The Reptilians: Another Species On Our Planet?

Marcus Lowth
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January 20, 2019
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May 10, 2022
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Serious study of the reptilians and apparent evidence of a surviving bloodline, as we have mentioned before, can, and has, filled volume upon volume of books. Perhaps the fact that such an outlandish subject requires multiple volumes to even begin to get a grasp of shows not only how complex the claims are, but how widespread and far-reaching they go.

A depiction of a reptilian eye

Should we take claims of reptilians seriously

From biblical stories of “Adam and Eve” and the symbolism of the serpent or the snake, and the “corruption” (hybridization?) of humanity, to the innocent fairy tales speaking of frogs turning into princes upon the kiss of a beautiful woman, and through to the hidden-in-plain-sight snake-like symbols in businesses and organizations of the modern age, serpent and reptilian-type imagery, and even  serpent worship goes right the way back to antiquity. In fact, accounts from Sumer tell of their god-kings going back to 240,000 BC and are often described as “winged serpents”. The origin legends of the Chinese empires claim they are descendants from “dragon people”. The snake and the “fat” or oil from the crocodile were important to ancient Egyptian royalty.

The fact is, to say talk of reptilians is “nonsense” to most, it is a notion that has been with us, collectively, for thousands of years. Longer than written records. And very likely right to the beginning of human civilization. Perhaps, then, we should consider why there is an apparent subconscious obsession in the back of the collective human mind regarding these lizard-people. Who hail maybe from space, maybe from the Inner Earth, but always seem to hold positions of power and influence over the majority of the populace. If we accept that there is truth in the legends and myths of our past, then such notions as the reptilians requires further discussion and study.

The Garden Of Eden – Very Early Origins Of The Reptilians?

Perhaps the best place to start with such claims of reptilians is the story of Adam and Eve. While there are several interpretations as to the true meaning of the Adam and Eve story, all of which sit equally as valid as the next one, we will concentrate mainly on the ancient astronaut perspective here.

It is clear, for example, that the legend doesn’t refer to literally two people. Adam and Eve were, according to some, merely words for “male” and “female”. And what’s more, the Garden of Eden is not a literal paradise of “God”, but a biodome. A scientific environment. One that was geared towards the genetic enhancement and infusion of extraterrestrial genes and DNA with those of Homo erectus. From this, after several failed attempts at such experiments, Homo erectus became Homo sapiens – the first of which was “Adapa” (Adam?). Does this suggest, then, that the first successful transformation was with a male Home erectus? Incidentally, while it is speculation and certainly not proof, this theory explains the “missing link” and the bizarre jump and sudden advanced development of early humans. Because of extraterrestrial intervention.

These experiments were conducted in the controlled environment of a scientific bio-dome – the Garden of Eden. Not a paradise, but a setting with ideal conditions. According to many of the claims of the Anunnaki, we, the human race, were created with the idea of mining the land for gold. We were a “worker race” – slaves. These legends of the Anunnaki also state that this mining mission on Earth was put in the charge of two brothers, Enlil, the overall military leader, and Enki, the seemingly more compassionate scientist. And ultimately the creator of human beings. To explain the connection to reptilians, we need to first examine several scenarios.

The Anunnaki – Reptilian Explorers From Hundreds Of Thousands Of Years Ago?

While the majority of the worker race remained exactly that, some, especially the first would come under the “care” of Enki. He would educate and teach these with all the knowledge he himself possessed. However, he would do so discreetly and away from Enlil, who grew more and more “tired” of the human creations and their “constant demands”. And their increasing population. Upon the realization that a flood would occur in the near future, Enlil would order that the humans would be allowed to perish while they would leave and take to the skies and wait out the flood in safety.

Enki, however, would instruct his favored student, Atrahasis, with the information to build a vehicle so that he and his family might survive and continue humanity when the waters subsided. Of course, we know this is virtually the same story as Noah and the Flood. It would also appear, at least in part to be the same story as Adam and Eve. And this is also where things would appear to be the reverse of what they appear. Furthermore, it would suggest that the Anunnaki, were reptilian in nature. Which would, incidentally, mean we also carry such reptilian genes.

