The Alien Abduction Process – A General Overview

Marcus Lowth
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November 1, 2019
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September 4, 2020
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Most alien abduction cases, generally speaking, tend to be unique to the victim. And while this might make a certain amount of sense when we take into account such things as the memories that are indeed unique to the abductee, from a rational point of view, if we accept that a highly advanced alien race is carrying these abductions – and for the purposes of this article, we will – then we might suspect that a certain procedure or process would be followed.

An image of a person being lifted into a UFO blended into an image of an alien face

Is it possible to piece together an “alien abduction process” or typical timeline?

We have examined some of the signs of alien abduction in a previous article. However, those signs were from the perspective of the abductee. And so consequently, they are, indeed unique to the abductee.

The fact is, though, from the work and experiences of those who have dealt with such cases, just such a general or basic procedure would very much appear to be in place. We have examined the work of the late John Mack before, and with good reason. Mack was one of the first “academic” minds to study the alien abduction phenomena.

According to Mack, experienced therapists who deal with alien abduction cases can “determine how likely a case of abduction is by comparing the experience with other known cases of alien abduction”. With that said, however, there is a certain nuance to alien abduction cases. This makes them difficult to decipher for the researcher or investigator. And equally so for those who experience such encounters.

So, with that in mind, then, according to those who have studied these truly strange cases, just what does take place during these bizarre cases of alien abduction?

Almost Always A Lone (And Truly Bizarre) Experience!

Perhaps one of the first signs of an authentic claim of alien abduction is that the abductee is most often, although not exclusively alone at the time of the incident.

Straight away this is an interesting detail. Why might this be? Would a highly advanced race of aliens, who were rampantly abducted members of the population no less, really be concerned with who saw them carrying out such actions? And if so, why might this be?

An image of a lone man in a field with an alien superimposed over the top

Most alien abductees are alone when they are abducted

What’s more, while some abductees do recall fighting against such an abduction experience, the vast majority of those who claim to have experienced these truly out of this world encounters often speak of being unable to resist going to their abductors. Almost as if some kind of mental control was underway.

Furthermore, the actual “journey” to the ship is often undertaken in a strange beam of light. This is sometimes referred to as “solid light” and is a truly remarkable feature of these apparently extraterrestrial procedures. This beam of light is witnessed in UFO encounters the world over. Including ones that are not exclusively involved with alien abduction.

Of course, once onboard, the abductee will find their encounter is only just beginning.

Invasive Procedures And (Occasionally) Tracking Devices

Almost all alien abductions encounters – although there are most certainly breaks from the norm – involve a medical examination of one kind or another. Many of these examinations are seemingly carried out while the abductee is generally in a state of confusion. And possibly under some kind of drug to cause docility. Generally speaking, abductees only remember parts of these procedures.

Of course, given the undoubtedly terrifying nature of such an ordeal, it could very well be the case that abductees’ minds have simply chosen to block out the encounter for the sanity of the abductee.

An alien face looking out from a digital eye

Many abductees have found what appear to be tracking devices in their bodies

Quite often these bizarre medical procedures involve the insertion of implants into the bodies of the abductee. This is a truly mysterious and disturbingly invasive part of the alien abduction phenomena. Just what might the reason be for these implants? Are they, as some researchers suggest, a way for these alien visitors to keep track of the people they abduct? If this was the case, that would suggest that repeat abductions were taking place.

Although they are less typical, some of these abduction events have a sexual nature to the experiments, although the vast majority of these sexual encounters revolve around biological reproduction as opposed to lust.

However, many, although not all, alien abduction encounters tend to progress from the terrifying ordeals of physical examinations they quickly turn to apparent disclosures of information eons beyond our current (known) capabilities.

Knowledge Of Energies And Propulsion

We have written before of the notion that the real reason for UFO secrecy is the propulsion systems these seemingly futuristic crafts use.

It is perhaps interesting, then, that many who undergo these apparent abductions appear to come away with intricate knowledge of advanced and, at times, unknown and incomprehensible forms of energy and propulsion apparently utilized by those who carry out such incidents.

And what’s more, these accounts go back to the beginning of the modern UFO era at the very least. Long before claims of such propulsion systems entered the public consciousness. Both via the apparent leaks of information from such alleged insiders and futuristic ideas in fiction.

