Alien Contact Or Paranormal Happenings – The Encounters Of “Julie”

Marcus Lowth
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March 7, 2022
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The case of “Julie” from Carlisle in the United Kingdom is an intriguing one not only because it unfolded over many years, but because it appears to straddle the line between apparent reptilian entities and paranormal activity.

A depiction of a girl's ghost

Julie from Carlisle had many bizarre encounters

From an apparent encounter with a reptilian entity to a possible case of alien abduction, to regularly seeing ghostly manifestations and even shadow people, the experiences of Julie are indeed some of the most remarkable and thought-provoking on record.

Just what happened to Julie, and why, over a two-decade timespan remains unknown. Her encounters and experiences, though, made provide large missing pieces of the puzzle that will show what some researchers suggest is a clear connection between UFO and alien encounters and the paranormal.

The case comes to us from the research files of Dave Hodrien of the Birmingham UFO Group. He saw a report from the witness on social media and contacted her in January 2022. He would interview her at length over the period of several weeks.

A Suddenly Appearing Reptilian Arm!

It would appear events began at some point in 2000 when Julie (not her real name) was only 12 years old. [1] Julie was at home in her bedroom at around 9 pm. As usual, she was reading a book, something she often did until quite late into the night, partly because she struggled to sleep, and partly because she had a fear of the dark and would often leave the light on in her room.

On this particular evening, as she was lying on her bed, she noticed a sudden movement at the bottom of the bed and instinctively peered over the top of her book. To her shock and horror, from the corner of the bed came a black, scaly arm with claws with white talons where the hand should have been. In fact, she noticed that there was no actual wrist between this claw and the arm, which was much more muscular than a human arm.

A drawing of a reptilian arm

Drawing of the arm by the witness (C)BUFOG

She stared at the arm for a moment longer, contemplating whether she was imagining it. However, she knew she wasn’t and she knew whatever it was, it was very real. What’s more, although she didn’t dare look, she had the impression that the creature the arm belonged to was at the foot of her bed.

The arm continued to move across the bed moving left to right. Then, right before her eyes, it simply vanished. She remained still, not daring to move in case the strange arm returned. After several moments, convinced had indeed gone, she let out a breath of sir. Although the arm had startled her, she was not frightened. In fact, she simply went back to reading her book as if nothing had happened. She estimated the entire episode had lasted no longer than seven seconds.

In the days that followed, however, Julie began to sense an increasing feeling that there was a strange presence outside her room – a presence that could announce itself at any moment. This feeling became so strong that she even repositioned her bed so that she faced the door.

Many Matching Details To Other Reptilian Encounters

Hodrien highlighted some intriguing details of the encounter. For example, after speaking to her at length about the encounter it was his impression that she truly did see something and that it wasn’t a case of her simply imagining it. As he points out, this was not a “fleeting glimpse”, she stared at the arm clearly for several seconds.

He also highlights how the seemingly bizarre positioning of the reptilian matches other similar accounts. For example, some people who have reported similar encounters often state that these strange entities are often crouched or laid down, reaching upwards to the witness. They often, as Hodrien writes, “position themselves in unusual ways”.

A shadow person looking down

Did Julie have an encounter with a reptilian entity?

Even the color of the reptilians with black, scaly skin has been reported more than we might think, just like in this case (although many reports state the skin to be green or a bizarre off-white color).

There is also the possibility that Julie can’t remember the entire incident – in fact, she may actually recall very little of it. In short, it is possible that what she recalled was the end of a reptilian abduction encounter. The fact that she was surprisingly calm despite the truly surreal nature of the incident perhaps also suggests this. What’s more, many people who experience repeated abductions and strange encounters do so from an early age, similar to Julie.

Hodrien points out that the constant feeling that something was waiting outside her room about to enter may have been much more than a feeling. It could have been repressed memories of the encounter – when the reptilian entity entered her room.

Whatever the truth of the matter, this was just the first of many years of strange encounters and experiences.

Strange Paranormal Incidents Increase

The following year in 2001 Julie began experiencing many strange episodes that resonate with typically paranormal encounters, although they are also details that show up in cases of repeated alien abduction.

For example, Julie began hearing strange footsteps in various parts of the house, even though there was clearly no one there. Doors would often open of their own accord and she would often hear loud, clattering noises. On one occasion, while she was looking straight at it, a photo frame turned itself around as if being guided by an invisible hand. Many poltergeist cases have similar details.

