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Marcus Lowth
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September 13, 2023
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September 7, 2023
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An apparent alien encounter from the Indonesian islands in July 1959 is of particular interest not only as there were multiple witnesses but also because significant interaction took place. Over the course of several hours, multiple reports across two islands in Indonesia came to police of strange humanoid figures who had suddenly appeared in the region.

What is particularly interesting about the account, aside from the multiple witnesses to several different encounters on the same evening, is that many of the details are often found in other encounters from around the world, particularly those that occurred throughout the 1950s. Indeed, for the most part, rather than being terrifying abduction encounters, these interactions appeared to be more of an exploratory nature on these potential aliens’ part.

The encounter in question first entered the public arena courtesy of the publication UFO: One of the Worlds Problem in the Present Day by Jacob Salatun.

The Sudden Appearance Of Figures Who Were “Not From This World!”

The incident in question unfolded one July evening in 1959 in the East Nusa Tenggara province of the Alor Islands in Indonesia. What is interesting is that it appears that none of the witnesses saw a UFO-type object until after the apparent encounter with alien entities. One of the witnesses, indeed, the source of the story, was the (then) head of police, Alwi Alnadad. [1]

On the night in question, Alnadad along with multiple other residents of the island noticed the sudden appearance of six humanoid figures. These strange entities wore some kind of blue clothing with a high neck collar, black military-style boots, and carrying a grey cylindrical stick. Each had wavy, silver-colored hair, “reddish skin”, and particularly long arms.

These strange figures were seen at a distance, to begin with. And they acted in a way that seemed as if they were searching for someone or something. Whatever they were, the villagers were confident that they were “not from this world”. Eventually, this curiosity morphed into fear and panic, and several of the villagers approached one of the creatures and attempted to attack it, firing arrows and even spears.

However, the weapons caused no harm whatsoever to the figure. Even more amazing, the villagers looked on in shock as then leaped high over the crowd and suddenly disappeared from sight. This was, though, the first of several incidents that would unfold around the island that evening.

A Technological Device That Showed A “Faraway Place!”

In Kalabahi just outside of the capital came an intriguing report from one of the local residents. According to his account, he was in the countryside when he found himself suddenly surrounded by several strange humanoid figures, each wearing the same blue one-piece bodysuit. He could them speaking in a strange language that he hadn’t heard before.

As he was watching these strange figures approach, trying to comprehend the situation that was unfolding around him, one of them suddenly reached forward with a grey metallic tube-like device. As soon as it touched him, he was immediately paralyzed and unable to move. As soon as this happened, the figures closed in around him with an increased pace.

One of the figures came particularly close and held out a technological device that appeared very much like a clock but was way more advanced. A moment later, some kind of strange hologram came out of the device, which appeared to show a “faraway place”. The witness recalled that he could see “strange mountains, forests, and towering hills” within this hologram. This is an intriguing detail as such a device is found in many close contact encounters, particularly from the 1950s.

The figures eventually withdrew. The man’s ability to move returned a short time later. There were, though, more unsettling encounters that evening, with one particular account being suggestive of alien abduction.

A Potential Alien Abduction?

Reports began to emerge that a 6-year-old boy had gone missing a short time before the sightings and reports of the strange humanoid figures. And, as news of the sightings of the bizarre figures spread around the island, more and more people contemplated whether there was a connection between the two events.

The young boy was eventually discovered around 24 hours later in a field in a remote part of the island. He was severely confused although otherwise unharmed. When he was asked what had happened and how he had gotten so far away from home, he responded that several strange men in a “blue uniform” had taken him into the woods. Once there, they performed several “medical experiments” on him before offering him food. Although he was scared, he said that none of the men tried to hurt or threaten him at any point.

There were also encounters that occurred on the neighboring island of Pantar, several hundred miles to the west. Residents of Pantar reported the same blue-clad figures appear on the island. And once more, they would offer that they were acting in a manner that suggested they were searching for something. In fact, reports from Pantar stated that the figures even peered through the windows of buildings and even opened doors and looked inside.

