Are Aliens Tracking Abductees With Implants?

Oliver Grant
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March 21, 2017
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December 6, 2021
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The most controversial aspect of the UFO/ET phenomenon — and by far the most bone-chilling — has to be that of alien abduction.

Implants show up in x-rays.

Implants show up in x-rays.

Typically, under regressive hypnosis an abductee speaks of aliens immobilizing their body… levitating them from their bed to an ‘operating table’ aboard a UFO straight through a wall, window or door as if it weren’t there… performing an invasive procedure on their reproductive system… and returning them to their bed. Though a lot of abductees speak of having been taken not from their home but from a location many miles away, sometimes from their car. As was the case of Betty and Barney Hill, whose famous on-the-road abduction in 1961 became one of the first to be thoroughly documented and reported.

Typical ‘operating table’ abductee experience.

Typical ‘operating table’ abductee experience.

Research suggests that in the vast majority of cases, victims have no conscious recall of abduction events; only under regressive hypnosis are they able to remember what happened to them. It appears that aliens have a terrifying telepathic ability to penetrate an abductee’s mind and not only disable their capacity for recall but also embed what’s called a screen memory: a false memory designed to displace any memory of the abduction event.

That said, what is it, then, that leads an abductee to think they may have been abducted… propelling them to perhaps seek out an abductee support group or a practitioner in regressive hypnosis? If they can’t consciously recall their abduction, what leads them to suspect that they might have been abducted in the first place?

Sometimes it’s actual physical evidence: mysterious traces of contact left on their body.

Trace Evidence of Medical Procedures on Abductees

Abductees report finding trace evidence on their skin which they photograph and submit to abductee support groups. Typically, the day after their abduction, they’ll notice marks — which may or may not feel sore — that they can’t explain; they’ve no knowledge of how they acquired them.

Typical are bruises believed to have been left by restraints applied by their abductors to stop them moving whilst undergoing procedures. Also typical are puncture marks thought to be caused by needles, often in a triangular formation — like a bite from a three-fanged snake — and groups of marks arranged in a grid or geometric pattern.

Trace of a typical triangular puncture mark.

Trace of a typical triangular puncture mark.


Abductee’s target-like mark.

Abductee’s target-like mark.


Abductee’s complex pattern mark.

Abductee’s complex pattern mark.

These marks generally fade with time but some “experiencers” report having a kind that leaves a scar: a so-called ‘scoop mark’. This is thought to be caused by a procedure similar to that used in the human medical practice called a punch biopsy, which involves taking a sample of skin for laboratory analysis.

‘Scoop mark’ thought to be like punch biopsy scar.

‘Scoop mark’ thought to be like punch biopsy scar.

Another kind of mark altogether was first discovered by researcher Derrel Sims, Chief Investigator of Abductions for Houston UFO Network (HUFON). These marks are fluorescent and can only be seen under ultraviolet light. Most fluoresce in the brilliant yellow-green part of the spectrum; others in the red-pink. They’ve been found in numerous locations — limbs, torso, face — appearing as both random splotches and deliberate designs. Some are superficial and can be wiped away but others are not: whatever substance causes the effect lies under the top layers of skin. Left alone, though, this subcutaneous ‘afterglow’ generally fades within 1 to 14 days.

Fascinatingly, the splotches are thought to be where the abductee has been bodily handled by their abductors and the red-pink fluorescence is common only to abductees who’ve reported handling human-alien hybrid infants aboard the UFO during their abduction.

Abduction researcher and author Eve Lorgen has more to say on these fluorescence findings.

So could some of the puncture marks indicate the point at which an implant of some sort has been inserted? A miniature device whose function is to identify and track the abductee? In principle, like the RFID microchip inserted under the skin of a pet dog or cat.

Pioneering Implant Surgeon Finds Compelling Evidence

For the most scientific and thorough investigation into the implant aspect of the abduction phenomenon, we have to thank the late Dr. Roger Leir. As a privately practicing podiatric surgeon, he specialized in the study and treatment of disorders of the foot, ankle and ‘lower extremities’ for over 40 years.

Dr. Roger Leir speaking at a conference.

Dr. Roger Leir speaking at a conference.

From a young age, Leir had an interest in all things UFO — sparked by the famous 1947 newspaper story first reporting the Roswell Incident — and was aware of the theory doing the rounds as far back as the 1970s that alien abductors implanted their victims. Typical of a rational, left-brained medical professional, he himself was very skeptical of the possibility. But it was a chance meeting with the aforementioned Derrel Sims at a UFO conference in 1995 that would ultimately change his skepticism and, indeed, his life.

