Who Controls The Earth? Aliens? Or Another Indigenous Species?

First Published: July 19, 2017 Last updated: August 30th, 2020 Written by: Marcus Lowth Estimated Reading Time: 5 minutes Posted in: Conspiracy, Government

There have been many claims from various people, talking of extra-terrestrial involvement in human affairs. These go back to ancient times, right up to the modern day and the inner workings of world governments.

A great many of these claims, accounts and even sightings will undoubtedly one day proven to be extra-terrestrial visitors of one kind of another. Regarding who controls the planet, however –including the decisions by the few that affect the many – may prove to be something else altogether.

Artist's drawing of an alien spacecraft flying near Earth.

Artist’s drawing of an alien spacecraft flying near Earth.

Some refer to these as “the elite”, or even “the reptilians”, suggesting that they are “alien” to human beings, either figuratively or literally (depending on your point of view). That very well might be true. Might it also be true, however, that they are not alien to Earth, but rather another indigenous, if covert species? One whose influence goes right the way back to antiquity, and one who has not relinquished control over humanity since?

Check out the video below. It features Edward Snowden – who we will look at shortly – and claims of intelligent life “within” the Earth!

“Tall White Aliens Run America!”

One piece of news to make its way around social media recently are claims from the alleged whistle-blower, Edward Snowden, that “tall white aliens rule America!”

According to Snowden, this “alien race” also assisted in the super-accelerated pace of German rearmament in the 1930s. This would allow the Nazis to romp through Europe battling, by comparison, meagerly equipped opponents. Many of these highly-advanced German scientists and weapons experts would end up in America as part of “Operation Paperclip”. Snowden states it was shortly after this, in the early fifties, that these “tall whites” were “introduced” to America.

We have written before of the apparent meetings of President Eisenhower. Although some of the details differ from Snowden’s “leaked” information, the general premise of the claims are the same.

While it is easy to dismiss such accounts as are pure nonsense and fantasy, as with most claims such as these, if they are untrue, there are usually some elements of truth within them. It is perhaps worth remembering that a lot of what Snowden revealed appears (at least on the surface) to be very accurate. Although in a world of double-double-crossing and disinformation within genuine truth, all information should go through thorough study.

Incidentally, numerous reports of so-called “reptilian” creatures often state them to be tall and a strange “off-white” pale color. We will come back to this possible reptilian connection later.

Before that, check out the video below concerning Snowden’s claims.

 “Second Species” Control The World’s Economy And Religion!

Although a little less dramatic, but certainly no less worrying, are the claims put forward by one-time employee of World Bank Senior Council, Karen Hudes, widely regarded as a sound mind and respected in her field. Strange then that she would suddenly say a “second species” controls all aspects of money and religion on Earth.

In part, she states, “One of these groups are hominids, they’re not human beings. They are very smart. They are not creative. They’re mathematical!” She went on to speak of how they can reproduce with human females, and then went on to state, “We live in a world of secret societies, and secrets and the information that ought to be public is not public!”

She clearly says in the interview that a “second species” controls the world economy and the direction of major religions. Again, this is a claim asserted many times by many people, with numerous different slants put on it.

However, perhaps it is important to pay attention to the phrasing of her words. She makes it clear that she is not referring to aliens per se, but a definite “other” species than human.

Again, while it is perhaps important to question the source and platform, and more importantly, the potential benefits to them of such “leaks” of information, it is still a remarkable thing for someone to say, not least such a person who has held such a lofty position.

If, for sake of argument, we call this “second species” the reptilians, as many other researchers are more than sure exist, might it be that they are not “lizard people from outer space”, but another form of intelligent, indigenous life?

The video below features Hudes speaking briefly about her claims.

Links To “Reptilian” Bloodlines?

Although he is not alone in his assertions, author, David Icke, is perhaps one of the most well-known of those to claim the entire planet is run by a relatively small amount of people and “bloodline” families. These bloodlines go all the way back to Ancient Egypt and beyond to Babylon and Sumer. Some even believe they are the result of the Anunnaki, who according to legend, created humans as a slave race, combining their DNA with the most “developed indigenous primate!”

Icke himself contends these bloodlines are “reptilian!”

All of the Presidents of the United States, for example, tie into these bloodlines – one way or another – with most of them having direct links to the families. Royal families across Europe – including the British Royal family – also all connect to these bloodlines. As do key banking and influential figures throughout history.

Suddenly, claims of “tall white aliens” when viewed alongside these proven links to elite bloodline families doesn’t sound so strange. Even if the tall white aliens are actually, tall white reptilians – or, a second species.

Sumerian King List

If we look at the Sumerian King’s List, it is apparent that the reigns of the rulers before the Flood would last for hundreds of years. Only after this time, did the reigns become more reflective of the human lifespan as we know it today.

Might it be that all human life before the flood had a lifespan of hundreds of years? If so, why had the lifespan of human beings decreased following this time, and what was the reason for it?

Or might it be that the rulers of the times before the flood were an alien species to human beings – indigenous or otherwise? Whether that life arrived from outer space thousands, maybe millions of years ago, or whether it developed here and is unknown to us, is something to debate.

And, taking on board some of the theories of David Icke, might these rulers have retreated into the shadows? Ruling covertly through coercion, or even through some kind of shapeshifting or possessing ability? As far-fetched as that sounds, some will argue that is because of conditioning over generations to find such notions ludicrous.

Incidentally, Icke mentions that the ruling elite who are “one-hundred percent bloodline” actually live for hundreds of years and merely possess their host. Are they the direct descendants of the initial Kings, who themselves would reign for hundreds of years?

Might this “second species”, prove to more precisely be the first species? And if they do “control the world’s economy” might we – human beings – still be slaves, only of a different kind? We no longer toil for gold in the “bellies of the land”, but we now toil for the digital version of it!

Check out the interview below. It features Karen Hudes talking of corruption and the “global elite!”


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