The 1971 Portland Park UFO Incident – A Case Of Alien Abduction?

Marcus Lowth
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September 30, 2019
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November 15, 2021
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A UFO encounter from June 1971 is remarkable not only because of the close proximity of the witness, at the time a young boy, but it suggests that what he can remember is actually the remnants of an alien abduction encounter. Especially when we factor in the witness also can’t, still to this day, account for around an hour of time during the experience.

Artist's sketch of a round UFO

Was a wheel shaped UFO witnessed in the US in 1971?

It also contains details that many subscribers to the ancient astronaut theory would raise an eyebrow at. Specifically, the alleged Biblical UFO encounter otherwise known as Ezekiel’s Wheel, whose description leads many UFO researchers to suggest the writing is clearly describing a landing and, essentially, an abduction of Ezekiel.

While such details and notions don’t necessarily assist us in unlocking the details of this particular case, it does suggest once more that the UFO and alien presence on our planet go back to deep antiquity. And if such a persistent extraterrestrial presence has been alongside humanity for thousands of years, we should ask why? And how might such notions alter our own collective perceptions of the universe and the true nature of reality around us?

Incidentally, the incident would remain unreported at the time and only emerge online several decades later. As we will contemplate a little later, how many other similar incidents may still remain unreported today?

A Sudden Orange Glow Fills The Park

On the night in question, a June evening in 1971, the witness rather than remain home alone when his mother attended a PTA meeting, played on the swings in the park which sat in between their home and his school. As he pushed off the ground with his feet in order to pick up momentum enough to swing back and forth, a sudden glow filled the park causing him to look up. He would elaborate:

…the object was huge, glowing orange… circular and disc-shaped…with the appearance of swirling molten metal! [1]

Although it appeared extremely hot visually, no heat at all emanated from the hovering craft. He would continue that there were “many half-spherical protrusions or rivets” which could have been windows. He would also recall how these rivets “also glowed like molten metal”. However, the swirling had a darker quality in these protrusions “like oil moving about slowly in water”.

He would produce two rather detailed sketches of the object. You can view one of those below.

Side and bottom sketch of the strange object

Side and bottom sketch of the strange object

Furthermore, he had the distinct feeling that the craft was “solid”, “very heavy”, and likely “weighed thousands of tons”. Even the shape appeared odd. So much so, that it appeared to “deft physics entirely”.

This detail is an interesting one. Many witnesses who have experienced these otherworldly crafts, whether discs, cigar-shape, or any number of others, speak of the fact that the combination of their huge size and the varying speeds with which such objects often move, should mean they are unable to fly (at least according to the physics we collectively understand).

Amazed and in awe, the young boy continued to look upward at this sudden aerial visitor.

An Hour Of Missing Time!

The witness would estimate that the object was approximately the size of the parameters of the park. He was almost captivated by the hypnotic molten metallic swirling of the object’s underside. Even when it left “very abruptly straight up” he still watched the sky transfixed for a moment.

Then, breaking him out of his trance-like stare, his mother was suddenly in front of him asking what he had been doing. His first response was to ask if the PTA meeting was canceled as she had only been gone a matter of minutes. Quite the contrary, she would insist, she had been gone for over an hour.

He would state years later in his report:

When she said she had attended the whole meeting and then came back I couldn’t figure out how a few minutes on the swings plus a few minutes of watching the object would take up an hour!

He would continue that in the years following the encounter, he like every other American citizen would become aware of the concept and claims of alien abduction. However, despite the definite signs of such extraterrestrial activity, he still doesn’t “recall anything but standing there until she returned”.

Witness sketch and notes of what was seen

Witness sketch and notes of what was seen


He would return home with his mother and say nothing more of the incident. The following day he would hear of reports of a “burning weather balloon” on the news. However, no remains of the ruined object were found. Was this a military-offered news report, the kind we have examined in numerous other such cases?

Distinct Signs Of (Repeat) Alien Abduction?

Perhaps of more interest, is the fact that the witness, although having not experienced anything as close-up as he did on that summer evening in 1971, would have several other experiences of seeing “stars stair-stepping” overhead and shooting off at great speed. Might these “sightings” actually be the last (and only) memories of abduction experiences?

Without speaking to the witness – who should be in his late-50s give or take several years either way – it is impossible to ascertain whether he has experienced any of the other apparent signs of alien abduction. It certainly does appear, though, that if the 1971 incident was a case of alien abduction, given the “other” sightings the witness has had since it is unlikely to have been the only one.

A superimposed UFO over a night scene

Many people who witness UFOs also discover they have been abducted many times

We have examined before, for example, that many alien abductees discover such things have been happening since they were a young child – as the witness is here – right through into adulthood. What’s more, it is also quite often the case that other members of the family, usually across several generations, have also been subject to these bizarre and apparent extraterrestrial captures.

This concept and assertion alone should force us to ask several questions regarding the alien abduction phenomenon. Not least, might the fact that such generational experiences occur suggest something unique to the family as opposed to random abductions? And why are certain families (or bloodlines?) of particular interest?

