The Harry Turner Incident And Portals To Other Dimensions?

Marcus Lowth
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February 15, 2017
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October 5, 2021
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We have written before that many people believe “aliens” are in fact visitors from other dimensions as opposed to space. The more we understand the science behind these “other” dimensions, something that many mainstream scientists now believe to exist, the more claims of such events years earlier begin to make a little more sense.

Even declassified FBI files contain information that “visitors” would likely travel from other dimensions. Not every UFO experience limits itself to lights in the sky, disc-shaped craft, or bizarre but horrific medical examinations. Some of them are much more complex and so far outside the realm of even the most open-minded thinking.

A picture of a truck with a strange energy surrounding it

Just what happened to Harry Turner?

Whether these dimensions run alongside our timelines or are in fact of a different point in “time” altogether is still unknown. But there is more and more evidence, albeit suggestive, that these other dimensions very much exist. If that does prove to be true, then apparent activity between these dimensions might have been happening for some time. Might these visitors even be humans, traveling through dimensions to the past, including our present time?

Before we look into some of these claims that lean towards an inter-dimensional root, the video below is worth checking out. A look at what scientists think humans will like in the future. It is very interesting viewing.

Harry Turner, 1979

In September 1979, long haul truck driver, Harry Turner, awoke with a start in his truck in a parking lot. The only problem was, he had no memory of the journey he had taken. [1]

He sat thinking deeply when he noticed his handgun beside him – as were the empty shells of all eight rounds. That sparked his mind and suddenly the episode came flooding back into his brain.

He had been traveling on the highway from Winchester to Fredericksburg, Virginia. Alone on the road, a strange bright light rapidly came towards his truck. The next thing it seemed that the truck had become enveloped in the strange white light. The steering now no longer under the wheel’s control, Turner sat in his seat, contemplating his next move.

The door to the truck cabin suddenly flew open, and an unpleasant but strong sensation pressed against Turner’s shoulder. As if someone – or something – was pushing and holding him in place in his seat. At this point, he raised his handgun and fired all eight rounds housed in it. The pressing on his shoulder let up. By this time, consumed by fear and confusion, he lost consciousness.

The next thing he knew, he awoke in the warehouse parking lot. His wristwatch stated it was just after 11 pm. However, a clock on the warehouse wall declared the time to be 3 am. Examination of his truck would yield interesting finds also. Despite having just completed an eighty-mile trip, his clock only registered that he had traveled seventeen of those.

3am clock.

3 am clock.

A Transfer Of Superhuman Powers?

Following the incident, Turner began to have stranger and more fascinating experiences. [2] As he lay in his bed one night staring at the ceiling, he suddenly realized he was looking through it. He could see the night sky and the stars that filled it.

Perhaps a little more frightening, when he looked at his wife one evening as she slept beside him, he could see her skeleton and internal organs. It was as if her skin were translucent, or as if he had “X-Ray” vision.

Turner became convinced that this ability was somehow connected to the experience on the highway. What’s more, as time went on, further memories of the ordeal would come back to him. For reasons he had no explanation for, he became aware of a star system by the name of Alpha Centauri. Other abductees have made similar “announcements” of this part of the universe.

X-Ray vision.

X-Ray vision.

His captors dressed in white, very much like doctors. Even more bizarre, was that they appeared to have numbers written on their heads. Convinced he and his truck had entered an inter-dimension portal, he would refer them as “Ultra-Terrestrials” when speaking.

Ultimately, however, Turner became increasingly withdrawn, suffering from strange behavior, and suicidal thoughts. Animals also sometimes acted very bizarrely when he would approach them. At one point, in pursuit of one of the creatures, he became the focal point of a cross-state police chase. He has believed to have since passed away.

There is very little else written about Turner. Some investigators find this strange, particularly given his brash public claims. Combined with the fact that he is a former Navy serviceman, more than an eyebrow or two will raise the possibility of government involvement to one level or another.

The Mann Family Incident, England 1978

The previous year to Turner’s incident, over the Atlantic in the United Kingdom, a family of five traveling on the motorway had a very similar experience. [3] On their way back home on the evening of 19th June 1978, John and Gloria Mann, along with their two children and their Aunt Frances, had one of the strangest experiences ever.

They were driving a route that they were extremely familiar with and had taken many times previously. After setting off for Brockworth at 9:30 pm from Reading, they were thirty minutes into their expected ninety-minute journey when they noticed an extremely bright light in front of them.

They followed it for a couple of miles. Then John pulled the car to the side of the road in order to investigate. He heard a “swishing sound” as well as a noise similar to a “train’s wheels against the track!”

His wife’s pleas for him to get back in the car brought him from a strange trance he was in. While watching the light, it got closer. He leaped into the vehicle and sped away as fast as he could.

Shortly after, he realized that he wasn’t in control of the car at all. They appeared to be on a strange road that seemed to zig-zag from one way to the other. On either side of the car, it appeared there were hedges of some kind that engulfed the vehicle.

