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The apparent alien abductions of Brian Scott are as intriguing as they are bizarre. And while they perhaps should be taken with a pinch of salt at the ready, there are many witnesses who have gone on the record as witnessing strange and even miraculous events in Scott’s presence.

This last part is perhaps important. As we will examine a little later, there are many instances throughout history where people have received “special powers” from forces unknown in order to promote great social change.

A picture of Brian Scott blended into a picture of a UFO

The abduction claims of Brian Scott divide opinion in the UFO community

Indeed, in many esoteric circles, what we refer to as alien abduction is to them a visitation from entities from the spirit world. It may yet prove to be the case that these two different takes on these strange events are indeed one and the same.

The case was subject to investigation by respected UFO researcher, Timothy Green Beckley who, incidentally, has broached such subjects as an ever-present connectivity between other paranormal events across many fields, including ancient religions and esoteric writings, and UFO encounters across the ages.

He would speak with Scott extensively in several interviews beginning in February 1976, only months after his last experience. It is from these initial interviews that Scott’s encounters would enter the public arena.

Might Brian Scott’s encounters be but a tiny piece of the big, and apparently cosmic picture of the human experience, stretching across both time and location, and into every facet of our collective existence?

“Some Sort Of Communication” While Returning Home, October 1959

While Brian Scott’s first apparent abduction occurred in 1971, he would later reveal his belief that his first experience with these strange entities was over a decade earlier, on his sixteenth birthday on 12th October 1959.

On that evening, on his way back home from celebrating his birthday, his dog walking along with him, he would suddenly notice a bizarre orange ball of light, less than a foot in diameter, seemingly hovering over the top of his canine friend. The more he stared at it, the more it appeared to be semisolid in makeup, with the middle of the orb appearing significantly sturdier than the outer edges.

Close-up of Brian Scott

Brian Scott

As he continued to watch these most bizarre events unfold, the glowing orb approached him, settling and hovering once more, this time right in front of his face. Then, with no warning whatsoever, it shot straight upwards and vanished out of sight in a matter of seconds.

As he stood there trying to make some kind of sense and reason out of the mystifying incident, he got the distinct impression that “some sort of communication” had taken place. Strange “thoughts and pictures” had appeared in his mind. Thoughts that weren’t his own. And what’s more, it was with equal conviction that he believed the orange ball was responsible for this otherworldly telepathic communication.

Scott wouldn’t experience any further strange or bizarre episodes. That was, until 12 years later in early-1971.

Double Abduction From The Deserts Of The Superstition Mountains 1971

On the evening of 14th March 1971, Scott, along with his friend, Nick Corbin, would drive to the open desert near the Superstition Mountains just outside of Phoenix, Arizona. [1] What was particularly strange to Scott – both then and now – was he had no idea why he was driving out to this part of the desert, other than he felt they would find an ideal place for target shooting.

A depiction of a UFO in a mountain range

The Superstition Mountains has a long history of strange activity

In a similar frame of mind, he would suddenly pull over his vehicle, with both men exiting it and standing at the side of the road. They both scanned the area, with Scott looking up at the sky. As he did, a “strange craft” moved overhead and into his field of vision.

He would later describe the craft as “oval and glowing” and much too large to be a conventional aircraft. It also had a “funny kind of glow to it”.

Suddenly the craft would head toward Brian. His mind told him to turn, run, and take cover. However, before he could move, the craft was directly overhead. So large was the craft that when Scott looked up he could no longer see the sky.

Then, a “pulsating, pulling feeling” took a hold of him.

A Presence Hidden In Plain Sight For Thousands Of Years?

The next thing he knew, he was moving directly upwards off the ground somehow trapped in a huge beam of light. His senses went into a confused overdrive. A combination of the warm Arizona air mixing with the apparently cold air leaking out of this huge and otherworldly craft, mixed with a beautiful but frightening view of the lights of downtown Phoenix all took hold at once.

Within moments, though, he was inside the otherworldly vehicle. Scott moved his focus around the interior of the craft. He was more than amazed to find Nick already on board, seemingly waiting for him.

A depiction of a UFO in a night sky

Have aliens been visiting Earth for thousands of years?

Incidentally, we have examined previously how the entire Arizona region is awash with strange goings on and even claims of abduction by Reptilian creatures that inhabit the caves of the mountains. Given Scott’s descriptions, which we are about to examine, these claims are perhaps a little more interesting. And potentially corroborative. [2]

What’s more, stories of portals and star people, going back centuries to the Native American tribes who called the area home for hundreds, perhaps thousands of years before the “settling” of America in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, are in abundance. Is it just coincidence, then, that such a strange incident, if we accept it to be true, would unfold there also?

