Ingo Swann And CIA Remote Viewing Experiments

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The talents of psychics, mystics, or any of the other of the tags that are placed on those who can see beyond the limits of the majority of us, are embraced by some, and equally ridiculed by others. Perhaps it is surprising then that many government agencies, in the United States and elsewhere around the world, would seemingly be in the former category.

The CIA took a particular interest in the abilities of people who claimed to be able to leave their body and travel to destinations hundreds, even thousands of miles away, completely undetected to boot. The possibilities for espionage were seemingly limitless with such a “weapon” at their disposal.

A picture of a head with energy emerging from it

Remote viewing

Very recently in January 2017 – coincidentally or not at the same time as the mass attention of the Trump inauguration – the CIA released a huge amount of data files, some of which spoke of such remote viewing programs, essentially confirming what people in conspiracy circles had long suspected as fact. They really happened, and what’s more it seems, they really worked.

Before we look at some of these in more detail, check out the short video below – a brief summary of the CIA and their apparent regular use of remote viewing.

Ingo Swann

As well as the CIA, many other intelligence agencies around the world have investigated the possibilities of remote viewing. Most notable of these is the former Soviet Union during the Cold War. One of the people initially “employed” by the United States to remote view and spy on the activities of the Soviets was Ingo Swann, who was regarded as one of the best in his field. He had repeatedly proven his skills, and his success rate in terms of key espionage information was very high.

In February 1975, Swann was instructed by a shadowy gentleman who worked out of Washington D.C., that he would be required to work on a top secret mission, and that a ”Mr. Axelrod” would be contacting him very soon to instruct him further.

Almost a month went by before the mysterious Mr. Axelrod made contact with Swann. It was a quick, one-way conversation, and he was told to meet Axelrod at the National Museum of Natural History. Once there, a man representing Mr Axelrod greeted him, before hustling him into a car. They were driven to an unknown destination where a helicopter stood waiting.

Already feeling rattled, Swann’s anxiety went up a little more when he was blindfolded once he was in the helicopter – such was the secrecy of their destination.

Close-up of Ingo Swann.

Ingo Swann.

When he finally arrived, still blindfolded, he was led to an elevator. The doors slid shut and he could feel it descending. It seemed to do so for some time, suggesting to Swann that he was being led into one of the rumoured underground bases said to be under the US military’s control.

The elevator finally came to a stop, and Swann was led into a room where the blindfold was removed. In front of him, there stood Mr. Axelrod.

Co-ordinates For A Colony On The Moon?

Mr. Axelrod quickly introduced himself to Swann, whose mind was reeling with everything that happened since arriving at the museum that afternoon. He also volunteered that “Axelrod” was indeed a pseudonym and not his real identity.

He began to grill Swann on the ins and outs of remote viewing and how he achieved his results. He also stated he was prepared to offer him an extremely large amount of money for his services. As if he needed reminding, the work would be of a top secret nature.

Tentatively accepting the “offer” (not feeling as if he had much of a choice), Axelrod then began to ask Swann as to the extent of his knowledge regarding the Moon. He then presented him with co-ordinates and asked him to “remote view” what was there.

Apprehensively, Swann did so. He found himself leaving the Earth and heading towards the Moon – the dark side of the Moon to be precise. He claimed he could see buildings and glass dome-like structures. His spiritual body entered this moon city. It was then that he noticed living beings. He described what he was seeing to Axelrod, including that these beings appeared to notice his presence.

This prompted Axelrod to bring the session to an immediate end, calling to Swann urgently, “Come away from there right now!”

Swann, extremely shaken by the experience, rushed back to his physical body, and after gathering himself, asked Axelrod what he had just seen. Was there really a colony on the Moon? Axelrod remained quiet. Swann asked again, indirectly insinuating that the beings might not be human, to which Axelrod was said to reply, “Isn’t that something, Huh?”

Check out the video below that features Ingo Swann speaking of his experiences and the capabilities of the human spirit.

Official Records Of Remote Viewing To Jupiter

Two years previously in 1973, Swann was involved in another CIA remote viewing experiment. One that took his astral consciousness to the planet of Jupiter – at least according to the official records of the experiment, that also included the NSA and Stanford University in California.

A detailed timeline of the experiment reproduced from the official records showed that the session began at 6pm. It was three minutes before Swann indicated that he was “there” – in front of the biggest planet in our solar system, Jupiter. A journey that it seems, at least in the astral form, takes only minutes.

He made several interesting statements about the planet, including that a ring was present around the celestial body. When the Pioneer 10 probe completed its fly-by mission shortly after Swann’s claims, sending back its valuable data to NASA scientists, his statement was confirmed as absolute fact. Swann was extremely unlikely to have known this information without him having seen it for himself with his own eyes, astral or otherwise. Not even the top scientists and astronomers of the day were aware of the ring around Jupiter until the Pioneer 10 fly-by.

