The Laguna Cartagena And The UFO Significance Of Puerto Rico

Marcus Lowth
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April 14, 2018
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December 6, 2021
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The American colony of Puerto Rico is of quiet importance to the UFO and alien question. Aside from regular sightings there very much appears to be legitimate reasons to suspect the presence of an extraterrestrial base. A colony within a colony – more specifically at the Laguna Cartagena. Perhaps it is merely coincidence that huge portions of this area would become a “wildlife refuge” and in so doing only allowing minimal access to the public. These projects would begin in the late-1980s when many of the sightings were becoming increasingly public.

Military gun footage showing a UFO

Military gun footage showing a UFO

As outlandish as that sounds, there are multiple reports on record from local residents who have not only witnessed strange craft but also where these mysterious vehicles come from and go to. Many more have even had encounters with the residents of this top-secret “non-existing” base. According to these reports, US military officers would visit with many of the people who witnessed such strange events. They would confirm to them what they had seen was real. They would also inform them they were not to speak to anyone about their experience.

While most people think of non-descript bases in the middle of the deserts of the United States when the subject of UFOs and their presence on Earth comes up, it would appear that Puerto Rico is a key destination. Perhaps such locations as “Area 51” and “Hangar 18” are purposeful (and successful) attempts of luring people’s attention away from where the real activity is taking place. Now, in the Internet age and with increased travel from one country to another, those secrets are harder to keep.

Before we look at this intriguing part of the world, check out the short videos below. They feature just two of many UFO sightings over the skies of Puerto Rico. The first is from 2014 over the mountains around the Laguna Cartagena.

The video below is from 2017 and features footage of a UFO over Aguadilla Puerto Rico Airport.

Explosion Under The Water?

Strange sightings and accounts in Puerto Rico date back to the 1950s. However, in the summer of 1987, UFO researcher, Jorge Martin [1] began to speak with locals about intriguing events around the Laguna Cartagena. And with his investigations and interviews came some of the most detailed reports from the region. [2] Martin, widely regarded as a credible UFO researcher, was even witness to some of these strange sightings himself.

On the 30th May, residents local to Laguna Cartagena witnessed a “red ball” coming out of the sky and breaking the waters of the lagoon. Witnesses would describe the event as “controlled” and not the random falling of a comet or meteor. Several hours later at 2 am in the morning of the 31st May, a “huge silver disc” was visible hovering over the same spot.

As fascinating as the sightings were, later on in the afternoon the area suffered “a powerful earth tremor”. Perhaps of more interest, though, was the reports of an “underground explosion” that seemed to come from the Laguna Cartagena. Local investigation would confirm the source of the tremor was indeed from under the lagoon at a depth of 13.5 nautical miles. However, less than a day later the Puerto Rico Seismological Service overruled their findings, stating instead the epicenter was several miles out to sea.

Events at the scene would suggest otherwise. Large fissures appeared in various places around the nearby towns of Lajas and Cabo Rojo, as well as the Laguna Cartagena shortly after the “explosion”. From these sudden cracks in the ground, a “cobalt-colored smoke” emerged.

Perhaps even more suspicious was the military in anti-contamination suits from head-to-toe collecting samples from around the lagoon. The Laguna Cartagena itself was cordoned off with no access granted to anyone but limited military personnel.

“Something Abnormal” At Laguna Cartagena

The following evening on 1st June 1987, a large cylinder-shaped object was witnessed by many residents in the nearby community, Betances. A strange sphere was at each end of the object. According to witnesses, the craft hovered silently for around fifteen minutes before speeding away to the south.

On two separate occasions during the summer of 1988 came multiple reports of US military jets vanishing into “huge triangular objects!” Coincidentally or not, there appears to be increased activity in Salinas, where a US military base and the Puerto Rico Army National Guard’s Santiago Base resides

Other reports would speak of strange objects flying through the air and disappearing into the sides of mountains. One incident in November 1989 speaks of a “hole emitting a brilliant reddish-orange illumination” suddenly opening in a mountain between the two bases. Out of this “doorway”, a fleet of disc-shaped crafts emerged and “became lost in the sky!” As soon as the last craft left, the door shut as if it had never been there. All were visited by military personnel the following day. Each was informed that “the US authorities, the military, and NASA were dealing with it!” They didn’t say what “it” was, only that “it” was real.

Local fishermen would also see strange crafts entering and emerging from the waters of Laguna Cartagena. Some would even describe seeing “blue glows” passing underneath their boats. Such is the size and speed of these “blue glows” that the water is disturbed on the surface.

The strange events continued persistently, with many residents speaking openly about the “alien base” under the waters or hidden behind secret doors in the mountains around Laguna Cartagena. One resident would state to Jorge Martin that “something abnormal is going on down there!”

A depiction of an alien spaceship

Is there an alien presence at Laguna Cartagena

Strange Creatures “Speaking Gibberish!”

In August 1990, multiple people witnessed “strange creatures” walking down a quiet road near to the Laguna Cartagena area. They were of varying height, between three and five feet tall, with large heads, and big slanting eyes. One witness, Miguel Figueroa, entered his car and followed them quietly. When he was a certain distance from them, they turned around and a “brilliant light” shone from their eyes temporarily blinding him. He stopped his vehicle and managed to follow them on foot for a little while. They would jump over a small bridge and disappear into the woodland around the lagoon.

The following day, however, Figueroa would receive a phone call from a man with an American accent.  He was told directly and bluntly not to talk about what he saw or “where the little men” had walked to. The mystery voice continued, “What is happening here is real and these beings must have a base or something underground in this area!”

In February 1991 former police officer, Luis Torres and his wife, Margarita, witnessed several similar small creatures walking down a quiet road in El Yunque. They appeared to be talking to each other in “gibberish” which sounded like a “tape recorder on fast-forward”. The creatures walked straight past the pair and then disappeared into the woodland near the road nearby.

Several months later in August 1991 local resident, Sra Marisol Camacho awoke to see two strange creatures on her balcony. They were examining the plants she kept there. She would also describe hearing a “fast-talking gibberish!” An attempt to communicate with them appeared to scare them, and they moved away with haste. She would state they returned in the night on several occasions although she didn’t interact with them after that.

Evidence Of Extraterrestrial Base?

We have written on several occasions of alien bases, either in mountains or underwater. And while there are claims of such bases all over the planet, many would appear to be near or on the South American continent. If we assume for one moment that claims of these bases are accurate, what might the reason be for an apparent concentration of them in this particular part of the world? Perhaps it is climate related? Or maybe we should investigate further the idea of portals at certain points around the planet. Perhaps their reasons relate to travel and energy points?

Or, given the apparent involvement of a US shadow government and high-ranking military officials, the location of Puerto Rico is as much to do with logistics as anything else. Such a location might allow officials to retain a certain amount of control. At the same time, however, it keeps activity away from the US mainland. Maybe this location has been arrived at as part of the apparent deal of 1954 between alien races and President Eisenhower on behalf of not only the American people but the entire human race. If the phone call to Miguel Figueroa is correct, these creatures “must have a base or something underground in this area!”

Of course, it is assumed that these strange sightings are connected to extra-terrestrials. However, perhaps their “need” for an underground residence suggests they may be an indigenous species. Perhaps one that has always been here. As the world “gets smaller”, however, with modernization and increasing populations, their existence becomes harder to conceal. Perhaps because of this, they turned to the American government, and a deal was reached.

Of course, this is all speculation. At least for now.

The video below examines this part of the world further.


1 Something Strange Is Happening In Puerto Rico, Princeton
2 Forbidden to forget! The Cartagena Lagoon: Does History Repeat?

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