“Horrifying Creatures” And Physical Examinations!

Before their minds could process what was fully going on, Scott and his friend were moved into a small room. Rather ominously, at least to the two increasingly frightened men, this strange room contained a strange “mist of fog”. Then, the door would “explode open” revealing an even worse proposition. Waiting within this mist were several “very horrifying creatures”.

These monstrous entities had crocodile or rhino-type gray skin and “thick patch of hide” over their front torso. Scott would later describe them as a “combination of Earth animals” that stood at least seven feet tall. Furthermore, while they did possess a thumb, each of their hands contained three, long claw-like fingers.

A depiction of a UFO over an Arizona desert at sunset

Many of the details in Scott’s account can be found in similar encounters

The two men were stripped of their clothes and led away to different locations. Scott had the distinct feeling he was floating or was somehow carried to his destination. Once there he would undergo a physical examination during which he was “restraining” to the wall of the room as if by an invisible force.

In the middle of this menacing room was a pole which ran from floor to ceiling (this is another detail that surfaces in other such reports). On this pole was a strange box that seemed to direct an “intense beam of light” towards him. One of the strange and menacing creatures stood near the box, seemingly manipulating it in some way.

As he watched the creatures and the mist, he noticed how the foggy substance would soak into the creature’s skin.

By this time, the box on the pole was placed on the floor, and consequently, the laser beam was aimed at his feet. He would recall that simultaneously he could feel a “sensation of warm and cold fluids” running over his lower limbs.

Then the light moved to his eyes.

“I Will Tell You And I Will Show You!”

As the light reached into his mind, he felt a severe headache spread through his skull. At the same time there was a strange numbing location grip his mind. Then, the light went out and the creature manipulating left the room. Almost instantly, another creature would enter. And this one was significantly taller than the others. Scott would estimate it to be at least nine feet in height.

This behemoth of an entity made its way directly over to where Brian stood pinned to the wall. It reached out and placed its hand on his head. Instantly, a rush of “thousands of thoughts” spilled into his mind all at once.

A depiction of a UFO over the Arizona desert at night

Like others, Scott claimed telepathic communication with the apparent aliens

Without thinking, Scott asked who the creatures were and what they wanted with him and his friend. The towering figure replied. However, the speech was slurred, and extremely quick, meaning Scott couldn’t understand it. Then, the creature replied again, this time much slower and seemingly purposely under control. More importantly, it was in perfect English.

First of all, the creature would state “there will be no pain of this”. As the words were spoken, in a bizarre, almost prophetically religious way, any ounce of pain drained out of his body. Despite being aware of this miraculous transformation taking place throughout his body, he continued to demand to know who his captor was.

Finally, the creature replied:

I will tell you, and I will show you!

Then, the walls of the craft melted away and holographic visions of “domed cities” from a world far away filled his sight. He would later describe the experience along the lines of mind transportation.

A True Form Hidden Behind A “Projected Cloak Of Sorrow!”

This, again, is an interesting notion. And one that several alien abductees have referred to in other accounts. Perhaps one of the strangest being the encounters of Maureen Puddy, who at one stage during her experiences, was seemingly “mentally abducted” while her physical self remained in the car with investigators.

Furthermore, some of the other details of Puddy’s encounters mirrored those of Brian Scott. For example, she would also begin receiving telepathic messages following her first encounter in the summer of 1972. Further still, these messages would urge her to very specific “meeting points”.

A depiction of a person being drawn into a UFO

Might alien abductions, while real, occur in the mind?

The creature would explain that he was looking at visions of their home world. There were great “domed cities” on a terrain that looked drastically different to Earth. According to the creature, the planet was the victim of an “airborne virus” that wiped out many of the population and caused “mutation” among the others.

The creature then offered that the image that Scott saw was not their true form. They instead “projected a cloak of sorrow” to all who saw them in memory of their fallen population. This cloak also served as a “biological shield” against any further viruses.

Suddenly the holographic images melted away and Scott found himself back on the ship. However, this time, whatever was restraining him had given up its grip and he was free to move around. He looked up and saw the creature was making its way out of the room. Once more, Scott asked who he was.

The creature turned:

I lift the veil of projection! I am Voltar!

Scott looked on and saw the creature’s true form. It was very human looking, around seven feet tall with long red hair. Perhaps the most striking feature, though, was the “piercing blue eyes”.

Back On The Ground With Quickly Fading Memories!

After Voltar left the room several of the other creatures came and escorted him back to the point where he had first entered the craft. Nick was stood there also, next to what Scott realized was his clothes. He would dress quickly before being lifted into the air and floated back to the ground.

