The Best UFO Sightings, Videos & Encounters Of 2019

Marcus Lowth
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January 31, 2019
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July 20, 2020
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2019, according to many UFO researchers and those who claim to be close to both official and unofficial sources, is to be a year of increased UFO activity and further disclosure of information regarding the UFO and alien question. While only time will tell if this proves to be the case, 2018 certainly ended with a flurry of bizarre UFO sightings, and so far as 2019 unfolds, we have been privy to many more. In fact, one forum user recently asked whether we were “experiencing the beginnings of another UFO wave”.

2019 Best UFO Sightings

Make sure you check in with us each month as we will update the page regularly with the most recent UFO sightings of 2019. Might we indeed be set for another UFO wave? Are sightings going to increase as we head through 2019? And will we receive the ever-promised disclosure of UFO files and documents that many insist is soon to happen?

Feel free to send us your sightings or links to videos you think we should see, either using the e-mail below or message us directly on our Facebook page. Any that we like we will include in our regular updates here and will also upload the original sighting videos to our new YouTube channel (all videos will be credited to the sender accordingly).


December 2019

As we prepare to enter not only a new year but a new decade in the shape of the 2020s, the UFO and alien question remains as mysterious and seemingly elusive to those who seek answers as ever. And this despite apparent assurances and what is more accurately, wishful thinking concerning disclosure of governments’ UFO files.

It would certainly appear, however, that interest in the possible existence of life on other planets, and more to the point to humanity, if that life is actively visiting Earth, remains high, generally speaking. And what’s more, it doesn’t appear that interest will die off any time soon. Indeed, with the Internet well and truly established and entrenched in our daily lives, access to information has never been so great or instant. With that in mind, as we examine some of the better UFO encounters of December 2019 in this festive “bumper” edition, perhaps we might think how we as a collective will continue to investigate, document, and research the UFO incidents that surely await us in the next 12 months.

A Strange Sighting From June In Pennsylvania Just Goes Public In December!

We will start December’s round-up, though, as we do most months, with a sighting from several months ago that has only recently entered the public arena. In this instance, a recording from Frackville, Pennsylvania, in the early hours of 29th June 2019, that was only submitted online on the 22nd December.

On the night in question, at around 1:45 am, the witness was walking through a public park when they noticed the bizarre object hovering above them. They would estimate it to be around 2,000 to 3,000 feet above the ground, and while silent, appeared to make no effort to hide its presence.

The witness would capture several minutes of footage as well as several photographs as they made their way home, a journey that would take them around an hour to complete. The object, however, remained over the area when they walked through the door of their home. After several moments, the witness, along with two family members would step outside once more. The object remained hovering overhead.

However, by the time, the strange craft would “periodically pulsate a variety of colors” and would do so for around 20 minutes when the three family members decided to return indoors. When the main witness returned back outside several moments later, the object was nowhere to be seen.

You can view that sighting on the video below.

Does Video Footage Of Clouds Over Cancun In Mexico Show A Discreet Aerial Anomaly?

On the morning of 8th December at a little after 9 am, a witness to what could be a UFO sighting was filming the cloud formations over the blue waters of Cancun in Mexico. The footage was shot from the 17th floor balcony of a hotel room they were staying at. It was only when the witness returned from their trip and began to go through their footage that they spotted a strange dark speck on one of the frames.

When they took a still shot of the frame and then enlarged that section of the image, although it is quite blurry, there does indeed appear to be a strange, solid craft buried within the clouds of the morning sky. Might this be the case? Or might the picture, for reasons unknown, have managed to capture a craft that was using some kind of futuristic cloaking technology?

The witness would also watch the video footage again at full speed now they were aware of the object. They would claim that it appeared to “move in an up and down motion”. In anticipation of the offering that what they had captured was merely a bird the witness would offer that the object was likely at least a mile out to sea and was (therefore) “way too large to be a bird”.

You can view the still frame of the object below.

Disappearing Plane From Chile To Antarctica, 10th December

Antarctica, rightly or wrongly, has an absolute plethora of conspiracies that hang heavy around its neck. And that weight is likely to become a little heavier following the disappearance of a military transport plane on its way to the region from Chile. According to a report on the BBC via the Chilean Air Force, 17 crew members and a further 21 passengers remain unaccounted for.

Their destination was a military base on King George Island where they were to provide “logistical support” for those based there. Whether there was anything else, unknown to the general public, remains unknown and most certainly officially denied.

Of further interest, there was no distress call activated by the pilot, who had extensive experience in the air. Perhaps interestingly, and certainly something that we should keep in mind when researching and investigating the incident, is that the stretch of water where the plane is thought to have disappeared – the Drake Passage – is known to harbor some of the most intense and vicious waters. And while the weather was more than perfect for flying and with more than enough fuel on board there very well could be a supernatural element to the disappearance.

Incidentally, Chile has at least 9 known military bases in and around the Antarctica region, with forces making regular journeys there. Might this have been a terrible accident? Or might there be more of a conspiracy behind these grim events?

The short video below is one of the brief news items regarding the incident.

San Pedro, California, 10th December

On the same evening, the Chilean Air Force plane disappeared, at around 9:40 pm over San Pedro California, multiple residents would witness a glowing object hovering overhead. Although there is little actual detail regarding the sighting itself, the picture taken is already widely regarded as credible due to the sheer number of reports from the area on the night in question which essentially provides visual and corroborative confirmation of the sighting. So much so, that investigators have gone out of their way to state that the glowing object is most definitely not a reflection of the lights from the ground below.

The witness who managed to capture the picture did so from the passenger seat of the car they were traveling in which was driving down one of the highways of the city. You can see a copy of that photograph below and make up your own mind.

“Fireballs” Fall From Strange Craft Over Arizona, 12th December

Just two nights later in the skies over Mesa in Arizona, an engaged couple, Kerri Burnett and Doug Maier would witness a strange, orange, glowing object over their home in Mesa, Arizona. And furthermore, this object would appear to “drop fireballs” to the city below. The couple, despite their awe and surprise, would manage to record several moments of footage of the incident.

They would later claim that although it was “a cloudy night and had drizzled off and on” regularly all night, the visibility conditions from their perspective was relatively good. They could, for example, see the flight path of the nearby airport and had witnessed several of the regular flights passing overhead. Suddenly, however, “a bright orange glowing light” captured Kerri’s attention.

Thinking it was a planet or a bright star, it was only when she saw it move that she realized not only that it wasn’t either of those things, but that it was a lot closer than she initially believed. She looked to her fiancé to make sure he was also witnessing these strange events. When she returned her focus to the sky above, the first of the fireball-like orbs began falling from the main object. These secondary objects would move around for several moments before they “faded out”. It isn’t clear if they literally went out, or if the physically traveled to another, out of sight location.

Some who have briefly examined the case would point out how the region surrounding the location was absolutely awash with military bases. However, the witnesses would each reject such notions that what they might have witnessed was an, albeit clandestine military aircraft. They would, for example, point to the complete lack of noise and navigation lights, which the witness would state was an “FAA rule” and that “even the military has to have navigation lights on”.

The video below features the incident in a little more depth in a local news report.

Birds Drop Dead In Road Anglesey, 11th December

In between the disappearing plane and the Fireballs incident of Arizona, a rather bizarre and morose incident would unfold in Anglesey in Wales in the United Kingdom, when approximately 300 birds simply landed in a road and promptly died. And while this certainly doesn’t make the incident an automatic UFO case, or even a paranormal one, there are several similar incidents that have shared connections to UFO activity or UFO influenced electromagnetic anomalies.

Witnesses would state that they had seen the birds, a huge flock of hundreds, flying overhead before landing en masse in a road in Llyn Llywenan, Bodedern at around 3:40 pm on 11th December. One witness, Hannah Stevens, would claim that the flock was “eating something” in the road after landing. Around an hour later, all 300 of the flock were dead where they had landed.

Another witness would claim there were “easily over 300” of the dead birds, and that he had stopped counting at 150 as there “just hundreds of them littered everywhere”.

The police were equally baffled as to just what caused both the bizarre mass landing and the apparently imminent death that occurred shortly after. Furthermore, the police would also disclose that as a result of their investigations, not only had they uncovered other cases from around the world, but that at least on other almost identical incident had occurred in almost the same place as the 2019 event.

Might this bizarre behavior of the birds be down to some strange aerial anomaly? Or might it be more likely that this incident is due to the apparent “leylines” that run across the United Kingdom and around the world?  And if so, what caused such a release of energy that it resulted in the death of hundreds of birds?

The video below looks at this bizarre incident a little more.

Three “Reddish-Orange” Lights Pass Over New Vienna, Ohio, 15th December

Four nights after the incident on Anglesey, across the Atlantic in New Vienna, Ohio, at a little after 7 pm on the 15th December, a witness would manage to capture several moments of footage of “three reddish orange lights”.

The witness was at home when they happened to walk outside and immediately saw the bizarre object overhead. As they watched the “reddish orange light” cut its way across the sky, the witness noticed two others following close behind it, although they appeared very much independent of each other.

The witness would state the objects “moved slower than a satellite but fast enough that you knew they were moving”. The witness would continue to follow the two crafts until they vanished into the distance.

The footage below shows several moments of the sighting.

Strange Craft Captured Over Kelowna, Canada, 16th December

On the 16th December, a witness by the name of “Theresa R” would manage to capture what appeared to be a bizarre, futuristic aerial vehicle over Kelowna in Canada. The object itself was captured unintentionally by the witness, and consequently, is relatively far away in the shot itself.

However, upon zooming in on the aerial anomaly, it appears to be a definite structure of intelligent design, likely made of metal with a dark grey color to it, and with a red light or glow also visible.

Perhaps of most interest to those with an interest in UFOs and the conspiracies that surround them is the fact that the object seemingly has a remarkably similar appearance to another strange object recently spotted in Antarctica.

Indeed, given the recent confirmation of a “Space Branch” within the United States military (which we will examine a little more shortly), there was rife speculation among the UFO and conspiracy communities that the object is most likely an experimental aircraft for just such a division of the military.

You can view the video below for a little more information on this particular sighting.

Blinking Lights Over Conway, Arkansas, 17th December

At around 9:35 pm on the evening of 17th December, a motorist would witness a solid object with four different lights, each a “good distance” from each other suggesting the object itself was huge. At first, the witness had dismissed the object as nothing to be concerned with. However, as they passed one of the local food stores, it was clearly obvious that, whatever it was, it was something rather out of the ordinary.

The witness would claim they had witnessed UFOs previously and so remained calm and brought his vehicle to a stop. It was then that he reached for his mobile phone. As he recorded the anomaly, he would study the details and distance of the lights. Although he couldn’t be certain, he had the feeling that they were indeed a part of one huge, solid craft. Even more so when all four lights completely stopped for a moment, once again suggesting they were on the underside of the huge craft as opposed to being four separate anomalies. After several moments, the craft began to move once more and eventually disappeared into the distance.

You can view the footage below.

Flashing, Sparkling, Silent Object Over Las Vegas, 19th December

One of the most intriguing UFO sightings of 2019 occurred over the skies of Las Vegas just short of a week before Christmas during the early evening of 19th December in the Summerlin area of the city.

The witness, who managed to capture several minutes of footage of the sighting, would claim that they (again) received a sudden urge to go outside for reasons he couldn’t explain. He would do so but would ensure he had his camera with him.

In front of him, to the west of his location just over the mountains that surround and look down on the bright lights of Sin City, a huge glowing object proudly sat hovering in the sky just above the mountain top over the Blue Diamond mine. There appears to also be several smaller, orb-like objects nearby. As the object moved, it appears to demonstrate several flashes of light, although this could be an indication that the exterior is particularly shiny and is, in fact, reflecting the lights of the ground below.

The object then heads toward Antenna Mountain and the town of Henderson, flashing a bizarre bright blue as it did so. At one stage in the video, it appears as though the object is actually two spheres. Despite the obvious speed with which the object is traveling, there is no sound whatsoever from the craft. As the witness can be heard saying in the video, “I should be able to hear something”.

The witness would determine that the object was heading in the direction of Nevada which, coincidentally or not, is another state that has many UFO sightings and conspiracies to its name.

You check out a video of that sighting below.

Bizarre Flashing Lights Over Wilton, North Dakota, 21st December

During the late afternoon of 21st December, at around 4:45 pm in the rural setting just outside of Wilton in North Dakota, footage would emerge of a strange, glowing object moving across the pregnant white sky.

The witness, Joshua Studdard, was returning home after finishing work for the day when he noticed several strange flashing lights in the sky in front of him. So sure that he was witnessing something out of the ordinary that he would pull his vehicle to the side of the road and leave the vehicle in order to capture footage of the bizarre incident.

He would manage to capture around 30 seconds of footage before stopping the records. He would state the lights would disappear from view a short time after he stopped recording.

You can view brief footage of the sighting below.

Several Strange Sightings From Space, 21st December

On the same day as the sighting of the craft over North Dakota came another incident of an aerial anomaly. This one, however, was much further away as an eagle-eyed skywatcher claimed to have spotted (and filmed) a strange object near Jupiter while viewing the planet through his telescope. There would be much debate following the footage appearing online as to what the mysterious object might be.

The person who shot the footage would also manage to focus in on some seemingly mysterious anomalies on the surface of the moon, with the suggestion being that they were artificial structures and signs of an intelligence presence either now or in the past on the cosmic body.

The sightings are certainly intriguing and suggest to some that there is a presence in space, both in our immediate vicinity and further afield. Who, or what is the intelligence behind that presence is perhaps the real question?

The video below looks at these incidents in a little more detail.

The Official Sixth Branch Of The US Military

Perhaps the best place to leave our review into the UFO incidents of 2019 is with a story concerning the apparent “sixth branch” of the United States military, the Space Force. And while we shouldn’t be expecting to a Starship Troopers-style task force on public display fresh from their recent mission to some part of the galaxy or another any time soon, the fact of the matter is that the department and (now official) branch of the United States military has now been signed into law by President Trump.

Not that the department looks set to be simply forgotten about. Military officials would state in a recent press conference concerning the new military department that much more detail of the program will be “hammered out and set in motion” over the next 18 months.

And, at least on the surface, the military is taking the matter seriously, with claims that every aspect of the new department is “really important (to) get right”, with a spokesman claiming that they must create a “culture of a service”. Before anything is put in place, the only change that will occur (although there will be no change other than the assignment) is the pacing under the Space Branch umbrella of 16,000 already active duty airmen.

In the future, although there is no specified timescale at the moment, will most likely see certain air force bases around the United States, as well as those in territories around the world that are mainly used for “space operations” could “rebrand” in anticipation of the eventual roll-out of the Space Branch. Two examples might be Vandenberg Space Force Base in California or Shriever Space For Base in Colorado.

Perhaps interesting was the comment that there was “no playbook” for how operations should proceed, even claiming that the United States had not “really done this since 1947”. Coincidentally or not, the summer of 1947 was when the Roswell crash occurred, an event largely believed to have started to modern UFO era.

A Time Of Change But One Of Opportunities For Truth!

So, what should we make of all this? Is this a step closer to some kind of disclosure of activities outside the confines of our own planet? Or is it merely a flexing of the muscles in a similar way that Reagan very much appeared to do during the 1980s? Is it merely an election ploy to demonstrate “progress” to a nation of voters who will likely be very much undecided where to cast their respective votes come the impending election in 2020? Or might it merely be to distract from many of the unwanted news stories at the moment?

