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John Mack, M.D., a Pulitzer Prize-winning author and one-time professor at Harvard University, is not only still regarded as one of the leading figures in alien abduction research almost two decades after his death in 2004 but is perhaps one of the first “academics” to publicly embrace, investigate, and report on his findings of such a bizarre and controversial subject.

John Mack blended into an image of an alien

John Mack studied the alien abduction process extensively

Indeed, not only did he receive a biased response to his findings, but many people in academic circles would look to actively distance themselves from him, with some publicly asking for a review of his clinical care credentials. To say the reaction was hostile and unnecessary would be an understatement. With that in mind, while we will examine some of the critical responses to his work, we should perhaps keep a pinch of salt ready, although this time for the skeptical assertions rather than the bizarre.

Incidentally, the review into Mack’s credentials went ahead, performed by the Dean of Harvard. The conclusion was that Dr. Mack had “academic freedom to study what he wishes and to share his opinions without impediment!”

We have examined one of Mack’s cases before when, along with the fantastic and persistent work of fellow UFO researcher, Cynthia Hind, the UFO landing incident at Ariel School in Zimbabwe received a thorough investigation and exposure to the rest of the world. Had it not been for their efforts, that particular incident, one of the most credible on record, would very likely have been dismissed and forgotten.

While Mack researched many incidents, it was his work with alien abductees that contain some of his most extensive studies. Using hypnotic regression techniques, all of which are accepted methods of practice, he would reveal some intriguing information concerning the alien abduction phenomena.

An Open-Minded Academic With Peer-Reviewed Research!

Mack produced several books on the subject of alien abduction and authored many more articles. However, it is his 1994 book, Abduction – Human Encounters With Aliens that we are concerned with here. Following his 1990 meetings with established alien abductee researcher, Budd Hopkins, Mack began researching and interviewing many alleged victims. From these interviews and regression sessions, came the aforementioned book. [1]

It is perhaps important to remember that Mack’s methods were peer-reviewed by colleagues at Harvard University. And while many were stand-offish regarding the findings, his methods were seen as solid and “not leading” the subject as many detractors often state.

In short, Mack is widely regarded as a solid researcher and hypnotic regressor. Perhaps the drive to have his credentials reexamined was a reaction of his unbiased and revealing findings of the true origins, potential, and place of humanity in the big scheme of the Universe.

Mack would also examine aspects of abduction which involved a “heightening” of senses of the victims. As well as their apparent sudden spiritual development. Some abductees would even claim a “hybrid-alien” nature, which sounds truly bizarre at first, but would fall in line with the results of other, equally respected and serious-minded researchers.

Mack would interview over 100 apparent victims of alien abduction. He would focus on 76 cases which, for him, met the requirements to qualify as a probable abduction incident. While we will not go through all of those, several such cases stand out, and we will examine some of them briefly here as they contribute to Mack’s eventual findings.

Before we move on to examine some of these cases, check out the video below. It features Mack speaking about the 1994 Zimbabwe incident.

“Ed” – Sudden Mood Changes And “Flashbacks!”

In the summer of 1989, Ed and his wife, Lynn, were enjoying a walk along the Marginal Way in Ogunquit in Maine. It was during this walk that Ed first noticed a sudden and bizarre change in his mood. He suddenly felt tense with a feeling of anxiety that he couldn’t explain. He would use relaxation techniques to help calm him. Ed would ultimately suggest that these techniques began to unlock repressed memories from childhood.

It was while practicing these relaxation techniques around a week later when a moment of clarity ceased him. He would recall a seemingly forgotten memory from almost thirty years previously in the summer of 1961. These “flashbacks” would continue over the coming months. After attending talks by MUFON he eventually contacted Mack in July 1992 with the view to unlocking what he couldn’t remember of the incident in question.

