The La Pizana Humanoid Encounter – Further Evidence Of A Unique Alien Presence In The 1970s?

Marcus Lowth
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August 16, 2023
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During a night hunting trip in late November 1978 near the Guadiamar River, several witnessed not only witnessed strange lights but, upon investigation, found themselves in the middle of an encounter with a strange humanoid figure seemingly carrying out repairs on a curious vehicle potentially from another world. Furthermore, later investigations of the area would find evidence that something truly strange did indeed take place in the early hours of that November morning in the woods of La Pizana.

While such an outlandish account might be easy to dismiss on its own, the fact is, the incident took place at a time during the 1970s when humanoid encounters were rife around the world. What’s more, at the time of the sighting in La Pizana, Italy was experiencing a particularly heavy wave of very similar UFO landing and humanoid occupant encounters. It is certainly not that much of a stretch of the imagination that at least some of these encounters are connected.

Before we contemplate what these humanoid encounters of the 1970s might mean for the big picture of the UFO and alien question, we will return our attention to the night hunting trip in the woodlands of La Pizana.

Night Hunting Near The Guadiamar River

In the early hours of November 25th, 1978, at around 3:30 am in the La Pizana estate of Spain near the town of Gerena, Manuel Gordillo, and four friends were hunting in the thick growth of eucalyptus trees near the Guadiamar River. [1] Although the night was cloud-covered and dark, visibility was surprisingly good, not least as each had powerful flashlights with them. As they continued on, one of the group made the decision to return to their car, tired after having been there several hours already. For the rest, the evening was about to take a bizarre and life-changing turn.

As the men used their flashlights in an attempt to pick out potential prey in the woodland and vegetation, they suddenly noticed strange red lights in the distance, similar to the brake lights of a car. A little uncertain, but equally curious, the group set out in the direction of the lights. As they got closer they realized the lights didn’t belong to a car but were something altogether stranger. With this in mind, they turned out their flashlights and approached with a lot more trepidation.

After several moments of watching the strange glow, they made the decision to cross the river and continue on with their hunt. At one point, Gordillo became separated from the rest of the group. At first, he flashed his flashlight around him, attempting to pick out the shape of one or more of his friends. However, when he failed to see them, he turned out the light and whistled loudly as a call to them. Almost immediately, their flashlights came on, and moments later they walked over to him.

It quickly became clear to Gordillo that something strange had happened while he had been separated from his friends.

“Hey, Didn’t You See That Again?”

One of his fellow hunters greeted Gordillo by asking him, “Hey, didn’t you see that again?”, to which Gordillo responded that he hadn’t seen anything unusual since crossing the river. He was informed that the rest of the group had witnessed the strange lights again. At this point, Gordillo, along with another of the hunters, Francisco Lopez Rivero, decided to go on ahead and investigate, telling the remaining hunters to watch their backs as they did so.

Within a few moments, the lights were in their sights once again. Initially, they appeared to be moving or “shaking”. However, the close they got to it, the more details they could make out. For example, it wasn’t just one light, or even two, but a whole row of red lights.  Of more concern, there appeared to be a humanoid-like person walking in front of them. At this point, Gordillo estimated they were around 100 feet from the lights.

He would recall that the object appeared round and near to the ground, and from this distance, the lights appeared to be different colors. Rivero, on the other hand, who was now a little further back than Gordillo, would liken the object to a “large earthen jar, upside down (and) with a red light in the top”. He also recalled the lights appeared different colors when close up – a mixture of green, orange, yellow, and red. He further recalled that the object appeared to be resting on bright, silver legs.

The two men continued to watch, both in awe and with a little fear. Then, the mysterious figure began moving once more.

A Strange Humanoid Figure

As the figure moved, Gordillo lost sight of it temporarily. He wasn’t sure if the strange figure had returned inside the object or walked around it. One thing he was certain of is that he couldn’t see any type of door or opening on the strange craft. Then, the being came back into view once more.

Although he couldn’t see the top half of the figure clearly, he could see the legs – and whatever it was, it appeared tall, and was wearing shoes or boots. Even stranger, he could hear a strange “mmm” sound coming from the figure as if it were humming a monotone and unknown tune.

From Rivero’s perspective, he could also see the figure’s legs more clearly than the rest of its body, although he could recall seeing a helmet with a visor – similar to a motorbike helmet – as well as noticing that whatever clothing the figure was wearing, it was of a shiny, silver color. Furthermore, like Gordillo, he claimed the figure was very tall, at least six and a half to seven feet in height.