Sims had been investigating the cases of a man by the name of Pat Parrinellio and a woman going under the pseudonym Mary Jones. Both were middle-aged Texans who claimed to have had alien encounters and, when X-rayed, were surprised to find their flesh was hosting a small anomalous object: Pat’s was in the back of a hand; Mary’s, in a big toe. Neither had had previous surgeries or accidents which might in some way account for these objects.

Leir agreed with Sims he would operate on these two abductees, excise the objects and submit them to thorough scientific examination and analysis. The two patients were to travel to Leir’s private clinic in California and undergo the procedures, for which he waived his normal medical fees.

Dr. Leir and team removing an implant from a patient’s hand.

Dr. Leir and team removing an implant from a patient’s hand.

The surgeries were relatively straightforward, although Leir commented that in one instance it took him about an hour of searching to locate one object and it needed to be very delicately removed from some fibrous tissue it had attached to.

Scientific Analysis Suggests Off-World Origins

The objects were examined by a couple of pathologists before being sent away for detailed analysis by independent laboratories, including New Mexico Tech and the National Institute of Discovery of Science (NIDS). Between them, they carried out a battery of tests and analyses …

  • Metallurgical
  • Pathology and tissue examination
  • Density immersion
  • X-ray energy dispersive spectroscopy
  • Isotopic range
  • Scanning electron microscopy
  • X-Ray diffraction pattern
  • Electron/magnetic properties
  • Fluorescence

The results, whilst far from conclusive, were highly perplexing. Dr. Leir observed that in both cases the objects had caused no inflammation. Normally, when a foreign object penetrates flesh, it provokes an inflammatory response around it which may lead to fibrosis and the formation of a cyst. But there was none of that to be seen; it was as if the immune system had been ‘persuaded’ to accept the objects as an integral part of the body.

The pathology analysis found that the objects were encased in a very resilient membrane, gray in color, made up of proteinaceous coagulum, hemosiderin, and keratin. In layman’s terms, blood proteins and cells normally found on the outer surface of the skin. Most odd was that the membrane also contained nerve and pressure sensitive cells called proprioceptors that were of a different type to those that should have been present in that part of the anatomy. Moreover, under UV illumination, the encasing membrane gave off a curious bright green fluorescent light.

Meanwhile, the lab tests revealed the objects inside the membranes to have very unusual metallic properties. They were made up of at least 11 elements closely correlating with the elements found in meteorites. Which, of course, strongly suggests that the objects didn’t originate on Earth but off-world.

While the analysis was unable to answer the sixty-four-thousand-dollar question — are the objects alien implants? — the results were sufficiently anomalous and intriguing to encourage Dr. Leir to do further research. Along the way, he set up his website, the appropriately titled, to report on the project.

17 Implants Recovered from 16 Surgeries

But scientific research doesn’t come cheap. Leir set up A & S Research Inc., a non-profit organization designed to raise funds and manage ongoing surgeries and analysis. In all, until his untimely passing in 2014, over 19 years Leir performed surgeries on 16 people, removing 17 foreign objects in total – of anywhere between 6mm and 10mm in length and about the thickness of a pencil lead.

Significantly, all were close to the bone and the skin’s surface — none were found in organs or other, deeper internal tissues. Leir conjectured that the objects were placed there for a specific reason — possibly sites on the human body most accessible and most swiftly implanted during an abduction routine.

He theorized also that a bone skeleton could act as a kind of antenna for communicating with the implants. Before the objects were removed, he passed a Gauss meter (magnetometer) over the site of the implant to detect any electromagnetic radiation coming from the objects and to his surprise found they emitted radio waves at the 8 hertz, 14 megahertz and 19 gigahertz frequencies. Although these emissions ceased within 60 to 90 days once the objects were removed, suggesting that they drew energy from their host’s body while in place.

Skeptics have proposed that a lot of the implants were found in hands arms, legs and feet — which they were — because if people accidentally and unwittingly ‘pick up’ foreign objects, perhaps in their work, that’s where they’re most likely to find them. Leir reported that one object did indeed turn out to be just a piece of glass. But that’s the only one out of the seventeen that hasn’t been considered of ‘scientific interest’.

Also significant was that in no case did Dr. Leir observe a scar which could have marked the entry point for the implants. But something else he did observe was uncanny in the extreme. Two objects appeared to move under the skin during surgery as if they were trying to avoid extraction, and one object, when unintentionally broken during removal, actually reassembled itself!