When Enlil discovered that Enki had allowed survivors, he was furious. Although a compromise was reached, resulting in some women not being able to bear children, as well as the unleashing of demons who would cause miscarriages and steal young babies. Rather than Enki producing this new being, however, another “scientist”, Nintu would do so. Given that Atrahasis is enlightened and knowledgeable he was separated from them. With Enki out of the way, these new, obedient humans would eventually become the Priest Kings and Royalty, who were given the “Divine Right To Rule” over the rest of humanity.

An image of a statue in ancient times

Have reptilians been on Earth since ancient times?

Different Legends, Twisted And Retold With The Same (Reptilian?) Characters!

It is accepted that many, if not most, of the myths and legends are themselves based on early writings that are very likely lost or undiscovered, and from oral traditions and legends before that. In short, many of them will be retellings of the same event. And many of the characters show up in these different retellings with different names. And perhaps most importantly, certainly as various religions progressed, they appear with different agendas and intentionally twisted perspectives.

If we return to the story of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden for a moment, most of us are aware of the snake tempting Eve to eat the forbidden fruit. Straight away we have the reference to a snake or serpent. It is also pretty well accepted that “the fruit” is a reference to knowledge. Might it be then that this is a retelling of Enki passing on knowledge to his human students? And his decision to do so was one borne of wishing to help humanity, not tempt them. So, then, this forces us to examine if Enki, a reptilian extraterrestrial, is the Satan of our ancient legends. And if he might not be the force for evil against humanity.

We have written before, for example, of the Watchers, and more specifically Shamyaza – which, as we pointed out before is not a million miles away from Satan. From the ancient astronaut theory perspective, these Watchers were flesh and blood extraterrestrials, and very likely of a scientific mind. We know this as the Book of Enoch tells us of many of their areas of expertise. Shamyaza’s incidentally, is “enchantment and root-cutting” and he would teach humans about “magic and medicine”. Once again, Shamyaza sounds like a medical doctor or scientist. Very similar to Enki.

A “Temporary Transmogrification Of Energy!”

Can we accept, then, that Shamyaza, Enki, and Satan or one and the same person? And considering the “magic and medicine”, might this also be why such notions as “black magic” or “dark arts” are associated with Satan or the Devil?

Incidentally, Shamyaza had led a group of rebels from the “Watchers” in order that they could choose wives from the “daughters of man”. However, their unions would lead to strange beasts, called the Nephilim in some ancient texts. This would lead to war between the rebels below (perhaps an early, loose reference to Hell) and the rest of the Watchers in The Heavens (likely a mothership in space). Furthermore, like many ancient legends, the war would also lead to a flood of the population in order to wipe out the beastly creations as well as the rebels and the remainder of the human race.

According to author, Brinsley Le Peer Trench, these rebels (he would call them ultraterrestrials) were in a “temporary transmogrification of energy” and took on the form of a “vessel” like that of the population. In short, they had either possessed a human body, or they had “shapeshifted” into human form. What’ s more, after being trapped on Earth, a war would breakout between another faction of ultraterrestrials – the Serpent People. And further still, this war was fought between these factions largely by using human vessels. Whether these Serpent People were a faction whose origins came from within the original group of rebels is perhaps open to debate.

There are a lot of interesting theories that have come up in the last few sections. We will come back to several of them as we move forward. Some of them become relevant in sightings and accounts of the contemporary era.

An old painting of a demonic entity

Might reptilians have gone by many other names throughout history

Legends Of “Serpent Gods” Around The World And Across Time

There are multiple other references to “Serpent People” or “Serpent Gods” throughout history and in ancient texts. And many of them are clearly retellings of other, previous legends. For example, if we look at some of the Greek legends, there are several interesting accounts. The legend of Prometheus “giving fire” to mankind could very well be passing knowledge to humanity. Knowledge – like the forbidden fruit in the Adam and Eve, Garden of Eden story – that wasn’t meant for humans according to the rest of the Gods.

Zeus, arguably the most famous of the Greek gods, has several accounts in his name of shapeshifting into entirely different forms in order to trick humans. Interestingly, quite often this was to trick women into sex so that they would bear his child. This is an interesting detail as we will examine shortly. The notion of bloodlines and maintaining such bloodlines at all costs is a large part of the reptilian conspiracy. That Zeus would shapeshift (a reptilian trait also) in order to impregnate very particular women, is perhaps a great example from mythology of the need to maintain these “divine” or “reptilian” bloodlines.