All of the above could be true just as much as they could be wide of the mark. If 2019 has (continued) to tell us anything with clarity, it is that literally, anything is possible. And with that in mind, this and the UFO field, in general, should be watched and studied with interest over the coming months of 2020. We just never know what a difference a year might make as to what we know, what we think we know, and what we suspect to be the truth.

The following 12 months, much like the decade in general, will likely be one of great change – a change that will be felt across all walks of life and in all fields of interest, no doubt, and one very likely not always for the greater good, at least not on the surface. It is perhaps up to us as a collective to spot the opportunities for progress toward that plateau of truth and balance, a place the vast majority of us wish very much to see become a reality.

The video below looks at this most intriguing development a little further.

November 2019

As the years reaches its calendar end, UFO sightings – and indeed interest in them – continues, it would appear, to increase. Whether there is a correlation between the two is perhaps a debate for another day. However, that strange anomalies continue to invade the skies above us on a regular basis is surely without a doubt.

What we also have seen on several occasions throughout November, are incidents where quite reasonable explanations have been offered. However, in the climate of distrust – which has always existed within UFO and conspiracy circles – such explanations, no matter how rational or even likely, are still often treated with suspicion at best. And, for their part in the covering up of similar cases in the past, the world’s collective authorities and intelligence agencies should perhaps share their part of the blame for such an environment.

Here, though, explained or nor, are some of the better sightings and incidents from November.

Footage Of Late-Summer UFO Over Sowery Bridge, West Yorkshire, UK Enters Public Domain

Although the footage below was taken in August 2019, it only came to light at the start of November. It shows a “fast-moving light” captured on video by Wendy Conroy, who is a resident of Sowery Bridge.

She would recall how the strange object was so fast that they were “shocked at the speed of it”. However, unlike the many military jets that fly over the area, these objects were completely silent and didn’t make a sound – something that comes up in numerous UFO sightings.

Since the incident entered the public domain, several other witnesses have come forward to Beams Investigations to state they too witnessed similar objects at around the same time as the footage was captured. You can view the footage below.

Disc Hovers Over North Carolina In The Middle Of Morning Rush Hour (end October)

Although the sighting occurred at the end of the month on the 25th of October, it wasn’t really widely known about until social media pages began reporting on the incident in North Carolina a week or so later. We examined a similar incident in the same state in our October round-up, this one taking place at the beginning of the month. Is there something particularly untoward taking place in North Carolina?

The most recent incident took place in the middle of the morning rush hour in Cleveland County when several people witnessed a “disc-shaped” object hovering overhead for several minutes before it vanished from the sky. Due to the incident occurring at the time it did, the roads and highways were crawling with traffic, with many motorists stopping their vehicles in order to take a look at the bizarre goings-on overhead.

At least one person managed to get several minutes of footage of the incident, which you can view below.

Two Strange Objects Filmed Over New South Wales, 3rd November

During the early evening of 3rd November, over New South Wales in Australia, video footage was captured of a bizarre object that investigators would label some of the “clearest daylight footage” of a UFO on record.

The witness, who was on vacation at the time of the sighting, witnessed and filmed not one, but two different objects as they made their way through the blue, early-evening sky. One of them was a very distinct triangular shape while the second had more of a disc appearance to it.

What is perhaps interesting to note here is that while this very well have been a sighting of two differently shaped vehicles, as bizarre as it sounds, there are cases on record where the witness(es) claim such triangular objects morph into a disc-shaped craft, and vice-versa. While that is only speculation, in this case, it is an interesting notion to keep in mind.

In total, the objects were visible for around five minutes before finally disappearing. You can check out the footage below.

Auburn, Washington, 3rd November

On the same evening but on the other side of the planet in Auburn, Australia, an anonymous witness would film “five lights fading in and out” just off Highway 18 near Neely Mansion.

He would describe the lights as being separated into three that formed a triangular pattern and two other lights that almost appeared independent of the main object. They seemingly made little to no noise and simply hovered overhead for ten minutes before simply fading away.

The witness would further state they were “much too low to be stars” and, at the same time, “much too high to be homes (in the distance)”.

You can view the footage in question below – intriguing, to say the least.

“Mothership” Or “Hyper-leaping Disc” Captured On Video Over Portugal, 11th November

Just over a week later and across the English Channel and to the south in Portugal on the evening of 11th November, another piece of footage was captured. And while the fil is only a little over 30 seconds long, it is without a doubt one of the most intriguing of the month of November.

The witness was speaking with their neighbor in the witness’s car when they noticed a strange “thin object” in the sky overhead. He immediately pulled the vehicle over, reaching for his phone as he quickly exited the vehicle.

There was much debate as to what the object could have been in the UFO community following the episode. Some viewers claimed the footage showed a “mothership” while others suggested a disc-shaped craft that was “hyper-leaping” into space.

Although the witness only managed to obtain around 30 seconds of footage, they would claim the incident lasted in total around 3 minutes.

You can view that particular footage below.

Strange Light Streaks Across The Sky In The UAE, 13th November

On the evening of 13th November over Dubai in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), multiple people witness a strange light “streaking” across the night sky. The incident was shown on Gulf News and was, according to many observers a meteorite or a comet.

However, others who viewed the incident at the time would claim there appeared to be a “metallic” shine to the object as it made its way through the sky. Further still were reports of “flares” and “fireball” accompanying the object.

While some were insistent that the object was most definitely proof of extraterrestrial visitation, others would point to aerial tourism as the culprit for the strange sightings.

Whatever the object may or may not have been, you can view a video clip of it below.

Huge Glowing Craft Over Portsdown Hill, Portsmouth 18th November

Although there isn’t any video footage of it, a UFO sighting over the skies of Portsmouth in the United Kingdom on the evening of 18th November did produce a clear picture.

The witness, along with a group of friends had spent the “freezing cold hours” of the November evening at Portsdown Hill – a perfect spot for skywatching, which is what they were doing. However, after an evening of unfruitful viewing, the group decided to pack it up for the evening. As they were doing so, though, the main witness noticed “a massive red glowing sphere” in the skies overhead “exactly above where we had been standing”.

They alerted the group, and each quickly reached for the cameras in an effort to capture a picture or even video footage of the aerial anomaly. The witness then stated in his report that:

I managed to get three photos before it vanished…It moved way too fast for a drone!

You can see one of those pictures below. Whatever the strange object might be is open to debate. However, the witness would further state that “the area can be a hot spot for UFO activity”.

Beam of Light Not, in fact. Alien? Canada 27th November

Without a doubt, one of the strangest incidents to take place in November occurred on the evening of the 26th in Edmonton in Canada, although, at least on this occasion, it would appear that a rational explanation was reached – at least officially. On that evening, at a little after 7 pm, a strange beam of light was witnessed by multiple residents across the city. And what’s more, it would remain that way for several hours, with (local) online commentary seemingly awash with theories and explanations as to just what this “portal-like” light beam was.

Ultimately, and it would appear that on this occasion it is a rational one, an explanation was offered by local authorities – the Edmonton Fire Rescue Services department – that the light beam was the burning off of “excess gasses” at an oil refinery nearby. They would even claim that the process is known as “flaring” and can, as was the case here, last for several hours.

While that does perhaps make sense – certainly more so than the “swamp gas” explanations of a similar nature in the 1960s – some in the UFO circles and chatrooms are a little harder to convince of this “convenient” explanation. After all, it wouldn’t be the first time the public has been fed an untruth, right? And indeed, had the incident occurred over Europe – specifically Switzerland – there is no doubt that many such theories would suggest the opening of a gateway due to the experiments of CERN.

It is very likely that the truth of the light beam incident is that of the official explanation. However, it is perhaps a good reminder of not only how quickly such explanations of “alien lasers” can be reached with a little investigation, but also, due to past experiences, just why the collective public would dismiss or at least remains suspicious of such official explanations in the first place.

Glowing Red UFO Suddenly Disappears Over Bradford, 26th November

A UFO sighting over Bradford on the 26th of November was an incident that the local media asked us here at UFO Insight to comment on. The witnessed, while driving, noticed a strange red light to their right-hand side which suddenly disappeared, much to their disbelief.

Despite many people having witnessed very similar red-glowing orb-like objects around the planet, it was our view at the time that what had likely been filmed was the last glimpse of the Sun as it set for the evening. However, since then, and after further study, it would appear that the Sun had set fully around 20 minutes earlier. If this is the case the incident, and the footage that was captured, might indeed be very intriguing.

You can view that footage below.

Two Intriguing Sightings From The 1st of December

Quite possibly one of the most intriguing sightings of the last month occurred over the Volga and Ural regions of Russia. And what’s more, according to reports from residents local to the area, it isn’t merely one incident that we are talking about but a “wave of UFO sightings” that has hit the region at the very end of the November and start of December.

Many would describe the object as a glowing light, with one witness even claiming it looked similar to a “flying jellyfish”.

Once more, an explanation was offered that the sightings were due to a “test launch of a Topol-M intercontinental ballistic missile”, with footage even being provided of the launch from the Kapustin Yay base the previous day. However, as we spoke of a little earlier in our round-up, some are perhaps suspicious of such official explanations. And in the age of fake news and digital technology that appears authentic, it is perhaps a healthy stance to take, if only in one’s mind.

The last incident we will look at in this month’s round up is a piece of footage from New York City on the 1st December. The footage shows “several glowing UFOs” hovering overhead. The fact that none appear to have standard flashing aircraft lights rules out that they are conventional aircraft.

However, the footage does show, and in so doing provides a comparison, a helicopter making its way over to the strange glowing orbs. What the conclusion of the investigation was remains, at least at this stage, unknown.

October 2019

We seemingly say each month that the previous four weeks have been packed with sightings and incidents. And for good reason. October, it would seem, was no different to the previous months of 2019, with an abundance of UFO sightings and encounters.

As always, the sightings have been as varied as they have been interesting. The one thing that ties them all together, however, is that all of them, at least for the moment, are unexplained.

Here, then, are the best and most intriguing of such UFO incidents over the four-and-a-bit weeks of October 2019.

Disc-Shaped Object Over Georgia (From March 2019)

We will start, though, with a sighting from March of 2019 from Coolidge in Georgia that only came to light in the UFO community at the end of October.

What is perhaps interesting is that the sighting is another one that the witness was not aware of at the time the footage was captured, only becoming aware of it later when reviewing the video footage of a drone he was filming.

When the witness did begin to analyze the footage later, they became aware of a “very strange cloudlike UFO” which was “moving at a conventional speed”. Upon further and closer inspection, including magnifying the cloud-like object further to show a “few small solid black objects”.

You can view that footage below.

Several Oblong Objects Over Winston-Salem, North Carolina, 3rd October

On the evening of the 3rd October, beginning at 6:55 pm and lasting for 25 minutes, came a multi-witness sighting of several crafts hovering over the Winston-Salem region of North Carolina. The witnesses were at the Fulton YMCA soccer field when the four oblong-shaped crafts became noticeable in the otherwise, clear early evening sky. Furthermore, these strange crafts would change color, turning from a bright red to a metallic silver.

Ironically, it was the slowness of the futuristic crafts that differentiated them from terrestrial and conventional aircraft. Given their size, this crawling-type pace should have resulted in them “falling from the sky”. However, some unknown form of propulsion prevented this from happening. Incidentally, all of the witnesses would suggest that there was no sign whatsoever of exhaust fumes or “smoke trails”.

Perhaps even stranger was the notion that all of the witnesses had was that the crafts “appeared out of nowhere” and would “randomly disappear” so quickly and mysteriously. Furthermore, they would move in an almost perfectly straight line across the sky.

Of most interest was, though, was the claim from one of the witnesses that despite attempts to capture the crafts on their mobile phones. For reasons they couldn’t explain all their attempts simply failed to show anything. This might suggest, as outlandish as it sounds to some, some type of technology that affects such electronic devices.

White Metallic Disc Over Shopping Center In Panama, 9th October

On the morning of 9th October at around 10 am in Panama in Cuba, Jose Angel Castro and an unnamed friend were on their way to the shopping center. However, as they approached the modern complex, they noticed a strange disc-like object hovering overhead.

The object had a white metallic look to it while there appeared to be several domes on the upper half. According to UFO researcher, Scott Waring, the video appears “100 % legit”, particularly given the fact that the original video was only uploaded to the witness’s social media account as opposed to monetary incentivized video media platforms.

You can check out the video in question below.

Blue Object Hovering Over New York, Early Hours, 13th October

At around 3 am in the early hours of the 13th October over New York City, New York, an unnamed witness was taking pictures of the particularly large full moon with their iPhone. However, when they later analyzed these pictures, they noticed a distinctly clear blue object overhead that they didn’t see at the time of the apparent sighting.

You can view that picture below.

We should also note that other reports of a strange, blue object were also made on the night in question in the New York region, specifically from a couple who witnessed the incident together. The orb was “bouncing around the full moon” from the perspective of the witnessed below. The incident was also captured on camera. What’s more, these two witnesses also saw the object at the time as opposed to after the incident while reviewing their footage.

Some who have viewed the footage believe it to be a lens flare. However, that the couple both claimed to have seen the object with their own eyes, as well as the photograph taken at approximately the same time perhaps warrants further investigation of the night in question in and around the Big Apple. After all, we have examined before how both New York City and the outer more rural areas of New York are a hot-spot for UFO activity and sightings.

Whether there is a connection or not, a short time later and a relatively short distance away in Baltimore, Maryland, another sighting would unfold. Before we examine that incident, however, you can check out the short video regarding the object below.

Cylinder Objects Over Baltimore, Maryland, 13th October

On the early morning of 13th October, “several cylinder objects” with several “spheres looping around” them was witnessed and partially captured on film by a witness walking on the streets below.

The objects would continue to maneuver around each other, temporary disappearing in and out of the cloud overhead. They would remain visible for around 5 minutes before finally disappearing. However, several seconds later, one of the craft reappeared and dropped its altitude by several hundred feet.

The witness would at this stage begin recorded the bizarre scene. This object would remain visible for between 1 to 2 minutes before disappearing once again. The witness would witness several of the strange objects later that day while driving, although they didn’t manage to capture further footage.

You can check out the footage captured in the morning below.

“Strange Bursts Of Light” Witnessed By Airline Passenger, Colorado Springs 14th October

While flying over Colorado Springs in Colorado at around 10 pm on the 14th of October, passengers on an internal flight from Denver, Colorado to Albuquerque, New Mexico would witness “strange burst of lights” below them.

The main witness, a 17-year-old boy managed to capture a picture of one of these bizarre flashes through the passenger window from his seat. The passenger remained visible for several moments before disappearing into the clouds. However, several moments later they emerged once again as if keeping the plane in their sights.

After several more minutes, they would move away from their location in a zig-zag manner. Given that the plane they were traveling on was moving at just short of 500 miles per hour, the speed of the glowing objects was significantly faster. And what’s more, significantly lower to the ground.

You can see a copy of one of the pictures taken by the passengers below.

Disc-Shaped Object “Leaving Volcano Popocateptl”, Mexico, 22nd October

In the early hours of the 22nd October, at 5:43 am on Mexico, video cam footage captured what appeared to be a disc-shaped object suddenly appeared in the shot, directly above Volcano Popocateptl.