The next thing they knew, they were driving the car past the “Welcome to Faringdon” sign. They were all of a sudden not far from their destination. By the time they arrived home, it was the better side of the hour after midnight. They couldn’t however, account for almost two hours of their journey.

A Portal To Another World?

The Mann’s and Frances would all find strange bruising on their bodies in the following days. In particular behind their right knees! Each of them also suffered from an irritating and inflamed type of heat rash.

John attempted to locate the strange “zig-zag” road they had turned on to. Despite hours of physically driving around attempting to retrace their route, however, he failed to do so.

Two people walking into a portal.

Two people walking into a portal.

Only when their young daughter, Natasha, began having intense nightmares in the wake of that strange evening, however, did the Mann’s turn to the help of professionals. They were patients of the hypnotherapist, Geoffrey McCartney, in the hope that hypnotic regression would reveal what happened.

They each gave remarkably similar accounts, including Natasha, who was not under hypnosis and gave her version separately. According to their statements, they had again exited the car and were walking in a “strange mist!” A craft then directed them into columns of light. They spoke of a race of beings who fled their dying home planet. They were looking for a new planet to live on “in exchange for technology!”

Perhaps even stranger, they spoke of traveling through a portal from the “mother ship!” They would also talk about consuming “colorless fizzy drinks” that would make them forget their encounter. Their hosts feared “they would be exploited” if they remembered their experiences.

Had their car entered a portal that transported them somewhere else in the Universe and onto the “mothership?” It is perhaps worth noting, that all doctors and UFO investigators who have worked on their case. All spoke of the witnesses as very credible, and not likely to have concocted the story.

“Lifting Car”, Virginia 2010

Over three decades after Turner’s and the Mann family’s encounter, another similar incident occurred in New Hampshire. This time, evidence of the bizarre activity remained.

Two local teenagers while sitting in a parked car noticed a strange light darting around the sky in the distance. Within a couple of seconds, the dot in the distance had zoomed in on them. It was now right in front of the car. A strange beam of light [4] then shot from the intensely lit object and hit the vehicle, rendering it useless. Try as they might to drive away, the wheels just spun and spun as if caught in mud.

Then, the car began to lift from the ground, the light seemingly some kind of tractor beam. Both teenagers could see the other screaming in terror but later recalled that around them was complete silence. As if someone had hit the mute button.

Just when it couldn’t get any stranger, the sixteen-year-old boy heard a strange voice in his head. “Don’t panic! Don’t be afraid!” it offered.

Suddenly, the car horn blared out, and the vehicle crashed to the ground several feet below. They wasted little time in screeching away from the site and heading for the eighteen-year-old girl’s home.

Evidence of Strange Activity Left Behind

After blurting out what had happened to their parents and the police notified, an officer headed out to interview them. Their claims were not taken seriously in the slightest. That is until officers visited the site where the young couple claimed their car had risen from the ground.

Clearly visible were indentions that matched the wheels of a standard car – as if it had fallen from a considerable height. Although not convinced by every aspect of their story, officers now conceded that something strange did occur that evening.

Furthermore, although there was no damage to the actual body of the car, the underside was another story. Upon inspection, an estimated $5000 worth of damage would need fixing. This further backed up the account that the car had risen from the ground, and then dropped from a height.

Had the two teenagers become entangled in some kind of wormhole? Might they have been transported somewhere and then returned, their memories still locked up on the experience? Perhaps more to the point, would the wider world get to know about it? Maybe those involved would not want to speak any further, even if someone would take them seriously?

The “Melting Car”, Chicago, 2008

Although there is no proof that it is a portal or a rip in space-time to another dimension, an incident in 2008 in Chicago is just as strange. [5] And again, as in the New Hampshire incident, clear evidence remained that “something” had taken place.

While driving home from late one evening, a young woman, suddenly felt a huge “thud” hit her vehicle. As if something was ramming her from the side, but she was clearly the only car on the road.

The thuds continued, gaining momentum, at one point physically pushing her vehicle into the next lane. As if that experience wasn’t frightening and strange enough, there was more to come. When she climbed out of the car to inspect the damage, an even stranger sight awaited.

Her car had distinct dents, but as if they were the result of intense blasts of heat. No scratches were present, and none of the windows damaged. There were also no paint scratches and samples of paint left from another vehicle. This is important to possibly eliminate one particular fringe theory – that an invisible vehicle had rammed the young woman’s car. Imagine for a moment such a top secret “invisible car” or even an invisible UFO was responsible. You would imagine it would still leave evidence of its being there.

Might that suggest that the damage inflicted – particularly how concentrated that damage was in that no other part of the car showed any injuries – was some kind of unknown force. Was this damage done perhaps due to a release of energy due to portals or doors opening between dimensions? Maybe as science develops, these encounters will make more sense.

Check out the video below for further viewing, an in-depth talk on UFOs and other dimensions.


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