The Bizarre Alien Encounters Of Clayton And Donna Lee

Marcus Lowth
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December 2, 2019
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November 15, 2021
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Although there are plenty of people who remain suspicious of their claims, the alleged alien abductions of Clayton and Donna Lee are some of the most intriguing on record. Not least as, according to them, they have taken place throughout the course of their marriage. And what’s more, they would make such claims on television only after consulting and working with a respected psychiatrist from Harvard University.

Clayton and Donna Lee with a superimposed beam of light behind

Clayton and Donna Lee

Furthermore, these claims were in-depth and, at the time, extremely graphic. So much so that it would have to make the hardest and even close-minded of us to wonder if such harrowing details would be manufactured. And that’s not to acknowledge that such fabrications and even outright lies are not above some people’s level of acceptance. Should the price be correct, of course. We should perhaps, though, be more willing to give a cautionary benefit of the doubt. At least to the possibility that these events are taking place.

Whether the account and claims of Clayton and Donna Lee are accurate, authentic, and genuine is perhaps still up for debate. They do, however, if they are indeed credible, take us one step closer to understanding why these incidents are happening. And for what ultimate end game. While many scoff at claims of alien abduction, the real likelihood is, as we will touch on a little later, is that our understanding of them will lead us as a collective to a place or realm of existence we perhaps can not currently contemplate.

Many media platforms and outlets picked up the Lees’ story when it first went public in 2005. It would seem, however, it first appeared on the Local6 News in Orlando, Florida. The Lees have since spoken publicly of their encounters on several occasions.

Harrowing Incidents Throughout Their Marriage

In fact, the more the couple began to awaken to the true nature of the bizarre accounts that had been unfolding discreetly in the background for almost two decades, the more they discovered, at least in Clayton’s case, that the abductions had been taking place since his childhood in Houston, Texas.

According to Clayton, he was playing in a park in the city when he suddenly realized he was “floating in the sky”. The next thing he knew, he could see the stars. These then turned to a sea of black before he lost consciousness.

Perhaps of even more interest is that he still bears a scar on the side of his torso. He can not explain or account for the mark. He does, however, believe it is the result of one of these alien interactions.

A depiction of a light beam coming from an unseen UFO

The Lees claimed to have had a long history of strange occurences

As well as the awakened memories of her husband’s childhood encounters, Donna would even recall an incident when, after being taken on board a strange otherworldly craft, that she had a fetus taken from her. Following the apparent abduction encounter, she was indeed no longer pregnant. This is undoubtedly a harrowing experience for any couple to go through. However, it is a detail that comes up time and again in claims of repeat alien abduction.

Indeed, such details suggest some kind of experimentation or hybridization program. And while that is outlandish nonsense to many, even inside the UFO community, it is a concern voiced by several researchers. Ones who are otherwise of a very serious mindset as far as the UFO and alien question.

Susan Clancy: Psychological Factors Behind Alien Abduction?

Before making their claims public, the Lees would approach and ultimately work with Harvard University psychiatrist, Susan Clancy. Clancy would use hypnotic regression to further unlock the repressed memories of the bizarre encounters.

Although they were regressed separately each would recall very similar and corroborating encounters, even drawing very similar entities.

We should note, Clancy is far from a “believer” in alien abductions. She has, however, interviewed and worked with many alleged abductees. It is her belief that at the core of such incidents are deeply rooted psychological issues.

The Lees, incidentally, would reject this notion in its entirety. Clancy’s view might explain many cases of single abductees. However, to claim a married couple whose encounters are extremely similar is down to the same psychological reasons surely doesn’t hold as much water.

Why Not Just “Keep It To Yourselves?”

Several months after the incident entered the public arena, the couple would appear on The O’Reilly Factor show, joining the station from Houston. In response to the general questioning of their mental state and why they didn’t “just keep it to (them)selves”, Clayton would state that such encounters were too momentous to keep to oneself. [1] And what’s more, the more they did speak about their encounters, the more they would find, among the many critics, that other people had had similar encounters.