Mack would write:

Ed’s case is important for two principal reasons. First, the timing of his teenage experience and his recall of it suggest a process of information reception, storage, recovery, and integration of great purpose and potential power. Second, the narrative which Ed was able to recover in an altered state of consciousness appears, from what we know of the abduction phenomena, to be much more plausible than the account he could provide from conscious memory. This supports the argument for the power of hypnosis to recover memories of abductions…At least in the case of UFO abductions, hypnosis may be more of a clarifying than a distorting tool!

This is interesting in that Mack is stating that our conscious mind may very well be influenced by the society in which we live. Therefore, such outrageous events as alien abduction become twisted by the conscious mind as it attempts to make sense of them.

An image of a strange light beam with a space backdrop

Many of those who Mack studied told of the same experience

“You Will Remember When You Need To Know!”

Ed would recall his first encounter from July 1961. He was staying with his friend, Bob Baxter’s family on the coast of Maine. One evening after falling asleep at the cabin, Ed would suddenly awaken in a strange room. He would state to Mack:

The next thing I know I’m out on this precipice… in a pod… (that had) some sort of a glass bubble over it!

He realized that he was naked as he looked around the room. The walls were curved and transparent. Unlike anything he had ever seen before. He reasoned he was near to the cabin as he could see the waves of the sea outside.

Ed suddenly noticed that a figure was inside the pod with him. A female, humanoid, but clearly not human. He would describe her as having long, silvery, straight hair, a larger than normal forehead and large, dark eyes. He would claim that sexual contact took place between the pair, after which she began imparting lessons and knowledge to him. When he stopped and asked if he could write it down so he could remember she would reply, “You will remember when you need to know!”

Given that much of the “information” this female alien offered concerned the treatment of the planet by humans, the state of international politics, and many other spiritual and environmental lessons, it is an interesting claim by Ed. Not least as when he recalled the events, such images of the “gray” alien were relatively widespread, but his account, which he claims took place in 1961 matches greatly with various other encounters of those times.

John Mack

John Mack

Subconscious Learning For “The Bigger Quest!”

And what should we make of her response to him remembering such information? Does this perhaps suggest some type of subconscious learning? Might this be why many people claim to have a sudden “spiritual understanding” following such an encounter?

This would certainly appear to be the case with Ed. Following the incident, he would have a sudden understanding of the social climate of the times. This was particularly strange not only to him but to others around him given he was barely into his teenage years. Be it politics, scientific discoveries and theories, or current events, without fully understanding why, he would find himself making “impulsive statements” on any number of subjects.

Despite his obvious and sudden intellectual growth, he would also find himself at odds and “emotionally frozen” by the rigid education system. He would recall how he dropped out of engineering college and went to a liberal arts college:

… (I wanted) to find out what makes civilization tick, trying to understand the nature and the structure of human civilization…. (such things as) the pageant of history, Rome, Greece and all… (it was part of) the bigger quest!

Although Ed isn’t aware of any repeat encounters, there are some interesting aspects of his life to examine. Perhaps most interestingly, some of the fertility problems he and Lynn experienced. These include “three or four spontaneous terminations”. When it became apparent that Lynn also experienced “missing time” it would appear that not only had she been abducted but was most likely a repeat abductee.

We have mentioned before that, according to some research, 7 out of every 10 abductees are female. And that same research suggests this is due to some type of hybridization program. One that wouldn’t appear to be at all to the benefit of humanity.

An image showing two alien shaped figures

What might be the reasons behind alien abductions?

Other Almost Identical Cases

Whether Lynn’s sudden lost pregnancies have connections to alien abduction is perhaps up for debate. If we assume for a moment that was the case, are these extraterrestrials the same as the female entity witnessed by Ed?

Furthermore, there are several almost identical cases to that of Ed’s on record. In 1957, for example, in Brazil, a farmer by the name of Antonio Vilas Boas, would claim that a saucer-shaped craft landed in one of his fields. He would go on board the craft where he “had a sexual encounter” with a female humanoid alien.

He would describe this female entity as having long, straight, silver hair, and large, dark, almond-shaped eyes. Furthermore, her head was slightly larger at the top and ended with a pointed chin. Following the encounter, the farmer was returned to the field unharmed.