As incredible as it may seem, this suggests the presence of some sort of ‘intelligence’ within the implant material.

Not all the anomalous objects were metallic, though. Leir put them into three broad categories: metallic, non-metallic and biological; seven fell into the metallic category. Highly significant is that all seven were virtually identical in shape and composition, which strongly suggests a common source of manufacture.

Freshly excised implant with enclosing membrane.

Freshly excised implant with enclosing membrane.

Implant after removal of membrane.

Implant after removal of membrane.

Relative size of implant.

Relative size of implant.

Images of the implant removed in Dr. Leir’s 16th and final surgery in 2011 can be seen here on the Coast to Coast AM website. [1] Dr. Leir was frequently interviewed on the radio show.

Stunning Scientific Discoveries

Over the span of the project, Dr. Leir collaborated with other researchers and scientists to delve into the composition and nature of the objects. Chemist Dr. Alex Mosier, whose specialty was metallurgical analysis, found rare ‘meteoritic’ metals such as platinum, gallium, rhodium, iridium, germanium, and ruthenium. Even more otherworldly, though, is the nickel he found. Nickel is a common enough terrestrial metal, but it possessed an isotopic ratio not known to exist on Earth! But that’s not all that was extraordinary…

Another collaborator, materials scientist and nanotechnology specialist Steve Colbern, explained that they found evidence of built-in ‘electronic circuitry’ made of carbon nanotubes. These are one-atom-thick sheets of carbon rolled into tubes that, depending on the radius and ‘chiral rolling angle’, can be made to behave either as a metal or a semiconductor. Semiconductors are, of course, used in electronic circuitry.

Carbon nanotube: the wall is only one atom thick.

This stunning discovery can only mean one thing: someone or some entity manufactured them using very advanced technology. Bear in mind that it wasn’t until 1991 that carbon nanotubes were discovered by human science.

A third member of the A & S Research team, experimental nuclear physicist Dr. Robert Koontz believes that, based on his analysis of all the findings, there could well be an off-world civilization responsible for manufacturing and implanting these objects.

According to Dr. Koontz, one metallic object exhibited an isotope variance that, mathematically, means it has to have originated from a spot in the Milky Way galaxy around 90 million years older than Earth, and within a distance of 50 light years — give or take a few billion miles. (One light-year is 5.88 thousand billion miles; our nearest stellar neighbor, Alpha Centauri, is about 4 light-years away.)

The Doctor Leaves an Exceptional Legacy

Dr. Leir was a very important and very well-respected figure in the UFO/ET research field. He gave countless lectures around the world; was the medical advisor to the Mutual UFO Network; featured in the ‘infotainment’ movie Earth’s Original Sin about aliens; gave testimony at the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure, a seminal event we covered in a previous article; and wrote a book about his surgeries and investigations:

Dr. Leir’s book.

Dr. Leir’s book.

Unfortunately, though, he died suddenly and prematurely in somewhat ironic circumstances. He was leaving a MUFON conference in 2010 when the car in which he was traveling was involved in a rollover accident. He injured his foot and stomach and was hospitalized for a spell. Three years ago almost to the day, on March 15th, 2014, he was in the hospital waiting to have surgery on the injured foot when he went into the men’s bathroom… and never came out again. The cause of death hasn’t been publicized.

A fitting tribute to Dr. Leir is this documentary in which he talks extensively about various aspects of his surgeries and research and his broader opinions about the UFO/ET phenomenon. It shows him actually carrying out the operations and interviews some of his abductee patients:

There’s no question that Dr. Leir and his team have left a major legacy. The findings of the ‘Alien Scalpel’ project have given the UFO research community a key piece in the abduction jigsaw.

But to what extent do the findings prove that alien abductees are being tracked with implants?

The evidence and its interpretation by experts strongly suggest that the objects have a technologically advanced, non-terrestrial origin — unearthly metal isotopes, seemingly ‘intelligent’ behavior, electromagnetic emissions, carbon nanotube ‘circuitry’, etc. — but it’s still insufficient to support anything other than informed conjecture about their function and purpose.

Some believers have put forward the theory that because victims are abducted repeatedly over many years, not just once or twice, their alien overlords need to be able to detect their whereabouts at all times through these miniature devices. However, research among abductees indicates that their abductors have no problems finding them, regardless of where they travel away from home and regardless of whether they have an implant.

Much more research is needed to get to the bottom of the mystery. It’s just unfortunate that there appears to be no-one at present stepping into Dr. Leir’s shoes to press on with it.


