Glowing Lights, Near Misses, And Motherships: Truly Bizarre UFO Encounters From Down Under

Marcus Lowth
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November 3, 2023
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October 28, 2023
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Australia has had many UFO sightings and encounters with the strange creatures connected to them over the years. However, there are many such incidents from the early 1980s that remain little-known, even to people in the UFO community. Many of these incidents include details that are often found in other encounters from around the world, some of which date back decades. Indeed, we just might find that this part of the world is of some unknown importance to this apparent alien race.

From sightings of strange lights in the sky to huge mothership-type aircraft releasing smaller vehicles into the air, to encounters with strange creatures and even potential cases of alien abduction, UFO and alien activity was just as high in Australia in the early 1980s as it was in other locations around the world such as the United States or Europe. It is perhaps a safe assumption that the same apparent alien race is behind these encounters separated by many miles around the planet.

As usual, we do not have the time or the space to cover each and every encounter from this period in time here, but we will look at some of the most intriguing, thought-provoking, and mysterious.

“It Must Be Armageddon Or Something!”

At around 11 pm on 8th July 1981 in Hindmarsh, Adelaide, an unnamed builder’s laborer was watching television with another resident of the hostel they were staying in, with most of the other 40 residents asleep in their rooms, unaware that their evening was about to take a most drastic turn. As they watched television, they noticed the caretaker of the hostel making his way to the front door in order to go outside for a cigarette. Only moments after he did so, however, he came rushing back a look of a combination of fear and excitement on his face.

He suddenly exclaimed to the pair that “it must be Armageddon or something” before urging them to return outside with him. The pair did so, despite it being a bitterly cold winter evening. Almost immediately after they did so they noticed “six round orange glowing balls” in the night sky. They appeared to be traveling from the Adelaide hills and in the direction of the ocean. The witness estimated they were just under 1000 feet above the ground and were flying in formation, “with one in the lead and the rest in a tight zig-zag formation behind that one”.

Given that the witness had a relatively extensive knowledge of aviation, he was more than surprised that he could hear no sound coming from the objects, despite them moving at a reasonable pace. It was also clear that they had no landing lights of any kind, and that they remained on a completely straight line (they didn’t drop altitude even slightly). Furthermore, he, like most of the residents of the area, was more than familiar with the regular air traffic that went overhead and knew what they were looking at was certainly out of the ordinary.

A Vehicle From Another World

The three witnesses spoke quietly to each other, trying to come up with suggestions as to just what they were witnessing. They also noticed that while they were moving in a straight zig-zag pattern they “were moving forward but in a diagonally across motion”. Even stranger, each of the objects would “pulse” and appear to grow in size or brightness, and they would do so in a specific order and separately from each other.

They watched for several more moments as the objects continued on their flight, eventually flying out over the ocean. From there, they appeared to speed up and were quickly out of sight. The witnesses stood there for a moment, each in awe as to the events they had just witnessed.

They began to contemplate how so many aerial vehicles – whatever they were – could have moved across Australian airspace without detection or response. The fact that these vehicles moved without any standard aviation lights suggested to them they were either another nation’s top-secret aircraft or something else entirely, including a craft from another world.

The Brisbane Airport Flight Path Incident

According to a report made to the National UFO Reporting Center, another intriguing encounter unfolded the following year in Brisbane. [1] At around 8 pm on the evening of 20th April 1982, an anonymous woman and her partner were at home in her apartment when she suddenly noticed a strange vibration coming from above. As they lived on the top floor and were right in the flight path of airplanes landing at Brisbane Airport they were used to hearing and feeling the aircraft go overhead. This, however, was much different.

Realizing something out of the ordinary was taking place they both made their way to the living room window. When they looked outside, they could see an extremely bright object that was moving toward their apartment. It eventually passed over the top of their building. They would describe that as looking like “burning magnesium” and a “brilliant blue-white in color and it was blinking” or “pulsating off and on”.

