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December 11, 2019
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An apparent interview with a reptilian alien entered the public domain in the early 2000s via the release of several mysterious documents named The Larcerta Files by a Swedish researcher by the name of “Ole K”. As well as several pieces of information was a transcript of an apparent interview with a reptilian entity named, as the files suggest, Lacerta.

An artist's impression of the reptilian entity blended into a picture of UFOs

An artist’s impression of the reptilian entity

The transcript – as much as we must take it with a considerable pinch of salt – remains an intriguing read. Not least due to the wealth of information from pre-history and the “First War” – a time that remains, at least for some, a period deep from antiquity that is far from settled. Indeed, much of what comes from this alleged interview, as bizarre as it sounds, fits in rather nicely with many of the independent theories of what took place deep in antiquity, and whether advanced, unknown (to us) civilizations might have existed.

In more recent times, the account has been documented extensively by paranormal researcher, Lon Strickler. It is certainly one of the most intriguing accounts on record.

Before we examine this most fascinating case we should perhaps remind ourselves of the case of Sir Peter Horsley the high-ranking member of the British military, who would make remarkable claims in the book Sounds From The Other Room of speaking at length with an alien entity – named Mr. Janus – an interview that took place in a non-descript house in London in very similar circumstances to the Lacerta interview. Although this entity didn’t claim to be reptilian, they did offer many of the same details, most predominantly, of an “alien” presence on our planet.

Somewhere In South Sweden, December 1999

Before we look at the interview in question, we should make a few notes about the background of the interviews, based on a “preface” to the transcript by Ole K. Ole claims that Lacerta was introduced to him through another researcher, who is named as “E.F.”. The interview in question took place in December 1999, beginning on the 16th of the month. [1]

The researcher also stressed that they went into the interview as a complete skeptic, which would take place in a small house in southern Sweden, somewhere in a remote location. As soon as he saw the alien being with his own eyes, however, did he realize that he was about to embark on a unique and mysterious journey.

A witness sketch of a reptilian entity

A witness sketch of a reptilian entity

The interview itself would take place over three hours and was extensive in detail. So much so, that the transcript released in The Larcerta Files is an edited, shortened version. This, according to Ole, was due to a request following the interview that certain details and revelations not be made public at that time. He did also state, though, that the full 49-page transcript and the recordings of the interview remain in his possession. Only upon receiving permission, though, will he release them.

As we might imagine, many researchers and enthusiasts in the fields of UFOs, aliens, the paranormal, and conspiracy, struggle to accept the authenticity of such claims.

So, what are we to make of them? Nonsensical fantasy? Or perhaps, despite the outlandish nature of the revelations, might they one day prove to be of real historical significance? Whether genuine or not, we will examine their content so we might come to our own conclusions.

Claims Of Reptilians – Not As Crazy As It Might Sound!

The interview, then, by Ole’s admission, is a little incoherent in places where the parts to remain private have been edited out. However, while we must treat such accounts with a pinch of salt, as we have examined before in our case study of the reptilian conspiracy, there is much more to such claims and conspiracies than them being “nonsense”, if only in part. With this in mind, perhaps we should examine an article by researcher, Dr. Joe Lewis in FATE magazine in 1996. In the article, titled The Reptilians: Humanity’s historical Link to the Serpent Race, Lewis would state:

Did humans evolve from reptiles? As long as humanity has kept records of its existence, legends of a serpent race have persisted. These myths tell of a mysterious race of superhuman reptilian beings who descended from the heavens to participate in creating humankind and to teach the sciences, impart forbidden knowledge, impose social order, breed with us, and watch over our development! [2]

An image of hands pressed against the screen with a misty background

There are many writings suggestive of reptilian beings

While many will dismiss the above statement as absolute nonsense, the fact is this idea does indeed resonate through our collective history in our legends, myths, and folklore. The Snake in the Garden of Eden stories, for example, or the tales of The Watchers who came from above and taught how to make medicine, tend to the land, and use metals to make weaponry.

Many of these legends are popular in the ancient astronaut community, although the general rule of thumb is that these “gods” were extraterrestrials, possibly by the name of the Anunnaki. Might the Anunnaki and the reptilians be one and the same? And if so, did they come from “outer space”, another realm of existence or dimension, or perhaps they are, much like ourselves, indigenous to Earth. An invisible race, ruling from the shadows?

The Interview! – “A Reptilian Being From A Very Old Reptilian Race!”

As the interview between Ole and this apparent reptilian being began, the quite obvious opening question was, “who are you and what are you?” The response was fascinating in the extreme.