1 Leir Alien Implant Images, Coast To Coast

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  • David Perry Perry says:

    The same thing happens when politicians are abducted. The aliens give them anal probes because they are looking for their brains.

  • David Perry Perry says:

    Aliens have been visiting for a long time. DNA engineering, tracking, abductions, reproduction. Just like we visit villages in the Amazon Jungle who still have not invented the wheel. Worth a quick visit but i would not want to live there.

  • Terry Doyle says:

    I suspect abduction as a teenager, long story. However in the last 10 years out of the blue started to witness all kinds of UFOs and other weird sky phenomenon then a big flash of white light in my apartment about a year ago then all **** broke lose with entities in the fireplace box, shadow figures everywhere and now what look like shadows of Mantison the ceiling in my bedroom and on the walls. My dog sees them too and often alerts me to new ones entering the room. A few months back noticed what seemed like a zit on the back of my leg and it never resolved. Just had a biopsy done on the scab but came back with nothing but a wart. However Dr. didn’t do blood tests for any aerobic infection. It till hurts and nurses who come to dress the wound said it feels like a tunnel under the skin. Am going to the doctors again and will push for a CT or ultrasound and blood tests. With the entities in my room daily it seems to make sense they are doing something to me while I sleep. In fact I woke up to what looked like dentistry equipment on the ceiling like the arm of the dentists drill system and now there is a deep red light that looks like a dentists bright light shining on my head, only my head. It disappears when it knows I am awake or when I try to get a photo of it. There is definitely intelligence behind it. I hear clicking of abductees mentions of Mantis. My dog has been pushed or shoved while ont he bed

    • Dee says:

      I have gone through quite a bit myself in the past for years that I noticed after seeing orbs and hearing telepathic communication telling me to follow orders you insolent human. I have seen mantis in my minds eye I have had conversations in my head . And unexplained cut marks on my arms and legs. I have heard what seems like the government tell me to keep my mouth shut. All this I have heard seems common place from Es foundations not a member myself. But to keep instectoids away utilize regular insect repellent . Cast iron over doors , stainless steel pieces behind your mirrors. I have read that the government agreed with other beings to allow this to humans. Call on all that is holy and sacred for help. And take measures to help yourself. I have been woken at 3:am to prevent what might happen. Which means there is help out there and we all have to do the work be conscious vigilant . Tell them no and to get the heck out and you don’t allow this. It is your divine right. Tell it out. And get tough. Do not take this !!! Yes you can do that. I don’t have a man by my side to help me but I call in all of the celestial realm that fights evil to come and kick serious offender.

  • Wendy says:

    I woke up and found dark gray, shiny, gel like goop on my ankle one morning. It has perplexed me ever since. There is nothing in my house it could have been. No one was here but me. The article talked about the gray matter that the implants are incased in. Don’t know if this it that or not. I’ve been trying to come up with an explanation, but there isn’t one. Has anyone ever experienced this??

    • David Perry Perry says:

      The same thing happens when politicians are abducted. The aliens give them anal probes because they are looking for their brains.

  • Tyler says:

    I had a 2” Hexagon lasered on my R inner thigh, it vanished after 3 days. Anyone w similar exp? it was a Dugway P Grounds Utah 2002

    • Boodah says:

      YES CONTACT ME ON INSTAGRAM! @Rgpm_uncover_thetruth
      I got them September 2nd and they lasted for 3 days also!

  • Jordan says:

    To the comment above. I had 3 (similar to chickenpox scar ) holes on my back right shoulder appear one day. Ive used spider bites as an explanationbut never had seen them healing . you’d think itd be painful…..

    But until i connected my mystery scars to my eye color changing after 12 years from blue to bright green even white. As if it were over night !! Doctor said that is strange if not impossible at 12.

    Soo now things are kind of connecting dots and want now answers

    • Iris says:

      My eyes also changed at age 12 from blue to green with a blue outline.

  • Rebekah Morin says:

    I”ve got multiple scoop marks om my legs since about 2005, and now recently I have a triangle shape scar above my skin on my back right shoulder that I couldn’t of got anywhere that just appeared one day.There are so many other things in my life about abductions that I’m convinced I have been. The most shocking and most proof I got recently taking a photo of myself and it showed myself and also a alien ,I want to find someone to look at this photo and myself for further opinion and help.

    • David Johnson says:

      Check your body for scars, most likely on the right side just below the rib cage.Read my story David Johnson facebook lives in Bonita You will know the truth then.

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