Bush, Clinton, Bin Laden – Web Upon Web Of Conspiracies!

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We have looked before at intelligence agencies and the (sometimes) dark world within which they operate. What’s more, this world appears to bleed into all aspects of life, from the mundane to the extraordinary. By its very nature, this world is also secretive, compartmentalized, and off limits to most.

George Bush Sr and Jr next to Bill Clinton with Osama Bin Laden's face superimposed on top

The connections between the Bush family, the Clintons, and the Bin Ladens are murky, to say the least

Perhaps it is understandable then that some who have pieced together a fuller picture of world events assert this secretive stance is simply a guise to hide more self-serving, even sinister, intentions by many who preside over the rest of us. Two such world leaders’ names come up more than most in this arena. Bush, and Clinton.

If there is any truth to the plethora of conspiracies regarding the world’s intelligence agencies, then who can we trust? Perhaps that question needs asking from a slightly different perspective than most of us have previously been asking it.

The CIA, Oil Companies, and Foreign Investment

Perhaps a good place to start is the late-1970s. During this time, George Bush Snr was in charge of the CIA. His son, meanwhile, George Bush Jr was venturing into the oil business. He would set up Arbusto Energy. This would attract, through a mutual associate, Jim Bath who we will look at shortly, several wealthy Saudi businessmen. One of these was Salem bin Laden, brother of the now infamous Osama bin Laden.

Jim Bath had been an associate of Bush Jr. since their time at the Texas Air National Guard. This is a questionable placement in itself to some, and one which would keep both men safe from the draft and out of the Vietnam war.

Bath would go on to develop connections in many areas, including the CIA who would see him as an “asset”. He would also act on the behalf of wealthy Middle Eastern families and be their representative as far as business interests in the United States. One of these was the bin Ladens.

Arbusto would eventually become bankrupt and would be taken over by Harken Energy in the late-1980s. This takeover would eventually lead to one of the biggest financial scandals in American history. It also came at a time when Bush Snr was about to become President of the United States. Officially.

The “Real” President of The USA in The 1980s, George Bush?

We have written before of the Iranian Hostage Crisis and the death of Danny Cosolaro. While investigating the Iran-Contra affair he uncovered activity that suggested a complete manipulation of world events by a secret cabal. He would call this network, The Octopus. He would even go as far as to say that this cabal was “a web of thugs and thieves who roam the earth, with their weapons and their murders, trading dope and dirty money for secrets of the temple!”

Before he could publish his full works, however, he would “commit suicide” in a West Virginia motel bathroom.

We have also alluded to the amount of power and probable control Reagan’s vice-president, George Bush Snr likely had. Perhaps Reagan was President of the United States in name only for most of his time in the White House.

The assassination attempt is perhaps worth paying attention to. The would-be assassin, John Hinckley Jr is often cited as being a victim of mind-control. He was, according to some, the intended scapegoat of the CIA, who wanted Reagan out of the way. Then, their guy, George Bush Snr would be calling the shots.

Following the attempt on his life, although he was still in the White House an already aging Reagan appeared even more withdrawn. While he required regular naps and note cards to get through press conferences, his vice-president would have free reign.

And, as we will look at later some of Bush’s activities, if true, are eye-opening, to say the least. First, though, back to the takeover of the George Bush Jr-run Arbusto Energy.

The video below looks at the Reagan assassination attempt.

“The Most Corrupt Financial Institute In History!”

The underwriting of the takeover of Arbusto by Harken Energy (of $25 million) was performed by the Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI). The move raised an eyebrow as many people connected to BCCI were the exact same people connected to Arbusto Energy. Many of these same investors, including George Bush and other members of the Bush family, as well as the bin Laden family, were also members of a private equity company, The Carlyle Group.

By 1991, the BCCI was under investigation for money laundering activities and prevented from trading. We will look at some of the money laundering activities shortly, but the connection to the (then) President of the United States, albeit indirectly via The Carlyle Group, to a business that investigators would claim to be, “the most corrupt financial institute in history” was hardly a ringing endorsement. Whether there is a connection or not, a little over eighteen months later, Bush would lose the presidency to Bill Clinton.

And Bill Clinton is another person of interest here.

The Clinton Connection

In our articles looking at the Waco Incident and the Oklahoma bombings, we examined the holes in the official stories. We also explored the possible “other” agendas in terms of the end result. During this time the President of the United States was Bill Clinton, who has an interesting past of his own.