Clayton and Donna Lee during a reproduction for television

Clayton and Donna Lee during a reproduction for television

Some of the details the Lees would reveal during the interview were fascinating, however. For example, when describing her surroundings during these abduction encounters, which she admits were in “different places”, Donna would describe of occasions on “the ship”, which she claimed was “very cold” and made of metal.

Interestingly, the descriptions of the abductors themselves does not completely fit that of a “gray alien” that most of us might associate with alien abduction cases. They would describe them as looking “human, but not quite human” and of being “tall, slender, (and) blond”.

Perhaps also of interest is the statement from Donna that they “really don’t use their voice to talk”. This would suggest some form of telepathic communication. Again, this is a detail that would appear to go back to the beginnings of the modern UFO era and consequently encounters with the occupants of such mysterious crafts of the late-1940s.

“This Does Happen To Normal People!”

The Lees would deny making any money from their claims. They would state that their reasons for going public were due to others who had experienced similar things. And consequently, were thinking “they’re losing their minds”. Furthermore, that “this does happen to normal people”.

Clayton would admit that he wouldn’t necessarily advise people to go public as they had as “people would think they’re nuts”. However, he would also stress that should people suspect or know they had undergone similar experiences to contact one of the many groups and organizations available to them.

It is an interesting stance, no doubt, and very commendable at that. However, there are many who remain unconvinced by the Lees and their story.

Clayton and Donna Lee on television

Clayton and Donna Lee on television

We should perhaps think what we might do should we find ourselves in such a bizarre and confusing predicament. Would we seek out help from others who might have gone through the same thing? Might we want to tell the world of the encounter? Both to get it off our chest and to have others investigate and get to the bottom of the mysterious events? Or would we simply keep it to ourselves and not speak. For fear of being labeled “crazy” or even mentally unstable.

Perhaps the fact that we would need to ask such questions is not a reflection on such individuals who might experience such admittedly bizarre incidents. But a reflection on society. That as far advanced as it might be, remains very much the same as it has for thousands and thousands of years. That it treats anyone who wishes to even suggest anything outside of the accepted social norms as outcasts.

Something With Us In One Form Or Another Since Antiquity?

Just what should we make of the Lees’ claims? If there is an ounce of truth in them we have to ask just what is taking place here? Where people can be taken from their homes or vehicles. And all manner of experiments conducted on them.

Let’s dismiss the conspiracies of “government compliance” in such cases for a moment. What we are left with is an extraterrestrial race. One that has no concern about a collective response from humanity. In fact, one that almost appears to have complete disdain for it.

Perhaps the ideas of some form of highly secretive deal that allowed these abductions to take place are preferable to humanity being at the mercy of an alien race. One not only highly advanced but seemingly with a cold, calculated precision to their genetic make-up.

Above all, though, is the notion that cases of alien abduction are not something consigned to the UFO age of the 1950s. Or the fragile state of consciousness and looking for meaning in faraway places of the 1970s. They are very much still a phenomenon of our contemporary era. And look set to continue to be so for the foreseeable future.

The truth and reality behind the UFO and specifically to us here, alien abduction phenomena may be many things. Whatever it is, though, it is something that has been with us in one form or another since antiquity. We need to discover who these apparently alien creatures are? And why so many people are not just seeing them but interacting with them physically? Then, we very well will be closer to revealing the true nature of our collective reality. As well as where we fit in that reality. And what the purpose to it all might be.

Check out the video below.


1 Personal Story: Abducted by Aliens, Fox News, January 16th, 2006

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  • Fango says:

    Dr Jacobs book THE THREAT has a 1000 cases of abduction.
    Dr Jacobs is the ONLY Phd using real scientific methods in collecting data and analyzing data.
    All conclusions are data driven.
    ET is on a hybridization soft take of earth since 1900.
    All abductions and pregnancies follow exact protocols.
    Millions of abductees are involved, from every country on earth.
    All stories about Jesus or Angels or tour of craft or graphic warnings of what is to come on earth are ‘cover memories’. As is the myth “ETs are here to help.”
    ET is here for one reason only – hybridization and take over of earth.

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