The Nixon-Gleason Alien Account And Other Presidential UFO Secrets

Marcus Lowth
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June 23, 2020
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September 22, 2021
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While there is considerable doubt as to the authenticity of the incident, the account of a discreet visit to a military facility in Florida by (then) President Richard Nixon accompanied by his friend and actor, Jackie Gleason is one that is still worthy of our attention. As are several of the other apparent UFO encounters and secrets of the United States’ presidents over the decades.

Richard Nixon and Jackie Gleason walking through a curtain to a secret room

Screenshot from a TV reproduction of Nixon taking Gleason to view an alien

It is claimed that Gleason was witness to “otherworldly” events that evening. Might it be that Nixon, like most, if not all other US presidents, had knowledge of at least some of the truth behind the UFO and alien question? What is perhaps also interesting is that Nixon also has connections to other presidents who themselves are tied to the conspiracies and claims that surround the issue.

Or might Nixon himself have only known a small portion of the truth behind the UFO mystery? It is said, for example, that President Jimmy Carter was told that he could not see the UFO files as they were on a “need to know basis”. He was told this by (at the time) director of the CIA, George Bush, who many claim had more knowledge than most on the subject.

Perhaps most unnerving, though, is what the actual reasons might be for such a withholding of information. Might it be that whatever each president is told upon entering the White House as far as the truth behind UFO sightings, it is so disturbing and seemingly serious that none has aggressively pushed for full disclosure of information? If true, it would suggest a truly grim revelation.

First, though, we will turn our attention to the mid-1970s to a golf course just outside of Miami, Florida.

A Surprise Visit To The Gleason House By President Nixon!

Although there are some discrepancies as to the date [1], most sources state that at some time in 1974, President Richard Nixon was playing golf with his close friend and Hollywood heavyweight, Jackie Gleason at the Inverrary Golf and Country Club just outside of Miami in south Florida during a vacation to his holiday home. Both men had an interest in UFOs and the possibility of alien life, and it wasn’t long before their chat turned to the subject. Incidentally, we will turn come back to the discrepancy on dates a little later as it might prove important in determining how credible the following incident might be.

According to the account, relayed initially by Gleason’s wife at the time, Beverly McKittrick, later that evening a knock came at the Gleason’s front door. When they answered, there stood Nixon. He was, however, on his own, with no security guards. It is claimed he said to Gleason that he wished to show him something and that he should accompany him. With that, with Nixon himself driving an ordinary standard car, the two men drove off.

Richard Nixon playing golf with Jackie Gleason in Florida, 1974

Richard Nixon (left) playing golf with Jackie Gleason in Florida, 1974

We should note here that while it might sound outlandish already that the President of the United States would drive alone into an, albeit, affluent urban neighborhood, according to researcher, Mack Maloney, “Nixon was famous for giving his Secret Service detail the slip”. Might this, then, lend credibility to the account?

They would head south, eventually arriving at Homestead Air Force Base. The two men, after Nixon presented his appropriate credentials to the security, entered the facility. In fact, Gleason is alleged to have recalled that as soon as security realized it was the President approaching, they “just sort of moved back”.

“Terribly Mangled” Alien Bodies Inside “Freezer-Like Containers!”

As President Nixon led the bemused but intrigued Gleason around the corridors and rooms of the military base, he remained tightlipped as to what they were doing. He would, though, take Gleason through a room that held “the wreckage from a flying saucer” which the actor witnessed “enclosed in several large cases”. After several moments, he would lead the actor into a strange room with around half a dozen “freezer-like containers”.

Nixon directed the actor’s attention toward the containers, more specifically toward what was inside them. As he peered in, he at first thought, it is claimed, he was looking at the bodies of young children. However, within seconds he realized that while the bodies were most definitely humanoid, they were not at all human.

The White House viewed from the outside fence

The White House – home of the President of the United States

He would later describe them to his wife as having grey skin with larger-than-normal heads and large, dark eyes. He would also recall that some of the strange creatures appeared “quite old” and that most were “terribly mangled”. Indeed, it appeared very much as though the creatures had been involved in a terrible accident, which if they were connected to the UFO wreckage, they had.

The actor was driven home by Nixon following the revelation. And while Gleason had always had an active interest in UFOs and visitors from other worlds, it was obvious that the incident had shaken him somewhat. In fact, according to his wife the actor would not eat or sleep for several days after and was certainly not at all himself for several weeks.

Coincidental Links Or Connections That Suggest An Authentic Account?

So, how seriously should we take the account? First of all, let’s return to the discrepancy on dates. According to an article in the National Enquirer [2] from 1983 in which Gleason’s former wife is interviewed, it states that the year of the incident was 1973. In fact, the date is even mentioned – 19th February.

What is interesting here is that records from the Nixon Library website reveal that he was indeed in Florida on that date to attend a meeting. And what’s more, he also attended a golf tournament at the previously mentioned golf course – a tournament organized by one Jackie Gleason.

