Best & Most Intriguing UFO And Alien Encounters Of 2018

Marcus Lowth
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January 6, 2019
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July 20, 2020
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While there is evidence from some quarters that UFO encounters are not at their highest levels and haven’t been for several years, sightings and reports continue to pour in every single day. Indeed, 2018 alone has seen several UFO stories creep into the mainstream news networks, many of which had commercial airline pilots as the main witnesses.

2018 UFO Best Of

Then, although they don’t receive the attention of the commercial airline sightings, there are also the encounters that are reported daily from members of the public, most to UFO organizations so they can investigate. Many just so that their incidents are on record. Of course, it would impossible to include every single sighting here. And they would in themselves likely fill an entire volume. Perhaps that is telling in itself of just how many sightings there are, and how relevant the UFO and alien question still is. What we will do, however, is highlight some of the most intriguing UFO and alien encounters of 2018, and highlight where we can, important and recurring details that appear in other UFO incidents.

More recently in the run-up to Christmas 2018, London’s Gatwick airport came to a standstill for almost two days. Drones were the immediate scapegoat. Even two arrests were (very publicly) made. However, in the space of several days, the police’s stance had gone from the disturbance definitely being a drone, to one where we are now “not sure if there was a drone at all”. Needless to say, this incident is increasingly looking to be a UFO encounter that played out right under the collective noses of the British public. Perhaps, though, we should remind ourselves of a similar incident that happened at the end of the 2017 in Atlanta.

The Atlanta Airport Blackout Conspiracy – A Setting Of The Tone For 2018?

Almost exactly a year prior to the Gatwick standstill, Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport had all of their flights grounded for eleven hours due to a fire in the underground systems of the facility. While it certainly wasn’t as long a delay as Gatwick’s, the fact that Atlanta is one of the main hubs of national and international air travel in the United States meant the economic damage was considerable, with over 1,000 flights delayed or postponed. However, what made the Atlanta incident all the more intriguing, and suspicious, was despite a complete grounding of all flights, one small, mysterious cargo plane was allowed to leave. Right in the middle of the incident, no less.

The power outage occurred due to the underground fire at 1 pm on the 17th December causing the airport to essentially, shut down. Just short of five and a half hours later at 6:27 pm, and nearly six hours before the first official flight to leave Atlanta following the airport’s eventual re-opening, a Boeing 747 (4X-ICB) registered as a “private cargo plane” would leave Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. According to FlightRadar24, the plane’s destination was Liege in Belgium, and eventually, Tel Aviv in Israel.

What is even more interesting is that the plane in question arrived at Hartsfield-Jackson airport at 1 pm. Pretty much at the same time as the “fire” shut the airport down. Is there a connection between the two? Had the plane not left it surely would be put down to coincidence. The fact it did leave, though, makes many contemplate just what was on board the private plane, later revealed to be owned by CAL Cargo Airlines, a company with “Customs Clearance” status giving them “the ability to load and unload trucks without the presence of customs agents”.

A Bizarre Bedroom Abduction?

Several strange encounters are on record throughout the opening weeks of 2018. In the early hours of the 5th January, for example, at 4:44 am precisely, a witness in Alamosa, Colorado was woken with the sense of “being watched”. They would search their apartment but could find nothing untoward. Except, that is, they couldn’t locate their dog who would normally be at their side. Sitting on the toilet seat for a moment to think, the witness suddenly found themselves completely naked and in some kind of “large cavern”. In front of them was a “30-foot wide infinitely tall windowless, door-less tower with a light emanating from behind”. The witness was, however, unable to describe the color as it was a shade they had not seen before. The surface beneath the witness’s feet was “cold and damp and gritty”.

The next thing they knew, the witness was back in his bed, fully dressed and fully awake. His wife had remained asleep throughout the incident. While it felt as though only fifteen minutes had passed since waking, when he looked at the clock it was just before 6 am. Since the incident, even a typical image of an extraterrestrial makes the witness feel anxious.