Civilizations much further afield also have clear reference to “serpent gods” who came down from above. The Inca civilization, for example, tells of Viracocha who was the “bringer of light” (fire?) who would give “celestial knowledge to the Inca people and install kings to rule over them. The Mayan civilization claim to have learned their knowledge of multiple sciences from the “feathered serpent” Kulkulkan, who “came from the stars”. He would also teach the population and allow their civilization to flourish under priest kings.

A Hybrid Network Of Bloodlines All Over The Planet!

So, how does this apparent reptilian alien presence in antiquity affect us today? According to some researchers, perhaps most notably, David Icke, this bloodline has continued throughout the ages for thousands of years. Furthermore, whether by possession of “vessels” or by shapeshifting into a human form, they have remained in positions of power right into modern times. As we have mentioned above, Icke would find, according to his research, there are “ancient legends and accounts of ‘gods’ from another world who interbred with humanity to create a hybrid network of bloodlines”. [1] And what’s more, these legends and accounts are “all over the planet”.

Icke, would learn of the Anunnaki, in part, through the translations of Sumerian clay tablets by Zecharia Sitchin. [2] However, given his own research, he would eventually ask Sitchin why he made no mention of serpent gods or reptilians. According to Icke, Sitchin’s response was simply, but rather ominously, “don’t go there”. This in itself, if we believe the exchange to be true, is perhaps reason enough to suspect something of interest to uncover, at the very least.

Icke would trace these the lineage and bloodlines from the nobility, royal families, and key influential politicians, and military and business leaders from the modern era right the way back to the time when “gods walked the Earth”. After the “divine right to rule” was bestowed upon especially selected hybrid human, these royal families would breed within their own very specific royal circles. This would keep the hybrid genes strong and ensure that only those of pure divine (reptilian?) bloodline would hold positions of power.

A close-up of a reptilian eye

Some researchers believe that reptilians have been interbreeding for years

The “Divine Right” To Rule!

This wouldn’t only take place in Sumer. As we have seen, from the very similar creation legends around the world, similar “installations of power” took place across the globe. This, at times, at least according to some, is why such bizarre marriages are arranged between royal families with no apparent connections. Because it preserves the bloodline and keeps the influence over the rest of humanity strong. And while there are a plethora of other, perhaps more reasonable explanations available, this deceptive transfer of power and the “divine right” would explain why the first kings reigned and lived for, at times, hundreds of years, and then, following the flood, the reigns would reflect a much more standard human lifetime. Because the first kinds were extraterrestrials. Reptilian extraterrestrials.

These long-reaching alliances would also ensure that the control enjoyed by the early priest kings of antiquity stretched into the dynastic “houses” of the Dark Ages, and into the royal families of Russia, France, Germany, Britain and the rest of Europe in the Middle Ages and into the Industrial Revolution that would transform much of the planet in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. It was these intertwined connections, whether through royalty or “business expansion” of the Industrial Revolution, at least according to some researchers, that would allow such (relatively) small countries as Holland, France, and in particular Great Britain, to “colonize” huge portions of the planet, ensuring that influence would leak, covertly, into the various, otherwise untouched countries of Earth. In fact, from their positions in the north of the Atlantic Ocean, Britain would extend control as far away as Australia, India and the Far East.

The Spread Of Influence Into The Modern World

As the twentieth century unfolded, shaped horrifically by two world wars, followed by a new technological revolution, while the royal families maintained covert control in their respective countries, other members of the bloodline would morph into the high-ranking politicians and leading people of the modern world. Perhaps in particular the contemporary Atlantis-like metropolis that is the United States of America.

What is perhaps particularly interesting about the United States, for example, is of the 43 presidents (up until George Bush Jr. in 2008), every single one of them is related to each other through varying degrees of family connections. Even more interesting, 33 of them have a direct family connection to Charlemagne, sometimes referred to as Charles The Great. In the Middle Ages, he was king of the Franks who ruled the territories that we know today as France and Germany (indeed the obvious connections between ‘Franks’ and ‘France’) and would have connections to the Merovingians.