Might it be, then, that the account could have more truth in it then we might at first suspect? Especially if we consider the discrepancy in the dates and that February 1973 is the correct date of the encounter.

Newspaper clipping of Gleason alien encounter

Newspaper clipping from the apparent encounter

What is perhaps also interesting is that Nixon is likely to have had detailed intricate knowledge of UFOs and alien visitors – if we assume for one moment that the accounts since the late-1940s are indeed true. In the mid-to-late 1950s, for example, Nixon served as vice president to Dwight Eisenhower. And, as we have written of before, one of the most controversial UFO rumors in history involves Eisenhower and his alleged meeting with extraterrestrials at Edwards Air Force Base in California in 1954.

Once more, if we assume this meeting is genuine, might Nixon have been privy to the details of that meeting? Perhaps he was even in attendance?

Like many apparent encounters, there is considerable doubt as to the authenticity of the incident. However, it is certainly not that much of a stretch of the imagination to think that Nixon would discreetly reveal such a secret to his good friend.

“I Know Some! I know A Lot!”

Might it be possible that Nixon – both as vice president and president – learned of at least some of the UFO secrets of the US government? He is certainly not the only president to seemingly know more than the general public is aware of.

Perhaps the president who knew more than most was George Bush (Snr.), who governed from 1989 until January 1993. However, Bush’s background includes considerable time with the CIA, as well as serving two terms as vice president under Ronald Reagan for the majority of the 1980s until his own presidency began.

Ronald Reagan speaking publicly while President

Ronald Reagan, President of the United States from Jan 1981 to Jan 1989

We also know that during his campaign to become president he uttered a response to a question about UFOs that, to some, was perhaps very telling. On 7th March 1988 while at a campaign rally in Rogers, Arkansas, he was asked about UFOs and what he might know. After first brushing off the question the reporter persisted claiming that with his ties to the CIA – including being its director for a number of years – he “must know what is going on”. Surprisingly, to this, Bush said, “Yes, I know some! I know a fair amount!” [3]

When we consider the apparent influence Bush had on Ronald Reagan during his time in office, as well as Reagan’s interest in UFOs and several intriguing statements of there being “aliens among us” and that the United States and the Soviet Union would join together if there was an invasion of aliens from another world, then we might wish to consider just how much Bush actually did know.

Someone, Or Something, Behind (And Above) The President!

Furthermore, the Bush family goes right the way back to organizations prior to the creation of the CIA – as well as to UFO investigatory groups such as MJ12. What Bush Snr might have known, and what his sons might still know in relation to the UFO and alien question is very much open to debate.

We might also wish to consider Jimmy Carter, who not only witnessed a UFO while campaigning to be Governor of Georgia in 1969 but would make an official report of the sighting. [4] He would also attempt to have as many UFO files made public as he could (and would succeed in releasing many such documents during his presidency).

Jimmy Carter speaking on the phone at the White House

Jimmy Carter, President of the United States from Jan 1977 to Jan 1981

However, when he attempted to have full disclosure – even for himself – he would meet a tremendous pushback. After contacting the FBI (who claimed to not have many UFO files anyway) he would also make similar requests of NASA and the CIA. The CIA would essentially refuse – as would NASA. Upon further investigation, it was suggested that the CIA was ordering NASA to “not cooperate” with the request for information.

How true the account might be is perhaps open to question, but it is claimed that following this refusal, Carter was part of a briefing session on the subject (at some point in the summer of 1977). It is not known what he was told, but one witness who claimed to have seen inside the room said that the president was sat at his desk following the meeting, with his head in his hands, in tears. Perhaps we should make of that what we will.

Just What Could Be So Disturbing?

The above account is one from well-respected UFO researcher, Richard Dolan, who received it from an “excellent source” and someone “well-placed within the CIA” at the time. In short, we should perhaps treat the account seriously.

Might it be that whatever was told to Carter that day, as UFO researcher, Grant Cameron offers on the TV documentary UFOs The White House Files, [5] is told to all presidents upon taking office? And whatever information is revealed, it must not only be clarifying for those who hear it but disturbing in the extreme. Disturbing enough, it would seem, to bring a person to tears.

While most of us have considered the notion that religions around the world might crumble, and there might even be the prospect of temporary public disorder, what might be so unnerving that it would have to be kept from the public at all costs? Does Reagan’s “aliens among us” comment shine in a slightly different light amid such contemplation?

Or, given that some UFO researchers insist that John F. Kennedy was killed because of his push and apparent intention of disclosing of UFO secrets to the public, might the distress to Carter have been caused by such sudden knowledge, as well as potential threats of a similar fate? While that is perhaps unlikely, the sheer number of secrets, half-truths, and twisted snippets of information force us to consider all possibilities.

Whatever the truth might one day prove to be, that there is still information being withheld from the general public is obviously beyond doubt. However, whether the usual “national security” explanation is the real reason for this withholding of information is accurate or not, is very much open for debate.

The short video below examines UFOs and US presidents further.


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    2. I am always leery of hearing the statement ‘he eluded his Secret Service detail’ or something to that effect.

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