He looked around, suddenly confused and disorientated. However, in spite of this delicate mental state his memory of what had just happened was clear and precise. As he walked around the desert floor at the side of the lonely road he located his torch that he dropped earlier when the purple light ensnared him.

A depiction of a UFO over the desert in Arizona with a stormy sky

Why do people struggle to remember such incidents?

He picked up the torch and walked towards his car. When he turned on the radio, he discovered it was just after 11 pm, meaning he and Nick had been away for just over two hours. The drive home would take him at least an hour, even at this late hour.

By the time Scott finally arrived home, his memories of the encounter had almost initially vanished. All he could truly recall was of first witnessing the strange craft in the sky. It would be some time before he managed to unlock those memories. However almost two years to the day on 22nd March 1973 he would find himself traveling back to the spot of the abduction.

Upon arriving there he would claim to meet a humanoid entity – “The Host”. What was communicated to Scott from his mysterious figure is not known. However, according to his reports after contacting UFO researchers in October 1975, he was subject to abduction encounters on the evening of 25th October 1973.

Furthermore, he would suffer further abduction events on 21st November 1975, and again on 22nd December of the same year.

Hypnotic Regression And “Mechanical Voices”

It was after his initial reports to investigators and researchers in October 1975 when Scott first underwent hypnotic regression. The session would take place at the Anaheim Memorial Hospital under the charge of Dr. McCall.

A depiction of a UFO flying over desert and woodland

Scott used hypnotic regression to recall some of the incident details

During the sessions, Scott would recall the details of his first two abduction encounters. However, during this retelling, he would begin to speak in a bizarre and unnerving “mechanical voice”. What’s more, when this strange voice was examined it was found to produce an exact 1000 cycles per second on an oscillograph. Such sounds should not be able to be produced by the vocal chords of humans or animals.

During these initial meetings and sessions many experts and representatives from various UFO organizations and other paranormal groups. And with the many people who came to interview and investigate Brian Scott’s encounter, came many different theories, claims, and points of view in order to attempt to explain his experiences.

However, one of these investigators would prove to be of more influence than many of the others.

Evidence Of Persistent “Paranormal” Activity!

Two months following the December 1975 abduction incident, Tim Green Beckley became involved with the case. He would immediately begin by asking Scott about any paranormal or poltergeist type activity in the home. As we have examined before, many alien abduction encounters, particularly repeat abductees, often begin to announce themselves through repeat instances of paranormal happenings.

The response, as intriguing as it was, was chilling in parts.

A depiction of a UFO hovering over a ruined building at night

Many alien abduction encounters also feature paranormal activity

Scott would speak of “white streaks of light” and “balls of light” that would make their way through his house of their own accord. Even stranger was the “pure flashes” as if someone had “placed a flash cube” immediately in front of his face.

Perhaps the most bizarre, though, was the:

…brown-shaped thing that has from time to time shown up. It dashes around the room in crazy directions. And every time that it does, it creates some damage to the home. All the electricity and all the circuits in the house have melted, frozen, and burned up!

On another occasion, Scott’s wife, Marla would end up in such a confused state that she would end up in the hospital. She had returned home early from work after feeling suddenly unwell. However, with minutes she became confused and disorientated. And furthermore, she began uttering bizarre words and sentences that confused her further.

Then, she would claim that while in the bathroom washing, she had suddenly “felt hands all over her body”. She was convinced that an invisible person had broken into the house. She would eventually calm down and describe what she had witnessed in more detail. Her descriptions matched the sudden memories of the alien entities from the March 1971 abduction. What unsettled him was he had not spoken to her in such detail about the encounter.

An Unnerving Demonstration Of Power And Control

After taking Marla to the hospital to make sure she was not in any immediate medical danger, the couple would return home. However, several hours later she would collapse and begin to hyperventilate.

By the time paramedics had arrived at the property, she had become completely hysterical. It would ultimately take four paramedics to restrain her and bundle her in the waiting ambulance for further examination.

A depiction of a UFO over a desert landscape at night

Might aliens have more control than we think in human affairs?

However, when Scott returned to the house and made his way to the room where their one-year-old baby’s playpen was, he was shocked to find the baby was no longer there. Immediately on the edge of panic, he began rushing from room to room searching for their young child.

Then, he noticed their pet dog barking excitedly at the back door of the property. He opened it and to his shock could see the young child sat at the corner of their patio. How it had managed to get out of a playpen – specifically designed as they are to keep babies in – and then managed to get out of locked door remains a mystery.

As strange and unnerving as the experience undoubtedly was, however, one of the strangest aspects of Brian Scott’s experiences were the continued encounters with “The Host”.