The footage, which enters the wider public UFO community via veteran UFO researcher, Scott Waring, could quite possibly show an alien craft leaving the volcano and, in the process, revealing the presence of some kind of “alien base” there.

And while this footage is certainly not concrete proof of such a thing, it is certainly intriguing footage.

You can view the footage below and make up your own minds.

Huge Triangular Craft Near Sun, 22nd October

Another piece of footage that is of particular intrigue occurred on the same day only millions of miles away – near the Sun. According to the NASA video footage – captured on several of the helioviewer cameras – shows what appears to be a triangular-shaped craft which is most definitely the product of intelligent design as opposed to a naturally occurring object.

What’s more, those who have studied the footage claim that the craft appears to be roughly the same size as our moon, which would make it truly monstrous.

It certainly isn’t the first time such an alleged craft has been captured near the sun, with many UFO researchers suggesting that some kind of energy extraction from the core of our star could be the reason for this. Some researchers even suggest that the sun may even be hollow and possibly housing some kind of base or even a “mini solar system”. We should keep in mind, however, that even most in the UFO community find these claims a little unpalatable.

The video is available for viewing below.

Rectangular Object Over Plantation, Florida, 23rd October

At just before 9 pm on the 23rd October in Plantation in Florida, footage was captured of a large “rectangular object with a lot of light” hovering overhead. The object remained motionless for around 10 minutes before vanishing.

The sighting was witnessed by several people and so far remains unexplained. You can view that footage below.

Glowing Orbs Fly Over Bakersfield, California, 23rd October

On the same day, and approximately at the same time, on the other side of the United States in Bakersfield, California at just before 1 pm, several white orbs were captured on film flying in a strict and purposeful formation for several minutes.

The person who captured the footage – an office worker – was on a lunch break with a colleague when each of them noticed the strange object out of the corner of their eye. This would cause both of them to look up and witness the apparent fleet of bizarre glowing craft. The witness would recall:

They were too close together to be planes and the movement was too steady to be drones!

At first, 7 of the strange orbs made their way overhead which were then followed by another half a dozen. The witnesses would further note how the orbs would often “blend in with the sky”.

You can check out the video below.

UFO In The Rain, Newton Abbot, Devon, 27th October

Perhaps one of the most recent UFO sightings is also one of the most intriguing – and very likely credible.

It took place in the Newton Abbot region of Devon on a rainy afternoon of 27th October. The witness was watching the torrential-like downpour from the back door of their property when they noticed a sudden flash of light. When they didn’t hear the expected sound of thunder after several seconds, the witness began to question whether the flash was actually lightning as they first thought.

It was then that the witness, looking more intently into the dark blue sky of the stormy afternoon “was shocked” to witness a “cigar-type ship that was just hanging there” overhead. The witness would further state:

The object had a huge dome attached at the top of it and it clearly gave the appearance of a mechanical nuts and bolts machine which someone, or something, somewhere, had engineered!

It was at this stage that the witness grabbed their Nikon P900 and quickly snapped several shots. You can view one of those pictures below.

As they took the pictures they would also stop and simply watch the scene before them. As they did so, another flash of light came, which this time they could see clearly “originated from the domed area of the craft”. Furthermore, this domed part of the object “was already illuminated by a yellow light that seemed to be inside”.

Even stranger, as they attempted to take more pictures a particularly bright flash of light suddenly “surrounded” them. In fact, so powerful was this flash of light that it knocked the witness to their kitchen floor. By the time they regained their composure, the craft had vanished.

Another of the pictures captured by the witness is available below.

September 2019

As we seem to start every opening to the monthly UFO round-up, September yet again saw an abundance of sightings from around the world in a year where UFO sightings appear to be increasing monthly. As we will contemplate a little further at the end of our roundup, might it be that another UFO wave might be about to unleash itself upon us?

Furthermore, and where we will start our round-up, are cases of repeat incidents. Events that we have already seen surface in 2019. Are these incidents connected or just a coincidence? Let’s examine the most recent of these “repeat” incidents of 2019 as we examine some of the best UFO encounters of the month of September.

More “Grid” Marks Found, United Kingdom

We will start, though, with another strange “grid” case of bizarre red markings discovered on a person’s body – on this occasion, the child of a concerned mother in the United Kingdom. We have documented several of these almost identical markings in past months (mainly in the United States) and, if genuine, combined with the (sometimes) accompanying UFO sightings, it would suggest some kind of close contact experience, possibly alien abduction. You can view a picture of the strange markings below.

The parent concerned has performed all the usual checks and taken the appropriate precautions to rule out such things as an allergic reaction or even an illness. However, all such measures have still left the parent with no answers as to what the strange markings might actually be. Even a thorough search of the Internet – which would normally fetch back at least one or two things for the potential patient to concern themselves with – has brought back nothing.

The child concerned is in no pain. However, the parent states that “they are becoming scared” the more they see them and the more they appear. It is certainly an intriguing event, but quite obviously, something of great concern for the family involved. It would be interesting to know how many similar unexplained rash-like appearances have gone or will go unreported. And more importantly, especially considering the connection these markings have to UFO and alien encounters, what they represent, and why they are happening?

Bizarre Red Object Appear Out Of Nowhere, Kansas

A sighting that unfolded on the 31st August but didn’t become public knowledge until the following week took place in Bonner Springs in Kansas.

The witness would claim that while they were traveling along I-70 at a little after 9 pm, they suddenly witnessed a “very vivid red” light appear out of nowhere. It would “increase in intensity” before it would then vanish just as quickly. The incident was captured on the dashcam video recorder of the witness’s vehicle.

The witness would further recall that it was “definitely not an airplane or helicopter or traditional firework”. They did, however, liken it to a “military grade illumination flare.

You can check out footage of that sighting below.

Several Objects Appear Over Sherman Oaks, California, 1st September

A strange sighting on the evening of the 1st September from the Sherman Oaks area of California was also captured on video tape. The footage was captured from the passenger seat of the vehicle the witness was traveling in, at a little after 9:30 pm as they went along I-405.

They would describe seeing a large white object which appeared to be surrounded by several smaller ones.  What’s more, these smaller objects appeared to be under their own control as they moved independently of each other and the larger craft.

You can check out that footage below.

California UFO Tunnel, 3rd September

Perhaps one of the strangest incidents of the month of September came from Huntington Beach, also in California, on the 3rd of September. The picture, which you can see below, comes courtesy of UFO researcher, Scott C. Waring, who spotted the bizarre anomaly on social media. Waring writes on his database of bizarre sightings that:

It is a well-known fact among UFO researchers that these long clouds with perfect dimensions are tunnels for UFOs to travel through safely and unseen by human eyes!

Whether that is the case with this particular sighting, whose photograph was captured from Huntington Beach Pier is open to debate. However, we know that California, much like the entire west coast of the United States, is a UFO hotspot. And underwater alien bases are a conspiracy that has rumbled on for decades.

Furthermore, the witness who took the picture claimed that the strange cloud tunnel arrived and vanished extremely quickly. And what’s more, it “brought a lot of wind with it”. It certainly is an interesting sighting, as is the notion that these strange cloud tunnels really are ferrying around UFOs like a strange aerial version of the many underground rail networks under most modern cities around the world.

“Really Strange” Lights Over Grimsby, United Kingdom, 5th September

On the evening of 5th September on the east coast of England in Grimsby, multiple residents witnessed something “really strange” overhead. The general description from those who made reports was of strange lights “flying low” over the main part of the town. What’s more, these lights, after being visible for several minutes, suddenly vanished into nothing.

One resident, Chelsea Salt, would tell the Grimsby Telegraph newspaper that:

My mum’s partner saw them on his way to work. He stopped to take a picture and when he was over the railway crossing, he looked back and they had gone. No noise or anything. It was really strange!

Several people would even stop their vehicles in order to get a clearer look and take a picture. You can view one of those below.

Because the sighting occurred in the early evening, many Grimsby residents were still at work or traveling back home (or, if working shift patterns, would have been on their way to work) and consequently several people witnessed the bizarre occurrence.

Incidentally, the sighting is similar to one relatively nearby in Doncaster several months back in April. And, interestingly or not, the sighting occurred at roughly the same time. Possible explanations put forward are that the sightings are drones, possibly military ones. However, ultimately, they remain unexplained.

Rice Lake, Wisconsin, 10th September

At a little after 8 pm on the evening of 10th September in Rice Lake, Wisconsin, a local, unnamed resident witnessed “three stationary red flashing lights” in the sky near their home. After remaining motionless in the air for several moments they began to disappear, one at a time. The witness claimed there was a “20 to 30 seconds” gap in between each one vanishing.

Unfortunately there are no photographs of the incident – which lasted in total around five minutes – but several UFO organizations in Wisconsin would note that, in general, 2019 has “been a big year for alien (UFO) sightings”, while also noting that nearby states such as Minnesota were also seemingly in the middle of an increase in UFO sightings. And while such an increase might not constitute a wave – at least in terms of some of the classic UFO waves of the twentieth century – it is yet another definite sign of a steady increase of UFO activity which shows no obvious signs in slowing down.

Red Object, South Korea, 15th September

One of the most intriguing sightings of September would come from Seoul in South Korea at around a quarter to nine (local time) on the 15th of September.

The pictures were taken at a minute apart at 8:43 pm, 8:44 pm, and 8:45 pm from the Banpo Bridge near the Han river. Initially, the photographer did not see anything at all unusual. However, when they placed their pictures online an eagle-eyed witness would spot what appeared to be a “curved red streak” which was partly visible in the first shot, fully visible in the second and then seemingly vanished in the third.

What is perhaps also interesting here is that others who have since examined the photograph have admitted that it is “difficult to explain” what the red streak might be. A reflection appears to have been ruled out as an explanation. The only sure aspect of the incident is that it “appears to be an object that moved and then disappeared”.

You can see those sequences of photographs below.

“Fleet” Over Brazil, 16th September

A video from a YouTube user named Ricado appeared online shortly after the 16th September appearing to show a “fleet” of UFOs over the Bahia region of Brazil. What’s more, judging by several voices in the background of the footage, there were multiple witnesses to this strange event, which would see several glowing orb-like objects moving through the sky.

What’s more, there appears to be no sound whatsoever coming from the strange craft and, crucially in eliminating a conventional aircraft as the possibility, there were no flashing lights which all airlines and helicopters have to use. Whatever the objects might be, they move in a fashion that is noteworthy, at the very least.

You can view that footage below.

Two Strange Sightings In America On 19th September

Two strange sightings occurred on the same evening of the 19th September in the United States. One in Menane in North Carolina and one in Livonia, Michigan.

The Mebane sighting featured a giant orange orb just before 9 pm (although the footage shows two white orbs and two orange orbs). You can see that footage below.

A short time later at around 9:20 pm, a married couple in Livonia, Michigan witnessed a strange crescent-shaped object that they first thought was a satellite until they realized it was “much too big” to be so. The couple watched it pass overhead at a reasonably fast pace, noting how there was no flashing and no sound whatsoever from it.

Furthermore, the witness would claim that they could see “bursts of light” from “three to six consecutive points of light”. They managed to capture footage of this part of the incident.

The strange lights would also appear again and were witnessed by the couple on the evening of the 21st September. You can view the video footage of the 19th September footage below.

Ontario, Canada, 22nd September

The following night, across the border in Ontario, Canada, another sightings featuring two orange lights were witnessed. Although there is no video footage of that sighting, you can view a picture the witness managed to capture below. They would report that they witnessed three orange orbs but only managed to capture two of them on camera.

Whether there is a connection to the sightings of the 19th September in the United States, or if the picture below is even of a nuts-and-bolts UFO or simply a trick of the light, is open to debate. You can see that picture below.

Strange Lights Moving Over And Around Buildings In Seville, Spain, 22nd September

One of the more recent sightings of the month occurred in the Spanish region of Seville on the evening of 22nd September. The witness would manage to capture several minutes of footage of the bizarre scene, with the footage showing the white lights moving around the skies in and around the buildings of the city.

Nothing much is known about the sighting. However, you can view the footage in question below.

An Afterthought Of Anticipation?

As we mentioned above and in our opening, UFO sightings very much appear to be rising around the world. And while we are not at levels warranting a “wave” the steady increase certainly makes one wonder if such a wave is just around the corner. For example, the 1973 wave of UFO and humanoid sightings, while spanning the entire calendar year of 1973, was at its absolute peak, and dramatically so, during October and November of that year.

As cliché as it might be to say, the idea that we should all “keep watching the skies” as we enter the last quarter of not only 2019 but the second decade of the twenty-first century, has never been more appropriate.

August 2019

We seem to say each month that it has been a busy four weeks or a very active month, and August 2019 has been no different. Aside from the sightings themselves, however, of which there were many, UFOs and what they might be is becoming more and more of an accepted talking point nearer to the mainstream. And while we certainly appear no closer to the much-anticipated disclosure that some believed was inevitable in 2019, the sightings themselves do indeed continue, and more to the point, the reports of them do.

Here are just some of the most intriguing accounts on record by the end of August 2019.

Strange Red Light Moving And Stopping Over Van Nuys, California, late-July

Although it was filmed on the night of 22nd July 2019, a UFO sighting over Van Nuys, California was not reported until early August, so we will include it here in our August round-up.

On the night in question at 10:25 pm, the witness saw a strange red light moving to the south across the city. The witness at first thought it was nothing but an airplane. However, “it abruptly stopped” all of a sudden, hovered for several moments, then carried on again before repeating the same process. This time, it hovered for longer, around 15 seconds before it continued on its way.

You can see that particular video footage below.

Bright Orange Light “Moving Erratically” Over Ohio, late-July

A similar sighting reported on the 10th August that actually took place in late July was one of a “bright flickering orange orb” filmed moving over Walbridge, Ohio.

The witness was at work on a night shift when, at around 3 am, they spotted the bizarre orb overhead. It was due to the jerkiness and general erratic nature of its movements that made them take more notice. Generally speaking, according to the witness, there was something “unsettling” about the sight of the orange glow. Unfortunately, by the time the witness had reached for their phone, the orb was now traveling in a straight line.

They still managed to capture several seconds of footage of it, though. As it was moving, the light became more solid and “flickering” as it was previously. Then, it simply “went out” as if someone had switched it off. There were no clouds for it to vanish into, and it definitely, according to the witness, did not go over the horizon.

The witness contemplated that it might have been a conventional aircraft or even something like a Chinese Lantern. However, the way it moved simply made them dismiss these ideas as unlikely at best. The footage and the sighting remain unexplained. Several weeks later, however, another sighting of strange lights was filmed in Ohio. And this time, there were multiple witnesses. Before we look at that incident, though, check out the footage of the Walbridge incident below.

Multiple Witnesses Film Light Over Cincinnati, 3rd August

In the early evening of 3rd August, footage was captured of several strange lights hovering over Cincinnati in Ohio. Despite it still being early evening when several pieces of footage from various angles and from multiple witnesses was filmed, the lights were perfectly visible. Several versions of the bizarre display would appear on YouTube shortly after it was captured.

In it, the lights, which begin in a triangular shape, reform themselves into a straight line. Following this, they appear to disappear either into or behind one the clouds. Strangely, though, they then begin to reappear, gradually, as if getting brighter as opposed to coming closer. This is an interesting detail that comes up in many UFO sightings over the years. That such glowing objects appear to be “switched off” instead of physically vanishing.

