Occult, Satanic, And Alien Connections To “The Elite!”

Marcus Lowth
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March 7, 2018
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December 6, 2021
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Anyone who follows the various conspiracies surrounding the world’s “elite” will be familiar with the constant claims of connections to Satanism and the Occult. Of course, to most, the idea of Satan is connected to evil, death, and suffering. In short, Satan would be the absolute enemy of humanity. Although maybe dramatically, some describe the elite in much the same way.

A depiction of an occult ritual scene

Is there a connection between the occult and aliens?

The accusations surrounding these elites of society – sometimes referred to as the Illuminati – are complex, unclear, and at times are obviously twisted part-truths to suit certain tangled agendas. Add into the mix claims of alien-hybrids ruling humanity from within these elites and most keep their distance.  Although that, some would say, is part of the plan. The order in the chaos. And how information and knowledge can remain hidden in plain sight.

With that in mind, perhaps we should first look at the perception of Satan, the origins, as well as the “hows” and “whys”. And more to the point, are they, as we collectively understand them, correct? Far from being a tormentor of humanity, it would appear that “Satan”, if ancient texts are correct, was more in favor of freeing humanity from the strict confines of worship.

Much of what we know, has its roots in what we don’t. Many writings, for example, are locked away in the Vatican or other secret locations of the world’s governments. And as we shall look at shortly, numerous entire writings (since found) were removed from The Bible centuries ago. How many writings and accounts remain hidden or locked away, and what secrets do they hold?

Who Is Satan? A Helper Of Humanity?

According to ancient legends, Lucifer (or Satan), the day star and “bringer of light” was once an Angel of God. Further still, he was “the most beloved” – the leader of the angels. Perhaps an interesting reference to Satan in the Heavens is the account of Job in The Bible.

According to God, Job, who is rich and with many cattle, is a loyal servant. Interestingly, it also states that Job performs regular “sacrifices to atone for his indiscretions” as well as for those of his family. Satan, challenges God, stating the reason for Job’s loyalty is due to the riches God has given him. What, he would ask him, would happen if you suddenly took the riches away? Would he still be so loyal? This is a good indication as to why Satan has the reputation of looking to “tempt” humanity.

He would ultimately be “thrown out of the Heavens” for “opposing God” by wanting to impart his knowledge to humans. According to the Old Testament, Yahweh (God), opposes this, believing that such knowledge is not for mankind.

We will look at some of the alternative versions of Satan and his banishment from the Heavens in other ancient texts shortly, but perhaps the best account would be that of The Watchers in the Book of Enoch. Incidentally, although there is a brief mention of The Watchers in Genesis, the Book of Enoch vanished from The Bible in the first centuries AD. It would only come to light following the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls in 1949 near the West Bank in Qumran. Someone had gone to considerable effort to hide these writings thousands of years ago – surely too much effort for mere fiction.

The Account of The Watchers – Angels, Or Aliens?

The Book of Enoch, tells the story of The Watchers – a group of “two-hundred angels” who land on Earth in order to assist humanity. However, over time, The Watchers begin to interact with humans, teaching them creativity, skills, and individuality. They also marry human women who they are “consumed with lust for” and have children with (referred to as Nephilim in Genesis). This would lead to a “rebellion” between The Watchers on Earth, and those in Heaven, and ultimately, war.

The leader of the rebels is Samyaza – not a million miles away from Satan. And the basic premise of the story is very similar to that of Lucifer and the Angels. According to the Book of Enoch, Samyaza was an expert in “enchantment and root-cutting!” The account further describes Samyaza “descending to Mount Herman from Heaven” where he would teach humans about “magic and medicine!” This is perhaps why people connect such things as “dark arts” or “black magic” with Satan, even today.

Of course, to some, particularly those who subscribe to the ancient astronaut theory, these accounts are not telling of Angels or God, but of a race of extra-terrestrials. One that would appear to bear some responsibility for the human race. The Heavens, are nothing more than space, and very likely a “mother-ship” in orbit around the planet. Whether “God” was a flesh-and-blood leader of this race or was merely a faceless entity created to attribute “orders” to keep early humans in line, is open to debate.

