A Discreet Case Of Repeat Alien Abduction? The Southgate UFO Incident

Marcus Lowth
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February 21, 2024
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A sighting of a strange object in early 1998 by a couple and their daughter from the verandah of their family home is little known outside of Australia where it unfolded. It is, though, not only an interesting encounter that lasted many hours, but was likely simply the latest incident for the pair in a long line of not only sightings of strange aerial objects but very likely repeated alien abductions.

Not only did investigators uncover a number of previous UFO encounters the couple had experienced over the years, but also found apparent physical evidence of interaction with, and possibly medical procedures by entities from another world. Furthermore, one of the witnesses displayed signs of psychic ability, as well as suffering from strange, recurring dreams of flying through the air – all indications of repeated episodes of alien abduction.

Were the events of that night in 1998 part of an alien agenda involving the repeated abductions of people from around the world over the course of several decades? And if so, what might this sighting tell us of the mysteries of the UFO and alien question?

A Strange Light Visible From The Verandah

Somewhere between 10 pm and 10:30 pm on March 4th, 1998, in the town of Southgate around 12 miles outside of Grafton in New South Wales in Australia, a witness known only as Donna stepped onto the verandah of the home she shared with Rick and their 12-year-old daughter to have a cigarette. [1] As she did so, she suddenly noticed a “very bright white light” around a mile away.

She immediately called out to Rick who immediately came outside to see what she was looking at. More than shocked but more than curious, they both watched the object for around an hour, at one point calling their daughter downstairs to see what she made of the strange glow. After that, Donna decided to go back inside, but Rick remained where he was, watching it until around 1:30 am.

During the time they watched it together, though, it performed several strange movements in the sky, certainly unlike a conventional aircraft. They recalled, for example, that the object hovered above the ground, going anywhere from 15 to 150 feet in height moving in all directions as it did so – including “up and down and side to side”. What’s more, the light was so bright that it cast its glow all the way to the verandah where the witnesses were standing.

A Beam Of Light Appearing To Search The Area

The witnesses further recalled how they saw a “wedge-shaped beam of light” that appeared from the object and then swept from side to side as if searching for something or surveying an area. This sweeping would vary in speed, sometimes very slowly and others quickly. Even more intriguing, during the course of the sighting, the witnesses could see several vehicles traveling along one of the roads in the distance. As they moved along, the sweeping light appeared to discreetly follow them.

They would further describe the light as looking very much like a laser, with very defined edges. They would also offer that the beam would narrow back and forth as if some kind of shutter was being operated by the object that was casting it.

At one point during the sighting, the light went out completely and the object suddenly moved a short distance away, looking as if it had “jumped back” in the sky. Of even more concern, following this, the object appeared to approach the witnesses. And while it stopped before it actually reached them, the beam of light swept just outside the boundaries of their property. It certainly appeared that the object, or whatever intelligence was behind it, was aware of their presence. For a brief moment, the witnesses began to feel uneasy. However, when the object moved away such feelings left them.

Lots Of Noise In A Normally Quiet Location

As these events were unfolding, the witnesses noticed how much noise surrounded them in what was a typically quiet and peaceful neighborhood. As well as the sound of the distant traffic (which was normal) they could hear the excited and agitated calls of nearby cattle, almost as if they too were aware of the strange glowing object moving overhead.

More than anything else, however, they could hear a bizarre and disturbing mechanical noise that appeared to come from the direction of the object. They would liken this sound to being similar to that of a combine harvester. This noise was not constant, rather it sounded out for around 15 seconds and then stopped again. Sometimes the gaps would be as long as 20 minutes, sometimes much shorter.

Then, the unfolding events got even stranger. To each side of the object, the witnesses could multiple smaller objects that appeared to be entering the main craft. They recalled that these objects were shaped like shipping containers, and while they glowed, they were much dimmer than the main object (likely because of their smaller size). Although there was no “regular pattern” to how these smaller objects entered the craft, they did so always one at a time from one side or the other.

As the smaller objects were entering the main craft, Donna and Rick noticed “two circular dimly illuminated lights” that were much higher than the main object on each side of it, ultimately, forming a triangular shape in the sky overhead.

There were also other interesting details noted by the witnesses.

