Reptilian Creatures And Underground Facilities – The Encounter Of Marc Brooks

Marcus Lowth
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September 9, 2022
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October 26, 2022
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Claims of reptilian creatures and underground facilities have swirled around both the UFO and conspiracy world for decades. And while we should treat such claims with a pinch of salt here and there, they are some of the most intriguing and thought-provoking on record. And while many UFO and conspiracy researchers dismiss claims of reptilian entities as nonsense, the alleged encounters are certainly interesting.

An underground base

Is there a connection between reptilian creatures and underground facilities?

Without a doubt, one of the most intriguing reptilian encounters that, at least in part, unfolded in a discreet underground facility is that of Marc Brooks. He and his friend “Harry” stumbled upon the compound, and indeed a reptilian entity completely by accident while exploring a cave in Nevada. And many of the details of the incident mirror many others from around the world.

Is it possible that claims of encounters with reptilian beings might have more truth to them than most would perhaps think, and should we take such claims more seriously? Indeed, if there was, one day, even partial truths proven around alleged encounters with reptilian entities who reside in deep underground facilities accessed largely through caves and then negotiated with intricate, ancient tunnel systems, then it would surely be one of the most life-changing, history-altering revelations of all time.

A ”Forbidden” Journey To Black Mountain

Marc Brooks, the (then) 13-year-old son of UFO researcher and author, Cherry Hinkle was involved in one of the most alarming and interesting reptilian encounters on record. The incident in question occurred in 1977 when Cherry and Marc were living just outside of Henderson, Nevada. [1] On this particular day, Marc had ventured off hiking with a friend, Harry, in and around the many cave systems in the area, particularly those around Black Mountain. Indeed, while there are highways and several businesses that are encroaching on the land around Black Mountain today, in the late seventies, it was nothing but desert land.

Black Mountain

Black Mountain

It was while exploring one of these caves that things took a decidedly strange turn. They had made their way into one of the caves and found what appeared to be a circular chamber deep inside. However, by pure chance, they discovered a further opening that appeared to be so deep and dark, that they could only see several feet ahead with the flashlights. What’s more, the drop was almost straight down, although a branch ladder was present on the side of the shaft-like entrance. Deciding they simply had to explore where this discreet tunnel went, they each proceeded into the blackness.

Cherry Hinkle would later state in her retelling of her son’s encounter that they soon “heard the sounds of voices and maybe the distant humming of machines”. They each believed there was some kind of secret mining operation taking place, and this tunnel would lead them to it. They continued down, completely unaware of the truly chilling events that awaited them.

Something On The Other Side Of The Door

Eventually, they came to the end of this discreet tunnel and discovered a rusty metal door. Next to the door was a bizarre metallic-looking rod measuring around a foot. The boys examined the strange rod a little closer, noticing that it had a strange symbol engraved into it and that there was a cap on one end. When they picked it up, instead of being heavy it was extremely lightweight.

Intrigued, Marc pushed the rod through his belt buckle for safekeeping. Then, he and Harry turned their flashlights back toward the door. He reached for the doorknob and rattled it several times. It wouldn’t budge. However, of more concern was the sound of strange voices and approaching footsteps. It appeared as though the footsteps and animalistic voices were coming from the other side of the door. Both of the boys felt a surge of sudden fear run through them.

They scrambled back to the tunnel, Harry going first with Marc closely behind him. As they went, they could hear the sound of a metal door opening behind them. They each continued on, eventually coming back out into the round chamber.

They both ran as fast as they could toward the tunnel entrance, not stopping until they were some distance away from the cave and back into daylight. When they finally came to rest, they realized Marc still had the strange rod. They both examined it in awe, guessing at what the strange symbols or letters were, and what language they represented.

However, the two boys were not quite out of danger yet.

“He’s Going To Get Us…Don’t Open The Door!”

As they were examining the rod, a sudden growl-like roar cut through the air. They realized the sound had come from the cave entrance, and when they spun around, they were more than shocked to see a “large greenish humanoid” who was seemingly struggling to fit its hulking frame out of the small entrance of the cave.

The two boys immediately ran once again. Eventually, they could see Marc’s backyard and began to slow down, certain they were out of harm’s way. However, when they glanced back they could see the humanoid creature a short distance away running towards them.

They scrambled once again, running through the front door, shutting and locking immediately behind them. Marc called out that “he’s going to get us…don’t open the door”. Marc’s mother, Cherry came running into the room to see what the commotion was about. She gasped when she saw them, both from the dirt left behind from their adventures but also due to the obvious fear of each of them.