According to this mysterious entity, she was a “female reptilian being” who was “not human…and no real mammal despite mammal-like body features” due to evolution and who was part of a “very old reptilian race”.

Then, and very much in line with the basic premise of the ancient astronaut theory, Lacerta would state that they had called Earth their home for “millions of years”, and furthermore, “many of the ancient human tribes” would worship them as gods. In fact, they would even state that such grand civilizations as the ancient Egyptians and the Incas were aware of and speak of their presence. Perhaps equally as interesting is the claim that Christianity has “misunderstood” the reptilians’ part in human history, hence such descriptions of the “evil serpent” in the Adam and Eve stories.

What is perhaps interesting here is the claims by some researchers, albeit from the edge of the fringes, that such misunderstandings are, in fact, purposeful twisting of the truth of pre-history events. Perhaps by another extraterrestrial race who have an interest in the affairs of humans. And when we consider the next response from this apparently reptilian entity, such claims may not be as wide of the mark as at first appear.

Human Beings The Result Of “Genetic Engineering”, But Not By Reptilians!

Lacerta would then claim that human beings are the result of extraterrestrial genetic engineering. However, this was carried out by a race of aliens who rapidly sped up the evolutionary process of humans. It is interesting to note that for all the answers mainstream science has, it is still unexplained how human beings did evolve as (relatively) rapidly as they did.

For example, what is most often referred to as the “missing link” still baffles scientists in the mainstream? Except, that is, for those who have at least started to consider the possibility that some form of genetic manipulation occurred at some point in the evolutionary timeline.

A superimposed UFO over a picture of ocean at sunset

Are humans the result of ancient genetic engineering?

What’s more, although many believe reptilians to be extraterrestrial to the Earth, Lacerta would claim they were “native terrans” who, while having “some colonies in the solar system” they did indeed “originate on Earth”. Perhaps slightly ominously, the reptilian being would then state that the Earth was “not yours (humans’) – it was never yours!”

We have examined previously the claims that humans didn’t originate on Earth but were brought here from elsewhere millions of years ago. And as outlandish as that notion is for many, there are some intriguing reasons to support such a claim, if only tentatively and in part.

A Language Based On Sounds And The “Way Of Speaking!”

Perhaps another intriguing aspect of the Lacerta interviews is the response to the question of what exactly was her (native) name, as Lacerta was a name the reptilian being used only when they were “among humans and talking to them”.

Lacerta would claim that her name was “something like ‘Sssshiaassshakkkasskkhhhshhh’ with a very strong pronunciation of the ‘sh’ and ‘k’ sounds”. This name – or sound – was unique to each individual reptilian, who had no other names. What’s more, this name is also unique to each reptilian when they reach adulthood. Until that point, they would use their “children name”.

What is especially interesting here is that some researchers, perhaps most predominantly David Icke, have suggested that the reptilian language, itself ancient, is more geared around the sound and pronunciation as opposed to specific spellings. This certainly resonates with the response given by Lacerta and is also true of some languages from antiquity.

A superimposed alien entity over woodland

Some claim reptilians, like other aliens, have been here for thousands of years

Lacerta’s race has a similar approach to time and how it is measured. And what’s more, it is a hint at the long-held belief in some circles that there is an “Inner Earth” which is inhabited. Lacerta would state that because they “usually live beneath the surface of the planet”, they would measure time against the “periodically returning cycles in the Earth magnetic field”.

While this would make her “57,663 cycles old” the human equivalent would be around 28 years old. Furthermore, she was a “curious student of the social behavior of your species”. This, she would claim, was the reason that she “revealed (her) nature to E.F”, and then, through them, to Ole. Part of the reason, she would continue, was to combat the lies and misinformation of the “crazies and liars” who claimed to know the truth of her race.

So, What About These UFOs?

In terms of UFOs, Ole would ask Lacerta if the many UFO sightings witnessed by the residents of Earth were, in fact, their own “terrestrial vehicles”. While admitting that some of them did indeed belong to her race, most of them didn’t. She would elaborate that:

…some UFOs are real crafts belonging either to your own species (humans) – especially to your military – or to other alien species, or to us (reptilians)…

Lacerta would then offer details of exactly what these alleged reptilian aerial vehicles are. She would claim that such crafts have a “metallish bright-gray cigar-shaped cylindrical” appearance and often make a “very deep humming sound”. Furthermore, these crafts will most likely have five red lights along the side. Further still, more often than not, these crafts are hidden with cloaking devices meaning any sightings are due to “defective” vehicles or negligence on the pilot’s part.