There were many theories and ideas as to what the strange lights might be. On one of the pieces of footage, the person behind the camera boldly shouts out, “We’ve Got Aliens In Cincinnati!”

You can check out one of the clips of that video below.

A Bizarre Display Of “Blue And White Lights” Over Powell, Wyoming 7th August

Although there are no photos or footage of it, an incident in Powell, Wyoming on the evening of 7th August is still very much worth mentioning here. At around 11:25 pm on the night in question, an anonymous woman would contact the Park Country Sheriff’s department claiming she could see two strange objects in the skies overhead. One, she claimed was dark, the other light.

A deputy was dispatched to investigate and arrived at around the same time as a Wyoming Highway Patrol trooper, who had also heard the incident over the radio. Both of the crafts, however, were no longer there. The witness, though, who both the deputy and the patrol trooper claimed was not drunk and appeared of sound mind, would claim they had put on a display of “blue and white lights”, with one of them even appearing to land in the nearby field.

While the officers believed what the lady witnessed was “drones” there are others who believe the display was something altogether more cosmic than mere drones.

“Alien Drones” Over Jackson, Wyoming, 11th August

Four nights after the experience in Powell, another UFO incident occurred, this time in Jackson. And this time, there was footage of the incident. What is particularly interesting about the sighting, is that it appears to show a UFO that is seemingly sending out drones to perform unknown duties below.

The witness themselves was working on a night shift at the Spring Creek Ranch. Part of her duties is to keep an eye on the webcam. It was while doing so, at around 3:30 am on the night in question, that she made the remarkable sighting. Although meteors were active in the area at the time of sighting, the footage appears to show something that moves very unlike a meteor.

Are these alien drones sent out to perform reconnaissance missions? Or might the intelligence behind these mysterious glowing crafts be much closer to home? Either way, if this footage is genuine – and it certainly appears to be so – then just what is flying through our skies at night, and for what purpose?

You can check that video out below.

Flying Orb Captured On Deer-Cam In Northeast Mississippi, 8th August

John Cornelius would make a remarkable discovery when reviewing footage of his deer-cam taken during the evening of 8th August in northeast Mississippi. As the deer are going about their business, the orb appears to take an interest in the animals, as if it is there to study them and their activity.

There are many claims and theories as to what these sightings might be. And they range from the bizarre to the more plausible. Many believe they nothing more than illusions of the light or the camera themselves. Others, though, believe that such orbs are essentially “alien drones” which allow these extraterrestrials to see and hear what is taking place on Earth without having to risk landing here.

As outlandish as this might sound, it does make a certain amount of sense. For example, we ourselves have sent the Rover to Mars to be our “eyes and ears”. If we could send regular drones to very specific areas for more up-close monitoring, we most certainly would do. Might that be what is taking place with these strange orbs? Might they actually be alien drones?

You can view the footage below.

Brightly Glowing UFO Over Dirt Road, Unknown Location, 9th August

Two days before the Jackson sighting, another video appeared online, allegedly filmed on the evening of 9th August. The location, however, remains a mystery. Given that the person filming it is speaking Spanish, there is a good chance the footage was filmed somewhere in South America, or possibly Mexico.

The witnesses were driving along a quiet dirt road, seemingly just before sunset when they witnessed the object glowing brightly overhead. However, very shortly after filming the camera simply dies. This could be something as simple as the battery was low at the end of a long day without charge. However, it is also a possibility that the camera suffered from some kind of technology of the UFO – the same kind that shuts down car engines and headlights.

It is certainly an intriguing piece of footage. You can check out that video below.

Rectangular Object With “4 Or 5 Light” Spotted Over Howell, Michigan 14th August

At just short of 11 pm on the 14th August over the skies of Howell in Michigan, an anonymous witness would see and photograph a rectangular-shaped craft that appeared to have a “series of 4 or 5 lights in a row”. The color of the object would appear to change from blue to green and remained stationary, hovering overhead for around an hour.

The object was occasionally covered over by the clouds but remained where it was, with the lights sometimes remaining visible behind the cloud when it was particularly thin.

Eventually, the object would disappear out of view. You can check out the photograph below.

Brief Footage Of Two “Darting” UFOs, Australia, 17th August

At 2 am in the early hours of 17th August over Witijira National Park in Australia, two “balls of light” were captured on video. The strange objects appeared to be spinning on their own axis. Furthermore, the objects would “dart in different directions”.

Unfortunately, there is little else known about this particular footage, which in itself is only 12 seconds long. It is still worth checking out, however, and making up your own mind as to just what it may or may not be.

You can see the footage in question below.

White Disc Speeds Pas Volcano-Cam, Popocatepetl, Mexico 17th August

Perhaps one of the strangest UFO sightings of August 2019 took place over Popocatepetl in Mexico when an eagle-eyed viewer watching a live volcano-cam spotted a strange white disc speeding past the screen. Furthermore, as well as the strange white surface color, in the top center of it, there appeared to be a raised black dome – almost as if it is a cockpit of some kind.

The footage is indeed intriguing. As much as the location as anything else. Many researchers offer that mountains and volcanos make perfect “bases” or hideaways for such craft. This might possibly be another piece of evidence that such claims are indeed correct.

You can check out the footage in question below.

White Disc/Triangle Captured Flying Over Ukraine, August

Although the precise date is not known, a similar craft was captured on video flying over Ukraine at some point in August. Almost identical to the white, glowing craft over the volcano in Mexico, the object has no wings or windows or any other identifying marks.

However, as you will see when you watch the video below, on several occasions as the object makes it way through the sky, it appears to either change shape or at least appear, to be triangular in shape. Given its location, one UFO researcher, Scott C Waring, voiced the theory that if the craft was indeed triangular and not disc-shaped, then it might be a sign that Russian authorities may have recovered a TR-3B – a craft largely believed to be a US black budget project.

You can check out the video footage in question below.

UFOs, Near Hot Air Balloon, Hoeven, Netherlands, 29th August

One of the most intriguing pieces of footage from August 2019 comes from Hoeven in the Netherlands. On the evening of 29th Augusts, the witness, Robert van der Broeke, suddenly got a strange feeling that he should “look outside”. When he did so, not only did he see a hot air balloon in the sky over his home, but also “4 Saturn-like orbs” seemingly floating around it.

He would immediately begin filming the object with his phone, putting it onto the 400% setting so he could get as close a shot as possible. The witness would manage to capture several minutes of footage, which appears to be very genuine indeed. Just what these strange, glowing, orb-like objects might be, remain a mystery.

You can see the video below.

 July 2019

July was another busy month for UFO sightings. And while there will have undoubtedly been the odd mistaken UFO for an Independence Day firework over the 4th July festivities, generally speaking, the best of them are as intriguing as ever.

As usual, however, we start with several sightings that would only come to light in the last few weeks but that actually occurred at the end of June 2019. And while there is slightly more than usual this month.

The Toronto Dogfight – A Battle Between Red And Green Orbs Over Pearson Airport

Although it took place on 4th July 2018, the incident only came to light very recently. According to the report, an employee at Toronto’s Pearson Airport, who was working a nightshift, would witness six UFOs at a little after 3 am. He would state:

I thought it was a satellite because they were really high up but (then), one starts to pursue the other one, then two more appeared…It was like a dogfight way high up!

He would go on to describe the strange objects as “balls of light”. What’s more, it appeared as though the “green ones were pursuing the red ones”. The witness would state how they were “shocked” and how they “couldn’t believe” what they were seeing.

When asked to elaborate on the object’s height the witness would reply they were in “low Earth orbit” but above cloud level. Furthermore, the speeds the objects were traveling at were not at all like a conventional aircraft – commercial or military. And what’s more, they were covering the entire sky in his field of vision, and back again, in a matter of seconds.

In between this, however, were “little flashes of light”, like “lightning flashes inside a cloud”. When he concentrated on these flashes of light a little further, he could clearly make out what appeared to be an attack by the green ones who were “shooting the red ones”. The witness claimed the episode lasted for around ten minutes before they simply disappeared.

Triangular-Shaped Object/Light Over Chula Vista, California

Another sighting from the end of June (29th) that only came to light in the public arena very recently occurred over the skies of California in Chula Vista.

The footage is shot from the front seat of a moving car at some point late in the evening. It clearly shows five lights in a triangular position, all white and unblinking with no other flashing lights of any kind.

This last detail is important as it pretty much eliminates the possibility of the object being a plane due to the steady, constant nature of the lights. And while it doesn’t necessarily correspond to a typical set-up of a black triangular craft – a light in each corner and one larger light in the center – that is a detail that, while requires noting, is perhaps too minor to cause us too much concern.

It is certainly interesting footage, not least because of the apparent increase in triangular objects on the western states of America.

You can view the footage below.

“Flying Saucer” Appears Near Plane, Devon, England, 1st July

Perhaps one of the first UFO sightings of July 2019 – at least to be captured on film – occurred in Newton Abbot in Devon in the south of England on the first day of the month. The witness, who had just set up their camera – a Nikon P900 – in their back yard, would spot a commercial airliner flying overhead.

Thinking it was as good as any object to focus on, the witness did exactly that. However, as they did so, they would spot an object “that seemed to appear out of nowhere”. As the amazed witness continued to watch, the strange object made its way directly to the plane, stopping and hovering for a moment nearby, before moving back to its original position.

The witness would describe the object as “saucer-shaped” with a “small black dome on top”. They would further state:

There was no doubt in my mind it was a flying saucer!

The witness managed to snap two pictures before the craft vanished again as quickly as it had appeared. They would remark in their report had they not already had their camera equipment set up, then it would have most likely have been impossible to capture a photograph due to the small amount of time it was visible for.

You can view one of those photographs below.

UFO Sightings Over Florida

In the early hours of 3rd July 2019 at a little after 2 am, sightings ranging from Jacksonville in the north and Miami in the south of the state of Florida seemingly burst into life. Because of the nature of the sightings – sometimes described as a “fireball” – and because of the ground they covered, it was theorized at first that the incident was likely a meteor shower.

However, when the National Weather Service responded several hours later stating they were “unsure as to exactly what they were” other theories began to go into overdrive as to what the strange, shooting lights might have been.

Descriptions such as “deliberate and silent moving” began to appear on online forums in the Florida region as residents thrashed out their ideas between themselves.

We might remember that at the start of the year one of the best sightings of a “black triangle” object came to us from this very region. And Florida itself is certainly no stranger to UFO activity.

Incidentally, the object was eventually put down to “space debris” which, as reasonable and even likely as the explanation is, didn’t sit well with everyone.

Another sighting appeared in the Sunshine State around a fortnight later over Panama City Beach on the evening of 17th July. At around 9 pm, the witness and her son noticed a “bright white light” hovering in the skies near their home. As well as capturing several pictures, the witness managed to record around six minutes of footage.

You can see the video in question below.

Another Strange Grid Appearance On An American Citizen?

In June we examined the report of a young man from Fenton, Missouri, who claimed to have noticed strange grid markings appear on his body. If the claims are authentic then we should perhaps take a moment to examine another similar claim from a woman in Tustin in Michigan, who would make very similar claims, as well as providing a similar picture (which you can see below).

She would claim to have “no recollection” of how she might have received the markings. And furthermore, if her husband had not seen them and pointed them out to her, she would most likely be none the wiser as they were not painful in the slightest. Furthermore, the witness claimed to not have seen a UFO, recently or before.

Whether the markings are those of an alien visitation or not are open to debate. One note made by UFO investigators who received the picture was that these markings “appeared larger” than others they had witnessed.

What might these markings mean? Are they indications of an extraterrestrial program discreetly taking place under our collective noses? Or should we dismiss such claims as attention-seeking hoaxes?

Metallic Silver Craft Over Rachel, Near Area 51, Nevada

Anyone in the UFO community can’t fail to have heard Area 51 on social media feeds the last couple of weeks amid rumors of campaigns to “storm” the top-secret military facility. Whether it is a coincidence or not, a sighting of a silver, metallic disc would surface in July, flying through the Nevada desert near the town of Rachel, which is the closet such town to the secret facility.

The footage was captured by a local resident who had set up a motion sensor camera in their yard. It was only upon playing back the footage that the “zooming” metallic object appeared. When they slowed the footage down, it was clear that a solid, metal-looking object was in the frame for a second or two. You can view a freeze-frame of the object below.

What is perhaps interesting is that while many reports of disc-like metallic objects state they are, in fact, silent, this object clearly appears to make a sound very much like that of a jet engine. Might this be proof of alien visitors from another world? Or is it more likely, especially given the location of the sighting, that this is footage of a top-secret, black budget project of the American government? One possibly using reverse-engineered technology?

You can check out the video below, which is, incidentally, well worth taking the trouble to watch slowed down. You can then see the object relatively clearly.

UFOs Intentionally Create Hurricanes And Other Natural Disasters?

Another intriguing claim to have entered the public arena in the last month comes from an experienced UFO researcher, Scott Waring. He claims that UFOs purposely “create hurricanes” in order to enter secret alien bases inside the Earth.

A video very recently appeared on YouTube from ‘MRMB333’, a UFO researcher who has uploaded several similar UFO related videos to his channel. This most recent footage was captured on 2nd July during the solar eclipse and appeared to show a “fleet of alien vessels” using the hurricane as cover to enter the base.

Whether the hurricane was purposely created or not is obviously open to debate. However, the footage does appear to show several “strange dark orbs” that fly very purposely into the epicenter of the hurricane.

Waring would elaborate that, at least according to his research, UFOs use natural phenomena to their own ends, including such deadly occurrences as earthquakes, tornadoes, and, of course, hurricanes. Indeed, we have examined before how strange aerial sightings often go hand in hand with (apparent) natural disasters.

You can check out the video in question below.

Machu Picchu Sighting Unintentionally Captured During “Selfie”, 20th July

On the afternoon of 20th July 2019, while taking a picture of himself at the ancient Incan site of the Sun Gate at Machu Picchu, a witness managed to capture a strange object seemingly flying through the air behind him.

It wasn’t until later that evening while examining the pictures that the tube-like object came to light. As well as its cigar-shaped appearance, there appear to be several “arms” extending from either side of it, possibly landing aids.

Aside from the picture itself, the location is of particular interest, especially to those who subscribe to the ancient astronaut theory, as it has a long history of alleged extraterrestrial activity and contact.

Furthermore, as we and many other UFO researchers have mentioned on several occasions, the mountain regions of the world are quite often hotspots of UFO activity. And the reason being is the apparent entrances to alien bases deep within the mountains and the tunnel systems around them.

You can see two angles of the picture below.

“Shape-Shifting UFO” Hovering Over Cambridge, England, 21st July

The following evening on the 21st July in Cambridge in England, while attempting to film standard aviation and wildlife, a sky-watcher managed to film a “shape-shifting UFO” in the skies overhead for several minutes.

Furthermore, perhaps because of the fact that the witness would normally capture all manner of wildlife, the camera the footage was shot on was of good quality – as was the skills of the witness with the camera. This is an important detail as the footage – around three minutes long – is almost (for what it is) crystal clear as opposed to bouncy, grainy, or unfocused.

Further still, it is clear that the person filming it, who seemingly has ample experience and knowledge of the skies above and what is usually found there, appears to be genuinely perplexed at the object he is witnessing.

Whether the object is actually changing shape or is simply an illusion to the eye is open to debate. The footage, however, is extremely interesting.

You can check out the video below.

Spacecraft “Ten Times The Size Of The Earth” Spotted Near The Sun?

