Human Origins On Earth And The “Prison Planet” Theory

Marcus Lowth
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October 10, 2018
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December 6, 2021
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We have examined, on several occasions, various views of the Ancient Astronaut Theory, the possibilities of the Anunnaki, and the increasing evidence of advanced civilizations existing on Earth long before recorded history suggests. Civilizations that existed before The Flood, for example, which many researchers speculate has more truth to it, even if only in localized but significant events than just biblical legends. And as well we might. For such theories not only persist, refusing to be dismissed by “accepted” but disinterested scholars, but they have the potential to be revealing of the UFO and alien question, as well as our true collective origins.

An ancient scene with a superimposed UFO and aliens over the top

Were humans brought here from another planet?

Indeed, as we will look at briefly later, evolution simply seems to be at odds with huge parts of human history and provides little reason for our sudden actions and overly-rapid development. And if we take out creationism (certainly the blind, dogmatic version offered by “religion”) then that leaves us to look at other outside influences. And furthermore, given that many ancient texts, traditions, and legends also suggest such outside influences, combined with the increasing number of researchers coming to similar conclusions, albeit at times hesitantly, it is something that would surely be detrimental to humanity to ignore. What are the real origins of the human race on Earth? Why did we progress so rapidly and to such advancements unlike any other animal on the planet?  Ultimately, were humans brought to Earth hundreds of thousands of years ago? And if so, why, and from where?

Managing to answer these questions may prove as beneficial for our intellect and understanding as it would be for the general collective human psyche. Not to mention taking us a step closer to releasing, and realizing, the true potential of each one of us.

Earth Not As Ideal As “Whoever Brought Us Here Initially Thought!”

Perhaps one of the leading voices in the notion that not only are human beings not the product of evolution (at least how we understand it) and instead subject to some type of inter-breeding (perhaps even geoengineered) is Dr. Ellis Silver. In fact, Silver even argues that human beings, or something close to, were likely brought or came to Earth from another planet, [1] eventually inter-breeding with Neanderthals resulting in the human race we know today. What’s more, Dr. Silver, offers several intriguing and scientifically documented reasons why this could be true.

His main point revolves around the fact that while Earth certainly ticks all the right boxes for humans to survive and even prosper, it isn’t an “ideal” home for us, certainly not as ideal as “whoever brought us here initially thought”. One would imagine if humanity had indeed evolved here it surely would be.

Silver compares the human condition with other species of animals indigenous to Earth. He cites, for example, how general chronic illness in humans, specifically chronic back pain, suffered by millions around the world, is a testament to humans’ disjointed relationship with the planet. Silver offers that this could be an indicator that the gravity on our “real” home planet was much lower than on Earth. This higher gravity is the cause of back pain, due to the relative tallness of humans, which results in strain on the back area as it supports the body. Ultimately, this results in chronic back pain.

Even the fact we stand tall, whereas most other creatures have a low center of gravity, have flat feet yet hands with opposable thumbs, and no body hair/fur (despite needing clothes for warmth) are all at odds with how our environment should have made us.

Out Of Synch With The Earth?

Silver also looks at human offspring. And specifically child-birth, which causes women great pain and distress, in part, due to the oversized nature of a baby’s head. Before the era of modern medicine, know-how, and equipment, many women and their children would die horrifically in childbirth. Silver states that “no other truly native species on this planet has this problem”.

Furthermore, unlike the vast majority of other species on the planet, human offspring are completely helpless for years. And even following basic strength-development and learned skills, are multiple years away from anything close to maturity. It is almost as if the human gestation period is much shorter than it should be. Unless, of course, some kind of genetic alteration with an entirely different breed of hominid occurred.

Even humans’ reaction to sunlight, the very thing we need to sustain life, is out of synch with most other animals on the planet. Many, for example, can have exposure to sun all day, every day, for long periods of time. For humans, that isn’t the case. Not only will we burn in the sun in a matter of hours, but long-term exposure often results in skin-cancers. Furthermore, we squint our eyes in the sun, again, something that appears to be unique to humans.

Silver believes that the root of many of these problems is that our body clock (as proven by sleep researchers) is naturally designed to work on a 25-hour clock. [2] This, as opposed to the 24-hour cycle offered on Earth. Again, this is at odds with how our bodies should react if we were a true product of our environment. What’s more, Silver offers, “This is not a modern condition. The same factors can be traced all the way back through mankind’s history”.

A UFO flying through the sky at the dawn of time

Are humans out of synch with the Earth?

Why Are We So Different?

There is no question that humans are far advanced of other animals on Earth. [3] Perhaps that is due to the “extra 223” genes in the human genetic make-up compared with other Earth creatures. And remember, a great percentage of human DNA is still an absolute mystery to scientists. What are these extra genes and “junk DNA”? Where do they come from? And why do we have them? Why are we so different from all living things?

And why, for example, do we not see dogs organize themselves politically? Why do we not see cats develop replacement limbs to assist their fellow cats who might have had a run-in with a car? Why don’t bears, dolphins, elephants, or whatever other animal you wish to choose, invent, create, philosophize, or document their collective pasts? While all of those questions might sound trite, even ridiculous, the fact is, if evolution were entirely responsible for humanity and its development as it was for other living things on Earth, then you would expect at least one other animal to have “evolved” in a similar way to us. However, they haven’t. Not one. Animals live today, without human interference, pretty much as they did thousands, if not millions of years ago. For humans, that isn’t at all the case.

