The Chilling Alien Abduction Of “Roger S”

Marcus Lowth
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December 20, 2019
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November 15, 2021
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The apparent alien abduction of “Roger S” is an account that surfaced on the Internet with the source of James S Greenen, and while it is intriguing, it is another one that we should perhaps treat with a cautionary pinch of salt. Not that we should ignore it, however. There are plenty of details that surface within the account from 1989 that show up in other cases of alien abduction, both before and since.

A sketch of the strange creature blended into a depiction of a UFO

A sketch of the strange creature

What is also interesting about this particular encounter, is there are several hints at a connection to the ancient astronaut theory and, in particular, ancient Egyptian culture. And while these details are very speculative and perhaps dependent on perspective, they are intriguing in the extreme, nonetheless.

This account also hints quite blatantly at a human involvement in these strange alien abduction encounters. And once more, this is a detail to surfaces often in other alien abduction encounters. Just what should we make of the account of Roger S? And how seriously should we take it? Those questions will likely continue to fluctuate as more and more accounts, some very similar to the following one, enter the public domain.

Before we delve into the following incident, we should keep in our minds that many claims that have since proved to be more credible than they initially existed. It is up to us as researchers and enthusiasts to truly delve into such cases, no matter how strange, bizarre, and outlandish they might be, to keep such accounts on the backburner so they don’t become lost forever.

Awoken Surrounded By Strange Creature With “Heart-Shaped Heads and Black Eyes!”

At around 11:30 pm om the 19th April 1989, 10-year-old “Roger S” would awaken in his home in Orlando, Florida, to a most bizarre and frightening scene. [1] Around his bed were four strange and chilling figures with “heart-shaped heads and two giant black eyes”, as well as “two holes for a nose, a slit for a mouth that was gold in color”. Each figure was around five-and-a-half feet tall and were all making him the focus of their attention.

Without realizing how they had done so, he was removed from his bed and then placed on a “table-like device with no legs”. Furthermore, it had a glass-like feel to it. As he remained on the table, it began to move toward the window, floating through the air. The window opened and the table-like device floated through it and toward a strange object “shaped like two plates one inverted over the other” in a nearby field.

A depiction of a UFO over a beach at sunset

Just what did Roger S witness?

As Roger and the table approached the strange-looking craft, a door opened at the side of it. Then everything went blank. The next thing he realized, he was stood inside a strange room with another strange table beside him, this one a black one. The strange creatures were also in the room with him.

As he looked around the room, the entities began speaking to him directly into his head.

Intriguing Connections To Reincarnation?

With the voice entering his mind, he witnessed one of the creatures reach forward and push a button on the nearby table. Almost instantly, a light underneath the table lit up the entire floor of the room.

It was then that he noticed a large screen hanging in the room. On the underside of this, there were several “panels” which one of the entities was examining. Suddenly he saw the craft he was inside on the screen. He would also see on the same screen the craft suddenly shoot straight up into the air at great speed.

An image of angelic beings joining hands in a line

Might there be a link between aliens and reincarnation?

In his head, the strange creatures asked “what he was” to which he would reply he was “a human boy”. As this telepathic communication took place, he was led into another room on the ship. Then, rather bizarrely, he was shown pictures of one of his friends who he knew as Nancy. When he asked where she was, he was told she was on another craft to him. Most intriguingly, though, they went on that “she will not be reborn because she had been born too many times”.

Nothing else was mentioned concerning this most intriguing detail. Should we take it to mean literal rebirth that most of us would see as reincarnation? And if so, what do these strange creatures – essentially, extraterrestrials, at least as we would understand them today, have to do with the deciding factors that govern such a decision?

Further Links To The Ancient Astronaut Theory

Following this, and while images from the past and the future played on the large screen, a strange device floated towards his hands. The creatures explained that it had taken a sample of skin from an injury on one of his fingers.

He was then led to another section inside the ship. On his way, he saw a man sitting on a similar table to the one he was on previously. He would later estimate that the man was around 30 years of age.

Before he could think about the man anymore, he was taken to another panel. He was then asked to press any of the buttons he wished to. As he was doing this, he noticed that the craft he was in was entering a much larger ship. The creatures told him to remove his pajamas and handed him a strange red suit. When he put the clothing it “clung to him”. When he examined the red clothing, he would later recall that it had strange symbols “resembling hieroglyphics”.