If Swann then was right about the ring around Jupiter, then might he also have been correct when he claimed to have seen cities and buildings on the Moon? And if he is correct about those, then does that imply that all those “crazy” whistle-blowers who have claimed to have been to these cities, might also have been telling the truth?

The CIA certainly appeared to have enough faith in Swann’s ability, and the phenomenon of remote viewing in general to continue their sessions. In 1978 Project Stargate was initiated – basically the continuation of the experiments they had been conducting already for several years.

Check out the video below – an in depth discussion that looks at remote viewing and in particular the Stargate project of the late 1970s.

Randy Cramer And More Claims Of A Secret Space Army

We have written before about secret space armies under the control of the US military and financed by black budgets – including the presence of colonies and cities on the Moon, as Swann stated he saw. Various whistle-blowers have come forward, claiming to have been involved in such secret space projects. One of the strangest of these perhaps, is the claims of Randy Cramer.

In 1987, when Cramer was seventeen years old, he claims to have been awoken by a bright doorway that appeared to be a portal of some kind suddenly opening in his bedroom. In the doorway stood two strange men – similar to descriptions of the Men In Black. One of the men reached out to him, beckoning him to come with them. Confused and believing it to be an intense dream, Cramer rose from his bed and stepped into the bright portal-like door.

He further claims that he and up to fifty other teenagers found themselves in a huge hangar. In the centre of the gigantic room, was a black triangular craft, seemingly floating several feet from the ground. The group were told to enter the craft, which they did, half in awe and half in fear of the bizarre and surreal experience.

The next thing they knew, one of the military-type men stepped forward, and asked them to direct their attention to above their heads. According to Cramer, the roof then transformed into a huge glass window. Through it they could see the Earth as they were moving away from it and out into space.

They were told to take a “good, long look” at the planet. Not only would they not see it for some time, but everything they were about to undertake, was to defend it!

Twenty Year “Tour” On Mars

Cramer claimed that the group were then flown to the moon, where, like Swann had claimed to see remotely, they witnessed a huge city of tall buildings and glass domes. As if Cramer’s account could not get even stranger, he then claimed they were transferred to a different space craft, where they left the moon and went further out into space,

The next time they landed they stepped from the ship and were greeted by another military person, who announced matter-of-factly when he greeted them, “Welcome to Mars!”

In short, Cramer stated he spent twenty years serving in a specialised off-planet military unit. He further claimed that he and others like him were specifically selected due to them being genetically equipped to withstand the mission.

Following his two decade “tour”, Cramer asserts that he was returned to his bed, back in 1987, and was a teenager again. He had been “age-reversed” and then sent back in time. Although he remembered being brought back through the door-portal, only fifteen minutes had passed on his bed-side clock from when he first left. He told himself that the experience – what very little he remembered of it – was simply a dream.

According to Cramer it was a decade or so before he even began to experience an “unlocking” of his repressed memories.

The video below is an interview with Randy Cramer where he speaks in detail about his memories of his time in the Secret Space Off-World military program as a Special Services, Special Division Officer. Interesting viewing – see what you think to his claims.

Mirrored Details In Other “Whistle-Blower” Cases

Whether Cramer’s account and experience is true to any degree is obviously up for discussion. He did make a report of his “memories” to MUFON, widely regarded as a very credible independent UFO research network.

What is interesting is that some of the finer details mirror those of other alleged whistle-blowers. We wrote recently of Al Bielek and his alleged involvement in the Philadelphia Experiment – part of his claims involved being age-reversed and sent back (and indeed forward) in time.

Corey Goode has also made very similar claims of carrying out missions like Cramer described, including that he was sent to Mars and that he spent twenty years there before being sent back in time and age-reversed.

In fact Michael Relfe and Dr. Andrew D. Basiago also claimed to have been involved in such projects – and what’s more they claimed they were happening as far back as the late 1960s. Like Cramer and Goode, Relfe claimed to have spent twenty years on Mars, after being “recruited” for the project in 1976. He claimed his missions revolved around the building of two separate colonies on the red planet. Also like Cramer and Goode, he stated after his twenty-year service was complete he was age reversed and his memories of the missions suppressed.

Dr. Basiago on the other hand, claimed to have been fully aware of these projects, claiming that as well as colonizing Mars and the Moon, that the time-travel capabilities were even utilised for political advantage. According to Dr. Basiago, he was shown images brought back from the future that showed him the carnage of the Twin Towers following the 9/11 attacks.


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