Suggestions Of Links To Ancient Gods Of Babylon

According to Scott, The Host was a regular visitor to the house. It would communicate to him in a “computerized language”. More specifically, he would state:

The voice seems to come out of me – an inner voice that is not mine. The entity says that I am one with it!

Perhaps even more bizarre, however, was the evening where Scott suddenly began speaking in a “foreign language”. A language they would later find out was Greek. Not having ever spoken Greek in his life previously, the outburst was as surprising to Scott as it was to his wife who heard it. Furthermore, he would begin writing, with his left hand despite being right-handed, backward in Greek.

Once more, during these experiences, a strange voice began talking to him. Scott and his wife would ask who was speaking to them. The ambiguous reply came back that it was “Ashtar”. Even more bizarre, Ashtar would speak directly to Marla. As if to prove its authenticity this mysterious voice would speak to her of moments from her past that only she could have known.

A superimposed UFO hovering over a desert at sunset

Might accounts suggest links to the legends of ancient times

Then, events would take another unsettling twist. One that would further forge the unlikely connection between events from the “other side” and events from elsewhere in the universe. Ashtar would begin to offer Marla, riches and “all the money in the world”. That was, it is, in exchange for her soul.

As we mentioned previously, Beckley is one of the loudest voices in terms of such apparent connections. He would point out that “Ashtar” was remarkably similar to “Ishtar” – a goddess of Ancient Babylon.

“Extreme Vibrations” Attracting Separate Entities

What Beckley would also offer, was that as opposed to such ghostly visitors being the same as the apparent extraterrestrial abductors, they may very well be separate entities in their own right, but ones attracted to the location due to the “extreme vibrations” already caused by the Scotts’ ongoing cosmic encounters.

It is certainly an interesting suggestion. And one that deserves continued, thorough, and widespread investigation. There is, after all, persistent evidence of an intertwining of such bizarre phenomena. And while such research will unlikely result in a definitive all-encompassing answer to the UFO and alien question, or indeed to such equivalent unanswered questions in the paranormal fields, it will certainly push the boundaries of our understanding immensely.

A depiction of a UFO hovering over desert at night

Might we find clues to understanding UFOs in frequency and vibration

Beckley would also speak with researchers who were local to the area, and already familiar with Scott’s case. In particular, some of the contacts that would claim to be entities from elsewhere. Many of these were recorded on tape. One particularly chilling one would claim to be “Beelzebub”, The Devil himself.

Incidentally, many of these tapes were subject to examination for evidence of tampering or a hoax. Nothing at all would suggest such a manipulation had taken place. Furthermore, all of the voices that claimed to be a different entity, were also drastically different in terms of their analysis. In short, it would appear that they were different “people” who were speaking.

Despite this, Beckley would comment how much of the information offered bordered on juvenile in content and delivery. He would further comment that despite the apparent quantity of the messages, there was very little of “substance” to them.

A Temporary Elevation Of Consciousness And Awareness

Ultimately, it was Beckley’s belief that Scott was “not making the voices of his own free will”. And the point was repeated that several of the voices were at a tone so low that it was not thought possible a human voice could willingly, or knowingly, speak at such a level.

Furthermore, events would seemingly continue in the months that would follow. For example, the contact, Voltar, had claimed he would reappear in Tiahuanaco in Bolivia where he would transfer more messages and consciousness to Scott.

A depiction of a UFO in a sunset sky

Many abductees suggest they received an increase in general awareness

Interestingly, upon returning, Scott was seemingly a completely different person. No longer did he chain smoke, for example. Nor was his perceptions and knowledge on a whole range of subjects limited. He could now seemingly speak comfortably about a whole range of issues and subjects. While this transformation would not be permanent (in several weeks he would return more to his normal self) it was very noticeable.

What might the purpose of such a temporary change of mental ability and perception have been? What could Scott have achieved within those few weeks? And just how discreet was his “real” mission? If, of course, we accept his account to be true.

Even stranger, the entity known as The Host would claim that it would reappear on the Spider at the Nazca Lines on 24th December 2011. According to the claims, at this stage instructions would be given to Scott and other contacts for further activities. Of course, Brian Scott has since passed away. Whether any other “contacts” have been put in place to continue such work is not known.

“Of This He Asked Of I! A Sign! Given!”

Perhaps one of the most bizarre encounters would take place in the presence of researcher, and an eventual close friend of Brian Scott, Jim Frazier in the early hours of 23rd August 1976. He was more than happy to write a book of Brian’s experiences. However, he first wished for some kind of demonstration of the genuineness of Scott’s apparent contact abilities.