After several moments, it appeared the creature was heading in their direction, getting so close that both of the men could hear its footsteps on the ground. At this point, fear overtook both men, and they turned and ran as fast as they could. By the time they caught up to their three friends, they too turned and ran, some of them even colliding in the efforts to vacate the area and return to the car.

Investigators Arrive At The Scene

Several weeks later, on January 14th, 1979, UFO investigators visited the landing site with Rivero. Although it took some time, they eventually discovered the location where the events had unfolded – and the effort, it would appear, was very much worth it.

According to their report, they noticed that the location was seemingly shaped into a circular pattern creating a clearing of sorts – perhaps just large enough for the craft to have fitted. Perhaps this suggests that rather than this clearing occurring naturally, some kind of technology, perhaps from the object itself just before landing, was used to create it, especially given that this “curious geometric pattern” appeared in the middle of otherwise thick, wooded terrain.

Although they did not pick up any readings of radiation or strange anomalous energy readings, investigators did find several curious footprints clearly imprinted on the ground. What’s more, these foot marks measured 42 cm. Although there was no way to check when the footprints were made (it could have been on the night in question, for example, or it could have been only days prior to the investigators’ arrival), experiments and calculations by investigators suggested that whoever these feet belonged to, they likely stood around seven feet tall, just like Gordillo and Rivera had claimed in their report.

Many Intriguing Details

The encounter in La Pizana, while perhaps not one of the most dramatic in the history of ufology, is one that contains details that resonate with other UFO encounters, particularly those from the 1970s. Indeed, as we will explore in more detail shortly, it would appear that alongside the grey alien entities that are associated with abduction encounters, there was a presence of entirely different humanoid visitors to Earth during this time.

It is also interesting to note that the being appeared to reach for something in front of it before returning to the craft. Might we contemplate, then, that this landing incident was one forced on the occupant so that they could carry out some kind of repair? Was the object it reached for some kind of device or tool, for example? We know that there are many landing encounters that, from the details provided by the respective witnesses, appear very much to be repair operations.

Or, another thing to consider, is that the humanoid might have been involved in some kind of reconnaissance mission, perhaps even obtaining samples of the plants and vegetation at the scene – something that has been noted, once more, in many other close encounter humanoid cases.

Ultimately the sighting remains a mystery. It might be easy to dismiss the account as some kind of group hysteria if it wasn’t for the evidence discovered at the scene. And, perhaps more importantly, the fact that many other similar encounters took place during the 1970s, both in Spain and in other locations around the world. And it is to some of those similar encounters that we will turn our attention to next.

Other Sightings Around The Same Time

According to the research files of Moises Garrido Vazquez, one night in November 1978 in Sevilla, Antonia Aranda awoke suddenly in her bedroom to find a seven-foot-tall humanoid figure standing over her bed. This figure was dressed in black clothing from head to neck, with a black helmet covering its head and face.

The next thing she knew, a sudden blast of icy cold air hit her face and she temporarily lost consciousness. A moment later, when she opened her eyes again, she could see a strange glowing metallic sphere floating over the top of her. She could see that the blast of cold air had seemingly come from this spherical device.

Before she could contemplate the strange events any further, the humanoid figure approached her, claiming that he was “regenerating” her. Then, a moment later, she lost consciousness once again. When she awoke this time, the figure and the sphere we no longer there. She would, however, claim several more encounters with this strange entity over the coming years, as well as noticing a bizarre effect she had on electrical devices following the incident, causing many to cease working.

Interestingly, around the same time (sometime in November 1978), a local resident from East Sussex in the United Kingdom reported seeing a strange humanoid figure wearing all-black clothing and a strange helmet peering through her window. Not only did this mysterious figure alarm her, but it also caused her dog to “cower in the corner of the room”.

Other Similar Encounters In Spain

Although we have examined some of the following in more depth previously, it is very worth our time briefly reminding ourselves of some very similar humanoid UFO encounters from Spain in the 1970s.

For example, only two years previously, in the early hours of November 12th 1976, a particularly intriguing humanoid encounter unfolded at the Talavera Le Real Air Force Base near Badajoz close to the border with Portugal. On the night in question, at around 2:30 am, three Spanish soldiers would encounter a glowing humanoid entity after being alerted to something strange over the base by a piercing whistling sound followed quickly by the appearance of bright light, which proceeded to land nearby.

As they were searching the perimeters, they heard the sound of breaking branches, as if someone was approaching them out of the woodland. Ultimately, they were confronted by a ten-foot-tall humanoid figure. Like the figure in the sighting two years later in La Pizana, the figure appeared to be wearing some kind of space outfit, including a helmet. The soldiers would open fire in fright before the figure, seemingly unharmed, vanished into thin air.