Charlemagne’s influence in what would become “western Europe” can not be understated. He was also a key person in the spread of Great Britain’s influence across the globe. Interestingly, his own lineage stretched back to the priest kings of Sumer who had ventured into Europe thousands of years previously over the Caucasus Mountains.

The Vast Cave Systems Of San Doong, Vietnam

If we go back to the Adam and Eve account, the punishment that the serpent received was the “crawl on its belly” for eternity. While it is a nice tale to explain why snakes move as they do, given the links to Hell and legendary inscription of “having to crawl on their bellies” for those who entered, might it be some kind of reference to a forcing of the reptilians “underground”. There are legends of entities inhabiting the “inner Earth” all around the globe. And what is more interesting, many of the modern-day sightings and encounters of reptilians take place in or near caves.

One of the strangest of these, as well as the most chilling would come to light in January 2015 in the San Doong Cave in Vietnam. Although the cave system was discovered in 1995 such was its size that it took almost two decades to explore. And even then, substantial unexplored areas remain off-limits to the public when it finally opened in 2013. However, a little under two years later a video would surface on YouTube showing what appeared to be a reptilian creature lurking in the depths of the cave systems. The witness would describe the strange entity as a “devil creature”. It would stand like a human but a face like a “dragon or a lizard”.

Around a month later, a report would surface from a retired United States soldier who had served in Vietnam during the conflict. According to his claim, in 1970, at the very same caves that are now open to the public and where the recent reptilian sighting occurred, he would witness a seven-foot “upright lizard humanoid”.  They would fire on it, but it seemed to simply disappear. Despite their report, the unit would hear nothing more.

Multiple Uniformed Reptilians In An Austrian Salt Mine

Another similar sighting in one of the many and extensive cave systems around the world took place in Austria in 2011. [3] Referred to only as “Gregor” in the report, the investigator of such cave systems was in the caves of an old salt mine in the north of the country. While removing chippings from the cave walls for later study, at a depth of just over 150 feet below the ground, he suddenly became aware of “strange voices” close by.

The sudden noise brought him immediately to a stop. He listened, daring not to even breath in case he missed where the voices might be coming from. After several moments, the voices appeared to either be out of his hearing range, or they had come to a stop. Satisfied with this, Gregor decided to move on a little through the cave. He would make his way into a small chamber area. As soon as he entered this chamber-like room a smell like “something rotting” hit his nostrils. A second or so later, while still recovering from the urgent odor, the voices began again. This time much closer.

He turned around to leave the chamber. Before he did, however, he would take one last glance behind him. As he did, he saw a light emerging from the other entrance. And then another. He pulled himself out of sight, but still managed to peer around the corner. In the small chamber, were several “lizard-like creatures”. Each was standing upright as a human would. And each donned a uniform, out of which a large “tail” would trail behind them. The language was unknown to him, although the voices sounded very “human-like”. He discreetly backed away from the chamber entrance and quickly left the salt mine.

The Troodon Sapiens – The Thought Experiments Of Dale Russell

Although it was published in 1982, a thought experiment by paleontologist, Dale Russell from the National Museum of Canada in Ottawa, Ontario, is just as valid today, if not more so considering the many sightings of such strange creatures right into the modern era of the twenty-first century.

He would speculate what might have happened if one or more of the dinosaurs had survived their apparent extinction and developed like mammals had into an upright, humanoid being. Looking at such dinosaurs that would have had a chance to possibly evolve in such a way, Russell and his team would then theorize how their imaginary dinosaur – a Troodon – would develop. Semi-manipulative fingers would eventually evolve into similar hands to those of humans, with fully working thumbs and an ability to grasp and manipulate.

It would very likely be highly intelligent, with a large head to contain its increased brain size. It would not, however, possess mammary glands. And would very likely have nourished its young through regurgitation similar to birds. Their speech would very likely also have a bird-like quality to it, even similar to a bird’s song.

What many people would find interesting in Russell’s work was how familiar its appearance was to the creatures in accounts of long ago. It would take on new interest more recently as more and more reports of sightings and encounters with these strange reptilian humanoids emerge, with a sizeable portion of those coming from apparent claims of alien abduction. Once more, most of these sightings would feature descriptions that match the imaginary reptilian humanoid.

