UFO Encounters And Physical Evidence

Marcus Lowth
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April 11, 2020
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October 12, 2021
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While there are thousands and thousands of UFO sightings on record over the decades, many of which have been captured on film or in photographs, UFO incidents that leave behind physical evidence are, at least relatively speaking, a little rarer. There are still many such encounters on record, however. As well as an underlying feeling in many in the UFO community that such physical evidence has been retrieved and hidden away from the public.

A picture of the Delphos ring blended into gun footage of a UFO

The Delphos Ring (left) and the military screen footage of a UFO (right)

There are also accounts of indirect evidence, mainly multiple reports of a similar noise or a particularly strange flash of light, perhaps even a sense of time-distortion. While there is nothing to demonstrate these encounters to the wider public in the way a piece of the craft itself or strange markings on the ground might do, they are still suggestive of the same encounters and are still cataloged as such in UFO research.

As we will find, there are more cases of evidence of these strange encounters than many of us might think. The real issue is piecing together this evidence in order to discover what lies at the heart of these bizarre but persistent incidents.

We have examined many of these cases before, and while we will go over some of the more intriguing ones again here, we will use our time here to attempt to isolate similarities in such evidence, and then speculate what this evidence might mean to the wider UFO and alien question. As well as to other areas of the paranormal.

The Delphos Landing Incident Leaves Strange Glowing Ring

We have examined several of the better-known cases of physical evidence before. And while we will not go over them in full here, we will remind ourselves of some of the details as many of them will match other accounts that are not as widely spoken of.

Perhaps one of the best examples is the landing at Delphos in Kansas. On the evening of 2nd November 1971, a UFO would land on the farmland of the Johnson family. The incident was witnessed in full by 16-year-old Ronnie Johnson, who would describe a “mushroom-shaped object” with multi-colored lights around the side. Furthermore, the object was accompanied by a low rumbling sound.

What’s more, after witnessing the object hover over one of the farm’s buildings and growing in brightness, Ronnie would return home to find that over 30 minutes had passed even though to him it was several moments since his mother called him.

Although his parents did not witness the UFO, they did accompany their son to the apparent landing spot. All three saw the damaged trees overhead. The strangest thing, though, was a strange slightly glowing ring on the ground. What’s more, when Ronnie’s mother reached down to touch the bizarre substance, she experienced an immediate numbing sensation run through her fingers and hand. Even stranger, when she touched the top of her leg with the same hand, the numbness began there also and would last for several days.

Indications Of A Physical Reaction

The family would inform UFO researchers of the incident. One of whom, Jacques Vallee, would have the strange substance analyzed. According to his results, the substance was contained Actinomycetales, which are an organic organism similar to bacteria or a fungus. He would further propose that such intense heat from the bottom of the craft could have caused an accelerated growth of these bacteria.

Other findings in the soil nearby would also suggest some kind of “reaction” process had taken place between the craft’s propulsion system and the ground. And it would appear that the reactions were an unintended consequence of the landing as opposed to a purposeful action.

What we should perhaps note here more than anything else, however, is the strange ring that was left behind. While it is perhaps quite unique in that it appeared that whatever substance it was it appeared active in causing the numbness in Mrs. Johnson’s hand and leg. There are, however, many other cases that leave behind a ring or circle on the ground, one of which occurred just under a decade later on the other side of the Atlantic, in France.

The Trans-en-Provence Incident – Another Strange Circular Marking Left Behind!

One of the most intriguing and consequently most researched cases of a UFO leaving physical evidence behind occurred in France in January 1981 in Trans-en- Provence. The witness, Renato Nicolai (reported for many years as Renato Collini due to privacy laws) was working on home improvements at his home at around 5 pm on the 8th of January when he noticed a strange whistling sound. As he turned to confront the noise, he witnessed a strange object like “two saucers, one on top of the other” descending out of the late afternoon sky.

The object hovered for several moments, touched down briefly, and then shot upwards into the sky once more. He would remain where he was for several moments before making his way toward the landing area.

When he arrived at the location he immediately noticed a strange circular mark on the ground. What’s more, this circle had “abrasions” inside it. Further investigation would not only suggest that whatever made the circular mark was between 4 to 5 tons, but that according to analysis, the temperature that made the circular markings was likely to be around 300 to 600 Celsius, or between 500 to over 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit.