They continued to watch the object as it moved through the sky before it came to a stop over the southern part of the city. They noticed that it was extremely high up in the sky at this point before the light suddenly went out. When it came on again, the couple was shocked to see that it was in a completely different location. The glowing object repeated this several times – going out in one part of the sky and then reappearing elsewhere.

A Military Involvement?

They watched the object for around 90 minutes. Just before the object disappeared for good it suddenly split into two separate objects. The two objects were each “blinking on and off” noting how the colors changed randomly, elaborating further that the object was “shooting off what looked like flares” that also sparked many different colors.

Several moments later the two objects came back together and became a single object once more. Then, only several moments later, it split once more, only this time into four separate objects, each acting as the two previous ones had sent flares off into the night sky. After several moments, all four came together and became a single object once more. A moment later, it set out towards the desert in the west.

When the witness went outside around half an hour later as a result of not being able to sleep after what she had just seen, she noticed a suddenly appearing set of bright lights in the same part of the sky where the object had disappeared. She noticed that the lights were heading toward her, eventually passing right over where she was standing and over the top of her apartment. As they did so, she realized that these lights were from military helicopters, something that was certainly not the norm.

Even stranger, several moments after the helicopters had disappeared, the normal air traffic resumed. When the witness contacted the airport the following day to ask what problems had occurred that had delayed air traffic the previous evening, they insisted that no such events had taken place and that air traffic had been normal all evening.

Although the two witnesses had no idea what the object was, they were certain that it wasn’t anything that had been made by humans and was likely the result of advanced technology from elsewhere.

Perhaps of further interest is the fact that during the time of the sighting, not one plane came in to land at the airport, something that they normally would do every 15 minutes, at least. Does this suggest some kind of grounding of aircraft by a higher authority, and would that suggest some kind of top-secret government technology? Or, might whatever intelligence was behind the strange, glowing object have somehow managed to have all incoming flights delayed or diverted? Or perhaps it was nothing more than coincidence.

Huge Objects Releasing Smaller Crafts

There are also several other strange if little-known reports of bizarre objects in Australia in the months and years that followed. For example, only weeks after the encounter in Brisbane, at around 5 am on 30th June 1982 on the Gold Coast, a young boy was in bed at his family home looking out of the big glass doors of his bedroom. [2] To his shock, he could see a “very big circular spacecraft” descend into the backyard before shooting off back into the sky.

The following year, this time in Dunmore, New South Wales, came another encounter with a bizarre object. [3] At around 8 pm on 30th June 1983, the witness and two friends were at his parents’ home (a 200-acre property) when they noticed a “brilliantly cut diamond” shaped object “which had the point removed from the base” in the distance. He would continue that the top section of the object was divided by lights and appeared to remain completely silent.

The group watched the object for a minute or two before it suddenly accelerated toward them before coming to a sudden stop. Although the witness was uncertain of the distance the object had traveled, they did recall that it had gone from the size of a full moon to five times that “in the blink of an eye”. It remained hovering, still completely silent, directly over the top of them. Then, as they all looked on in awe, three smaller craft emerged from the bottom of the object. They began to dart in all directions with great speed and appeared very much like “glowing balls”.

Strangely, although the witness couldn’t recall the colors of the object, he was certain that two were the same color and the third was decidedly different. As these crafts “flitted all over the night sky” the diamond-shaped mothership remained in the same place, motionless and silent. This scene continued for some time, so long, in fact, that one of the witnesses even began to grow bored of what they were seeing.

Eventually, however, the smaller objects gradually disappeared into the night sky. Then, without warning, the diamond-shaped craft returned to its previous position in the distance with an equal speed that it displayed when it arrived. In fact, it went even further into the distance than it was previously – so much so, that it now appeared like a star in the night sky.

At this point, an airplane appeared in the sky followed quickly by the three smaller glowing objects. Although they remained at a distance, they appeared to be following the plane. As this was taking place, the three witnesses could still see the diamond-shaped object in the distance. After the plane had disappeared into the distance, the diamond-shaped object returned to where the three witnesses were standing, again with breathtaking speed. A moment later, the three smaller objects returned inside the larger craft, which then sped off into the distance and disappeared.