Perhaps one of the most recent UFO claims, and one that we should perhaps take with a pinch of salt despite how intriguing it is. It comes to us, unintentionally via a NASA satellite, the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO), which has orbited the Sun for over two decades.

Once more, UFO researcher, Scott Waring is at the center of the claims. It is his belief that he has spotted the anomaly, which he claims is a “huge alien spacecraft” in an image captured on the 24th June 2019. Apparently dismissing any natural phenomena that might cause the object, Waring would state that it was “too perfect” to be material ejected from the Sun. He would elaborate:

There seem to be right angles to it resembling a modern-day arrowhead. There are just too many right angles present for it to be a naturally occurring object!

Furthermore, given the size of the Sun, Waring would estimate the object to be around ten times the size of the Earth. Perhaps then adding fuel to the conspiracy element of the case, Waring claims when he attempted to access the image once more on NASA’s website only to find the image was no longer available for viewing.

We have examined before on several occasions the claims that NASA regularly “airbrush” out images of UFOs and spacecraft before releasing them to the public. Might this be a case where such an image leaked through the net?

You can check out the video below which looks at the incident a little further.

June 2019

Although each organizations’ figures differ, it would appear that June has been one of the busiest and most active months for UFO sightings in 2019 so far. It would appear that the United States, in particular, had an increase in sightings. And what’s more, this was the case in multiple states across the country.

We start, however, with a couple of intriguing photographs of incidents that occurred several months previously but have only now come into the public arena.

On the 21st March 2019 in Reno, Nevada, for example, a local resident would take several pictures of a brewing storm at a little after 8:30 pm. However, when they later examined their digital haul of images, they discovered what appeared to be a saucer or cigar-shaped objects against the cloudy backdrop. The witness would further mention in their report that the airport was in the direction that the strange object was headed, as well as the fact that there “has been a lot of (UFO) activity” in recent months. You can see that picture below.

Several months later, on the evening of 17th May 2019, a Game Camera would capture a bizarre image in Fairmount, Georgia. That evening, at around 10:30 pm, a “wavy” object was captured by the photographic equipment. The owner of the image claimed in his report that “even the cat was looking at it”. You can see that image below.

UFO Filmed From The Cockpit Of A Plane Over Haiti 1st June

Perhaps one of the most intriguing pieces of UFO footage from the past month comes to us from the skies over Haiti. On the early evening of 1st June, from the cockpit of what appears to be a small plane, a strange and “unknown flying object” was witnessed and filmed for several minutes.

The witness would claim the object was moving extremely fast and due to the maneuvers was certainly not a cloud. If it were, the pilot reasons in his report, it would mean the cloud was moving as fast as their plane was.

You can view the footage below.

Daytime UFO Sightings Austin And Pennsylvania Early June

On the afternoon of the 6th June in Austin, Texas, a local resident would manage to capture around 30 seconds of video footage of a “fizzy, cigar-shaped object”. The witness was sat in his vehicle when he filmed the footage. The object can clearly be seen moving across the sky and out of sight.

You can check out the video below.

Two days earlier on the afternoon of 4th June in Conway, Pennsylvania, a witness would record a similar length video of two strange, bright lights overhead. The witness claimed they were driving home with her husband when he spotted “three amber lights”. These strange aerial anomalies were “moving in a slow, straight line” before one of them moved to make the shape of their formation triangular.

After a minute or so, one of the lights vanished leaving the two that were in a straight line still visible. After a further two minutes, the remaining light also vanished. You can view that footage below.

Interestingly or not, the day after the above sighting and back in Texas, this time in Nederland, a disc-shaped object was photographed at a little after 8:30 pm. There is little else known of the sighting at the moment, other than the witness saw the object “moving around the sky”. Whether there is a connection to the above daylight sightings – in particular, the one in Austin several days previously is open to debate. You can see one of the Nederland photographs below.

Nationwide Power Outage In Argentina! Also Affects Uruguay, 16th June

While there is no (at the moment) widely known UFO sightings in conjunction with the event, a nationwide blackout in Argentina for several hours on the 16th June, one which also affected huge portions of Uruguay, is most certainly worth mentioning here.

Certainly when we remember such incidents as the 1965 power blackout of the American east coast and the multiple UFO reports that would come to light in the years following. As well as the fact that a spokesman for the Argentinian power company would state that “something like this has never happened before”. Furthermore, researchers such as Simon Parkes claim that the incident was down to “sabotage – (and) not some lone disaffected employee” but a “complex and well-planned operation”.

Whatever the cause of the blackout, it might be very well worth keeping a UFO eye on this part of South America over the coming months. Either for similar activity or reports of strange sightings around the time of the blackout itself.

Object Appears As Though “Scanning Or Mapping” Area Over Forks, Washington, 15th June

In the town of Forks just outside of Olympic Park in Washington state on the 15th June, a glowing object was witnessed and captured on film for several seconds. What’s more, the witness would claim that the object moved as though it was “scanning or mapping” the area.

It was a little after 11 pm on the evening in question when the witness first noticed the hovering light overhead. It had the appearance of a “large sphere” and also glowed a “myriad of colors”. From his perspective – in Forks in Jefferson County – the object appeared to be near the coast in the Kalaloch Lodge region.

Perhaps even more bizarre, although it is a notion that strikes more UFO witnesses than we might think, is the feeling that the object, or the intelligence behind it, was aware of his presence, “as if I startled it”.

You can view the video footage in question below.

Daylight Sighting Near Bonney Lake, Washington 20th June

Just before 9 pm on the 20th June in Bonney Lake in the state of Washington, a white round object was witnessed and filmed as it zipped across the last of the daylit sky. The witness would describe the object as moving “super fast” and being a distinctly bright white round light. You can see a picture of the incident below.

The witness’s son was outside and was the person who would quickly manage to capture several seconds of footage of the incident, as well as alerting his parents to the events. While the sighting is only several seconds long, it appears to be authentic. Of course, what it might be, remains open to debate.

The witness would state that, at least according to their research, there have been no other reports of the incident they witnessed. You can check out the video below.

Orb-like Object Sightings In Phoenix And Oregon, Mid-June

Just short of midnight on the 19th June, two bright objects “circling each other” before “streaking away” were witnessed in the skies of Phoenix, Arizona. The witness – a young man – was initially alerted to the strange goings on by his mother. He would venture outside to see two yellow objects overhead.

However, after disappearing the objects would come back into sight as a blue glow instead. The pair would quickly rule out that the objects were shooting stars simply from the manner in which they moved and danced around the sky. Needless to say, the witness would state they had “never seen anything like it”.

You can view one of the photographs in question below which appears to show the blue glow of one of the objects.

Although there is no footage or photographs of the incident, a similar event occurred in Burns, Oregon two night previously on the 17th June. At just after 10:40 pm, the witness set off in their car from Burns. However, within several minutes, a strange light was noticeable in the skies to the left of the vehicle.

At first, the witness reasoned it was a jet coming into land. They even managed to pick out the landing lights on its underside. However, after taking their eyes from it for a second, when they returned their focus the object had vanished.

A little unnerved, they continued on for several more miles until a red orb appeared in the sky. This glowing red sphere then “broke into three other lights of the same color”. The orbs would “circle around the first light”. Once more the lights would disappear. The witness would further see another orb a short distance on their journey which once more broke into several identical orbs and ultimately vanished.

Sudden Appearance Of Mysterious “Abduction-Type” Grid 22nd June

Perhaps one of the strangest incidents to unfold in June 2019 would do so in Fenton, Missouri. After waking on 22nd June a young man would notice a “grid-like” pattern on his back. What particularly unnerved the young man, was this was not the first time he had found unexplained markings on his body.

He claims to have also discovered “circular bruises” on his arms and legs previously. However, given the bizarre nature of the markings, as well as the fact that there was no explanation he could come to for their sudden appearance, he would take several photographs of them. You can see one of those below.

The young man, along with his girlfriend who also witnessed the sudden appearance of the markings, would research such patterns on the Internet. Needless to say, they would find several similar markings on people’s bodies, all connected with UFO sightings and alien abduction.

This would lead the victim of these strange markings to conclude that:

…the only plausible explanation is (alien) abduction…My best guess is that these (markings) are caused by a grid of electrodes placed against the skin!

It is certainly an interesting claim, and if authentic, might indeed suggest alien abductions of residents around the world are taking place even today.

UFO Changing Shape Over Chico, California 24th June

Another daylight sighting occurred at around 2 pm on the afternoon of 24th June in Chico, California. The anonymous witness – a lady from California – noticed a strange, white object in the sky. It at first appeared to be elongated but would change its shape “to become circular”.

She would manage to capture several pictures of the object, which would remain visible for around an hour before finally disappearing from sight. It should be noted that this particular sighting could very well be an early appearance of Venus which would have been in the same position as the apparent anomaly.

However, that wouldn’t explain the apparent shape change of the object, from a cigar-type shape to a distinctly more rounded one.

You can view one of the pictures below.

 “Too Good To Be True” Daylight UFO Sighting, Late-June

Perhaps one of the best sightings of recent weeks is also one of the most intriguing. And while the fact there is no information whatsoever regarding the clip, not to mention the crystal clear clarity of the pictures and footage is perhaps enough to lead many to dismiss it as an obvious hoax of someone with too much time and technology on their hands, it has seemingly gathered quite a bit of interest in UFO circles.

The pictures – stills from a video on Instagram – show two disc-shaped objects, each with an apparent domed top, hovering over a typical urban town, seemingly in the middle of an afternoon or early evening.

Whether this sighting is genuine or not is perhaps understandably open to debate. You can check out one of the pictures of the sighting below.

Bigfoot Encounter At Slave Lake 26th June

Although it isn’t technically an alien sighting, we know that UFO and Bigfoot sightings share more connections than many might think. With that in mind, then, the last incident we will examine for June 2019 is an apparent encounter with a Bigfoot creature near Slave Lake in Alberta, Canada.

At around 9:30 pm on the night in question, an anonymous witness who is “an experienced huntsman and outdoorsman” was driving with his wife, who was much the same, along a logging road. The pair were bear hunting, so when they saw what appeared to be a bear around 50 yards in front of them they would pull their vehicle over and step out with their rifles in hand.

He would approach the trees where he witnessed it go into. However, as he did, the entire tree-line began to shake and sway in an “explosion of movement”. Then, he saw two huge hands coming out of the branches and leaves. Despite the witness standing on higher ground, he was, in fact, face-to-face with this strange beast. One that he felt sure was a Bigfoot (or Sasquatch).

The witness would raise his rifle and prepared to fire. However, the beast immediately retreated out of sight. As he ran back to his vehicle, though, the trees once more shook and swayed as if in warning for him to stay away. He would estimate the creature to be at least 7 or 8-foot-high, possibly taller and of unimaginable strength.

You can check out the full interview below. It makes for extremely interesting listening.

May 2019

What has perhaps proven to be one of the most fascinating recurring themes over the last few weeks, and indeed, something we mentioned at the start of the year, is there appears to be a growing, albeit completely unofficial, that some kind of conditioning to disclosure is taking place.

And while nothing of that nature has so far happened, UFOs, including recent sightings and what they might be seen to be spending a lot of time in the mainstream news recently.

We start first, though, as we usually do, with a sighting that actually took place at the end of April but has only very recently found its way online.

Lights Separate And Split Over Hamilton, Canada

Two friends, who were also neighbors, were watching television together shortly before midnight on the 24th April 2019. However, out of nowhere, a “glowing flashing ball of light” became visible outside. When the pair went to look, the bizarre object was clearly visible.

One of them would run back into the house in order to grab their phone so as to film the lights. They would inform MUFON that:

These lights certainly put on a show for us!

In total, the witnessed would estimate the lights were visible and active for around eight minutes before splitting and vanishing. It is perhaps interesting of the notion of “putting on a show”, perhaps suggesting not only intelligence behind the lights but also an awareness that they were being observed.

You can view that footage below.

More Triangles Spotted, This Time On America’s West Coast In Oregon And California

Several months ago, over the skies of Florida, came perhaps one of the clearest triangle sightings of recent years. During May there have been several other such sightings, albeit not with as much clarity or indeed backstory of our earlier sighting.

One of the first occurred on the evening of 3rd May, once more in Florida, this time in Springfield, Oregon. According to the witness, his wife would spot the triangular formation first from an outside location and called her husband. He immediately ran to the window to view the lights for himself. Amazed, he could see “three lights orange and red” in the skies overhead.

The witness would hang up the phone and then begin filming through the window. He would claim his wife’s repeated calls to the phone forced the video to stop on occasion. He would still manage to get several seconds of clear footage, which you can see below.

Several weeks later, an apparent surge of sightings would take place on the other side of the United States, in the skies over California. While there is little detail about the sightings, several were captured on film. You can see two of them below.

Perhaps interestingly, an apparent daytime sighting over Joshua Tree National Park which took place at the end of April but only came to light at the start of May appears to have a triangular shape to its exterior.  You can see that picture below.

Several “Black Object” Daylight Sightings

Another sighting that is likely to have taken place at the end of April and arrived with UFO investigators in the UK (the British Earth and Aerial Mysteries Society) on the 2nd May.

The location is uncertain, although it appears to have been narrowed down to somewhere over France or South America. As the investigators state on their website, it appears that someone in the background is speaking French.

The shape itself is most definitely saucer-shaped and has an equally definitive black exterior.

Unfortunately, little else is known of the sighting at the moment. You can, however, check out the footage below.

Whether there is a connection or not, a similar sighting of a black UFO was photographed several days later on the 8th May in the United States over Hudson, Michigan. The witness would estimate to being around 100 to 500 feet away from the object and estimated the craft itself could be no more than 500 feet from the ground.

It remained in view for around 10 seconds, allowing the witness to snap several pictures with their mobile phone. It then moved directly overhead and into the distance at a speed of around 50 miles per hour. You can view two of those pictures below.

Another daylight sighting of a strange, metallic object took place across the Atlantic in Alvechurch in the United Kingdom in the early evening of the 22nd May. The witness noticed a strange “rainbow-like cloud” which they began taking photographs of before they noticed the apparent craft “zipping around in the sky”.

The witness would further describe the object as “darting around” before shooting straight up into the sky. You can view one of those pictures below.

Surge Of UFO Sightings Over New Jersey

We have mentioned on several occasions that the New Jersey area has experienced several UFO waves over the years. It would appear over the last few months that the south part of the state is undergoing one right now.

The latest such sighting took place on the evening of 7th May in Mystic Islands at around 11 pm. The anonymous witness would claim to have witnessed “radiant wide lights” which flashed three times for around three seconds. Following this, “flashes of bright white lights” would shoot directly down to the ground.

The witness would describe the white light as “much wide in width” than lightning. They would elaborate that they could only describe it as “flashes of a wide dome of light”.

An earlier sighting took place in the Linwood area of the state. According to the (again) anonymous witness, two “silent V-shaped objects” moved from out of the clouds. Their underside was completely lit up. However, much like the sighting on the 7th May, a “very slow lightning bold shot down” before vanishing. The crafts would then pass overhead making no noise whatsoever. You can view that picture below. We will return to New Jersey a little later with one of the most recent UFO sightings.

“Cloaked” UFO Hovering Over Wilsonville, Oregon, 19th May

At sunset on the 19th May in Wilsonville, Oregon, the witness, along with their son and his girlfriend, were sat outside at home attempting to capture the sunset on their iPad. As they did they noticed something very strange instead.