Less than 24 hours later, at a little after 7:45 pm on 6th January in Fairlawn, Ohio, a resident stood in their driveway with their dog suddenly noticed “multiple lights” heading in their direction from the south-east. The lights were white and glowing, and appeared to move in a “non-rigid V-formation”. The witness would claim there were nine lights in total, and they appeared independent of each other. Although they were at a relatively low altitude there was no sound from them. They were also constant with no dimming or flashing.

The New Jersey Devil? The Mothman? Winged Creatures In The January Skies!

Although the report would land with MUFON, a sighting in the early-evening of 18th January could be one of the New Jersey Devil. And another sighting only ten days later of another winged creature evokes memories of the famous Mothman cases.

According to the report, at approximately 5:20 pm a former law enforcement officer observed what he thought was a large bird from his back porch. That was until it got closer. Then he could see not only the vastness of the wingspan, but the “secondary, smaller wings” at the end of the body. Furthermore, there was “no discernable head or beak” to this strange aerial creature, which was definitely not mechanical. The body moved through air as a creature would move through water and was “thin like a snake’s”. The witness watched the creature for around thirty seconds before it disappeared from his view. He would state in his report to MUFON that “this was not any natural, earthly flying creature”.

Interestingly enough, several days later in Wilmington, Illinois, another report of a winged creature surfaced. It would land with researcher and writer, Lon Strickler, from an Illinois resident via e-mail almost immediately following the incident. The witness was sitting on their step at home. Unable to sleep – the time was just after 4:30 am – she was smoking a cigarette when she saw a “weird hybrid mix of an owl and a bat”. Despite the dark skies the creature was still perfectly visible and had a “triangular” shape to it as it moved “shockingly fast”. It would soon disappear from view. However, seconds later a sound “similar to a bat screech but with a lower tone” rang out. Two more such screeches cut through the night. The witness then went inside, suddenly unnerved from the strange encounter.

2018 NJ Devil

Strange Objects “Changing Shape And Texture” Multiple Times!

Two sightings of strange objects occurred on the evening of the 13th January on the western side of the United States. At just after 9 pm in Yuma, Arizona, a resident was sitting on his back porch smoking a cigarette and enjoying the night air. Suddenly, a “large orange glow” appeared in front of them over the horizon. At first thinking it was an incoming plane the witness continued to follow the strange glow. However, as there was no sound whatsoever, he quickly dismissed this. Given how slow it was moving, and how (relatively) close it was, he should have heard something of the craft’s propulsion system.

Around an hour later, over the skies of Mountain View, California, a couple noticed a “stationary, bright, somewhat flickering star-like object” in the skies overhead. At first, they thought it was a star. However, before they could consult their star-maps, the object began to move upwards. It remained stationary for several moments before again moving vertically. It would repeat this again before disappearing out of sight. Satisfied it wasn’t a plane or conventional aircraft, and not a natural object, the sighting is unexplained.

Also on the west coast, and exactly a week earlier on the 6th January, a UFO sighting was captured on film in the morning at a little after 9 am. A Los Angeles resident managed to capture around five minutes of the object from his apartment before it disappeared from view. What’s more, he would claim to have filmed a similar object from the same location several months earlier in August 2017. He would state on his YouTube post that the object “changes shape and texture several times. And there appears to be a continual twisting motion showing some kind of torsion field”.

That video is below.

Vanishing Skiers And More Winged Creatures!

Although it isn’t at all clear what happened to Toronto firefighter, Danny Filippidis, on an annual skiing trip with colleagues, his mystery disappearance and equally baffling reappearance across the other side of the United States was arguably the first mysterious story of February 2018. Was this a case of teleportation? Maybe even alien abduction? The fact that even now, almost a year later, it appears, at least according to those investigating it, that the mystery behind his disappearance “may stay a mystery”.

Perhaps one of the most bizarre, and bone-chilling, accounts of 2018, though, took place shortly before midnight on the evening of 15th February, and is yet another account of a menacing, winged creature. It was around 11:30 pm on Route 94, a location between Gurnee, Illinois and Racine, Wisconsin. With a considerable way still to go, the 37-year-old witness would pull his vehicle into to a truck stop parking lot at the side of the road. After making his purchase and returning to his car, the witness noticed a “large person standing to the side of the road”.