Before she could think anything else, Harry blurted out that the creature was “big and looks mean”, also pleading with Cherry not to open the door. She attempted to calm the boys down, telling them to get a drink of water while she went to “speak with the man”. At this they both implored her once again not to go outside, adding that “he’s not a man” and that he would kill her.

Once more Cherry tried to reason with the boys. However, when Marc offered that this figure “looks like a man but his face looks like a snake, like a lizardman” and that he was “naked except for a wide belt with stuff on it”. This last detail is interesting as it comes up a lot in apparent reptilian encounters – so much that we should perhaps ponder just what could be behind these seemingly outrageous incidents.

Cherry suggested that it was surely someone in a costume playing a joke on the pair. It was then that they told her they had been to Black Mountain – a place that they were forbidden from visiting due to how dangerous it was – and that this creature was so large, he could barely squeeze himself out of the entrance.

At this point, Cherry moved a little closer to the window and peered outside. There was no one outside, and Cherry turned around to inform the boys of this. As she did, she noticed the strange rod Marc had attached to this belt.

An Unsettling Event

When Cherry asked her son what the rod was, he suddenly detached it and threw it to the ground, clearly having forgotten he had it. Cherry went forward to pick it up but Harry warned her that it might be dangerous and some type of weapon. After offering that they had managed to get it all the way back home unharmed, the rod was most likely not dangerous. And with that, she leaned forward and picked it up.

She turned it over in her hand, examining both the metallic feel as well as the strange, engraved symbols on it, noting they were a combination of spirals, circles, and triangles for the most part. Whatever it was, there was no obvious “on” switch, and the cap on one side didn’t move. Cherry would recall that she “knew it was not a toy, but (it was) nothing I recognized”.

By now, it was beginning to get dark outside. With both of the boys still seemingly shaken by whatever had happened to them, Cherry, with Marc with her, walked Harry back to his house before returning home themselves. She noted how Marc appeared extremely nervous and agitated for most of the evening, continually getting up to peak out of the window. By midnight, the family went to bed.

The strange events, however, were not over just yet.

Something At The Window

At around 2 am Cherry was awoken by Marc. He was whispering to her, but with a real sense of anxiety in his voice. He claimed that there was something trying to get in through his window. Suddenly, Cherry herself felt very vulnerable. As well as her and Marc she had her three other children in the house.

She reached for the flashlight and then went back to Marc’s room and drew back the curtain of the window. Instead of a strange man being on the other side of the glass, there was something much more monstrous.

She would later recall how she could see “a large head with ridges on the top” and with “other ridges on his cheekbones”. Furthermore, this strange creature had eyes that glowed a golden color. Both she and Marc stood silently watching the creature, as it looked directly back at them. They could each see the creature’s hand still on the window, paused in the middle of an attempt to gain entry. And they could see that hand was “large, with webbed, rough, gnarly looking fingers, with powerful claws”.

This stare-off continued for several minutes, all the while with Cherry keeping the beam of the flashlight on the creature’s face. She began to feel around in the dark, desperate to find something she could use as a weapon. As she did so, she realized the creature was seemingly aware of what she was doing. She recalled how it “turned its head a little as if asking a question”. She noticed its mouth open a little, “displaying four pointed teeth”.

Then, with no warning, the creature suddenly turned and ran back into the darkness of the night.

Bringing The Encounter To An End

As soon as the creature ran off, Marc reached forward and pulled the curtains shut. He then sat on the bed with his mother, herself considerably shaken by the whole affair. They eventually began walking from room to room, checking all of the doors and windows. Neither of them slept any further that night.

Both Marc and Cherry agreed that the creature had likely been looking to retrieve the strange metallic rod that they have taken from the outside the metal door. And fearing it might return for the same reason, they drove out near the cave’s entrance and left the rod there. Whether it was retrieved by the reptilian creature or not, the Hinkle’s were not troubled by the lizardman again.

It was later when Cherry noticed just how high the windows were from the ground outside the property that she realized how tall the reptilian creature must have been to have been looking in on them as it was – at least seven feet. She thought back to Marc’s insistence that it had to squeeze itself out of the cave’s entrance.

Unfortunately, Marc passed away in 1999. Cherry, however, still lives near Black Mountain. And she claims that many people local to the area often hear a strange rumbling coming from underground as if some kind of subterranean construction is taking place.

Many Shared Details

There are indeed many points of interest to examine in the above account, not least the fact that the reptilian creature seemingly came from a discreet underground base or facility. There are many similar encounters around the world, all of which have occurred in or near caves.