Even more alarming, she would often see shadowy figures out of the corner of her eye. However, by the time she had turned around, there was nothing there. What’s more, these shadowy figures often appeared to be extraordinarily tall – much like many reptilians are reported to be.

A face in the shadows

The paranormal incidents went on for years

The more time went on, the more other people would also witness these strange incidents. Furthermore, they appeared not to be limited to the house itself. On one occasion when her mother – who worked at a nursing home – could not find childcare for Julie and her brother, Steve, she was forced to take her children to work with her. She would make a bed for them on the staff sofa and then go about her duties.

However, in the middle of the night, Julie awoke to the sound of her mother comforting her crying brother. When she asked what had happened, she was told that her brother had woken up to see the tube of a hoover that was in the room moving by itself. More than scared by what he was seeing he screamed out for his mother. When she entered the room, she too saw the hoover tube moving. She walked over to it and pushed the hoover with her foot, at which point it lost its animation and the tube fell to the ground.

Another bizarre incident around the same time had an unsettling connection to the nursing home. One of the residents with who both Julie and her brother were familiar – Dorothy – had passed away. However, several days later, while on his way to use the bathroom, Steve claimed to have seen Dorothy sitting at their dining room table in the kitchen.

Following this, Julie also began seeing strange moving entities in the kitchen. So much so, that she became afraid to walk into the room, or even past it.

These were just several of the strange incidents witnessed by Julie and Steve. She would inform Hodrien of many more encounters.

The Many Experiences Of Steve

Julie would hand over a long text exchange between her and her brother regarding some of the incidents they experienced over the years of their childhood. He would recall that he used to see his late grandfather often in the house. Even more alarming, he would often see a large, shadowy creature. He couldn’t recall precisely what it looked at, but he remembered that it was “huge” and wore a “hat or a hood”. He would also hear strange footsteps around the house, particularly on the stairs as if people were running up and down them. He even claimed to have seen the black, clawed arm that Julie had seen.

Even more intriguing, Steve would recall an experience their father had that Julie had previously been unaware of. He recalled how he had awoken one morning to her their father speaking to someone downstairs. After around 10 minutes when the conversation had ended, Steve decided to make his way downstairs. When he did so, his father looked at him strangely. He would ask his son why he was there, claiming he had only just had a 20-minute conversation with him.

A picture of a shadowy person

Julie’s brother, Steve, also had many strange encounters

This is an interesting account, not least as many researchers suggest that reptilian creatures have the ability to shapeshift and, essentially, take on the form of other people. Had this been the case here, and might that same shapeshifting reptilian be responsible for the sightings of Dorothy and the children’s grandfather?

Steve would recall another bizarre and unsettling incident that occurred one evening while their father sat at the home computer, and he was watching television from the sofa. He claimed that he, at first believed their father was throwing items at him to annoy him, and also started whispering his name. When Steve told him to stop it, their father had no idea what he was talking about. Steve didn’t believe him at first. However, when their father suddenly turned white with fright, he realized he too had heard the strange voice.

Bizarre Experiences At The Nursing Home

What is perhaps interesting, though, is that despite the strange events that happened outside of the home, the house itself would appear to be at least a partial key to unlocking the reason behind these strange events.

Julie recalled that when she worked in one of the local pubs, she learned from someone who used to live there years before, that his brother was one of the “thalidomide babies” and had sadly passed away in the house. What’s more, there was always “strange goings-on” during their time living there.

She also recalled another friend, Timothy, whose mother used to live in the property. She too experienced a string of bizarre activities and happenings. She too saw a strange, shadowy entity in the bedroom one evening. Whatever it was, she didn’t dare get a clear look at it, but she knew it simply watched her for a considerable amount of time.

Julie and Steve also recalled further strange incidents involving a family friend – Rob – who had recently died. In the weeks that followed, Julie began to have strange dreams of Rob walking into her room and sitting on her bed. The more she had these dreams, the more Julie began to contemplate if they were more than that.

A depiction of a shadowy figure

The strange activity occurred outside of the family home

She would ask Steve to sit in her room one evening while she slept to see if he too saw the ghostly form of their friend. Much to his amazement, he did, although he didn’t feel scared and just went back to the computer.

Things would take an even stranger and more ominous turn for Julie in the summer of 2002. For reasons she couldn’t explain, she suddenly began to have very unsettling but very real dreams. And what’s more, they always involved two young girls. Often, the girls would be in what appeared to be a warehouse, tied to a radiator. Other times she would have horrific dreams where the girls were on fire.