The creature was staring directly at the witness with “bright red eyes”, large enough that the witness could clearly see them from his position across the road. Then, the bizarre entity “opened a huge pair of wings” and rushed into the air like “some kind of big bat” and was gone. The witness would recall how the incident was over in no longer than five seconds. However, despite the quickness of the incident, he was more than certain of what he had witnessed. He would state in his report that he had seen a “giant, skinny man with a large pair of wings and red eyes!” Incidentally, investigators would find the man to be a credible witness.

The Daylight Sighting Of The “Dot In The Sky Changing Colors!”

There were several reports of strange, floating or glowing lights. One of the most bizarre took place in the bright sunshine with multiple witnesses, to boot.

On the afternoon of 22nd February, in broad daylight just after 12 noon, dozens of onlookers at a shopping center in Barranquilla, Columbia, witnessed a “dot in the sky changing colors”. Onlookers first believed the craft to be a drone until it was realized it was at a much higher altitude for a drone. Several people managed to capture footage and pictures of the apparent anomaly. Natural phenomena such as comets or meteors were also ruled out. While many were skeptical of the incident, stating it was likely “lens flare” or another likely or mundane explanation, many claims would later surface online stating that what was witnessed was nothing less than an “alien spaceship”. You can view one of those pictures below.

Just five days later, In the early hours of 27th February, at just before 4:45 am, live on FOX6 WakeUp News, a strange and mysterious aerial display took place. The show’s commentators watched in awe and disbelief questioning just what it was they were seeing. One of the anchors even questions “Aliens? I don’t know!”

Undoubtedly, then, UFO activity was certainly in abundance in the opening weeks of the year. However, it wasn’t until March when the first “big” UFO story spilled forth from the talking heads of the mainstream. Before we look at that incident, though, check out the video below. It is one of the news segments on the mysterious Milwaukee Lights.

The Arizona Incident

Although the incident itself happened on the 24th February 2018, it wasn’t until early-March when the story of the apparent UFO incident over the skies of Arizona surged into households across the world through mainstream media outlets on television and online. Perhaps what made the sighting stand out, was the fact that both witnesses were experienced commercial airline pilots. And what’s more, they each worked for different airlines and witnessed the same incident, in effect, corroborating the other.

The first report came the pilot of a Learjet 36 Airliner. He wished to know of any other aircraft in their vicinity, particularly any that had just passed their position. The control tower replied that nothing had passed them. Persisting with the notion, the pilot would reply bluntly, “Something did”. The control tower in question, in Albuquerque in Arizona, would find the nearest plane to the Learjet plane and request they “keep a lookout for anything that passes over them”.

The pilot of the American Airlines plane, Blenus Green, as confused as he was at this latest instruction began to immediately survey the skies outside. To his amazement, a bright object “but not so bright that you couldn’t look at it” passed directly over his plane. He would later claim to the media that the object had no wing-surface or tail, and “it didn’t look anything like an airplane”. In short, the incident, while not frightening, was “so out of the ordinary”.

What is particularly strange about this case, and something that would be replicated several times throughout 2018, was the apparent openness gifted to the pilot-witnesses by their employers. Whether this shift in attitude is a general reflective one of the times or whether it is a purposeful shift towards “disclosure” is much debated.

Check out the video below.

More Bizarre Otherworldly Creatures And Footage From The Space Station

More strange humanoid sightings occurred in March 2018. One of the strangest, without doubt, took place on Kyoto, Japan. An unnamed tourist was traveling back to his Airbnb accommodation at around 11:40 pm on the evening of the 11th March. As he passed through a courtyard which would lead to where he was staying, he passed a shrine. To his amazement, “two four-foot tall human-looking creatures (were) jumping the wall of the shrine and running away”.

The witness initially believed the creatures to be children. However, the more he looked at them the more he realized they had a far stranger appearance than a child. He would describe their skin “as white as snow” and their arms and legs as “long and thin”. Their heads were of normal size. However, they adorned “a pair of pointy ears” and housed two “large, triangular black eyes”.