The witness believes, and perhaps with good reasoning, that the UFO was not visible to the human eye. As he explains in his report to MUFON, during the video, his son’ girlfriend exclaims that she can not see it in the skies. To this, the witness responds:

I know. It’s cloaked!

The witness would then began to use their laser pointer in an attempt to communicate with the strange and apparently highly technically advanced craft, although these attempt s would appear have gone unrewarded.

During the footage, several strange “white orbs” can also be seen seemingly moving around a central object. The object would seemingly come in and out of view before finally shooting directly upward into the sky and vanishing.

Perhaps more intriguing, however, was the several flashes of green that appear on the left of the video screen. As the witness asks, this could suggest that the craft was much larger than even they estimated it to be.

The witness would further estimate to have been around 500 feet away from the object, certainly no more than a mile and would further estimate its altitude to be 500 feet.

You can view that footage below and make your own mind just what it might have been.

A Cigar-Shaped Train-Like Object Over Kidwelly, UK, 24th May

On the evening of 24th May over Kidwelly, near Ferryside in the UK, a “train-like” UFO was spotted by a parent and her two young children, as well as their friend. It was just before 11:30 pm when the two adults and two children spotted the cigar-shaped craft. It appeared to have a “bright square window” at the front and moved calmly through the otherwise clear, night sky.

The object would remain visible for around 90 seconds before vanishing into the night sky. The witness would go on to state:

It appeared to be very long with a long row of lights, black and then a smaller row of lights which looked like square windows!

The witnessed would further estimate that although the altitude of the craft appeared to be no more than 500 feet, it was their belief they were around a mile from the object itself. You can view one of those pictures below.

Strange Object Hanging Over Central Park, New York, 25th May

The following morning, in reality only hours later as we travel back across the pond to 11:30 am in Central Park, New York on 25th May. From the Hilton Hotel which overlooks the iconic mass of green in an otherwise concrete setting, a husband and wife were looking out of their window from the 45th floor. Certainly with a view that stretched for miles and was blocked by very little else.

Deciding to take a photograph of the stunning view, the couple was surprised when they quickly realized there was a “2-dimensional object” hovering in the clear, blue sky. Furthermore, this strange aerial anomaly had a “ring of light” around it.

The couple would estimate they were approximately a mile away from the object, which was “perfectly symmetrical”. The object itself, however, was only in view for a second or so, if that. This is an interesting thought, in that the couple didn’t see the object themselves but when they had taken the picture. Perhaps many more strange craft are flying around the planet’s skies, largely undetected by the majority of us?

You can view the picture in question below.

Similar Object Spotted Over Staten Island On The Same Day

With that last thought in mind, we turn to a similar aerial anomaly on the same day in nearby Staten Island. Once more, the witness would claim to not see the object physically, only noticing it after the fact.

The witness was at Liberty State Park attempting to photograph the New York City skyline, the Statue of Liberty, as well as Ellis Island across the water. However, when they returned home and began examining their photographs several days later, they noticed a strange object, almost holographic in the top corner.

The witness realized they were facing Staten Island when this particular picture was taken. While there could indeed be all manner of reasonable explanations to account for this and the object witnessed over Central Park above, the fact that two UFOs in (relatively) the same place, showing up in pictures and not seen at the time on the same day at roughly the same time, is certainly something to note.

You can view the Staten Island picture below.

A Bright Object In New Jersey – “Not A Plane, Drone, Planet, Or Star!”

However, as we promised earlier, we end our May installment of UFO sightings by returning to New Jersey in Whitehouse Station, Readington Township.

At around 4 am while walking their dog, the witness would suddenly feel an urge to look up. When they did, a “bright, strange object” was clearly visible overhead. Immediately getting the sense that whatever it was, this strange craft was “not a plane, drone, planet, or a star”, the witness got out their phone with a view to using it as a telescope.

When they zoomed in on the object they could only think to describe the circular-shaped craft as UFO. It would remain visible until sunrise (around an hour to two hours approximately) and then “gradually faded away”.

This is an interesting last remark, almost suggesting some kind of hologram or illusion as opposed to a nuts-and-bolts craft. Perhaps returning to another dimension instead of another planet. Or might it be that with daylight the craft was simply no longer visible from the ground?

It is certainly an interesting piece of footage and one that is worth checking out. Perhaps the next (and current) UFO wave is taking place on America’s east coast.

April 2019

If the first quarter of 2019 has been busy in UFO terms – and it has – then April has perhaps been doubly so. And not only with actual sightings. As we will examine briefly later, there have been several UFO stories in the mainstream news over the last month or so, suggesting yet again that this apparently “crazy” subject is, albeit slowly, entering the mainstream from a much more serious plateau.

There are certainly plenty of sightings to look, however. We will start, though, on the east coast of the United States with a sighting that took place in May 2018, but only came to light at the start of the month.

UFO Performing “Crazy Maneuvers” During Storm, Brooklyn, (Made Public) 5th April

On the evening of 26th May 2018, during a rainstorm over Brooklyn, New York, a strange object was captured on video making “crazy maneuvers” in the skies overhead. The person behind the footage – Lisa M – only put the video online on the 5th April. Since then, many UFO researchers and enthusiasts have viewed and voiced their opinions on what it might be.

It is certainly intriguing footage. Whether it proves to be a nuts-and-bolts craft or some other phenomena, it is worth watching. One commentator voiced his opinion that it could be ball lightning, going on to state that if this was the case it was “the best example of the phenomenon” he had seen on video.

You check out that footage below and see what you think.

Glowing Orange/Red Orbs Over The Beach, West Auckland, 6th April

Although there isn’t any photographic or video evidence of it, a sighting from West Auckland in Australia on the evening of 31st March going into the 1st April would receive considerable attention after media platforms picked up the report from a Reddit user.

According to “ufomystery123” she and her boyfriend were:

…on the beach and saw two bright orange/red lights far on the other end of the beach. In a matter of seconds, one of the lights started moving at full speed in a straight line!

The witness would continue telling that the object was just above the water’s surface before coming to a stop “directly in front” of the pair. The red light had now changed to a bright white light and was pointing directly at them “like a torch”.

Orange Orb UFO

Then, “incredibly fast and with perfect precision” the object moved away and vanished into the night sky. The pair would remain where they were watching the sky for a while. However, just as they would go to leave, they noticed there were five of the objects “surrounding” them from overhead.

The couple fled at this stage as fast as they could. There were plenty of suggestions for what they saw. Alien spacecraft aside, one user suggested they had witnessed “beach balls with LED lights in them”.

Others, though, would claim to have witnessed the same objects in the area and dismissed the idea that the couple’s sighting was merely a beach ball with or without LED lights.

Multiple Reports Of Bright Orbs Over Scottsdale, Arizona, 10th April

At a little after 6 pm on the evening of 10th April, several residents from Scottsdale, Arizona, would witness a strange green-white orb hovering in the early-evening blue sky. Based on different reports, the object was visible for between 20 minutes to an hour.

One particular witness would even state that their attention was only brought to the strange object when:

…the nearby Scottsdale Airpark sent up two (sets) of fighter jets…

When the witness turned their head upwards to see the “very bright light”. The light was followed by a “loud boom” which rang out from the direction of Scottsdale Airpark. In the sky, near the object was a “ring of smoke, but no flare effect”.

April UFO Arizona

Several explanations were explored by investigators who took the report, including that the object might have been a high-altitude balloon. However, several witnesses would note that the day in question was quite windy, with the object clearly remaining stationary throughout the sighting. Claims that it might have been a planet or even a star were also dismissed.

Whatever these strange spheres were, for now they remain unexplained.

Glowing Craft Over The Villages Of Doncaster, South Yorkshire, United Kingdom 11th April

On the early evening of 11th April, visible from several villages around the town of Doncaster, South Yorkshire in the United Kingdom, multiple people witnessed a brightly lit object. One resident from the village of Askern, Julie Marley, would watch the craft for around fifteen minutes from her garden at around 5 pm.

She would recall to local media that:

It didn’t make any sound at all and it wasn’t moving like a plane or a helicopter might. We’d see it and then when we looked again it had moved to a different point in the sky!

She would further recall that the object was “definitely a silver color” and appeared to be at a high altitude. Certainly much higher than a plane would usually fly. Furthermore, she would recall how the object appeared to reflect the sun as opposed to have any glowing lights.

She would manage to capture a photograph of the object. You can view that picture below.

April UFO Doncaster

Several hours later, just before 7 pm, it would appear the same object was visible over the villages of Hatfield and Finningley.

One witness would claim it looked like a Chinese Lantern at first. However, it then began to grow in brightness slightly before seemingly vanishing into the distance. There was no sound at all during the thirty or so seconds it was visible.

It would certainly appear that something was making its way around the towns and villages of South Yorkshire on the evening in question. Another sighting, on the same evening, would take place on the other side of the Atlantic.

Multi-Colored Triangular Lights In Caguas, Puerto Rico, 11th April

On the evening of 11th April in Caguas, Puerto Rico, a triangular object with multi-colored lights on its underside was spotted and photographed.

The person behind the photograph would recall how they were inside their home at the time when a noise alerted them to something strange outside. When they would look out of the window their attention was immediately drawn towards an object with a “yellow stationary planet-like appearance”.

Deciding that whatever the object was it wasn’t a planet, the witness switched on their camera and zoomed in as much as possible. It was then when the object came into view and the witness could see it for what it was and immediately began filming.

You can see that footage below.

Woman Films UFO Over Her Estate In San Antonio, Texas 11th April

A sighting on the very same evening in San Antonio, Texas was not only filmed by the local resident, but the footage would find its way on to the local FOX news station.

The unnamed woman filmed the three bizarre lights shortly after they appeared at around 9:15 pm and watched them for several minutes with her fiancé who was also present. By the way the object hovered in the sky the woman believed almost immediately that what she was witnessing was certainly something out of the ordinary.

In fact, it took her several moments to snap back to her senses after she first noticed the strange glowing orbs. Then, after she did, she immediately reached for her phone from her pocket.

The woman would report the incident to MUFON, claiming that after staying stationary for around two minutes it would begin to spin. As it did so, it raised higher and higher into the air. The lights would then go out “one by one” until they could no longer see it.

You can check out the short piece of footage below.

Strange Object Caught On The International Space Station Live Feed, 16th April

We have examined a whole host of UFO sightings on the feed of the International Space Station. The latest of these would appear to have taken place on the 16th April where two objects that look both foreign to NASA’s known arsenal yet very aerially dynamic were witnessed on film before the feed was cut.

Despite their efforts, many eagle-eyed viewers had a copy of the footage and from that managed to crop several stills. You can see one of those below and, if genuine, is a remarkable picture.

There has been no word from NASA on the apparent sighting, which in itself is a standard response. It is highly unlikely it will be the last such sighting connected to the International Space Station.

Incidentally, you can see the video footage of the incident below.

Huge Alien Spacecraft Caught On Film Behind The Moon?

Whether the picture proves to be a hoax or indeed authentic, a piece of video footage showing an apparent spacecraft near the moon in the early evening skies of early-April would make its way around social media.

It would appear the video was originally filmed in Indianapolis, Indiana by a YouTube user named Daniil Tumanny. It was, however, soon picked up by several other channels and online platforms. And what’s more, it has sparked rampant debate on to what the footage actually shows.

As you might imagine, there are plenty of people who state this is clear evidence of a huge alien spacecraft residing on the other side of the Moon or one simply poised for some kind of attack. Others, however, believe the video captures proof of a US black budget space fleet – which have been rumored for some time. In fact, several whistleblowers have also made such claims.

Whatever the object in the footage is and might ultimately prove to be, it is perhaps some of the most intriguing footage of recent times.

You can see the video clip below.

UFO Spotted Accidentally While Witness Films Helicopter Eastbourne, UK, 19th April

In the middle of the afternoon, at 3:30 pm on the 19th April in Eastbourne in the United Kingdom, an aviation enthusiast would capture footage of an apparent UFO while attempting to film a helicopter flying overhead.

The witness would use their iPhone to capture the footage and didn’t spot the object at the time. Once they watched the video back and witnessed the anomaly, they would have the chance to slow the frame rate down to 1 frame per second. This would allow them to see the strange, orb-like craft seemingly training the helicopter, itself it would appear unaware of any other aerial user.

While it is an intriguing sighting and subsequent footage, there are plenty of options available to examine in terms of an explanation. However, at the moment at least, the sighting remains open to debate.

You can view the footage below and see what you think.

Brightly Lit Triangle Filmed Over Minot, North Dakota 21st April

At a little before 10 pm on the 21st April in Minot, North Dakota a witness would film a bizarre triangular object above themselves and a friend. The pair would watch the craft for around 20 minutes, marveling at how it would “disappear and then reappear” on several occasions.

It would also, the witnesses would later report, move up and down in the night sky, although it did so in an “erratic” manner. The pair would also report “several white lights” which would blink in order from left to right along the bottom of the craft. What’s more, several other colored lights of blue, yellow and green were also visible.

It would appear that opinion regarding the sighting remains divided, at least in the online UFO communities. Some point to the clear triangular nature of the craft (similar to the sighting over Puerto Rico several days previously). However, others claim the object shows a “conventional aircraft”. Particularly given the location being so close to Minot Air Force Base.

The witnesses themselves, however, dismiss this assertion, claiming they are used to the conventional aircraft in the area. You can check out the video in question below.

Bolivian Cattle Rancher Claims Mutilations Are The Start Of Alien Invasion!

Although it would appear they have been happening for several months, a recent story from Notivision TV would highlight an apparent case of cattle mutilation in Bolivia. And if that wasn’t enough, according to the rancher, these incidents are proceeding an “alien invasion” that will happen in the immediate future.

While it is certainly a case that might be easily dismissed, the rancher at least has partial evidence in the form of video footage showing the strange orbs seemingly descending down to the ground where his cattle wait helplessly below.

The rancher further claims that this activity dates back at least six months. He even recalls watching these bizarre descents from his property, even witnessing the crafts “illuminate the cattle below”. He would further state that just the presence of these crafts panics his herd, sometimes causing them to run and damage their enclosures.

The sightings have become so regular, that on occasion the rancher has even taken to firing his rifle at them in an attempt to scare them off.

He would state:

After firing the UFO turned away!

However, it would soon return and cast a bright glow over everything on the ground below. The ranch owners are not sure whether these aerial menaces are visitors from another world or if they are simply drones in the control of locals somewhere nearby. And while the latter explanation seems more sensible, in this case, it doesn’t appear to be the most likely.

You can view the video below. And while there are no subtitles if you don’t speak Portuguese, it does contain some footage of the orbs he claims to have witnessed on several occasions. It is certainly interesting viewing and worth watching.

New US Navy Guidelines – Committed To “Investigating Every Report!”

For most UFO researchers, however, the news surrounding the United States Navy and their apparent procedures for their pilots reporting UFOs was undoubtedly the “big” story of the last month.

According to the report, the US Navy had responded in such a way due to the growing number of strange aerial sightings by their pilots. Interestingly, they refer to these sightings as “unexplained aerial phenomena”. The sightings themselves are relatively regular, with several such incidents happening each month.

The craft are generally described as having a “strange appearance” and are much faster than any aircraft at the United States military’s disposal. Whether it proves to be simple rhetoric or whether there is real substance to the move remains to be seen. However, the US Navy claims they would “commit to investigating every report”.

