The Connection Of Alien Contact And Sudden Psychic Ability

Marcus Lowth
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June 13, 2018
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December 6, 2021
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Many close contact extraterrestrial encounters feature psychic episodes. Many alien abductees, for example, speak of sudden visions of the future, telepathic ability, and a temporary understanding of the universe. While these incidents are usually short-lived and happen only during their respective encounters, some experiences appear to leave a lasting legacy of sudden psychic or mystical ability on the abductee.

A hooded figure with large hands on either side of it

Do alien abductees develop sudden psychic ability?

Why this happens, and why it doesn’t appear to happen to all abduction victims is open to debate. In a 2012 study by Kathleen Marden and Denise Stoner, both experienced UFO researchers and abduction investigators, the connections between psychic or paranormal ability and alien contact were interesting, to say the least.

Although they would only study seventy-five cases, the indications are that some kind of new or increased psychic ability takes place. 88% of those in the study would report increased paranormal activity in their homes following such incidents, with just over half indicating this paranormal activity had not happened before their encounters. 79% would also indicate a new “psychic” ability that they were not aware of before. It would appear, although such a small test can never produce conclusive results, there is a link to be investigated between close extraterrestrial contact, and paranormal, specifically, psychic encounters.

“Simon” From Leeds – Abduction Goes Back To Being A Baby!

The case of “Simon” from Leeds is one of the most fascinating of all alien abduction cases, not merely due to the psychic premonitions that came to him. [1] In a case that appears to be what many ufologists claim is a “hybridization program” to create human-alien hybrids, it appears Simon’s abduction experiences go back to his early childhood.

In fact, according to Simon himself, his first memory is from when he was eighteen months old in 1970. He claims to distinctly remember “floating above his cot and spinning round and round” in the air. Upon his father entering the room, he fell back to the mattress below. If this is indeed an authentic memory, then it would be unique that a person can remember that far back into their lives.

Around the age of three onwards, Simon would begin to witness “strange beings” in his room at night. He would wake up frightened, although unsure what about. He would often see an olive skin colored figure whose head was oval and large. The creature had no hair on its head and its skin was “rubbery” and wrinkled. Even more bizarre, the entity had a patch over one eye. This last detail would lead Simon to refer to the creature as “the pirate”. Whenever “the pirate” would appear Simon would freeze, even to the point of not being able to speak. He would more often than not, hide under the sheets of his bed. The creature, however, would pull the sheets up and peer inside.

Encounters Away From Home!

In a drawing Simon did of the creature it is rather obvious that it is what most would refer to as a “grey” alien. The detail about the eye-patch is interesting. Perhaps, what is most likely, given Simon’s age at the time of these sightings, is the large dark eyes usually associated with grey aliens were misinterpreted as an eye-patch?

These sightings and visitations would continue, even when the family went away on holidays. During a family holiday to Mablethorpe on the east coast of England when Simon was five, for example, he would often awaken in the bottom bunk of the bunk beds, despite always falling asleep on the top. During this family holiday, Simon would later state, he suffered from an intense fear of leaving his bed at night.

When he was six-years-old the family would go on a camping holiday in their VW camper van to Wales. They would stop at various sites on the trip. Most of the family would sleep on hammocks. However, Simon’s intense (and to his family, irrational) fear of the night returned. He would sleep in a small bed in the back of the van. One particular night, he awoke with the same intense feeling of fear inside him. He turned his attention to the back window of the camper van and pulled it back. Outside were two faces looking in at him. Each with a head too large for its body and each with the large black eyes. He would drag the curtain back over. He wasn’t sure if he fell to sleep or blacked out.

A sketch of "the pirate" by Simon

A sketch of “the pirate” by Simon

Out-Of-Body Experiences

The visitations would continue throughout his adolescence, but as he entered his teenage years he would begin to have out-of-body experiences, something he believes is very much connected to the strange visitors throughout his childhood.

His first experience happened sometime during the early-1980s. In the early hours one morning, he awoke and decided to step down from the top bunk of the bunkbeds he shared with his brother. He quickly realized he was floating above the bed. Furthermore, he could see his body below.

He could move around the room as he pleased. After a while, however, he began to feel an urge to return to his body. He would state it wasn’t fright that made him return rather a feeling that “it wasn’t right to be outside of his body”. He would float to the bed and lay down where his body lay. In an instant, he sat bolt upright, awake, but with a clear memory of his non-physical adventures.

Perhaps the most bizarre out-of-body experience, though, was one Simon experienced in adulthood, around 2005. While recovering from a car accident, he found himself not just out of his body, but in Texas, America, outside of a property where an Internet-friend lived. He recognized her home from a picture he had seen. He would float towards the house, and in through the windows. Although it was early-evening, his friend was asleep in her bed. He noticed one of her feet poking out of the blanket and reached down in an attempt to pull her toe. She didn’t react.

The next thing Simon realized, it was morning and he was awake in his own home in Leeds, England. He contacted his friend online later that day. To his amazement, she was aware he had “grabbed my toe” during the night.

Premonitions Of Disaster

Simon has often recalled paranormal instances throughout his life. This is interesting in that many alien encounters often become known to those experiencing them through what is initially perceived as paranormal instances. As Simon entered adulthood, however, he began to experience something different – premonitions.