Clinton, for example, is a Rhodes Scholar, which is a red light in itself to some conspiracy theorists. Many believe Cecil Rhodes, following his mention of his desire to establish and promote a “secret society, the true aim and object whereof shall be for the extension of British rule throughout the world” in a draft of his will, to be one of those responsible for creating the ruling elite some insist operate among us today. Rhodes, in fact, made several wills. By the sixth and final version, the “secret society” line was now “Rhodes Scholarship”.

We will look at the Rhodes Scholarship in a little more detail in a future article, but what set off more alarm bells for some conspiracy theorists was an interview Bill Clinton gave to James Kilpatrick in August 1994, in which he stated of his reason for becoming a Rhodes Scholar was his awareness of a “permanent shadow government” comprised of “bankers and government officials” that shape the political agenda. He went also went on to say he realized he would have to “gain access to this inner circle” if he was going to help “shape the world!”

Further still, in 1991 he would receive an invite to the secretive Bilderberg meeting. The invite would come courtesy of David Rockefeller, a name well-known in such conspiracy circles. Coincidentally or not, the following year, Bill Clinton won the 1992 US election.

Jackson Stevens

Despite being on the other side of the left/right paradigm, there are some intriguing connections to the Bush family. Perhaps most notably during Clinton’s time as Governor of Arkansas.

The person who would donate the most funds to Bill Clinton was Jackson Stevens. What is perhaps interesting here is that Stevens was one of the main financial investors in the aforementioned BCCI. He is also a close friend of the Bush family. It would appear, however, financial backing was just a front.

Aside from claims of drug smuggling, which we will look at shortly, were the claims of money laundering. This would take place through the Arkansas Development Finance Authority (ADFA) and also involved Bill’s wife, Hillary Clinton, and the Rose Law Firm.

One of the loudest voices regarding the matter was that of Larry Nichols. In the 1994 documentary, “The Clinton Chronicles” Nichols appeared to lay bare these illegal activities while serving as the Marketing Director of ADFA.

He would claim to be “sitting in the middle of Bill Clinton’s political machine”, witnessing “payoffs” and “repaid favors!” Any monies applied for also had to go through the Rose Law Firm and Hilary Clinton. For a fee of $50,000 that is. When he discovered that no repayments were coming back in for the loans he discovered the money laundering activities.

Much of the money, according to Nichols, was from cocaine sales, which then went to BCCI, which connected to The Carlyle Group, and in turn, George Bush. Perhaps the biggest connection between the Bush family and the Clintons, however, is in the story of Barry Seals.

Before we look at Seals, however, check out the 1994 documentary below.

Drugs, Weapons, Barry Seals, and Park-O-Meter

The recent movie, “American Made” was based loosely on Seals’ experience. It would appear, however, that Seals’ real-life exploits are more fascinating.

Seals’ most profitable and busy times in drug smuggling were in the 1980s when he moved his operation to Mena airstrip in Arkansas. There he had specially made planes at his disposal. According to the aforementioned Larry Nichols, these planes were available through Bill Clinton.

More accurately, they featured very specifically designed nose cones designed to smuggle drugs (cocaine). When Nichols began studying the ADFA’s books, he discovered the very first loan approved (with the said fee paid to Rose Law Firm, signed by Hillary Clinton) was to a company named, Park-O-Meter, who claimed to manufacture parking meters. Further investigation, however, would show they were actually making the very specific nose cones used on the planes utilized by Seals from Mena airstrip.

Coincidentally, Seals, according to several court testimonies, was one of George Bush’s pilots during the Iran-Contra operations. Many of those flights left from Mena airstrip with Bill Clinton, if you believe the claims, being fully aware and even (privately) supportive of them.

Perhaps the best piece of writing (at the time) covering these exploits was “The Crimes of Mena”. After having cleared all legal barriers for publication, a decision came to pull the article without explanation.

Perhaps the lines referring to Presidents, Reagan, Bush and Clinton sum it up, “What did they know about Mena? When did they know it? Why didn’t they do anything to stop it?”

Why indeed.

Incidentally, Barry Seals was murdered in February 1986. Coincidentally or not, shortly after he began speaking publicly of the Mena airstrip activities.

So Where Does Osama bin Laden Fit Into All This?

The first time most of the world knew the name Osama bin Laden was following the September 11th attacks. However, he had been known to the CIA since the early-1980s. Given George Bush Snr’s CIA connections, and the connections both he and his son have to the bin Laden family, and what we have just discussed, perhaps that is not too much of a surprise.

During the Soviet-Afghan conflict in the 1980s, bin Laden was on the payroll of the CIA leading the Mujahideen against the Soviet Union. The money that arrived with him traveled through such institutes as the BCCI and came from profits of weapons and drugs sales. The same weapons and drugs that went through Mena airstrip.