Even more bizarre is an incident that took place on the other side of the world in Sydney, Australia. What’s more, the account of Peter Khoury took place at the same time as Ed was undergoing hypnotic regression. This means the chances of either being aware of the other’s account is highly unlikely.

Khoury would claim that he awoke on his bed late one evening to find a strange female, with long, silver hair and “huge eyes and a pointed face” straddling him. Realizing he couldn’t move, the two had sex before she simply left the room and disappeared. However, rather unbelievably, Khoury had managed to take a single strand of hair from the entity. He would send this for analysis with Dr. Horace Drew.

Drew was amazed to find the strand of hair was optically clear. Just to drive home how significant this is, Drew would state “nobody on Earth has optically clear hair”.

“Scott” – “I Was Scared…I Did Not Feel Safe At All!”

By comparison, 24-year-old Scott’s encounters were much more recent when he first made contact with Mack in November 1991. After several one-on-one sessions with Mack, mainly geared around assessing Scott’s mental state and understanding the backdrop to his situation, his already security conscious tendencies would go into overdrive throughout the summer of 1992.

He would regularly check that doors and windows were locked. He had even installed several high-tech security cameras as well as a radio alarm. However, during this period these emotions began to spiral into feelings of extreme anxiety and vulnerability. He would state to Mack:

I felt completely open to anybody to strike me down, or do whatever they wanted to, I was scared. I mean I felt I could be destroyed, I did not feel safe at all!

The source of this absolute need for security was an encounter from April 1990. Scott had partial memories of “the short guys” in his room. This memory would spark a similar memory from when he was only 10-years-old of the same small entities and of a “flying saucer” that was visible outside his bedroom window. As the hypnosis sessions with Mack progressed, he would uncover encounters that went back to him being a young boy.

He had already recalled details of his earliest encounter to a previous therapist treating him for anxiety. He would recall:

I jumped back to when I was 3-years-old playing in the dirt outside…and all of a sudden, boom, I turned around….and they were there!

He would recall that one of the entities approached him and touched a strange rod to his head. The next thing he knew he was running back inside the house, scared and upset. He would state to his confused mother “I saw big ants out there!”

John Mack

John Mack

Signs Of Cross-Generational Abductions

Throughout his early childhood and into his teenage years, Scott was regularly receiving medical treatment for such things as headaches, spells of dizziness, and even seizures. One of the medical notes would record his “visual hallucinations” during which he would witness “a spinning colored triangle” as well as a “female entity leaning over his bed”. Might it be that these hallucinations were, in fact, partial memories of events his mind had locked away?

As Scott progressed into his late teens, many of his symptoms were diagnosed as tension or stress related with “psycho-emotional components”. However, Scott insists that except for the intense “night fears”, his childhood was a happy one. Many of his symptoms, he now believes, were his conscious and subconscious mind wrestling with the bizarre events taking place.

What is also interesting, is that many family members also appear to have had UFO encounters, perhaps most notably his sister, Lee. This is an interesting point. As we have mentioned before, many abductees, particularly repeat abductees, tend to have other family members experience similar things. And what’s more, these strange encounters usually take place across generations.

Might this suggest that these abductors, wherever they may come from and whatever they might be, are interesting is specific bloodlines and genetic make-up?

Before we examine some of Lee’s experiences in relation to Scott’s, another detail is also worth highlighting. They make constant references in their accounts of a “strange rod-like” device which when placed to their heads makes them unconscious. This is interesting firstly as it is mentioned in numerous abduction accounts.

Such a device would also explain why so many abductees are apparently taken from their homes while all around them their families remain asleep and unaware.

Witness sketch of the alien entities

Witness sketch of the alien entities

Lee’s Experiences – “A Priceless Opportunity For Spiritual Growth!”