Not only was the fact that US Navy was implementing such measures – and so publicly to boot – seen as interesting, but the fact that the US Navy instead of the Air Force should be behind the drive behind UFO sightings was questioned by some. What is perhaps interesting, is that originally, UFO sightings would very much come under the US Navy and have done for some time (although the Air Force has certainly had their own investigative units over the years).

Perhaps, though, the fact that a larger proportion than not of UFO sightings occur near water, be it oceans and seas, or rivers and lakes, might be, at least in part, the reason for suddenly having their pilots so publicly aware.

The video below looks at this a little further.

March 2019

Following on from the frenzy that marked February, particularly towards the end of the month with some of the most intriguing and unnerving encounters so far this year unfolding, March has proven to be no different.

It has been another interesting month as far as UFO sightings and alien encounters go. And while we can only examine a handful of them here each month, there would appear to be a plethora of activity in our planet’s skies.

Intriguing Sightings From Previous Years, Only Recently Comes To Light!

Although the incident occurred in the summer of 2018, it only came to light very recently in late-March 2019. An apparent sighting of black square-shaped UFOs over England occurred on the afternoon of 27th July 2018 in the Sussex region of the country.

The footage clearly shows a large, rectangularly square object zooming through the skies suggesting it was moving at “mind-blowing” speed. Furthermore, many researchers and enthusiasts pointed out the strange cloud formations that appeared to follow the equally bizarre craft.

You can view that footage below. The object itself is best visible just after the 20-second mark.

Another sighting from years previously also surfaced recently, this time from the previous summer on 6th August 2017 from Sun Valley, California. At around 9 pm, the witness, along with their brother in law, witnessed a “gelatin-like object” from their back yard. They managed to capture just short of 20 seconds of footage and captured several photographs. What’s more, according to the information on their report:

…if you zoom into the photos, you will see an alien entity staring at you and you will also see a square door in the UFO!

While those things might indeed be down to individual interpretation, it is no doubt that the footage and pictures are intriguing. They would further describe the object as being “like gelatin” and flashing a combination of red, orange, and white. As it came lower to the ground, but out of sight in the distance of the ground of an old power plant, a strange blue glow appeared.

You can check out that particular footage in the video below.

Two Hovering UFOs Over Lima, Peru

Although the sighting happened in the early hours of 27th February, just after 6:30 am, it didn’t really begin to enter the outside and wider world of the UFO community until several days later. Consequently, we will examine it here in our March sightings. And what’s more, the sighting in question took place over a busy airport in Lima, Peru. This would result in an official report, acknowledgment, and statement from the airport themselves.

On this occasion, that statement came from Jorge Chavez, who would inform the media on behalf of the Peruvian Corporation of Airports and Commercial Aviation (CORPAC) that “two unidentified flying objects” were not only witnessed, but for considerable periods, recorded, as they hovered over the airport for around an hour. You can view one of those pictures below.

March 2019 UFO Peru

This would mark the first time that such an official body would offer such detailed UFO footage and information in such a public arena. Incidentally, this is certainly not the first time in recent years that airport officials, in various parts of the world, have been, to some, surprisingly open and cooperative regarding such sightings. Might this indeed mark a persistent shift in opinion by such official groups?

Not only were members of the airport’s control tower among the witnesses to the two, hovering craft, but several grounds crew also saw events play out in full. Perhaps of interest, despite control tower operators being able to visually see the UFOs for close to an hour, they would only appear briefly on their radar screens. Were they using some kind of cloaking device?

The short video below looks at this sighting a little further.

UFO Emerging From Wormhole On The European Observatory Skycam, 12th March

According to one eagle-eyed space and UFO enthusiast, the skycams of the European Southern Observatory would capture a “UFO going in or coming out of what looks like a wormhole”.

You can view one of the pictures below and see what you think.

March 2019 UFO Wormhole

Whatever it might be, to many it is certainly something of interest. And something to be investigated further. Some who viewed the still shots would theorize that perhaps instead of a wormhole or portal, the “sphere” was leaving a trail behind it.

Perhaps interestingly, the video of the sighting was also put up on social media for all to view. However, that footage has since been removed. Furthermore, a search of the usual online platforms doesn’t appear to bring back an alternative option to view.

What should we make of this? Is there really nothing at all to the glowing sphere-like object in the image above? Or is there really an effort to scrub such examples of its existence from the public arena? While many believe the website to have captured something truly unique, others, from within the UFO community no less, believed the “sighting”, at least on this occasion, was a “lens fault” or simply a low-resolution image.

Hovering Flashing Lights, New Mexico, 16th March

In the early hours of 16th March in the town of Espanola, New Mexico, approximately between 2 am and 4:30 am, a local resident would witness a “bright hovering white light” which would then flash red and blue.

What’s more, the witness would claim in their report that they often see these lights. Further still, on occasion, they have managed to witness the solid object behind the lights, and the spinning motion that appears to be taking place. This is an interesting description – albeit one not backed up with footage – but one that matches other UFO sightings, especially of the last two decades.

March 2019 UFO Sightings

The witness claimed to have systematically ruled out known star systems, major satellites, and the International Space Station, and was now at a loss as to what the anomalies could be. The sighting, as would other sightings in the area the witness had seen, would last between 2 to 3 minutes before disappearing.

While it is pure speculation, New Mexico has multiple US military bases as well as, if rumors and claims are to be believed, several discreet “research” bases. It is not unfeasible, then, that these apparently regular sightings might be of some kind of top-secret military craft. Possibly one using reverse-engineered alien technology.

UFO “Formation” Over Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles, California, 17th March

On 17th March over the Sherman Oaks area of Los Angeles in California at around 8 pm, the lady who made the report and her family were in their yard enjoying a barbecue. As her husband tended to the grill, he glanced upwards at the sky.

According to the report, he could see “a group of glowing UFO discs” – approximately 18 in total – that were “coming out of the clouds” and into the clear part of the evening sky. He called to his wife, who along with their two children, ran to the grill area.

In total, the family watched events unfold before the lights slowly began to disappear back into the clouds, although this time in the opposite direction from which they appeared. The report would state that:

…the discs were traveling from north to south over the Los Angeles San Fernando Valley area…approximately (at) 10,000 feet of altitude…

Unlike many similar sightings of lights or orbs, aside from the sheer volume of them, the witnesses would report now flashing or changing colors. The lights were a solid bright, white light throughout the encounter. The witness would further add:

I have seen many civilian and military aircraft in my years. And these glowing discs were not aircraft!

Furthermore, they would stress the point by stating they were no “any known man-made objects” that they had ever witnessed. In total, the lights were visible for between 20 and 30 seconds.

Although the video below is not the footage of the recent sighting, it is an almost identical incident from July 2014.

Flickering “Triangle Of Lights”, Nashville, Tennessee, 20th March

At around 10 pm on the evening of 20th March in Nashville, Tennessee, an unnamed witness managed to capture around 20 seconds of footage of several flickering lights in a distinct triangular shape.

The witness observed the strange flickering lights for several moments before finally retrieving their camera and taking a much closer look. When they did, it was perfectly obvious that the lights were most definitely changing colors and were “orb-like”.

Before the witness realized what was happening, the lights vanished, as though they were “sucked through a portal” leaving “dust-looking stuff” in the gap in the sky where it was only seconds previously.

Unfortunately, the video footage, which you can see below, doesn’t capture this disappearance.

Faded Rainbow-Colored Boomerang-Shaped Object Over Newmarket, Canada, 19th March

The night previously and across the border to the north in Newmarket in Canada, a sighting of a boomerang-shaped object was reported. According to the details, the object had a “faded rainbow color” while also going “around itself in circles”.

The object was witnessed by two friends who each stood in front of their houses on the otherwise quiet street. The witness would recall that it was so clear that it was obvious that “it wasn’t a drone”. Nor did they believe it was anything else made by human hands or design.

After around ten minutes of watching the display, the object began to steadily rise into the air. It would circle in the air, almost majestically as it did so. Then, it faded away into the night sky.

While there is no video footage of the sighting in question, UFO incidents in Canada have seemingly continued to increase over the last several years.

Diamond-Shaped Craft Sightings In Arizona And Pennsylvania, 28th March

On the same evening of 28th March, two sightings of specifically “diamond-shaped” crafts would be reported. And, also strange, these sightings were on virtually other sides of the country to each other, with one occurring in Arizona in the west of the United States and the other in Pennsylvania towards the east.

In Conway, Arizona, the unnamed witness claimed to see “two UFOs in the sky moving (from) west to east”. They would further state in their report:

I could see they were not anything that I have ever seen before!

They would further describe the object as an “upside down diamond” with a black underside and a shining silver color on top. Although they moved at a considerable pace, they remained completely silent.

March UFO Diamond

On the same evening, in McKeesport, Pennsylvania, a local resident was stood on their decked porch when they noticed a “diamond-shaped UFO” with “4 red lights” seemingly at each corner position. It moved relatively quickly against the night sky. However, and much like the sighting on the same evening in Arizona, it didn’t make a sound.

Even more bizarre, the witness claimed that seeming out of nowhere, another identical craft suddenly appeared in the sky. The witness would go to retrieve their phone with a view to getting a picture of the craft. However, when he returned, they were gone.

They would reappear several moments later but in a drastically different part of the sky. They would do this on several occasions. The witness and her husband, who has also witnessed the same object on previous occasions, would state they both work as security officers and so are both trained to observe accurately.

“Mysterious Object” Plummeting To Earth, Anchorage, Alaska, 26th March

Although the exact date is uncertain, other than it happened in late-March in Anchorage in Alaska, a resident managed to capture just over 30 seconds of footage of a mystery object seemingly plummeting towards the ground. Two “plumes of black smoke” can also be clearly seen emanating from the object as it falls.

There are several US military bases that actively operate in the region. However, for their part, US authorities stated that they were carrying out no exercises and the object was not part of any of their operations.

Whatever the object was, it made many on the Internet voice their opinions and theories as to just what it might have been.

You can view that footage below and see what you think.

February 2019

The month of February would prove to be as full of strange accounts and multiple UFO sightings as researchers and enthusiasts might have hoped.

From mysterious noises right across the United States of America, to strange red orbs witnessed at opposite sides of the world within days of each other, to perhaps the most intriguing incident of the month, the capturing of several pictures of the infamous triangular shaped crafts that have taken on an area of research in their own right, if the last four weeks have proven anything it is that these bizarre incidents continue to happen right across the globe.

However, we start our February round-up with a sighting that happened at the end of the previous month in North Carolina. It features such good footage we simply can’t ignore it. And what’s more, the footage is remarkably similar to another piece of footage almost a decade previously on the other side of the Atlantic.

Pill-Shaped UFO Over, Greensboro North Carolina

Our first incident of February actually occurred late in January in North Carolina and features some excellent footage captured by the witness, Bret Jones (spacebret) who was attempting to film birds in flight when he noticed a “flashing light” moving overhead.

He at first thought it was simply an airplane but after watching it for several seconds realized it was moving much too slow for that to be the case. He could also see “random flashing” coming from the object which was not typical of planes or helicopters.

Bret would state:

When I got inside and checked the footage, I was blown away by what I saw. I have no idea what this object is. It is pill shaped with bullet headed ends!

Incidentally, the footage and the object it captures is extremely similar to a piece of footage captured over the skies of Manchester, England in 2011. Are these strange, apparently mammoth crafts secret government crafts? Does that explain their similar design? If so, why would they choose to fly them over such populated areas?

Or might they indeed be visitors from another world? Perhaps unconcerned, or even unaware, that we might see them? It is certainly an intriguing account.

You can view the footage of the North Carolina incident below.

Mysterious Sounds And Flashes Of Light Across America?

Although it might prove not to have connections to the UFO and alien question, recent claims of “strange sounds” right across the United States are most certainly worthy of a mention here. Not least as no one appears to know what is responsible for these mystery noises.

According to online and media reports from US citizens, “mysterious flashes of light” as well as “booming sounds” have been heard for several weeks since the end of January 2019. These strange “apocalyptic sounds” appear to be completely random. And what’s more, they are without acknowledgment or explanation.

Many people report that these booming noises are of such a level that they “shake houses” and “rattle windows”. Furthermore, they are not isolated to one region of the United States, with reports coming from east, west, and central America.

One resident from the east coast from Rhode Island would state:

The whole house shook. It woke my wife up. It woke up all (of) my children!

Another witness, this time on the other side of the United States in Tucson, Arizona would state:

…first it was like a major rattle, like a huge truck about to plow into my home. Then, the boom! That shook my windows…I was sure some of them were broken!

Interestingly there are no reports of evidence of seismic activity in the United States during this time. There are many theories and claims, ranging from proof of the “elite” constructing underground facilities to the opening of portals. The fact is, however, no one seems to know what is behind these strange incidents.

You can check out the video below which looks at this and other strange occurrences in the world at the moment. If you wish to skip to the mysterious sounds it is approximately six minutes in.

UFO Or Drone Over Women’s Football Match, London, England?

While there is not much information on the incident, and many commentators are fairly certain this particular incident may be nothing more than a drone, a sighting over a recent women’s football match is still worth including here.

The match, broadcast on television, appears to show a mystery aerial visitor hovering over the stadium. A London resident who was tuning in made the spot. Is this simply a drone operated by someone close by, perhaps innocently enough and just happens to be in the shot? Or might this be an unintentional capturing on film of something altogether otherworldly?

You can view the footage below and draw your own conclusions. Apologies for the “computer-voice”, it is the only footage available.

“Millennium Falcon” UFO Pictured In Calgary, Canada, 3rd February

On the evening of the 3rd February a resident of Calgary, Canada, captured three photographs of a “Millennium Falcon” shaped UFO in the clouds of the night sky overhead. Whether the craft had broken through the clouds prior to the picture and so leaving the bizarre but recognizable shape, or whether this is the shape of the craft itself is open to debate.

One researcher would offer that it was most likely that the craft was operating under some type of cloaking technology. They would explain:

…(despite cloaking) the UFO still has mass. And that mass is pushing aside the clouds its using to hide in!

It isn’t the first time that UFOs using and even creating clouds for them to “hide” in has been put forward as a real possibility. And cloaking is something that many serious researchers have stated is a very real technology, both for extraterrestrials and, if we subscribe to the claims, for black budget reverse engineered alien technology.

Controversial (to some) researcher Bob Lazar, for example, has long stated such cloaking technology is available and used, both by government agencies and alien visitors.

You can view one of those pictures below.

February UFO Falcon

Glowing Craft Photographed Over Montelimar, France, 17th February

On the evening of 17th February in the Montelimar region of France, a motorist witnessed and managed to photograph a strange glowing object traveling overhead. At a little past 9 pm, he witnessed the red and white flashing object descending as if “falling” from the sky.

Before it hit the ground, however, it suddenly leveled and hovered over the treetops for several moments. It would then move off towards the north. The witness, slowing somewhat continued to follow the slow-moving glowing craft. From inside his vehicle, through the open passenger window, he would then take the pictures that would later find their way to the Internet.

He continued to watch for around three or four minutes. Suddenly the craft began to glow even brighter than it already was. As it did so, the land below bathed in the neon-type light. Then, the light was gone and all that was left was the blackness of the night sky. It is an interesting observation as it indicated that the craft glowing brighter was some kind of preparation for the breakneck speed with which it disappeared.