While he had had dreams where he “saw” several of the following days winning lottery numbers, he never acted on these dreams believing them to be exactly that. However, one particular dream in the mid-1990s would change his mind drastically.

In his dream, he appeared to be watching an airshow. A large plane was flying overhead which then suddenly dropped to the ground and behind a hill. Then, he was looking at his hand, in which he held a jar filled with water. He began to shake the jar and noticed several small, black objects inside it. He then awoke. As strange, and intense, as the dream was, he didn’t pay much more attention to it. Until he saw the morning news that is.

During an airshow in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, a large plane – a British Nimrod plane from the Royal Air Force – suddenly lost power and control while making a turn. It would drop “belly first” into the waters of Lake Ontario, breaking up on impact. All seven of the crew members died. Footage on the news saw “several, black square pieces of wreckage” shooting into the air as the plane hit the waters. Simon immediately recognized the scene and matched it to the black squares in the jar of water.

The short video below features footage of the incident.


Predictions – A Non-Physical Ability?

On the evening of the 9th going into the 10th May 2002, another strange but chilling dream presented itself to Simon. In it, he was reading a book. The pages of the book were turning by themselves. On them, he could see photographs of a crippled rollercoaster that derailed. The next day, Simon would see the news of the fatal Potters Bar train crash.

If these premonitions are a result of his lifetime of apparent extraterrestrial contact, then perhaps there is a more direct connection with other paranormal and alien encounters. Perhaps these changes in the brain that allow such psychic ability also allows for other perceptions usually beyond the grasp of the human conscious. Or might psychic ability have more in common with out-of-body experiences? As we looked at in our article on the mind-bending notion of “Time”, perhaps leaving one’s physical form allows the human conscious to experience the future in whatever way it manifests itself on such a plane.

Simon has certainly had multiple UFO sightings and abduction experiences since, including an incident as recently as February 2017 when he was in his bed awake one moment, and then sat in the seat of his moving vehicle on a lonely road the next. He also believes he is part of an “alien harvesting” program and has several memories of a black-box device with a tube attached to his groin. He believes this device gives the aliens access to his reproductive DNA.

With this last notion of an alien-human hybrid program underway, which many UFO researchers have also put forward, if we accept Simon’s recollections of when he was only eighteen months old, then perhaps the next stage would be to examine past cases of alien abduction further down his family line?

The Psychic Dream Abduction

According to a witness known only as “Kay”, a dream-like encounter sometime in 2002 might actually have been an alien abduction. [2] Kay, who had recently made a report of a UFO sighting near Hinckley, Leicestershire, England in 2007, began to think back to the ultra-strange experience from several years previously. Not least because it was one that she shared with a colleague at her place of employment.

After waking one morning, Kay immediately recalled the bizarre dream. She, along with a work colleague, were stood in the kitchen of a black-and-white square tiled floor. She wasn’t sure where she was, but the two women would venture outside and into the back garden. In the sky above them, a large craft hovered silently. It was merely yards away from them, meaning both women could clearly see it.

From its underside, a light was shining downwards. Her work colleague suddenly walked towards this column of light. Kay, frightened, turned and ran back inside the property. However, the next thing she knew, she was looking out of a “curved window”. She appeared to be airborne and realized she was on board the craft.

She could sense a figure behind her. It would speak into her mind about the Universe and the planets. Although she didn’t dare turn around, she didn’t feel particularly frightened at this stage. She then awoke.

When Kay saw her work friend the following day, she mentioned the strange dream, laughing at how bizarre it was. That was until her friend finished off how the dream went, even stating they had seen a UFO. And furthermore, while she had gone on board, Kay had turned to run away.

Close-up of a Black and White Floor with a crystal ball on

Might there be Masonic connections to alien encounters?

Possibilities In All Directions

The above incident is interesting in a number of ways, not least due to the apparent “psychic connection” between the two witnesses. Was the incident an abduction where two people who worked for the same company just happened to be abducted on the same evening? And what of their surroundings? They appear to describe an unknown house and a back garden. If this was an abduction incident, were these surroundings “falsely imposed” on the pair? If so, why? Perhaps a small detail to keep on the back burner is the black-and-what squared floor. This design, coincidentally or not, is synonymous with Masonic lodges and secret societies, who themselves, according to some, have more than a passing interest in the occult, the paranormal, and entities from other worlds.

Might it be that these incidents were one similar to an out-of-body experience? Perhaps this explains why both women perceived the incident to have been a dream? And what, other than their place of employment, connects the two women so that they should have such an experience together in the first place?

Many psychics will state they have the ability to astral project – to leave their body. Edgar Cayce, for example, believed this. He would also state that “strange beings” would try to “possess the physical form of astral projectors”. Just who might these strange beings actually be?

Perhaps the question should be asked by those who believe themselves to have psychic or paranormal ability, privately, of course, is whether they too have any signs of alien abduction throughout their lives. According to research of repeat abductees, these events begin happening as young as four-years-old. And, like in the case of Simon above, sometimes much younger than that.

The video below features Project Camelot’s Kerry Cassidy speaking about this further.


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    I was between 7 and 9 years of age. I , well , I heard the 3 entities . After 30 years , searching for answers , your report hits the nail on the head . Precognance , it appears randomly , without request . Most of the events saved me from grave danger . I am 58 , and finally , after the recent u.s. govt . policy has done a 180 degree turn . Family and friends no longer roll their eyes.
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