A Moments Pause For Contemplation

Of course, while not the subject for debate here, there is also the possibility that such occurrences are not down to “aliens” – at least not as our collective brain understands and perceives them. If there is a blurring of the lines between UFO and alien encounters and incidents more at home in the world of the paranormal and supernatural, for example, the reasons behind such activity could be more mind-blowing and incomprehensible than many could even begin to imagine.

After all, we have examined before how many alien abductees – particularly those who discover they have had repeat encounters – often experience happenings that most would associate with ghostly or poltergeist-type activity.

A superimposed UFO over Portland

Just why are aliens visiting the Earth?

And, as we touched on in our opening, if there has been an extraterrestrial presence alongside humanity for thousands of years, then our entire sense of history and even the question of what our collective reality actually is will require a complete re-understanding.

Back to the incident in the Portland park in the summer of 1971, however, another Oregon UFO encounter over 30 years later in February 2002 contained similar descriptions of the aerial anomaly. Whether there is a connection or not is open to debate. We should, though, examine UFO investigator, Eric Byler’s report on that sighing before we continue.

Similarities To An Oregon UFO Sighting Three Decades Later

On the evening of 12th February 2002 in a small town near the Oregon-California border, an anonymous witness and her husband retired to bed for the evening. [2] The witness, as she did every night, was laid on the side of the bed nearest the window, which was open slightly to let in some air.

At a little after 10 pm, a strange orange glow from outside became visible to the witness through the window. It appeared to be moving. And what’s more, it was coming from the roof of their house and toward the woodland surrounding their rural property. Hardly able to believe her eyes she would later describe a:

…really large, plate-like fluorescent-lit airborne craft… (it was) glowing like the brightness of X-ray light!

She finally managed to speak and alert her husband that something extremely untoward was unfolding outside. However, partly due to her own inability to communicate due to the temporary shock, and partly due to his own tiredness, he barely paid any attention. And by the time he did fully comprehend what his wife was saying, the craft was no longer in sight.

The window from which the witness saw the UFO

The window from which the witness saw the UFO

She would later estimate it to be around 100 feet across and was barely 60 feet from their home. She could also make out a domed section on the top side of the craft. While it might go without saying, multiple cases of close proximity sightings mention almost identical details.

Annoyed that her husband hadn’t seen the object – and so unable to corroborate the sighting – the couple exchanged several heated words. Then, the witness heard something disturbing coming from outside the house.

A Case Of Falling Asleep, Or Repressed Memories Of A Disturbing Experience?

After letting a “shhh” out of her mouth that stopped her husband mid-sentence, the couple listening carefully for a moment. Outside the house, the sound of something “crunching through the leaves” was audible to both of them. What’s more, it appeared as though those mysterious footsteps were heading toward their property.

Even more chilling for the couple was there appeared to be at least three sets of feet. Each shuffling their way toward their home. The witness was barely able to stifle a sound of absolute fear. Even so, she reached for the window and pulled it shut. Then she pulled the blinds, allowing them to drop at the same time.

A superimposed UFO over Portland at night

Why do so many people share the same experience?

They each jumped back into bed and remained still for several moments. The next thing they knew, it was morning, and each awoke from having fallen asleep.

Once more, while it is pure speculation, it is reasonable, given the circumstance and the similar description of the strange object in the Portland park incident three decades earlier, to question whether the couple really did fall asleep. Or whether their minds blocked out an abduction encounter. One that very well may have occurred in the seconds following the witness shutting the window and dropping the blinds.

Like the Portland park incident, only further interviewing of the witness will reveal if an abduction took place. Possibly with the aid of hypnotic regression. As well as if such incidents have happened prior to that February evening in 2002.

A More Complex Blur Between Space And Time?

We have mentioned previously how the entire west coast of the United States, of which Oregon is very much a part, is one of several UFO hotspots (or windows). It is perhaps no surprise, then, that two such similar cases should occur in this region separated by three decades.

As an intriguing and speculative afterthought, if these strange crafts are visiting our planet from outer space or even another dimension, what is 30 years for us here on Earth may be considerably less in their domain. Perhaps the blur between space and time is more complex than even the most brilliants minds can currently imagine?

The two cases we have examined here – each in similar locations but separated by 30 years – both suggest strongly some kind of closer interaction during their respective encounters than “just” a sighting. It wouldn’t be too much of a reach to at least suggest these cases might very well be ones of alien abduction.

What’s more, it is almost certain that numerous other similar incidents occur in this region alone on a regular basis. And most likely have done for hundreds, maybe thousands of years much like they have all over the planet.

Humanity’s eventual collective understanding of the UFO and alien question will not only allow us to fully understand the plethora of sightings that currently defy explanation or reason, but will likely simultaneously allow us to comprehend the nature of own reality, environment, and history, as well as where humanity fits into the great mysteries of the universe.

Check out the video below. It examines the notion of missing time and alien abduction a little further.


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