You can check out the short video below for a little more on Russell’s theories.

The Dinosaur Connection – They Didn’t All Die!

Of course, while it is splitting hairs a little, the notion that the dinosaurs were killed off by an asteroid is not entirely correct. We know, for example, that the infamous T-Rex, like many other similar creatures became the birds of the modern day. Statistically, the humble chicken is closest relative to the T-Rex.

Then, when we examine the plethora of reptiles across the Earth, it is perfectly obvious that several of these will have evolved from the survivors of the dinosaur population. And then we have to imagine about the notion that an unknown survivor of the dinosaurs evolved exactly the way Russell theorized, only they did so away from the prying eyes of the modern world.

Although these ideas are bordering on lunacy for some, we have to attempt to appreciate firstly, just how long ago this occurred (65 million years ago), and the gap of millions of years between that event and the first known human civilizations. If, for sake of argument, a dinosaur had survived and then evolved into an intelligent humanoid species, it would have had plenty of time to do so without interference from humans or any other apparent threat. We also have to take into account just how long the dinosaurs were active on Earth for. Again, millions of years. How do we know that such an advanced reptilian humanoid didn’t emerge on Earth before the asteroid strike? Perhaps this would explain this apparent and persistent reptilian presence on Earth? One that goes back as long as human history.

Perhaps they consider themselves the “real indigenous” species of the planet. Maybe this is why they believe they have a “right” to rule over humanity?

Other Species Controls The World!

This is an interesting theory. And one that would take on a little extra significance in 2015 when former employee of the World Bank Senior Council, Karen Hudes, would suggest on live television that a “second species” controls all aspects of money and distribution thereof on Earth. They had a similar control over religion.

The well-respected Hudes continues that although this species are hominids “they are not human”. She would describe them as “very smart, but not creative”. In fact, their real strength is “they’re mathematical”. Even more bizarre, this second species can reproduce with human females and often did so as to keep their own bloodline strong. She would state that there “was a lot of secrets. And the information that ought to be public is not public”.

Much of what Hudes states sound extremely similar to the claims of “preserving a hybrid bloodline” of David Icke. We have to ask why someone in such a lofty position would choose to make such “wild” statements. Unless, of course, there was a degree of truth in them. Or that they were of such importance that any consequences to herself would be marginal.

Interestingly, such whistleblowers as Edward Snowden has made very similar claims. According to some sources, Snowden would claim that “tall white aliens rule America”. This same race also ensured that the Nazi regime had far superior weaponry and military capabilities by the start of the Second World War. They would then enter America at the war’s end under such programs as “Operation Paperclip”. Of course, many of these “tall white aliens”, if we assume them to be reptilians, were already in the United States in positions of political power and significant influence.

You can view the interview with Hudes in the short video below.

Sixties and Seventies Sightings

Dating back to the early-1960s, the Honey Island Swamp has been home to the Louisiana Wookie. [4] What is interesting about this particular area, and indeed what might make such sightings be more credible than we at first might think, is that this area of the United States is one of the largest areas that has managed to resist the encroachment of the modern world. In 1974, Harlan Ford and Billy Mills would discover several boars with their throats ripped completely out. There were also several strange clawed, webbed footprints near the scene.

Those that have witnessed the creature up close state that its eyes particular “reptilian” and glow red. There is also suggestions that the strange creature of the Bayou has a large crocodile-like tail. While there is little debate that something strange genuinely does exist in this part of the United States, there appears to be discrepancy as to whether the humanoid entity is indeed reptilian, or something more akin to a Bigfoot creature.

Another potential reptilian-type creatue would terrorize two police officers within a fortnight of each other. The officers involved would face months of ridicule for their report. Perhaps that is why the creature commands the rather lackluster name of the “Loveland Frogman”. [5]

The first incident occurred just after midnight on 3rd March 1972 in Loveland, Ohio. Officer Ray Shockey was on patrol when he would pull his car over to investigate what he believed to be a dog on the roadside. Even before he could leave bis vehicle, however, the creature jumped to its feet and leaped over the side barrier. Investigation would later reveal “scrape marks” on the embankment where the creature had leaped. Two weeks later on the 17th March, Officer Mark Matthews would witness the same creature in extremely similar circumstances.