What is also interesting about the case is that object was much too small for a human-sized pilot to fit inside. This would make Renato, as well as investigators, ponder whether the object was some kind of drone-type device. And possibly one from a nearby military base.

The Repeated Cases Of Dark Circular Markings

There are many other cases similar to the two above that result in a dark ring or circle being left behind. For example, in September 1980 in Rosedale, Victoria, in Australia, farmer, George Blackwell would awaken to sound of fear and anxiety from his animals. When he viewed the events outside he would see a bizarre object with orange and blue lights near to the water tower.

What’s more, it appeared as though it was draining the contents of it – something he would discover had indeed done. He would watch in disbelief as the object then shot straight upward into the night sky.

A picture of two UFOs superimposed onto a picture of a road surrounded by trees

There has been more evidence of UFO visits left behind than we might think

He would soon go and inspect the area and would notice a strange “dark ring” on the ground where the object had been. Perhaps of most interest, he would become quite unwell over the coming days, something he would suspect having to do with his inspection of the strange circle on the ground. What’s more, none of the farm animals would walk over to the area and appeared positively scared of it.

This is an interesting detail as, like the Delphos case, the circle appears to not have been merely a marking of where the object had been, but seemingly contained some substance within it that reacted, either with itself or with the soil or atmosphere of our planet. And perhaps of more concern is that this reaction itself reacted with the witness, as well as leaving an apparent ominous feeling among the animals on the farm.

The Truly Bizarre Maurice Masse Case

Without a doubt, one of the strangest and most chilling of such UFO cases occurred 15 years previously on a farm in Valensole in France. On this particular afternoon, farmer, Maurice Masse watched in amazement as a strange disc-shaped object landed in a nearby lavender field. He was even more amazed to see two short humanoid figures step out of the craft and begin to investigate the vegetation around (this is another discreet detail we have mentioned in several cases previously).

However, when the farmer began approaching the figures one of them pointed a stick-like device toward him which paralyzed him instantly. They would then return to their craft which vanished into the sky overhead. The paralysis would soon wear off, and he would make his way to where the craft had landed.

What he would find is a huge circle on the ground. What’s more, it appeared to be of a wet substance when he viewed it, but several hours later was “like concrete”. Interestingly or not, and very similar to the incident in Rosedale, Australia, nothing whatsoever would grow on that particular spot for years after.

We might take a moment here to think about some of the strange areas of the world where things refuse to grow, or where the animals don’t tread for unknown reasons. Might these locations also have remnants of a UFO landing? Even ones from the distant past?

The short video below examines the Masse case a little further.

The Vehicle Failure Incident Of Luis Delgado

There are many more examples on record. For example, in the early hours of 20th March 1992, at just before 4 am, patrolman, Luis Delgado was conducting his usual patrols around a location that contained several businesses in Haines City near Orlando, Florida.

As he was driving his patrol vehicle slowly around the site, he noticed a “green light” behind him. The light appeared in his rearview mirror. However, by the time he had come to his senses the entire inside of the vehicle was awash in a strange “green glow”. It was at this stage that he could see a vehicle above and slightly behind him, seemingly pursuing him intentionally.

Using the radio system in the vehicle, he contacted a local police dispatch switchboard and asked for back-up to be sent.

A picture showing an alleged saucer shaped UFO

Does this picture show a UFO?

Then, the next thing he knew, the strange object was in front of him. This would cause him to swing his vehicle to one side so as to avoid a collision. At the same time, the headlights, engine, and the radio system all went completely dead.

He would take in as much detail as he could of the craft, recalling how it glowed the strange green color that had permeated his car, and even stranger, this color seemed to “flow over the surface”. This would possibly suggest some kind of “energy field” around the craft’s exterior. He would further recall it was approximately 15 feet long with a raised middle section around 3 feet high, with the object itself being around 10 feet from the ground.

It was as he was staring at the strange craft that a piercing white light shot from it and straight inside the car. In response, Delgado exited the vehicle immediately.

A Noticeable Change In Atmosphere

As he left the car he reached for his walkie-talkie so as to contact the police switchboard. However, try as he might, the device was also dead. He noticed that despite the warm evening (weather records show it was indeed 60 degrees Fahrenheit in Florida at the time) there was a distinct and sudden chill to the air.

