The Heriberto Garza Alien Abduction Case

Marcus Lowth
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November 4, 2019
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November 15, 2021
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The apparent alien abduction and continued extraterrestrial communication with Heriberto Garza in Mexico in the early seventies is truly one of the most intriguing of such cases on record. And one that would ultimately take a dark and ominous turn without warning.

In fact, while the account is rather unique for several reasons, it was how the investigation would ultimately run aground in the way it did that perhaps makes it stand out the most. Particularly, as we shall see, as they were beginning to see both physical and mental changes within Garza in the weeks leading up to this sudden and forced end.

A superimposed UFO over night scene of a city

What happened to Heriberto Garza in 1972?

What’s more, the case is one that appears to have signs of some kind of physical, gene-altering experiment carried out by the intelligence behind the apparent abduction encounters. Whether these changes are down to some kind of clandestine experiment or whether there is a more direct and long-term consequence for us as a collective is perhaps up for debate.

And while, like the vast majority of such seemingly outlandish cases, there is a certain amount of debate concerning the authenticity of such cases, if we assume for a moment (by placing our faith in the capabilities and experience of the investigators involved) that the case of Heriberto Garza is indeed credible, then yet another nuanced layer appears in the maze that is the UFO and alien question. A layer that those in the UFO community who seek to strike at the truth and reasons of such incidents will have to decipher and discover how it fits into the rest of the phenomenon still unfolding all around us today.

A Sudden Appearance To Grant “An Experience That Many Would Wish To Have!”

According to those who investigated the case, Heriberto Garza of Puebla in Mexico was not only an educated man who was in charge of a busy ceramics factory, but he had no interest whatsoever in UFOs or alien abduction. [1]

One particular night in 1972 while he was watching television at his home, a sudden noise alerted him to something happening just outside his house. His first thought was that someone was attempting to break into his property.

However, when he got up to investigate the disturbance, he was amazed, and indeed unnerved, to find a particularly tall “man” stood in the room with him. What’s more, this strange towering figure had soft feminine features to his face.

A superimposed UFO over a Mexican building

Mexico has a long history of UFO sightings

Snapping himself back to his senses he began to protest about just who the man was and how he gained access to his home. The response, quite matter-of-factly and in fluent Spanish, was that they could go wherever they pleased as they could “obviate physical objects”. Of more interest and concern at the same time to Garza, was the assertion that he was there to ensure that he (Garza) had “an experience that many would wish to have”.

He would then state he came from another world named Auko. And with that Garza would find himself being escorted onto a huge spacecraft.

Garza, however, would remember only part of the incident. He would recall being on board the futuristic craft. As well as of meeting several other entities the same as the one that had appeared in his home.

One of them would even draw blood from his hand for some kind of sample. That, though, was his last memory of the journey.

A Sudden Surge Of Strange, Paranormal Experiences

The next realization was of waking up back in his house. What’s more, the door leading outside was open. While he would do his best to carry on with his day-to-day life following the bizarre episode, he would soon begin to experience strange incidents and occurrences.

Perhaps one of the strangest occurred one morning while he was shaving. As he looked at his reflection in the mirror it suddenly disappeared for several seconds before coming back into view. At the same time, the alien voices entered his mind.

This telepathic communication would continue, with Garza calling those behind them his “non-human friends”. However, despite his apparent acceptance of these strange voices and happenings, he would still seek out psychiatric help.

A superimposed UFO over a Mexican fairground at sunset

Why do so many people report very similar UFO encounters

The case would ultimately fall to Jorge Reichert and Salvador Freixedo, Mexican and Spanish UFO researchers respectively. They would conduct initial interviews with Garza and would ultimately find him credible, articulate, and well-reasoned. They certainly had no reason to suspect any type of hoax or falsehood.

However, the already bizarre case was about to take an even more dramatic and bordering on unbelievable turn.