The witness, according to the investigator who would receive the pictures, is credible and trustworthy. And furthermore, his pictures appear to be completely genuine.

You can view two of the photographs below.

February UFO France 1


February UFO France Close Up

Pilots Witness “Unexplained Airborne Lights!”, 14th February

According to their own Facebook page, at a little after 8:15 pm, two Air Midwest aircraft were “conducting night navigation exercises” heading towards Gloucester in England. As they cut through the night sky both pilots witnessed “one red and one orange light in the sky”. One of the planes would attempt an approach but the strange anomaly vanished before he could get close.

The pilot would later state:

I observed Initially 2 large square orange lights. One on top of each but slightly off set however there was a gap in height between them. The top object was constantly orange. The lower one occasionally flicked white but majority of time was orange!

He would also state that five orange lights were visible at one stage, but only momentarily.

Air Midwest would stress that while they were not at all certain the object was of extraterrestrial origin, their pilots were witness to “unexplained airborne lights that defied our normal expectations of standard aircraft or meteorological activity”. They would also offer assurances that both pilots were experienced flyers, with over 25,000 air miles between the two of them. In short, they were trustworthy witnesses.

Red Orb “The Size Of A 747”, Pulupandan, Philippines, 17th February

Several nights later on the 17th February in Pulupandan, Philippines multiple residents would witness a “red orb the size of a 747”. Typical of the modern age, many would capture several minutes of footage of the huge glowing orb on their mobile phones. Furthermore, though, several local and national news agencies managed to capture extremely steady footage of it on their cameras.

Due to the location of the incident being near water, many researchers in the area would claim it was further proof of an extraterrestrial presence on Earth. One using the world’s oceans to hide their underwater alien bases. While this is an outlandish claim for some, even in UFO circles, there is persistent supporting evidence of this. We have mentioned before, for example, how many UFO sightings occur over or near large bodies of water.

The object glows constantly, leading one researcher to state that “there is no technology that I know of that can produce a flying light like this!” Might this be the same object the two Air Midwest pilots would see on the other side of the world only days earlier?

You can view a short news clip of the incident below.

Box Shape Object, San Diego, California, 22nd February

On the evening of the 22nd February in San Diego, California, at a little after 10 pm, a 15-year-old dance student, and the mother of another dance student (but not the mother of the witness) were driving home from dance practice.

As they were making their way along the highway, the student, from the front passenger seat, witnessed two “bright colored golden” square shaped objects overhead. She would exclaim, “Look! Aliens!” to the woman driving. However, despite seeing then from her position in the vehicle, she paid little interest in them other than that she couldn’t explain them.

The teenager continued to watch for several seconds until the two light began moving in opposite directions. Then she began filming the object closest to her side of the car. She would continue to film it for around a minute until it was out of her sight. The young girl witnessed a third craft briefly shortly after she had stopped filming.

You can view the footage below.

The Black Triangle Incident, Orlando, Florida, 18th February

Although the following incident unfolded around ten days prior to the above sighting, it is certainly one of the most intriguing of recent weeks. If only for the apparently four crystal-clear photographs captured.

According to Dr. Michael Salla, his source, “JP”, took the photographs in Orlando, Florida shortly after 1 am on the 18th February. He also managed to capture several minutes of footage. Around ten minutes after he did so, however, “two men in black” would approach him and tell him not to talk about what he had witnessed. You can see one of those pictures below.

February UFO Triangle

The incident took place near his home. He would estimate the object was no more than 45 feet from him as it hovered over a nearby field. According to the witness, after the two men approached him, the next thing he knew it was shortly after 2:30 am and he was back in his bed. He quickly checked his phone. To his dismay, and anger, the video footage was gone. The four pictures, however, apparently missed by these mysterious men, remained.

While “JP” is not certain of what happened, he believes the two men discreetly followed him home and rendered him unconscious and removed the footage. Whether they returned him home or he returned with no memory of the journey is not known.

JP claims to have witnessed several such incidents near his home. So much so that he has had several similar encounters with these mysterious men in the past. Perhaps interestingly, he claims that he has, on occasion been encouraged to capture imagery by “covert personnel” but then threatened by the same people not to take any video footage.

You can view the video below which features enhanced quality images.

January 2019

While the skies of New York and Louisiana were experiencing strange alien glows as last year gave way to 2019, similar strange sightings have continued into January. One of them, only days later, across the pond over the skies of Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire in Northern England.

The Glowing Green Skies Of Derbyshire And Nottinghamshire, England, 8th January 2019

During the late-afternoon of 8th January 2019, between 4 and 5 pm, multiple residents in the Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire areas of England witnessed a “neon green” flash or streak of light cut across the quickly darkening skies. One of the witnesses, Debbie Pickard, would claim to see “three flashes of green light” that were at low altitude and “traveling horizontally”. She would further dismiss the notion that what she witnessed were drones. Aside from the speed of the objects, the distance at which the lights could be seen was out of the range of such drones.

Pickard would further recall a previous UFO experience that she witnessed with her father in 1988:

It’s a UFO by definition. It was like someone had thrown a frisbee. Me and my dad spotted a similar thing in 1988, it was in the papers then and confirmed on Gatwick radar. You do wonder what these things are!

Interestingly enough, and while we will attempt to obtain confirmation from the witness, it would appear the sighting she is referring to is an incident we will be examining in the near future here at UFO Insight. Regarding the night in question, though, many theories were put forward to explain the strange green flashes. And both the UK and American meteor societies would state they received “dozens of reports of a fireball” on the night question.

Unfortunately, there doesn’t appear to be any footage of this sighting available. However, the footage below is remarkably similar and from the same region of England. It is worth including here. Incidentally, if anyone does have any footage of the above incident, or anything similar around the same time or location, get in touch with us.

The Mini-Wave Of Hull, North East England, Early-January 2019

While it is most likely to be quite far down anyone’s list when it comes to UFO sightings, the city of Hull in the north east of England was subject to a surge of sightings over several days in early January. And what’s more, these sightings would come from different witnesses and would occur at various times of the day. To say they are very likely some of the most intriguing UFO encounters so far in 2019 would be an understatement.

The first incident occurred on the early-evening of 6th January at around 5:40 pm. Two unnamed women – a niece with her aunt – were near the Spring Bank area of the city when they saw the mysterious red glow hovering in the skies above them. They would tell Hull Live that:

We were walking towards the shops when we saw a big red ball in the sky that was really low down and wasn’t moving that looked like it may have rings around it! It didn’t seem to be moving and it just seemed really weird as it definitely wasn’t a laser, a helicopter or another light that was supposed to be there – it was just stationary in the sky and we thought it could have been a UFO!

The pair would snap a picture of the strange object which you can see below.

2019 UFO Hull

Three days later, another anonymous Hull resident had come forward claiming to have witnessed a “massive red orb” in the sky after being awakened by a loud bang at around 1:30 am in the early hours of New Year’s Day. It was remarkably similar to the photograph captured by the two women several days later. Two days later came a report of a third sighting – and another photograph to back it up.

A “Scary Multicolored UFO” Above A Hull Shopping Centre!

Two days after the second report, came a third report of a UFO sighting over the skies of Hull. This one occurred on the late-afternoon of 4th January at just after 4:45 pm. A family was walking towards a shopping center when suddenly a “scary, multicolored UFO” caught their attention. It was hovering overhead and appeared to be a circular shape and sparkling in various different colors. The entire family looked upwards, shocked at the scene before them. Then, the object vanished in a second.

Around a quarter of an hour later, though, the strange craft appeared in the skies once more. And this time, the unnamed witness would manage to take a picture of the aerial anomaly. Once more it was “flashing red, blue, green, yellow, all sorts of colors”. However, within seconds, the object would vanish just as quickly as it had the first time. The witness would claim there was no doubt in their mind that the object was not a plane. It was “moving too quickly” and besides, it simply wasn’t the shape of a plane.

You can view a picture of that sighting below.

2019 Hull UFO

If anyone has had any similar sightings in this region of Hull or the wider regions of the north east of England, then get in touch with us.

Orb-Like Object In Doncaster Garden, South Yorkshire, 17th January

Staying in England for a moment, an apparent sighting of a strange orb from Doncaster in South Yorkshire went viral for several weeks following its appearance online on the 17th January. The footage comes courtesy of a security camera at the front of the property. A “globe of light” appears to land in the front yard of the home, hovers for several seconds and then disappears. Some viewers of the footage claim to see the orb vanish upwards, with some even drawing comparisons to the Dome of the Rock sightings of the early-2000s. Others, however, while seeing the orb perfectly clearly claim to not see the upwards motion of its disappearance.

You can view the orb footage from Doncaster incident below. Perhaps tongue in cheek, the witness who uploaded the video would state on the post, “aliens exist and now living in my 10-ton sand pile”. Whatever it might be, the footage is very much worth watching.

UFO “Lands On Roof” In Trinidad, Colorado, 14th January

Just three days earlier on the evening of 14th January in the city of Trinidad in Colorado, a wife and husband would witness a “UFO landing on the roof” of their neighbor’s home. And what’s more, she would capture the incident on film. The lady in question, Dorothy Romero, would capture the footage while her husband was outside washing the porch. He would see the strange craft “flying directly over our house” before it landed “very suddenly”.

Although she believed her husband had witnessed a storm anomaly Romero would take her phone out and begin filming. She would capture several minutes of captivating footage. Furthermore, the anxiety is clearly present in the pair’s voice. Although she would apologize for the quality of the footage (which isn’t that bad), she would state “you can see very well hot the UFO is still on the roof” behind their property. Then, “in a flash” it vanished.

You can watch that footage below. It certainly makes for interesting viewing.

Other Intriguing Sightings Over The United States

On the evening of 13th January at a little after 8:30 pm in Keizer, Oregon, the witness would film around twenty seconds of a “small red, green, and blue lights in a Y-formation”. He would view the lights – which were hovering – for around twenty minutes before capturing them on film. They eventually changed formation and hovered again. The skies were clear at the time of the incident. You can view that footage below.

A more recent sighting in Carnation, Washington on the evening of 28th January appears to show a star-like object moving over the sky before disappearing out of sight. The two witnesses were driving at the time of the sighting at a little after 6 pm. The sky was clear when they noticed the strange object. There was no sound and after first considering it might be a satellite, but they would later state it was “too low and too large”.

You can view the footage below. However, one thing to note, investigators would note that the International Space Station was in their location at the time of the sighting. While it is not definite, it would appear that this could be a mistaken sighting of the ISS.

Strange “Circle Of Lights” Over London, 11th January

On the evening of 11th January, back in the United Kingdom in London, a strange “circle of lights” was seen by multiple residents. It would start rampant speculation that the incident was one of an extraterrestrial UFO nature.

The lights were spinning and visible all over different areas and boroughs of London. And many would manage to capture footage of the bizarre aerial display. Many seemed to show a blue glow emanating from the clouds above. Then, this glow morphs into “dots of light” which appear to move through the sky.

While some Londoners were convinced that the UFO was indeed the result of alien visitors, others would claim the display was some kind of projection or light display, possibly from the new Tottenham Hotspur stadium. Some even claimed a “laser light show in Walthamstow”.

You can check out the two videos below. They are a collection of the best pieces of footage from the night in question. Perhaps a testament as to just how many people actually witnessed this most bizarre occurrence.


UFO “Revealed” By Police Lights And The “Trash Bag” In Space!

Although there was no video footage of the object an eagle-eyed resident in Spain, at least according to the report, managed to capture a UFO hovering in the background behind a police car. The officers were taking pictures of their vehicle when they noticed the object in the background. While many people believe the object to be nothing more than a drone, others believe it to be something more.

One particularly intriguing theory was that the UFO was likely “cloaked” but the neon blue flash of the police vehicle’s lights likely “revealed it”. You can view the picture below and make your own mind up as to the authenticity.

2019 UFO Spain

Even more recently, a strange sighting of a UFO in the Earth’s lower atmosphere has some in the UFO community wondering if the object is some kind of scout ship or monitoring device. However, astronomers at the Northolt Branch Observatory stated the “UFO” was, in fact, a “trash bag”. This is a jargon name that astronomers use for light debris and material. Most likely left over following a shuttle launch.

You can view the footage below.

“Top-Secret” Pentagon Video File Shows “Collision With Aliens”, 12th January

Although it isn’t strictly a UFO video, the incident is mysterious enough to include here. Even though there is understandably considerable doubt as to its authenticity. According to the claims made on the original posting of the video, the file was obtained through an unknown hacker who had “hacked into the secret Pentagon servers” and discovered some of the most sensitive and classified files. Including many video files.

These files, according to the claims, contains various documents and files. These include, “unidentified flying objects, extraterrestrial civilizations” and perhaps most interestingly “collisions of people with aliens”. It is this last title that the leaked video claims to come from. It features apparent footage from a police-dashcam. The officer, it would appear, pulls over a motorist who parks in front of the police car. The officer then exits his vehicle and approaches the car in front. He begins to speak with the driver through the side window. A bright light then appears to rush towards the officer. The next thing, he simply disappears as if he is simply a “pile of ash”. The car in front of the police car then simply drives away.

There are a plethora of claims currently roaming around the Internet. Both as to whether this footage is genuine and, if it is, what it might be. Some claim the occupant of the vehicle to perhaps be an alien. One who would use whatever powers it had to avoid an imminent arrest. Others state the officer was the victim of alien abduction, or even teleportation.

You can view the footage below and make up your own mind.

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  • V says:

    I believe as there are good and bad in our race so there is in other races. Do I believe in U.F.O.’s Yes I have seen one up close and personal the lights the sheen of the metal I was 10 years old at the time May 1977, Pingaring WA yep in the land down under. I wasn’t the only one to see it and the Government, Scientists it even made TV as it landed in my cousins paddock after. My Dad said to keep quiet he was afraid I would be taken..So Yes They are here and have been for a long time and if we want “Full Disclosure” then Humanity as a whole has to ask for it. or the powers that govern us all will keep us in the dark.

  • Chainlink700rt says:

    I do believe, life exists on other planets,
    BUT, I am still waiting for the ultimate video
    to prove that they have visited earth.
    Without this video proof, it’s just a lot
    of blurry, out of focus, or just to far away
    to see exactly what it is.

    • Riley says:

      You are the typical person who has normalcy bias.

      How much proof do you need?

      Did they make a video of Jesus Christ when he was alive and show it on tv?

      The Bible talks about it. Even if you don’t believe in the Bible then why is it mentioned there.

      No one claims to have seen God that I know of during my life time but yet everyone believes in him as I do.

      What is so hard to believe in UFOs and ETs when other people have seen and experienced these moments in time.

      I know what I have seen and experienced and witnessed.

      No philosophical explanation as known to mankind is an answer to my testament of what I’ve encountered but yet there is one.

      Just because we don’t have the intelligence to explain it doesn’t mean its not what it is.

      Arcturians, Reptilians, Tall Whites, Greys just to name a few they all exits.

    • Sam Hadla says:

      See this one in London UK, seen on 11th of August 2019

      • Marcus Lowth says:

        Hi Sam – many thanks for this. Appreciate it 🙂

  • Lawrence Cushing says:

    What is your problem? All you do is try your best to make a joke out of every sitting. Your credibility is zero with me and many others.

  • James Barrett says:

    I do not for one second believe that the aliens coming here are benevolent.

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