He stared up at the object once more, just in time to see it speed off into the distance, disappearing from view within a couple of seconds.

When the back-up unit arrived several moments later, Delgado was sat in his car with the passenger door wide open. He was in an obvious state of shock. He would, however, recover shortly after and regain his sense. Upon doing so he would file an official report. What’s more, the incident is backed up by recordings from Delgado to the police switchboard.

The car, incidentally, would return to normal working order a short time later. Furthermore, Delgado appeared to suffer no long term health problems.

What is perhaps most disturbing, however, is that the Delgado case is far from a unique incident. There are, for example, several details to note about the Delgado incident of 1992. Many of which surface in other such close encounters where the witness, usually viewing the UFO from the moving vehicle, experience such similar problems as engine or headlight failure. Indeed, we have examined multiple incidents where this is the case. While much less prevalent, there are still numerous cases where the witness recalls the strange, cold atmosphere.

Bizarre Cases Of “Damage” And Taking Control Of Vehicles

Perhaps one of the most extreme, and certainly one of the most bizarre encounters featuring the taking control of a vehicle was the “Lifting Car” case from New Hampshire in 2010. As two teenagers sat in a parked vehicle, they noticed a strange light in the sky overhead. In no time at all, the light was almost directly overhead, and a strange beam of light penetrated the exterior and lit up the inside of the vehicle.

Even stranger, the car then began to “lift” from the ground as if by an invisible hand was attached to the strange beam of light. They would remain suspended above the ground before the vehicle suddenly dropped and the light vanished.

When officers examined the car, the only damage sustained was to the underside, as if something had dropped the vehicle to the ground from a great height. What’s more, when the teenagers took police to the scene of the incident, there was damage to the roadside, exactly where the pair claimed the incident took place.

A picture showing an alleged UFO shining a light to the ground

Does this picture show a UFO shining a strange light to the ground?

We have also examined previously the case of a young woman in Chicago two years previously in 2008 who claimed that an “invisible force” appeared out of nowhere as if trying to run her off the road. Following the incident, several strange dint marks were discovered, although it appeared the dents were made from intense heat.

Was there literally an invisible craft alongside her vehicle? Or were the “bumps” some kind of release of energy, possibly from a portal unseen to the witness? Many researchers have suggested that UFOs may use these little-understood gateways to traverse the universe as opposed to physically moving across the many light-years of space.

Of course, it isn’t merely cars where evidence of UFO encounters can be found.

Influencing Aircraft In Flight! – The United Airlines 94 Case

It stands to reason that airline pilots and crew have a greater chance than those on the ground of witnessing strange things in the air. And while there are many such incidents on record, it is highly likely that many pilots and crew do not speak of their encounters for fear of ridicule or even suspension from their employers.

One incident that appears to demonstrate a UFO taking control of an aircraft occurred on the 12th March 1977 at a little after 9 pm. During a cross-country flight from San Francisco to Boston, somewhere between Buffalo and Albany in New York, United Airlines Flight 94 – operating on autopilot at the time at an altitude of around 37,000 feet – suddenly began turning left.

When the crew turned their attention to the windows and the navigation equipment to see what was taking place, they witnessed a strange glowing light to the left of the aircraft – the same side the plane was suddenly turning toward. As they were watching the bizarre glowing the control radioed them to enquire why they had changed course.

It was at this stage that the co-pilot took over the controls of the plane and put it back on course. He also noticed that the compasses on the dashboard were all giving significantly different readings. The navigation equipment was checked upon landing and found to be working as it should. This would suggest, then, that the malfunction was based on the presence of the strange glowing object.

The Indirect Evidence Of Strange Sounds And Noises

Maybe we should consider the indirect evidence of UFO sightings, which most often than not is usually a buzzing, or humming, or even a whistling sound. We need to allow for the difference in each person’s perception of a sound and how they, in turn, describe it. For example, a repeated description that comes up in such cases is the sound of a “swarm of bees”.

What is also interesting about this description is that it also surfaces in cases that involve the witness seeing a strange “black box” on or near a landed UFO. And even stranger, such sightings often involve creatures similar to Bigfoot. Perhaps one of the most famous of these occurred in Colorado in January 1977.