For years, Scott’s sister, Lee, privately thought she may have been sexually abused by an unknown family member. She had a distinct “fear of sexual intimacy” and this was the only rational explanation she could think of. However, as her memories began to come back to her, albeit much slower than her brother’s, she realized that she too was, in fact, a victim of alien abduction.

During a regression session in November 1992, she would recall a “disturbing invasive” experience when she was a young teenager. She would suddenly find herself on board a UFO surrounding by strange alien entities. They would perform painful procedures to apparently remove samples of eggs and reproductive tissues.

As harrowing as that early encounter was, Lee would stress that the more she recalled of her experiences, the more she wished to present a “more well-rounded” portrayal of them. Experiences that she believed would provide her with:

…a priceless opportunity for spiritual growth and sensitivity to all sentient beings, ranging from insects to those of other dimensions and planetary systems… This adjustment!

She would continue that she was “strangely grateful”. Interestingly, Lee was in India at the time of expressing these thoughts studying Buddhism. She would further state that Tibetan Buddhism recognizes the “awareness and spiritual encounters” that abductees experience.

The differences in Scott and Lee’s experiences, or perhaps more accurately their perceptions of them are interesting, to say the least. That something occurred, to them and other members of their family appears likely. In the words of a psychiatrist who also conducted sessions with Scott, she would state “something bad clearly happened to him!”

“Catherine” – A Late-Night, Life-Changing Drive Home

When 22-year-old music student, Catherine contacted Mack in March 1991, her encounter was only several weeks old. However, she was beyond puzzled about it and required assistance in recalling just what had happened.

One night shortly after midnight in late-February of that year while making her way home from work as a nightclub receptionist in Boston she experienced an episode of missing time. She began driving for home as normal, but for reasons she couldn’t explain, she decided to carry on driving for some time. When she finally did arrive home, she couldn’t account for 45 minutes of her journey.

It wasn’t until the following morning, however, when she watched the morning news that she saw reports of a UFO sighting over Boston the previous evening. What’s more, the sighting was at the same time she was driving home. Furthermore, witnesses, including a policeman and his wife would state that the object hovered for several moments and even shined a light down towards the ground.

When the news channel showed the apparent route the strange object had taken she stared in mild shock as it mirrored the exact same “spontaneous” route she had taken the previous evening. When she had a sudden nosebleed that same morning – the first ever nosebleed of her life – she had a distinct feeling that her journey home was not as uneventful as it first appeared.

After several weeks she would contact Mack to discover the events of her drive home. They would uncover an apparent lifetime of incidents.

John Mack blended into a picture of an alien entity

Mack concluded that alien abduction encounters were very real

“Monsters Are Coming To Get Me!”

What she had previously believed to have been dreams from her childhood would appear to be repressed memories of previous abductions. For example, when she was 9-years-old, she recalled being paralyzed while “some kind of creature” reached for her with its long fingers.

A more recent incident had occurred during Christmas 1990 when Catherine returned home from Boston to Alaska to visit her mother. She would suddenly realize she was in a spaceship with “curved walls” that made her feel as though it was “a big fish tank”. If we recall the account of Ed, he would claim to have been in a round room with transparent walls. This sounds strikingly familiar to Catherine’s description.

She would even recall an incident when she was only 3-years-old. One evening while she was in bed, a strange blue light appeared in her room and a “funny-looking guy outside the window” peered in at her. This strange entity:

…had huge, black eyes (and) a pointed chin. His entire head was like a teardrop inverted. He’s got a line for a mouth and a nose I can’t see totally well…but it’s not a human nose. It’s just a bump…He doesn’t seem to be wearing any clothes. He doesn’t really seem to have any color to him!

Then, even stranger, this strange, thin entity came right through the wall and suddenly appeared in the blue column of light at the end of the bed. Catherine would continue:

When the beam came in and hit the floor, I’ve got this impression of floating above my bed. Like kind of being levitated out of the doorway to the hall!

It was during this point in their session that Catherine would demonstrate the sheer panic running through her. She would scream “monsters are coming to get me”.