Only two weeks previously, on October 29th in Baracaldo there is yet another humanoid encounter on record. On the night in question, six teenagers were playing in a field near a cemetery when a static-like noise overhead suddenly captured their attention. As they looked around, two of the group spotted a bizarre object, shaped like a telephone box, landing nearby.

Leaving the rest of the group where they stood, the two teenagers ran toward the strange object in order to get a closer look. They watched in amazement as an opening appeared in the side of the now-landed craft, and two humanoid figures, each dressed in tight-fitting black suits, emerged. They quickly scanned their surroundings for a short time before stepping down from the craft and walking away from the object. As they did so, the witnesses could see the figures had “bright shiny eyes” but couldn’t make out any facial features. After several moments, the two figures returned to the craft which promptly disappeared.

The Spanish Humanoid UFO Wave Of 1974

Two years prior to the 1976 sightings, and a little under four years before the encounter in La Pizana, Spain experienced a wave of humanoid encounters – a wave that came after the global wave of humanoid encounters of 1973.

Arguably one of the most intriguing of these encounters unfolded over two day period on late March 1974 near the town of Valdehjijaderos. On the evening of March 26th, a truck driver was driving along the highway when he noticed a glowing object hovering directly over the road in front of him. As he watched the object, he was shocked at the appearance of two humanoid figures from inside it. Even more alarming, the figures immediately looked in his direction and pointed at him. A moment later, they promptly re-entered the object, which then rose into the air and disappeared with lightning speed.

The following day, when he was driving back along the same stretch of road, he was once again confronted with a curious sight. There ahead of him, were three silver objects at the roadside, each with a floodlight-like light coming from them. Now curious, he brought the truck to a stop, killed the engine, and cautiously stepped down from the cabin.

However, no sooner than he had done so, several strange entities appeared and headed in his direction. Immediately unnerved by the encounter, he turned around and ran, eventually diving into a nearby gutter where he could hide from these strange creatures. Although they did pass close by to where he was hiding, they didn’t discover him.

From his perspective, he could clearly see two arms and legs and guessed they were between six and seven feet tall. After several moments of looking around, the humanoids returned to the crafts which then took off into the sky. Interestingly enough, when the location was investigated the day after, a strange hole was discovered by the roadside exactly where the truck driver claimed the silver objects had been.

The Medellin Encounter – Another Incident With Similar Details

Several weeks after the 1974 Spanish UFO wave, in the early hours of June 14th, another UFO humanoid encounter would unfold. On the morning in question, at around 5:30 am in the still-dark town of Medellin, 46-year-old Santiago Pulido Romero was making his way to his farmer’s farm to undertake his chores and duties.

As he made his way past some trees on the land, however, a sudden bright light appeared, temporarily blinding him. Before his vision was overtaken by the shining light, though, he could see a strange object moving at an “unbelievable speed” a short distance away several hundred feet above the ground. And of more concern, it appeared as though this speeding vehicle was heading in his direction.

His vision was only impaired for a matter of seconds, so Romero continued driving. However, he made the decision to turn off his headlights. As soon as he did so, it appeared as though the craft ahead of him came to a sudden stop. He continued on cautiously, eventually coming to a hill in the road. At this point, he switched the headlights back on, immediately causing the curious craft to begin in his direction once more. Realizing there was some kind of connection, he quickly killed the headlights once, letting out a sigh of relief when the moving lights once more came to a stop.

With the lights still off, he set out on his way once more, the object still in view, but not moving any closer. He eventually arrived at the farmhouse where he quickly went inside in order to gather his thoughts. By the time he returned outside, the object remained hovering over the farm, now glowing brightly. In fact, it was so bright that the glow made it appeared as if it was the middle of the day.

After watching the object for several moments, Robero returned to his car. Before setting off, he flashed his headlights at the object, curious to see if received a response. As soon as he did so, the object rushed toward him. He once more switched off the headlights, and once more to his relief, the object came to a sudden stop.

He described the object as being cone-shaped on the top with a rounded undersection. Furthermore, this undersection appeared to be completely transparent, inside of which he could see “three men”, each wearing a dark uniform and helmet. He would estimate the humanoids to be between six and seven feet tall, and each appeared to be manipulating some kind of control.

Robero remained where he was, keeping the car headlights off, simply watching the fascinating display for approximately 90 minutes. Then, as the sun came up and took over the day, the object calmly headed off into the distance and disappeared.