When she spoke to her mother about the dreams, she began to make a potential connection to the murder of Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman, who at the time were still missing. It is important to note that this is pure speculation on Julie’s mother’s part and that Julie was fully aware of the girls’ disappearance at the time. Nevertheless, given the other strange goings-on, it is worth mentioning.

Further Unsettling Encounters As A Young Woman

By the time Julie was a young woman, she worked at a local hospital as a senior staff nurse. And the strange activity would follow her there on the night in 2016. Julie would recall that one of the patients at the hospital had died that night. When family members who had been at the bedside had left, at around 2 am, Julie and another nurse went about wrapping the body for collection to the morgue.

As they were doing so Julie happened to glance up at the window. To her horror, in the reflection, she could see a tall shadowy figure moving behind her from one side to the other. She further noticed a “shuffling sound” coming from the floor as if something was physically moving.

Instinctively, Julie moved back in shock. When she did so, the other nurse looked in her direction. The look on her face told Julie that she too could see the shadowy form. Both of them left what they were doing and ran out of the room.

They remained in the corridor for around 15 minutes before returning to the room. Much to their relief, when they did so, the ghostly presence was gone. They cautiously finished preparing the body and left the room in order to fill out the necessary paperwork. When they went to do so, though, they realized that the form they needed had been left in the room with the deceased patient in their rush to get away.

Julie returned to retrieve it. When she arrived in the room, she was stunned to find that the wrapping around the patient’s body had been ripped away leaving the dead man’s head fully exposed.

Although both nurses were beyond shocked and frightened by the events, they proceeded to rewrap the body and then left the room. No further incidents occurred, at least that night.

Experiences Still Continue Today

Much more recently in 2021, Julie encountered another truly bizarre encounter while performing her duties at work. On this particular evening, at about 1 am, she was transferring a patient from one ward to another. As she was doing so, however, she suddenly noticed the shadowy form of a young woman that appeared to have very blond hair (relative to her black form). This form was moving toward a sink in the room.

To begin with, she thought it was patient with a similar appearance who would often leave her bed at night. She turned around expecting to see her and to escort her back to her bed. However, to her utter shock, there was no one there. She spun her head back around and saw the faces of the other nurses. They too had clearly seen the shadowy figure also.

sketch of the strange figure

Sketch of the strange figure by the witness (c) BUFOG

The nurses left the ward they were on, confused as to what they had just witnessed. Each of the other nurses recognized the similarity to the patient Julie initially thought she had seen. Realizing that it was impossible for the patient to have been there are disappeared, they began to contemplate whether the patient might have passed away and they had witnessed her spirit. However, a quick check confirmed this not to have been the case.

Just what it was the three nurses witnessed that evening remains unknown. Might this have been another case of whatever potential shapeshifting entity that has plagued Julie throughout her life taking the form of someone she would know?

Just What Did Julie And Her Family Encounter?

So, just what did Julie, as well as her brother and several work colleagues, experience over a 20-year period? That they – particularly Julie – were at the center of something truly strange is without a doubt.

Might it be that Julie herself is some kind of conduit, one that attracts these otherworldly entities to her and those around her? Might that be why other people sometimes witnessed these strange entities also?

Many of the details of Julie’s accounts appear very much like those of a typical poltergeist encounter. The appearance of shadowy figures, the strange banging, photos, and other objects moving by themselves, as well as doors opening and closing of their own accord. Is this merely a straightforward poltergeist case?

It would appear not. Firstly, there were several encounters that took place outside of the family home. And while this is not unheard of in poltergeist cases, it is rare. Furthermore, many other families also experienced strange activity in the house. And again, while this does happen with cases of haunted houses, many poltergeist cases tend to revolve around one person, admittedly often a child or teenager.

Or might many of these incidents be connected to alien abduction, much like the first one when she was a young child? It would be interesting to note whether or not there had been other occasions of missing time similar to the account of the reptilian arm? Or perhaps this reptilian abduction – if that was indeed what it was – was a one-off occurrence, but one that, intentionally or not, have Julie the ability to see creatures and entities that most of us can’t?

Perhaps the house, for reasons unknown, might be the catalyst, almost as if it contains some kind of portal or gateway that allows this torrent of paranormal entities into our world? This might possibly explain the bizarre mixture of alien abduction and poltergeist activity.

As always, the questions outnumber the answers. Whether these encounters continue and whether Julie and those who might investigate them gain a better understanding of why they are happening remains to be seen.

The short video below looks at the reptilian conspiracy a little further.


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