A picture claiming to show an alien being

Does this picture show an alien entity?

“We’re Very Pleased With Your Individual Progress!”

As she continued to float into the living room, all the while the blue light enveloping her, she recalled seeing these strange creatures “moving around really fast” in the family living room. She would state:

I’m not sure what they’re doing…They’re picking things up and looking at them and putting them down again!

She would literally float right outside the door and over to a field where “there’s like a ship” which seems to be the source of the bright light. She would recall the ship was a “disc-shape” and it seemed as though there were “lots of lights all over it”. However, this last point, she wasn’t sure if there were lights or a reflection of a light.

Interestingly, it was discovered that the trailer park where the family lived had bright blue floodlights. If we accept Catherine’s account to be true, it would appear that the lights around the ship were more likely a reflection of the large floodlights that overlooked the park.

Catherine would later recall being inside the spaceship, again in a round room. Strangely, there were other children there also, most of whom appeared several years older than her. She recalled an entity who came across “like a nursery teacher” showing them a metallic rod and guiding a strange metallic ball around the room as though it was a remote control.

Catherine even recalled using the device to control the ball also. After this, the teacher-like entity states to her “You’ve done very well. We’re very pleased with your individual progress”.

The next thing she knows she is back in her room. The blue lights and the strange creatures are gone. Rather than feeling scared, however, she instead “feels very proud”.

A depiction of an alien abduction

Is there an alien agenda?

Nothing More Than “A Curiosity” And “Their Experiment!”

That “proud feeling”, however, would change to one of terror during an incident that took place when Catherine was in her late teens. It is an interesting account as it documents the change of perception Catherine has of her abductors. From one of the naive trust of a child to the sudden realization of a young adult. And what’s more, the recalled incident featured more shocking and truly disturbing details.

She would recall laying on a table in the middle of a dark room when she realized that one of the creatures was looking down at her. Catherine had the feeling that he was “scrutinizing” her, as if “trying to figure out what else they need to do”. She would recall how unnerving their eyes made her feel. Especially at such a close distance.

When pushed by Mack to elaborate on this she would state:

They’re very, very big…much bigger than ours! And they don’t blink…they’re all black… I can’t see any pupils! I can’t see the retina, no whites, nothing! It’s just all black!

She would continue that the look in the eyes was one of robotic emptiness. Of an entity that “didn’t care” and that looked at her as a “kind of curiosity”. Not as a person but more like she was “their experiment”.

It was at this moment that Catherine realized she was part of some twisted, otherworldly project. One that she had “no control over what’s happening”. She would also have the sudden realization that her abductors saw themselves as “superior” to her and others like her.

However, when she was allowed to step down from the table and taken to another, darkened room, her memories would bring forth even more shocking details.

A depiction of strange figures in glass cases

Are humans an experiment to aliens?

They’re Like “Baby Versions Of Them!”

As she peered into the room she could clearly see “cases”. They completely covered the far wall from floor to ceiling. Each “case” was several feet. Catherine would recall there were eight cases going across and five cases going up, making approximately 40 in total.

Although she couldn’t see what was inside the cases, she knew that “each case has something in it”. She would then recall:

… (there is) like creatures in there, but they’re kind of deformed looking. Each one has one of those things in it…(They’re) like baby versions of them! They’re all in a liquid (and) the cases are lit from the back!

Each of these strange creatures was “naked and standing up”. Catherine would liken them to a “toy doll in its plastic case”. She would further describe the grim cases as like a “window display in a toy store”. Each case, however, didn’t contain a toy doll. They contained “miniature alien figures” completely in proportion.

She was then led out of the room and back into a round curving corridor. Bizarrely, while she was still in the ship, she could see the trees of the forest and rocks all around her. Perhaps this suggests yet again a “transparent” wall. Perhaps these walls are made up of the something similar to a one-way mirror.

Shortly after, she is led from the ship, down a physical ramp, and is led by the strange creatures across a field and to her family’s home.