Intriguingly she would offer that “the Arctic, Antarctic, and Inner Asia – especially over the mountains” are the places on Earth to witness one of these reptilian crafts.

She would then go on to state that although they (the reptilians) do have a “small fleet of disc-shaped crafts”, generally speaking, these belong to “another alien species”. Lastly, in a statement that does indeed tie with many other claims, is that triangular crafts are the result of the military who use “foreign” (extraterrestrial) technology to put them together.

She would also state that many UFO sightings are down to natural phenomena such as “plasma flares high in the atmosphere”.

Four-Winged Serpents And Seven Stars

Many researchers into the ancient world and the reptilian conspiracies claim that symbols and symbolism are of great importance. This is something that Ole would put to Lacerta, with the responses being somewhat revealing – especially when we consider the follow-up claim that these symbols have been “copied” by humanity and used for our own ends. In particular, a four-winged serpent, which has been manipulated in various ways.

This is an interesting point. We have examined here on several occasions how the serpent, snake, or dragon (as seen in the next symbol we will look at) are ones that come up time and again throughout history. And what’s more, these serpents always seem to enjoy prominence in multiple civilizations’ creation stories, myths, and legends.

Incidentally, the other symbol features a “circular dragon” with seven stars in the middle of it. When Ole asked if these stars represented the Pleiades star system – which many researchers claim is home to the reptilian race – Lacerta would respond that they actually represented their seven colonies.

A depiction of an ancient alien entity

Have aliens had an influence over human affairs?

The idea, meaning, and consequence of symbolism are intriguing. And could be of great importance to understanding such bizarre notions as reptilians, other realms, and extraterrestrial visitation.

There were also some intriguing claims regarding the diet of Lacerta’s race and how being in the Sun is of intense pleasure to them, essentially due to their “lower body temperature”. There are, in their (now) native dwelling deep inside the Earth – which we will return to shortly – areas of an artificial sun for the general health and well-being of their kind. Being in sunlight, artificial or real, allows the reptilians’ body to function with more alacrity and precision, at least according, that is, to the claims of Lacerta.

“With Others Near To Our Own Name!”

While describing what kind of clothing she would wear and if she would only wear these clothes when “in human form”, she would claim that human clothing was indeed uncomfortable for them. Consequently, when they were in their “subterranean home” or “with others near to our own name” they would not wear any clothing.

And while this might seem strange to us, it was more the phrase that Ole would zero in on. And it is easy to see why, especially when we remember the information about names and the notion that the focus is on the phonetic nature of the word as much as anything else.

Lacerta would state that the closest match to this notion for humans would be family, although there are differences that she couldn’t fully explain to Ole simply due to a lack of comprehension on humanity’s part in general.

We should remember that such assertions without proof need to be regarded as claims only and not fact. However, once more, albeit ambiguously, they do tie in well with other areas of research.

History – A Timeline Of Revelations!

Perhaps one thing that comes across in the interviews when discussing the history of the reptilians, at least according to Lacerta, is just how long this race of entities has been on Earth for. If the claims are to be believed, the reptilians date back to the time of the dinosaurs. And what’s more, she would claim that the disaster that wiped out the reptilians “unadvanced ancestors” 65 million years ago was not a meteor as accepted history tells us but an ancient war between to alien groups who essentially, used the planet as their battleground.

Perhaps interestingly, one of these alien races were reptilian, but not connected to Lecarta’s race. In fact, she would claim that this race was “not from this universe” but from a “bubble in the foam of the omniverse” – or essentially, another dimension or realm (Lacerta would state that this was the closest that the human mind at its current state of evolution could understand this other plateau of existence.

A futuristic head blended into an image of doomsday

Might our history be different from what we know?

This is quite intriguing as if we turn our attention back to the reptilian theories of David Icke once more for a moment, he makes very similar claims of the reptilian entities that he describes as coming from the “lower fourth dimension”. And what’s more, this level of existence is more in line with the entities’ vibrational frequency. Essentially, they are always here, but vibrate at a different rate and so perceive a completely different reality.

With this in mind, if we return back to the claims of Lacerta once more, she would state that the most important aspect to remember when attempting to make sense of these revelations was that these particular reptilian entities could “walk between bubbles by use of quantum technology”, although some entities can do so using “advanced mental abilities”.

More Claims Of Nuclear War In Antiquity!

Of even more interest is the assertion that “the first species – the humanoids” had arrived on Earth approximately 150 years before the first reptilians did. By the time the first reptilians did arrive, these humanoids had established several colonies, with the main one being in what is now modern-day Antarctica, with another large settlement in Asia. It wasn’t long after the arrival of this reptilian species that the great war would break out.