He would further state that the strange creatures “ran with their arms behind them” as they hid behind a corner of the wall. The witness would begin to walk towards the creatures, despite the fear rising within him. However, an alarm on the shrine went off which caused him to stop. The two creatures took advantage and turned to run away, disappearing around a darkened corner of the courtyard.

Whether the creatures witnessed in Japan were extraterrestrial in nature or merely a creature of folklore, an incident that occurred less than a week later on the 17th March most certainly would appear to be so. What’s more, the footage comes courtesy of the live-cam on the International Space Station. It would appear to be another of the many live streams where an anomalous object has appeared. You can view that footage below.

The Stars Academy Of Arts And Science Video Release

Although the video was filmed in 2015, it wasn’t until March 2018 when the controversial group, ‘The Stars Academy of Arts and Science”, with the equally controversial Tom Delonge as their figurehead, released video footage from the gun camera of two Navy pilots as they piloted a F/A-18 Super Hornet off the east coast of United States.

Although the clip is only around thirty seconds long, it caused ripples in UFO communities and was another piece of news that found itself, albeit briefly, on mainstream platforms. The disclosure of the video file, along with numerous other documents, has led to many in UFO circles expecting a larger more substantial disclosure of information. However, it would appear what we are seeing is a “drip-feeding” of information. Perhaps just enough to quash interest in some, while bring others up to speed. Regardless of the reasons, for many, there is an alternative agenda to such releases of information.

Perhaps, then, as we have discussed in other articles on disinformation in UFO circles, we should view the abundance of UFO files and “leaked” pieces of footage from a slightly more suspicious perspective. It is hard to believe what a government would suddenly have to gain from the release of such files. And if there is nothing to gain, it is hard to see a government committing itself to such an act.

You can view that fascinating footage below.

“A War Going On Over Our Skies!”

Perhaps one of the strangest incidents of 2018 occurred in Ropczyce in Poland. Just before 7:30 pm on the 14th April, the witness would report seeing a “flying humanoid”. At first thinking it was someone hang gliding, he continued to watch the figure out of curiosity. However, the more he watched the more he realized it wasn’t a hang glider. Perhaps most interesting, the witness would recall that the creature appeared to be “made of light, (like) dark fog”. The witness would watch the strange creature as it made its way through the skies for around two minutes before it disappeared from view.

Three days earlier, on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, on the evening of 11th April, after watching online webcams of the Phoenix skies a YouTuber claimed to witness “purple beams of light” as well as several other aerial anomalies. The footage she would upload would find its way onto several likeminded websites.

The first beam appears to strike the ground. The second, however, “appears to be coming from the bottom and going upward”. In between the two purple beam displays, a UFO appears in the shot near the mountain range in the background. While there was a plethora of theories as to what the object and strange lights might be, the lady responsible for the upload, Nelson Hernandez, theorized there might be “a war going on over our skies”. This, she would state “explains the UFO’s erratic movements”.

You can view that video footage below.

“I Have An Object In Front Of Me! I Don’t Know What It Is!”

One of the most interesting, and perhaps revealing UFO encounters comes from an Air Traffic Control recording over Huntington, New York from the afternoon of 26th May. At an altitude of around 6,000 feet, the pilot suddenly contacted the control tower. They would claim that a UFO was directly in front of his aircraft.

The pilot clearly states, “I have an object in front of me. I don’t know what it is”. To this, the tower responds, “You mean like a drone or something?” The pilot dismissed this, stating the object was much larger than a drone. The tower, incidentally, had nothing unusual on their radar systems. As the pilot moved his aircraft to the left, the object moved to the back of the plane.

“Now its gone behind the clouds. I have no idea what it is,” the pilot would claim seconds later. Furthermore, there was “definitely something there”. The control tower would claim that “I have to assume it was a drone”. When the pilot insisted that the object had lights on it, it was simply dismissed. The sighting remains unexplained, although it would appear unlikely that the object was a drone. At least an indigenous one.