Men In Black Connection

Perhaps one of the most interesting incidents regarding reptilian entities occurred in 1980 in San Paulo in Brazil. Although the witness would remain anonymous, the incident comes through respected UFO researcher in the South American region, Antonio Huneeus. There are no details of any kind of a prior UFO sighting. The witness was aware, however, of three men in dark suits following them. This, for several weeks before the night when his incident would unfold.

This particular evening, a dark car arrived at his house. Three men would place him in the car and they would make their way to a remote area. It would come to a stop under a large hovering disc-like object. The men would open the doors and step out of the vehicle, taking the young man with them. They would walk a little way from the car. Then, into a strange beam of light emanating from the underside of the craft.

Within an instant, all of them were inside the craft. Only the abductee was now strapped to a chair in the middle of the room. The three men would then “shed their skin”, their clothes falling away as if they were nothing but rags. Within seconds they were tall reptilian humanoids with heart-shaped heads. They also had green, scaly skin and a piercing stare from glowing eyes.

Perhaps even more disturbing was the human corpses hanging by their feet in a nearby room. He could only see inside for a brief moment, but it was a sight he would not forget. The next thing he knew, he was standing outside his home as if nothing had happened.

Artist's impression of an reptilian entity

Artist’s impression of a reptilian entity

Modern Day Sightings

The sightings of reptilian creatures has continued right into the modern age. For example, in early-2016 while in court for a simple traffic violation, an anonymous witness would claim to see the judge overseeing his case change into a reptilian entity and then change back again. [6] All in the space of ten seconds. Apparently, he was the only one he witnessed the incident. Others in the room would carry on as if nothing took place. The case would end up with a rescheduled date. However, upon arriving back into court a new judge had suddenly taken over. He would report the incident to MUFON.

Only the previous year in April 2015, another unnamed witness would make a report to MUFON. [7] They would claim to have captured a photograph of a “reptilian humanoid” driving a moving vehicle. The witness was attempting to photograph a popular logo on the back windscreen of the car. Only after examining his pictures at home later that evening did he notice anything untoward. A strange, lizard-like creature.

At around the same time, a surge of strange reptilian sightings began in the woodlands near the Scape Ore Bridge in Bishopville, South Carolina. Several local residents even managed to capture footage or pictures of the creatures. What’s more, the Scape Ore Bridge area has several sightings dating back decades. So much so, it is referred to locally as “The Lizard Man”.

Perhaps the most well-known account is that of Christopher Davis. In 1988, he would have a close contact encounter with a strange reptilian creature. While changing a flat tire at the side of the road near the Scape Ore Swamp, a humanoid creature with “green, scaly skin” came out of nowhere heading straight for him. He would barely manage to drive away. [8]

The Controversial Claims Of The Keepers

Without a doubt, one of the strangest and perhaps controversial claims of interaction with reptilian aliens is that of Jim Sparks. [9]

Before his encounters with apparent reptilian aliens, Sparks claimed to have been abducted several years previously. One evening in 1988, at around 3:30 am, and he suddenly found himself awake without knowing what had brought him sleep. He could hear a low-pitched sound that almost appeared to be coming from inside his head. The next thing he noticed was more alarming – he was completely paralyzed.

No matter which arm or leg he tried to shift, he simply couldn’t move. As he continued helplessly against this disturbing grip, he felt a sudden sensation as if he was being pulled downward. At that point, he blacked out.

Several years later, in May 1995, he experienced the same type of encounter. Only this time, after waking from blacking out, he found himself high above an abandoned amusement park. He claimed that he was around 1000 feet above the ground and was descending calmly. However, when he finally landed on the ground, he noticed that he was surrounded by several reptilian-type humanoid creatures, each around seven feet tall. Even more alarming, one of the reptilians, the one closest to him, had some kind of hologram human face that had clearly been superimposed.

Then, the telepathic communication began.

Telepathic Warnings

He began to receive telepathic messages from these creatures – all of which came through the one with the hologram-type face. He would receive the revelation that their reptilian civilization had not only been on Earth for a long time, but that government leaders were fully aware of their presence – in fact, they were in constant contact with them. It was because of this contact, that agreements had been reached that the reptilian presence remained a secret.