Even the fact we cook our food (who told us to do this?), and the fact that, generally speaking, there is a dislike for raw, naturally-grown foods, separates us further from our fellow animals. Going back to our lack of body hair or fur for a moment, if evolution was responsible for our development, then we would still have all over body hair. However, as soon as we lost said body hair, did we start to wear clothing for warmth.

“Something Just Isn’t Right!”

While it is perhaps harder to prove scientifically, if at all, there is also an increasing “feeling” among many today who are becoming aware that “something just isn’t right”. That they “don’t belong” or they “don’t fit it”. While great swathes of the population are more than happy to drown their minds in reality TV or work themselves up into some pornographic-induced stupor, or just lose themselves in a rage of self-serving hedonism, largely at others’ physical and emotional expense, others, it would seem, are beginning to experience an awakening of sorts. A realization that there is something missing. That there is so much more to our collective past, present, and future. Something that science alone can not solve. And something that religions and governments through “accepted” science, for their own differing reasons, wish to suppress.

Might we come from elsewhere?

Although it is pure speculation, might the Asteroid Belt, for example, be the remains of a planet destroyed long ago? One that, perhaps, had a 25-hour day cycle and lower gravity? Might some have escaped that planet before the ultimate disaster and settled on Earth? Or, might they have originated from Mars for similar reasons? While it is something to perhaps treat with a pinch of salt, a declassified CIA document regarding a remote viewing experiment to Mars is interesting. It would apparently reveal a “tall race of people”. They lived within pyramids due to the dying atmosphere of the planet. Some had managed to leave the stricken planet on huge ships. And apparently landed on Earth almost a million years BC.

Or might “we” have come from much further away? And might their reasons have not been one of escaping a dying planet, but rather a way of discarding the criminal element of their own cosmic society?

Cave art that appears to show aliens

Do ancient cave painting like this depict alien entities?

Earth – A Cosmic Prison Colony?

While there is certainly no evidence to back up the suggestion, the notion that Earth was at one time a “prison planet” is intriguing nonetheless. And after all, at various times in human history, prisoners have been banished or shipped off. Cast to islands or regions out of the way of the rest of the population. It is a speculation that Dr. Silver and other researchers have voiced.

Look, for example, at our history. Thousands of years full of war, conflict, violence, and needless death. To say we are a violent, reactionary, yet ultra-manipulative species would be an understatement. And even in times of peace, how many of us treat each other, along with the many myopic, warped, and self-gratifying “staying-with-the-herd” actions, is truly appalling. Might it be, then, that these traits are remnants of our cosmic ancestors? Ancestors that were essentially the criminal, violent, and general nastiness of an otherwise advanced society? It is certainly an interesting theory. But one, assuming for a moment there was some truth in it, that opens up a whole host of questions.

For example, was this criminal element simply left here to fend for themselves? Or were “overseers” also left behind? Might these overseers have been “the gods” of many ancient writings? Might this criminal element eventually have overrun and taken over the planet? And just how long ago might all this have taken place?

An Advanced Intervention In Antiquity?

So, what of all the UFO sightings still taking place today? If they are extraterrestrial in nature, are they the ones who apparently brought our ancestors here in the distant past? Are they, in turn, our ancestors? If so, and taking the typical description of a grey alien, why do they not look as we look? Might it be due to the apparent interbreeding between their ancestors and Neanderthals? Both of which, ultimately, would be our ancestors.

And why do they keep returning? Are we part of some kind of long-standing and opportunistic observation experiment? Might that explain, in part, the alien abduction phenomena and the apparent need to “tag” those they abduct with implants? And, if so, why only certain people? Are those people perceived as a risk, or even at risk, to or from something unknown to us?

Whatever the circumstances and reasons, it would appear that one intervention of another occurred somewhere in antiquity. An intervention that not only is responsible for humanity and its elevation among other living creatures on Earth, but one that has been manipulated, twisted, and hidden by a select few organizations and influential families over the centuries, in order to maintain control over the wider populace. Now, however, with the world a much smaller place due to increased opportunity to travel and, most importantly, the Internet giving us access to information and ideas, as well as the ability to share that information quickly and widely, as people become both intellectually and spiritually aware, that control is perhaps beginning to slip.

Check out the short video below. It looks at human origins and the possible connections to an ancient extraterrestrial race.


1 Humans Evolved Somewhere Else In The Galaxy – We Are Aliens On Our Own Planet – Scientist Says, Message To Eagle, June 12th 2014
2 Human Biological Clock Set Back an Hour, The Harvard Gazette
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  • Angelo V Secreto says:

    The more I age the more this Earth is indeed a prisoner planet, crying for a Divine event, I posted said thoughts only on FB Tuesday and found, this story fitting my view today.

  • Michael Johnson says:

    zecharia sitchin convinced me..have all the books at least in our origin am somewhat a skeptic about Nibiru though I wonder today if the only holdback of truth is the Vatican and world religion.s loss of power

    • Marcus Lowth says:

      The Sitchin books are interesting stuff. I share your thoughts on “Nibiru”. I have wondered before if it is actually Saturn “with the rings giving it a winged appearance” – or even that Nibiru wasn’t a planet at all but some kind of huge space-station. Wild speculation admittedly.

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