If the winter and spring months had been active, which they very much were, the summer and autumn months would certainly heat up in terms of increased activity. Before we look at some of those incidents, though, you can listen to the above conversation in the video below.

A Strange Craft “Drifting In The Sky” Of An “Approaching Thunderstorm!”

On the afternoon of the 2nd June, a little after 3 pm in Crieff, Perthshire in Scotland, a resident witnessed and captured footage of a disc-shaped object. The sighting occurred just prior to “an approaching thunderstorm”. The witness, who was at home at the time, was watching the brewing, pregnant grey clouds when he noticed the strange craft “drifting in the sky”.

As he was filming the object on an old Panasonic videocamera, by the time he had focused on it his view was blocked by some of the buildings of the town. However, he remained with it and eventually managed to film around thirty seconds of the object as it hovered overhead.

In his report, he would state that the object was “puck-shaped or a disc with an edge”. As it moved it appeared “cigar-shaped”. However, as it approached clouds it would bank. This would allow the witness to “clearly to see it was circular”. The speed was “constant” until it finally disappeared into a thick bank of clouds.

Incidentally, the UK MUFON investigator of the case, Robert Young, that “it was a real object and not a hoax”. Furthermore, although there is the possibility that it was “some kind of drone”, it was still “an unidentified flying object, whatever it may be”.

You can view that footage below.

A week later on the afternoon of the 9th June on the other side of the world and equator over the Nazca Lines in Peru, a UFO was witnessed and filmed by a UFO researcher. The oblong-shaped craft is clearly visible over the ancient landmark, which itself has far-reaching connections to alien activity. Indeed, it is one of the main locations of interest to subscribers to the ancient astronaut theory.

You can view that footage below.

Further Sightings In A Red Hot Summer

In the early hours of 31st July, at just before 2 am in Mount Vernon, Ohio, a retired military veteran with over twenty years’ experience, was driving home along Route 13. Suddenly, a bizarre humanoid, about seven to eight feet tall, rushed from out of a cornfield along the road side, into the road and into a soybean field at the other side. The witness would recall how the creature was around fifty feet in front of his vehicle, which he would bring to an immediate halt upon seeing it.

He would later describe the creature’s limbs to be “oversized” for its body, and its skin color a light brown. Its neck appeared much too small for the large elongated neck that it housed. Such was its size it would manage to cross the road in only two or three strides. As it entered the field, the witness lost sight of it. He would consider making a report to authorities. However, perhaps aware of the response he would likely receive, he opted to report the incident to MUFON.

Perhaps one of the most fascinating sightings occurred several weeks earlier at the start of the month on the 7th July. That afternoon, an entire family in Banbury, Oxfordshire, England witnessed a cigar-shaped craft. And what’s more, they would capture the incident on film. On the footage the clouds are clearly visible moving past the UFO, which the person filming it tells is due to the craft “pretty much holding its position”. Towards the end of the footage, the object is “flashing and rotating”.

Opinion remains split on this particular footage, which you can view below.

A Truly Bizarre Account From Berlin

At a little after 7 am on 9th August in Berlin, Germany, an unnamed witness woke to his alarm clock. Even on the days he didn’t have to work, like this morning, he always set the alarm. He would then lay back and enjoy the time in bed, falling in and out of sleep. As would happen, on occasion, as he drifted to and from the arms of sleep, “holographic pictures” would enter his mind. It was as if he could see them with his own eyes, even though he was also aware his eyes were closed.

Suddenly, he entered into an out-of-body-type experience. He was moving along some kind of tunnel. Two nurses were with him, one on each side. They each had familiar faces to him. However, because he had experienced similar incidents before, he knew they were not really people familiar to him, but simple their ideal scenario for him to view and remember.

In reality, he knew he was away from his bed, at least his consciousness, and tied to a stretcher in an unknown location. He tried to look around and take in details of is surroundings. All he could hear was a succession of “beeps”. And his vision was full of medical devices and instruments. He began to try and fight the “reality” and raise himself from the stretcher. The more he did so, the more he could hear a robotic voice repeating the phrase “change program. Change program”. He continued to struggle and struggle until he forced himself back into his body. Then, he awoke in his bed. He would state that “I don’t know if they manipulate souls or materialize a kind of copy of our bodies. Or (if they) actually transport physical bodies”.