The reason for the conflict, according to Lacerta was the resources of Earth – in particular, copper, which has great value when used correctly. By utilizing modern technology which manipulates the dimensional fields allowing such travel between these realms. Furthermore, copper was also used by these reptilian entities to create huge and potent bombs, similar but more powerful than the nuclear bombs created by humans in the mid-twentieth century.

Two superimposed UFOs over an image of a nuclear mushroom cloud

Did nuclear weapons exist in antiquity?

Both the humanoids and the reptilians wanted control of these materials, and it appeared that the humanoids had initially managed to master the valuable resource. However, this would ultimately result in the deployment of a nuclear bomb that hit what we recognize today as “Middle America”. It is obvious that the insinuation, later confirmed by this alleged reptilian being, is that this event, not a meteor, is what killed all life, including the dinosaurs, from the planet.

She would even continue that the presence of Iridium in the area that we believe is down to a meteor impact, was actually formed from the fallout materials in the atmosphere. Incidentally, this event would lead to a “nuclear winter” that would last for over 200 years.

Interestingly, this isn’t the first claim of nuclear weapons and use thereof in antiquity.

A Moment’s Pause For Consideration

We should perhaps also note that Ole also takes exception to these remarkable but outrageous claims. In response, Lacerta states that the human mind simply can’t comprehend such long, grand timescales.

While there is no doubt in the minds of many researchers that unknown and probably advanced civilizations existed (although the level of advancement differs greatly from researcher to researcher), most estimations are that this (or these) civilizations existed somewhere around 12,500 to 15,000 years ago. Even less conservative estimations hover around the 20,000 to 25,000-year mark.

But then to begin speaking of civilizations, and advanced ones at that, existing not only millions of years ago but at the supposed time of the dinosaurs, is understandably hard for many to accept as even possible. And they could well be correct.

A depiction of armageddon

Might there have been a lost ancient alien civilization on Earth?

One thing we should keep in mind, though, the book Forbidden Archeology by Michael Cremo and Richard Thompson repeatedly demonstrates out-of-place artifacts all over the world suggestive of human civilizations all over the planet, quite often dating back millions and millions of years.

And what’s more, many of these finds are also suggestive of not just a human presence, but an advanced presence, either human or an unknown species. As bizarre, strange, and outright nonsensical as such prospects and proposals are to many people, including those who spend their time at the fringes of such strange ideas, the fact is much of what we “know” is, in fact, guesswork, albeit educated guesses, but guesses nonetheless.

A Message From “The First War Survivors” Embedded In A Crystal Plate

According to Lacerta, the main source of her information about the early times of reptilians and humans is based on a discovery made by her ancestors of a strange crystal approximately 16,000 years ago in what is now North America.

In the crystal, was information, apparently made and recorded by the last of the “First War survivors”. From this, her ancestors were able to learn the fate of the first humanoids and reptilian entities on Earth. However, like us, there are then significant gaps in history from then until around 16,000 years ago, mainly through similar uses and sciences as we do today.

What is perhaps also interesting is that Lacerta claims that human scientists and historians have, and still possess skeletal proof of her reptilian ancestors. However, largely due to the consideration of an intelligent, upright reptilian entity not being in their thought processes, each has dismissed or mislabeled these as inconsequential, unknown, or something else entirely.

An image of a spaceship heading for the stars

Are aliens still visiting the Earth today?

She would even continue that many skeletal reconstructions of dinosaurs are “totally wrong”, with some ancient animals having never existed due to the use of “many bones that didn’t belong together” in such attempted reconstructions.

Maybe slightly more ominous is that, according to The Lacerta Files, some scientists in high-ranking positions in museums and other historical institutions are aware of this “problem” but do not admit it to the public. Even more concerning, although remember speculative according to the Lacerta interview, is that one almost successful reconstruction was made at some point in the second half of the twentieth century but their work was shut down and suppressed.

Highly speculative claims, no doubt. We should remember, though, while perhaps less explosive, the idea of scientists who do not toe-the-line – particularly in archaeology and ancient history – often have funds removed.

Vast Cavernous Underground Tunnel Networks

Another idea that comes up in the interview with this apparent reptilian entity is that of a Hollow Earth, which once more, sound ridiculous to some, but is a speculation that has genuinely troubled some of the finest minds in history, including many of the great thinkers of the renaissance and enlightenment eras.