The Disappearing Cigarette Ends

During the hour that Donna remained outside with Rick watching the bizarre aerial display, she smoked two cigarettes. When she had smoked them, she stubbed them out beside the drain which was near the steps of the verandah, leaving them there.

The following morning upon waking, for reasons she couldn’t explain, her first thought was of the cigarette butts, asking herself why she hadn’t thrown them down the drain, which she always did. She got dressed and went outside to where she was standing the previous evening, and to where she had left the two discarded cigarettes. To her shock and confusion, they were no longer there.

She looked around the immediate vicinity, wondering if a gust of wind had blown them anywhere but they were nowhere to be seen. While it may seem like a trivial detail, it is something we should keep in the back of our minds when considering the details of the incident. Might we contemplate, for example, that whatever intelligence was behind the strange objects they had witnessed only hours earlier, had somehow arrived at the property to retrieve the cigarette butts? And if so, why? Of what interest could they be to apparent visitors from another realm of existence?

And if these apparent visitors from another world had taken the discarded cigarettes, and indeed, ventured to Donna and Rick’s property, then might there be a suggestion of some kind of interaction of even alien abduction taking place. When we consider another detail of the case, that suggestion might not be that far of the mark, at least in theory.

A History Of UFO Encounters

As UFO investigators examined the case and interviewed the witnesses, they discovered that the couple had witnessed strange objects previously. In the early 1980s, for example, when Rick was living in Southern Sydney, he recalled seeing five red lights overhead, each one moving independently of the others. Eventually, they approached his location and then hovered in a stationary position over Lucas Heights Atomic Reactor at an altitude of around 1000 feet. They remained where they were for approximately two minutes before shooting off into the distance and disappearing.

Several years later in 1990 when Donna and Rick were at the Hawkesbury River, they both witnessed a “large, bright white” object moving slowly overhead. Even stranger, several moments after the object had disappeared into the distance, a military helicopter flew overhead, as if pursuing the strange craft.

Six years later in 1996, when the couple were living in nearby Bushgrove, Donna witnessed a triangular-shaped object approaching her location at around 8:30 am one morning. She would describe the object as “transparent but still visible” and almost appeared “stealth in nature”. It eventually disappeared out to sea, remaining completely silent throughout the sighting.

As well as the sightings, though, there were rather more ominous details that surfaced.

While a UFO investigator was interviewing Donna, for example, he would notice a “scoop” mark on her left shin. When he asked her how she had gotten the marking, she responded that she couldn’t recall and that it had been there as long as she could remember. He asked if it could possibly be a result of having had chicken pox but she replied that she had never had chicken pox. Even more intriguing, she often had strange dreams of flying or floating, and often had visions of future events in her dreams. All of these are details that show up in cases of repeat alien abduction.

On another occasion, while checking plants in her vegetable garden, she felt a tennis ball suddenly hit from behind. When she turned around to see who had thrown it there was nobody there. She scanned all around her and there was absolutely no one in sight.

Victims Of Repeat Alien Abduction?

As we can see, then, there would appear to be a big suggestion that either Donna or Rick – or perhaps even both of them – have likely been abducted, perhaps on multiple occasions going back decades. We have already highlighted the psychic ability, strange dreams, and even the apparent physical evidence of interaction of apparent alien creatures. We might also highlight the apparent mischievous actions that have also seemingly plagued the couple, especially Donna.

We might recall, for example, the moved cigarette ends that were no longer there only hours after Donna had left them. There is also the incident involving the tennis ball thrown by an unseen entity. These types of actions are often seen in hauntings or poltergeist cases. They are also often seen in cases of repeat alien abductions. When we consider the other details that we mentioned previously (the psychic ability and scoop marks etc.) then the chances of Donna, and possibly Rick, being victims of repeat alien abductions becomes even more likely.

Of course, whether these encounters continued as the 2000s unfolded is not known. Perhaps they still occur today. One thing is certain – the encounters of Donna and Rick from Australia are some of the most thought-provoking potential encounters of alien abduction on record.

The short video below examines some of the most mind-blowing encounters with UFOs and aliens on record.


1 Nocturnal light with light beam; animal reactions; satellite objects, UFO Evidence http://www.ufoevidence.org/cases/case1094.htm%20%20Southgate%20Australia

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