According to Frazier, at 2:10 am, Brian began to speak in the bizarre and clumsy way of The Host. The message in full would state:

Of The Host. Open run 1. From the sky now comes a ball of fire for all mankind to see. Of this, 1,000 particles of this I am I am. Look to the west. Given in trust Lat 38 01’ North Long 119 50’ West. Of this, seek of I. Of this, he asked of I. A sign. Given!

Frazier would further write that around 20 hours later, a “ball of fire” was witnessed in the western skies, apparently “sparkling like a thousand bright lights”. Furthermore, according to many of the reports on the newswires, this fireball would “eject particles from Canada to Mexico”. Even stranger, the largest of these “particles” would land within ten miles of the coordinates given by The Host.

It was certainly enough to convince Frazier to the authenticity of Scott. And the situation, as outlandish as it undoubtedly was.

A Plethora Of Bizarre And Strange Incidents

Over the years there were many people who were witness to strange and bizarre incidents involving Brian Scott. These would include such strange cases as automatic writing, intricate drawings of advanced science and technologies that he otherwise knew nothing about, as well as detailed information about the history of humanity.

Often these writings would be in ancient languages, much like the aforementioned incident where he would begin writing in Greek for no reason at all. Interestingly, and perhaps importantly, many of these ancient writings repeatedly point to an important link. A link between our contemporary world, and that of those from antiquity.

A superimposed UFO over a desert with a night sky

Should we take the claims of Brian Scott more seriously

Might it be, then, as Scott and many who have researched the case believed, that the encounters are proof of an “extraterrestrial or extradimensional beings”

Even more outlandish are such incidents of spoon-bending or the ability to read people’s minds. In short, despite Brian Scott being a remarkably “ordinary” man, he managed to perform some amazing and otherworldly feats.

Bizarre Links To The Esoteric Teachings Of Antiquity

Let’s quickly turn our attention back to the orange ball of light that first appeared to Scott on his sixteenth birthday. Was this strange glowing orb some kind of reconnaissance device, sent to prepare Scott for a lifetime of intergalactic missions for the sake of humanity. As far-fetched as these kinds of theories sound, it almost puts Scott, and several others like him, in a category of modern-day preachers, wise men, and chosen ones.

It is also perhaps worth mentioning that reports of these strange orbs have seemingly exploded in recent years around the United States. And of course, such strange orb lights have been reported in the Australian outback for decades.

A silver UFO in a sunset sky

Is Brian Scott the modern-day preachers of old?

Might these also be such bizarre alien and interdimensional devices sent to seek out certain people chosen for special missions on Earth?

We should perhaps once more turn our attention to the esoteric world for a moment. If we believe some of the information to have leaked out from the lodges that contain such secrets, history is, according to such hidden information, full of such mysterious entities from the spirit world whose sole purpose was to influence world events through specially chosen humans.

According to such esoteric teachings, such great people from history, as well as lesser-known figures whose contributions were equally important, were influenced by such shadowy figures. If such teachings are true, we have to ask, for what ends and whose benefit are these interventions taking place?

A Genuine Case Of Persistent Extraterrestrial Contact

So, where should the claims and accounts of Brian Scott reside in the overall picture of UFO history? And are his encounters of an extraterrestrial nature? Or might they prove to be an incident involving a “chosen” individual? Or cosmic contact between humanity and intelligence and energy elsewhere in the impossible vastness of the universe.

Are the experiences of Brian Scott like those of Billy Meier, for example? Meier is often seen as a contemporary version of George Adamski, who despite quite obviously manipulating and even manufacturing his later claims, is also seen as being a genuine contactee in the first instance.

If so, what is the purpose of these contacts? What are the apparent missions, and do they take place in the background to world events? Or are they somehow foiled by forces unknown to us? Indeed, the questions and speculations we could go through are endless even at this point. There is no doubt that the deeper we collectively delve into such accounts and theories over the years to come, more and more questions will surface before we reach where we need to be.

And one more point of contemplation, where would such accounts stand in the overall course of history? Might such accounts of contact and persistent communication with people such as Brian Scott in our contemporary era be the same as any number of figures from the ancient texts and religions writings who had apparent contact with “angels” and entities from the spirit world?

There are certainly many different angles we could examine Brian Scott’s account from. And it might prove that we indeed have to step into other fields of interest and even different ages before we get a full understanding of the UFO and alien question.

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1 Transformation of a Common Man: The Brian Scott Story (The Play of Life), James E Frazier, ISBN 9780759 639942
2 The Alien Abduction of Brian Scott in the Superstition Mountains of Arizona, Burlington News

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