Part of this agreement, however, was that the government leaders would improve the environment with alien technology that had been gifted to them. Ultimately, they had failed to do so. A solution was attempted but again, no successful action was taken.

From there, the revelations came thick and fast – with each of them being even more unsettling than the last one. Not only was much of the water of Earth contaminated, which subsequently affect plant and wild life, but several significant “breaks” had formed in the human food chain due to “nuclear and biological contamination”. These reptilian entities then went on to say the planet would become overpopulated which could, in theory, lead to the “end of humanity”.

Following these truly disturbing details, these reptilian entities then went on to offer alternative ways to obtain energy as well as for food production. He was further told that while certain members of the government are very much aware of this technology and the potential of it, they also saw such “clean energy” and “abundant food” as a significant “security threat”, which is perhaps revealing in itself.

They would lastly state that he would be contacted in the future so they could share further information with him.

What should we make to the claims of Jim Sparks? On one level, much of what he described resonates well with other apparent encounters with reptilian entities, perhaps not least their appearance.

He would claim they appeared to have red shining diamond-shaped eyes and heads that were across between a snake and a lizard. They had extremely muscular and sturdy bodies and towered over the average person.

Something Other Things To Consider

We should, though, also examine the overriding message itself – that of the environment. While the drastic action that is undoubtedly needed for the health of the planet is very real, the subject, generally speaking, of environmentalism is a controversial and, at times, dividing one. It is perhaps interesting, then, that it should have such a prominent place in many close contact and alien abduction encounters. We might ask, why might this be? There are indeed several possibilities, each equally as valid as the other.

For example, if we accept these encounters with alien entities from another world – reptilian or otherwise – are genuine encounters, then perhaps it is simply the fact that part of their agenda and reasons for visiting the planet in the first place is out of genuine concern. Indeed, many of the contact cases of the 1950s featured very similar warnings and pleas to take on environmental concerns, as do some cases of alien abduction from the latter decades of the twentieth century.

Might we contemplate – especially given the apparent revelation that agreements around such matters were broken – that the, generally speaking, gentle visitation encounters of the very early years of the Modern UFO Era morphed into the more harrowing cases of alien abduction in later decades is a response to this violation of terms. Might it be that part of the reason for alien abductions, in light of what we are contemplating here, is to plant seeds and implant changes in humanity that results in a change of behavior in terms of the planet’s environmental issues? Admittedly, that is an outrageous proposal in light of a topic with such gravity and consequence, but one, if we are going truly explore all aspects of the UFO and alien question that we should consider.

There is also the possibility – in theory, and for various possible reasons – that the notion of environmental concerns (as right as they would be) may have been embellished into the many accounts by some of those who claim such encounters or abductions. And while it is not at all to say that this is the case here, it isn’t beyond the realm of possibility that at least some of those who experienced such a life-changing encounter might choose to promote an ideal they truly and genuinely believed in.

Whatever the truth of the matter and whatever you think, you can see more about these interesting revelations in the video below.

Vampire, Werewolves, And Missing People!

We have examined before the many claims of “vampires” and their need, even lust, for human blood. What’s more, they require this not only because of dark desire. It is something they need for their way of life. It would be irresponsible to not consider the notion that vampire legends might be another telling of the reptilians. And their permanent and discreet presence on Earth. Almost living alongside humanity, hidden in plain sight.

Interestingly the origins of the Dracula myths go back to Vlad The Impaler. Who would go by the names of Draculea, Draculya, and ultimately Dracula. Some translations of this insist it to be “Dragon’s Son” or “Devil’s Son”. This would tie in very nicely with the apparent connections to both the Devil and reptilian entities. Of course, some believe that the word Dracula originates from the Draco star system. This would suggest that this would be the home world of the reptilians.

Similarly, legends of werewolves revolve around being bitten and infected through blood. Of course, it is the shapeshifting legends that share a connection with the reptilians here. And once more, the fact is legends of shapeshifters (or skinwalkers) permeate every society around the world. And have done for many thousands of years. Surely legends that persist for such a length of time have more truth in them than mere myth and folklore.