 “Very Bright Lights” Over the South-West Coast Of Ireland

While as we have seen, the entire year of 2018 up until the end of the summer was full of reports and UFO activity. Including several that had forced their way onto the mainstream news channels. However, the final weeks of 2018 would prove the most active. And intriguing.

On the morning of 9th November at 6:47 am, Shannon air traffic control would receive urgent contact from a British Airways pilot. She wished to know of any “military exercises” taking place in the air space over Ireland. Although the response from the tower would state no exercises were taking place anywhere in their air space, the concerned pilot would state that she could see a “very bright light”. And what’s more, it was moving with alarming speed.

She wasn’t the only witness, however. A pilot form a nearby Virgin Airways plane would corroborate the sighting. From his vantage point he could clearly see “multiple objects following the same sort of trajectory”. A third pilot also voiced their sightings of “two bright lights” which were “climbing at astronomical speed”. So fast, in fact, “it was like Mach 2”.

What is particularly interesting about this sighting, as well as the multiple witnesses in the air, several witnesses, unaware of the sightings of the pilots, would report sightings from the ground. In the same region, at the same time. One of those was Donal Brady, who would even manage to capture footage of the object from his garden. He would state to local media in the days following that he had suddenly noticed “a very bright object in the sky. It wasn’t moving like a plane. It was hovering and moving sideways”.

You can view Brady’s footage below.

Similar Sightings Across The Atlantic At Baffin Island

Despite the apparent wave of sightings in the area that morning, all of which corroborate the others, the sighting remains “unexplained” with it “likely” to be a meteorite episode. As you might imagine, this explanation doesn’t sit at all well with many in the UFO community. Nor with the witnesses themselves. The fact that meteorites rarely climb as this object had done appears of little consequence to the Aviation Authority. Nor is the footage of Donal Brady.

However, it wasn’t just media platforms in the United Kingdom and Ireland who took an interest in the sightings over Ireland. The incident would take on international significance. For a time, albeit temporarily, the eyes of the global UFO community would concentrate fully on south west Ireland.

You can listen to the pilot exchange below.

Several weeks earlier, on the evening of 24th November at a little after 8:30 pm, the pilots of a Noliner Aviation Boeing 737-200 airplane would report a strange object ahead of them as they made their way over the Mary River mine near Baffin Island in Canada. Although authorities would appear to downplay the incident, a move which some would find suspicious, many would find the incident intriguing. Not least because the area has a long history with such strange aerial phenomena.

What’s more, many in UFO and conspiracy circles would connect the sighting to the equally mysterious “ping”, or “beep”, or “humming” that residents have been reporting for the last several years. Many believe this sound and the increased sightings in the area are because of an alien base that resides deep under the ice of the Nunavut region.

The video below looks at this strange noise and what it might be a little further.

December – By Far, The Busiest And Most Exciting Time Of The Year!

By far, however, the busiest, most active, and most interesting month of UFO activity, certainly in terms of stories that galvanized the attention of the media, mainstream and otherwise, was December.

We already know, for example, about the Gatwick incident. As we stated at the time, and as looks more likely now, the incident appears to be anything but a simple “drone sighting”. In fact, maybe we should remember the incident from May in Huntingdon, New York. The air traffic controller clearly states that they “have to” record it as a drone. Perhaps drone sightings should face closer investigation. Both in the present, future, and retrospectively.

It seems unlikely that a drone, or multiple drones could have brought, or have been allowed to bring such a busy airport as Gatwick to a literal standstill. In a similar way that a “small fire” beneath Atlanta’s equally important and busy airport should do likewise. While most of the questions lean towards the notion that the “drones” were actually some kind of intelligent craft, it might be a case that rather forcing the airport to shut down, maybe we should ask for what reasons would it shut? It seems blatantly obvious that it matters not what the public think of the “drone story” in the subsequent releases from authorities. It appears the important thing was simply to shut the airport. And keep it shut for however long their instructions said to carry out, in theory, their secretive activity.