This is yet again another intriguing detail. Especially when we remember the details that could very well be seen to be a hint at reincarnation and rebirth. Even more so when we remember that the ancient Egyptian culture was preoccupied with life after death and the realm of the gods.

Following this, while walking to another room, Roger would see a map on the wall which he would recall was of America. It is perhaps interesting, that while alien abductions occur all over the world, a great majority of them take place over the United States.

Signs Of An “Out Of Body” Abduction?

The next room he would find himself in was, unlike the others, square. Along the walls were screens and buttons which the enters immediately went to and began manipulating. One of the strangest things the witness would recall was of seeing a screen that showed him lying in bed asleep in his room. He would even recall seeing his father enter the room to check on him.

This is an extremely interesting detail and could possibly suggest that the encounter was one more akin to an out of body experience as opposed to a person being physically being removed and taken elsewhere. We have written on several occasions of such abductions that have occurred while other witnesses have seen the abductee remain exactly where they were, albeit in a trance-like state. Was this the case here?

Three alien faves on a starry background

Might alien abductions be similar to out of body experiences?

Before he could take in any more detail, his abductors would take him into another room, this one round. In the middle of the room was what appeared to be a glass box. The creatures would tell him that he should step inside. He did so and the creature closed the door.

He could see the creatures begin to push buttons on the wall. A strange red laser-like device began moving above him. He was told that this was “taking a brain scan”.

He was then taken into yet another room. In this room, though, while looking similar to the original entities, had a distinctive “orange tone” to their skin. Furthermore, while their eyes were a similar shape, they were a “blurry black” as opposed to the dark, jet black of his abductors. A voice inside his head told him these were the “women” of their race. After a short time, the three women would leave the room.

Strange Animals In Glass Cages – Another Intriguing And Repeated Detail?

Several moments later, Roger was taken into perhaps the strangest room of all. In this room, which was seemingly larger than the others, there were multiple glass cages around the walls. In these cages were several different animals that Roger could recognize as animals from Earth, There were others, however, that were a “bizarre mixture of different animals”.

This is an interesting detail as many abduction encounters, particularly those which involve these “tours” of the crafts also speak of seeing strange animals, often in a state of trance, being encaged in such a way. Interestingly many speak of seeing humans in much the same way.

Furthermore, remembering the ancient Egyptian connection once more, many of their legends and depictions in their records of strange mixtures of animals. Is this once more another clue and connection to an alien presence or influence in ancient Egyptian times?

A superimposed UFO on a picture of a riverside community

Many alien abduction encounters share very similar details

The return journey would prove to be as intriguing as the outgoing one. He was led back to the smaller craft and then taken back to Earth. The strange creatures would lead him back into his room, but all the while, he would follow a “small red sphere”. However, during this return journey, he would recall walking through a strange room where humans appeared to be at work at several screens. Most intriguing of all, though, was the fact that they were wearing NASA logos on their uniforms.

Even more thought-provoking, was the fact that these humans were seemingly performing some kind of experiments on several aliens laying in front of them.

The next thing he knew he was alone in his room. Whether the above account is credible or not is obviously open to debate. However, as we will examine next, it certainly gives us plenty to think about.

What Should We Take From These Bizarre But Intriguing Accounts?

The above account is certainly one of intrigue and repeatedly occurring connections to an alien presence deep in antiquity. But a presence whose influence we are still feeling now today in the modern world.

And what should we make of the claims of seeing animals in cages and connections to reincarnation? While we should, as we mentioned in the beginning, be cautions with such accounts, if there is any truth to any of the details, then it really brings several things into focus concerning certain aspects of the UFO and alien question. Not least of which is how much weight might be in such claims as the ancient astronaut theory.

Like many such accounts, we should examine them and file them accordingly in our minds. And then always be ready to highlight and seek out possible connections to other cases, perhaps with more sourcing and named witnesses that come to our collective attention.

Perhaps among all of these connections, however, we should consider the last detail of a human presence “with NASA logos”. NASA, rightly or wrongly, has a long history of conspiracies to its name. Might this make such claims as the one in the apparent abduction of “Roger S” be another one? It is certainly food for thought, even if those thoughts lead to potentially chilling consequences. Indeed, perhaps such thoughts, chilling as they might be, should force us to confront the idea of such a presence in our reality. And, in turn, how we might overcome such a presence lest it overtake us without warning or realization. In short, the signs are all there for us to piece together. However, the more we ignore such signs, the more we collectively put our own existence in peril.

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1 Orlando Abduction Report, James S Greenen, MUFON

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