Each of the above legends have also found themselves at certain points in time, connected to cases of missing people. As we have examined on a number of occasions, there are more missing people than many of us suspect. Many of them teenagers or young children. Perhaps we should remind ourselves of the promise when “the gods” created the new humans following the flood. Those of demons “snatching babies”.

The Disturbing Orphanage Mysteries

In the late summer of 2017, several stories began to appear in the media of mass graves of young children at an orphanage in Lanarkshire in south Scotland. There were around 400 bodies in total. Official death certificates claim that many of the children’s deaths were due to “TB” or “pneumonia”. However, the discoveries of the mass grave, as well as the testimony from several former residents of the orphanage, there was doubt to these findings. Several months earlier in March 2017, a similar story emerged of the remains of around 800 babies and toddlers from a similar orphanage in Ireland. [10]

There have been claims of such abuse in similar establishments for some time. And these kinds of discoveries make similar claims appear all the more credible. Remember for a moment the “solution” with the new humans about the “demons” that would steal children. As we have mentioned there is an abundance of missing people – particularly children. Might it be that more children than we might imagine “went missing”, hidden in the systems of such establishments. If there is a connection between the “reptilians” and the elite and influential people and their “need for blood” and ritual sacrifice, then as dark as it is, its easy to see why researchers would connect the two.

When we look at the eventual deeply disturbing revelations of the Jimmy Saville case in the wake of his death, and in particular the types of establishments he would frequent in order to commit the crimes for which he would posthumously be condemned, as outrageous as it appears to some, we have to wonder just how dark these conspiracies are. And how accurate they are. The investigators of the Scotland orphanage claim “systematic abuse” was taking place there.

The Ted Heath Claims

Going back to author David Icke for a moment, he had accused former British Prime Minister, Ted Heath of ritual sexual abuse for years. So when police announced, even though he was long dead, they would have reasons to investigate Heath [11] for the abuse of young boys, it made some relook at the claims Icke made about the one-time Prime Minister.

According to Icke, Heath was a “shapeshifting reptilian”, of the “bloodline” mentioned above. And what’s more, he had heavy involvement in the ritual sacrifice of children. Once more, remember the need for blood in order to maintain human form? In particular, the blood of the young in order “maintain youth” (form?). A particularly harrowing account took place at some time in the early-1970s at Burnham Beeches.

The witness, who was often taken to the estate was raped by Heath on several occasions. She would state that he would often insert “claws” into her waist while he did so. And pull her towards him with them. On this particular evening, the young girl was walking through the woods of the estate. It was late but she could suddenly light up ahead. In front of was some kind dark, Satanic ritual taking place. Remaining out of sight she watched and immediately recognized Heath as one of those participating.

Heath appeared to be the leader of the gathering, all of whom adorned long, black hooded robes. Suddenly, Heath “grew by some two feet” and morphed into a “full-bodied reptoid”. The witness would claim he would still speak while in this form, but his voice “sounded like long-distance”. She would also state that despite this bizarre situation “no one in the circle looked the least bit surprised”.

The Archons And The Reptilian Agenda

Perhaps it is worth briefly mentioning the Archons from the Gnostic Texts. These Arhcons are the link between the “creator god” and humanity. What’s more, many of the visual descriptions and depictions of them are almost exactly as some of the descriptions of reptilian creatures today in more modern sightings.

Furthermore, they have a reputation for violence, rape, and bloodletting, all activities that would connect to reptilian culture. Even more fitting is that Archons wish to keep “humans ignorant of their divine origins beyond the physical world”. This sits perfectly within the apparent Reptilian Agenda.

The idea, even to the most open-minded people, of a race of reptilian humanoids is ludicrous. Whether extraterrestrial in nature or a secretive indigenous species. That they secretly rule over us and shape the world is a stretch of the imagination a little too far for some. There is, however, far more evidence of such a race than most would admit. Who are the reptilians? And when we speak of bloodline, do we mean a genuine bloodline of literal shapeshifting humanoids? Or might the bloodline be nothing but a remnant of a collective human past on Earth? One that we simply know nothing about?

Check out the video below. One of the many documentaries available on this most mysterious race. One that we are not quite sure exists, but one that has been with us since the dawn of time.


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