Strange Voices And Bizarre, Physical Changes

Reichert and Freixedo were the first to investigate the Garza case. And would return to follow up their initial findings several months after the case first came to their attention. With them, they would have fellow UFO investigator, Ian Norrie.

However, upon meeting Garza once more, they were both astounded at the dramatic change in his demeanor. No longer did he appear alert, educated, and well-spoken. Now he spoke with a drunken sluggishness as well as holding himself like a man struggling to hold himself upright. There was, though, more physical changes. So much so that Garza wanted to show the investigators “what was happening to (him)”.

When he unbuttoned his shirt, the three investigators were shocked to see several apparently randomly growing nipples all over his torso. Some were large and seemingly fully developed (even containing hair), while others were smaller and yet to fully grow.

The investigators were at a loss as to what could have caused such a drastic change in the genetic make-up of the abductee. They would ultimately theorize that some kind of genetic manipulation had taken place. Most likely as a result of some kind of extraterrestrial experiment.

However, it was a theory that they were unable to follow up.

An Even Stranger, More Ominous Turn!

Right in the middle of the open UFO investigation, Garza seemingly disappeared. Literally. Whether he “vanished” of his own accord to escape attention, or whether he was taken into custody by authorities, or even if he might have been taken by the extraterrestrials at the center of the bizarre encounter, Garza was seemingly there one day and then gone the next.

Investigators would make several attempts to contact him. This would include arriving at the abductee’s home. However, his son, in no uncertain and angry terms would refuse them entry or to even speak with them.

A superimposed UFO over Mexico

Are the same people repeatedly abducted over their lives?

Indeed, the case of Heriberto Garza is perhaps one of the strangest encounters on record. Not least due to the sudden and suspicious end, at least as far as the investigation is concerned.

What’s more, as the investigators of the incident would ultimately elude to, the incident appears to endorse such notions as the ancient astronaut theory. And of some kind of extraterrestrial interest and influence in human affairs.

Might this influence be for our collective benefit? Or, as many alien abduction researchers suggest – as we have examined before in the files of John Mack or David Jacobs, for example – might it prove to be the case that these alien interactions with humanity are leading to a dark and deadly end game? One that might prove to be an unseen and incomprehensible threat until it is too late.

Whatever Happened To Heriberto Garza?

In fact, one of the investigators, Salvador Freixedo, would claim that these alien entities had been alongside humanity since antiquity. However, as a collective we don’t often refer to them as aliens or extraterrestrials, but as “the gods”. And what’s more, as a primate might be fascinated by basic hand magic or simple devices shown to them by a member of the modern public, might humans over the course of history have been equally fascinated, and indeed controlled and manipulated, by the futuristic technology and spiritual attainment of these seemingly advanced entities?

What became of Heriberto Garza? And does his sudden disappearance have a connection to the apparent extraterrestrial interactions that had taken place in the months leading up to it? Equally ominous and concerning, are these apparently cosmic visitors behind this sudden disappearance? Or might a more terrestrial authority be to blame?

Above all else, what was the purpose of the encounters and telepathic communication? The fact that Garza would seek out psychiatric assistance in dealing with these telepathic messages perhaps shows us that the experience was far from the apparent harmonious encounters of the 1950s. Indeed, there is the underlying feeling of something very disturbing about the whole affair.

Perhaps the thought we should leave ourselves with is how many others there might be? How many others similar to Heriberto Garza, with similar experiences and encounters? And ultimately, suffering a very similar fate? Only, unlike Garza, their respective encounters remain unknown by the wider world. Perhaps even to anybody at all? Indeed, could such a chilling incident happen to any one of us at any given moment? It’s certainly a very sobering possibility.

Check out the video below. It looks at some of the most intriguing UFO and alien encounters. And why they might be coming here.


1 Abductions: The Crucible Of Nightmares, It Happens South of the Border Too, Scott Corrales,Abductee%20Nation-2.pdf

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