Incidentally, following the war against the Watchers and their offspring, as well as the now tainted human race, God would “send The Flood” to the Earth. Whether this was myth or not, it features in almost all cultures.

The video below looks at The Watchers.

Other “Versions” Of Satan

This basic story occurs repeatedly in numerous other ancient accounts and texts, across the globe and time itself. And given the connections to serpents and “winged angels” attributed to the Devil in The Bible, it is interesting that the descriptions here are much the same. Indeed, many researchers, have picked up on this and the claims of “reptilian aliens” in general.

In Sumerian culture, for example, are the tales of the Anunnaki, who “from the heavens came” and created humans, in part, in their image. They would go on to impart great knowledge to them. What is interesting about the Anunnaki is some of the descriptions of them are that of a human with a reptilian face. Whether you believe the claims or not, many descriptions in modern times of these creatures are very similar.

The Mayans tell of Kukulkan who came from the stars to teach agriculture, mathematics, and the knowledge to build great cities. The “deity” is described as a “feathered serpent” – it is not too much of a stretch to think the “feather” reference is perhaps a reference to wings.

Viracocha of the Inca civilization is yet another. Like Lucifer and Prometheus, his description is one of a “bringer of light” and would pass on “celestial knowledge” to the population, allowing their society to flourish.

Even Ancient Greece and their tales of Prometheus giving fire (knowledge?) to human beings is largely a retelling of the Garden of Eden, with the snake (Prometheus or Satan) encouraging Eve to eat of the Tree of Knowledge – essentially, to think for herself! To rebel against authority. To create, not just to serve!

An image of a demonic ritual

An image of a demonic ritual

The “Battle” Between Science and Religion

So, how does that relate to the modern age, and conspiracy theories of the Illuminati and the world’s elite?

If we accept that Satan (whatever he may have or may not have been) was passing knowledge and information to humanity – basically, educating us in everything from mathematics, science, astrology, astronomy, metallurgy, agriculture and even weaponry – why is the perception of him one of a tempter? A practitioner and worshipper of evil? Viewed from a completely modern perspective, the account tells of someone liberating the many from their mental slavery. A leader. Surely, for human beings, this action should have Satan viewed as a savior of sorts?

Perhaps then, we should look again at those telling us this – The Church, or organized religion.

Maybe to better understand this, we need to look at the connection religion had with money. And more importantly, the issuance of money. Essentially, what the world’s bankers do today.

In his book Babylon’s Banksters, Joseph P. Farrell traces the roots of the issuance of monies to the population, and its connection to not only religious temples but astrology. Although it is very much ridiculed today, astrology was widely used in ancient times. In fact, some conspiracy researchers will tell you that its perception today is very purposeful. It is also interesting to note that many of the ancient stories and texts mention astrology as being one of the areas of expertise given to humans.

If, for the sake of argument, astrology is something that humans have collectively rejected due to it being purposely misrepresented, what else might that be the case with? Might Satan, and “God”, be flesh-and-blood aliens, who broke into two factions due to their disagreements over humanity?

Not Good v Evil – Just Knowledge?

While there is no doubt whatsoever that some of the so-called elites of the modern world can hardly be described as good people, nor can they all be described as evil, or even bad people. They do, however, tend to be highly intelligent and generally exceptionally successful – however you measure success.

We have written before on the basics of secret societies and what influence they may have on the world. Some of these societies began so that the exploration of science and ideas could happen away from the restrictions of religion. Remember, to do so at the time (in the 1600s) was heresy. So here we see an example of what most would consider the exploration of medicines. Cures for disease and research for the betterment of humanity was instead “the work of The Devil!”

So with this in mind, are the stories of the Serpent tempting Eve, or Prometheus giving knowledge of fire to humans – basically passing on knowledge so that humans might advance themselves – the same as such secret societies operating in secrecy due to the heavy hand of religion? Those who wished to keep the vast majority of humanity as nothing more than slaves.