Once more, what might the motivation be in these apparent technological disclosures? Is there a discreet network of such encounters hoping to result in the technology entering the wider human populace?

An alien and a space ship on a space background

Why do many abductees suddenly gain a knowledge of alien propulsion methods?

Might there even be multiple alien races visiting the planet? Each carrying out abductions in their own way and for their own reasons? Once more, such a suggestion to most people is preposterous. However, many UFO researchers and insider whistleblowers suggest this is exactly what is taking place. That anywhere between “4 and 12 alien races” are coming regularly to Earth from places elsewhere in the universe.

While it might be tempting to think that these apparent cosmic visitors, multiple or single, wish to aid humanity, when we examine the next aspect of alien abductions, it becomes evident that, like all aspects of the alien abduction phenomena, there are complex nuances to such claims.

Warnings! Warnings!  And More Warnings!

Perhaps one of the most recurring aspects of alien abduction encounters is the inevitable warnings from these cosmic visitors of the damage we are collectively doing to the planet.

These claims, on various levels and for various reasons often meet with suspicion by some in the UFO and conspiracy communities. And while it would be the height of arrogance to deny that there is most definitely a change underway with our planet, the reasons for this are and will continue to be, up for debate. At least for some people. And the fact that some previously heavily predicted scientifically backed up certainties have, in reality, proven wide of the mark means that suspicion will remain simmering beneath the surface of many people.

So, with that in mind, then, what should we make of claims from those who say such warnings were given to them from entities from galaxies from elsewhere in the universe?

Furthermore, these warnings also appear to revolve around humanity’s impending (at the time) arrival in space. And the eagerly anticipated manned missions beyond our own world to Mars and various satellites of the gas giants, however far off such missions might be.

An image of an alien walking through a doorway

Many abductions appear to feature warnings about mankind’s fate

We have examined before, for example, the notion that various extraterrestrials, almost a universal board of alien races, have a concern of humanity’s “war-like tendencies” leaving our planet and going out into the outer cosmos.

This statement to many sounds outlandish. However, let’s imagine such an organization made up of various countries on Earth. Then imagine a “newcomer” wishes to join “X organization”. There will be various stipulations and codes of conduct for them to adhere to. Should several alien races have managed to achieve space flight to the point of traversing the universe, why wouldn’t they organize themselves into some kind of collective?

Connections To Myths Of The Past And A Whole World Of Possibilities

Many of us most likely view alien abductions as something that “started” after the Roswell incident in 1947. However, the fact is there are many, albeit open to interpretation, encounters on record. These show up in newspaper accounts going back to the beginning of the press and in records of communities. As well as littered throughout ancient and, at times, religious writings.

Even some of the Biblical writings and myths appear to, on occasion, speak of such incidents. Several of which we have examined before.

Of course, at the bottom of these bizarre abductions are the two questions that no researcher has been able to exclusively isolate and settle. Who exactly is carrying out these bizarre attacks, and why? And from those two basic questions comes a landslide of sub-questions, theories, and claims. All of which require intense, exhaustive and comparative research and study against the plethora of cases from around the world.

It would appear that such a task is beyond the capabilities of one individual researcher. Or even one team of them. A universal, organized, and serious approach, with lack of ego and agenda, is required. Even then, this will only begin to get to the bottom of the bizarre encounters. Such encounters experienced by so many people all over the planet. Experiences that have seemingly taken place in one form or another for as long as humans have lived on Earth.

Check out the video below. It looks at the alien abduction phenomena in more detail.

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  • Patrick Shaw says:

    By their works shall they be known.
    By its very nature abduction is perpetrated by loveless Beings who view us as little more than livestock.
    There are benevolent ET races but they adhere to a strict Universal dictate, that of the law of non interference with the Divine Human freewill experiment.
    The benevolent Ets can lend inspiration through Cropcircles and higher channelling for example but on the whole cannot directly intervene.
    The backstory to all of this is huge and can be found at the following website
    Best Regards.

    • Amanda says:

      This is true

  • Pam says:

    Time gain.
    Living the same day twice

  • Danijel Folnegovic says:

    Very instructive article, but I wonder if you have any knowledge about whether there are those in the abducted population who have, for example, blood type 0? Or does it depend on it, I wonder if we can somehow group the abductees by their specific attributes (blood type, age, location, some specific conditions, etc.)?

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