Connections To The 1978 Italian UFO Wave?

It is also interesting to note that this incident unfolded at a time when a particularly heavy UFO and humanoid wave was taking place in Italy. Indeed, the number of humanoid encounters during this wave was well into double figures. And many of the details of these humanoid encounters were similar in nature. Many reports, for example, offered that these humanoid figures often dressed in dark tight-fitting uniforms or suits, and would also often wear helmets with dark visors.

One incident, in particular, unfolded around the same time as the La Pizana encounter, late one evening in November 1978. The encounter involved Atonio F, who at just before midnight on the night in question was watching television at his home when the family dog suddenly began barking agitatedly. Atonio eventually went to the living room window and peered outside, beginning to think if the dog had picked up on an intruder to the property.

To begin with, all he could see was the cold, drizzly night. Then, a suddenly appeared bright orange light appeared around 100 feet from his property. In a similar way to the hunters in La Pizana, Antonio, at first, contemplated whether the lights were the headlights of a car, perhaps one that had been involved in an accident. However, the more he looked, he quickly ruled out this possibility. He called to this family, but by the time they arrived at the door, although they saw the glow for a brief second, the lights had all but disappeared.

However, a short time later, Antonio, spurred on by his dog’s continued agitated barks and whines, ventured outside once more, this time taking a flashlight with him. He made his way to the area where he had viewed the lights. However, before he could investigate, he heard a sudden rustling sound coming from the grass nearby, as if someone was walking toward him.

He turned the flashlight in the direction of the noises and was shocked when the beam highlighted two strange humanoid figures, around six feet tall, and wearing a dark grey tight-fitting suit. After a brief stare-off, the figures retreated back into the darkness, vanishing into the long grass. The following day, Antonio discovered a circular patch of burnt vegetation in the ground where the strange lights had been. Had he witnessed a landing event and then encountered the humanoid occupants a short time later? And were these occupants the same as those witnessed in La Pizana around the same time?

A Humanoid Presence In The 1970s?

While there were most definitely encounters and reports of grey aliens during the 1970s – much as there were in the sixties, and even more so in the 1980s and subsequent decades – the seventies seemed to play host to a different humanoid presence than the greys, perhaps suggesting that during this time, a second, unrelated alien race was visiting the planet during this time. We might ask, if this was the case, where did this apparent alien race come from, and what were the reasons for their presence here?

Many of these humanoid encounters of the 1970s appeared to show these apparent occupants being more concerned with collecting samples of soil or vegetation, and even of scanning the surroundings upon which they had landed. We might ask if this is suggestive of some kind of reconnaissance or data-gathering mission. And if this is the case, what was the purpose of such missions? Is this alien race still present here, or did they move to another planet, never to be seen here again?

Might the humanoids of the 1970s actually be human time travelers from the future?

What is also interesting to note about many of the humanoid encounters of the 1970s, particularly, it would seem, with many of those that unfolded in the late 1970s, is the fact that they were dressed in attire that was reminiscent of how a human astronaut would dress, and certainly how the Apollo astronauts dressed when stepping on the moon. And given that these helmets often covered the faces of these humanoid figures, we can’t rule out that they might indeed be human themselves – either humans from another world elsewhere in the galaxy (which opens up a whole host of questions about human origins) or human time travelers (which opens up questions about our collective future).

Ultimately, the humanoid sightings and encounters of the 1970s could be of particular importance to overall big picture of the UFO and alien question.

A Potentially Important Time In UFO History

So, what should we make of the humanoid encounter in La Pizana, as well as the many other UFO encounters reported, both in Spain and around the world during this time? It would very much appear that the incident is connected to not only some of the sightings of the Italian UFO wave of 1978 that was unfolding at the same time but also to many of the other very particular (in terms of shared details) that unfolded around the world during the 1970s.

Indeed, the 1970s, in terms of UFO sightings and encounters, could very well prove to be an important period in UFO history. A time when it is quite possible when more than one alien race was regularly visiting the Earth for reasons unknown – one of whom was this spacesuit and helmet-wearing humanoid race. A race that was seemingly indifferent to our presence, and simply went about their business before disappearing.

Just how much might be known about this period by governments and authorities around the world remains open to debate. As with most aspects of the UFO and alien enigma, the more details that are uncovered, the more questions are raised – questions often left unanswered. That something truly out of the ordinary was taking place during this time, however, is surely not in question.

The short video below explores some of the most interesting alien encounters on record.


1 Landed UFO and humanoid encountered by four hunters in Spain, UFO Evidence

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