An image of a crashed UFO

Should we take reports of crashed UFOs more seriously?

Ranchers, Jim and his son, Joe, along with the rest of the family had noticed strange lights around their property for some time. One evening, they would go to investigate and discover a strange black box sitting in an opening. Even stranger, a “buzzing” was coming from inside the box which Jim would recall sounded like a “bunch of angry bees”. What’s more, as they approached, the tone appeared to change from calm to angry.

The two men would return to their car but then Jim would return to the location alone. This time, he would meet two individuals who would essentially inform him that the black box and “bee sounds” was some kind of deadly device. And to demonstrate this, he would order a creature that would resemble a Bigfoot – with the implication being that these creatures were essentially “workers” for a higher extraterrestrial intelligence – to walk directly toward it. At a certain distance, the creature simply dropped to the ground dead.

A Weapon? Propulsion System? Or Both? What Are These UFO Black Boxes?

With the above case in mind, then, might the buzzing or humming sounds in other close contact UFO cases be something similar to what is described in the Colorado incident? Might this strange black box be present inside these aerial vehicles? If so, are they merely an advanced weapon – possibly one that revolves around sonar or pulse technology? Or might they also act as a means of propulsion?

Indeed, there may not be a connection at all. The fact that there is a possibility of one, in an account that also throws Bigfoot into the mix is surely something so extraordinary that it is hard for us to ignore it completely aside from the passing mention.

As we will move on to next, might it be that be breaking down UFO sighting into categories such as those with evidence, whether physical or indirect (such as the hearing of a certain sound) we might begin to find evidence of a connection to other mysterious events from right across the paranormal and supernatural spectrum?

While it is a little outside of remit here – given that we are focusing on examining what kind of UFO evidence is available for us in the public records – it would perhaps be worth someone’s time to examine and investigate UFO cases with objects, that while seemingly very real and metallic, against objects that appear to make this humming or buzzing noise.

Are The World’s Mysteries – Including UFOs – All Connected?

Might it simply be that many of the cases that mention such a sound are, generally speaking, much closer to the object (which are also generally between 10 to 30 feet and not the huge behemoth-type ships in some accounts)? Might it even be that we are dealing with different intelligences with different technology?

It might even be possible that the two are not simply the work of different intelligences, but perhaps that one is a real “hard” craft that is carrying genuine occupants, while others are mere illusions created by the same intelligence as a distraction of sorts.

A picture showing an alleged UFO in a cloudy sky

Is this another authentic picture of a UFO?

Or might we consider that the UFO encounters with sound, given that they often leave strange markings behind, are real “nuts-and-bolts” craft, while the UFOs that move in apparent silence are some kind of manifestation?

And that is not in a hallucinatory type of way, but the product of energies that we simply don’t understand. These silent crafts could be very real, only how we perceive them might be what we need to understand. We might remind ourselves, for example, of the basics of the psychic internet theory and the many possibilities for explanations, not just UFO sighting, but a whole range of paranormal activity such a theory could hold.

The possibilities, like the questions, could continue endlessly. And before we reach the truth of the UFO and alien question it is almost certain that we will require answers to questions we don’t yet know we need to ask. However, such a minor detail as to whether a noise can be heard or not might one day prove to be an alert to what we are dealing with.

A Brief Mention Of Alien Implants!

While we haven’t mentioned alien abduction and more specifically to our subject matter here, alien implants – and indeed will examine the subject at length in a future article – they too should be considered, to a point, of physical evidence of something strange having taken place.

Indeed, one of the frustrating things for UFO researchers who specialize in apparent alien implants is the fact that many seem to have some kind of self-destruct mechanism in them, in that when they are taken out of the witnesses’ body they often simply melt away into nothing.

Some of the studies that have taken place on apparent implants that have survived often come back with interesting results, not least that there are unrecognized materials within them, and that they often have an organic quality to them.

We might also suggest that it is not only finding metallic or strange unknown objects in a person’s body that might suggest evidence of alien abduction or close encounters. Many people find mysterious scoop marks, often on the back of the legs or arm.