It would seem the midnight drive in February was the latest abduction encounter. She would find herself driving on the quiet country roads and into the woodland. There she would begin to experience a “numbing” sensation right across her body as well as the approach of the strange column of light.

“Sara” – An Abductee With A History Of Paranormal Experiences!

While Sara would contact Mack in order to “release information that was close to the surface” but so far had eluded her conscious self, she wished to do so under strict anonymity. The 28-year-old graduate student would claim that she had suddenly received “telepathic communication” from “small beings”.

Furthermore, at the same time, she began to develop sudden skills that she didn’t have previously. For example, she could not only suddenly draw with her left hand, but she could draw with a pen in each hand at the same time. In short, she experienced a spiritual revival of sorts.

Even from a young age, she was contemplating world events and philosophical theories quite beyond her years. Interestingly, Sara has a history of “paranormal experiences” dating back to her childhood. When we examined the signs of alien abduction, paranormal activity is one of the telltale signs of such incidents taking place. That Sara has such experiences, then, is perhaps not a surprise.

For example, she recalls being “picked up” as a young child, seemingly by invisible hands but with the feeling that she was being “looked at”. She also had a fascination with “ghosts” from a young age and would even conduct seances with her friends. It was during one of these seances that a power she didn’t realize she had would come forth.

John Mack blended into an image of an alien entity

John Mack

Utilization Of Unknown Abilities

For reasons she still doesn’t understand, she would convince one of her friends to lie in the middle of the circle so she could attempt to levitate her. Not understanding what she was saying, she began to utter unknown words. The next thing she realized, the young girl in the middle of the circle was rising from the floor. Indeed, she was levitating unaided. Sara would recall several years later:

I remember that night very vividly…That night the whole room was very strange. There was a lot of electricity in that room!

Sara would offer that several years later she would ask the girl concerned if they had “really levitated her”. She replied, yes, and what’s more, it was a frightening experience, for her and those present.

She would also offer, under hypnotic regression, that she would levitate around the spaceship during abduction encounters. And even more, that she had “learned” to levitate during these abductions.

Sara would also state how she often felt a “presence” in the family home. Most prominently, she would often feel a presence coming up the stairs. As if something was coming for her. These events have continued into adult life. Many of them, such as strange figures staring in from the window or suddenly appearing in her bedroom late at night before disappearing were witnessed by her boyfriend.

Like the sister of Scott, Lee mentioned above, Sara believes these experiences are part of a collective human evolution. She believes that a new level of human spirituality is being ushered in through the alien abduction phenomena.

This is a notion we will explore a little more shortly. Perhaps such feelings are more in line with a coping mechanism by the mind to deal with such bizarre circumstances.

“Paul” – Encounters With Unusual Beings!

Although it is a claim that automatically makes many people, even within the UFO community distance themselves, claims such as those of an alien-human identity were, as Mack writes, “an increasing group”. As we prepare to enter the third decade of the twenty-first century a quarter of a century after Mack’s words, this continues to prove to be the case.

What should we make of such claims? On the surface they are truly bizarre. We have examined previously, for example, the idea of alien-human hybrids. As outrageous as some of these claims are, at least on the surface, they are intriguing and persistent in equal measure.

When Paul approached Mack at a UFO conference in New Hampshire in the early-1990s, he had been seeing a psychologist due to several recent “weird” experiences, including seeing a “strange being” on the stairs at his home.

During the sessions, it would come to light that since a very young age – coincidentally or not at the age of 3-years-old – he would recall “encounters with unusual beings”. In fact, the sessions were so terrifying for the psychiatrist that she could no longer conduct them. Such records would reveal such revelations as:

…All of a sudden, I see the ship. I’m out in the back (by) the chimney, and there’s these little people coming up and I’m like freaking out!

When Mack would ask him to describe the strange creatures, he would state they appeared to wear a full bodysuit. Furthermore, they had large, white bold heads. Perhaps most chilling of all, however, were the eyes. Large, big, and dark.