While Lacerta would claim that the Earth is not literally hollow (there is no “second sun”, for example), it does have a vast and extensive network of cave systems. What it is important to realize here is that Lacerta is not referring to the cave systems near the surface of the Earth – which are huge and mammoth-like in their own right – but the unknown (to humans), cavernous expanses of open space that exist “deep under the Earth – between 2,000 to 8,000 meters”.

And what’s more, these huge open vast systems are further connected by an equally vast network of tunnels, connecting continents to each other deep below the surface of the planet. These are lit and powered by technological and gravitational devices, including areas with an “artificial sun”, while there are several discreet surface areas, particularly in “America and Australia”.

A superimposed UFO over a field at night

Are there underground alien bases on Earth today?

One thing to consider here – although it is speculation upon speculation admittedly – is the Missing 411, who predominantly go missing in the North American continent, often in remote or wooded areas. Many of those who have disappeared only to suddenly turn up in the strangest circumstance, often report a “strange creature with glowing red eyes” having taken and returned them. If we accept the idea of indigenous, intelligent, and advanced reptilian creatures living deep underground, accessing the Earth at various points in remote areas around the world as even potentially true for a moment, it is a very interesting prospect indeed.

A Conspiracy Set To Continue For The Foreseeable Future

The fact is that the reptilian conspiracy remains one that divides UFO and conspiracy circles alike. And will likely remain that way for some time to come. And while there may be considerable doubt about The Lacerta Files (and understandably so), the reptilian conspiracy as a whole is one that is most certainly worth study.

As for the claims of Lacerta, while they do fit in with such widespread notions as the ancient astronaut theory as well as those of other researchers across the years, until proof of her existence or any of the artifacts of which she speaks are provided, the account will always be highly suspect.

Perhaps one thing we can take away from such documents and claims is that we really do not know in any certain way the history of our planet beyond several thousand years. In the words of author and researcher, Graham Hancock, “things just keep on getting older”. Indeed, they do, and those are only the officially recognized changes to accepted history. Elsewhere, there are multiple examples of authentic research that at least suggests the hint of human civilization, quite possibly advanced, certainly more so than accept history will have us believe, deep into antiquity and pre-history.

While we shouldn’t, then, consign The Lacerta Files to the hoax or fake pile just yet – they are of intrigue – we should perhaps be rather cautious of their content and claims as fact, or anything close to. That there are numerous gaps in our collective history, though, is without question.


1 The Reptilian Files, Phantoms and Monsters
2 The Reptilians: Humanity’s historical Link to the Serpent Race, FATE Magazine (1966), Dr, Joe Lewis

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  • Rock says:

    No real meat on the bones of previous civilisations. Tartaria not given a mention. She would have know all of this (mud slide etc).
    Not convinced by the “I can’t release all of the truths right now” what a cop out. Pure fantasy.

  • Donna Gorton says:

    I am wondering if Ole DID make any sketches of Lacerta that were released…?

  • Indigo solo says:

    I read the interview and left about the half. It sounds too invented.
    1. The void skills of Ole K. as a journalist. Lacerta give tons of information from which anyone would make more questions, He, on the contrary, continues with another elementary question.

    2. He ask to describe her-self. Why He didn’t by his own?

    3. She states that we were created by another alien race. Later, he ask for more info about reptilian evolution, compared to us, that evolved from monkeys. But she didn’t insisted or made any correction. This is an incoherence.

    4. She avoid to give technological details based on our simple and limited mind. That’s a fallacy.

    5. She states that our scientist are wrong and illogical by thinking in mats and numbers. This is opposite to all respectable theories about Extraterrestrial life, UFOs, paranormal and even spirituality, in which vibration and frequencies are the key to understand everything.

    I am skeptical about this, but not of aliens and UFOs at all. Just this interview seemed to me an invention.

  • Terry Tibando says:

    Well at least he got their language and vocabulary approximately correct. However, the reptilian Et that communicated with me spoke via telepathy (the universal language among most ETI) and when l asked him what his name was, he said it was HGN (pronounced using constanents with guutral sounds…’Hggna’)!

    • anon82 says:

      i find your remark intriguing. are you using the communication method based on remote viewing as described by dr Angela thompson-smith?i’m kinda strugling with this, most things i get i recognize as ‘false positives’, my own mind whispering what i want/expect in reply, but every so often, something comes across with such intensity, such clarity, that sets it apart as a ‘genuine reception’ of thought.most of the time though,its very frustrating to be able to ‘send’ with good quality, but being unable to reliably ‘recieve’ any form of causes mild headaches & an odd sensation in the back/base of my skull as if there was some sort of ‘blockade’ there.i’m curious to hear about your own experiences in this matter

  • Arthur Camou says:

    Talk about police state.

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