By the time Bill Clinton was in the White House, Osama bin Laden had “officially” gone rogue. According to intelligence reports, he had tired of the United States and the influence it had in the Middle East. The blame for many US embassy bombings went to bin Laden during this time. Some conspiracy theorists are suspicious at best about this, with claims existing that bin Laden very much remained on the CIA’s payroll.

Whatever the truth of the situation, by the morning of September 11th, 2001 with George Bush Jr. eighteen months into his first term in the White House, the bin Laden name was about to become infamous.

The 9/11 Connections

While the conspiracies and questions regarding the September 11th attacks are something we will also look at more closely in a future article, some of the basics of them are worth looking at here if only to highlight again the “coincidences” on offer.

For example, on the morning of September 11th, literally as the attacks were happening, George Bush Snr sat in a meeting of The Carlyle Group, also attended with one of Osama bin Laden’s brothers. Considering the number of business ties already existing between the two families some found this strange.

The fact that members of the bin Laden family were not only allowed to leave the United States following the 9/11 attacks but were positively given safe passage by the US military is perhaps also of interest. This order would have presumably come from high up the ranks of US government given the grounding of every aircraft following the tragic events.

Even the fact that so many construction contracts were given to bin Laden family businesses for US military bases in the Middle East, particularly Saudi Arabia, the bin Laden’s home country was questioned.

Perhaps this last point is even more interesting, considering bin Laden and, according to the official report, fifteen of the 9/11 attackers were Saudi Arabian, that the United States would not turn their military might to Saudi Arabia (where they have interests) instead of Afghanistan (where the Afghans have oil and heroin).

Make of that what you will.

Of the many different angles and claims regarding the September 11th attacks, the one thing that all who question the official story largely agree on is they were used to justify the military action that would unfold (and is still unfolding) in the years following.

Oil, Drugs, and Power

The claims of drugs being transported in hollowed out human bodies in the Vietnam War have been repeated during the conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq. In fact, after the Taliban had achieved some success in stemming the flow of opium out of Afghanistan, following the American-led invasion of the country in the name of tracking down Osama bin Laden, production of opium was at an all-time high (and remains this way today).

Perhaps it is also worth looking at the Afghan Oil Pipeline, which was one of the first “projects” to be undertaken following the American occupation of Afghanistan. In truth, the pipeline proposal went back to at least 1997 through the company, Unocal. The plans would see a pipeline stretch from Turkmenistan right the way through Afghanistan and to the Arabian Sea. Training forces even went to the region to train workers for the project.

However, the deal was forcibly called off due to intense pressure from women’s rights activists who opposed any deals involving the Taliban regime. Once the US military machine turned their attention to Afghanistan following the 9/11 attacks, the deal quietly went ahead as part of the “rebuilding” projects.

What is perhaps of most interest about Unocal, are the connections the company have to Dick Cheney. Coincidentally or not, Cheney would serve on the administration of Bush Jr when work on the pipeline finally began. Who benefits? The same rich businessmen connected to such organizations as The Carlyle Group.

Does this then lend credibility to the notion that not only were the attacks on September 11th allowed to happen, they even involved such powerful figures as each of the Bush presidents and Bill Clinton?

A Chilling Speculation?

Perhaps we should note, assuming for one moment that the claims and speculative theories we have discussed in this article are true, that the United States was essentially controlled by one family, the Bush family since 1980 (and their influence via the CIA went on long before then), with Bill Clinton serving as a “puppet” president from 1992 to 2000, before Bush Jnr would take the reigns into the first decade of the twenty-first century, and so steer us collectively on the path we find ourselves today. Seemingly endless war and conflict in the Middle East, and increasingly tighter controls at home in the name of “security”. And with war looming with North Korea, perhaps that path looks set to only grow longer and darker.

Crazy? Perhaps, but certainly not that much of a stretch of the imagination.

Or maybe the Bush’s themselves were serving a higher power. If that is the case, what does that say about the presidencies of Obama and Trump? Are they too serving the same higher power? For all the hope and change, the Obama years, at least in terms of foreign policy, were business as usual.

So, what would that make Trump? Is he a genuine surprise to those who run “the system”? Or might he be more of a Ronald Reagan-type president, one who is easy to control? Perhaps his recent comments of requiring “a major event” to unify America should be treated with more caution?

Perhaps most important of all, are the claims of an “elite cabal” ruling the world really true?

The video below examines some of the connections we have discussed above.



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