in his backyard: ‘100% not human’, FOX News

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  • Michael says:

    My son and I did a short investigation of this case as well. We found a time discrepancy between the time the witness said it occurred along with his 911 call, and the time stamps on the police body cam footage. I’ve not seen this mentioned by anyone yet. Not saying this encounter was hoaxed, or the witnesses are lying, but, might lend some credence to it being set up.

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