Interestingly, when the main witness returned home and informed their mother of what they had seen, she responded that at around the same time, the television reception in the house had suddenly gone snowy, not clearing for almost an hour. It is also perhaps interesting to note that the description of the object is very similar to that described in the Case-Landrum sighting that occurred in the United States only three years earlier.

A Potential Alien Abduction

Another intriguing encounter unfolded several weeks later, at around 7:30 pm on 7th September in Sydney. [4] On the evening in question, the witness, a young mother, was at home watching television in their small apartment that they lived in with their 2-year-old son, who was playing with his toys in the hallway. Suddenly, a knock came at her front door. When the witness answered, it was her friend who was going to the laundry room and asked if she wanted her to take the young boy with her. As soon as she stepped out of the door, both the light in the hallway and the apartment suddenly went out. What struck the witness as particularly strange was that even though the lights had gone out, the television remained on, meaning it wasn’t a power cut as she had originally expected.

She shrugged off the lights going out, figuring it was a problem with the electricity company. However, as she watched television, she had a sudden urge to look out of the window. In fact, more than that, she could almost hear a voice inside her head imploring her to do so. When she turned to face the window, she could immediately see “six lights, very small but very bright”. Five of the lights were in a circular formation, while the sixth one was inside the circle “near the bottom on the left side”.

She watched the bizarre scene for around five or six seconds before the lights in the circle went out. As soon as they did, the light within it moved across the sky with remarkable speed. It stopped momentarily before returning to where it had been only moments before. A moment later, it repeated this movement, zipping to the middle of the sky, and then returning to where it had been previously. This time, however, the circular formation of lights appeared around it, exactly where they had been previously.

The witness recalled in her report that she knew she was witnessing “something out of this world”, simply because of the vast distance the lights had covered. Whatever the object was remains unknown. By the time her friend returned from the laundry about an hour later, the lights had returned to normal.

An even stranger encounter occurred the following year, at around midnight on 6th January 1984 near Perth. [5] On the night in question, the witness was taking their dog for a walk close to a nearby lake. As they came to a clearing, however, they noticed “some figures in the distance” that were moving toward them. They were still quite some way off, and, at first, they thought they were most likely a group of youths. However, they could also see a strange white light, which again, they put down to a pair of white jeans that were simply being reflected in the moonlight. Suddenly realizing, their dog aside, she was completely alone, she remained in the darkness, deciding to wait until the group had passed her by.

A Unique Location?

As we can see from the few accounts we have examined here, UFO and alien activity in Australia mirrors many of the encounters elsewhere around the world. And while this shouldn’t be a surprise, it is further potential confirmation that the alien presence on Earth truly is global, or at least its reach is. And while there are definitely hot spots of activity in certain locations, it appears the entire planet is of use and interest to these mysterious visitors.

Could Australia itself be of more interest to this apparent alien race than we might at first think? Its location is perhaps ideal. If we recall the fact that more than half of UFO sightings occur on or near water and the claims by some that this is because extraterrestrial bases exist under many of the world’s seas and oceans, then the fact that Australia is an island surrounded by vast waters suddenly makes it appealing. And then the fact that there are great stretches of outback, perfect for establishing discreet land bases, perhaps. Indeed, Australia could prove to be one of the key locations in unlocking the secrets of the UFO and alien question.

We should also ask, though, just what are the reasons for this apparent alien presence? Are these visitors from another world here merely to observe us? If that is the case, why has this mass observation and monitoring gone on for decades? When we factor in the many alien abduction cases that have taken place over the decades, this presence appears to be far from beneficial for humanity. And given the reach of this presence, it really could be a case that they have already invaded the planet without anyone being aware of it. And that their agenda continues discreetly, unobserved, and unchallenged.

The short video below examines UFOs, both in Australia and around the world.


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