A depiction of aliens approaching

Should we take claims of alien abduction more seriously?

“This is Bigger Than I Thought!”

During some of the hypnotic sessions with Mack, Paul would reveal some remarkable information. Possibly demonstrating further the “subconscious” imparting of knowledge.

For example, he would offer that humans are a genuine mystery to these alien creatures. Both their destructive nature and the free thought that leads to a resistance to change and things of that nature. He would also state that humans all had “knowledge of the beginnings” locked deep within them. He would further state that we struggle to access this knowledge as we are collectively “out of balance” with nature and the Universe.

It was at this time, even under hypnosis, that Paul would seemingly have a moment of clarity regarding not only human origins and the history of mankind, but also of the true meaning of time, past lives, and how each is playing out continuously at the same time.

It was also at this point that he was seemingly making random comments of such realizations. Such things as “we came across the planet thousands of years ago”. And “we have made connections here before with primitive life-forms”. Then he would state:

I’m being shown dinosaurs…in a way…this is old. Reptiles. Oh my God! This form we were able to make contact with! That form was smarter than humans!

When he was asked how he knew this he would reply it was “like a memory”.

Artwork of John Mack

Artwork of John Mack

Humanity Is “Teetering Back And Forth” On Their Readiness For Spiritual Advancement!

Mack would ask Paul, while he was still under hypnosis, why it appeared that now there were so many people coming forward with this apparent dormant alien genes intertwined within them. He would respond that collectively humans were now at a level that they could accept and understand such a notion. However, he would also state that “it is constantly teetering back and forth”.

This is a particularly interesting notion. Especially when we consider world events today in the twenty-first century. For all our advancements, mainly in technology, there is a distinct feeling that “populism” is taking humanity collectively backward. Interestingly, he would offer that:

More and more people are finding out just how in between they are themselves!

Once again, this is an interesting statement. Are humans really realizing an alien make-up within their genes? Or might this “awakening” be more of a spiritual one? One that realizes we are all made of the same energy of the Universe?

Paul was clearly in awe of this apparent knowledge bank of esoteric knowledge of humanity’s reptilian intelligence and history. Ones that came from dinosaurs. This is another interesting theory. We have examined before if there might be such a connection between the Reptilians and dinosaurs. And while it is a notion that most dismiss, it is one that holds more water than we might at first think.

Furthermore, when Paul was making such claims, the idea of “Reptilian aliens” was not as widespread as it is now following such works by David Icke. Where, then, did Paul get this almost identical version of history?

The video below features John Mack speaking on the Oprah Winfrey Show.

What Does This All Mean?

So, what should we make of the plethora of claims from just a small percent of the abductees studied and researched by Mack? While all of these subjects hailed from the northeast of the United States around the Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine regions, the details they describe occur not only all over the United States but all over the world.

Might the cases that Mack has studied in the early-1990s, with the possible exception of Ed, all have been the responsibility of the same alien species, the Grays? And is the location part of the answer to these most perplexing cases, or are, as is most likely, such incidents taking place all across the United States?

Are alien entities behind these abductions or might they be part of some kind of top-secret government experiment?

And what should we make of the claims that many of the people studied by Mack suffered from “fantasy proneness” – an apparent tendency to exaggerate and outright lie? While this is perhaps an “easy” way to explain away such bizarre and disturbing findings, we should remind ourselves again that Mack’s work was peer-reviewed. And furthermore, his methods were considered non-leading and acceptable to mainstream science.

We should perhaps consider that rather than a so-called diagnosis of “fantasy proneness” that the human mind might display such apparent tendencies due its indoctrinated state to reject such notions as alien visitation, apparent bizarre human origins, and an awakening that many reject through fear of change as much as anything else.

Check out the video below. It looks at some of the work and theories of John Mack a little further.


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  • hubert bouquet says:

    I have seen many ovni’s and seen also aliens and an angel and chupacabra i believe in others many different lives.

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