The Decade After Roswell – A Wave Of UFO Crashes And Recovery

Marcus Lowth
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March 26, 2018
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October 13, 2021
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While most people are familiar with the Roswell Crash of 1947, many are equally unaware of a plethora of similar events that would follow throughout the 1950s. Although there are examples and reports of such incidents throughout the years, it would appear that a particularly high number of other-worldly crafts crashed in the relatively similar geographic location of the American mid-west following the end of the Second World War.

A depiction of a UFO and two aliens in a desert

A depiction of a UFO and two aliens in a desert

We have written before, for example, of the Aztec Incident in March 1948. A disc-shaped craft would scream over the skies of New Mexico before embedding itself in the sands of the Aztec Desert. Not only did the US military recover the craft, they also took hold of sixteen alien bodies.

Around six months previously in October 1947, and only three months after Roswell, was the Paradise Valley Incident. Again, this crash event just north of Phoenix, Arizona, would result in the recovery of both the craft and the alien crew. Even as far back as 1941, there were, albeit more sporadic, reports of such cosmic crash events. Charlotte Mann, for example, would make claims of her grandfather performing “the last rites” on an alien creature following a similar episode in Missouri.

As the forties bowed out to the 1950s, these bizarre crash and recovery events would continue.

The Laredo Incident, Laredo, Texas, 1948

The events over Laredo, Texas on the evening of 7th July 1948, were not only the result of a malfunctioning alien craft, but one where heavily armed US military fighter planes actively pursued the silver disc until its sudden crash into the ground. The disc was around 90-foot across and made from a silver metallic material that gleamed brilliantly.

The US military would waste little time in sealing off the area from the outside world. A specially prepared “retrieval team” from a military base in San Antonio arrived within hours of the incident. They would examine the remains of the wreckage, having pieces of it loaded onto military trucks for further examination.

Perhaps most startling of all are claims of the recovery of a “badly burned body of a non-human entity” from the site. Although there was talk of the incident on a local level for years after, it wasn’t until the late-1970s that the encounter would be brought into the open. UFO researcher, Leonard Stringfield would receive “inside information” from military sources. Further investigation would reveal more and more witnesses and details to suggest the incident was genuine.

Whether it is a detail of note or mere coincidence, the Laredo episode happened on the first anniversary of the (now) famous Roswell crash.

A Well-Kept Secret!

Stringfield would write about his research on the Laredo Incident in several self-published papers and in UFO publications. Many others would follow up the case resulting in several books into the little-known crash in the deserts on the outskirts of the small Texas town. Until this, however, the public remained unaware of the events outside of legend and tall talk of the locals.

A similar incident occurred in Del Rio, a mere three hours driving time from Laredo in 1955. The account came into the public domain thanks to a retired colonel in the US Air Force. Robert B. Willingham. Willingham was not only present on the night the UFO came crashing down, he gave chase to it. [1]

While on a simulated bombing mission, a consequence of the Cold War environment, Willingham along with other members of the squadron would see a bright orb of light racing across the skies. He would estimate it to be moving at over 2,000 miles per hour.

The object performed precise and immaculate turns in the air, unlike any known aircraft at the time, before finally heading towards Del Rio. Willingham received orders to pursue the strange object. He did so and witnessed the metallic orb beginning to wobble and fly erratically. He continued to watch as the craft crashed into the bank of the Rio Grande River, skidding forward and eventually coming to a stop against a small hill.

Willingham noted that the craft was a shining silver as he watched it lay motionless in the land below. On closer inspection he found a part of the craft was ruptured, exposing its contents. He claims to have seen “three non-human entities”, two of whom were severely injured. The US military would confiscate the remains of both the craft and the alien bodies.

The Kingman Incident, Arizona, 1953

According to UFO researcher and author, Preston Dennett, a similar crash of an extra-terrestrial vehicle [2] took place on the evening of 21st May 1953 just short of ten miles from Kingman Airport in Arizona.

Once the area was sealed off by military authorities the wreckage was discreetly but quickly removed from the area. Dennett’s sources varied on where the wreckage was destined for. Some would state it went to Area 51 in nearby Nevada. Others, however, would firmly state the wreckage would travel a considerable way east to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio. It isn’t beyond the realm of possibility that both sets of sources are correct. According to vast amounts of testimony and leaked information, the US military has units and locations at both bases for such recovery.

Once the wreckage was safely in the military’s possession they would quickly locate and “hire” just short of forty scientists. Each was an expert in their fields, and each would sign strict secrecy papers. Further still, these scientists would travel to their place of work in complete ignorance of their location. Some sources state they traveled on windowless buses and made the journey in almost complete darkness.

One of these scientists, Arthur Stancil, would go on record when he spoke with Dennett. According to his research with the craft, “it struck the ground at 1,200 miles per hour” but suffered little to no damage. Stancil would further describe the craft as a tear-drop shape and “definitely not human-made!”

Another of Dennett’s sources claimed to have seen “the dead body of a four-foot human-like creatures in a silver metallic suit!” A further source claimed at least two bodies were present inside the craft, both dead.

The video below looks at the Kingman Incident a little further.

Unmanned Alien Craft Crashes In Utah, 1958?

Another case of a UFO crash and recovery would come to light in leaked files relating to “Project Aquarius”, [3] made public by The Disclosure Project. According to the report, a UFO crashed into the open plains of Utah sometime in 1958. Furthermore, a recovery team was successful in securing all the wreckage of the craft. Although there was no sign of bodies in the ruins, the retrieval team would state it to be “of alien origin!”

There is no mention of whether the pilots had simply left the crash site, or if the disc was an unmanned vehicle. Perhaps this is an intentional detail left out for absolute secrecy. Might it be possible, for example, that the pilot was alive upon recovery? If so, then did it escape into the wilderness of the Utah desert, or did the US military apprehend it?

Further details on the analysis and study of the craft by the “best aerospace scientists available” would show them to be more in awe than understanding. Despite the vast amounts of “technical data” retrieved, the mechanics and workings of the “technological marvel” so far eluded them.

Although UFO sightings certainly didn’t stop following this incident, it does appear to be one of the last of the fifties wave of crash cases on record. At least in this region of the United States.

What And Where Are The Connections?

There are some suggestions that the number of apparent crashed UFOs in this area of the United States could be down to magnetic and gravitational pulls. We have written before of the revelations of Bob Lazar, a man who claims to have worked with alien technology in top-secret US military installations. He would also speak of such crafts using gravity and even “producing a gravity field” of their own for space-travel.

However, this becomes a lot more difficult on Earth due to the strong gravitational pull of the planet. The diverse weather systems and electrical storms around the globe also wreak havoc with this technology.

Although this very well may be true and could explain the reason for such crashes in the deserts of the Midwest of the United States, it doesn’t explain why such regular crashes suddenly ceased. Were these crafts intentionally brought down in this way, and if so, how did the military know to do so? Did these visitors just stop heading over this location? What attracted them in the first place?

Might the apparent meeting between President Eisenhower and various alien races in 1954 share a connection to these strange events? Might these meetings and apparent crash landings have been some kind of testing of technology? Or even the perfecting and utilization of a portal for interstellar travel, perhaps part of the alleged cosmic deal?

While these, like the reports themselves, are all outlandish suggestions, the truth is likely to be at least equally outlandish. At least to those not familiar with such events. For now, all UFO researchers can do is piece together such incidents in the hope of finding a fuller picture.

Check out the video below. It looks at the aforementioned Eisenhower meeting a little more closely.



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