What’s more, there are many claims of top-secret underground facilities in the western states, with some researchers even offering that these facilities are connected through intricate tunnel networks. Where claims differ is that some people believe these facilities are ancient reptilian lairs known only to them, while others claim some kind of joint operation between these alien creatures and a secret department of the United States government. Of course, we should treat such claims with a pinch of salt, but they are intriguing, nonetheless.

The strange metallic rod is also another intriguing detail that shows up in other reports of encounters with almost identical reptilian entities. In some of these accounts, the witness recalls this device being touched against the skin and immediately causing them to black out. This would mean that the device has to be somehow activated, as when Marc, Harry, and Cherry handled it they came to no harm. Perhaps this is done by something similar to DNA or palm-print recognition technology.

It is perhaps also worth pointing out that this metallic rod is also reported in encounters with gray alien entities, which is particularly interesting when we consider that some people believe a connection between these two apparently different races exists, with some witnesses recalling that the grey skin is a suit which hides the grey aliens’ reptilian features.

Pure Nonsense, Or A History-Altering Revelation?

We should stress again that the idea of reptilian creatures, even to many in the UFO community is considered to be bordering on preposterous. And this could very much be the case. That said, however, there are multiple reports of such creatures that go back decades and further potential accounts throughout history. Could there really be something to the admittedly outrageous notion of intelligent reptilian creatures?

If we dismiss the potential extraterrestrial nature of these reptilian creatures for a moment, we might ask if it is really that much of a stretch of the imagination that a race of reptilian entities did develop, discreetly, deep below the ground over thousands and thousands of years? Perhaps a race that is much older than our own.

Indeed, accounts such as those of Marc Brooks and many others like it should alert us to the fact that there could be much more to claims of reptilian entities than people would wish to believe. And while we need to tread carefully as researchers to get to any potential truth that resides within the overall reptilian conspiracy, it is a path that could very well lead to a very different perception of both our history and our reality.

The video below examines the reptilian conspiracy a little further.


1 Reptilian Encounter in the Nevada Desert, Cherry Hinkle

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  • Fango says:

    You have an artifact from another world in your hands for 24 hours…you decide to return it to creatures who are clearly not from earth…and you do just that.
    Is it remotely possible to do this, and Never get 20 photos and measurements of the said instrument before returning it?
    This is just another scam.
    -Have you noticed, that all scams require never trying to get proof of what happened or what they saw, when it would be the easiest thing to do, in fact?

    The scammers tarnish and muddy the truly important events. -Just ask Dr David Jacobs!

  • Patricia Jackson says:

    I have tried to contact you several times. Please contact if you wish information on these reptilian-Zeta group. I am 70 yrs. old and this info needs to be released to the public. Before I pass I am looking for someone who will document what they are doing to humans. And if there is a second earth these creatures
    will continue to drain humans that don’t evolve to a different frequency. I am aware that this heavy stuff. Please reply

  • Patricia Jackson says:

    Thank you for reading my e-mail. Frankly, there is information that needs to be released to the world. Those aliens are still on earth. Years I was so ill I couldn’t keep journal. But I remember enough. It is my understanding that very soon they will be kicked out of this world. Would you be willing to work with me. I have changed my phone number because of scammers. It is 915-332-3747. I work a little two Sat. a month so I have time. I live in my bedroom usually
    24-7 because of PTSD. Please call to see if the number is correct.

  • Patricia Jackson says:

    Yes I have tried to contact you recently. There are underground bases in western US. I am a captive in Arizona, or Utah. Seen the tunnels and they have experimented on me. Unbelievable nerve sickness and frequency illness.


    Thank you for posting this article – but just for your information – the name “Marc Hinkle” is not correct. – “Marc Hinkle” (my son) is actually “Marc Brooks”
    Many thanks – Cherry Hinkle

    • Marcus Lowth says:

      Apologies for the error Cherry. I will alter this accordingly and many thanks for alerting me to this. Hope you’re well.

      • CHERRY HINKLE says:

        Blessings to you Marcus – Thank you for wanting to keep every thing correct. I salute you.

  • Mitch Swanson says:

    Funny how much I enjoy scify stories and stories of the ancient Titans of legends and myths. This story was great thank you for sharing. The stare diwn that lasted a few minutes I thought was especially interesting. My grandparents ran tours on a gold mine in the desert in California, never saw any big reptillions but plenty of stories back in the 1960’s about other strange events.

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