It was at this point, as more and more reports came to the police that Aliw Alnadad assembled an armed police search unit to head to what appeared to be the main hub of the sightings. Eventually, they stumbled upon the strange figures. Not knowing what to expect, some of the unit opened fire. However, despite being only several meters from their targets, it appeared as though they missed as none of the figures fell to the ground, and there was no sign of any blood or wounds on any of them. Even stranger, after the short barrage of gunfire, the unit realized that the strange figures had completely disappeared, with rows of bullet holes and markings on the trees where they had been standing only moments earlier.

A short time later, multiple residents of the islands reported seeing a bright, glowing egg-shaped object rising into the air and heading out toward the ocean.

Many UFO Encounters Over Indonesia

As intriguing as this encounter undoubtedly was, there are several other UFO-related incidents that have unfolded over Indonesia. For example, seven years earlier, on the evening of 23rd July 1952 along the Basito River in Borneo, 28-year-old tour guide, Theo Smeets, was walking in the jungle regions when he found himself in a clearing in which one of the strangest sights greeted him.

There in front of him, a metallic, shiny disc-shaped object hovered a short distance above the ground. He would further describe the object as having luminous portholes which went around the side.

Even stranger were the three 3-feet tall humanoid figures who were a short distance from the object. Smeets described the figures as having “large eyes” and “large heads”, with small mouths and particularly long arms. He elaborated further that the figures also had a pointed chin.

Several moments later, the figures turned toward Smeets, making it clear that they had noticed him. A moment later, they approached the witness and communicated with him telepathically, allegedly telling the witness where they came from. This communication, however, was limited, and the creatures soon turned their attention to collecting samples of vegetation and several tree branches from the ground. They then turned and made their way back toward the hovering disc. They went inside and a moment later there was a “bright explosion of light”. When Smeets’ eyes recovered enough for him to see several seconds later, the disc was nowhere to be seen.

Over 20 years later, at around 2 pm on the afternoon of 11th November 1976, another sighting of a silver disc occurred. On the day in question, engineer, Tony Hartono was photographing ARCO Indonesia oil rig as part of a presentation he could present to the company on the project’s progress. Realizing he had one picture left on the camera, he stood facing the sea contemplating what to use this last shot on.

As he was surveying the area around the oil rig, however, he noticed a strange object that was moving in the sky. It appeared to be getting closer as it was getting increasingly larger. The closer it got, the more it appeared to be disc-shaped and a bright yellow in color. He pointed the camera toward the object and pressed down on the shutter. It is not known what became of the photograph, but the sighting remains unexplained.

Sightings Continue Today

In more recent times, at around 3 am one night in June 2004 in Central Sulawesi, an anonymous witness along with several friends was witness to a particular intriguing encounter. On the night in question, the witness and his friends were in a mountainous area of the jungle near several lakes. They were heading toward a mining site for business reasons when they suddenly noticed a bright set of lights heading toward them, lights the witness described as being “very strong white lights”.

The first thought was that the lights belonged to a low-flying airplane – that was until they realized there was no sound of plane engines. They then contemplated if it might be a helicopter, but they could each see that there was something strange about the way the lights moved, elaborating that it “flew like an airplane but hovered like a helicopter”.

The more they studied the lights the more they could make out that the lights were “like a series or rows of projectors” along the front of the object, which they estimated was around 300 feet in front of them and was approximately the same size as a commercial jet airliner. As the craft approached at a relatively slow pace, the already bright lights became even brighter. Then, with no warning, the object suddenly shot into the night sky and disappeared.

The following day the witnesses enquired if there were any reports of planes landing in the area or of any planned low-flying flights. The sighting was not explained but the witness believed that whatever was behind the craft it was almost certainly of an intelligent nature.

An Overlooked Place For UFO Activity?

While it is perhaps not the first country many of us would think of when the subject of UFOs comes up, Indonesia clearly has many significant UFO encounters on record. And, what’s more, there are almost certainly many other encounters that are yet to reach the wider public arena.

What is also interesting is that all of these encounters share very similar details with other UFO sightings and encounters around the world and across the decades. This tells us that whatever is responsible for at least some of the many UFO encounters over the decades, they are seemingly from the same alien race working toward the same agenda.

It would appear, then, if there is an alien presence on Earth, whether temporary or permanent, there is nowhere on the planet that is not of interest to these extraterrestrial visitors.

The short video below looks at some of the best UFO sightings in history.


1 Alor UFO Incident 1959, one of the historical events of the appearance of aliens in Indonesia, Warta

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