The video below explores some of the Gatwick conspiracy theories a little further.

The Bright Blue Lights Of Queens, New York

In the early hours of the 28th December in the Queens district of New York, with Christmas done and dusted and the New Year brushing itself off for its annual appearance, the skies overhead suddenly turned a bright blue. What’s more, several power outages occurred throughout the city. Then came the sightings of the strange lights. There had been some sporadic reports of strange lights in the hours leading up to the incident. In the hours that followed, though, these sightings increased somewhat. So much so, in fact, that NYPD felt the need to release a statement specifically about the lights on social media.

They would state that “the lights you have seen throughout the city appear to have been from a transformer explosion. At a Con Ed facility in Queens. Many people captured footage of the incident. And social media would become of a rush of theories as to what was happening. As well as who might be behind it.

While many theorized the incident a UFO encounter, others would suggest governmental conspiracies such as Project Blue Beam. This, interestingly enough, revolves around the idea of advanced holographic technology. Technology that shadow governments will use to “fake” an alien invasion. According to the conspiracy, martial law and a new world government will take charge of the entire planet. As outlandish, and probably unlikely as such an incident is, it certainly isn’t as wild or crazy as some would think. The technology to achieve such a fraud is already available. And to some, the reason for the sudden interest in UFO sightings by the mainstream media is not one of prepping the populace for cosmic disclosure. It is more, if we subscribe to the theories, to have us buy into such a fake alien invasion.

Extraordinary Events Over Kenner, Louisiana

The explanation offered for the blue skies over New York most likely was due to transponder failure. However, what caused this sudden failure in the first place? We might be able to let the incident go with no more than a curious mind. If, that is, there wasn’t another incident only days later in Louisiana.

At a similar time, at 1:50 am around 24 hours earlier on 28th December, a similar power failure occurred in Kenner, Louisiana. And what’s more, there were several UFO sightings in the hours leading up to the early morning power failure. Perhaps the most detailed is that of Charles Walton. He would claim to have seen a UFO “over a mile wide” hovering over the city. Further still, similar to the UFO sightings in Queens, authorities would state that “sightings” were sparks from a blown transformer. As one media platform would state “(when) transformers blow, that’s it, the power is out. They don’t keep sparking and blow up over and over again”.

Walton would state that, he and two of his friends sat in his backyard. Suddenly, a bright “beam of amber light” engulfed all of them. The light glowed for only three seconds before going out and returning the trio back to darkness. Then, however, an hour later at 2:50 am, the entire sky lit up. “Bright colors of green, blue, red, amber, and yellow”. At around the same time, several sub stations in the regions set alight. Furthermore, several telephone poles would catch fire.

One Of The “Most Intense And Powerful Encounters” Ever Witnessed!

Even stranger, Walton would claim the air contained a “massive amount of energy”. Each of them could feel an “electrical charge over our bodies that caused our hair to stand up”. In fact, the air was so full of energy there was an audible “humming” sound all around them.

Regarding the official story of “transformers blowing”? Walton would state in his report that “I have seen many transformers blow. But what I witnessed last night above me in the sky, was lights from a large UFO craft”. He would continue that “these multicolored lights were large and moved in different patterns across the sky above me”. Further still, the lights in neighborhoods all around the region were flickering on and off. This is an important factor as if there had been a full power failure, the lights would be completely down. And not flickering for a considerable time as Walton witnessed.

Perhaps of even more concern are the activities that occurred in the days that followed the incident. According to Walton, many of the videos from residents and on local news outlets faced systematic removal from various media platforms. In Walton’s opinion, what happened in Kenner, much like what happened in Queens the following night was one of the “most intense and powerful encounters” witnessed by himself. And most likely many other American residents.

Walton certainly wasn’t the only one to notice the events unfolding around Kenner, Louisiana. Several news stations would capture footage, as well as local residents. The video below looks at the incident in a little more detail. And, might it be an indicator of what’s to come in 2019 will be in UFO terms. And it should make for an exciting and revealing twelve months.

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