It is many researchers’ beliefs that these marks are indicative of some kind of cataloging or experimentation process. It is perhaps interesting that many people who claim to find such objects or markings often have repeat encounters of alien abduction.

Perhaps one of the loudest voices in the area of alien implants is Dr. Roger Lier, who along with Derrel Sims has spearheaded some of the most extensive research into the subject for several decades.

Like other aspects of the UFO and alien question, an understanding of alien implants and surgical markings will undoubtedly lead to a more general understanding of UFOs and their occupants. And most likely, their objects and motives for the continued visitations.

Check out the short video below.

The Debris Of The Council Bluffs Crash

Of all the evidence of a UFO encounter, however, it is those with such evidence as debris that is of most interest. We have examined several of them before. Perhaps most interesting was the alleged crash in Wales in 1983 in which the witness would claim to have in his possession a piece of debris from the craft.

The case is similar to an incident that would unfold around six years earlier in Council Bluffs, Iowa on 17th December 1977. At just before 8 pm several local residents would witness a bright flash overhead. What’s more, following the flash the residents watched as something in “flames 8 to 10 feet high” came crashing to the ground.

An image showing a huge mothership type UFO emerging from the clouds

UFO reports come from all over the planet

It appeared to land in an area named Big Lake Park, near the outskirts of the city. To their amazement, when they arrived, they would find a red-orange “mass of molten metal”. Several moments later, police and firefighters would arrive and begin in their attempts to put the burning mass out. One of those present would later describe the debris as “boiling and running over” with a similar look to lava.

They would eventually manage to control the debris. To the witnesses’ amazement, the remained hot to touch for several hours after. At least two of the 11 who saw the crash also saw a strange moving light in the moments before the explosion.

A sample of the debris would be sent to Iowa University for analysis. They would find that it had traces of iron, nickel and other alloys in it. However, they could rule out such possibilities of a conventional aircraft, a meteorite, and a hoax. In short, the origins of the metal remain a mystery.

The Need To Not Dismiss Claims Without Evidence

The issue of recovered debris from alien craft is one that is itself controversial. On the one hand, such evidence that has found its way into the possession of UFO researchers is most often held on to with as much intensity as those in the UFO community accuse various world governments of doing. And it is not at all hard to understand why.

There are many cases where trusting UFO witnesses have let such evidence out of their possession only for it to disappear in the strangest of circumstances. Perhaps we should remind ourselves of the Aleshenka case from the mid-1990s when an apparent extraterrestrial body vanished under suspicious circumstances when the investigator allowed it out of his possession to who he believed was a genuine UFO researcher. Needless to say, that it was a decision that he would regret for some time afterward.

Of course, once this evidence is out of the respective witnesses’ possession, it is all the easier to level charges of charlatanism or outright hoax at the respective witness or investigator. And of course, if there was a cover-up of UFO activity on our planet, this is one of the surest ways to suppress such information.

So while we should not accept any claims without evidence without a fair helping of salt, nor should we dismiss them entirely. Who knows, for example, when such evidence might resurface somewhere down the line. It is up to us as researchers to ensure that such cases and claims remain in the public consciousness.

A Need To Restructure The Pieces

As we can see, even when briefly skimming the surface of the subject of physical evidence and UFOs, it is perfectly obvious that there is a relative abundance of examples that suggest there is most definitely more to these repeated sightings and encounters than just wild imaginations and a desire for 15 minutes of fame.

And these range from actual debris from aircraft, strange markings on the ground, and even the repeated descriptions of the same noises.

There are also many other apparent cases of the debris of extraterrestrial craft being recovered from alleged crash sites. However, these testimonies come from whistleblowers and anonymous government employees. And there is, of course, no proof of what they are claiming is correct.

Perhaps the fact that despite the relative abundance of evidence, on top of the speculative evidence that many have claimed to have “seen” locked away in secret vaults and facilities, combined with the fact that an explanation still escapes us should alert us to the fact that something truly extraordinary is taking place. Something so strange that we have no automatic reference for it.

Perhaps as we move forward as researchers into UFOs and other aspects of the paranormal, it isn’t a fact of simply collecting examples of physical evidence, but a case of being able to structure that evidence so that shows the full story of the UFO and alien question.

The video below examines cases of physical evidence at UFO encounters a little further.

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