As religion would lose its collective grip over the world’s populace throughout the twentieth century, consumerism would take its place. And those who may have once benefited from the pulpit would transplant their “skills” to the boardroom. The bloodlines of these people would become the “elites” of the banking, political, entertainment, and media worlds. All of which share connections, officially or unofficially. And it would appear, that access to esoteric knowledge is still important to their control. And that knowledge came “from the stars!”

Demon Alien staring out of outer space

Is there a blurring of the line between good and evil

The Greatest Trick?

Many conspiracy researchers use the term “Satanic” merely because the vast majority of people will understand the notion of it. That a dark ritual takes place with evil intent. Make no mistake, there is ample reason to believe that these rituals do take place. The intention, however, is perhaps the key point to understand here. Knowledge itself is just that – knowledge. How one uses it, however, is what would be “good” or “evil”. So perhaps a more accurate notion of “Satanic Black Magic” ruling the world, for example, would be how elites secretly access and use ancient knowledge to rule the world.

Going back to the use of astrology and the notion that the energy of the planets and their positioning affects life on Earth in ways most of us do not understand, the use of rituals by such people would make sense. According to those who have gained access to these rituals or researched the subject extensively, the purpose of them is to tap into the energy waves of both the planet and the individuals involved.

As everything is ultimately energy, these rituals seek to lock into the frequencies with those of “other” entities. This creates a match and allows the entities’ energy to enter the body of the individual. This is what most would describe as demonic possession. Along with entities gaining a temporary vessel, the individual themselves receive knowledge beyond what most ever have access to. Maybe this is how The Watchers operated on Earth thousands and thousands of years ago?

Most dismiss these claims entirely. Perhaps that proves the truth in “the greatest trick the Devil ever played, was convincing the world he didn’t exist!” Or that he was someone, or something else entirely?

The video below explains more.


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  • Brian(Pheonyx) says:

    The Greys who were crashed both Roswell and the earlier one not to far I think Colorado, we’re both NAZi creations and the greys made from dolphin DNA.
    World banks being controlled, wars and ultimately Satanists go way back and from also Sabbitian(Saturn) Frankist who have infiltrated every major religion and ultimately are all controlled by Reptilian/djinn/ shadow people from Fourth-5th dimensions. (The Archons!) Lower vibration soul connection so they must use technology/weapons/control.
    We lost WW2, Nazi control from inside CIA Bush- Clintons- Obama are pre-MKUltra puppets to the Archons who supply technology and timeline probabilities to
    be controlled. They want to be able to control 3rd dimension and use us as batteries and food. If crocodiles could leave water and habitate anywhere well that is a Reptoid – Archon!
    That is what I gathered after meeting some and then research for 30 years! And yes I have tangled and lost much during that time, but I also found my own human powers most of the people do not understand.
    Let’s discuss! Love your work!
    Sincerely Brian ( Pheonyx)
    Camila Harris in town Seattle) SS coptprs just flew over and I’m waiting out this storm!

  • mitch swanson says:

    Interesting and not the first time I have read this perspective. I bought several books looking for answer. enuma elis 1902 by Leonard w king. enoch from ethiopia translated by richard laurence . all the books by sitchen. their is more in my library. came to the conclusion that advanced beings enhanced man long ago and either they or their underlings or dependents are still here. my library is small but well rounded of uncommon books. I truly appreciate this opportunity to share in my interests with other like minded. did not Napoleon invade rome and remove the vatican collection to france which a portion returned later? for sure much is askew with what is accepted as mainstream knowledge. Thank you for your time, Mitch Swanson.

  • Jani Hakonen says:

    In Sumerian culture, for example, are the tales of the Anunnaki, who “from the heavens came”

    Did you know that person who is behind this view is con artist. He translated sumerian “royal seed” as “from the heavens came”.

    More info: http://www.sitchiniswrong.com

    nevertheless very good article

    • Marcus Lowth says:

      It’s true there are a lot of people who completely dismiss Sitchin’s translations. And they could well be correct!

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